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Thursday, 09 August 2007


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Legima Doh

The road linking Muea and kumba,a major road in the Southern Cameroons shall remain a fiasco as long as the occupational regime stay in place.They bring equipment and heavy machines during election periods to deceive the people.As soon as elections are over,the assets disappear into thin air.Neither the Cpdm nor the Sdf can help the plight of our motherland.

Peace upon that Land.

Legima Doh,


Those South Westerners who voted for cpdm, go ask them to build the road. Inoni, Njeuma you came begging and buying votes and sleeping with the enemy go travel the kumba-Muea Rd. 25 years and counting you fools still believe in sleeping with the enemy. We hear the constitution is going to be changed so that Biya mafia and france can rule for another century. God help us. NJF has never had the chance to rule don't judge him in advance, if anything he has put his hands and heart out to dumb and stupid francophones that we are all Africans and should work for our prosperity regardless of what colonial language we speak, but frogs can't understand and continue to undermine us. He has proven to the whole WORLD that in good faith we wish to be one, everything has failed, it is time for every anglophone to contribute in anyway possible to gain our independednce, this marriage has not worked, it has failed miserably, will never work, this should be the absolute END!!!!!!!!!

Legima Doh

Thanks a lot.Let them all have the eyes to see.For it has failed,failed woefully the relationship with la republique.

Peace Shall reign in our motherland.

Legima Doh,


what a disgrace that close to half a centuryy after independece the people of KUMBA and all neighbouring villages cannot get home!The dictators sit in yaounde and claim to be leaders!They should all commit suicide for being so incompetent and the first to swallow cyanide should be that buffoon INONI who calls himself prime minister!I lost my baby on those kuba roads on the same day chantal biya had her last baby.I had to leave kumba because I was too traumatised to live there anymore.Anyone in kumba who is still voting for that mugabeish govt in camer needs to have their heads examined by a shrink!Gog bless cameroon!


Both options are bad. The trains are unsafe, dilapidated and constantly attacked by thieves. What a shame BIYA, what a shame.

M Nje

The was never any legal union between La Republique Du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons.

Southern Cameroons was invaded by La Republique and they have been occuping our land and exploiting our resources since then.

The JUDAS from Southern Cameroons who continue to lie to our people will be surprise about the future. I am sure the British could not imagine we wil undercover their dubious activities to hand Southern Cameroons to La Repubique. Those who continue to advocate for any relations with La Republique will come to confess their ills.

Any demand for any relationship between La Republique Du Cameroons and Southern Cameroons be it "federation" or whatever is a FALSEHOOD against the people of Southern Cameroons. It is not an opinion but an attempt to continue the Annexation of our land.

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