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Thursday, 26 July 2007


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Agbor T

Ma Mary, Rexon, Tabi-Sweden, Spitfire, Sangomonie,
Listen to Chief Eyong Mengot of 3 corners village:
"This is the most credible election I have ever witnessed in Cameroon. Being the chief of my village in Manyu, I rallied all my subjects to vote for the CPDM party because we were given electricity at the eve of the elections"

Is thia not cowardicity????Does this man reason? does this man have children?? is this what a human being is suppose to say in press??


Elections in cameroon are a mockery to democrats


I doubt the development the regime is promising to embark on at the moment after having held the masses hostage for more than 20years.We hear they promised creating schools in some areas on conditions that the electorates vote for the CPDM. Is the creation of schools,building of hospitals,roads,portable waters government's obligation and the people's rights or a priviledge for CPDM supporters and sympathisers? etc

Ma Mary

UC/UNC/RDPC has NEVER delivered anything other than death and oppression. Case in point–the Kumba, Mamfe, Bamenda road. Sheeple of the Southern Cameroons need to shake off the hypnotic suggestion of the masonic necromancers of la republique. They need to give up the bottle and once more become people with dignity and purpose. The cardinal weapon of control by these shameless antiAfrican french puppets is poverty.

Some poor chaps here are expecting us to enter an African superstate with people who have not even achieved real independence from France. They still use French money and france dictates their government, presidential speeches and policies. Southern Cameroons did not sign up to join a robot, an evil zombie of a state teleguided by Paris.

Ma Mary

Check out/Download Ntemfac's Article Here


Rexon and followers;We demand apologises for qualifying us as fools. Failure to do this may cost you a great deal.You have until Monday to formally present apologises. Be wise, show some sense of leadership,political consciousness and diplomatic maturity.
In this forum every mind is great for great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and little minds people. This forum has taken a different turn. I have observed we no longer agrue on logical basis. The SCNC clan headed by Rexonn hadly ever see anything good cooming from their ideological oponents headed by USA. Let SCNC members understand diversity of opinion is the basis of this forum.
I understand USA at times may react angrily to this unhealthy qualifications and respond in like manner. We're not talking here about illitrates and the educated, about SDF and SCNC,about Rexon and USA; we're talking about Cameroon. How can we improve the institutions in place?.Some have choosen the SDF, some the SCNC, all are roads that may lead us somewhere.God alone knows when. In convincing your fellow man on the short comings of his viewpoint, please abstain from using insults and disqualifications:such is the nature of the SCNC clan. We're in this forum to learn, not to learn that, we're fools; for we already know we are: as the only thing we know is that we know nothing.Nontheless our teachers should humble themselves and teach with humility for if they continue to remind us of our foolishness every now and then,they may end up loosing the fight:any wise that fights with a fool looses.
Your humble servant


"Some poor chaps here are expecting us to enter an African superstate with people...." -Ma Mary
Yes Ma Mary, I can see that you have been assimilated, using the English men's words like chaps in a bid to boost your superiority. Sorry for you, very sorry for you. You will never be and English man or woman no matter how you try. You criticize the French but you adore the English. Are they not birds of the same feather? You sit in Europe and wipe the whiteman's buttocks but you talk about liberating Cameroon..hahahaha...SCNC, we are not acting a movie. This is real life and in real life, it takes more than cramming speeches like Martin Luther King or in your case Ma MAry, Margaret thatcher, to rule a country.

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