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Thursday, 09 August 2007


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Legima Doh

That is true,He is not of yours.He is not an indigene and is also a foreigner.Thank you people for letting him know that.Such exposures educate our people about their true identity.

Peace shall reign.

Legima Doh,


No, Legimah Doh, that is not a solution to the problem. During the US civil rights movements, you never heard any black person praising the white man for forcing Rosa Parks off her seat on the bus, thereby educating her that she is not one of them. Today, eventhough huge traces of racism still exist in the US, it is true that blacks have come really far, and integration is in its 80's of percentiles, which is not bad. I would expect any educated Cameroonian/African to agree with the view that there is no reason why this man cannot be mayor of this community. We are not different Legimah Doh, our colonial masters made some of our parents think they are different, and even today they are trying as much as possible to pass that idea to oncoming generations, but I am happy the opposite is happening as there is most integreations now between the english and french cameroon youths, and it is pretty much some of our parents who do this dirty politics who are passing the wrong message that we are different. Now I really dont know whether you are more of the old generation cameroonian, or the youths of today, but I fall in the youth group, and I more than pray for the day Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba dreamed of..... et ce jour la.....The ultimate solution to Cameroon's problem is a hundred percent integration, and that is what our rulers are not doing. We the present generations have to make this place a better place for us and the next generations of Cameroonians, so we really would not welcome people who have fallen in the colonial master's trap to make us view ourselves as different. Thanks

Que Dieu bénit notre patrie

Ma Mary

In principle, Kouakou is correct, that a free people may elect whomsoever they want to be whatever. But Southern Cameroonians are not free and the occupation deepens. They give one small mayor's seat, they will seize 10 things of even greater significance. They have already done the damage to all autonomous Southern Cameroons institutions, so what the hell?

Legima Doh

Thank you for such a brotherly mentality but consider Ma Mary's response.We want to be free and in a free Southern cameroons,you shall be given very fair and brotherly treatment.But ourliberation,self determination,sovereignty and statehood cannot be stood down because of the brotherliness that might exist between some youths of the two countries.It is just that we are talking about two countries here,one being subjugated by the other.You are right some parents of the la republique spread the mentality that we are not one.Infact,we are neighbours and can experience fraternity when our nation is free.Right now there is no real fraternity.

Peace Upon our MOtherland.

Legima Doh,


The cohort of SCNC obstinate iconoclasts here have just one objectve, to use acerbic language and alienate any potential sympathizer of the Southern Cameroons cause.

Legima Doh


That is a fallacy what you just said.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,


Young man, are you tired to say swine, stupid, ...

Danny Boy

Fon, have you noticed an absentee from the forum? He is having his ears chewed off on, you know where. Ha ha ha!!
Now one has to contend with the likes of Legima and that rabid bull dog! I tell you what, he is going to be back very soon, and I will keep reminding him of his unsuccessful foray into this forum.I had warned, there, no quarters given nor prisoners taken.
blessed be Cameroon.


That was just wonderful. In all my months of visiting this forum I have rarely seen such wisdom like the one you profess. You are a realist, you see things for what they really are, you analyze brilliantly, you look into the future and unlike some you provide practical solutions.If I knew you kouakou, I would have sent you a gift for your wisdom
Fon and Danny boy
Please keep on fighting the fight. I admire your courage and wisdom. In due time, the real hypocrites will be exposed. Cheers!!!!


and Danny boy, where is the rabid dog? am I missing something?


It it no news that some "Rabid dog" leave this forum for technical reasons sir. We are working with the internet and when for technical reasons it cannot paste a message more than once, what do you expect a commentator to do? As usual, keep speculating foolishly. La Republique have fooled you, they will keep fooling you, you will be in your grave before it is too late and your children will suffer and keep suffering.

Time is the best judge. Lets wait to see what the politicians will do. I dont expect them to boycott anything, as they will loose a lot from their business with Mr Biya. And that Southern Cameroonian living a nightmare like with Camerounese politics will have only himself to blame at the end. Time is the best judge. Lets wait and see what this falsehood called SDF would lead us to.


Rexon, while you are waiting for SDF for do something, I am equally waiting for the SCNC to do something. At least the SDF have started something. The SCNC on the other hand don't even know where to start. Instead, you do what you do best: fighting a war on your Chinese-made laptops. If you use Chinese products, you will keep on having technical products.
The SCNC stands "Nfor" confusion
and "Nfor" lack of any sense of direction.



This man struggling to speak for me. Have i told you i am waiting for the SDF to do something? They cannot do anything good.

Take your message to camerooninfornet that is where the SDF and NJFN are abused most. Not here. All SDFers are our brothers and what we have always told them is our honest opinion that they should not fool themselves in Camerounese politics as they can never become presidents there. That is the truth. Why do i have to lie to NJFN. At the end of the day, he is my father and i am his son. We might fight each other, but we are one. For you, i dont have any business with you. You should go and build your own country, La Republique rather than fumbling here. If NJFN joins any Soutern Cameroonian movement, you would be surprised my sudden change of heart towards him. For now, he remains to me a traitor and an enemy.


Legima Doh

What fight is Fon and Danny Boy fighting.As Sdfers their fight is with the cpdm.But see how badly they are beaten and ridiculed by the Cpdm.From what Fonkem wrote,it is intuitively clear that there is no wisdom in the Sdf participation in la republique party politics.The only reason for such a participation is egocentric purposes and greed.So let the unleash themselves from the fetters of La republique before they can do anything with wisdom.Keep on giving them faux courage and it will only lead them to their doom.Such a courage is another tool of deception and falsehood.Nothing can stand in the way of Truth,the truth about the plight and ultimate solution of our motherland.

Peace Shall reign in our land.

Legima Doh,

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