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Monday, 27 August 2007


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News from cameroon.


Dear The Post,

This is really no excuse. You say internet lines in Cameroon are defective. Then how come Le Messager, Mutations, Cameroon Tribune and others are updated everyday. Don't they use the same internet connection.

Please you need to be more reliable.

Thank you

Ta Nguh

You couldn't sound more ungrateful than that.
Whoever told you all hands are the same. I perfect understand the problems The Post might be facing because I have been there.

To The Post Nespaper crew, I say thank you for the good job you guys are doing with the little resources you have and more power to your elbow. Do update us when you are able ro resolve the issue at hand

Rene Dibi

Dear the Post.

I hear the government has warmed that you people should not carry anything on the SCNC and the Southern Cameroons struggle until 1st October comes and goes. Is this true? Whona don start chop soya too? I ask na question.

Paa Ngembus


May I know how much you are paying the post for this "FREE" service?

You are lucky The Post is so nice to all blokes including this one.

If some of us were in control at The Post we will boot ingrats like you out of this house.

Ungrateful beast of no nation.

Paa Ngembus


Dear The Post,
We understand the context quite well and bare with you.


Have you guys noticed that Paa Ngembus, Legima Doh and Rexon have been absent for a while? Usually, they come to this forum everyday, insult people and post ten page monologues. These days, they are very passive and not as engaged. I wonder what happened, they are probably renewing their immigration and asylum papers.

Ma Mary

USAfrica, are you craving for abuse? Since masochism is your driving impulse, I could recommend a dominatrix for you, but you will pay for the privilege. Meanwhile, I urge my colleagues to ignore USAfrica's craven invitation.


What do you mean by saying The Post is a free service. Were we not contributing money to the Post at one time? Do we not contribute articles for publication.

I cannot waste my precious time in Europe to come to your website to hear such childishness about internet connection. Don't forget that this paper is the mouthpiece of Anglophone Cameroon to many non-Cameroonians. You need to have standards.

Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary,

When blokes like FuckAm (alias USAfrica) start missing you, you know they are getting the message.

Your advice is very proper. The buffoon just craves for his name ie to be ****Amed like you adviced.


Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus


Do you understand the difference between a "free" service and the service you pay for?

When you pay, you are entitled and you can shout at the top of your lungs if the service is interrupted. Paid services are things like phone, water, electricity, etc., etc.

This is not the case here, so just acknowledge your mistake and withdraw your undeserved criticism of The Post OK.

Whether "non-Cameroonians" are accessing this site is besides the point.

Same desease with you folks. Why is it so difficult for you goons to acknowledge a mistake and say you are sorry?


Paa Ngembus


Pa Ngembus,
I guess most of those shouting out their lungs needs to come out with measures to help The Post financially to buy a fast internet line.I am presently typing this from the Capital of Cameroon but the lines here are even worst than in Limbe or other surburbs.Please dont put the blame on The Post ask your CPDM government for not providing a fast network system in Cameroon.

Keep up The Post

Fritzane Kiki
Yaounde Cameroon

Ma Mary

If memory serves me well, the post is in Buea, the colonized capital of the Southern Cameroons. Is there any high speed access in that city? Reverend, why do you not donate highspeed access to the post, via satellite and then you can bitch and moan as much as you want. Africans love gratis.


Ma Mary
If you keep exchanging words with Newbies of the likes of UnitedStatesofAfrica and ReneDibi then you know where you are heading to.Mr UnitedStatesofAfrica our absence in this forum does not mean we donnot go through your scripts and other news bullutins online.We are present in abstencia my friend just that we are busy with business and other family issues.

Fritzane Kiki
Yaounde Cameroon


Mr. Fritzane Kiki,

So you are no longer in Hong Kong. Dem don repatriate you? Or them reject your fake SCNC asylum doki?

Ha ha ha!!!


Mr. Fritzane Kiki,

I thought you were SCNC

Then What are you doing in Yaounde, the capital of "La Republique du Cameroun"?

Did you a visa to go there? If not then you are an illegal immigrant by your own terms.


Paa Ngembus


APOLOGIZE to The Post before coming back with this poor attempt at diverting attention to Kiki and the SCNC.

Stop trying to be shameless.

It does not cut it OK.


Paa Ngembus

During the colonial era Africans travelled the world with colonial passports with no shame.

Many Southern Cameroonians (myself excluded) still use colonial passports and they should not be ashamed of it.

It is the minimum that is demanded of a colonial master OK.

Hope you get it, my petit shumbu.



I am sure you haven't been to Cameroon in a while, or simply have no idea how the Internet works.

Douala and Yaounde, where Le Messager, Cameroon Tribune, etc. are printed have high-speed internet connectivity; In the provinces, 56k internet access is still the norm, except for those few internet cafes and institutions which were able to get "douala lines" back in the day. so there is nothing extraordinary or strange in the fact that Internet access may be OK in Yaounde be irregular in Buea.

The Post does not really owe us an explanation. However, if they are courteous enough to offer one, the least we can do is accept it while hoping that things get back in order soon.

Well, I guess the anonymity that this forum affords us, makes some people act like animals...

Rene Dibi

Fritzane Kiki,

I am not new to the Postnewsline. What i asked was hearsay that the Post has chopped soya not to publish SCNC and the Southern Cameroons Until 1st October comes and goes.

I will only be wrong, if the Post publishes news of the Southern Cameroons like last years.


"We are present in abstencia my friend just that we are busy with business and other family issues.

Fritzane Kiki
Yaounde Cameroon" by Fritzane Kiki

Fritzane you're playing double standards, if you were truely a Southern Cameroonian, you should have closed your comment by say "Yaoundé:La Republic de Cameroun". Please take another look at your spelling of Cameroon, it simply comes to confirm you'll USAfrica's rhetorics.
USAfrica and Paa Ngembus, please your the words you use on the forum aren't worthy of mature standards. We want faacts not hypothesis.


Correction: "La Republique " not " La Republic"
Many mistakes, please bear with me


"I cannot waste my precious time in Europe to come to your website to hear such childishness about internet connection." by Reverend
Mr Reverend what do you mean by Europe?.What is Europe?. What is your precious time in Europe?.
And if you're a Pastor, as your name insinuates, does Christianity not preach, tolerance and humility?.
Paa Ngembus, il mérite de jeter un coup d'oeil sur le fond de sa bétisse;s'il te plait, fait le , la voire.


"USAfrica and Paa Ngembus, please your the words you use on the forum aren't worthy of mature standards. We want faacts not hypothesis."-Simplice
Really simplice? the last time I checked, the purpose of this forum was for people to be able to express their opinions freely so don't call someone's hypothesis "not worthy of mature standards". And how mature are your words simplice? all you do on this site is to play the "two side cutlass" game. You try to be on everyone's side and you dangle around. Instead of trying to please everybody, take a stand and defend it. I rather believe in something than to dangle and try to please everybody.


...and one more thing, Ma Mary are you a man or a woman? just curious so I can better visualize my opponent.


what most people on this forum deny to accept is that Without a doubt, the SDF has completely failed the Cameroonian people. The SCNC on the other hand, lacks the necessary skills, capacity, charisma, strategic force and diplomacy to execute their goals, that's for a fact. The other opposition parties in Cameroon are completely inexistent. They just sit and do nothing but to admire the political scene. Biya on the other hand, is growing more powerful and stocking up his arsenel. Cameroonians are tired of the same old stories presented by these lame dog opposition parties? for long must we suffer? how long? we need a party that will end this tyranny, we need a party that can end this madness. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!


Saying SDF has completely failed the Cameroonian people is a complete overstatement and not correct. If anything, i will say that the CDPM oppressive regime under the leadership of Paul Biya, has stalled and hijacked all peaceful and democratic attempts by the SDF Party to bring meaningful change to Cameroon and free Cameroonians from bondage.

Today during the unveiling of Nelson Mandela's statue in London, Nelson Mandela said and i quote " that no injustice can last forever, that suffering in the cause of freedom will never be in vain, that no matter how long the night of oppression, the morning of liberty will break through".

Whether Paul Biya likes it or not, change will come to Cameroon. It is useless fighting a battle against time. It will be wise for Paul Biya to come to his senses now or face the inevitable in the not so distant future.
CDPM and Mr. Paul Biya! Do not say we did not warn you.
God bless Cameroon.


"And how mature are your words simplice? all you do on this site is to play the "two side cutlass" game. You try to be on everyone's side and you dangle around. Instead of trying to please everybody, take a stand and defend it. I rather believe in something than to dangle and try to please everybody." by USAfrica

Dear brother, I think I should réiterate my stance to you as mature inference from your last comments shows, I yet don't have one. Well, I had longed advocated Federation;that's my raod-map to the alleviation of Southern Cameroonian Stringencies. To this end, I buy the SDF policies to a degree.As for the SCNC, they have a good cause, nay, their approach to a solution lacks much pragmatism.Their theory is however very convincing.


"The SDF has completely failed the Cameroonian people" (USAfrica)
Can you state how the SDF has failed the Cameroonian people so that I may know how to respond to you; you may be acting in the dark.


"Mr UnitedStatesofAfrica our absence in this forum does not mean we donnot go through your scripts and other news bullutins online.We are present in abstencia my friend just that we are busy with business and other family issues."
(Fritzane Kiki"

This professor turned businessman will never stop amusing me; how is it possible to be absent from the forum, and yet go through "scripts and other news bullutins online"? In abstentia, he is able to read contributions on the forum? I can´t make any sense out of it. He did not even say I; he says "we".

Paa Ngembus, interesting to know that you also have the word apology on your vocabulary list.

On a different note, can someone out there say something about Mr.Ben Muna? Just curious to know if he is still alive or not.


Good show 7512wilson
Very soothing words for every downtrodden Cameroonian out here. Like you, I believe Cameroon will see her glory days in the near future.
I was lucky enough to be at the unveiling of the Mandela statue. As frail as he was, this great man has an amazing presence. I felt tingles in my spine just listening to him speak, every single word measured and weighty.
If I may paraphrase your Mandela quote, "from the darkest nights comes the brightest days". There are brighter days ahead for every Cameroonian - men, women and children. The day of the oppressed shall always dawn. Unfortunately, it seems this will only manifest itself at the behest of Paul Biya as opposed to the democratic will of the people. However, we can rest assured that Mr Biya can stall to his heart's delight, but the tide of time spares no one.
I used to advocate the use of force because my anger was suffocating me, but listening to Mr. Mandela was like a breath of fresh air. Why waste good bullets on this man, he aint worth it! Any Cameroonian who sheds their blood for the sake of getting rid of Paul Biya would be wasting good blood. Just keep this quote to heart and watch the Cameroonian renaissance unfold...." no injustice can last forever,...suffering in the cause of freedom will never be in vain, matter how long the night of oppression, the morning of liberty will break through".(Cheers 7512wilson)


Mr. Alpha2omega, you forget the fact that "HOPE IS NOT A PLAN". You cannot just tell people to sit down, cross their legs and wait because "liberty will break through". As every day in this dictatorial regime passes by, an innocent life or family or community suffers. Yes, liberty will always break through but how many innocent lives have to suffer before it does? how many? I am advocating for war, I am instead advocating for a stronger political party that can deliver the goods and walk the walk. A party that can use the masses, strategy, wisdom, and diplomacy to oust that evil political dictator out of ETOUDI. HOPE IS NOT A PLAN my friend, we need practical solutions to end the suffering


correction: I am not advocating for war, I am instead advocating for a stronger opposition party that can deliver the goods and walk the walk.


Do you mean there is no price for liberty?. There is a price for any freedom. Keeping our hands crossed and waiting for Mandela's maxin to come to pass in Cameroon shouldn't be the way forward.Black South Africans paid a price for their freedom and Biya's quitting Power isn't synonymous to exorcising his the "Paper Democracy" he's installed. His hand-picked sucessor will propagate his will.


Fritzane, you still have not told us, what the hell you're doing in your enemies land(La République). Going to his ministries, and striking business deals. Please, you either be pragmatic or stop preaching. Any true advocate of the Southern Cameroonian Cause should have sought Asylum somewhere now. That is why I see with USAfrica in some respect;that "putting to practice your sermons isn't easy".


yes simplice you have said it, it is easy for the Fritzanes, the ma marys, the rexons, the legima dohs, the paa ngembuses to come here and write ten page monologues about the evils of La republique, but when hunger strikes their bellies, they will run into La republique to strike business deals. Theory and practical are two different things my SCNC people and if you were actually fighting your war in Cameroon, you will know this. Internet wars and the real wars are two different things, very very different.


Can you state how the SDF has failed the Cameroonian people so that I may know how to respond to you; you may be acting in the dark." - fON
how do I even start answering this question? there's so much to say. Look, the SDF has been the major opposition party in cameroon how many years? how long have they been in existence? every day, Fru Ndi and his talking workshops keep talking about change, strategies, change etc. but do we ever see anything? Fon, we are tired of this talk, we are tired of preachings, we are tired. We want a party that delivers the goods and not toothless bulldog parties who do nothing but sit down and point fingers. SDF clings to old ideas, they lack diplomatic skills, they have lost their massive appeal and in the eyes of Cameroonians, they have become Fru Ndi's talking workshop. This is not the type of opposition party we want. The ANC made the Boers in South Africa tremble with fear, the Democrats in America are constantly vandalizing the Republicans. But in Cameroon, our main opposition party, the SDF, does not pose any threat to the evil dictatorial regime. Biya's regime looks at them as a joke. Look at Biya's speech after the twin elections, the one in which he talked about democracy in cameroon, and how CPDM won the elections free and fair. He even went as far as saying that the parties that lost should not feel bad. They should instead help him in building the country. Is that not sheer mockery? what did the SDF do about that? Biya always mocks them and what do they do? nothing. If you want to be part of an opposition party that is constantly mocked and lacks any power whatsoever to move the Cameroonian people forward, suit yourself. Cameroon needs a no-nonsense opposition party or pressure group or whatever that will make that old dictator shiver in ETOUDI.


"During the colonial era Africans travelled the world with colonial passports with no shame.

Many Southern Cameroonians (myself excluded) still use colonial passports and they should not be ashamed of it.

It is the minimum that is demanded of a colonial master OK." by Paa Ngembus

Please reason with me the fallacy of Paa Ngembus' statement .
-How can a true advocate of the Southern Cameroonian cause still be using La Republique's Passport. That implies, when interviewed during a journey at the airport; you say simply say;"Je suis Camerounais:je suis de Pays de Milla Roger".

And when you're asked, "c'est qui même votre chef d'état?. You respond; "Son Excellence Paul Biya".
You proudly advocate you are Cameroonians in Airports. How then do you expect the "Gospel for the New Southern Cameroonian Jerusalem " to be preached far and wide?.
Paa Ngembus, I'm attacking you particularly . Please kindly explain how is it possible for a true advocate of freedom to hypocritically shield himself under the banner of the enemy.

The reason is clear, you're all afraid of your lives, you're all afraid of imprisionement,and you take Mandela for an example.
Paa Ngembus,I've retired to my bunker,so no insults will please elements of this forum. Please convince them with fact and past credentials entitled to your person.


Wondeful Simplice

Paa Ngembus


Paa Ngembus, interesting to know that you also have the word apology on your vocabulary list.

Yes I do, with the caveate that I use it pretty sparingly.

I however will NEVER apologize for advocating Southern Cameroons Decolonization and Independence if that is what you are insinuating.

Got it?

Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus


Either you are missing the point or you are being very disingenious.

Knowing you, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assign you the former attribute.

Mandela fought South Africa while using the South African Passport.

Nkwame Nkrumah fought colonialism in his native Ghana while using a British colonial Passport.

Ruben Um Nyobe had a French colonial passport when he travelled to fight French colonialism.

Jomo Kenyatta used a British colonial passport when he travelled the world to fight British colonialism.

Etc., etc., etc., etc.

Do you need more examples.

Late John Ngu Foncha, Late Albert Mukong, Late Solomon Tandeng Muna, Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor, Chief Ayamba Ete Otun, Justice Alobwede Ebong, Barrister Ekontang Elad, Mr. Augustine Feh Ndangam, Dr. Ngwang Gumne, Molah Njoh Litumbe, etc., etc., etc., all used and still use La Republique Francaise du Cameroun colonial passports as they travelled and still travel the world to fight for Southern Cameroons decolonization.

According to you, all the above are cowards and hypocrites. You must be kidding man.

I think you need to understand the Southern Cameroons struggle and the actors better, and then rephrase your query for further elucidation.

Hope this helps you unconfuse your mind.

You don't need to bunker down. I am reasonable with reasonable goons.

See you later.

Paa Ngembus


"I however will NEVER apologize for advocating Southern Cameroons Decolonization and Independence if that is what you are insinuating." (Paa Ngembus)

That is not what I meant; far from it. You have been so arrogant and insulting people here; when asked to apologize, you claimed not to know what an apology is. That is why I was surprised when you asked Reverend for an apology.

Paa Ngembus, read simple´s reaction between the lines.
Africans travelled the world with colonial passports; at that time, they had no option and not that it was the right thing which you should copy in the 21st century.

It is interesting to note that with more than 200 political parties in Cameroon, you are still avocating for another creation. This is because you completely lack an inside of the political terrian in that country. What makes you think that if the more than 200 political parties have not delivered the goods, it is the new party that you dream of that will do?

The problem is not the SDF; it is the political terrain that the opposition threads on. What is it that the SDF has not done to effect change. The CPDM has all the resources and has used it to stifle any move of the SDF. The solution would have been for the people to revolt, but unfortunately cameroonians have surrendered their destiny and do not care of what is going on.
If Cameroonians are waiting for the long night of oppression to dawn without making a contribution, they may all die before the day of liberty breaks.

USofAfrica, the solution lies in the sensitization of Cameroonians and not the creation of another political party. Paul Biya will change the constitution to get a new mandate, the SDF will call on the population to go to the streets and protest and people will not respond. The SDF called for demonstration to see that ELECAM was put in place before the last election and the respond was poor; what then do you expect the party to do? The party can only adopt a radical appraoch when it is sure that the people will back it. But as things stand, Cameroonians are no longer ready to fight for change. If the SDF has failed as you claimed, and if Cameroonians deparately want change, why can´t they rally behind another political party to effect change?

Paa Ngembus


You may regard my style and pugilistic attitude towards the decolonization of The Southern Cameroons as insulting.

That is your prerogative.

I have already told you and I will repeat it again.

In this fight;

If you insult me, I will insult you two fold.

If you give me or any of mine a black eye, I will leave you with a broken skull.

If you shoot at me or one of mine, I will pump your filthy carcas full of lead, whether you got your target or not.

I will never apologize for any of that.


I am happy we agree that Africans travelled with colonial passeports because they HAD NO CHOICE.

In the same vein, Southern Cameroonian freedom fighters whot are based in The Cameroons HAVE NO CHOICE.

They have to use the colonizer's passport.

I see no problem with that just as I see no contradictiion in the fact that Krumah, Kenyatta, Um Nyobe, Lumumba, Olympio, Sekou Toure, etc., etc., etc. used their colonizer's passports.

Southern Cameroonians freedom fighters who are out of The Cameroons have other options and a majority of us that are serious about this struggle and fighting from outside the Cameroons DO NOT USE THE COLONIZER'S PASSPORTS.

Hope you get it now.

Paa Ngembus


I could not stop myself from laughing while reading what Paa NgemGOAT just wrote. I could never imagine that I will one day see him choking in his own words, struggling and obsfucating himself. Ah! sheer delight.
NEWSFLASH: your internet battle and the battle in Cameroon are two very different battles. On the internet, it is easy for the likes of Paa NgemGOAT and legima Doh( who is renewing his asylum papers) to say all kinds of things. On the internet battle, it is easy to blame people and plot all kinds of strategies. But on the real battlefield in Cameroon, things are not that easy. If you guys want some respect, go to cameroon and continue the battle. Even though I think the SDF has failed us, at least they tried to fight on the battlefield in Cameroon. It is easy for us to criticize them because we are fighting on the internet. To prove that you are better than the SDF, go to Cameroon and fight and not only fight but produce better results. Then, I will join the SCNC. I will end here, and as for the rest of the SCNC flock, good luck with renewing your asylum papers.
P.S- Rexon, please renew your asylum papers very fast so that you can come back to this forum and use your very popular phrase "To color an inexistent democracy in Cameroon" ha ha ha
Over to you Paa NgemGOAT...


Thanks Alpha2omega

Mr. Fon
I am in agreement with your arguments above except when you shift the blame to the Cameroonian people.
The Cameroonian people are at moment on a silent protest. This is evident by the low turnout in the last elections and their continues distrust and lack of confidence for their government. The Government is panicking right now and i will tell you why.
1. Predictability

Cameroonians have resolve that democracy cannot bring change to Cameroon under the present regime. The government is worried because it has lost the confidence of the Cameroonian people and at such, anything can happen anytime from now. Cameroons future would have been predictable if there was true democracy. However, in the absence of true democracy, Cameroon's future is now very unpredictable and that is not a good thing. Time will soon manifest my point about predictability.

2. Vulnerability.

The absence of true democracy in Cameroon has caused the Biya Regime to be very vulnerable. Even the close friends to the president will eventually be viewed with suspect and very soon a gap will open. At some point, Biya will start to distrust even his close aids and before long there will be a rift and "someone" will end up dead. The same thing happened to Abacha.
I said it before and i will say it again, In my opinion, Biya is a dead man walking.

However, there are certain things the Biya Government could do to avert the gravity of the inevitable.
1. Install true democracy by allowing the formation of a true and credible Independent Electoral Commission to run elections.

2. Respect the constitution and not seek another term in office. Any slight move by Paul Biya to upgrade the constitution and seek another term will be seen as declaring himself "President for life". Mobutu, Idi Amin, Botase, Nkruma, Obote, Mingustu and all did that, and we all know what happened to them.

Time will tell.
God Bless Cameroon.

Paa Ngembus

FuckAm (a.k.a USAfrica),

Stop making a fool of yourself.

Are you unable to read.

The people I quoted:

Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor
Chief Ayamba Ete Otun
Barrister Ekontang Elad
Mr. Augustine Feh Ndangam
Dr. Arnold Boh Yongbang
Molah Njoh Litumbe
Mr Vincent Feko
Mr. Emmanuel Visha Fai
Barrister Alex Taku
Barrister Blaise Berinyuy
Mr. Humphrey Mbinglo
Mr. Henry Fossung
Etc., etc., etc.

Are all based in The Southern Cameroons.

What is it that you don't get Bozo?

We are fighting from within and without, from all corners of the world.

That is what is scaring you and your masters.

Most of what we do on the internet is counter your FALSEHOOD and educatte Southern Cameroonians.

The rest of the serious work is done out of here. That is why you and your masters are always surprised when things happen.

You are such buffoons. You will not know when it happens my friend. keep watching the internet. You will be notified after the fact.

BTW, we do not need refugee sellouts like you to join the SCNC.

You will be surprised to learn that a majority of leading Southern Cameroons activists worldwide are not on or seeking assylum.

Later Bozo.

Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary

Light reading for the weekend:

The Banjul Communique
Submission by counsel

Southern Cameroons map

Ma Mary

Paa Ngembus, there should be no apologies at all for our strong presence on the internet but that is just a small part of the picture. Internet is a crucial part of engaging the world, and has gone a long way to neutralizing the denial of access to media that has been francocamerounese colonial policy for the longest while.

We SHALL NOT discuss other things that we are doing or planning to do here.

Have a nice weekend.

PS: If the Post buckles to colonial pressure, we understand. We understand the circumstance of trying to breath, while the Camerounese pig is sitting on your chest. Cut them some slack, would you?

Paa Ngembus

FuckAm (a.k.a USAfrica),

I forgot you asked the question somewhere.

Ma Mary is a woman, you disrespectful bastard.

Does "Ma" mean anything to you.

You male chauvinistic pig.

That is how you idiots are.

You can not stand an assertive strong woman like Ma Mary. That is what is killing La Republique.

If you can not stand strong women, go back to La Republique you backstabbing ungrateful son of a ragtag refugee.

See you ater filston.

Paa Ngembus


aa NgemGOAT,
The simple reason why I asked about Ma Mary's sex was because I suspected from her name that she was a woman and I just wanted to confirm it. You see unlike you, I don't just jump into conclusions and run my mouth carelessly. So because I ask about someone's sex, I am a chauvinist? wow Pa NgemGoat, I knew you said foolish things but I didn't think you would go this far and say something beyond foolish. Keep up the good work, you are keeping me entertained.
Ma Mary, I meant no disrespect when I asked if you were a man or a woman. I just wanted to confirm my suspicions.
Pa NgemGOAT, keep making a goat out of yourself. It is really entertaining, my friends and I can't stop laughing at your choice of words, your anger, your frustration and your fiesty nature. As I said before, keep up the good work. I can see you are done renewing your asylum papers.


"In this fight;

If you insult me, I will insult you two fold.

If you give me or any of mine a black eye, I will leave you with a broken skull.

If you shoot at me or one of mine, I will pump your filthy carcas full of lead, whether you got your target or not.

I will never apologize for any of that.

GOT IT?" by Paa Ngembus

Did Nelson Mandela do what you advocate above to gain such an international recognition?. This portrays your anachronistic character in politics. It clearly spells your inability to up-date your lessons of historic heroic African independence achievements. Can you reconcile your brutal tactics with Nelson Mandela's political philosophy?.Can you help me understand what the hell can be gotten from a prophet of your kind who preaches violence;thinks violence and incarnates violence as your comment hitherto have portrayed?.

You site great men to justify your use of la "La Republiques passports", yet , you don't site the likes of Mandela as a justification of your "an eye for two eyes" ,"a tooth for a broken mouth" and "a slap for a broken skull" undiplomatic ideology.

Where is Christianity in your gospel for the New Socio-Political Southern Cameroonian Jerusalem?.Yet you cote Jesus time and again.

Paa Ngembus, I've retired once again to my bunker, no atomic bomp of insults can reache me, only convincing words will do.


You still have not told us what the hell you're doing in "la Republiques" territory. Are you there for a business deal, a political matter or a family issue.
As I infer from your last but two comment, you're in Yaoundé on family grounds;that is to say for family matters. And now could you please us what is the hidden agenda behind that surreptitious trip to the enemies land.


Mr Reverend,
You too still have not anwered the question of what you meant by your "expensive time in Europe". Did you by that mean , those in Africa have cheap time or do little or nothing with it?. And why did you mention Europe in the first place?.What is Europe?.
Point of reminder, you still owe apologise to the post for not bearing with their logistic shortcomings.

Paa Ngembus, s'il te plait, rappelle le, du fond de cette bétisse.

M Nje

A passport is just a simple travel document and nothing more. How could you confuse it to be a sign of ones` faithfulness to a country.

Citizenship comes from the heart. Many Southern Cameroonians who carry La Republiques passport do so just an existing tool to travel around. It does not and cannot be mistaking for love for La Republique. Who wants to be identified with such a country, La Republique Du Cameroun. What is in their heart is very difference and that is what matters. If they had another choice, they will not use that passport. It is a temporal measure, one that will eventually end when a Southern Cameroons state comes to place. Whether you like it or not, it will happened.


I sypathise with your sentiments but there are more political parties in Cameroon than both you and I have had hot meals. None of them thus far "can use the masses, strategy, wisdom, and diplomacy to oust that evil political dictator out of ETOUDI".
Creating another one would equally be fruitless in my opinion. I agree with you that hope is not a plan but its a starting point. Biya has the mechanisms in place to trample on any entity that poses a challenge to him. The evidence is in the fact he has been there for so long.
The point I was trying to make is that time creeps up on us and Biya is no exception.

You are right but living without HOPE will render you an inability to fight and pay the price for freedom.
I am not a soldier but I will willingly pick up arms against Biya's regime. However, I still believe shedding the blood of any Cameroonian for the demise of Biya is wasteful.
The point you make about Biya hand picking a successor is valid. So what do you propose should happen? It is a perplexing situation. Please unravel me.

There are so many knowledgible people in this forum and I am humbled to partake in it. Can someone endulge me by pronouncing what mechanisms there are that can be used to remove this cancerous infestation from the sits of power?!


Hi folks,
The Fon´s family increased its number by one early this morning, with a bouncing baby boy. Mother, father and child are all doing fine. The baby is named after my father who passed away, January this year.


Congratulations Fon, you must be really proud. I pray that may the good almighty God give you and your beautiful wife the strength to raise your child. May you find happiness as a father and may you be capable of setting a good example for your son and being a role model. Congratulations again.


Congrats Fon, please give than child sound education. You can name him after Nelson Mandela. Let him reflect the standards of a patriotic Cameroonian.

Legima Doh

Fellow Comrades
Our detractors continue to say all ills about our personalities and about our nation.They come up with doctrines based on the philosophy of idiocy,falsehood,to counter all our visions for liberty.
You demonstrate all kinds of confusion in this forum.Where you standing?you are not for the SDf, you cannot make any positive contribution to the ScNc cause and you have gradually thrown the idea of a most mysterious U S of Africa to the wind.You say as if an innuendo that Rexon and I are renewing our asylum papers.It is honourable for any true Southern cameroonian to seek refuge abroad if you dont know.Yet we not on asylum.We are legal residents of the United Kingdom ok.
You said you were suspecting from Ma Mary's name that she is female.Whoa, I never heard a male bear the name Mary.Hope u see the fallacy in your suspicion.
This is the kind of fallacy you have always demonstrated in your wishy washy criticism against the liberation movement of the ScNc.
care must be taken to distinguish your language from that of Paa Ngembus.Paa Ngembus' got a hard language that hits directly on the head everything that stands in the way of the liberation cause.His parlance is based on the truth and the truth must be defended in the hardest possible form cos even if everybody stood for falsehood it would not become the truth.USAfrica's got a seemingly mild parlance that usually fraughted with obscenity and that stands solely to defend negative ideas, and false doctrines and sophism.
Fon,may God bless the child manifold.He is welcome to the world.Bring him up in the discipline of God so that when he shall grow he shall refrain from falsehood, deception and the vices that some of our commentators are swayed by.They have been programmed as such from childhood.Its very important,the childhood and growing up stage.

Peace Upon the land of the Southern cameroons.

Legima Doh,

Danny Boy

"You said you were suspecting from Ma Mary's name that she is female.Whoa, I never heard a male bear the name Mary."

Legima, I am afraid to contradict you here. There have been quite a few men with female names, the most famous being Marion Morrison aka John Wayne-the Duke. As for women who have adopted male names, the most famous would be Mary Ann Evans known in the literary world as George Eliot. She wrote the novel Silas Maner!!!
Now you know. Let education be our business.
Blessed be Cameroon.


Congratulations to you Mr. Fon. I hope you bring the little boy up in good fashion and please tell him the truth about life. The sooner he knows, the better.
Once more Congrats.

There are two ways to get rid of Paul Biya, a military Coup or a civil war. Anything else will not work. However, we cannot downplay natural eventualities like, death from a Plane crash, a heart attack, a brain tumor or cancer and even Aids.
Sounds unlikely but possible. After all, at least four African leaders have died from plane crashes.

God Bless Cameroon.

Legima Doh

Danny Boy,
Its true what I said could be seen to implicate me.But lets also consider Ma the prefix.It is used to address females and not males.This prefix Ma is used both home and abroad and everyone who is either home or abroad knows so.Unless USAfrica is neither home nor abroad like he is neither in the SDF nor the SCNC but in a mystical world of an illusive U S of Africa.
Thanks anyway Danny Boy for pointing that out and giving me the chance to expound on what I conjectured.

Peace shall Reign on our motherland.

Legima Doh,

Ma Mary

UnitedStatesofAfrica, you are not my opponent; you are just a sounding board for me to discuss on my sole purpose here, namely: the liberation of the exBritish Cameroons. No matter what you say or do, I shall use it for that sole purpose, to win hearts and minds confused by 5 decades of the toxic propaganda of la republique francaise du Cameroun. I assure you that hearts are being won, sometimes one at a time ande sometimes up to a hundred. I am here for the long haul. People like yourself have come and gone, and it matters not a bit to me.

Secondly, regarding the matter of my sex, it is irrelevant. Men with giant egos and lilliputian genitals have often abused women to maintain their self esteem. I am not accusing you of being one of those, but I wish to forewarn you about stepping into the minefield. I am not like others because I have overcome the spell of the partriarchy. I am not one of those who retire into the kitchen while the men discuss "important issues". I expect you to come into the kitchen so that we all cook and clean and discuss important issues–otherwise no food for anyone.

I hope my sisters are listening. Once again, thank you for the opportunity, and I would be glad to use you as a foil again, if you present me once more with the opportunity.


“Men with giant egos and lilliputian genitals have often abused women to maintain their self esteem. I am not accusing you of being one of those, but I wish to forewarn you about stepping into the minefield. I am not like others because I have overcome the spell of the partriarchy.”- Ma Mary
Ma Mary,
From your vulgar comments, you have proven that you are the chauvinist and sexist not me. The only reason I asked whether you were a male or female was just out of curiosity. I suspected you were a woman from your name and I only wanted to confirm my suspicions. I asked a simple question but you have decided to blow it up into a whole genitalia issue. You don’t have to tell us that you prefer men with big genitalia to prove your point Ma Mary, please keep your sexual preferences to yourself and don’t disgust us any further. You should be ashamed of yourself.
I am also happy that you are using me as a foil to preach your gospel. I am a foil but don’t forget, I am also a mirror. I bright and clear mirror that exposes the hollowness of the SCNC without any inhibitions.
You see Ma Mary, I am not an Idealist like you, I am a realist. I have never denied the SCNC cause, I am a Southern Cameroonian and I think it’s a just cause. However, it is very clear that the SCNC lacks the necessary skill, leadership and technical-know how to carry out the mission. That is a fact and I’m going to argue with anybody. I live in Southern Cameroon and the truth is you guys have no following. You are totally unknown, nobody gives a shit about your so-called pressure group and you don’t appeal to the masses of Southern Cameroon. The average Southern Cameroonian knows no substantial fact about the SCNC. You can ask anybody who lives in southern Cameroon and discover the bitter truth for yourself. You guys have made to effort to advertise yourself to the southern Cameroonian people. The majority of southern Cameroonians are not even in support of secession or breaking away or whatever. How do you expect to divorce southern Cameroon from la republique when the majority of southern Cameroonian people are not ready to sign divorce papers? When I point out these practical errors of your pressure group, you call me a sell-out, you call me a this, you call me a that. Well fine, you can follow the mindless SCNC flock that ignore the real problems and dwell in utopian illusions. Keep dreaming and you will succeed in the next 1000 years. As Anderson Cooper said, “HOPE IS NOT A PLAN”. You sit in Europe and live in false illusions. Come to Cameroon, to the battlefield and see the truth for yourself.
Ma Mary
As for your invitation into your kitchen to cook with you and discuss important issues, I think I’ll pass. I don’t want to eat your frozen vegetables, dried eru and smoked fish that has slept for days on the plane only to be suffocated with European oil in the Western countries you reside. I rather go into my mother’s kitchen and eat fresh “Jama Jama” harvested from her succulent gardens. She also has a lot of wisdom, she’s practical and she is fighting the battle in Cameroon, the real battlefield and not in Europe through the internet. I think I would benefit more from her wisdom than yours. Thanks for the invitation though but I don’t eat that plane-ridden food that poisons the brain.
P.S: A stitch in time, saves nine.


Danny Boy
Thanks for educating Legima Doh about names.
Legima Doh,
In case you haven’t noticed, not everybody on this site uses their real names. Majority of the people on this forum use “usernames” like Simplice, Danny Boy, Rexon, Paa Ngembus etc. So the name “Ma Mary” could have been a man using the name simply as a “username” and not a “real name”. Got it? I have have used inverted commas to make it easier for you to understand. I can see you are drowning in a sea of fallacy, I hope the helping hand pulls you out.


I congratulate you on the birth of that warrior.Hope he will be like his father!

Calm down ! We had warned Fritzane here that lies telling is not good.Now we have the knife ,and yam to say exactly who he is ,and spit on his image ,but we are not here for that.But just keep in mind that his stay in Yaounde is going to be long,because where he is coming from is thorny.If he opens his bagpipe,and tries to sound elitist again, then we will do the havock.In politics you finish off your adversaries,but we must play a different type of politics now.No bitterness,but the truth,nothing but the truth.Let his master Rexon get it from me,that lies telling ,as we predicted here caught up with Fritzane,and he was set on his rails.

Legima Doh

I am conversant of your ability to distort facts.You said u suspected from her name the name Ma Mary and upon ur inability to defend urself you drifted to another point that u were considering that to be a pseudonym.If you knew that it could be a pseudonym why did u not suspect that the name belonged to a male?U have no reason to justify ur suspicion.LIke I said,that is the kind of suspicion that u have always demonstrated here.Things are moving on well and strategically but all u have to say is that nothing good is happening.Give any good idea is No, any good contribution is No but yes to all negative ideas about our course and yet u call urself a realist.What kind of a realist are u.Is a realist not a pragmatic person.We are talking about ideas to lead to pragmatic positive influence on the course for liberation.While we with great minds keep on conjecturing ideas for our motherland,you keep on heaping innuendos on our personalities on our ideas and so on.What a feeble minded person u are.All it is is Legima Doh,Rexon, Ma Mary, Paa Ngembus,M Nje and so on.That is where all have centre around.You are a disgusting detractor to the comrades in this forum.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,

Ndi O

Congratulations for developing roots as my late dad used to say. Raise him up as our Father demanded. U are blessed and we hope u will live to see your children,s children as the holy book says.
Welcome back. Never mind my brother Fritzane. Am gonna meet him in "la Republique" so we can discuss some pertinent family issues sine that is the proper place.

Ndi O

correction: Since


Congratulations Fon for the new baby into your family. May God guide and bless Him so that he will become a blessing to others.




Dearest Southern Cameroonians,

We recovered from China's censorship a week ago. I'm glad to be here again.

Culled from Camnetwork.

Fellow Southern Cameroonians,

The very vocal and active Camnetter Duke Ebogo Titus Ngwa who often corresponds from Clevaland, OHIO was arrested on Thursday August 30th, 2007 at about 4:30 pm in Yaounde, LRC. By Gendarmerie forces of LRC.

Mr Ngwa a Southern Cameroons nationalist was arrested in Melen Yaounde as we both travelled from Buea to Yaounde to coordinate a grouping of Southern Cameroons Youths in Yaounde for a planned visit to the SCNC Head Quaters in Bamenda. In an incident that apparently seem to be a tip-off, Mr Ngwa and I were stopped in a taxi boarded from Mvan and heading for Biyem'Assi in Yaounde. With a SCAPO face cap on and a white T-Shirt carrying the Southern Cameroons Flag with a very conspicuous FRSC boll-faced on the T-shirt, though worn under a Black Jacket, he was forced out of the car and conveyed to only "God alone Knows".

Mr Ngwa is a youth in his mid to late twenties and a graduate from the University of Buea. He lives in Cleveland, USA and has writen about the Southern Cameroons Cause in his publication "Tears of the Destitute: The Southern Cameroons in the hands of LRC". He arrived Buea the Southern Cameroons about a forthnight ago to finalise site arrangement for the shooting of a movie "Inside the Presidency" (Authored by Him and believed to be curled from Biya's Blood Power Lotion). Mr Ngwa is also reputed for coordinating a group of Youths from the Bafut LGA to the SCNC Head Quaters last year for a greater inside education on the Southern Cameroons Cause. He is prominent in his philosophy that the Youths Must Join the struggle for the Restoration of the Southern Cameroons or Bimbia Republic since they are the ones who stand to benefit from it.

By this, I wish to call on the Southern Cameroonians and sympathisers of the Southern Cameroons' Cause to put pressure on the forces of LRC to disclose where he is detained for easy access to legal proceedings.

Sone John
+237 75 17 76 82

The SON.


Fritzane, unlike Ngwa who's just been arrested in Yaoundé on suspicion of his open Southern Cameroon agenda; you made a trip to the enemies land for a "personal hidden" agenda. PLease tell us, what is it you're doing to save Ngwa(your Model Freedom Fighter); for as an SCNC element in Yaoundé you're liable to such information.

Now you cannot escape, we all know, you're in Yaoundé and expect you to up-date us about the detention of Ngwa.Fritzane, if you don't, we shall all conclude, you're not in Yaoundé on an SCNC agenda, but for personal deals with agents of LR.
Please don't tell us, you ran away at the mention of the detention. You either leave Yaoundé or give us a concrete "Feed-back" on the unfolding of events.


Legima Doh,
Is that all you have to say? why don't you say something about the errors I earlier pointed out in your pressure group? It's useless for me to argue with people in Europe who get their news from Cameroon only through "I hear say" and other "under construction" websites. The first advice I will give to you SCNC flock is that you guys should go to Cameroon and see what is happening for yourselves. You guys don't even have the support of a majority of southern Cameroonians. Your pressure group has made no effort to get the support of the people. How can you achieve your goal when you don't have the people's support? please, you guys should go into southern Cameroons, make your presence felt, get the support of the people and then I can talk some "sense" with you guys. Until then, I will not waste my time to bother about your shallow ramblings. Ignorance is a sin and it eating your brains little by little. I do not lend my allegiance to a fundamentally flawed pressure group like yours.

Legima Doh

You can qualify the ScNc course with whatever malignant words you want but that does absolutely no wax nor wane on the struggle.You say the ScnC's got no support from the majority and yet u claim to live at home.I once told you that when the fako zonal treasurer was quizzed in the Tiko gaol in 2004 on who are the supporters of the ScNc and on how she gets her finance,the answer was that it is supported by all the true southern cameroonians and they all make contribution to meet her financial requirements.I personally have my contribution card and receipts with me and I keep on making contributions for the course.The information I have are first class type.I am in touch with the forerunners of the ScNc back home.I wonder why all it is you have is baseless criticism with no attempt made at giving positive contribution to the course.
You think all sorts of verbose expressions can deter us.There are two kind of people those with positive thinking and those with negative thinking.Your negative thinking has blinded you of any vision.Vision comes when there is faith accompanied with works when things are difficult.
Until you resort to looking positively to the cause and make meaningful contributions to it,you are regarded as a robust detractor and then an anathema of the Southern cameroons.

Induimini Sanctum Iesum Christum.

Legima Doh,

Ma Mary

Never ever be deceived by pessimists and detractors like USofAfrica about the value of the diaspora in any struggle. A huge chunk of the struggle for liberation occurs in the diaspora, even in the 1950s that was true. It is the work of the diaspora that fertilizes any struggle with ideas, funds and minimizes the pain of the struggle.

The same was true of South Africa and Zimbabwe and anywhere else for that matter. No struggle occurs completely from within. Without the diaspora and foreign supporters, five times as many people would have had to die before South Africa or Zimbabwe achieved freedom. USofAfrica's claim to realism is actually a product of a stunted vision. EVERYTHING, every human project starts with a thought, and a thought held long enough becomes reality. That has been true for my personal life, which thank you very much is acomplished by any standard and the same is true for a country.

The whole idea of African independence, did not start from Africa, but from the United States, from Marcus Garvey, the pioneering African Nationalist and panafricanist of the 1910s-1930s. People like Kwame Nkrumah, Azikiwe and Jomo Kenyatta were nourished by the ideas of WEB Dubois and Marcus Garvey. The panAfricanist congresses that held in London and other places abroad are the roots of African independence.

If you keep sucking at the same dried up breast with no nutrients in it, things would only stay the same or worse. Even this website which we use to exchange ideas, I hear that it is made possible by some brothers in the diaspora. Do not listen to people who diminish the value of the diaspora, because they lack understanding.

Ma Mary

Just to buttress the point about the importance of the diaspora, the facilities available make it possible for an interloper like United States of Africa to sit in his room in the American Midwest. Is it Wichita, Kansas or St Louis? I guess it is Wichita. He sits there on his computer and pretends to us that he is in the Southern Cameroons. That is part of the power of being in the diaspora- round the clock high speed brodband access to be used for liberation or disinformation. Take your pick.


I can see you are confused. Your confusion is driving you into falsehood and deception. For your information, I live in Buea ok? and if you are actually in touch with Cameroon as you claim, you would have known that a lot of houses in Buea/Limbe are using wireless networks to get internet. Thanks to the affordable internet wireless service provided by FOTABE HOUSE, a lot of us are fortunate to enjoy wireless internet from the comfort of out homes. Do you think it is only asylum seekers like you who are exposed to the internet? who do you think you are? do you think because you are in Europe, your life is better than ours? how dare you assume that because I have internet service, I must be abroad? this only shows how out-of-touch you and your fellow block-headed SCNC loyalists are.


My colleagues and I were in stiches after reading your comment. I literally fell off my sit. Thanks for making my day and kick starting the weekend with a laugh in my heart. No one should wish maladies on a fellow being but Mr. Biya is an exception for obvious reasons.
On a serious note, have you noticed that us Cameroonians are either too cowardly or too placid to contemplate engaging in war. In all seriousness the decrying of Biya's maltreatment of the citizenry have been heard from all corners of Cameroon and the diaspora alike. Years after years of heaping pain and strife on our families, friends, neighbours etc. Yet the situation persists.
No one in their right mind advocates war. But the seed of war already exists in the form of anger, helplessness and frustration amongst Cameroonians brought on by Biya's regime. The result of which is a general admittance that the man has to go. However, we seem to lack the impetus to go that one step further. Biya's game balling with the livelihood of Cameroonians is catalyst enough. But we seem reluctant to pick up on it and bite the bullet - no pun intended.
In my previous write up I advocated for HOPE and letting the tide of time do its worst on Biya. This was as a result of listening to Nelson Mandela speak. There is nothing like listening to the voice of an elderly statesman to thug the chords of your heart.
This resulted in someone asking me in this forum if liberty and freedom has no price and how HOPE is no plan. Point taken, however, my answer to that is thus, and I emphasize "priceless". Every citizen should be willing to give an arm and a leg for the liberty and freedom of self and the general populace as a whole. But it is evidence hitherto that this will never come to be in Cameroon. The spilling of innocent blood is not in our collective nature. The people of Cameroon are too peace loving - to a fault. May be the question should be "what is the price of being peace loving even in the face of adversity?". Surely when you are pushed to a corner you have to come out fighting. Shall we continue in our collective peaceful mentality while individually lamenting the situation we find ourselves in?
The various ill fates might await Mr Biya in his unfavorable destiny. Sooner rather than later I venture and HOPE. Regardless, I agree with you that arms is a viable option. But then how do we reconcile with the inevitable loss of innocent lives that will insue keeping in mind the peaceful nature of our people?
On the flip side, as amply pointed out already in this forum by various people, chances are even if Biya suddenly suffers a bout of conscientiousness and steps down, he will hand pick a successor to carry on in his vein. A loss loss situation for the Cameroonian people.
I am truly bamboozled by this whole situation. But I take heart in the knowledge that there is a growing willingness especially amongst the younger Cameroonians to effect change as opposed to just talking about it.


As an intern with a UN team, a white man asked me if we lived on trees in Cameroon and if I have ever used the internet. I didn't take it too personal because he was just ignorant. All he sees on the media about Africa is war, poverty and AIDS so to some extent I didn't really blame him. It was my chance to educate him and I did but for a fellow Cameroonian like Ma Mary to say that I must be abroad because of my access to the internet is just daunting, and disgraceful. Please Ma Mary, pay a visit to Buea and to Limbe and see the increased number of houses getting wireless internet in their homes. Go to Buea, great soppo, street 7, PO BOX 350,and see it for yourself. Go to Sasse( my alma matter and where we had the empowerment program in association with the south African government and the U.S embassy) and see it for yourself, every single teacher has been hooked up with wireless internet. You carry your fat head and say stupid things.
There are two times of people in diaspora. The ones who learn what they have to learn, do what they have to do, come back to Africa and make a difference. People like Wole soyinka, Rosaline Jua, Ayi Kwei Armah etc. left the West at the height of their careers and made their impact felt in Africa
The other group of diaspora are the ones who go abroad, read a textbook by Karl Marx and they think they are better than everybody. They hide in western apartments and do nothing but criticize. They marry white men and women, have mixed kids, kiss their colonial master's ass to get a promotion, they do nothing but bad-mouth Africa, they never do anything practical to help Africa, they sit in europe and all they do is criticize. They will never propose a single solution but they will never stop criticizing. They are the empty critics, the ones history will quickly forget. So MA MARY, which category do you belong?
Take your pick


Mr. United States of Africa, in Sasse college WE were taught not to hide our identity. We were also taught not to use abusive words. By the way when did Sasse start providing internet access to teachers? That's a blatant LIE. And secondly Sasse boasts of all the world's best information technology experts; Sasse doesn't even have a website.

That was by the way.

There was a colonial policy of providing formal education almost exclusively to men in the colonial era. One of the schools that was hit by this gross injustice against women is Sasse. I can understand that so many years ago Sasse was a minor seminary. But is it still a seminary today? No. So do we need to continue segregating the female? And and waive applications from female students who meet admissions criteria (except sex) and have the financial capability to study at Sasses? Aren't we doing a disservice to the Cameroounian woman?

The Son

Legima Doh

Ma Mary,
You can now see the kind of person USAfrica is.Akoson this person is an incognito in this forum.His identity is truly unknown as well as his purpose.I wander what he learnt from Sasse.He's got a very vile and obscene language.He is supposed to be deprogrammed.He is a freak.His ideas deviate from what is natural and normal.Nobody claimed to him that the lives of those in Europe are better than of those at home.He wants to tell us how homes are having wireless connection back home.That is good to hear but let him bear in mind that internet usage back home is less than 2per cent.And he is also of an anachronistic idiotic gender discrimination.Because he is awed by the wisdom that is always expressed by Ma Mary,he has resorted to speaking abusively to her.USAfrica it is said when some man pass you make u carry yi bag.I know well about internet connection in Buea.I used to have wireless connection where I lived from Trustech.Connection in Buea is very irregular and slow such that is dubious for you to claim that u live in buea and have all your time to write and post all the negative,rude,idiotic,obscene,wishy washy criticism against the comrades of the ScNc and against the course for our liberation.If you are a patriot at home, you would be doing something to liberate the people.Maybe just by attending meetings,sensitization campaigns, and so on.Yet all it is u say u live in buea enjoy wireless connection just for the sake of indoctrinating on the liberation course.A patriot would use wireless connection back home to feed abroad with information about the oppressive regime and about the course for liberation.Non of these you do.No meaningful and positive contribution from you.A critic?What a one sided and bias and unfit critic.
I told you you are just an Anathema to us.Verily true all your contributions here from the outset have all been of negative attitude.You want to ask yourself why there can never come from you any positive contribution.You probably have some psychic disorders.I would rather you considered an appointment to consult a psychiatric doctor so that you may get deprogrammed.

Facta Non Verbum.

Peace UPon our Motherland.

Legima Doh,


Congratulations to you Fon,and God's richest blessings.Cheers

US of Africa,sir/ma'm,if the SCNC wins your types over,say two or three more then victory'll be a foregone conclusion.Irony is you seem to stand for nothing and no cause.What exactly do you stand for,if i may ask?Cheers

Ma Mary

USAfrica, you are making your comments from a surburb of Wichita, KS. That is a fact. No one need be deceived by the claims of being in Soppo etcetera. Anyone could cook up a plethora of factoids to try to cover one's tracks. I could nail it down further, but I shall leave it there. I really would care less whether you are at the North Pole or Ndumbu, except for the fact that you falsely claim to represent Southern Cameroonian opinion.

I have no reason to doubt that you passed through Sasse and I am hopeful that Sasse passed through you. Many ex Sasse students of Olympian character and abilities developed and sustained the Southern Cameroonian cause. Perhaps you should talk to these eminent alumni in your ex student meetings why they did such a stupid thing. In case you did not know their names:

Sam Ekontang Elad
Dr Munzu
Albert Mukong (late)
Fon Gorji Dinka
Yana Zumafor
Arnold Yongbang
Charles Taku
Mola Njoh Litumbe

This is just a short list, but there are more, even in your generation, and even in the United States, where you live. People who know them can add to the list.

Ma Mary

I would like to add that internet-linked communities in the diaspora, such as village and tribal assoiations are often responsible for some of the developments USAfrica describes. These diasporans that he disparages may very well be responsible for developing an IT presence in Sasse, and that is how he knows some of the things that he claims. USAfrica, do you belong in the Sasse Old Boys Club in America? I am almost certain that you would. Why do you men call it Old Boys Club anyway? Old Boys Club suggests an elitist, misogynistic cabal.

I played a role in developing some of these village and alumna links, but in the course of time, my vision has grown to understand that the solutions applied by these groups are just like bandaids (plaster) to a raging cancer. We need to get together, all of us and put our power together to get our own country back. That process of getting our country back is closer than people might think.

USAfrica accuses the SCNC of having weak organisational abilities. That may well be so. Many people in the struggle would not argue with that assessment. The answer to that is not to call it the "SCNC cause" instead of the "Southern Cameroons cause" then blame the SCNC and distance oneself from the good fight. The answer is to bring one's resources, ideas and abilities to the cause and add them to it, then invite others. The answer to the presence of overwhelming evil is not to become evil too. Even when unable to act, you must keep hope alive and continue to find ways to resist and to plot to come out of that evil.


SCNC has lobbied for Anglophone separation for more than ten years but a question still to be answered is: can anything serious ever come from Anglophone Cameroonians in the diaspora?


The Fon´s family remains ever grateful to all those who either did it here or made telepnone calls to extend words of encouragement as we celebrate the birth of a new born. The pieces of advice are noted.


Ma Mary,

To add more, this hypocrite writes from Wichita with the username Lucien Bell Solefack.


Congratulations and God will richly bless you and family for standing for the truth.


Don't blame me my brother for wishing the worst of things on this evil man call Paul Biya. It is not in my character to demean or wish horror on others but the case of Paul Biya is an exceptional one. I remain hopeful that sooner than later, Cameroonians will celebrate a new beginning. I pray every day for change to finally see the light of day in our beloved country Cameroon. I remain hopeful that soon Cameroon will join the likes of South Africa, Senegal, Ghana and Kenya to celebrate true Democracy and freedom from dictatorship. God willing, that day is near.
Did i hear someone say Amen?.


Legima Doh
Arguing with a passionate amateur like you is a waste of time. Go to Buea, go to the streets and ask the people one by one if they consider themselves a part of SCNC and see the results. Could anyone on this forum who lives in the south west please tell these confused people that the majority of southern cameroonians do not support the SCNC cause? please tell them ohh...maybe they will believe you. Legima you are also a notorious hypocrite. When Ma Mary talked about men with small genitalia and big egos, Why didn't you call your imagery vulgar and obscene? you will only attack me, sorry for you sir but you will drown in our own folly. You also have the audacity to call me obscene. When I came to this site, who were those who started insulting me? when I first came to this site, I respected everybody's opinions. However, no one respected mine. When I talked about my own ideas on federalism who were the first people to insult me? You Legima Doh and your coward friend Rexon. You guys fell on my head and called me all sorts of names. You called me a sell-out, a traitor, you used your verbose diction to batter me and now you are calling me obscene? you hypocrite. When you are loosing in your own game, you decide to back out and call me obscene. Let me not laugh...NONSENSE!!!!
You have come back from renewing your asylum papers with your false accusations and propaganda. Can you back up the claim you just made with evidence? YOU COWARD!!!When you don't know what to say, you come here with false accusations and lies to tarnish my image. You should be ashamed of yourself, you are as bad as the BIYA REGIME you constantly criticize. COWARD
Ma Mary
From your long list,I can see you know a lot of Sasse old boys, I am happy that we have not lost our charm. Women always had this inexplicable gravitational pull towards us, don't ask me why. Keep meeting them, keep talking to them, also meet their wives too, those beautiful, intelligent women. You might learn a thing or two from their wisdom.

Ma Mary

USAfrica, I do not need to resort to in ad hominens. Please, knock yourself out trying to insult me if that makes you feel more manly, but trust me, testosterone-driven tantrums are the hallmark of men who have not developed beyond adolescence.

The fact remains that giants and deep thinkers of the Sasse Old Boys Club support the cause, and they must be accessible to you. Talk to them, if you cannot condescend to discuss with a woman.

I shall not disclose the techniques that I have used to fish you out. They are proprietary. I even know your real identity, but it is not sporting to unmask your anonymity.

The debate resumed in more civil and informative fashion, if you click below. I shall be joining you later.

1st October debate resumes


Ma Mary,
I can see your new strategy is to threaten me about my identity and toy with my mind. Well good luck with that, if this is how you guys intimidate your detractors, you will have to try harder when dealing with me.
I have knocked myself out and very happy that I did. It is always good to take down big-headed, prejudiced and racist SCNC jerks like you and your flock.
About your gender, I could care less. I don't really give a damn if you are a man, woman or transvetite. As long as my message gets through I am satisfied.
And off the record, the presidents of two of my clubs are women so it's not a matter of your sex, it's a matter of block-headed fanatics not trying to absolve different perspectives and ideas.


see you on the 1st october debate.....

Ma Mary

USAfrica, once again, thank you for being a grist for the mill. I am impressed that the Boys Clubs have women presidents. Your old school has always been a fount of enlightenment in our country, the Southern Cameroons. The most lion hearted, enlightened and principled of your bunch are at the vanguard of the Southern Cameroons movement just as they were at the vanguard of Southern Cameroons independence in the late 50s. As I said before, you may have passed through Sasse; I hope Sasse passed through you.

Some good reads for those trying to get up to speed. There is some duplication, but not much:

From the Post Archives
From Dibussi's Archives

From Track and Trace
USAfrica, the only onjective

From Innocent Chia

From Southern Cameroons IG


Ma Mary, thanks for the links, I found a great write-up by Francis Nche about the hoisting of the SCNC flag in Buea. What a great write-up

"I was in Buea on saturday and heard nothing. It is strange that a big story is in internet about the SCNC activities which I last heard about in 1994 from Dr. Simon Munzu and Calrson Ayangwe who themselves were seeking for recognition. When they got the attention needed, they disappeared to greener pastures. I am sure anybody talking about SCNC is seeking to use it to gain asylum or to maintain refugee statue in the west.
Those who are talking of separation sittng in refugee homes in Berlin should know that we were divided in berlin conference by the Westerners. The divided Berlin United 16 years ago and the whole Europe is Uniting because they know very well that united they will succeed and divided they will collapse.
I am glad this SCNC issue is limited to immigration offices abroad in asylum seekers file. We in the streets of Cameroon are not aware of anything going on. Even those chicken hearted that claim to sing the song quickly use it for further asylum. We should be struggling to bring back our bothers of the northern Cameroons whom we lost and got assimilated in Nigeria in 1961.
For those in Refugee homes in Germany or elsewhere waiting for the so-called independence of southern Cameroon, I am sure Jesus may come before those wishes are fulfilled.
May God bless Cameroon

Posted by: Francis Nche | Tuesday, 03 October 2006 at 01:44 PM"


I also found a very disturbing article in the links Ma Mary posted and ironically, the article is by Ma Mary

"Simon Munzu was at the pinnacle of what a Southern Cameroonian could attain in la Republique when he took up the cause of the Southern Cameroons. Greener pastures my foot. He could have chosen to be like one of your house niggers whom I shall not name... please do not stand in our way as we seek freedom. That would not be fair.

Posted by: Ma Mary | Tuesday, 03 October 2006 at 03:05 PM "-MA MARY

MA MARY, you know better than to use the atrocious "N" word on a fellow African. I am dissappointed that an educated person like you will use that kind of a word on a fellow African. I have no morsel of respect for people who use degrading words against the people of their own race. It's ok to argue but to cross the bar and use slave words that attack someone's ethnic features is plain wrong and horrendous. Especially when it comes from someone of the same race. Ma Mary, what a shame, what a big shame. The skeletons in your closet have been exposed and in due time we would know the true characters of the so-called "freedom fighters" on this forum.
I am sure your friend Legima Doh will say nothing about this but when I present my federalism ideas, you guys fall on my head and call me vulgar. Legima Doh, if you don't reprimand Ma Mary's language, then you are a hypocrite. In due time, the truth will surface.

Legima Doh

Obscene language is unacceptable and I have always castigated that.Concerning Ma Mary's dictum, reconsider what she said.Men with ... used to ....She went further to say that she was not referring u to be one of them meaning that historic facts being talked about as it used to be was quoted while caution being given for u not to consider it an attack on you.When Ma Mary said ,she did not mean to throw obscenities on you otherwise obscene language is unacceptable.

But USAfrica,
We are distraught by your negativity about the ScNc struggle.How on earth do u say it is unknown back home,claim that its flag was never hoisted and that Munzu and Anyangwe disappeared into thin air,and that the scNc issue is known only in immigration offices abroad.Why do u have to use false tenets to downplay a most legitimate course like this.The ScNC is known both home and abroad and all true Southern cameroonians contribute towards its course.You have never said anything about her achievements.HOw could she come before Abuja high court,before the ACPHR in BAnjul,in the UNPO,in the UN without having the express support of the people.I remember in 2004 the her flag was hoisted in the Tiko gendermerie which lead to the dismissal of some gendermes and so on.HOisting of her flag has been reported in all over the Southern cameroons and yet u stand to say it never happened and that not also in Buea.For ur information Anyangwe and co have never relented their efforts at working for the ScNc.In Banjul court the case was Kevin Ngwang Gumne vs La Republique and Gumne for the Southern cameroons had as defense lawyer Professor Calson Anyangwe.
Why do you always want to make mountains by using earth from a valley?Why do u have an insatiable craving to despoil all positive moves by the ScNc.Why can u not for one second provide a tangible and feasible step towards liberation for the Southern cameroons.Why don't u have the ability to reason that before talking about uniting Africa,the africans in this case the Southern cameroonians must first be liberated.Why don't u reason that the European states uniting now had to first achieve independence and sovereignty before the issue of unity would make sense to them.Tell us how we can have our legitimate independence and total sovereignty and thereafter shall the issue of uniting africa make sense.ONe comes before the other.Or if u think it is illegitimate for us to fight for our independence first tell us why.

USAfrica I say to you FACTA NON VERBA.

Induimini Dominum Iesum Christum.

Legima Doh,


Legima Doh please, don't try to even start this preaching about obscene language. When I came to this forum, I was verty timid. The only reason why I changed my language strategy was because of people like you, your friend rexon and that regenade Paa NgemGOAT. You guys insulted anybody who had a different opinion violently. You called people sell-outs, flesh-eaters, stupid, fools and now you are trying to play the saint? oh please, who are you kidding? not me. Have you seen the heavy obscenity in your friend Pa ngemGOAT's write-ups? calling people numbskulls and house niggers? why don't you reprimand him. HYPOCRITE
As for Southern cameroons liberation, mind you, I am not opposed to it. What I oppose is the SCNC and not the cause simply because I find your "pressure group" (which has formed a government in exile by the way. I didn't know pressure groups form governments but hey, I'm learning something new everyday) fundamentally flawed. To me, it lacks charisma, strategy and avoids very pertinent issues affecting southern cameroonians like the division between southernwesterners and northwesterners. To me, your "pressure group" (I have mentioned they have formed a government in exile? oh yes I have) is a dead man walking and I can't lend money to a dead man who will die in a couple of days. It's as simple as that.


To further buttress my point, here is an excerpt from an earlier posting of Legima Doh,

...So from where you come with such stupid ideas,let them remain and die with you at your local stupid level ok.There is nothing you can educate us about the struggle.Idiot!

Legima Doh
SCNC Sweden.

Posted by: Legima Doh LD | Saturday, 13 May 2006 at 06:55 AM"

You can see for yourself the hyporite in the name of Legima Doh

Ma Mary

USAfrica, if one writes often enough in today's ubiquitous and unquencheable medium called the internet, one's opponents would always find words with which to hang one. The result in today's age in places in like the US is that higher offices are filled with calculating, cagey types who seem to be void of opinion or spirit or conviction, stealth candidates who want power and do not care. People who care do not dress it up. They simply care.

In my voluminous writings, you would find enough written in passion and anger. You would find enough rope to hang me several times over. I do not shrink from my words, but take responsiblility for them, even when angry with my brother Munzu and chided him not to become "like a house nigger".

Read my words carefully. "House nigger" is a term crafted by no less an authority than Malcolm X and used in a very specific context in a particular speech, which I would like to assume you have listened to or viewed. It is coded language. Coded language is short hand that takes away the requirement to write an essay to explain a point. Please, do not dissappoint me. I assumed you are quite learned and well read.

However, there is no mistaking my purpose and my thrust, unlike some who are filled with criticism but have nothing to offer; unlike some who lack sufficient knowledge but will not ask honest questions, just loaded questions with a destructive agenda.

I noted something you said that you support "federalism". You may perhaps be interested in why the Southern Cameroons movement gravitated over a period of about 5 years from the federalism position to what many describe as the "zero option". It was period fraught with argument and debate, some spirited, some bitter. For most, it is like water under the bridge, hence the impatience when you bring it up again. I would urge patience and the neccessity to revisit the argument, because a few like USAfrica were not there. Patience. We may need to do this again and again, and that is part of the struggle.

Some of us were from the beginning of the AAC in 1993 and even earlier when Dinka penned the "New Social Order" in 1985. It turns out that Dinka's arguments were superior although scary back in those years. It took "adult eyes" and heart to face the truth. It took many years for Ahidjo false propaganda about unite nationale to slough off.

I believe it was James Earl Jones in his unique baritone who said- when you see a good fight, join it! Your main critique of the SCNC is that its leaders lack certain organizational skills. I guess if you were in Hitler's Germany, you would have joined the SS because it was one of the most organized bodies in history. I guess you would have disdained the resistance, because it was small, lacked power, was totally surrounded. Sometimes we make choices that elevate the human being and not bovine choices. A bovine choice is to feed fat, copulate, reproduce and become someone's shoe and another one's steak. The human choice is thought and beyond thought a moral imperative to live right and do right and think right. You call it idealism and coming from you it sounds like to something to be ashamed of. One does right not just when and because one is comfortable, but one must endeavour to do right even when it is hard. That does not mean I do not understand compromise for survival. What I do not understand is abject capitulation, surrender of the soul. I sense that our difference is a spiritual one. If the cause lacks certain skills, bring those skills in. Do not hold back expecting a miracle, when you already have the miracle in your hands or perhaps between your ears.

UnitedStatesofAfrica, if you have constructive ideas about the NW-SW Divide, I invite you to join the following wiki, which is part of what we call "the Southern Cameroons Institutes" which requests well thought out ideas about this and other areas.
Copy the following link. Apply to join as a contributing writer. There are other topics to which you may wish to contribute. The harsh and personalized rhetoric of the comments here is not allowed there.

Con te partiro, Luciano Parvarotti! Thank you.


"Uncle Tom is a pejorative for an African American who is perceived by others as behaving in a subservient manner to White American authority figures...A more offensive term with the same meaning is house nigger (as contrasted with field workers from the days of slavery)."-The free encyclopedia
Ma Mary,
The fact that Malcolm x used the word does not mean that is ok for everybody to use it. What if a venerated figure like Mandela tells you to go and start killing people? will you use it. "Nigger" is an atrocious that stigmatized and entire generation of black people, I don't give a damn about any context. The final say is, it is a word that should be buried for it's ugly past.

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