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Monday, 27 August 2007


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and as for your allegation about me as someone with a destructive agenda, look at your people first before you start preaching. How am I suppose to propose constructive ideas when you guys are bent on insisting that there are no mistakes in your so-called pressure group? How do you correct someone if he doesn't accept him fault? that has always been my problem with you guys. You think you are better than everyone and are too perfect to make any single mistake. You slash other political parties when your group has so many flaws. "PRIDE GOETH BEFORE A FALL". You can call me traitor but I will never lend my money to a dead man walking, never. Passion will not make me blind or foolish, never.

M Nje

Hi Fon,
Congratulation on the birth of your baby boy. The best of luck to you and your family.

Extend my regards to your wife.


M Nje,
You are welcomed; be sure your message has gone through.
Kind regards

Legima Doh

Ma Mary, I give u applause.
USAfrica are u learning?
Its is true Ma Mary that it may be a spiritual difference we have with USAfrica.
Collecting facts whether it is scientific data or historical events on which our belief is based is the kind of mechanical action that a robot can do.Choosing how we make sense of those facts is an act of the human will.
I don't know what sense USAfrica makes of the facts about the plight of our motherland.It seems obvious to me and from what he says that he's got no will to make any sense from it and that is where we may probably have a spiritual difference with him
Quoting the statement I made last year,the statement is not withdrawn.I accept it and still stand by it hitherto.Stupid ideas and opinions which are not fact must be aborted from this forum.When there is nothing worth educating on,it is more honourable to remain quiet than to force feed us with idiocy.There is no hypocrisy in outrightly castigating false ideas but I would have been so had I stood for the false ideas and reasoning that Ngwese put forward.

Facta Non Verba USAfrica.

Peace shall reign in our motherland.

Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

As at the date of the statement I made to Ngwese, there was no commentator in this forum known as USAfrica.Out of curiosity I would want to know who metamorphosed to this person.It is obvious that he might have been there at that time under a different name.This is the issue of an incognito I mentioned here.Who is really this USAfrica?I am beginning to suspect hypocrisy and forging of identity in you.

Peace Shall reign in our motherland.

Legima Doh,


Legima Doh,
Your foolishness is driving you into insanity. Why don't you scroll up on this page to one of Ma Mary's write-up? if you do this, you will see that she posted a number of links. One of the links says "from the post archives". If you click on it, you will find all the nasty comments you and Ma Mary made ok? so it is thanks to your comrade that I found more evidence about your hypocrisy.
Is that all you have to say? spiritual difference? why don't you call your friend Pa NgemGOAT use of words like numskulls, bozo, house nigger vulgar? eh? why don't you talk about the vulgar language you and rexon were fond of usinh? HYPOCRITE!!! Pride will consume all of you guys. You guys have no traces of a real leader. You are all proud, self-centred egoistical maniacs. Are your mouths too heavy to admit a mistake? it is only pride that will lead to the downfall of your so-called pressure group.
I am still waiting for the answer of the question I had asked a couple of days ago. Why does a "pressure group" like SCNC form fully established government in exile? why? why do you form an interim government is you are a pressure group?


Hello , is someone listening?

Gentlemen, you dont need to resort to prejorative slangs to make a point. In politics when you hold a political ideology that sounds like an affront to others rest assured you'll meet acolytes or foes .That should not trascend to mud-sligding and paddy comments. That isnt worth the fight for which you all adhere to , call yourself federalist or nationalist! Gentlemen please stop it!

Debate issues not tissues!

Ma Mary

There is a good reason why the law does not permit one to fire random shots into the air. That is because although the bullets are not aimed at anyone in particular, they might just find a lethal target. I deeply regret my remark about small men with big egos, because it so offended USAfrica that he keeps bringing attention to it, and is unable to accept my generally moderate and reasonable stance and discuss subtantively rather than parsing meanings to justify anger.

My advice to USAfrica, if his anger would let him take advice is to beware of such vehement and personalized anger, because the casual reader might take the wrong impression that the remark struck home.

If some other Southern Cameroonian activists are letting you have it, it is because your comments from the start are designed to belittle their work, while at the same time claiming that you believe in the Southern Cameroons cause. You cannot have it both ways. If you are really a Southern Cameroonian, you would make suggestions about improvement, and possibly be involved in implementing such improvements. Southern Cameroonian activism is a cause, a sacrifice, and not a job.

I'll not be here for a while, but I am hoping to see some improvement in the exchanges.


Many thanks for ur recent comments;keep them coming. Please use more diplomatic vocabulary:this goes especially to USAfrica and Paa Ngembus.

Legima Doh

The issue of obscenity was an aside and a minor issue in my comment.I asked you a myriad questions and yet instead of giving answers to them u slyly dodged from answering the questions.Also consider Vito's questions which you said nothing in response to.Many don't really see what you stand for cos all u say is verbally both for and against but in deed it is practically neither for or against the proper perspective of the course of liberation of our motherland.
Facta Non Verba.

Peace UPon our motherland of the Southern cameroons.

Legima Doh,


Ma Mary, rest assured that your comments had no effect on me. It instead made me jubilate because it confirmed to me the hypocritical nature of you and your flock. You guys castigate people for "belittling your work" and then you turn around and do the same thing.
And as for legima Doh, I am surprised that you are asking about my views. When i first came to this forum and started talking about my federalism view, who were those who went out of their way to attack and rebuke every idea I ever propose? I think we all the answer to the above question, I do not need to labor on it.
The thing with the SCNC is they are ignoring very important issues which will come back to haunt them. They are ignoring the fact that there is a sharp division between south westerners and north westerners. How do you want southern Cameroon to secede when southern Cameroonians are not united? but when you tell them, they will insult you and say that you are lying. I am from bamenda and I grew up in buea. I saw first hand the division that exists. south westerners and north westerners are always arguing and blaming each other for the problems of anglophones. In school, I was called "foolish foncha", "cam no go" and all sorts of derogatory words by south westerners. But when you tell the SCNC people, they will insult you and say no division exists. They are ignoring the fact that a lot of south westerners see the SCNC as a bamenda party.
During the American revolution, George washington and his men had the full support of the American people before they went to battle.
When Africans soldiers came back from world war 2, and when African intellectuals began to blossom, they didn't start fighting the whiteman immediately. They went to their people, convinced them, won their trusts and then galvanize a following to fight the imperialists.
The SCNC is not learning from history. You guys are just so passionate that your minds have been messed up. How can you start by fighting La republique in the U.N before fighting to get all the people on southern cameroons on your side? talk about reverse psychology . Do not just assume that eveybody is on your side. Go to the woman in the market and ask her if she knew that SCNC went to the U.N and listen to her answer, she will say no. Go to the students in a class in high school and ask them if they know that the SCNC has an interim government in exile and listen to what they will say, they will say no. Were the masses informed when before you guys made your interim government? did you go to the streets and ask the masses what they thought? did you ask for their own ideas? No. Instead, a small group of Cameroon immigrants read a karl Marx textbook and assume that they can act on the behalf of the southern cameroon masses without involving them in their plans. Who are you guys kidding? yourselves. The southern cameroon masses know nothing about your movement, your visits to the U.N, your views, they know nothing. Only people who are exposed to the internet are able to know one of few things and that is a very small number of people. Keep deceiving yourselves ok?
When I point out these errors of your group, instead of noting them and trying to solve the problems, you will not listen. Instead, you will send your SCNC internet team( Ma Mary being the president, Rexon has been sacked as president. Apparently he has been facing some issues with immigration.) to come and verbally abuse me. Keep insulting me ok? don't go and fix your problems, just sit on your laptop and keep insulting me. At this rate, I will come back here after 10 years and that rebel GOAT, Paa NgemGOAT will still be writing "southern cameroons shall be decolonized my any means", legima Doh will still be attempting some latin and writing "Peace upon our motherland of the southern cameroons" and Ma Mary will still be surfing the internet, looking for links and posting them on this forum.


Great write up USAfrica. That was a classic analysis of what the SCNC is all about. Going to the UN and all will not help the SCNC. They need grassroots support without which nothing will come to fruition. But how will they get grassroots support remains the question. Especially when all their leaders and activists are seeking asylum or living abroad.


Thanks 7512wilson,
You have summarized in one paragraph what I was trying to say in that long write-up.


Mr USAfrica
We've never crossed paths on this forum but I would like to now.I find it disheartening your disregard of Ma Mary statemanship redrawal of offensive words for which she even went further to offer regrets for having used them. I personally endorsed those comments from Ma Mary but didnt want to comment any further.

You coming here to make nonsense of them and then jubilate rather shows gerrymandering and lightweightedness.It takes great leadership and stewardship to say "I regret" and be reminded that, that phrase is an asset that only very very few people in the world have, and its never never been a liability.

Well hope I make sense to you


USA of Africa keeps talking of asylum papers for Rexon. Ha ha ha. FYI, I currently work as an analysts for a project with the royal bank of scotland. What matters is the ideas not the status. What will drive you mad is the truth. I will never dine with the CPDM, Never ever.


USAfrica, I think you're the best friend of SCNC loyalists on this forum, for you tell them the truth. Only friends caution friends with grounds facts. Your last but one comment was an epitome of all you've been saying hitherto. I salute it as "absolutely brilliant"


And Rexon, Your working status got nothing to do with USAfrica's last comment. That's deviation. Please respond to comments in context.


Thank you very much Simplice. I think 7512wislon summarized all what I was trying to say very well. Instead to trying to quarrel with everybody, the SCNC should look into these fundamental problems they face. The SCNC says instead of criticizing them, southern Cameroonians should provide ideas on how they can improve. When we provide ideas and point out their weak spots, they refuse to listen and call us traitors and sell-outs and say we work for Biya.



Hey guy, keep talking, you will soon drown in your own shallowness. Read USAOFAFRICA'S comments first and if you are objective, you will have much to say. Doesnt he constantly refer to me as someone having immigration problems? Is he even qualified to read and understand what i write? That an unscrupulous being and honestly, we cannot meet anywhere else. Thats just the truth sir.



Wilson, Simplice,

You guys can congratulate your man USAOFAFRICA, but you will never govern la republique. That is the truth. He is a citizen of La Republique and it is his responsibility to protect his country. Mr Biya needs shallow minded and unprincipled Southern Cameroonians to continue the colonisation of our territory. But that wont let us down. We will stay steadfast and fight until the end. That is our mission. It is our land and it is our responsibility to protect it. USA of africa can abuse us, call us asylum seekers, etc. I cannot belittle myself to engage in any debate with him and cohorts of the SDF as those are unscrupulous people who hate the truth. I better spend that time either driving them out or designing strategies to this effect. That is my ultimate goal. We need our country back and we cannot allow criminals and crooks to continue killing our people and the economy.

Long live the Southern Cameroons.

M Nje

Just be focus and do what you thing is right. The truth can never be overcome by falsehood. The truth is that Ni John has led his blind followers to a dead end. They are frustrated and can’t see any way out. Many are hoping to win an election in 2011. They will be surprise that the CPDM will win again. Whether Biya decides to run or hand pick a successor, victory is guarantee for the CPDM. In 2011, the will be another call for an independent election commission and a cry about how the S.D.F. has been cheated. It is a cycle that will continue for as long as they (S.DF) will continue to engage in La Republique`s politics. Whether they like it or not, a Southern Cameroonian cannot be president of La Republique Du Cameroun neither will a political party that is dominated by Southern Cameroonians ever rule La Republique Du Cameroun.

There is either an intellectual gap here or a clear desire to mislead the public. Divide and rule is a cheap and common political strategy for an occupying force like La Republique to use. The problem is to see how many people become prey to that cheap tactic and will argue with you that the imaginary divide created by their enemy really exist.

So it is better for Southern Cameroons to continue to be under occupation. It is better for our children to be shoot at the University of Buea. It is better for us to continue to seat and watch our cultural values being eliminated. It is better to seat and watch our resources being exploited for the benefit of foreigners in La Republique Du Cameroun. All of that and many more are better because if we have a state, they will be this huge "North West," "South West" divide that will make it impossible for a Southern Cameroons state to exist. Now if someone truly holds such views, it just gives you a good idea about the size of their brain. READ, READ, READ, READ. There is no country or society that is homogenous.

You may want to know that between 1954 to 1961, Southern Cameroons was a semi autonomous state with an independent government, a Prime Minister, and a democracy that is fair better than what is in La Republique today. There is no history of internal division that precluded it to function well. It was done then and it can be done now. The ordinary Southern Cameroonians shops in the same market place, attends the same church, shares farmland, shares an apartment with his or her brother or sister from any region with no hostility. There is no history of any divide within Southern Cameroons that excludes it from functioning. Shame to our distractor who try to use such cheap tactics.


Rexon and Mr Nje, please USAfrica, has thesame end as you, the matter is the means to the end. He is not of the Biya Clan for many a time he has criticised the Regime in the place. Neither is he of the opposition (SDF)as evidenced by his comments on the draw-backs of the SDF. USAfrica is simply pointing out certain "downs" you abroad fail to properly consider. He lives in Cameroon and has ground information better than you do.If you accept nothing from him,it means you claim to be perfect.
And if I may ask: before you left for Britain, what were your achievement "SCNC-wise" in Cameroon?. You'll certainly tell me, you never discovered your consciousness on this matter until you got to Britain.
We all agree, a revolution is meant to overturn systems;how has the SCNC prepared to brave "After Revolution" Consequences?.
The fact is, the SCNC needs much grassroot support,which isn't being done. When we ask of your strategies, you tell, us you can never disclose. We shall then wait for the day you put them in motion.



Continue ridiculing yourself by falling into the trick of several individuals in this forum. Who have told you that USAOFAFRICA lives in Cameroon? FYI, he lives in Kansas wichita and writes in more than one forums using different pseudonyms. It is only in two of this forums that he uses USAOFAFRICA. This one and Camerooninfonet. though in Camerooninfo net he is known as USAOFAFRICA(RASTAMAN). Secondly, know that there are CENER Agents here and USAOFAFRICA is one of them.



That was very smart there.The likes of Rexon ran round for the SDF while in Cameroon,and when they reached Britain they suddenly became omniscient,and started fighting their political partners of yesteryears.This is just the infighting Southern Cameroonians have already lived for many decades.How can you imagine the fact that after having discovered that the people of the Southern Cameroons need to stand on their legs,the Rexons of the world have not been doing anything to achieve this end ,but keep anticipating the moves of a political party like the SDF.
One thing must be made clear,that be it a freeedom movement or a political party, the mandate to represent,or fight for an entity is handed by the people.But judging from the mix signals ,and messages you get from people like Rexon,the people have not seen the need to endorse their actions. Without this endorsement,you can see they have become actors in the political process of La Republique.Everybody saw how irresistible it was for Rexon to keep away from party politics that he so pretends to abhor,when elections were around the corner.
AS befitting a family member of somebody who dines with the Cpdm,he started off throwing stones at the SDF,but shamelessly said he was to suspend his attacks until after the elections.But Cameroonians only had their eyes to see how he descended into a pugilist against the SDF.After the Cpdm victory,he has come back to his three lines of incessantly telling the world that the SDF is legitimising La Republiques politics.Is Rexon fighting the SDF,fighting the SDF ,and La Republique,fighting La Republique,or making a fool of the people of the Southern Cameroons.Southern Cameroonians cannot continue to entertain these type of gymnastics from people who run away from danger ,and keep giving lessons thousand of kilometers away.When Palestinians have anything to do about their statehood ,they make it clear that this is what they are up to.But just as our own so called freedom fighters` lives are shrouded in controversy,so are their actions shrouded in mystery.Year in year out,they give the impression that they are up to something,but
we only find them giving interviews on tabloids,writing in all the fora in the world,but all these talking about one thing,the SDF,or its leaders.Are the sons of the Southern Cameroons ready to stand on their own? This question would have been easy to answer if those who have even pretending up to now to represent us had given a clear opinion of where they are headed for.What we have been reading from them so far are the adventures of people drowned in factional squabbles.The impotency that we have seen so far is just plain ridiculous.No wonder we have to be jumping from one perceived saviour to another.Today we are waiting for the courts in Banjul,while distracting the people about the SDF,and La Republique.The next day we are accusing Nigeria for not being able to come over,carve out a state for us. Just as Cameroonians wait,and Biya keeps changing dirty tactics,that is how the people of the Southern Cameroons wait ,and their brothers keep playing the turtle.
AS for the fight between the SDF,and those who pretend to speak for the people of the Southern Cameroons,it is already a lost battle,and only exposes their weak bones.You
can`t pretend to question somebody who has the mandate of the people.The people of the Southern Cameroons are the same people who endorse the actions of the SDF.If they had seen ,and heard something better else where ,they would have all given their weight behind it.The message we want to pass across is clear:that if you don`t have a mandate to speak for the people,go over to them,explain yourself ,before you start vibrating on their behalf.Nothing short of this ,is ego boosting. In 2007 we are tired reading from people who are managing their little lives in the whiteman country that they are worldbank presidents,Directors of international monetary fund.They are no Einstein!


Watesih, i thought you will come here to congratulate us for what we predicted. I thought we all know that there is another alternative, to abstain from coperating with the CPDM thereby sending a signal that things are not going well. But u have instead resorted to your usual tactics of mind games. Ask what NJFN himself said in Bamenda. If you do not know, he said Unification has failed and we all read here how ministers were campaigning and telling people not to vote for an anglophone party and that this party has nothing to do with Francophones. Then what is this Anglophone party doing in La Republiques parliament?

If the SDF have the people mandate, the people would have listened to their call to vote and defend the votes. The fact that the people of the Southern Cameroons did not listen to this call is enough testimony that the SDF politics with La Republique have no place in their political conciousness. Moreso, even the SDF did not listen to the call of its people. Because the people asked them to boycott camerounese parliament. At least we know that was the peoples wish. But the few unscrupulous people who want to continue their theft of our resources masquerading as an opposition decided to go to parliament. We all know that people even took Bank loans to finance candidates for the SDF simply because they wanted to gain contracts from thesame CPDM they have been criticising. These are the people helping Biya to stabilise the situation, masquerading as an opposition.

We who have been fighting this SDF were doing so for one reason: they were colouring Mr Biya's democracy and distracting our course. We have elimited them from the political conciousness of our people. Right now, our main focus is on the enemy, La Republiques colonial regime. We know the SDF is dead and there is nothing to do about it. Apart from a few bits and pieces that we still have to neutralise and wipe out completely from the globe.

Controversy is not a thing that is new for some of us. We have lived it and survived it and all those who ran away from the truth will always run in their hiding hole to come out and congratulate us when we win at the end. So all the talk about controversy is nothing new. I am not doing anything here for any money or to one day go back to Cameroon and gain from unscrupulous actions. Get it clear from today. I live here, work here with my own homes in two cities and family and have little business with Cameroon apart from doing what everybody does: including you watesih, sending money. What i am concerned about like any ordinary rightminded person is the people. That is where i was born and must defend it.

Since the dead of these SDF who was helping Biya, my "primary" focus has been the CPDM. They are now my biggest enemy apart from a few things to sort out with the SDF to completely bury them to their grave. They in the SDF would only have a problem with me if they continue to bring La Republiques politics of lies into our land.



Which SDF are you fighting? Which SDF do you want to bury? Do you want people to take you for a mad man? Ok ,eat your own words! Here you are mourning the SDF,and telling the world how its victories are often stolen,just like the last one you knew could not be defended.The funniest thing is that in the SDF`s seventeen years existence,you have been a living witness of its strength,and the Cpdm thievery:
" What i have realised in the past decade is that Cpdm politicians invest in destroying the SDF.They do so through bribing corrupt journalists to write bad things about the SDF,control councils through government delegates ,and secretaries to destabilise realistic projects to be executed by the SDF.Then after doing all these ,they turn around and say they are better than the SDF as the SDF would have been more corrupt had they taken over power.Aren`t you cpdm guys stupid? Why don`t you guys measure your ability to govern on what you are actually doing but on what you think the SDF will do if it takes power.And when anybody wants to complain, they turn to the problems of the SDF,as if the evils that the BIya regime through its Cpdm junta has done to Cameroonians has been energized by the problems of the SDF.How are the problems of the SDF connected to the theft,corruption, shootings,fraud,underdevelopment etc. that has been going on in La Republique? You guys should grow up in your thinking. It is like you want us to legalise corruption instituted by La REpublique,for some irrational reasons"( Rexon,DEc 14 2006)
To be candid Rexon,what Southern Cameroonians want to hear from you is not what the SDF is doing in La Republique`s parliament, but what you have done so far after having realised that you can forget about party politics and liberate them.Tell Cameroonians what you have done since you realised the Cpdm`s tricks that you decry fifteen years ago.People are taken aback to see a man that has been pretending to fight for autonomy reducing the fight to burying the SDF.Shame! If the SDF were dead you wouldn`t spend sleepless nights trying to bury it.
We have finally forced you to accept that you have been fighting the SDF.Days before the elections you pretended to suspend attacks against the SDF,and your reason was that you should not be seen as fighting the party.Today you say you have been fighting the party.How are the Southern Cameroonians you pretend to speak for going to look at you?AS somebody who votes in Scotland,owns houses in Holywood,
pretends to be a freedom fighter online,and spends all his time fighting his former party .How are Southern Cameroonians going to look at you ,when on Tuesday 28th November 2006 you said" My own brother is a Cpdm hardline one,but that does not make him my enemy". Of course if you have no problem with a Cpdm hardline one ,how would you have problems with the Cpdm guru himself?
Your observation of the SDF militants voting and not defending their votes is good.How would they defend their votes against hardline ones like your brother? Did we not see you above weeping that the Cpdm bribes people to write things against the SDF? Are these not the same people who have been saying the SDF is an anglophone party for the decade you are talking about?
When it comes to houses,you build them in Europe.When it comes to voting you vote in Europe.When it comes to paying lipservice about Southern Cameroonians ,you start telling them that you were born here,and must defend it.Even in the streets of Europe when Southern Cameroonians were manifesting,you were no where to be found,only to come out later and tell lies about organising events in another city.
I want to make it crystal clear to you again,and to any other armchair critic that until you guys seek the mandate from Southern Cameroonians,the only solace for people like you is to build houses in Europe,vote there,and pretend to look like them.Why the Cpdm defrauds elections that SDF vote for in their country,continue to hide away ,and vote in Scotland.

M Nje

You are back with your usual posting. Have you been following what is happening in your S.D.F. Did you not know that your Lord Chairman, his holiness Ni John Fru Ndi, said the next step the S.D.F. will take is to present a case at the African Court in Banjul and the UN Human Right Commission to reclaim what he said is his stolen victory in 1992.

You have tried to ridicule why the people of Southern Cameroons took La Republique Du Cameroun to Banjul while your own Chairman is going to the same court to get the presidency of a foreign land, La Republique Du Cameroun. It just tells me how shallow your thinking is. You have no idea what the role of the Court in Banjul is neither do you understand the reason Southern Cameroonians went there. It confirms what I tool you earlier: either you lack a basic understanding of geopolitical issues or your are completely blind. Make sure you tell your chairman not to go to Banjul to overturn the results of an election that took place 15 years ago. Now he is hoping the calendar will be brought back to 1992 so he should become president. What have you seen? He has led you all to a dead end. And that is what happens when you support a falsehood. The S.D.F. message to Southern Cameroonians is a falsehood and has carried all of you to where you belong; a dead-end with no way out.

Did you talk about mandate? The struggle for a Southern Cameroon state has the mandate of thousand of Southern Cameroons who gathered at their conversion in Buea and Bamenda during the AAC I and AAC II respectively. Those conversions where attended by Southern Cameroonians across political views, religious leaders, farmers, carpenters, taxi drivers, Lawyers, teachers, doctors, ordinary citizens, even you own Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi is alleged to have attended. If you have ever read the declarations at the end of both conversions then you know we have the mandate of the people. Can you explain in which forum and at which point did the S.D.F. get the mandate of the people of the Southern Cameroons? S.D.F. mandate to do what? To colour La Republique`s democracy and continue the occupation of their land? Is that the mandate you got? You must be joking. Did you read the interview Jua gave to The Post?

If you did not read it go to the link belong:

GREED, GREED, GREED, and GREED is what is driving all of you in the S.D.F.


You have come back with your worthless propaganda. Can you prove that I live In Kansas? What solid proof do you have? Also, the fact that somebody uses the username UnitedstatesofAfrica does not mean that it is me. Did you even bother to ask? No! You went ahead and starting saying nonsense. Let me make it clear to you, the sites that I use this pseudonym, unitedstatesofafrica, are, and Instead of inquiries, you jump into nasty conclusions and try to use your false statements to silence me. You should be ashamed of yourself you old immature cry baby. You say you are an analyst but you act like a child. How can you stoop so low, to use derogatory propaganda tactics like this? What a disgrace Rexon, you have lost all your credibility.
I have said that before and I will say this again, I am not against the southern Cameroon cause. What I am against is the SCNC because I think they have been doing a very bad job. When I point out certain things that they tend to overlook, they all fall on my head and call me a traitor. How can a so-called “pressure group” refuse to take advice from the people they want to liberate? What an irony. The SCNC is made up of snobby, know-it-all, intellectual-wannabes who think they are better than the average Cameroonians and refuse to admit any fault. What kind of liberators are not humble enough to admit a fault? If these are the people are going to govern southern Cameroon then to hell with the SCNC. I’ll de damned to have another set of Biyas control southern Cameroonians, I will be damned.
Nobody has answered the question I earlier posed. If the SCNC is a pressure group, why do they already have a fully-established government in exile? Since when did pressure groups form governments? Check this out
By the way, southerncameroonsig stand for southern cameroons interim government.
Please why does a pressure group forms an interim government? Why?


The SCNC to me stands "NFOR" lack of focus and
"NFOR" confusion.


M Nje,
Please, can you direct me to the link where Ni John Fru Ndi stated that he is taking Biya to the African court in Banjul to over turn the outcome of the 1992 presidential election.
Thanks in advance for understanding and action.


"To be candid Rexon,what Southern Cameroonians want to hear from you is not what the SDF is doing in La Republique`s parliament, but what you have done so far after having realised that you can forget about party politics and liberate them.Tell Cameroonians what you have done since you realised the Cpdm`s tricks that you decry fifteen years ago" by Watesih

Absolutely Brilliant. Let Rexon tell us if he understood in context the "Ballot and the Bullet" by Malcolm X. "To make a revolution possible, we start by gaining , social, economic and then political independence".
-At the economic level, is there is single shop, you have opened in Cameroon to help the masses you claim to be battared by the Regime in place?.Rexon, if Southern Cameroonians where to be granted independence, shall your children live in Cameroon?. Shall you be prepared to come home for social reasons and accept a 50 000 frs Salary in place of the what you're currently recieving. You anwser to this question should be NO, No. Exactly what Watesih and USAfrica are telling you:"that it isn't easy to reason as you're doing now for an ordinary Southern Cameroonian ,because affording a cup of garri is a dead battle in Cameroon". If you truely love your country begin by coming up with good development projects;impliment them. Then the masses may follow you. The plain truth is: the masses know your cause is right, but are afraid of the "Russian Revolution Syndrome". Nay more, they're afraid;"la solution to the problem becomes worse than the problem". That's the reason, they ask for a road map as in the "Communist Manisfesto"


"Europe.When it comes to voting you vote in Europe.When it comes to paying lipservice about Southern Cameroonians ,you start telling them that you were born here,and must defend it" by Watesih

This is the summary of European SCNCist.Let them start loving their country by even sending their European born children there for holidays. They'll never;their passive love for their country is trikkling down to their children already.


You have all along tried to sound infallible on this forum,but you are one of those confusionists Southern Cameroonians should learn to avoid.This is what you wrote to me on Tuesday ,16th January 2007:
"Watesih,I have always tried not to comment on the reason behind the creation of the SDF,because i cannot find any coherent info.All my research so far has yielded conflicting acounts" .The question is ,how can you hang on to something you know little about? How can a freedom fighter like you lose your sense of direction ,and keep talking about the SDF,and Fru Ndi day in day out? Since you don`t know why the SDF was created,we want to teach you today,and ask you to pay more attention to the Scnc whose creation you are familiar with. The SDF was created on a Natioanal platform,to bring about change in the country through elections,and peaceful means.The SDF has,and will stick to this.
The creation of the SDF was puntuated with the taking of the lives of six Southern Cameroonians.So from the onset,the SDF is embedded in the consciousness of this people.That is why they have kept it alive for the past seventeen years.
You talk of the AAC 1,and 2 giving you guys a mandate .Where is the mandate? How have you been using it? Where is the game you have brought back from your adventure?
Everybody would think the AAC gave you guys a mandate to fight the SDF.
The SDF was present when the SCNC was being put in place.The party wanted to clearly show you a different way from what it was doing.But you guys have refused to shoulder this responsibility,and instead of matching on,you shamelessly turn on one of your brothers who helped in bringing you to life.
Nobody is against the SCNC,but we are not going to allow those whose freedom fighting ends with intestinal quarrels about the SDF,and Fru Ndi to take Southern Cameroonians for fools.
Nje,its pleasurable in your ears to talk about the courts in Banjul every year,but it is a disgrace for me.It is pleasurable in your ears to start accusing Nigeria of not being able to help us achieve independence,but it is a disgrace to me.
To show how confused you are ,today you will use derogatory terms like ,"Your LOrd chairman,his holiness Ni John Fru Ndi", and the very next day you will have this to say about him: " Thank you very much chief Ayamba for that assessment. I made a similar remark a few days ago. I am indeed delighted to see you reaffirm it. Mr Ni John Fru Ndi is a very courageous man. A brand of politician who will not sell out his followers for personal gain" ( Nje, Friday ,December 22 2006). Shame! You are those English speaking Cameroonians who want to carry on the slandering,mudsligging that the older generation was involved in,without having anything to show.
You have become pathetic ,and delve into lies telling. Quote Fru Ndi talking about taking Biya to the Banjul court with dates ,as we are confidently quoting you.
We will never fight the SCNC.But we are not also going to allow weak bones like you to distract Southern Cameroonians by scapegoating the SDF.There`s only one thing,
either you guys act ,or you will be continuously exposed.


Watesih and Simplice,
You guys are genuises. You have pinned down the fundamental flaw of the SCNC and you have pinned it down precisely. Well done, I say, well done. Rexon, Pa NgemGOAT, ma Mary and the other SCNC Flock, I challenge you to contradict. There is nothing you guys can say because the truth has been EXPOSED.

M Nje

Great you asked for prove to show that the charman of the S.D.F said the party will be taking Mr. Biya`s government to the Court in Banjul to overturn the results of the 1992 presidently elections. Great. Read a portion of the interview he granted below. You will find it there. We don`t make these things up Fon.

Cameroon Tribune (Yaoundé)

22 August 2007
Posted to the web 22 August 2007

Interviewed in Bamenda By Nkendem Forbinake and Choves Loh

Ni John Fru Ndi, Chairman of the Social Democratic Front makes a post-election evaluation of the political situation in Cameroon.

After the recent elections, you announced that you would be touring the country to explain the SDF position on the post- election situation. How far have you gone and what have you been saying?

After the election, I organized a number of press conferences, the contents of which were made available to Cameroon Tribune. The stop -over in Douala was most significant because there, we decided to take the government of Mr Biya to the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva and to the African Charter of Human and People's Rights in Banjul simply because the courts in the country have not lived up to expectation. For example, with regard to the election of 1992, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court openly admitted irregularities, but said his hands were tied. The then Minister of Communication, Augustin Kontchou Kouomegni was so arrogant to state that even God could not reverse the outcome of the election.

All along, my militants have been urging me to take violent action in the face of all of these practices, but we take part in all these elections to exemplify our position as a party that initiated democracy in this country.

We have exhausted all possibilities in seeing to the improvement of the electoral process; that's why we are taking the struggle into the international arena.


Fon, read his last statement again:

"We have exhausted all possibilities in seeing to the improvement of the electoral process; that's why we are taking the struggle into the international arena."

It confirms what I have been telling you guys. Your chairman has carried all of you to a dead end with no outlet. His own statements confirm that. Open your eye and see well.

Did you read the portion of the interview above also. Have you seen where he made the statement about the court in Banjul. I have said you are a blind follower of one man Ni John Fru Ndi and everyday you just provide more prove to that point. We don`t make things up Watesih. These are facts.

Watesih you said
"Nje,its pleasurable in your ears to talk about the courts in Banjul every year,but it is a disgrace for me."

By your own standard, when your chairman decided to go to the same court were the Southern Cameroons case have been and is still pending , he is making thinks look like a "DISGRACE FOR YOU." What have you seen. You will swallow your own words.

The Southern Cameroons people have a very clear reason to take their matter to this court because when La Republique extended its forces to Southern Cameroons it violated many International Laws and Agreements. We are waiting to see the argument the S.D.F. will present before the court.


You are really a disgrace to Southern Cameroonians." We are waiting to see the argument the SDF will present before the court". So finally you guys have accepted your roles as people who keep waiting for Goddot? So want to add the SDF in your long wait for the courts to come and carve out an autonomous state for you? Shame! Fru Ndi as a politician can say anything thing to influence his political adversaries,but this is not the same thing a freedom movement should pretend to like.You guys are not only waiting for the courts,you have started waiting for Nigeria to come and carve out a state for you.It is shameful that a so called freedom fighter like you will start peering into newspaper columns looking for statements made by the leader of a political party.This shows you have no job,and no news for the people of the Southern Cameroons.You are more concerned about the SDF,than the SCNC you pretend to know much about.Why did you not search for a newspaper article detailing the activities of SCNC leaders after having taken one of the criminals who embezzle our money hostage? You cheap pick is Fru Ndi,to distort public opinion about your weak borns.I repeat ,we will never fight the SCNC,but as long as your ilk spend precious time peering into old newspaper piles gleening information about Fru Ndi to distract Southern Cameroonians ,we will do everything to tell our people you are chalatans.

M Nje

Oh I see attack the messenger for the content of the message. You have now seen that your chairman is talking about going to an international court in Banjul to claim the presidency of la republique. This in an election that too place some 15 years ago. Instead of questioning his wisdom, you are attacking the person who brought the message. Oh yes, you are so ashame of what he said to the point that you would have wish no one brought it here.

According to your own standard, this action is a "DISGRACE FOR YOU." What have you seen. I told you many months ago succide will be the final option for most of you. You will hide you head in the sand when it becomes so obvious that you have been blindly following the SDF and its leadership to a dead end.

Legima Doh

I can see what our detractors are doing now.Claiming a form of good will for our motherland while in deed have a disgusting attitude towards her liberation.They have resorted to use some of the challenges of the most legitimate movement fighting for the liberation as a weapon to downplay her cogency ,intelligence and modus operandi.Instead of being of relatively positive contribution towards the course,they have resorted to being obnoxiously negative about it,using their falsehood and indoctrinations as a reason for self aggrandizement ,self declared sages and so on.They have made and declared themselves a paragon of wisdom.I tend to wander where some of them stand in this forum.Simplice is a typical example who is carried hither and tither by any wind of an idea whether true or false as long as it seems believable.Its a shame on USAfrica for the fact that all his idle thoughts that badly misrepresents the ScNc even being negative as he puts it would not be to the least extent good enough to attack and qualify the ScNc the way any reasonable person would do.The fact that there is vestige of divide and rule in out motherland as instituted by the la republique regime is no reason to conclude the ScNc struggle is a nihility.This is something that is well known in the ScNc which is not a practice in amongst the brethren who are also doing well to inculcate the idea of real and true brotherhood between the North and South west in all their sensitization campaigns and the right to self determination.This issue is very embodied in the modus operandi of all ScNc sensitization campaigns.It is ridiculous for some in this forum to fall under the sway of the baseless doctrines of USAfrica.Anybody under such doctrines is shamed by his inability to put things in their proper perspective.The proper perspective is that the ScNc has many challenges as any other struggle would have.These challenges are being taken care of while the ScNc proceeds with the main agenda with its motto remaining the force of argument and not the argument of force.If any comrade has a cause for concern about her modus operandi such would be tabled with good faith and obviously will be considered but that would not mean such a suggestion is a conclusion that the ScNc as this ruthless USAfrica put it to be bullshit.Such is superfluous and unacceptable.
I salute the steadfastness of comrades Rexon,Ma Mary,Paa Ngembus, M Nje and the other comrades.We cannot be held sway by wishy washy doctrines that are fraughted with myopia and negative thinking with proper analysis by weighing on both sides.Saying that one cares for the plight of our motherland and at thesame time condemning the ScNc is like saying u acknowledge the fact that you are drowing but dismiss the idea of the possibility you can be saved by a boat when you don't even know how to swim.USAFrica is the most typical example here.He acknowledges the plight of our motherland,dismisses the most legitimate course for her liberation and is unable to present a concrete,definitive and feasible course for liberation but is so contaminated with myopia and negative thinking.
We only need constructive ideas for the ScNc and not just baseless neutral negative ideas that do it no good but indoctrinate the lay men.I asked USafrica a myriad questions but non did he answer in my last comment.He is the worst in answering questions and best in producing negative thoughts from his bank of negative thinking.
I repeat ,I would rather USAfrica considered an appointment at a psychiatrist's.

Peace Shall Reign in our motherland.

Legima Doh,


"Simplice is a typical example who is carried hither and tither by any wind of an idea whether true or false as long as it seems believable" by Legima Doh

I have had a million pieces of literature on the legal basis of the SCNC case:I'm very convinced by it. I have equally had a no concrete "road map" to the New Southern Cameroonian Jerusalem you promise. Consiquently,I'm helping you develop one by pointing out the tails of your agenda:only a friend can do that(Our critics are our best friends for they show us our faults).


Legima DOH,
As usual you have dogged the accusations. Instead you post your lengthy monologues, accusing me of being a traitor. Please I need just one answer to a single question. Why does a pressure group form an interim government in exile? since when did pressure groups form interim governments? Hidden agendas have been revealed.


This is a disgrace to me,because i know the SDF will never do such a thing.Fru Ndi has the right to influence his political opponents anytime he wants.It is not by proving the fact that Fru wants to take a case to Banjul that you become estatic for having got a companion in misery.Why are you mimicking the actions of a political party ,rather than taking up arms and liberating us from Biya? 90% of your talking here is about the SDF,so if one were to commit suicide who would be the one? Bringing the fact here that Fru Ndi wants to take the case to Banjul,is just like you showering praises on him as that brand of politician who will never sell out his followers for personal gain .What do you think about your brains? People will not believe you are the same person spending sleepless nights digging into newspaper columns just to prove that a politician threatened his opponents with court action.Can you also dig up a newspaper article detailing the actions of any of you shocking the Biya regime by taking one of his SDOs hostage?
Let me give you guys a little dose of what you are unable to see.Using words like the SDF "Legitimising" La Republique`s politics makes you guys look so ridiculous to the world.You legitimise something if your presence,its presence,your actions,and its own actions are deemed illegal.But the 1990s are so recent that we would not expect people to be so blind to reality like this.
The SDF was registered under the Laws of the political landscape of La Republique,and is therefore an intergral party of this landscape.When the Rexons of the world were drowned in the activities of the SDF in the 90s ,to them they were not legitimising the politics of La Republique,but when they started voting in foreign countries,they suddenly got eyes.
The greatest error of the century that our internet freedom fighters would not want anyone to talk about is that by registering under the laws of La Republique that permits the entertainment of free association,all of the Anglophone community was still making another big mistake seeking permission from La Republique to hold AACI,and 11.This is where the SCNC was born.And that is the reason the government of La Republique cracks down on this movement at will.The Palestinians are not fools when they come up with all types of freedom fighting groups,formed out of unorthodox ways.This gives them the free hand to take unilateral actions.Secondly ,a freedom movement that counts on Press conferences to pass across its messages is not different from a government establishment.We always have to apply for press conferences from the same government we hate,else we are arrested ,and thrown into jail to stall our activities.
Applying for a press conference entails that you recognise the laws of that country,and accepts to abide by them.This shows that you are a legitimate entity of this land,else we will only hear your dissidence through a different medium.
Nje,we are living in a different era.Don`t think that because the SCNC concerns all of us,we can bury our mistakes
and continue pulling a blanket over our people`s eyes that we are taking action,whereas we are marking time.This SCNC palaver has nothing to do with emotions.It has to do with strength in all its forms.
The simple fact that the SCNC was born during a gathering permitted by the Cpdm government,and where its officials were also invited,gives it limited bargaining power.
Maybe its time for Southern Cameroonians to count on a diferent movement on the streets of Buea,and Bamenda.Judging from the actions of our so called freedom fighters up to this moment ,all what we see is,holding conferences incessantly,waiting for court cases,chasing asylum files. All of these are just a carricature of the Cpdm machine.Some of them like Rexon even go to the level of boasting how they see no problem in their brothers being Cpdm gurus.How can we expect this same people to liberate us?

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