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Monday, 30 July 2007


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Legima Doh

Thanks for being truthful Hubert Kamgang.It is true not every La republican is happy with the status quo.i remember comrade Rexon said so before.As a Southern cameroonian,It is true that the SDF has nothing to offer to us.It is a very good advice from you that we should dump the SDF and embark on projects that would better our lot.It is true la republique is neocolonised by France,and we are in turn neocolonized by la Republique.I am glad you put restoration of statehood and complete independence before putting the quest to unite africa.One comes first and the other comes secondly.So taking from Kamgang,we the Southern cameroonians have to dump the SDF,embark on a project that will better our lot cos the SDF cannot do so,then after having our statehood and independence restored,we can then consider the issue of uniting Africa.Kamgang,you are at least truthful not like a Mr USAfrica here who places uniting africa before restoration of national statehood.The difference between Kamgang and we the comrades is that he is La republican but we are Southern cameroonians.The only shortcoming in his posting is that ,he failed to go further to admit the fact that the Southern cameroons is in turn being neocolonized by la Republique.I hear Ni John calling for the elections to be cancelled.I am beginning to develop a strong distrust for him.What is he really up to?Can he not come out to be honest like Kamgang?Let him say what Kamgang said and relate it directly on the Southern cameroons.Had he done so,it would be of good impetus to our liberation process.But he is instead quiet,demonstrating no will to leave La republique party politics.No reason abounds except the egocentric,vile,disloyal.Its just a big shame Fru Ndi.

Peace Shall Reign.

Legima Doh,

mk the southerner

Let Ni John just say today (like what i told him in his house 2004 after the elections) that Paul take your Yde i am going me down to Buea my people see if after Mandela they will not call Fru Ndi.

To tell u the truth u will hear hutting from vehicles, taxi drivers will be conveying people for free children and university students will be singing. In short Ni will be immortal in the eyes of Southern Cameroonians.

But this can only happen if he is not greedy.


"Kamgang,you are at least truthful not like a Mr USAfrica here who places uniting africa before restoration of national statehood."-Legima Doh
Oh Legima Doh, you will never stop to amaze me. Haven't I repeatedly voiced my support for federalism in Africa before a united Africa?
You know what Legima Doh, I am tired of playing these childish cat-and-mouse games with you guys. I am even surprised that you guys are supporting a non-SCNC supporter like Kamgang. Forgive me if i'm wrong but didn't you guys called all non-SCNC Southern Cameroonian fools?

Legima Doh

Forgive me if I am wrong but dont you guys call all non-SCNC Southern Cameroonians fools? USAfrica
I did not say Hubert Kamgang is a fool because he does not qualify from the statement above.You have to be a Southern Cameroonian who doesn't support the SCNC to qualify.Kamgang may not be a supporter for SCNC but we would not qualify him a fool because he is not a Southern Cameroonian.You are a fool because you are a Southern Cameroonian but are against the sovereignty and statehood of the motherland under the canopy of the SCNC.
Yes you have aired out your support for federalism.How have you demonstrated the attainment of federalism without restoring independence?Such can only be agreed by an independent Southern cameroons government.But also USAfrica,how many times have I told you this is not the time to talk about federation because time has proved that no sort of unity with la Republique can work?Did you read comrade Mk the Southerner's comments above?Or did you just come again as usual to give a faint attack.Your slap is as weak as that of a hand driving a housefly.
About forgiving you if you are wrong.You see,there is a difference between an error and fraud in business.When you inadvertently make mistakes in business that you would otherwise not have made it is considered an error and is pardonable.When you advertently and consistently say or do things that are contrary to the underlying principles of the business so as to achieve benefits to yourself at the cost of the business,that is fraud and is not pardonable.I classify you under fraud because you have decided to willfully and consistently carry on with falsehood about the Southern Cameroons which is against principles of freedom and so it at the cost of our nation because of the negative impact it has on the struggle.Your ideologies are a bane to the struggle.In this ligh,I tell you ,You are not Forgiven!Unless you so recant your false doctrines and negative attitude towards the SCNC struggle.You really want a federation with somebody who ruled you and afterward, made a public statement that he and his people have nothing to do with you.I am referring to Sigfrid Etame Masoma who said the SDF has nothing to do with the francophones and that it is an anglophone party.He is a francophone and ruled in the Southwest as a Francophone under the banner of the CPDM.This truly means that the CPDM has nothing to do with the anglophones since it is owned by them who have nothing to do with the SDF.Yet Inoni said the SDF is a northwest party and has nothing to with the Southwest people.Do you see how party politics with La republique is setting our people into an asylum of mad people?Party politics with La Republique is turning the situation of our motherland into an Enigma.This is totally unacceptable!

Inoni is declared an Anathema to the Southern Cameroons!

Peace Shall Reign in our beloved motherland.

Legima Doh,

M Nje

Legima Doh,
Permit me add this to you comment above. Federation under the banner of "Unification" with La Republique is illegal under International Law. The boundaries at the Mungo Bridge is international recognised.

If my memory is not failing me, Southern Cameroons has been recogised as a separate state with international recognised boundaries with La Republique Due Cameroun, The Federal Republic of Nigeria and as far back as 1916.

It does not take much to uncover the cheap and degrading tactics that some of our friends are willing to engage in. As long as we have the facts on our site we will alway expose them. They have the right to their own opinion, but they do not have a right to their own FACTS. Fact is Southern Cameroons is not a Legal path of La Republique Du Cameroons. To advocate for a federation within La Republique Du Cameroun at this moment is to ignore that fact. It is not an opinion to advocate for federation. It is a mis-representation of facts.

Legima Doh

Thanks Comrade M Nje.Your memory is not failing you at all.You've got a very retentive memory and what you said is just so veritable.Fact is absolutely different from opinion.

Peace Shall Reign in our Motherland.

Legima Doh,

Ma Mary

Kamgang has a panafricanist posture which is commendable. Same cannot be said about the French golem genocidaires who have been in charge of la republique. He just needs to clarify his posture regarding Africans colonizing Africans.

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