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Thursday, 30 August 2007


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"Absolutely! I am very impressed with The Post website and Afroinfo. Cameroonians in the Diaspora engage in very fruitful intellectual debates about their country" by Agbor of newly founded CHRDA

That was a good point agbor;now let elements of this forum understand it's meaning and vacate the sheild of "barbarism" still "cocooning" them from more mature,pluralistic and diversified debates. Paa Ngembus, take note.

But is Agbor of the SCNC?. Please censure this with me:to use his own words:

"While in Belgium, I was elected the 1st Chairperson of The Southern Cameroons European Coordinating Committee and I led a delegation to the European Union Parliament
"by Agbor of CHRDA

Agbor, what you're doing for Africa and Cameroon is quite great. Please I need your web-site so we can work together.
But yet I have a word of advice. Please make your stance known. Are you an SCNC advocate or not?. For the comment above entitled to your person betrays your identity a great spell. Just a word of advice, if "La Republique" discovers you're out to spread the SCNC gospel, they will cut your wings before you fly.

And if you "were" an SCNC activist,please tell us how you repented from it, as I'm sure Paa Ngembus, Rexon and myself will have a lesson to draw from it.
Please I still insist ,I need your website or e-mail address. We can closely work on Human Rights issues in our fatherland.Use the following e-mail address to get to me:

Ma Mary

Simplice, Agborballa is not the only openly Southern Cameroonian human rights lawyer. Chief Charles Taku, Professor Carlson Anyangwe and Barrister Harmony Bobga immediately come to mind. It is very easy to conflate the ex British Cameroons cause with the SCNC. It is a play of words meant to confuse the people about historical truths. Be not deceived.

Here is some nice weekend reading:


Do not rush...

If you have time,


Thank you for your time

Ma Mary

Simplice, fatherland or Vaterland is a term that the historically astute now avoid to describe their countries, because it is synonymous with the aggressive nationalism of the Nazis. It is also synonymous with the destructive, deceptful nationalism and annexationist tendencies of the francocamerounese. You want to avoid the truth of the annexation of the ex British Cameroons. You want us to repent and to be compliant . Is this some kind of pseudoChristianity with notions of sin?

What and who are you?

There is some reading attached above for those with questioning minds, who can see the lie of the Vaterland in which they are not really citizens but annexed subjects.


I was elected into the Southern Cameroons coodinating committee alongside Agbo Felix Nkongho. He vanished after being installed and only resurfaced infront of the European parliament to present a petition he never wrote nor even read. We did the job for him and to us he had left the struggle. Any need trying to pride himself as the first chairman of the committee? I am not agaisnt his campaign against human abuses in africa, but i also think he should directly be concerned about freeing himself and country (Southern Cameroons) from the barbarism of LRC. African dictators as a whole should be the next fight


Cameroon and most of sub-saharan Africa's problems are undereducation, underdevelopment and many others and these problems are not caused by human rights abuse, instead, these problems have caused human rights abuse.

Legima Doh

Fellow Comrades and people of the Southern cameroons .
Agbor,that is a very innovative approach.I hope you shall through it,try to address the plight of the Southern cameroons.I say so because I see from your answers to the post interviewer that you are trying to execute under the aegis of members of la republique government.When u name all the human rights abuse in cameroon,it must be borne in mind that it is meted indiscriminately on the Southern cameroonians.I also expected the post to have quizzed Agbor on his stance with freedom fighters in cameroon especially the ScNc activists since he mentioned having been one time president of a branch of it.On the other hand,I also expected Agbor to have said something about the result of his involvement in the ScNc as at now and his stance on it hitherto.He must bear in mind that ,such a vision of eradicating human rights violations must first begin at home,where he stands in the Southern cameroons wherein there is blatant abuse by occupational forces of la republique.All the gendarmes, police,forest guards,tax officials etc who violate the human rights of the people of the Southern cameroons and abuse them are a machinery of the regime in place.The best way to tackle abuse in our motherland is to uproot the deeply seated machinery of the occupational regime, to eject them out of the land they illegally and unjustly occupy, abuse the landowners, leave the land bereft of her resources,rape, maim ,and kill the sons of the land.I really like Agbor's vision but that must go deeply and independently as he claimed.It must be carried out in cameroon independent of the la republique government.

Comrades Rexon and comrade Legima Doh have not been absented from this forum.Mind you our activism as far as the Scnc course is concerned in unrelenting.Presence in this forum is by either reading or commenting or both.We have been seemingly absent and thanks to that we have learned a whole lot.We have been elated by the stout sensitization campaign that our fellow comrades have put against your ill fate indoctrination about the Scnc course.In this regard I want to salute them with grateful thanks.You have demonstrated lack of strategy as part of your's cos everyday you say philosophies against our course and yet have not even in the brink of an eyelid ever opined anything positive about the course.Remember I told u time ago that a good critic criticizes by acknowledging the strengths of an argument, then presents the weaknesses and then proposes what he thought ought to be done to counter the weaknesses.USAfrica is not this category of a critic.He is all of negativity.
Somebody like Fon is now unblinded by the fact that the SDF is a stark failure.Yes she has failed.But you Fon you continue to propound the issue of participation in the party politics of la republique.You people are calling for a change in the SDF leadership or the creation of a new party.When shall it dawn on you that participation in la republique party politics stalls the Southern Cameroons progress to liberty?Shall we break your heads for you to have insight and foresight about the solution to the plight of our motherland?
USA,you want to stop all your obnoxious campaigns against the true course for liberation.If you have a philosophy,it should be used to give positive contributions towards a plight,that our motherland in this regards.All the sophism you so cherish and pour in this forum is uninteresting.
USAfrica, I say to you FACTA NON VERBUM.

Greetings to fellow comrades Ma Mary,Paa Ngembus,M Nje and the rest.I salute you people with grateful thanks.

Simplice if someone said he repented from the ScNc and is a Southern cameroonian,that means he is a sold out.He is therefore an insult to the Southern cameroons his motherland and I term and declare such a person an Anathema.

Sola Gracia, Sanctum Iesum Christum.

Peace Shall Reign in our Motherland.

Legima Doh,

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