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Tuesday, 14 August 2007


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Mr Biya
You are a failure, your presidency is a failure, your government have been ruled at least twice as the most corrupt on earth, Cameroon is the only Nation on earth without an independent electoral commission, and so on and so forth. Chances are that in a free a fair election you will not even win in your home town of Nvor-Meka. Your followers only want you for position and money. They do not care about you. You are a miserable Human being and a disgrace. You will be forgotten almost a soon as you die just like your predecessor. Your death will spill celebration all over Cameroon. You have no courage, no charisma, no honor, no ambition, no hope, no soul, no remorse, no conscience, no heart. So what are you?. An Animal?. If i were you, i will be ashamed and embarrassed to attend any summit of heads of states. Everyone knows you are not authentic, everyone knows you are a clown, a disgrace to democracy, a lunatic and a ruthless dictator and a failure.
Your followers are flattering you to think they love you. They just want you for your blood money and favorable positions.In private, no body like you Mr Biya.
But i have some advice for you. Despite all your ills and abominable past, you can still become a martyr by doing the following three things.
1. Create a true independent electoral commission
2. Respect Cameroon's Constitution and not seek another term of office.
3. Apologize to Cameroonians for what you have put them through over the years.

If you do those three things i just listed, you would have made a name for yourself in the history books and possibly win a Nobel peace price. Many Cameroonians might forgive you and you might gain some respect for yourself.
However, if you decide not do the least of the things i just listed, then rest assured that your mind and soul will never know peace. You will continue to be a prisoner of your own self, You will surely die a horrific dead. Your Children and great grand children will continue to pay the price for your ills.

So it is up to you. Time is running out, so you must start changing things now to save your children and your future generations. That is, if you love your children and care about your future generation.

Tumasang Nwana Paul

Mr Biya certainly lives in a Cameroon completely different from the one ordinary folks like us live in and know.The man is so out of touch with realities else how does one explain this bizarre outing when wounds are still to heal from the calamity and show of shame that July 22 was? A chairman of a party who doesn't make a single outing, address a simple rally or a meeting of his central committee should be a veritable shame proof in having the guts to make such a speach . Even in his native Mvomeka, a fellow from the CPDM was imposed as Mayor after been flawed by a more popular choice.
Mr Biya's government has been a disapppointment of monstrous proportions, he is pushing the country to the brink, he is a man going to sleep when fire is slowly engulfing his house. The next thing that will follow suit is for Mr Biya to declare he wants another term, the country deserves better, we all have to fight better, politicians both in the ruling party and the opposition should not be allowed to keep holding us hostage. The people must be ready to take their responsibilities in the face of of all the underachieving politicians lording over us. We have seen reveolutions in several countries and someday , someday it will be dawn in Cameroon.


Dear Frinds,
I have read with interest the above comments and I like to say that they reflect what most Cameroonians think if not all Cameroonians. The one thing I like to add is that in order for Biya to live a better life, he has to also bring back only 80% of the money that he has stolen from the Cameroonian people. He would live a better life style and very respectable one with 20% of what he has stolen. In the event that this happens, I will be willing to forgive him and move on and I am sure that many Cameroonians will forgive him. Hope that he has some advicer who reads this page so he can get these info. It will help him a long way.
Long Live Cameroon.

Ma Mary

Caesar spake. How could ye contradict? Why would ye?


This madman's speech is making me sick. Does this man lives with realities or it is because he rules by decrees that he does not seem yet to realized that Cameroonians even in his native village hate his guts. Cameroonians have not even digested the bitter pills he gave us to swallow and now he came up again with his useless speech. Does he really thinks his fellowers love him? they are out for positions and money nothing else. Late Emmanuel Ebssy Ngum during his time with cameroon calling once said "what takes you up is what takes you down" and Biya should know that these very people keeping him up are the same people that will bring him down. A time will come when he will be baptists with fire. As Wilson said above, he owes Cameroonians alot apologies for pains and suffering he has inflicted on them. He also need to apologize for ignoring the 1972 declaration for equal right between anglophones and francophones.


I am sure if Paul Biya was told anyone in Cameroon actually believed his words (even his RDPC handclappers) he would be sincerely surprised.

Words, words, words.

what have you been doing for the last 25 years?


Mr. spako,

Killing Biya is not the solution.

Let me tell you that the Betis/Bulus/Ewondos have stashed away arms and weapons for use by their ethnic compatriots should anything happen to Biya. They will blame on Anglophone and Bamis and start genocide. I saw clear indication of this when the rumour spread in 2004 that Biya had died in Swiss.


Paul Biya’s Real Speech.

Dear Cameroonians,

I do hope you are all doing fine and are happy today. Myself I have had a good breakfast, lunch and supper prepared by Chantal, that is why you see me looking as if I was 20 again. I should even go to Kumba and reduce my age you know. Who told you that even us politicians do not work doki? Myself I have been trying the American lottery for the last 5 years with Chantal, Brenda and Junior but keep failing. That is why I told George Bush to sack Neils Marquandt from Cameroon because that man does not like my progress. And to add insult to injury, an Anglo-fou from America will come and challenge me here in Yaoundé by building a mansion right next to my house in Bastos. When Tsimi Evouna told me that it was better than my palace, I told him to destroy it immediately. I hear that the woman is now making noise.

I heard that some people are not happy with my elections. That is too bad because I signed a special order releasing billions of money for vote-buying and election rigging. This was to enable Cameroonians to prepare for the school reopening. So any one who did not get their own share should hold their CPDM subsection president responsible. It is a shame too that some people refused to go out and vote and collect their own money. And very soon they will complain of economic crisis and blame me.

I hear that Pa John of Ntarinkon has started making noise again. This time he did not talk too loudly because a piece of the chicken he’s been eating with me got stuck in his throat. Don’t mind my friend John. He is my best friend now because with his 14 seats in parliament, I can tell everybody I meet when next in Europe that there is “democratie advancee” in Cameroon. Next elections time, I will give him 6 seats and if he does not stop talking nonsense, I will take Santa from him.

I hear that Ephraim was saying that a North West party should not win in South West? Don’t mind Ephraim. Even my Bulu driver has more power in Cameroon than him. He has been begging me not to sack him and even offered Gladys to me for one week.

I am happy to see that Cameroon is developing because almost family now has a child in whiteman country. My policy now is to set up a national centre for doki so that as many Cameroonian as possible can go to whiteman land. That way they leave me in peace and with the money they send to their parents, I can even reduce salaries again. They should also engage in 419 and should not spare any whiteman. But I am sorry when they frapper my poor brother, Norbert Ndong of BTS money. At least they should have even let him embezzled that small one.

But they should shun SCNC because SCNC are very bad people. They want to take my Victoria and Ndian away where I get all my money from oil. Why are these people so wicked? I am an old man. Where will I get money for my “visite privees” en Europe, to treat my bald hair and for my plastic surgery? And where will Chantal get money for her hair styles, make-up, perfumes and shopping in Europe?

I want my next government to be world champions in embezzlement, corruption and fraud. But they should not steal as much as me. That is why Ondo Ndong, Siyam and Etonde made me angry. I must be the only one to get into Guinness Book of Records.

I want to thank you all and hope you will support me when I change the constitution to be life president. You know I am still your “chaud gars”.

Vive Le Cameroun



Ma Mary

Reverend that is an excellent piece. It is worth publishing in its own right. Perhaps you should polish it up and send it to The Post. Just a thought.

Niba Jonathan

look at this idot, well dressed and looking healthy. do you think this is how ordinary Cameroonians are? "nyam-fuka". infact, there are no suicide bombers in Cameroon, else they would blow this son of a bitch off.
I wonder if he knows how ordinary Cameroonians live. Mr.Biya, please people are dying and others are sick and tired of your regime.MY OWN OPINION IS; PLEASE STEP DOWN.

Ma Mary

Caution. You may be angry and frustrated, but assasination threats are simply not made.

Legima Doh

In his forehead,the Mark of the Beast is boldly written.Devil incarnate in the physical.When I look at him its a beast a see.He is not a human being.

That is the prototype of Biya's real speech.My accolade.
Ma Mary,
It is truly worth publishing.

He congratulated the political parties on their participation in the elections.Congrats the SDF.I hope u all heard what Biya said that La republique has made decisive progress in democracy.This is what he is telling the world thanks to your participation.The shame and ridicule continues.

Peace Upon our MOTHERLAND.

Legima Doh,


To all commentators, big and small:

Reverend, that is a masterpiece. Sounds like the Mbella and Ngwa exchanges elsewhere.
I hope others mustered the courage (like taking a nasty tablet) to read the so-called victory speech by the head of state. I use this title advisedly because a president is elected, while a head of state worms his way into that position through any means, fair or foul, as in November 2004. What I gather from the man's speech is that he is living in a complete fool's paradise when he talks of the peaceful conduct of the elections, then in the same breath goes on to thank everybody who made this possible: the administration, the military, the parties, etc., etc. What this bloke knows and fails to admit is that any election in which the military is deployed to intimidate and brutalise voters who are perceived as opposition sympathisers is anything but free and fair. For this reason, his speech is an exercise in self-deceit. Anyway, as one of my friends always says, everyone has a constituency. So there must be people who would swear by anything coming out of an airbag like this one.
Coming to the issue of the SDF SG, I only hope that she is making these noises only as a strategy to buy time and mislead the ruling party, and that on Tuesday 21 August, the SDF will stay away from the evil house called National Assembly. If this does not come to pass, I can bet that there will be total confusion. Mine is not the only voice that has advocated a boycott of the NA. Worthier and more powerful people have said the same thing for various reasons. My own reason has been to let the thieving and cheating CPDM go it alone and take the credit or blame for everything they do in that evil assembly. This is simple logic.
Another dimension that commentators have not considered is that the main thrust of the electoral fraud was and has always been directed at frustrating the main opposition party, the SDF. When you look at the record of elections since 1992, you will notice that any election which the SDF has boycotted has been free and fair. The ruling party always has something we might call "Plan B". If the SDF boycotts, the entire administrative machinery is asked to play fair. If the SDF goes in for elections, the whole range of electoral fraud tricks is activated. You will recall a certain governor of the east province in 1992 who talked about something in administrative circles known as "obligation de résultats". When the main opposition party opts to go for elections, DOs and all the administrative hierarchy are reminded about the above obligation, i.e., to make sure the ruling party scores not less than 60% in their area of jurisdiction. And DOs have to toe the line, or else the famous presidential nod will have them out in the cold and jobless. So please, do not blame the SDF because the conduct of any election will be free or not free depending on whether the SDF goes for election or boycotts. And you know that whichever they decide, they will still be blamed, sometimes for boycotting (when people notice, after the fact, that voting was free and fair), and sometimes for not boycotting (as now when people witness the massive fraud).
The bottom line is that change will not come to Cameroon through elections and not during the lion man's watch. Therefore, my humble view is that SDF should DISBAND and call on its militants to look for other gainful occupation in something else or in some other party. In fact, ALL political parties, except the CPDM should DISBAND and leave the scene to CPDM. If this means reverting to the 1988 option where one and the same party fielded two lists in an election, so much the better for all because we do not need to spend scarce resources each time running a show that is not worth the piece of paper on which the frauded results are written. This is my take on the whole palaver.


"The evil that men do shall live with them and after them"


Biya et les autres n'aiment pas le cameroun VISITEZ LE: et voyez a quoi resemble le pays


visitez signe de TEBLAIIN


Biya Paul had nothing to say. He needs an absolute majority but has always had a majority. After 1/4 a century of rule he is now saturated and cannot make any meaningful progress. He has been reshuffling his cabinet and not knowing he has to be replaced also.
lets watch and see.


Elections in Cameroon: Government bankruptcy.

Elections that were held on 22 July 2007 looked very similar to the others that were held in Cameroon in the recent past. Like in the past, government ministers and high state functionaries were quite competitive about inventing methods of election fraud in their various areas of origin to honour their stations in government with victory. They spent huge sums of money bribing people to engage in multiple voting, buying administrative officials, buying NEO agents or buying court decisions. Yet we are told fighting against bribery and corruption is one of the cardinal engagements of the government! Would a government that tolerates and even encourages bribery and corruption so openly ever help society to recover from corruption? Would elders that so openly engage the youth in bribery and corruption ever earn the respect of the youth of this country?

It is usually said that you know exactly where you are with a burglar or a murderer, but you never know where you are with a liar. Government officials parroted the lie about free and fair elections, and gave the impression that all was being done to ensure this through computerisation, the uprightness of administrative officials and the alacrity of NEO… The naïve only know now – after the fact - that it was all a big lie to send them to sleep for the field to be left wide open. Going to sleep because of such assurances and reassurances over a lie that had been told in 1996, 1997, 2002 and 2004 is a reflection of naivety and helplessness. Only the foolish get fooled twice; the wise change tactics to force adversaries to act on their own terms. But what with the truth pitifully expressed by Shakespeare that the world is a “great stage of fools”? What with Hitler’s line that no matter how big the lie, repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as truth?

These big lies are usually sugar coated by foreign voices. One of such foreign voices has been that of the Commonwealth! The Commonwealth observed Parliamentary elections in Cameroon and issued a report that they assumed to be a source of improvements to the electoral system. Following a long wait, the Secretary General appointed a special envoy to Cameroon to help with an electoral system the government seemed determined to maintain. This was followed by a flurry of activities, many comings and goings that left the perception that the system would change. The famous 31 October 2003 meeting in London chaired by the special envoy of the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, ended with a report that informed public opinion that the government of Cameroon “presented to international partners its agenda for wide-ranging reforms in the areas of elections management…” for which friends of Cameroon “undertook to provide significantly enhanced financial and technical assistance…” Then the comings and goings resumed, but failed to cause the Cameroon government to budge! The famous ELECAM was put in place, and political parties were called to Yaounde for consultations and camaraderie with the government over computerisation, ELECAM, registration and all! And so all the stakeholders went to sleep, except the government!

Today is rich with attacks and repartees. “You cheated!” “So what? I won!” Such exchanges go on daily between opposition leaders and members of government, between civil society leaders and high state functionaries. These are all people we are supposed to look up to in society as models of good behaviour and good example. The public has the right to expect a certain standard of behaviour from those supposed to be members of the government that runs the affairs of the nation on their behalf. It has the right to a certain standard of behaviour from those we depend on, to make Cameroon a place to live a fulfilled life.

A government needs authority before it can preach virtue. Such authority is gained through the occupation of the moral high ground. It is lost through repeated moral failings. Government morality has been sacrificed on the alter of crooked electoral victories that have led to the loss of the respect of the people. Turning around to preach against corruption would only be comparable to a drunken person preaching temperance!

A special symbolism is always attached to the vote of the Head of State, President of the Republic during elections. Symbols are usually a theatrical part of government used to communicate political value, ideals and specific world views. Symbols constitute coded messages. They can have a clear plot structure, serve a practical argument and appeal to citizens. The vote of the Head of State is supposed to symbolise trust in the electoral system through the plot laid down by his political communicators. But if such communicators exist at all, they failed woefully during this election, like they did in the past.

In the past, the voting station where the Head of State voted was lined with CPDM party colours and ballot papers, against the constraints of the law. The coded message sent across to the citizens was that of flawed elections! This was always taken to mean that his political communicators are mindless party zealots. The unfortunate outing of the Head of State during the 22 July elections symbolised by his fulfilment of his civic duty at the polling station, the brief campaign tour of the city and his partisan utterances, took him and his communicators to the height of political arrogance and zealousness! Again, the coded message was about flawed elections! A President may want a big majority to continue to govern and ask the people to give it to him; that is his right. But when a President starts giving messages in symbols and codes that the people have become irrelevant to his rule, something is certainly very wrong!

It is James Madison who said that if all men were angels, governments would not be necessary. After such electoral debacles, one can turn around and say that if governments were like our own, governments would not be necessary!

The Administration, under the authority of the Head of State is responsible for organising elections. The Head of State is therefore entirely responsible for all the irregularities and fraudulent manoeuvres that characterised the twin elections of 22 July 2007. Historical reputation is hostage to future events. Whether historians and public memory will emphasise the gains or the setbacks of the presidency of Mr. Biya will depend on the course of events after he has left office, meaning the next five, ten, twenty or even thirty years. Presently, we are in the presence of what is usually referred to as the unpredictable past.

Prof. T. Asonganyi


Why would Paul Biya not declare the elections free and fair? Have Cameroonians raised their voices after the elections? Everything went well; Cameroonians are satisfied with the out come of the elections, reason why there is calm after the elections.


Southern Cameroonians never voted and soo too are citizens from La Republique. They knew the elections and its results have been dictated in advance. Those SDFers who went to legitimise his charades should go to the streets. The leadership of the party cannot even call for a boycott of La Republiques parliament, yet you are asking others to risk their lives in going to Etoudi to oust Biya. The problem my friend is failed leadership simply because most of our people prefer to support our tribesman NJFN than the truth. Even when NJFN has proven that is incapable of leading anything, his cult followers would prefer him than any other candidate. Its a shame.


"On that score, I would like the parties which did not obtain the expected results to know that that they should not feel excluded from national political life. Of course, they have their place therein and their contribution can be very useful. I have always believed and I have often shown that the higher interest of our country calls for the broadest possible rallying of all those who are determined to use their energy and skills in our fight against underdevelopment and poverty."-The evil dictator himself Biya

I never thought I will be agreeing with Rexon but from the above statement, it is clear that Biya is using the SDF to "color his inexistent democracy". Look at the kind of statements he's making? he's speaking as if there is democracy in Cameroon? he is using SDF to deceive the international community and conceive them that we have democracy in cameroon. The only solution for the SDF right now is to BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT and BOYCOTT. BOYCOTTING will send a clear message to the international community about the state of things in Cameroon.

Danny Boy

"I can assure you that no effort will be spared to maintain such peace and stability." Paul Biya.
Read in this statement what you will. For those advocating for seccession, this is not a coded threat, but a bold-face challenge for you to dare.
My action plan has and will always be civil disobedience on a scale unimaginable.
Blessed be.

Paa Ngembus

Danny Boy,

Out of respect for myself I will call you Danny Man because I don't debate with kids.

Without any polemics, can you please define the word "SECESSION".

Je te laisse toucher le fond de ta betise mon cher.


Paa Ngembus

Danny Boy

Je te laisse toucher le fond de ta betise mon cher."
Paa Ngembus, be careful what you write. Last time you called yourself a "bull dog" and what did I do? I simply added "rabid" infront of it, to make you look stupid. It worked.
In one of your petulant write-ups, you asked where some of us went to school. Now I will tell you a little bit. I am a product of FBGS (CBA),P.O Box 864 Yaounde. I am one of Ahidjo's guinea pigs. I also went to CCAST Bambili. This was in the seventies! Oh, Mr. Mve Emmanuel, the captain of the National Football Team was my Surveillant General in Lycee Leclerc!
So my dear Paa mind what you write to me in french. "betise"? You should read between the lines. I am simply commenting on what Biya said above, and if I may define secession for you, it is in this case, the formal withdrawal of membership from a political alliance.
Lastly, the appelation Danny Boy, has got nothing to do with age. It is an affectionate Irish nomenclature. Have you ever heard of the song "Oh Danny Boy."?
Where did you go to school, if I may ask?

Danny Boy

Paa Ngembus

Danny Man,

You made me look stupid?

You must be kidding man. You definitely don't know Paa Ngembus.

My school palmares is a little more adventurous. I even tested Lycee de Nkongsamba, if you know what this means in frog parlance.

YOUR DEFINITION OF "SECESSION" IS VERY WRONG (i.e. in the current political discuss).

Did you have a dictionary in Primary School by a fellow called Michael West? I refer you to it, or better still just "google".

Take care MA BOY.

Paa Ngembus

Tchouteu Janvier


There is a need and desire for change in Kamerun. That is something we all agree about. We all know that the majority of the Kamerunian people are living in uncertainty and poverty, while the unscrupulous minority in the clique, which constitutes the present oligarchy, are living in affluence and arrogance. They
have hijacked our prosperity, our future and our dignity. Their affluence, which is made pervasive by corruption, nepotism, ethnocentrism, regionalism and waste, has blinded them to the point of being indifferent to the plight of the majority of Kamerunians who are living in poverty and deprivation. It is not the concern of the Biya regime that its fair-minded citizens are starving, that they are inadequately clothed, that they are excluded from effective sanitation and medical care and that they are being prevented from the possibility of having a job. It does not bother the Biya regime and its collaborators that the Kamerunian children who are the major asset of this nation are being deprived of their right to education and training. The Biya regime is even arrogant in its misrule by denying us our basic human rights, our freedom and the right to choose. It is even clear that this oligarchy is bent on denying us the access to our own brains. They expect us to stay docile or mute like dummies. The wrongs of the Biya regime are inexhaustible and cannot be justified. The true exponents of change are those who reject everything that condones the exploitation and oppression of one man by another and tags the exploiter and oppressor with the justifiable word “WRONG”.

In the struggle against the perpetrators of wrong, we are right. However, being right or being aware of the right and not ensuring its realisation is a wrong in itself. We should know that it is the task of overcoming the wrong (the French-imposed system) and realizing the right (the Kamerunian ideal embodied in its union nationalism) that is confronting us today. This task of overcoming the wrong is so colossal that many of us are divided over the approach to take and the extent to go. Over the years, each time that the exponents of change think or try to act in doing something about our plight, the question of how far we can go in correcting, destroying and building crops up to divide us. This division is all the more disheartening and confusing due to the varying degrees of our commitments to change. Why there should be this division while we are confronted by the agonizing wrong of the anachronistic French-imposed system is something few mortals can justify. However, we can clearly discern the divided forces:

1) Firstly are the ignoramuses, the indifferent, the skeptics and the cynics:
• The ignoramuses who fortunately constitute a small minority of the Kamerunian population are those who do not truly know what is theirs by right (their freedom, liberty and share of the Kamerun’s wealth) as citizens of the nation. It is because of their ignorance that they extol the custodians of this system for the handouts dished out to them, without being aware that they are being given hardly a decimal of what is theirs by right that has been stolen from them by the Biya regime. Make these ignoramuses to understand that their pathetic state, which they themselves abhor, is the responsibility of the system, and then we can rest assured and even boast that we have won powerful converts. Explain to them the objectives of the struggle and the turbulent phases it has gone through, and we shall be certain that we have trained the most reliable soldiers for the cause. These ignoramuses are aware of the fact that the handouts from the Biya regime cannot alleviate their misery.

• The indifferent are aware of the Kamerunian plight, but because they are in secure or comfortable positions, or because they have lost hope and are weary of the struggle, they have chosen to close their eyes, block their ears and pocket their noses. In short, they refuse to see or comprehend the wrong. What they need is a fresh spirit and a forceful engagement. And in a way, they can be made into remarkable assets for change.

• The skeptics and cynics can be said to want change, but doubt or distrust the change that the majority of Kamerunians are striving for. This may be due to their rigid attachment to outdated concepts, ties, futile dreams or their envy for not being the pillar in the struggle. They can be considered as the most retarding force outside the system.

2) The second futile or less committed forces in the struggle for change are the liberals and moderates:
• The liberals accept the fact that the French-imposed system is anachronistic and unworkable, and that it should be changed, but cannot come up with a realistic approach to change the system and an alternative system to replace it. It is because of their despair and fear of any action that would have to change the wrong system that they would engage in uncommitted moves or actions based on reconciliatory rhetoric, which instead serves the interest of the system than that of the struggle. And when their rhetoric become indefensible, when the true exponents of change have their backs to the wall in the tight corner of oppression, repression, extortion and deprivation, and see no other relieving option except the path of liberation (protest and resistance), our liberal in his deceptive ways opts out, which basically is giving in to the oppressive power of the system. However, the liberal would continue to talk of the wrong, agonize over it, yet stay unwilling to fight against it, because in his minor mind, the price for challenging the French-imposed system may result to more misery than it is presently the case. But the liberal fails to understand that though misery may be the price, it would be temporary and would end oppression and release the emotions, spirits, ideas and assets, which are all democratic and development forces that would ensure prosperity and security for the people. We only have to look at Bello Bouba Maigari, the leader of the National Union of Democracy and Progress (NUDP), to understand what I am talking about. The bed partners of the liberals are the moderates.

• The moderates also talk and work for change through the struggle without intending for a fundamental one. It is because of their desire for a partial change of the system that they have detached themselves from the present day Kamerunian reality and embrace a utopian notion of conciliation that promises nothing for the Kamerunian people .A clear example in sight is Adamou Ndam Njoya of the Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU).

Unfortunately for us in the Kamerunian struggle, these liberal and moderates constitute a potent force on the side of the exponents of change and easily whip the support of those exponents of change who are without the revolutionary zeal or comprehension of Kamerun’s union nationalism. The greatest deception about these
Liberals and moderates is that they boast of their attachment to sobriety and the Kamerunian reality, which to them is devoid of a dream. But our struggle is basically that for the realisation of our dream of a true independence (unity, prosperity, freedom, self-confidence and an equal place in the community of nations). This true independence would culminate in interdependence with other progressive groupings and nations as an extension of our fraternity.

3) The third force are the confused and one-sided who are fervently fighting for causes that do not address the general Kamerunian plight, but rather addresses the plight of an ethnic group, religious belief, region or linguistic entity. The fact that they are deeply attached to their belief in the righteousness of their cause, and the fact that they consider all those who are not fully behind them as their enemies, this one-sided and confused force for change (which by their demands call for partiality), not only alienate themselves from potential allies for change, but also alienate themselves from the general objectives of the Kamerunian struggle which encompasses their plight. And in a curious way without them really knowing it, they stall the wind of change because of their divisive actions and directions.

Unfortunately for the Kamerunian dream and the struggle, the true exponents of change, i.e., those who want a fundamental change of the system, are not fully organized. But their advanced representatives who have fully mastered the demands of Kamerun’s union nationalism can whip up the support of the ignoramuses, the indifferent, the skeptics and cynics, the liberals and moderates and even the confused and one-sided, in order to give the Kamerunian people the true sense of purpose and direction that has eluded so many over the years. That would be when we shall be capable of getting rid of the mentality that has been created by the French-imposed system. It is then that Kamerunians would evolve from that stage of just wanting change to that of working for and realizing it. Such a prospect is possible only after we have cast aside our despairs and unwarranted suspicions and blossom with the joy and exhilaration that the original Kamerun dream holds. Then hand in hand as committed union nationalists, we would shout a loud No, No, No…No to the system, give it the final push to ensure its collapse and burial, so that the stinking corpse of the French-imposed system that is represented today by the Biya regime would never rise again to haunt the new humanized Kamerunian system, which has been realistically conceived since 1910.

March 23, 1995

Tchouteu Janvier



Ma Mary

Any election in which one side is hitting the 90% win mark is pretty indicative of dictatorship, but that is a Camerounese matter.



Ngonyama Ka Brooklyn

GOUVERNEMENT : Fru Ndi accepte la main tendue de Paul

L’entrée au gouvernent n’est plus à exclure au Sdf.
Economie de la conférence de presse donnée hier à
Douala par le président de ce parti politique.

“ En notre qualité de social-démocrate, nous
n’entrerons au gouvernement que sur la base du
manifeste que nous avons vendu au Camerounais ”,
déclare Ni John Fru Ndi, Chairman du Social democratic
Front (Sdf), parti de l’opposition camerounaise.
C’était hier, jeudi 16 août, dans un hôtel à Douala,
au cours d’un point de presse. Interrogé sur le
contenu de ce manifeste, le Chairman reste évasif. Il
insiste pour dire que le Sdf n’est pas fait seulement
pour participer à un gouvernement, mais “ pour
gouverner. Nous voulons le faire, et nous allons le
faire. ”
Un militant du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple
camerounais, Ateba Eyene, supplie même Fru Ndi
d’entrer au gouvernement s’il veut véritablement
apporter sa pierre à l’édifice de ce pays, car “ le
Rdpc seul ne s’en sort plus. ” A cette invite, le
Chairman repose ses conditions : un système
socialiste, un gouvernement tourné vers le peuple, et
la mise en place du fédéralisme, seul gage de
développement local réel. “ Si je dois entrer au
gouvernement pour travailler à ma façon, je suis
d’accord. Autrement, il n’en est pas question ”,
Il prend l’exemple de ceux des opposants qui sont
entrés au gouvernement, mais qui n’ont rien changé.
Pour lui, il ne sert à rien d’être nommé ministre, et
d’être encerclé de collaborateurs (nommés par le
président de la République), qui contrent son action
et s’assurent qu’il ne met pas en place la politique
de son parti.
Sur d’autres plans, le chairman justifie sa sortie
médiatique par son souci “ de mettre en relief les
dangers prévisibles qu’encourt notre pays du fait de
ces élections truquées. ” Les quatorze (14) sièges de
député obtenus jusqu’ici par le Sdf ? Le chairman du
Sdf dit les avoir obtenu de haute lutte contre le “
bandit ”. Pour lui, l’administration avait, bien avant


élections, décidé du nombre de sièges qui
reviendraient au Sdf, et ce nombre n’excédait pas
treize (13).
Malgré cela, le parti politique leader de l’opposition
va siéger au Parlement, en conformité avec sa “
philosophie qui consiste à conduire le changement dans
ce pays par des moyens pacifiques et à travers les
urnes. ” Le Sdf entend alors ajuster ses “ actions
aussi bien au niveau national qu’international pour
mettre la pression sur l’oligarchie de Yaoundé afin
d’obtenir un changement significatif au Cameroun, sans
recourir à la guerre. ”

Cette sortie médiatique est la deuxième en deux (2)
semaines, après celle du 2 août à Yaoundé. Si le
Chairman multiplie les sorties, c’est peut-être pour
convaincre l’opinion nationale et internationale que
son parti politique existe encore. Mais au final, en
2007, dix-sept (17) ans après le lancement du Sdf à
Bamenda, Fru Ndi essaie toujours de se convaincre
qu’il porte encore le destin de ce pays, même comme il
saute aux yeux de tous que le parti a pris de l’eau
depuis lors : quarante-trois (43) députés en 1996,
vingt-trois (23) en 2002, quatorze (14) en 2007, en
attendant les partiels.
Le nombre de communes gagné est aussi allé
decrescendo. La désaffection dans les rangs est de
plus en plus importante, et l “ auto exclusion ”, ou
le fameux 8.2 est devenu la règle dans le parti. Cela
se fait ressentir au niveau de la population, qui
refuse désormais de s’intéresser à la chose politique.
Le chairman met cet état de choses sur le dos du
gouvernement, mais se bat aussi pour exister dans un
environnement politique qui ne se reconnaît plus en
aucun homme politique.
Jusqu’ici, Fru Ndi n’a jamais voulu être maire ou
député, mais la fonction suprême seule l’intéressait.
Peut-être se rend-il compte que cela est de plus en
plus impossible ! Et pour ne pas “ mourir sans
déchirer la couverture ”, l’entrée au gouvernement
resterait la seule issue de secours…si Biya la lui
ouvre ?

Par Roland TSAPI

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Danny Boy

Paa Ngembus,
since you did not reply to me in french, I take it you have learnt your lesson.

"My school palmares is a little more adventurous. I even tested Lycee de Nkongsamba, if you know what this means in frog parlance."

It means you were no good academically. Which also explains why simple logical reasoning escapes you.
By the way, my definition of secession in the present context is not only correct but accurate.
I ask again, where did you go to school? You must have a slow thought process(STP)!
Rabid bull dog.
Blessed be Cameroon.

Paa Ngembus

Danny Man,

Since you did not get what I wrote in French, let me translate in Pidgin English.

"make i lef this mbout man make ye sefsef discover ye own stupidity"

If you had referred to your Michael West for the definition of "secession" like I adviced, you would have learned that the decolonization of the Southern Cameroons is not bijective with that word.

Did you skip Form One buddy, or were you just cutting your English and Literature classes?

I see it took you a long time to think of how to reply to my posting above. Numbskulls are generally slow thinkers.

Also please note that school intelligence is not synonymoust with common sense or basic analytic reasoning.

You the so-called opponents of Southern Cameroons decolonization lack basic analytic skills and are oblivious of the simple rules of logical debate.

My stint in Lycee Nkongsamba was because my dad wanted to convert me into a frog, but was afraid to send me to Edea.

As you can see his efforts failed.

Like you my little imp, I also went to CCAST Bambili and graduated at the top of my class in both positive "La Voix" (GPA) and the GCE A/L.

So, how many times did you attempt the GCE before making it my little numbskull?

See you later MA BOY.

Paa Ngembus

Mr playman

I Am happy, yes becuase if the peace that reign in cameroon but will at the same time we cameroonians should learn to chang our meals not only becuase we need to have another taste but for the fact to develope new talents. Our President Pual biya Has done his part and still looking forward in doing more. But the questions to all cameroonians of that "Is he the only literate cameroonian that we have to keep stressing him for 25years?. We should not only seat down and enjoy what we are stilling behind him but also think of being at the level of the rest of the world. I am ashame tell me friend with me abroad that My country has a President in Power for 25yrs. He is not bad as a president but I think we have exhuasted hin so much.I an not interested in whether a francophone of Anglophone being a president but for the fact that we can not burst for a change in anything with a leader for 25yrs. Humanly speeking, he should not be wrong to act as he does but has been force by us to give what he does not have at hand.Whether the twin election in cameroon has gone good or not, the fact is that lets start thinking to renew our country and allow our man Pual Biya to seat back and enjoy his life for he has done his best, Enough is Enough.

Mr playman

I wish cameroonian to stop looking back at themselves but to start thinking of the future of our country when ever we think to Drop and let to rest Our Best man Pual Biya. Lets not use this forum to fight our political oponents but think of meeting up with rest of the world. Whether the other opposition parties joint the goverment or not, is not the solution. Lets change our Ideals. Where today in the world, there is a president for 25yrs?????????. Cameroon is known out as a country with the President being a Dictator which perhaps the poor President is not awear. Lets change hands and it has no taste we are free to change again. lets start being flexible men and women.

Danny Boy

Paa Ngembus,

"So, how many times did you attempt the GCE before making it my little numbskull?"

My dear brother, this is not a joke. You go and ask Pa Numfor, Pa Akufor, Pa Betow( affectionately known by the student community then as Pa Charlie), Ngalla, The Thomas', Ihims and Francis Johnson Mensah-the Principal, who the best science student was over the years 1977-79! I took all the prizes in Bio/chem/Geology; bar one!
How good is that dimwit?
Now talking of GCE A/L, 1979, go and check the list of those who were honoured at the Cultural Centre in Bamenda in August 1979. I am sure by now you must know that Danny is the shortened form for Daniel. There is only one Daniel on that list, and a simple regression to academic excellence in Bambili will lead you this this person.
Again check the scholarship list for that year, for those going to Britain, you will find a Daniel. It is me you pumpkin head.
Common sense dictates that I leave it here for now. Have said so much about myself, what says thou, PAA?
Quivering in your boots are you? Ye timorous wee beastie!!! Ratus ratus.
Ignorance is bliss.
Danny Boy


Danny Boy,

You know i have much respect for your intellectual achievements. You know i will alway love you like any other human being and will always wish you will. I also want to believe you have that love of mankind, though i have my reservations. What i dont understand is, why you have to cheat a people you respect soo much. By cheating, i mean your refusal to serve your country (La Republique) after they offered you scholarship to study abroad. You see, it is because of this that some of us the youths dont trust what some of you say about our politics. We have suffered under the colonial regime in such a way that, we are not interested in tolerating any nonsense. But as our intelligence has proven, it is people like you, surely because of guilt that have been selling us cheap through the SDF.

Do you know the doctors and other professionals we have in and around London? Surely you know them but you surely dont know their evil deeds. They are mainly the ones helping henchmen of the regime to launder money abroad. They have created fake NGO's in the UK pretending to be doing "things" home, when in reality, they are looting the system from abroad. My Uncle, that is not good. I hope you dont want to disgrace us in standing for that kind of fake lifestyle. Dont you see them all over London with their CPDM? And in Manchester, Birmingham, etc. Danny, the great man, please, try to give something back to the system you have looted y going back and serving La Republique that you love soo much rather than abusing us who have suffered from the regime soo much.

Blessed be Danny Boy.

Danny Boy

My Dear Rexon,
leaving politics aside, you humble me. I am truly sorry but grateful that despite what is said, we remain brothers and sisters with a common problem and a common goal to achieve i.e our liberation of course. Thanks.
Paa Ngembus is but a flea. Quite irritating. Maybe he is a CPDM flea!!!! If you doubt me, look carefully at his contributions to this forum. What has he said of substance, other than abuse others?
When he talks of Bambili, absolute bull!!! You are either in the lower or upper sixth, identified by your combination of subjects i.e S1 or A1, S2 or A2,S3 or A3, etc, not class!!!
Either this guy is a pup or simply a fake.
Rexon, Buddy, I leave it here.
P/s Some lassie- Anjeh Beatrice- seems to be giving you hard times somewhere. Go softly. I enjoy her subtle inferences to historical facts(fiction?).
Blessed be R. N.

Mr playman

I am still very sorry to see that pople still have the currage to use this side for privade matters. I have notive that my Danny Boy and rexon are still so self mineded that they still think to use this side for jokes, I will advice you to stop this uncontiouse dicusion of cpdm and other things which have little to do with developpment in our country. We have an , that of letting our country look like one of that best African state in the world, but how, to be self dicipline,ecc....... you are but right and wrong on your argurments.

Paa Ngembus

Danny Man,

You see what arrogance and betraying The Southern Cameroons can do to you.

You are gradually being exposed to be shamed by everyone. Finalement, tu touche le fond de ta betisse.

You know I earlier warned you that good academic performance does not equate common sense.

Bit by bit you traitors of the Southern Cameroons will fall by the wayside. I told you we will get each and everyone of you.

Go to the Post Online Archives and you will see how much some of us have put in trying to educate numbskulls like you on the Southern Cameroons Question.

Now rather repeat myself, I shock you to reality and you go back and learn about the Southern Cameroons.

My patience is very thin these days with paid agents of La Republique like you.

Unlike Rexon, I don't think you are fit to be called "brother" or "uncle". You are simply a Southern Cameroons traitor.

See you later my little snitch.

Paa Ngembus

Danny Boy

Paa Ngembus,
I do not need to savage a dead sheep or goat.
Ta ra,
Danny Boy.


Paa Ngembus, diplomacy is not your decipline. If you continue to use abusive words on the forum, we shall send you crawling to the forest,where you were educated. Stop abusing others to convince them.I've told you this time and again. If you never understand, let me put it in pidgin parlance
"A talk say, make you stop for di talk like mboutuku". Open your eyes and read

Paa Ngembus

Complice/Danny Man,

As I told you "Righteous Angels" before.

If you give any of mine a black eye, I will leave you with a broken skull.

If you shoot at one of mine, I will pump your filthy caracasss full of lead whether you hit your target or not.

Once you get the above into your numbskulls you will understand that if you insult me I will insult you back twofold.

Now, have I made myself clear?

I hope I did.

Paa Ngembus

Legima Doh

It should be construed that Paa Ngembus has a hard language and not a vile language.More important is what his slanting stands for and not the literal misunderstanding of his slanting.The fact is that truth,it is entirety
must be presented first and the choice of whether using a hard or soft language follows.It is better like Paa Ngembus to present the truth with all literal hard words than to softly present and stand for false facts.Another point is that Paa Ngembus'words are an insult to the kind of reasoning and ideology propounded by some of the commentators here and not a direct insult on them though the end result is an indirect insult on them.Hiding under the umbrella of academic intellect and purporting false tenets is a direct abuse on the intellect which when said represents an indirect insult on the purporter.
We want intellect to be backed by real reasoning and not sophism.The time of Georgia the father of sophism is anachronistic.
If we are insulted with falsehood,then we re doubly insulted cos the insult is added to falsehood.Double or manifold insults based on truthful facts is the natural consequence.
Force of Argument!

Peace Shall reign upon the land.

Legima Doh,


Unfortunately for the majority of Cameroonians, Paul is looking "good" at, is it, 74! A great advertisement for the embalming trade.......... or is it the make-up trade. The way the old rogue is looking at the moment, he is going to be around for the next 30 years.

The man is looking good, has a young wife and a country's wealth at his disposal. What more can a man ask for at 76? Oh, maybe a conscience? Nah, that will be too much to ask of our Paul. Way to go, Paul!

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