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Thursday, 09 August 2007


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mk the southerner

Well then lets keep our fingers crossed. That it should not get into a situation of war. But what ever the case I MK have been and will always be ready for all.

You must destroy one thing if necessary to have another. But i pray the UN puts preventive diplomacy into action rather than keeping it in big files in Geneva and wait for a time to come and throw apologies.

MK The southerner.
Gdo bless Southern Cameroons.

Legima Doh

Fellow comrades,
The adjournement of the cases involving the ScNc to dates infinite and sine die dates is just due to the fact that La republique has no legal case against the ScNc cause.
The love of peace should not be construed to mean the inability to handle harm.La republique is warned.I am glad the courageous step was put up in Bali.We the Bali people are a very daring people and I hope all other villages follow thesame step.I did not expect the judges who absented from the prior cases to show up cos they have no judgment against the ScNc case.Something worse than the Rwanda genocide is on the way is the delay continues.UN,Great Britain,UNPO,ACPHR,etc we are calling you to act fast and spare the bloodshed that is on its way.

We dont advocate war but that can be prevented by the timely intervention of the powers tha be,the UN,Great Britain,USA,ACPHR,AU etc.May God bless our beloved motherland.

Peace Shall Reign in our Motherland.

Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

correction. something worse than the Rwanda genocide is on the way If the delay continues.

Peace Shall Reign in the Land of Peace of the Southern Cameroons.

Legima Doh,


and when the Rwandann genocide begins Legima Doh, your big head and your family will be killed first. When your wife will be raped infront of your eyes, then you will know that war is not a glorious thing. Nonsense!!!
What am I even saying, you are hiding in Europe but you call for "something worse than the Rwandan genocide". You are sitting comfortable in the white man's land but you call for "something worse than genocide".I hope that when the genocide starts, you will take your FAT HEAD back into Cameroon and watch your daughters getting raped and your family getting killed. Nonsense!!!


Well,well,from all indication,it appears the sdfers doesn´t know how to ACT like some guys like mk southerner, M Nje have been saying.So can the SCNC after the letter above teach them how to ACT.Or are they also a toothless bulldog,with just paper and pen and internet?

Legima Doh

I try as hard as possible to avoid all your reactionary stupidity but you keep on being more stupid as days go by.If you are scared,then have it in mind that when a goat is pushed to the wall,it resorts to fierceful biting.Tf the delay continues,then something worse than the rwanda genocide is more than likely to result.This is what i said and it is instinctively and intuitively clear.I did not say I advocate it but called on the UN,the UK,UNPO,ACPHR etc to intervene in the struggle so that such an outcome is avoided.As stupid as you have always been with a very mean,frivolous and obscene language,you just jumped in to throw baseless insults because you saw the comment was from Legima Doh.

USAfrica or whatever you are,I would rather you spent your time correcting your distorted way of reasoning,reconsider you misguided view of a most mysterious US of Africa and bring up positive contributions to the plight of our motherland.

Peace UPon our Motherland.

Legima Doh,


Legima Doh,
I apologize for misunderstanding your writing. I was associated you more with what the article said and not what you wrote. My apologies.


correction: I was associating you


Legimah Doh,

The hypocrisy of the soo called United States of Africa will drive this mad dog to his grave. He owes an apology to all Southern Cameroonians for struggling to invent lies to them.

Long live the Southern Cameroons.

Legima Doh

Your response showed some maturity actually.I was expected to get something different.So why don't you say something about the legitimacy and worthiness of the ScNc cause before considering questions on how she shall meet challenges.Those questions you have been asking which we 've been doing our best to answer are cogent question.Our main problem has been that you have never accepted the fact that the ScNc cause is the last hope for the liberation of our motherland.If this is in place,then we can all consider and see how the country shall meet her challenges.I remember having told you several times that when an impartial critique criticizes,he says what ought to be done or what he thinks is better for his criticism to be soundly valid.Why not ponder over this.
Comrade Rexon,
Truly anyone who seems to derail the cause for our liberation either by action or by ideology owes a profound debt of apology to the southern cameroons.Lets see what USAfrica has to say on what I said above.I hope something positive otherwise it is truly hypocrisy as u mentioned.

Peace shall Reign on our motherland.

Legima Doh,

pastor hammar

I am glad that the SCNC has taken a hard stand now. I think it is time the UN decide on the unholy marriage that has kept southern Camreoon in deep bondage. Israel was in Egypt for 430 years until Moses stood up against pharoah, we must stand up firmly now not looking back eventually help will come. God help Southern Cameroon.


wow. It really is amazing what this article is talking about. I am proud to be a southern cameroonian and also proud to be a cameroonian, and more to it, proud to be an african. Our history faced so much opression from the white man and the white man succeeded to divide us. one of the biggest tools was teaching us different languages. This is similar to the old testament story where these people were building a tower trying to get to heaven, and the only thing God did was make them speak different languages. Just that broke down the whole tower. Similar to Africa. I am not saying the white man is God, but I am saying its time we start realising this tool and start bringing ourselves back together. I am not a fan of the oppression southern cameroonians have gotten from la Republique either. But we must accept that all this nonsense has its roots in our colonial masters (or UN if thats the modern day name). That is why if we forsee something like rwandan genocide, they would be having a toast to that because that is good acheivement for them, afterall, while we are busy fighting, they will quietly come in and suck up all our wealth and natural resources and all the blessings we had from God on our blessed Africa/Cameroon/La Republique/Southern Cameroon. Therefore, we shouldnt think they care so much about us that they wont want another Rwanda. I bet they are even angry now that no matter how much they have tried to divide Africa based on language, one country still stands firm and has never been in any wars of the sort. Let us keep making them bite their tongues by seeing ourselves as brothers and sisters and work forward to unite ourselves and eventually unite all of Africa. I dont care whether you are from La Republique or Southern Cameroon or just a regular cameroonian like me, but the fact is , you are African, and we should keep getting ourselves united bit by bit. Some of our brothers are brainwashed everyday and thats why they tend to oppress their own brothers, but it is true that times are changing, and the truth of the whiteman's presence in africa is unveilling to our generation. SCNC or not, La Repulique or not, we have to build Cameroon and africa as a whole, and as I said before, if we tend to violence, we would be killing ourselves and giving reason for a toast abroad.

God Bless the Motherland.


Legima Doh, get this very clearly, the fact that I apologized for a mistake does not mean that I am changing my views. What I said for wrong, I misquoted you and I apologized for it but that doesn't mean I will change my views. Your pen pal Rexon can all me hypocrite for all I care, in due time the real hypocrites will be revealed.
I did not deny that the SCNC is not fighting for a just cause. I am a southern cameroonian too and my family is suffering under the unbearable heat of the vicious Biya regime. However, I deny to accept that the SCNC is the last hope for southern cameroonians, I completely deny that bullshit, completely. I stand for a federal Cameroon, a federal Africa and a united Africa. Southern Cameroons once thrived under federalism in the 1960's and we can do it again. With federalism we can govern ourselves without the hassles and economic hardships brought by secession. We will not be accountable to La republique and we can make decisions for ourselves. To me, that is the last hope.
As concerns your comment
"I remember having told you several times that when an impartial critique criticizes,he says what ought to be done or what he thinks is better for his criticism to be soundly valid"-Legima Doh
Legima Doh, I have never claimed to have answers, you and your fellow SCNC loyalists were the ones who claimed to have answers. You called yourselves intellectuals, wise and called others with different opinions fools. I had previously stated that my problem with you guys is that you harshly criticize others when you have no solutions or answers. Then what makes you better than the person you are criticizing? It proves that you guys are the impartial critics and not me. I will still stick to my idea that the SCNC is a confused, baseless, and lacks any agenda I joyfully agree to disagree,thank you very much.

Legima Doh

I cannot deny that we and the scnc as a whole have answers to your questions cos we do.Remember we have always answered your questions except for the fact that you never want to grapple with it.Also remember talking about the scnc strategy and how to meet her challenges,I wrote elaborately to give you the answers.You did not dispute them but asked whether those ideas were mine or those of the ScNc as a whole.Talking about federalism,you must agree with me that experience and time has proved beyond doubt that no kind of relationship is worth going into with la republique.The mentality that we cannot meet our socioeconomic and political challenges in the face of total independence is the kind of mentality that Britain had about us and so thought the Southern cameroons was not economical viable to stand on her own.Was that true?Three quarters of the GDP of la republique is looted from the Southern cameroons.Again,the issue of federalism violates the right to complete self determination of the southern cameroonians.Do you also mean that the southern cameroons as a nation should forever be a part of another nation,that of the most corrupt country in the world?Dont you honestly see that it is too simplistic to say the ScNc is confused, baseless,and lacks agenda?How can such a body described you be be represented in the UNPO,have favourable court rulings against Nigeria in the Abuja high court,in the ACPHR and so on.You said you have never claimed to have answers but that we claim to have and call others with different opinions fools.But from the outset you have saying your answer is for africa to get united and now that the solution is federalism.Honestly the issue of federalism is flawed.Ask yourself why the federal government was never put in place when the concubinage was built?We also deny calling our cause a secessionist movement.It is not so cos secession is only in the case where an integral part that was legally and constitutionally united to a country breaks from it.This is not the case of the ScNc cause.Now about criticizing those who hold different opinions,care should be taken to distinguish between opinion and facts.When people hold opinions that distort facts and want to indoctrinate others with,it is heresy.Such warrants severe criticism and that is what we do.We cannot fold our arms and see people indoctrinate our brethren with sophistic,distorted historical facts,and false reasoning.Remember one of our strategy as I mentioned long ago was to Sensitize the people about the true identity,history,plight and ultimate solution of the Southern cameroonians living under the confines of la republique.We don't want any relationship with her for she's got the Mark of the Beast.

I thank comrades Rexon,Ma Mary,Mk the Southerner,M Nje,Shalom,Paa Ngembus,Dadiceman,and all the comrades who have stood on the truth.We implore more people to come to the truth.For Christ said,Know the truth and the truth shall set you Free.Preaching the truth about our motherland is a responsibility of all the southern cameroonians and is very vital for the liberation process.

Land of Peace,upon you Peace shall Reign.

Legima Doh,

mk the southerner

United africa, u said

"I did not deny that the SCNC is not fighting for a just cause. I am a southern cameroonian too and my family is suffering under the unbearable heat of the vicious Biya regime. However, I deny to accept that the SCNC is the last hope for southern cameroonians, I completely deny that bullshit, completely. I stand for a federal Cameroon, a federal Africa and a united Africa. Southern Cameroons once thrived under federalism in the 1960's and we can do it again".

Only a mad pig like u will like to go back to the federation after seeing the bad faith of the frogs. Where is the federation we formed in 19 61.

U also said "and when the Rwandan genocide begins Legima Doh, your big head and your family will be killed first. When your wife will be raped in front of your eyes, then you will know that war is not a glorious thing."

Except u and ur French government enjoy the romance given to us by the killings of our children the maiming of our wives and even the raping of our daughter. I know u pretend not to see all these for u there was no killing at the University of Buea. Even without the Rwandans stuff these still happens in the Cameroon what do u frogs have to say about that?.
Rotten bigs Live us alone frogs our only good for the mud and we are not one.

Mk the southerner

M Nje

comrades Legima,
Your last comment was great. There is a differnces between FACTS and OPINION.

When your opinion goes against facts it is called FALSEHOOD and cannot be accepted. No mater what UnitedStateofAfrica says. That is the bottomlin.

Legima Doh

Comrade M Nje,
Thanks a lot.I always find your comments fraught with wisdom and maturity.

It is the bottom line as you said.Period.we are bent on standing on the truth.

Peace shall Reign on our motherland.

Legima Doh,


M Nje, what facts exactly has Legima Doh presented? what facts exactly? Do you mean the falsehood and unconfirmed propaganda that you guys spread on this forum? are you talking about the misquoted history and textbook passages that you guys post on this forum? are those the facts? do you mean passages from Nfor Nfor's speech that you guys copy and paste on this forum? are those the facts?
Reality check: if you want to know the real truth, go to Cameroon. Go to southern cameroon, to and sit with the people in Southern Cameroon and see for yourself. All this aerobics that you guys are doing with words will not help you. They will entangle you and eventually lead to your doom. I deal with reality and not passages from textbooks. Sorry!!!



There is no territory in UN records known as Southern Cameroons that was handed to Britain to lead on to independence. Southern Cameroons was a purely British creation for its own administrative convenience in governing part of the UN Trust territory of British Cameroons from Eastern Nigeria. But there is a territory, clearly defined by the UN, called British Cameroons, over which Britain assumed contractual trust responsibility to lead to independence.

It seems to me that if we would like the UN to pay urgent heed to our cry that we are being colonized in Southern Cameroons, the logical presentation is to do so as citizens of the territory which was given by the UN to Britain to administer to independence, of which Southern Cameroons was only a part, but a legitimate beneficiary of the Trust. In my opinion, there is abundant evidence to prove that the UN trust territory of British Cameroons was never granted independence, for it has no seat at the UN, unlike East Cameroon, and I believe this is what the UN would like to hear so as to re-open the case file, longsince closed, and to investigate if indeed one of their trust territories - British Cameroons - really achieved independence in accordance with UN Charter provisions for all trust territories.

There are, of course, many ways of killing a cat, but if we remain correctly focused, and approach the issue from the standpoint of the "territory" the UN knows, we avoid the danger of the matter being referred to as "domestic" to either of the adjacent colonizing members of the United Nations to whom Britain ceded parts of the UN trust territory, but who have their own distinct internationally acknowledged territorial boundaries when they graduated to independence in 1960.


Atemkeng Denis wrote:

Dear Friends,

I will not get involved in this new debate from the logical standpoint at all, but from history. Do you all remember why we managed to get ourselves into the mess in which we are today? Because of our stupid sentimentality of a "former one Kamerun" under the Germans. We knew nothing about the people we were calling our "brothers" in French Cameroun; we did not speak their language, we had never had any life in common with them, but some of our people went all out clamouring for "Union" with them. We still call them "brothers" today, in spite of their heinous crimes against our people. We even allowed them to start their own associations and parties in our territory which had no other intention than to foster the union!!!! We gave them scholarships, sheltered them from their civil war. Most of them have infiltrated the struggle from this our goodness and are bent on seeing that we never become free! Is this history repeating itself? Are we falling into another new sentimentality of "former one British Cameroons" with people we don't know?
The logic of the new arguments is not wrong, but in politics, you don't try to get everything at once; you get what is reachable now and then ask for more later. The case of the Southern Cameroons (without involving the Northern Cameroons) for now, can stand on its own feet. We know ourselves in Southern Cameroons, but not yet our.... of Northern Cameroons.Things will unravel by themselves when the Southern Cameroons case is firmly in the political agenda of the international community.
Be wise, our dear people. Don't bite more than you can chew. If the North is that hot about union with the South, let the North help the South get free from La Republique now, given how far the struggle of the South has gone. Freeing the North later will be much simpler, if .... .
Imagine the scenario that the North, with its higher population, once more dominated you after all this fighting and struggling or insisted on the Sharia! What will you do? Start a new struggle once more? So let's get our act right; secure a state with the required constitution and structures that prevent all the evils we are fighting now and then we can be more confident about taking on more challenges.

Paul Sango wrote:

The School of Thought of British Cameroons is very powerful. This is the reason, the UN assigned the British Cameroons as a TRUST to UK. The breakdown into British Northern and British Southern Cameroons was an adminmistrative convenience by Britain, not grounded with UN Article 102. This is the ROOT CAUSE. It was illegal and violated the UN Constitution. UN Resolution 1608(XV) was binding to both British Northern and British Southern Cameroons. Also British Cameroons (North and South) was carved out of German Kamerun.
The UN should reclaim its TRUST--British Cameroons- and completely decolonize it. This is a very powerful approach, which only adds more latitude to our struggle. Let the groups converge and push this forward. Nigeria is a democratic country and knows its rights. It knows it has not signed any ACT OF Union with British Northern Cameroons also.
Both Nigeria and LRC had Independence without the British Cameroons(Northern and Southern). Both have signed the AU Constitutive Act 4(b). I think the UN will listen to this argument with closer attention.


yembe fon wrote:

Dear Sirs,
I humbly submit that this debate goes on as it is
presently doing...without any polemics or qualms. One
thing I will further plead to all of us to do is ask a
few questions, in a bid to getting the right answers
before we embarrass ourselves at another front.
Let me give the kick-off with the following worries:
- I learn from history and other sources( including
this forum) that we( Southern Cameroons) were together
with the British Northern Cameroons after the
"Scramble for Kamerun" in 1916.Which International
instance recorgnised this, except the colonial
masters- France and Britain? I ask this because in La
Republique circles (and their allies), it is said that
the Southern Cameroons and LRC were one before the
coming of the French and British.We have often told
them that the German arrangement was a European
arrangement that took place in Berlin in 1884, and
never sanctioned by any International Organ.
- I also learnt that the first ever International
Organ was the League of Nations which was formed after
the First World War in 1920. I know that the story of
The Southern Cameroons begins from that date, and it
was in 1922 that The League officially entrusted the
Southern Cameroons into British care. What was the
relationship between British Northern Cameroons and
Southern Cameroons then?
- I further know that in 1945, after the 2nd World
War, The United Nations was formed. It was from there
that the new status of the Southern Cameroons was
given...tasking Britain, to prepare the Southern
Cameroons for Independence. Of course, it is also
known that by 1954, the Southern Cameroons was already
given its Quasi Independence, it had democratic
elections, had a Premier in charge of Gov't Business
etc. I wonder whether the British Northern Cameroons
was also following these trends! I am only wondering.
- I also know that in 1958, the Southern Cameroons
Bloc seceeded( moved out) of the Eastern House of
Assembly in Enugu and moved to Buea where it set up
its own Assembly and Gov't. I am still at a loss where
our brothers of British Norther Cameroons were and
what they were doing as such!
- I recall that many conferences were being held as to
the final moves towards the total independence of the
Southern Cameroons between 1959-61. The records are
there.Thoses records also show that our independence
was twarted because of Franco-British conspiracy, and
so by February of 1961, the Southern Cameroons was put
on the same level with a people who had never( I stand
corrected) had a taste of independence, or even
expressed the wish to be separated from their muslim
brothers up North.
- I know that when the two options were put before
Southern Cameroonians, there were agitations as to why
the Third Option( that of complete Independence) was
struck out. Yet, there were no traces of such wishes
in the British Northern Cameroons.
- I know that many who voted for Union with LRC told
the horrible tales of how the Igbos were treating us.
Meanwhile, in Northern Nigeria, the citizens of
British Northern Cameroons were so much at home..for a
muslim is a muslim and that was it with them, unlike
our case in Eastern Nigeria. Isn't it.
I remember that one of the clauses for the 1961
Plebiscite was that after 10 years, the U.N. was to
organise a referendum in the West Cameroon state to
see whether the people wished that the Union be
consolidated( which Ahidjo and Pa Muna hijacked in May
1972). I wonder whether such a clause existed in the
case or BNC!
I am tempted to think, and rightly so, that after
the Plebiscite 0f 11th Feb. in the SC and 12th Feb in
NC, it was clearly stated that Southern Cameroons and
LRC were uniting on equal status, with each state
maintaining its Legislature, systems of governance
etc. I wonder whether this was the same case withour
so-called brothers of BNC! Just wondering.
Finally, I wish to state that when your house is on
fire, first put it of before jumping to a neighbour's
whose gas is just barely leaking!
I have just been wondering, good brothers and
As Mr. Muchuo puts it: Why is it that each time we
seem to be making a step ahead, we come up with one
strange phenomenon to completely take us back into the
wilderness.Should we do away with Moses and get a
Joshua now? I think so.
Just wondering, I say!
Martin Fon Yembe
--- Muchuo Alexander wrote:

> Hi Sirs,
> This new found truth of ours is bothering.I know
> that when a house is on fire,it does not matter
> whether one starts with dirty or clean water and it
> does not matter whether you start putting off the
> fire from which angle.I am worried becuase it could
> be our usual show of cowardice about figthing for
> things that belong to us when the going gets tough
> or it could be many of us are working for Cameroun
> and making sure we delay things as much as
> possible.I hope my fear is not founded.I hope the
> inside information is true and i hope the north
> knew this before us.If we leave behind empty
> promises to our children and blame the UN only then
> we too will be blamed.If you call the USA troops in
> IRAG terrorists what effect will that have?
> Sometimes when one admits his inability to do
> something that is by far better than all of this
> talk.I have been long in this line and i know that
> we are always coming up with one thing after
> another.Thank God that this time we are
> not even trowing insults at each other.I n my own
> humble way,i expect division in three areas :those
> working for Cameroun,those for a peaceful way and
> those for an arm struggle.The way we are divided
> now is disturbing becuase the division is not
> stickly on the above 3ways.Have we ever tougth of
> the western sahara issue and the UN or we are
> always special.This is just food for thought my
> brothers and sisters . God will step in when we
> least expect and i think his way will be the
> best.A.W.M
> Isaac Fombuh wrote: Hello
> sons and daughters of Southern Cameroons, the cat is
> already out ,the
> truth is now known,south or North, We are children
> of the same fate.Together
> we should fight for our freedom. UN will one day
> know the error that was
> made and the injustice that was done to us. Let's
> unite and one day this
> apple will be for our children and our
> grandchildren. It is time for us to
> speak with one voice and act together. God bless us.
> >From: Ofege Ntemfac
> >Reply-To: [email protected]
> >To: [email protected]
> >Subject: Re: [nationalgroup] Edited Version of A
> Culture of Threats,
> >Intimidation & Vilification
> >Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 05:03:01 -0700 (PDT)
> >
> >Dear Edith Nchotu, Greetings. Article 76 (b) and
> the surfeit of UN
> >Resolutions on the Southern Cameroons Matter,
> inadvertently link Southern
> >and Northern Cameroons. If our case, as is now
> evident, is neither with
> >Francophones nor their regime, but with the UN;
> then the deconstruction of
> >this small matter will have to be at the UN. The
> problem is not Nigeria
> >either. Could you just take it that this linkage is
> now topical because of
> >"inside information" on how to proceed? That is why
> the UN is behind the
> >current wave of seminars involving Northern and
> Southern Cameroonians. You
> >will not believe that peasant farmers from Northern
> Cameroons understood
> >the meaning of 1608 and the absence of a Treaty of
> Union years ahead of us.
> >
> >Nchotu Edith wrote:
> >Hello Mr Yongbang, In an attempt to solve the
> problem, you are actually
> >creating one. You should not be in the business of
> validating yourself
> >while discrediting others except in the case of
> scyl were by they are being
> >disrespectfull to others. please reframe from
> fuelling this fire and just
> >keep doing what you can with your own group. Your
> performance will speak
> >for itself.By the way, you did not mention ALIP in
> your list of movement
> >are you aware of ALIP? Please keep the Northern
> Cameroon issue out of this
> >palava. We cannot take on two gaint at a time
> besides, the northern people
> >are not wanting to leave nigeria. I do not fight to
> leave La Rep.because i
> >just want to be independent, it is because they
> have chosen to treat us
> >bad. Thanks Edith.
> >
> >"Arnold B. Yongbang" wrote:
> >
> >1. The avalanche of unbridled threats laced with
> >uncouth language dished out by the leadership of
> the
> >SCYL of late is both regrettable and unfortunate.
> >Regrettable because it undermines their credibility
> as
> >future leaders of the Cameroon Territory.
> Unfortunate
> >because it tramples underfoot the very fundamentals
> of
> >the respect for the dignity and worth of the human
> >person and his right under international law to
> >freedom of association. SCARM condemns in no
> uncertain
> >terms these intemperate outbursts. Call it youthful
> >bravado if you wish, but the fact remains that
> these
> >leaders have inadvertently been shooting themselves
> in
> >the foot.
> >
> >2. SCARM, therefore, calls on the SCYL leadership
> to
> >tone down its rhetoric and abandon the culture of
> >threats, intimidation, and vicious campaigns of
> >vilification and cultivate instead a culture of
> >friendly yet determined persuasion to regain the
> >support, credibility and respect they have
> evidently
> >lost through these heated exchanges. Their
> ‘argument
> >of force’ remains a last resort. But SCARM assures
> >them that diplomacy, slow as it always is, is
> working
> >and will take them by surprise.
> >
> >3. In this climate of the global war against
> >terrorism, DIPLOMACY is our best option: it is
> slow;
> >one cannot afford rush it because it takes time for
> >the various stakeholders to make the necessary
> >adjustments. The platform has already been set as
> >outlined in ‘SCARM’s Fresh Focus’ on the struggle
> to
> >the Dallas conference. And this is where SCARM
> comes
> >in again, to watchdog and co-ordinate a UNITED
> >LEADERSHIP for the Southern Cameroons Peoples
> Struggle
> >for their freedom and independence. The
> international
> >community is now well aware of the plight of the
> >English-speaking Peoples of the Southern Cameroons
> >under the brutal annexation and exploitation of la
> >Republique du Cameroun and France.
> >
> >4. In this diplomatic effort the UN and the African
> >Union are well poised to bring about a peaceful
> >resolution of the unacceptable situation our
> peoples
> >find themselves in the evil bondage of la
> Republique
> >du Cameroun and France. The plans are geared
> towards
> >the rectification and regularisation of the
> >independence not only of the Southern Cameroons but
> >also of the entire Cameroon Territory, that is, the
> >former United Nations Trust Territory of the
> Cameroons
> >under United Kingdom Administration, of which the
> >Southern Cameroons is only a part. The former
> British
> >Southern Cameroons cannot, therefore, become
> >independent without the former British Northern
> >Cameroons: they are both parts of the Cameroon
> >Territory in the Trusteeship Agreement Britain
> >covenanted with the United Nations Organisation on
> 13
> >December 1946 and undertook “to promote the
> political,
> >economic, social, and educational advancement of
> the
> >inhabitants of the trust territory, and its
> >progressive development towards self-government or
> >independence” (Article 76.b. of the UN Charter).
> >Britain broke that covenant when the United Kingdom
> >signed an EDICT on 27/09/1961 ending its
> >administration of the Southern Cameroons Trust
> >Territory without ensuring that a Treaty of Union
> was
> >worked out between the Southern Cameroons and la
> >Republique du Cameroun in execution of both the
> >Trusteeship Agreement signed on 13 December 1946
> with
> >the United Nations Organisation at New York and UNO
> >Resolution 1608 (XV) of 21 April 1961.
> >
> >5. The multiplicity of liberation movements in the
> >Southern Cameroons is not helping our cause. Just
> take


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Ladies and Gentlemen:
When the light comes, darkness disappears.
Herewith the figures regarding the bad debts that crumbled the banks in Cameroun
1. SCB 150 Billion FCFA
2. Credit Agricole 51 Billion FCFA
3. Cameroon Bank 31 Billion FCFA
4. Meridien-BIAO 17 Billion FCFA
5. Banque Camerounaise de dèveloppement 22 Billion FCFA
6. Paribas Cameroun 8 Billion FCFA.

Of the 150 B, SCB…a certain Paul Biya took out 3.2B for his retirement home. Whether or not he has paid back is another matter. Since the example started at the top, everybody who has been anybody in the regime took out amounts from 50 Million to over 200 Million. I have herewith me a list of names from Abada to Zoleko David who owe SCB. There are 210 names on this list. Le Messager published this list ages ago. I can tell you that there are indeed Anglophones on that list for less that 200 Million (crumbs) out of 150 Billion!!!!! The Anglophones on the list are Egbe Tabi (54 Million) Galega Elizabeth (47 Million), Muna Georges (113 Million), Postwatch Magazine Fact File has the list of 210 bank-debtors. Available upon request and subject to unfreeing myself.
Messi-Messi the manager of SCB at the time this racket took place has since given an interview revealing how exactly the money went out of his vault. Per Messi-Messi, the late Jeane-Irene Biya called him one day to say…the president wants you to give him a loan. The next day Messi-Messi brought canteens of cash to the presidency…worth 3.2 Billion. Messi –Messi says Biya paid back the cash...but who knows. Since then regime hands went to Jeane-Irene-Biya, who gave them bits of paper for Messi-Messi. The collateral that almost all of them used was the same piece of land…the title deed to the land between the presidential guard Obili and EMIA..The land belongs to the Tsoungui family. The title deed was leased from the Tsoungui family for a small fee…
Some of the fellows who cleaned out SCB are also on the Credit Agricole list for a total 51 Billion. The Tsoungui family heads the Credit Agricole list. Now, when the SDF, was launched, Cameroon Tribune, published a fictitious story Anglophones sang the Nigerian anthem and that Fru Ndi owed Cameroon Bank. We all know the facts…that that story was not true. In fact, the courts found Cameroon tribune guilty of malicious defamation and ordered Cameroon Tribune to pay Fru Ndi 58.000.000FCFA…money that Cameroon Tribune has not paid. The song that the students intoned in Yaounde during their march was: Home Again, Home Again”. Today we intone, FreedomLand…that that “autrefois to vivais dans la barbarie”..crap.
Contrary to the direct swiping (stealing) of the 48 Billion Southern Cameroons Produce Marketing Board money, which money was in Lagos…the francophones used a different method to neutralize Anglophone Banks. We all know that Cameroon Bank was the pillar of the Anglophone economy. It was taken over by subterfuge. Cameroon bank went under with 31 Billion FCFA. The Yaounde office alone accounted for 26 of the 31 Billion. You would know that for years the Anglophone Managers of Cameroon bank refused to open a branch in Yaounde, until the Minister of Finance decreed that the branch be opened. No sooner had this branch been opened than, to circumvent, the strict lending rules of Cameroon bank, the Minister appointed a Technical Adviser in charge of Loans…a frog...naturally. The 26 Billion FCFA bad debt passed through him.
Bastardized Anglophones like Konde and Ebini would always put out the amount of crap they are putting on this forum. For one thing, they remain frogs despite all these years of shining.
Listen to Ebini: If we are that upright and effective, why are Southern Cameroonians
> > who are the majority living in Anglo and developed societies not able to prove their superiority in community building and their effectiveness/ righteousness in running organizations such as scnc/ambazonia etc. If we look at just our cultural….bla, bla, bla….
Master Ebini should probably start off refunding with interest the hard cash the SCNC spent to place him where he is at the moment…including flight ticket. Then he should educate himself on the nature of the Southern-West Cameroonian system...especially the role of the Internal and External auditors, the Courts…even the parliamentary commissions and then the press. If fact, we all agree that every governance system has its devils. They trouble is how exactly are these devils dealt with by the system. Are they allowed to run riot with impunity like the LRC system or are they dealt with.
This other fellow, Konde is a sophist, an intellectually dishonest character who uses falsehoods to bamboozle those who do not have the facts. It is true that there was a bitter animosity between the Foncha-KNDP administration and Endeley’s CPNC, but, listen, the quarrel between NCHAMI and ENDELEY had noting to do with corruption. Find out the ownership of the pro-KNDP Cameroon Times and how Nchami as a major actor, a pro-KNDP hand, used Cameroon Times the provoke Endeley. Of curse, policy in the KNDP administration was determined by its UPC (francophone) backers…even Soppo Priso who not only bankrolled the KNDP….but set its unification agenda and EVEN RIGGED THE PLESBISCITE!!!!!!!!!
How? By declaring fake results from Buea. Rigging did not start today...It started with the UPC-KNDP…This revelation was made recently by former Biya Minister John Monie Kengong. In fact, the rigging blueprint that Paul Biya is using today was a UPC-KNDP document, handed to the CDU-SDF, who turned it to Biya. Mr. Biya fell on that document on the even of the 1997 municipal-legislative elections…That is why he was creating special constituencies on the MORNING of the 1997 elections. A few Cameroon bank offices were using Foncha’s buildings...but to say that he owed the bank is bullshit. Have you visited Foncha’s house in Nkwen? Would you compare that with the average home of the average francophone kleptocrat? Konde, you are still full or it. Ditto regarding the other fellow, Ebini.

SAF wrote:


A very interesting perspective.


rexon nting wrote:

Excellent ideas, but I still beg to differ with you. Going to Sasse or any other boarding school does not guarantee that you will have the best academic results. I agree if gives you an edge over some other candidates. Success depends on talent and hardwork. Permit me make this comparison. I never went to Sasse, and never went to any formal high school. I wrote my GCE A levels as an external candidate in the mid 90's. But my brothers and relatives who went to Sasse never got better results and never got the type of qualifications and career that i can classify better than mine. I dont know of anyone in my immediate family who got better results. Maybe in the future they might have it, but not at the moment. So from my own personal experiences, success depends strictly on talent and hardwork and have nothing to do with what your parents can offer to you.

I believe like you that there is nothing like an egalitarian society, but the arguments wasnt about egalitarianism. You were strictly insinuating that the Muna's were bound to be what they are because they acquired the right education. The message i was struggling to pass across was, you should'nt insinuate that because the Muna's have the whatevers in their family, they were bound to be wealthy. Thats not true. in a semi-perfectly competitive society, the Muna's cannot stand most Southern Cameroonian families. My question is, what have they achieved outside Cameroon? You even went as far as suggesting that they have also produced a successful businesswoman from their family. Is there anything like a succesful businessperson or whatever in that french enclave? The Munas are part and parcel of that organised kleptocracy that has been managing that French enclave. If they are anything like success, then it is because henchmen in that kleptocratic regime have been protecting and financing them. The problem we have with our country is mediocrity has openly replaced meritocracy. And the Muna's in my view are strictly surviving on falsehood. I have nothing personal against them, but like most kids of the families you have listed below, their survival until this time has been grounded on falsehood. Some have distanced themselves from the illicit actions of their parents. The Muna's might be better off selling their estates and handing the money to charity, rather than pretending that they are whatever. Some children of slave merchants did thesame, why not the Muna's?


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Mr. Rexon Nting or WHATEVER:

I respect your right to have a different opinion from mine and to disagree with me. That's what freedom of speech and the tenets of democracy is all about. I also happen to know the difference between FICTION and REALITY. Let me explain.

When I was attending St. Joseph's College Sasse in the 1960s, the tuition (AKA "School Fees") was only 11,000 Frs CFA a term or 33, 000 Francs an academic Year. Late Pa John Ngu Foncha had three sons in Sasse during my five years stay there - Joe, Mathias and Martin. The erstwhile Chairman of CDC, Mr. Victor Mukete also had three sons there - Mbe, Dicko and Ebako; other Ministers and "Big Shots" in Buea like Mr. William Patrick Lebaga of West Cameroon Development Agency (WCDA) also had two boys- Anthony and Louis while I was in attendance. There were children of other Ministers in the West Cameroon Government in Buea. e.g. Messrs Daiga, Lafon, Kale name just a few.

WHAT IS THE POINT? We were not all born EQUAL. While my father struggled to come up with this School Fees of 11,000 Francs CFA a term, I was constantly being sent away from Sasse for lack of School Fees, with my education disrupted and hanging on the balance for failure to pay school fees on time. However, I never saw any of the privileged boys ever sent away for lack of School Fees. It is safe to assume that while this was going in Sasse, the same thing was going on in CPC Bali where the Muna boys were educated. WHY were they not being sent away for School fees? Well, because their parents were the people running the West Cameroon Government and were well-placed, they had access to wealth and resources that were not available to average Cameroonians like my father. This is nothing new or out of the ordinary. It has always been that way even from time immemorial.
Life has never been fair. There is no society without INEQUITIES, PREJUDICES, BIASES. I don't know what part of the world you live in, but even in an egalitarian middle class society like America this same phenomenon has been going on from time immemorial - good education and privileges for children of the Kennedys, Bushes, Vanderbilts, etc. Wealth begets more wealth and one's status in society can buy one a lot of privileges and open doors that are not open to the average run-of -the mill citizen. There is just nothing you as an individual can do about that. Social stratification has been with us from time immemorial, even among the Greeks and Romans, who first introduced and practiced democracy

Take a look at the fingers on your both hands. Why are all of them not identical or created the same? Because they all have different roles to play, from the thumb through the middle finger to the pinky. One cannot let that stand in the way of what one is going to do in life. YES! there were about 72 of us admitted into Sasse College and only about 42 took the GCE of the University of London. The other 30 were either victims of lack of School Fees or the inability to pass examinations or some other disciplinary reason. In retrospect, what if I had packed up my bags and went to a corner lamenting about the injustices, prejudices,
inequities and biases of an unfair Cameroon society, WHERE WOULD I BE TODAY? Given the Life expectancy of 47years for the average male Cameroonian, I could very well have been dead.

Ndah Somdah

rexon nting wrote:

"Oh just to let you know that this Victoria Boy is also keeping his eyes on the wheeling and dealing that goes on in Victoria, the last time I was at home and checked, ATLANTC BEACH HOTEL on the way to Botanical Gardens, at the base of SDO's House, is owned by the Muna Family.
Anybody from English-speaking Cameroon who does not know that the Muna Family is well placed is living in a fool's paradise. Like it or not, late Pa Solomon Tabeng Muna trained his children well. The family has a Physician, Cadiologist, 2 Lawyers, Aeronautic Engineer, a well established business woman-cum-politicia n. Now if people from such a background acquire wealth, who am I to be speculating with all kinds of bogus theories as to how they came about their wealth?"

Permit me differ with you from this statement of yours. First of all, how did the Muna's manage to get their education? Was their father the only one who could finance the education of his children at such level? When people betray a nation, and pretend to have been succesful, they should not be defended without second thoughts. The Muna's might have gone to school, good and fine, but the opportunities presented to them before and after education might have been doctrined and guided by plutocrats. what have these people achieved out of Cameroon? Lets discuss what the Foncha's, NJFN's, Muna's et al have achieved beyond the borders of the very corrupt La Republique. Can you please enumerate their them?

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Why are you so predictable? You could be lying in your grave and if the name "Bamenda" is mentioned, I can guarantee you that, you will turn in your grave mumbling WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHY????? When it comes to anything to do with the North westerners in particular and the Bamenda people in particular, One can NEVER expect anything from you other than FALSEHOOD, HALF-TRUTHS and CRACK-POT ideas to advance your hidden agenda against the North westerners in English-speaking Cameroon.

FALSEHOOD # 1: You said in one of your postings that the Cameroon Times was a KNDP Newspaper and that Cameroon Bank had been reduced to a cash cow of the KNDP. First off I would like to separate the two issues.

(1) About the Cameroon Times Newspaper, your assertion could not be further from the truth. It was in the Cameroon Times that the late Tataw Obenson considered a social critic and a political gadfly wrote his scathing "AKO AYA" column. To the best of my recollection, the Cameroon Times was not only the the most renowned, it was also the only reputable source of information at the time in West Cameroon, managed by Mr. Dikuba or Mr. Gwellem (if my memory is not failing me). In an environment like Cameroon where the lack of the rule of law and lack of freedom of expression are the norm, unlike what you and I know obtains in America guaranteed by First Amendment rights, it is easy to get the misimpression that the leading Newspaper and the ruling Political Party are in bed with each other.

(2) About Cameroon Bank and its operations: Between the 11th February 1961 Plebiscite in which the diminutive late Pa Dr. John Ngu Foncha beat the towering late Pa Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe Endeley, M.D. and 1971 or thereabouts when the Cameroon Bank crisis started with a Commision Of Enquiry set to probe its affairs, CAMEROON BANK was regarded as an indigenuous Bank set up with indigenious Cameroon Capital, unlike Standard Bank of West Africa (SBWA) or Barclays Bank, DCO with foreign Capital. The point is that CamBank was seen as the Financial Institution to be patronized by West Cameroonians. I also remember that as a West Cameroon Civil Servant, we were strongly encouraged to patronize CamBank by moving accounts from the other banks to Cameroon Banks and to choose CAMBANK as our choice for Direct Deposit of our paychecks:

POINT: To suggest that CAMBANK was an financial institution operated as a cash cow by a Bamenda cabal is self-serving, irresponsible and DISINGENUOUS.
Oh and by the way, when you talk of properties in Victoria owned by Late Pa John Ngu Foncha, late Njikam of lands and Surveys, etc. etc. I simply do not get the point. These were people of means at the time who could afford and paid for theses properties. Oh just to let you know that this Victoria Boy is also keeping his eyes on the wheeling and dealing that goes on in Victoria, the last time I was at home and checked, ATLANTC BEACH HOTEL on the way to Botanical Gardens, at the base of SDO's House, is owned by the Muna Family.
Anybody from English-speaking Cameroon who does not know that the Muna Family is well placed is living in a fool's paradise. Like it or not, late Pa Solomon Tabeng Muna trained his children well. The family has a Physician, Cadiologist, 2 Lawyers, Aeronautic Engineer, a well established business woman-cum-politicia n. Now if people from such a background acquire wealth, who am I to be speculating with all kinds of bogus theories as to how they came about their wealth?

Konde: do you know of the names of any Banks east of the River Moungo and how they operated prior to the so-called Unification of East and West Cameroon on May 20, 1972? If you do, please tell us a little more about them. If there were any Commercial Banks, how did they raise capital, how did they create money and what role did they play in the money supply and economy of East Cameroun?

Ndah Somdah

Emmanuel Konde wrote:

Third I aka Paul Atang:
I thank you for clearing the air, and for disabusing
many of the pipedream that Pa Foncha was pious, lived
and died poor. I am, however, disappointed that your
research into Pa Foncha's real estate holdings in
Limbe did not go far enough. Surely, if you know
about the beach property of Pa Foncha in Limbe, you
should at least have an inkling about the government
buildings in Bota that he appropriated.

Why pretend ignorance? Granted, the KNDP kleptocrats
were mainly from Bamenda but they did not represent
the rank and file of the Bamenda people. They
constituted a class, a special class of politically
powerful but ill-educated and ill-informed
individuals; not an ethnic group or a congeries of
ethnic groups. That's why I have limited myself to
individual kleptocrats, such as Pa Foncha and Mr.

Research? Evidence? Go to Limbe and ask any Victorial
Old Boy to direct you to the looted government
properties of the men I have listed above.
Let's face it: For all it is worth, Francophone
politicians came rather late to the business of
"kleptocraticism" invented by some Anglophone
politicians of the KNDP. It is possible that the
Anglophone politicians learned it from their
counterparts in the British colony of Nigeria where
they served their political apprenticeships, during
the 1950s and early 1960s.

There is no need for you to rant and rile. The looted
buildings are unmistakable evidences of my contention.
The research is on you. Go vist Limbe, ask, and they
will be shown to thee!
--- Third I wrote:

> Prof Konde:
> As a History Prof. you are expected to report
> without bias hsitorical facts. I am not sure where
> you got your facts about the Late Pa Foncha taking
> for his own good, properties in Fako. For starters,
> the Late Dr. J.N Foncha actually owned a property by
> the Victoria sea. This land he acquired and
> constructed this property on. He owned property in
> Buea also, but what is wrong in the Vice President
> of the Federal Republic of Cameroon, whose pension
> then was capable of buying these properties,
> actually buying them? He was also given a property
> in Yaounde as part of his retirement package when he
> left the government. Going by the logic of the
> Professor, he fraudulently took control of these.
> What I will like the honorable Professor, who seem
> to see no good from his Bamenda "mumas" is to
> substantiate his 'facts' with evidences. As a
> researcher, I know he understands the value of the
> positive from the normative. My dear Guru, can you
> give us verifiable evidences to support your
> allegatiopns?
> Emmanuel Konde wrote:
> Pure hokum! This romantic notion of West
> Cameroon may
> have existed until the departure of the expatriates.
> The vacuum created by the departure of the
> expatriates
> was filled by KNDP corruption that reduced the state
> to a spoils system. The loot began in earnest,
> especially among those who came from afar. Read:
> Mr. John Ngu Foncha may have chosen to live an
> ascetic
> life. But he was neither poor nor pious. Behind the
> calm demeanor and self-effacing attitude lurked a
> man
> who participated fully in the politics of curruption
> of his times. He still owns a number of properties
> in
> Limbe, including government buildings that he and
> his
> cohorts expropriated and transformed into personal
> properties. I almost rented one his apartments on
> the
> Limbe coastline in 1998 but the delinquent tenant
> refused to vacate.
> Thievery was rife in West Cameroon. When we were
> growing up in Victoria the story of Dr. Endeley
> picking up the diminutive SDO of Victoria, Mr.
> Nchame,
> and throwing him down the stairs on account of
> corruption reached us. It did happen because the SDO
> spent some time in hospital recuperating thereafter.
> Mr. Nchame and many non-natives of Victoria,
> including
> Pa Foncha, own lots of property in Limbe. The sad
> thing about their thievert is not that they took
> they
> never intended to pay; the sad story is that they
> expropriated state properties in Fako. There will
> come a time when these properties will be returned
> to
> the Cameroon people.
> KNDP introduced a new kind of corruption in West
> Cameroon that resulted in rendering the state
> coffers
> empty. There was nothing left in West Cameroon, and
> so many West Cameroonians, including the pious and
> impious, abandoned Buea and sought refuge in
> Yaounde.
> I understand that some of us do not like to be told
> the truth because it is bitter. No sooner these
> truths are unveiled than unfounded accusations are
> brought to bear on the chronicler(s) . Anglophones
> must come face-to-face with the misdeeds of their
> forebears. Until these misdeeds are discussed openly
> and reconciled, the so-called Anglophone
> marginalization will persist.
> I am not sure how Foncha and Fru Ndi can be singled
> out as the only people who destroyed Cameroon Bank.
> There was a rush among the Anglophone elite,
> precipitated by Foncha & Co.who took new residences
> in
> Yaounde, to deplete the resources of Cameroon Bank.
> Cocoyams cultivators and ill-trained teachers became
> politicians and guardians of the state and its
> resources. Suddenly thrust in power, what did you
> expect? There is not a single anglophone statesman
> who
> wrote a treatise or essay about the future they
> envisoned for Southern Cameroons. They were busy
> depleting the state.
> --- SAF wrote:
> > Chris
> >
> > We are talking about a political system in
> > Southern Cameroon that was far more civilized than
> > the dictatorship in LRC in the 50s or today. We
> had
> > a political system that check-mated corruption. If
> > you go to LRC today, everything is up for sale in
> > government offices. Now Chris, if you grew up in
> > Southern Cameroon or West Cameroon, you will agree
> > with me that you did not have to pay a government
> > civil servant to provide you a service. Today in
> > LRC, it is the norm. Is it not true that LRC is
> one
> > of the most corrupt countries in the world? I did
> > not make that up – did I? Did you read that cable
> > from the US Embassy in Yaounde? It is all telling
> > about the level of corruption in LRC – doesn’t it?
> > Did you ever see hear or read about that magnifute
> > of corruption in Southern Cameroon? We had a news
> > paper columnist – a legend by name Ako Aya who
> went
> > after Southern Cameroon civil servants who
> returned
> > form Bamenda with land rovers filled with goats
> and
> > chicken. Do you
> > understand why Ako Aya blew the whistle on these
> > civil servants? Do understand why there were
> > several commissions of enquiries set up to
> > investigate appearances of conflict of interest in
> > government? That is the stuff southern Cameroon
> was
> > made of.
> > Man is by nature prone to corruption. In a
> > civilized society like the one we live in, there
> are
> > laws to checkmate corruption. That is what we had
> > in Southern Cameroon/West Cameroon. Laws against
> > corruption, embezzlement and mismanagement of
> > government property were taken serious. Any one
> > caught was thrown in jail. Corruption is a cancer
> > that is eating the fabric of Camerounian society.
> > If one takes a loan and does not pay back the
> > principal plus interest, it is up to the bank to
> > garnish the person’s property. Why, if Fru Ndi
> > took a loan, was his property not garnished? Let’s
> > apply some common sense here. He was not a
> > politician at the time he allegedly took the loan.
> > There were auctions in Southern Cameroon –
> remember?
> > Why weren’t the properties of these individuals
> you
> > mentioned in your posting garnished and auctioned
> > out? Were there auctions in LRC in the 60s and
> 70s?
> > I never lived there, maybe you did –can you please
> > education us?
> > SAF
> >
> > christmasebini@ wrote:
> > SAF
> >
> > The inaccuracies flooded in your writing are the
> > actual hold-ups
> > to our being able to move forward. We keep being
> > dishonest and
> > deceitful of what truly went on in West Cameroon.
> > We delude
> > ourselves with the notion that we are better human
> > beings in
> > governance and accountability than francophones.
> > If we are
> > that upright and effective, why are Southern
> > Cameroonians
> > who are the majority living in Anglo and developed
> > societies
> > not able to prove their superiority in community
> > building and
> > their effectiveness/ righteousness in running
> > organizations
> > such as scnc/ambazonia etc. If we look at just our
> > cultural
> > groups, you will be amazed to find that the
> > francophone
> > groups are being more productive and better
> > organized than
> > the anglophone groups. I have always told my
> fellow
> > Southern Cameroonians how dishonest we are about
> > ourselves
> > and very soon we will start crying and shouting
> how
> > we
> > are being marginalized by the francophones in the


Prince Kumba,

Honestly, the message in your posting from Chrismas Ebini is a total lie. I mean a big one of course. I have lived and experienced life in 3 European cities. In all these cities, No francophone organisation does not function out of the realms of corruption. They plan it and live it without any fear but works in small kleptocratic groups that defends themselves. They make sure no righteous person belongs to any rightful executive commitee so that they dictate how to manipulate the masses. For more precision, ask any Cameroonian what is happening and has been happenning in Glasgow. That would be a simple test for my theory. I dont want to elaborate on what i know have been happening in Cameroonian associations in Gothenburg, Stockholm etc. Without any ulterior motive, i can honestly believe that a Southern Cameroonian is a better manager than citizens of La Republique.

Legima Doh

Fellow Comrades,

Our resources are being looted everyday to the exclusive benefit of la republique.There are the chief agents responsible for the process.

Find below, the list of 44 billionaires submitted by the Americans to Mr. Biya to continue the EPERVIER operation he started last March 2006. The list was published by a local newspaper called the Le Jeune Observateur and listed the billionaires in order of importance.
1. Polycarpe Abah Abah 2. Alphonse Siyam Siwe 3. Emmanuel Gerard Ondo Ndong 4. Gervais Mendo Ze 5. Remy Ze Meka 6. Pierre Desire Engo 7. Akame Mfoumou 8. E.N. Etonde Ekoto 9. Atangana Mebara 10. Marafa Hamidou Yaya 11. z. MungweForjingdam 12. Njankou Lamare 13. Charles Metouck 14. Peter Akumche Awa 15. E.E.Etoundi Oyono 16. Talba Malla Oumate 17. Aristide M. Okouda 18. Yves Michel Fotso 19. Jean B. Bokam 20. O. Olanguena Awono 21. Iya Mohamed 22. Josep Edou 23. G. Roger Belinga 24. Louis P. Motaze 25. Meva’a M’Eboutou 26. Roger Melingui 27. Pierre Titi 28. S. Mounchipou 29. Gregoire Owona 30. Patricia Enam 31. E. Mongori 32. Nyamsi Mongue 33. Charles Tawamba 34. Laurent Nkodo 35. P. Ngamo Hamani 36. A. Manga Massina 37. Rebecca Ndedi 38. Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo’o 39. Perrrial Nyodog 40. Lucien Meva’a 41. J. Njomatchoua 42. Caroline Abah Abah 43. Foumane Akame Take note of number 11 on the list. This might explain why some people behaved in Santa during the 22 July elections as if they were drugged. If I see someone coming up that way, I will send the newspaper to you for the various comments on each name. Regards, W. Tallah

Peace Shall Reign in our Motherland.

Legima Doh,


Legima DOh, when next you make or support accusations please include your sources. I am not saying that these people are not guilty, but you don't just make accusations without quoting your source. Accusations without sources can be classified as propaganda and defamation of character. legima Doh,please learn the rules of the game before you play it. Now can you kindly paste your source so that we can confirm your accusations. Thank you!!!!



It is thesame old story, in your country's language, they say, "ou sont les preuves". You see, that is what you always ask. Let me tell you something. In Glasgow, citizens of La Republique and Southern Cameroonians dont see eye to eye because, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that frogs are very corrupt. In Glasgow for example, frogs organised themselves into small groups in the executives after driving out all Southern Cameroonians, to benefit from the loophole in the associations law that says a member would be paid 500 pounds if he looses any of his biological parents. Within a short period of time, individuals were loosing their parents week after week. Is that not the culture of a frog? Corruption is all what they think about. The live it and you cannot deny that. You are worried because the list just includes frogs. Its a shame.

Paa Ngembus

USOfAfrica alias FuckAm le Feyman,

My little Froggie.

What is wrong with you?

You cannot read simple English anymore.

Here is what the article that was forwarded says:

The list was published by a local newspaper called the Le Jeune Observateur and listed the billionaires in order of importance.

Dishonesty is really a terrible thing.

It renders you blind MA BOY.

You see and refuse to acknowledge.

You frogs are just pitiful.

See you later kiddo.

Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary

Over the years, I have often pondered why we are so irreconcilably and irrevocably different from the frogs.

Frogs, like us, have laws, rules and norms, but why do those things not work in the murky pond?
Something that becomes apparent is that among the frogs is that a person's status and closeness to power is demonstrated by their ability to create exemptions for themselves to law, rules and norms. A big man or woman can therefore steal public property openly, with complete impunity. Notions such as conflict of interest are inoperative. Do not think this is limited to the colonies. Until recently, there were no consequences in France for corruption in government. Flaunting the rules is inbuilt.

Did people break the rules in Southern Cameroons/West Cameroon. They did, but they did so furtively. There was no flaunting of theft. It was all done under the cover of dark, because there was shame, stigma and sanction associated with it, even for highly placed people. Bribery and corruption did exist, but it was the exception rather than the rule, and there was NEVER any question of swaggering, alcohol-smelling, sweat-stinky, foul breathed, pot-bellied gendarmes openly extorting bribes from members of the public. NEVER.

These defects of the murky pond only worsened over time and became infectious to us. There is no possibility of their cure. 5 decades have not led us closer to their resolution. So much better to leave them to their fates.

Ma Mary

ONE and not OBE

Ma Mary

If you know of ANY occupation officer, armed or unarmed committing crimes against any Southern Cameroonian person or property, we shall be starting a center where such crimes should be reported. All details about the criminal shall be gathered and reported.


Paa NgemGOAT, did you really go to school?
The list was published by a local newspaper called the Le Jeune Observateur and listed the billionaires in order of importance.
......"-Legima Doh
is that how you quote sources? is that what you were taught in school? eh NgemGOAT? were you thought on how to quote from newspapers? were you thought on how to quote online sources? is that how you were thought? horrendous! and you are calling me dishonest? you have just confirmed that you are really a ,Paa NgemGOAT.
And as for Rexon,
your accusation that I am asking for sources because the list is made up of "frogs" is just absurd. Sometimes, you guys are speak like kindergarten kids. So if somebody runs into your house and tells you that MR. A has said this and that, you will just carry your BIG HEAD and believe. You will just not even wait to confirm the facts. From your words, I can see the kind of people that you guys are. Your passion for something should not turn you into block-headed fools. Whenever an accusation is made, you need to make sure that you have your source well quoted in order to prevent any embarrassment. Especially for people like you Rexon and Legima Doh who just open their mouths and say anything they have heard. You will one day publish or say something untrue and you will pay for it. When dealing with politics, always make sure you have your source well quoted. The fact I do not like somebody does not mean that I will believe anything I hear. I treat defamation of character very seriously so when you make accusations like the ones Legima Doh made, you need to properly quote your sources. I repeat, do not let your passion for a cause turn you into fools. It will lead to your inevitable doom.

Legima Doh

Comrades Rexon,Paa Ngembus thank you very much.Ma Mary thanks for your comment.

Pseudonym USAfrica,
Firstly,you want to consider your language for it is vile and vulgar.You would have used your wit to find out about le Jeune observateur so to see whether it published the list or not.But if i may ask,is the source though given and though not enough for you more important than delving into the allegations to find out about the billions.You also did not challenge comrade Rexon's statement that is commonplace for those thieves together with the brainwashed of your type to always ask for proves.Ou sont les preuves is the humdrum question in la republique.
You are going banana to say that our passion for a cause may turn us to fools.It is you who have developed a stupid and unbridled desire to criticize everything that prospers the course of the liberation of our motherland.You said we just open our mouths and say thing we have heard.So i heard from Jeune observateur right and therefore repeated what i heard from them and to you is am dafaming characters.You are just stupid to say so cos any wise person would say instead first say so to Jeune observateur and until they deny not having published the list can i therefore be brought to the scene for having quoted them.
We don't give a damn about all your malignant thoughts given to our sensitization process.It is you who will end in perdition.

Peace shall reign on our land of peace.

Legima Doh

Paa Ngembus

USOfAfrica alias FuckAm le Feyman,

You are such an ignorant buffoon.

The more you write, the more you make a fool of yourself.

Not only are you in your ignorance unable to realize that the article was forwarded, you failed to see that the original author signed it.

Here it is:

If I see someone coming up that way, I will send the newspaper to you for the various comments on each name. Regards, W. Tallah

"W. Tallah" is not "Legima Doh".

Also, the list that was published is well known. It has been published and circulated in one form or another by virtually all your froggie tabloids.

I can see we are really driving you bananas.

That just makes my day man.

My favorite passtime is to drive frogs crazy. The angrier you get with me, the happier I am.

So go on Bozo, make my day.

BTW, insults have absolutely no effect on me. They fall on me as water will on a duck's back.

So fire on Froggie.

Paa Ngembus

Legima Doh

Thanks alot comrade Paa Ngembus.people like usafrica are blinded by their stupid and unbridled desire to criticize us but unfortunately to no avail.they are shamed by their idiocy.

peace upon our land.

Legima Doh


Legima Doh, you call my language "vile and vulgar" but you openly praise Paa NgemGOAT...hahahaha...hypocrisy will swallow you alive.


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