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Monday, 13 August 2007


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The SG statement above is very very disappointing and it makes me sad and sick. can somebody advise them to boycott? What do we call this? Is it love for money or fear of being splits up by those who manage to gain positions in the parliament and councils?

mk the southerner

She warned that their militants would not tolerate any form of rigging in the partial elections. She said the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, MINATD, had prepared the results ahead of time and worked on the mindset of Cameroonians. Said the secretary general of the SDF.

My God who are these greedy people fooling this time around? is it you? fellow southern Cameroonians hop we are wise this time around.
It is very dis heartening to hear the same people who want the elections to be canceled preparing again to hunt in the same trouble waters.

Ernest are we not witnesses to all of these?
is this not the love of money or call it greed instead of the love of the well fair of the entire population?

Who can be blind to say the SDF of the 90ties is the same sdf today? LET US GO THE SOUTHERN WAY PLEASE THAT IS THE ONLY HOPE.

God bless Southern Cameroons.

Legima Doh

I remember some brethren said they awaited SDf's stay in parliament to conclude that her reason there is greed.They advocated SDf to boycott.Sam Nuvala Fonkem delved into this.Lets all look at the situation.The SDf is hellbent on staying in the parliament.Even if granted the 17 seats what is she going to do other than increase the number of those whose greedy and egocentric purposes would be satisfied.Its a shame on the SDF.
Let the SDF scribes tell us what is keeping the SDF in parliament if not Greed.It is Unacceptable.

But the truth shall bring peace in the Land.

Legima Doh

Legima Doh

Comrade Mk the Southerner,
Its truly a pity.I really dont know what has come of the SDF.This is just not the SDf we knew about in the early 90's.It has degenerated into a forum lead by selfish,and egocentric and corrupt men.I loathe the SDf of today so badly.Who do they think they are fooling.They are fooling themselves cos when they shall come back to the motherland that they are betraying now,the land shall eject,banish,ostracize them.Their participation in la republique politics and seating deceitfully in her parliament is a curse on them.

The sdf leadership has betrayed the promise that was made and sworn to bring democracy and liberation to the people.She is guilty of perjury.

Peace Shall reign on our motherland.

Legima Doh,


It is high time Cameroonians come to realize that the motive of the present regime of La Republique du Cameroun has no vision for the prosperity of Cameroon as a whole. Rather, their only intention or motive is to destroy the remnant of the powerfully prestigious Southern Cameroon's dignity and identity. I wish to remind all Cameroonians eastern (La Republique du Cameroun), as well as western (Southern Cameroonians), that the declaration of the supreme court in respect to the just past elections indicate a reestablishment or consolidation of the former one party state system; of which for many years destroyed the integrity of Cameroonians at home and abroad, eliminated the right of free speech, and destroyed the potential of a growing economy. I call on all Cameroonians from this day to be able to stand for what is right, to secure and assure the social benefits of Cameroonians at large, and denounce selfishness of a few individuals at the mercy of our degrading economy and our bond of unity.

I call on my brothers of the SDF to learn this lesson which is not new to them. As propagated by the SCNC and the SCYL and the Ambazonia over the years, "Unless the motive of segregation, oppression, marginalization, and deprivation is taken off the root mind of mainstream politics of La Republique du Cameroun" Cameroon will never see the light of a modern day liberal and free economy. Democracy will only be rhetoric and consequently the common man will suffer the outcome of an unprosperous, economically imbalanced, and a politically destabilized La Republique du Cameroun. Therefore, allied politicians of La Republique du Cameroun should embark on a federal system of government, as in the days of 1961, eliminating the issues of sessation, providing long term solutions for a better economic recovery, and creating a platform for the rebirth of a true democratic Federal Republic of Cameroon, with the respect of Southern Cameroon's autonomy and sovereignty as well as that off La Republique du Cameroun. It is better to be wise early than be too wise lately. In other words, I caution La Republique du Cameroun not be penny wise and pound foolish.


Sometimes, it is not worth calling this thing and all her followers an opposition. They owe us much for betraying us. I told you they are there to colour Mr Biya's democracy. Sooner or later, they will all run and hide as there would be no place for their contineous charades on our land.

mk the southerner

Fru said his NGO participated in the elections to show the world how on democratic Paul's regime is. That has yielded no fruits may be now he wants to go to parliament to show how on democratic the parliament is.

I am just very sorry for any body who is waisting his time for a few to to eat. Have a nice meal Fru.

M Nje

My friends; Mk the southerner, rexon, Legima, etc etc

I will repeat what we have been saying here: anything that is based on FALSEHOOD is bound to fail. The SDF message at this moment is fundamentally flawed. The SDF is helping to make the case against themselves. We just have to seat and see how they are proving everything we have said here about this FEW GREEDY group.

When we say that we are describe as:

1) People who hate Ni John Fru Ndi;
2) People who what to bring down the almighty SDF;

Just wash and see how they make the case for us; that they are helping to color La Republique`s in-existent democracy
The common phrase “Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me’ is working here more that ever before. These people really are not ashamed to say the re-run election will produce a different results. This is outright hypocrisy or insanity

As I said before, after the run-election, the SDF might be awarded a few more seats. They will rejoice and give every reason to go in a foreign parliament By not contesting the results of the other seats awarded to the C.P.D.M., they are directly or indirectly saying those results are okay It is that simple.

My dears friends, the truth, a truth based on FACTS is a deadly weapon. The SDF is cleanly shooting itself on the head.


Fru Ndi has run out of his magic. He is not what he used to be 10 years ago so SDF needs to change leadership and strategy. Fru Ndi cannot be preaching democracy when he has been sitting as head of SDF for over decades. He has done his part so he needs to step down and let new leaders take the party to a higher level. I would personally advocate for a boycott because the CPDM is going to cheat again. If there is no independent foreign country which is willing to supervise the elections, if there is no guarantee that the CPDM is not going to cheat, the SDF should definitely boycott the elections. Secondly, they need to travel around and get more international support. You cannot win a dictatorial regime like Biya's without concrete international support. They also need to target the youths. The youths are the future and they need to make the young people believe in them again.


Unitedstatesofafrica, the point is not whether Ni John is short of margic but simply that the party has grown many lions'' that even Ni John does nolonger have authority over the party. Even if Ni john advocated for a boycott, many would have eaten him raw expecially those whom biya decided to allow into the parliament. As Mukete said above,'SDF is nolonger the sdf of the 90th. The party has many Lions who are at this point ready to disappoint their chairman and go to parliament if he does say boycott. This is absolutely Greed. Changing the leadership of the party will be like adding petrol to the already existing flame and to the best of my knowledge, Fru remainds the best leader for the party."remember Ben Muna".


"She warned that their militants would not tolerate any form of rigging in the partial elections. She said the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, MINATD, had prepared the results ahead of time and worked on the mindset of Cameroonians.
The Secretary General said the SDF won the Mifi constituency in the West Province alone and was surprised in court that the two seats were shared between the SDF and the CPDM."

Elisabeth Tamanjong:

Thesame old stale rhetoric by these liars.


i hold the same senyiment with u USA,the SDF needs new leadership.


mr.Ernest,to my opinion,Fru Ndi had to step down a long time ago,and allow room for new leadership and fresh ideas.and u dont tell me that fru ndi has not got the powers in the sdf to pull the shots and tell these so called lions to act in the best interest of the party.thats a lie.fru ndi has proven that his got alot of dictatorial powers within the sdf as his friend biya has within the if there is any decision to go to parliament or to do what soever its the approval of the chairman the question boils down to the fact that are we okay with the supreme leadership or the sdf??????????????.the sdf to me is still the only official opposition party in cameroon,given its history to spear-head the struggle for a better live for all cameroonians but i doubt whether its leaders still uphold to that believe or principle.peace and may God bless the motherland with humanitarian leaders.


What a shame that the SDF is talking of going to Parliament. This is a big disappointment and a great shame to the original SDF. The SDF today has no effective strategies to counter the evil regime. They make so much noise but never follow with any concrete action.

In 2012 when Biya allocates them 6 seats, I am sure they'll go in again.

The fire-eating SDF we knew seems to be dead. They should just complete the charade by entering government. At least through Fru Ndi, the North West can snatch the Prime Minister from the South West (ha ha ha).

The truth today is that we are all supporting the SDF because there is no better alternative in the opposition. So we have to be content with half wits. The day a stronger opposition force emerges, I'm sure they'll completely undercut SDF's support.

God save Cameroon.

mk the southerner

"At least through Fru Ndi, the North West can snatch the Prime Minister from the South West (ha ha ha)".

Reverend. I find it difficult to understand your statement above.


My brother the problem is not leadership in the SDF party. Every body can say this and that about Fru Ndi and the SDF and how things should have been done this or that way. My people, let me be complete honest and frank with you all about what is going on in Cameroon politics.
First of all, there is nothing the SDF can do or would have done to make things any different from what it is now. Not change in leadership, boycotting elections, ghost town and you name the rest will make any difference. All that has been done in the past. The only thing that SDF would have done and still have the option of doing it now, is to go the military way. Anything other than outright civil war will not bring change as long as Biya is still at the helm of office. So you all can say all you want from China to Scotland about Fru Ndi this SDF that, it will not make any difference. Fru Ndi has said continually that he is not for civil war or any violent take over. He has used examples like Liberia, Rwanda and Biafra to make his point against war. Maybe he is right or maybe not, only history will tell. The question is; Is civil war going to fix things or mess things up?. I do not have an answer to that. All i know is that, one day sooner or later change will come. However, If a war lord of the likes of Kabila or Savimbi shows up, then Cameroon will surely be in for a long and nasty civil war that might even be worse than Rwanda or Liberia. Our Women and children will be raped killed and slaughtered. Cameroonians will start living in refugee camps in Chad or somewhere in Nigeria. I do not know about you all on this forum, but as for me, i think i will stick with Fru Ndi's peace plan for now. The consequences of a civil war are way too many. Lets be Patient, it will take a while but surely sooner or later change will come and Cameroon will flourish in true democracy and wealth without having to go through a bitter civil war that will possibly take us decades behind.
Just my opinion.



You guys will not stop amusing us, rightminded southern Cameroonians.

Listen to yourself:

"Lets be Patient, it will take a while but surely sooner or later change will come and Cameroon will flourish in true democracy and wealth without having to go through a bitter civil war that will possibly take us decades behind"

Some of these people are really shameless. Why dont you just say openly that you are an NGO paid to defend an inexistant democracy. Who told you there is peace in Cameroon? In my village, there is no peace, because, people are hungry, dying of poverty and other problems. So there is already a mental war going on. Psychological and other torture as a result of the antics of these politicians is more harmful than war.

Cheers brother.


Dear Wilson,
Your argument above seems quite sound. But I think there was a better alternative for Fru Ndi and his gang: BOYCOTT. If they refused to take up seats in the councils and parliament, that would have put the regime in a very big dilemma and the SDF would have had a stronger negotiating position for peace. Going to parliament has suddenly put the regime in a confortable position to show the world that they won elections. How else can you peacefully protest election fraude?
By the way, is forgery not a crime in Cameroon? It was shown beyond doubt that some DOs and CPDM barons used forgery to manipulate election results. Can someone, even an independent from th civil society not gather those proofs and take to the courts even if they will be thrown out as usual? Where is Ben Muna and his gang of so called learned Barristers?



I meant that since Fru Ndi is now behaving like the CPDM Sub Section President from Ntarinkon, he should simply abandon opposition and let Biya make him Prime Minister

M Nje

Stop dreaming.
You cannot build a foundation on FALSEHOOD. The SDF is learning that the hard way. They fundamental campaign to Southern Cameroonians has been based on deception and misinformation. Things are catching up with them. There is no solution order than for the leadership of the SDF to recognize that when you get paid to color an in-existent democracy, when you constantly mislead the people for your GREEDY interest, there is a price.

Their political base in Southern Cameroons is sending that message to them.


Brothers, brothers brothers. I totally respect all your opinions, but it is better to have information before you talk. Fru Ndi has been re elected in very transparent democratic elections in the SDF party. Fru Ndi even gave the SDF millitants the opportunity to vote for who they want to run for the 2004 presidential elections. They voted him first, Ben Muna second, and third person from Douala. Looking at Ben Muna today, the party can say they are lucky they didnt make the mistake of voting him first. In addition, Fru Ndi's term as chairman is almost done, and some members of the party are already considering going in for elections as chairman. So there is no need throwing accusations if you have no information.

Que Dieu benit notre patrie.


I am totally disappointed by the decision of our party, the SDF, to go to parliament. It is a huge mistake.

Legima Doh

Fellow comrades and people of the Southern cameroons,the gaffe of the SDF is becoming overt and more overt as days go by and many are beginning to open their blindfolded eyes like Fon .When the truth will have dawned on all our people,then it shall prevail and it shall set the land free.
Some people are starting to feel disappointed in the SDF just now.Its nice to get the feeling cos we have been feeling so as from long ago.

Peace upon the motherland.

Legima Doh,


can't understand why SDF is still thinking of elections. REDICULOUS REDICULOUS!!! This is not the party that will save cameroon as we thought. After mass rigging by the CPDM they still believe to grasp something from the 5 remaining constituincies. This party has no hopes for cameroon as well as CPDM. I can't immagine the SG of SDF wants to go in for another elections. I think its time for us to stand up and fight against CPDM and SDF. Believe me all these people are there for personal interest.
The whole world descibe the twin elections as a night mare but SDF seem to be satisfy with the supreme court ruling. How Mr Fru Ndi. you and your exco are just like Mr Paul and his idiots. What do u think you are doing to this country? fixing it or making it a home for cowards to live in.

God help us Southern Cameroonians

Paa Ngembus


I just had this funny smile on my face when I read your last posting.

So you are now beginning to get what we have been saying.

Just watch out, for another SDF zealot who has not seen the light yet, may just call you an SDF or Fru Ndi hater.

Anyway, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, so what is good for MK, Legima, Nje, Ma Mary, etc., etc., is also good for Fon.

man lep i lep.

Paa Ngembus

mk the southerner

Tell me how can the western world or an international organization support the sdf which because of greed is already going in to take up seats at the parliament.

Staff your self for the sake of the masses dont get in to the devils bush and some nations that have been listening to your hypo critic cry will came to your aid.

It is only this same greed that is making them to confuse some unbalanced Southern Cameroonians rolling behind them like locks of wood.

I have said Albert Mukong have not started working on sdf yet, the spirits of the fallen at the liberty square have not started yet. This is still investigation not yet the case. But all the same NI Fru good appetite for now.


Mr Wilson and Shalom I sincerely share the same opinion with you guys. The problem in the party is not that of leadership but discipline and loyalty. Remember the chairman said in the press conference in yaounde that, the party had splitted many time because some members wanted to join the Government inorder to fight their relatives who are in the Government. just as Kouakou said above, that during the 2004 election, Fru Ndi asked to be replace if the think there is a better candidate but they all voted for him. In the last convention, election was held and almost everybody voted for Fru Ndi and if the party thinks that the services of Fru Ndi is nolonger needed, then they should vote him out in the next convention. But i want you guys to understand that, there are many people supporting the party today just b/c of Ni John nothing else and believe me if you want the party dead completely, change the leadership. To me, Sdf is 100% fine under Fru Ndi dispise the fact that Biya and his gangsters have decided to frustrates the party ambitions for Cameroonians. war is never a solution to any problem and i stand by Ni John for that. As shalom said above, boycotting the parliament and councils would have been the best weapon against Biya as this will leave vaccant seats in the parliament and empty councils raising international awareness. In this situation, Biya would be left with no choice other than cancelling the elections. I STRONGLY PROPPOSE THAT CAMEROONIANS EXPECIALLY SDF MILITANTS SHOULD TAKE TO THE STREETS AGAINST THEIR PARTY DECISION TO GO TO THE PARLIAMENT. It is not every decisions of the party that we must accept.


To all commentators, big and small:
I hope you mustered the courage (like taking a nasty tablet) to read the so-called victory speech by the head of state. I use this title advisedly because a president is elected, while a head of state worms his way into that position through any means, fair or foul, as in November 2004. What I gather from the man's speech is that he living in a complete fool's paradise when he talks of the peaceful conduct of the elections, then in the same breath goes on to thank everybody who made this possible: the administration, the military, the parties, etc., etc. What this bloke knows and fails to admit is that any election in which the military is deployed to intimidate and brutalise voters who are perceived as opposition sympathisers is anything but free and fair. For this reason, his speech is an exercise in self-deceit.
Coming to the issue of the SDF SG, I only hope that she is making these noises only as a strategy to buy time and mislead the ruling party, and that on Tuesday 21 August, the SDF will stay away from the evil house called National Assembly. If this does not come to pass, I can bet that there will be total confusion. Mine is not the only voice that has advocated a boycott of the NA. Worthier and more powerful people have said the same thing for various reasons. My own reason has been to let the thieving and cheating CPDM go it alone and take the credit or blame for everything they do in that evil assembly. This is simple logic.
Another dimension that commentators have not considered is that the main thrust of the electoral fraud was and has always been directed at frustrating the main opposition party, the SDF. When you look at the record of elections since 1992, you will notice that any election which the SDF has boycotted has been free and fair. The ruling party always has something we might call "Plan B". If the SDF boycotts, the entire administrative machinery is asked to play fair. If the SDF goes in for elections, the whole range of electoral fraud tricks is activated. You will recall a certain governor of the east province in 1992 who talked about something in administrative circles known as "obligation de résultats". When the main opposition party opts to go for elections, DOs and all the administrative hierarchy are reminded about the above obligation, i.e., to make sure the ruling party scores not less than 60% in their area of jurisdiction. And DOs have to toe the line, or else the famous presidential nod will have them out in the cold and jobless. So please, do not blame the SDF because the conduct of any election will be free or not free depending on whether the SDF goes for election or boycotts. And you know that whichever they decide, they will still be blamed, sometimes for boycotting (when people notice that voting was free and fair), and sometimes for not boycotting (as now when people witness the massive fraud).
The bottom line is that change will not come to Cameroon through elections and not during the lion man's watch. Therefore, my humble view is that SDF should DISBAND and call on its militants to look for other gainful occupation in something else or in some other party. In fact, ALL political parties, except the CPDM should DISBAND and leave the scene to CPDM. If this means reverting to the 1988 option where one and the same party fielded two lists in an election, so much the better for all because we do not need to spend scarce resources each time running a show that is not worth the piece of paper on which the frauded results are written. This is my take on the whole palava.

Ma Mary

Opposition in Camerounese politics means you are contained, using fraud, force, threat of force or bribery and then used towards one end, to give the francocamerounese kleptocracy some democratic credibility.

Leadership in this circumstance means one of two things----

Play Along and get your cut



These two apply only to Camerounese, but knowing frogs, they do not have what it takes to resist a bribe.

For Southern Cameroonians, there are two options---

Collaborate and remain a slave


Join the cause and get us out of occupation.

The problem we have with the SDF is that it is distracting our people. Some people think we cannot pull this off peacefully. I am convinced that we can. Of far greater danger would be to get embroiled in the looming civil war in la Republique. There is practically no way la Republique is going to move from the stagnant waters of evil in which it finds itself now, without some major bloodletting. There is NOTHING we Southern Cameroonians can do about that.

Legima Doh

That was a good piece Langai.But we need more foresight.Just take a step further.You said the bottomline is for SDF to disband and call for all her militants to look for other gainful occupation in something else.
Langai there is an Unequivocal something else for the southern cameroonians.It the the course for total liberation and independence by restoration of the statehood and sovereignty of the Southern cameroons under the aegis of the Southern Cameroons National Council SCNC Full Stop.But Langai,be ready with your tears because the SDF has neither the will nor the initiative to disband nor boycott Biya's parliament.

Paa Ngembus,
I just enjoy your comments.There are very appealing and more so fraught with wisdom.What is good for us the rightminded comrades of the Southern cameroons is also good for the brainwashed and wrongminded Southern cameroonians.Light is overtaking darkness.

Peace Shall Reign in that land.

Legima Doh,


Hi All,
Not being very good in the Bible I can yet remember a situation where Jesus Christ lamented on the the issue of the little faith of some people. That is exactly what is happening here with most Cameroonians. Not only do they have little faith, in this case in the SDF, because most are now in an advanced stage of amnesia.
With what resources they have they CANNOT, till the next century match the financial strength of the CPDM party to combat the rigging machinery
set up. What else can the SDF do apart from trying to safeguard the constituencies within its immediate control and hoping the indigenes of other areas will just do same. When SDF supporters in the Northwest province stand against tear gas, bullets and intimidation from local CPDM barons just to safeguard their votes, all in an effort to make a political statement, how come the indigenes of other areas cannot do same? Mr John Fru Ndi personally went to hotly contested Santa and saw that the SDF won there rightfully. Did he have to be in Buea, Kumba, Yaounde, Bafoussam, Dschang, Nkongsamba etc at that same moment? Do I really have to ask these questions whose answers you already know?
Was this question of boycotting parliament not initiated by the SDF since 1992 and they almost got crucified for it - accusing them of throwing away a golden opportunity? The same arguments the SDF put up for refusing to enter such a parliament are the same reasons all of you are bringing up now. Have you ever heard of HOBSON'S CHOICE? It is this "damned if you do, damned if you don't" This is exactly what the SDF is facing now. I think they are making the right choice because according to me, if I should be damned anyway for doing nothing I better do it and what the hell? I get damned all the same
Fon Emmanuel


Emmanuel, I never looked at the whole argument from your perspective. I think you have a concrete point but I still think the SDF needs to change leadership and strategy.


Sir, i don't think the problem with the sdf is that of leadership. I think they need to change their strategy as you rightly said above. Fru ndi is still the best leader for the party. You know change can only be delay but it can never be stop. The ambition of Biya and his gangsters is to render Fru Ndi and sdf useless before Cameroonians. There is nothing someelse would have done better than what had just happened. Maybe his successor is still to come but for now i believe there is non with huge courage to lead the party as him. Remember Moses in the bible lets the Israelites out of eygpt, but Joshua leads them to the promised land. So let us wait and see who God will choose to continue the struggle comes next convention.

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