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Monday, 20 August 2007


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Mr Paddy your peice is exactly the kind of article which the tyrant in yaounde will love to read. It is not suprising that you were anti multi party politics in the early nineties. My guest is you are just another frustrated journalist, if not a CPDM sympathizer trying to use the unfortunate political situation in cameroon to push a one party State agenda. I will love you to explain how you developed those preconditions for the formation of a political party in cameroon, those conditions in my opinion are so undemocratic or i should put it this way, you are simply telling us that the CPDM should be the only political party in cameroon, else how do your expect the opposition parties to raise 10 million FCFA, because we all know where the CPDM will get money from, our state treasury. If you are worried about too many parties in cameroon, then you are not in touch with real politics in cameroon, most of the so called political parties are simply subsidiaries of the CPDM.


Prince Awonfor:
I share your dream of streamlining the political scene to suit our present day needs. I think the first commentator above is blinded by some pre-conceived notions of democracy into calling you names. Anyone who reads your suggestions carefully would notice that you are consistent about your views, since the early 90s.
I too have advocated a return even to the one-party state on condition that we develop further the experiment used in 1988 for parliamentary elections where the one party fielded canditates in many constituencies on two lists. All these candidates were members of the same party, and I recall that in my village the candidates of the two lists came campaigning on the same day. It was a worthwhile experiment and it cost less for the country to do things that way.
Readers should not be carried away by this notion of multi-party politics to think that it is the best model as practised in Cameroon. Actually, Cameroon copied this model from Zaire and the ideologues of the structure operating in Cameroon now are in power now. One is a professor and is minister of communication; another is a female politician and was one time minister of women's affairs. The logic behind their suggestion was that the new deal should authorise as many parties as possible so that, according to the mincom prof, they could be fighting for a share of the electorate like crabs in a basket while the ruling clique would continue to rule undisturbed. So it was a diabolic plan from inception till today.
Concerning your proposal for a tripartite system, it will be possible for the ruling party to take advantage of its presence in the field to consolidate its power and so stay on. But in the long run, the two opposition parties will become a formidable force to reckon with and will grab power if their policies are right and appealing to the voters.
Obviously, this culture will take time to be adopted by the people; but it is better to start now than to keep wasting our resources year in year out campaigning in a sterile manner and always having the same fraudulent results. More people need to read this article and reflect on it. For its implementation, we need a dictator ruler who has the wellbeing of the country at heart. There is no way people will willingly go in this direction. Some dictator needs to impose this on the people to save us from sterile politics that does not lead to development for the country as a whole. Who says no?


Prince Paddy Awonfor,
Many thanks for your exposé. Nay, I think there's a missing link as you made no mention of an "Independent Electoral Commission". If given the present political context, the creation of the latter mentioned organ is still considered immature by our the government, how mature is your idea?. I think,you just came from the year 2096. Your idea is geniun, but is one of the future. Cameroon politics isn't yet mature for it.

Ma Mary

In order for any system to work, there has to be buyin, a basic understructure of belief in the system. Therefore, if law and order is to work, the people have to believe that law and order is a good thing and live in the spirit of obeying the law. No matter how good the laws may be, if people do not buy into it, it would not work.

Our experience with the frogs over the past 4 decades is that they and their society do not care, so the Prince's great ideas, even if accepted will not work, just because they will do their utmost to circumvent it. Save your energy to free the Southern Cameroons first.

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