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Thursday, 09 August 2007


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Che Sunday

And when will make its virgin trip to Bamenda?

Che Sunday

Correction:And when will it make its virgin trip to Bamenda?


The No.1 enemy to Elysian Airlines is CORRUPTION and poor airport infrastructure in Cameroon.


(1) Thou shalt not fly government officers on state issued bonds - they are worthless and only redeemable upon paying bribes and side-kicks in Yaounde.

(2) Thou shall not delay a flight because a politician is late to the terminal.

(3) Thou shall not put thy cash in a Government bank lest politicians borrow it and never to repay.

(4) Thou shall maintain a separate foreign exchange account for purchases of spares to air crafts.

(5) Thou shall not fly at night if possible to regional airports.

(6) Finally, thou shall levy travellers heavily for excess luggage. West Africans have a crazy obsession with luggage.



Elysian Airlines, if you don't fly to Bamenda, Limbe, Kumba,Bui, Nkambe,Wum and Mamfe you will not succeed that is where the brains in Cameroon are!!!! Most successful Cameroonians overseas come from these regions, have the money, the manpower and the know how to make the whole thing succeed. Talk to those stupid frogs to open those airports, where will a Beti, Ewondo, Douala Bassa fly to. A Bami will rather ride a bike, camel, goat, donkey or walk.

Legima Doh

Yeah Tombele,
The la republique regime closed down our airports in Tiko,Mamfe and the one that was in our compound in Bali.When i am on holiday at home I just walk around to see the ruins of the former airport wearing and tearing.This is an airport that would be good enough for us to fly from Heathrow directly there ie Heathrow International Airport to Bali International Airport,or Mamfe International Airport or Tiko International Airport.

The wrath of God is inevitable on la republique.

Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

And the airports in Bali,Mamfe and Tiko would mean the entire Southern cameroons is linked by air.La republique saw it as a threat and so closed them down.Not enought,she closed the limbe seaport and built the rubbish in bonamukenge quarter in Douala.she concretized her plan of leaving the southern cameroons in a state of no transport by destroying all roads.she used large trucks to loot timber and other resources while ruining the roads to the present day state of potholes and potorpotor.

The wrath of God is upon la republique.

But peace shall reign in our motherland.

Legima Doh,

Julius T Johnson

magnifique plan, but as said, you guys should fly more to the west and north west of Cameroon, people from that part love tourism and are wealthy seriously think again about your strategie of marketing . Cameroonian needs you.
maybe a bus collecting your clients from the city center of Yaounde would be great too, because Yaounde Cameroon do not have a national road to the airport so is fucking hard to get to the airport on time, and when you think that you have to go then 3 to 4 hours earlier and hang around an empty airport for 2hours OMG is depressing.
as far as i heard, Douala airport is doing very well to satisfy it's client with a better environment

long live, all the best
julius johnson

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