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Thursday, 23 August 2007


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"Should the Opposition Join the Biya Government".

To this questions, I have two futher questions?.

1) Would the opposition joining the government not be a test of the virtues they've been preaching all along these years?. For example, did Nicholas Sakorzy not leave his 20 year held Mayor responsibilty before demonstrating his exceptional managerial skills in the ministry entrusted him which resulted to his tenancy at Elysee?.

2)With the opposition in Gov't, will the SDF(for example) and CPDM not serve as mutual checks as they will mutually criticise each other, there-by paving the way to democracy and good governance?.


Remember, Biya reserves the sole right to appoint and dismiss any minister at his own whims and caprices. Any minister appointed must be answerable to Biya, the one who appoints, without which you are dismissed.

Now tell me how a minister appointed by Mr. Biya will be an opposition to Mr.Biya and yet maintains his ministerial position.

Has any one ever immagined the kind of humiliation that Fru Ndi will have if he accepts to join the Government and is later dismissed as minister if he does not dance to the tone of Biya?


What is a government? It is a group of selected few to pilot the affairs of the country.It is a group because these are individuals who are considered well polished ,and are therefore entrusted with the mandate of fighting for the wellbeing of the people.A government should definitely have a pilot,and even co-pilot to help it go about the issues of the day with a clear sense of direction.Because a government is the very essence of the various components of the society, it is accountable to its pilot,and the people.
Talking about the representativity of the various components of the society,the Head of government should not be partisan in any way.This is because the government should normally made up of members of the civil society, artists,Religious leaders, and politicians.If this is not the case then the Head of Government ,or Head of State to whom the members of government pay allegiance will use ministerial portfolios as sinecures.This is exactly what has been ensuing in Cameroon.We have therefore been able to see fanciful nomenclatures like "Presidential Majority" with party leaders,and other actors completely surrendering their partiality,their manhood,and above all their representativity in quest for things of the flesh.It is downright ridiculous for the President ,or who ever to start nursing hopes of the SDF joining the government.How can one reconcile the fact that the SDF wants to kick Biya out ,because he doesn`t know what is a government,and at the same time wants to take part in the government of such an unwanted man? In a democratic country, the Prime Minister comes from the party that has the highest representation in parliament, not handpicked from the Presidents party.Unless Cameroonians were so shortsighted that they would not even be able to pose the question why Biya should seize all the councils,and parliamentary seats won by the SDF in order to eradicate the party,but will readily want to hand over the Ministeries of Finance, Armed Forces,and Justice to the SDF.The question now is why take part in a government when such a scenario is only wishful thinking? Since 1992 when Biya robbed Fru Ndi of hard earned victory,how many government has he formed? Has he not been doing it with is minions Bello BOuba,Koddock ,Daissala? What have they achieved? Why is only now that he is on his way out that he sees the wisdom to have the SDF onboard? Of course to dilute the popular upheavals that will come from opposition supporters in 2011 if he were to play another Maradona.
It is not because Biya has talked about the opposition joining his inconsequential government that we should start happing about the ability of the SDF to transform whatsoever.The SDF is not going to smear itself in the crass that Biya has spilled so far.He is walking down the last mile of his life,and is going to be made to bare the consequences of his foolhardy.The SDF is a clean slate ,and will not accept to bail Biya out of this nasty situation.The SDF wants Biya out,and will therefore put together the jigsaw pieces again ,and work for the welbeing of the people.Biya is the Cpdm party leader,and FRu Ndi that of the SDF. If there has to be any democratic way to pick ministers, the two should be in an equal footing, and ask the Cameroonian people to propose those they think are good for the job,jsut as the Bishops,the SDF,and other members of the society did with Elecam.A government in a democratic system has to do with consultation,not dictats.Let Biya first of all help clean those of his Ministers he has kept on 'preventive detention' at Kondengui,before trying to look for Ministers in the SDF.With all state apparati,money he handpicked his brothers,and if they did not listen to him what is he looking for fours to the end of his subsequently renewable term.For those who have ears,get this again: Your councils,parliamentary seats cannot be incessantly seized,then you start seeing a mirage ahead about Ministerial posts,and not keep away from such buffoonery.


Welcome back; we really missed you and others who were affected by censorship.


The SDF like the CPDM has its own plan of governing the country. For the SDF to join they have to be a compromise on the different platforms.
Based on the present situation, the SDF should not join for they are going to be frustrated. Also the people assuming such positions might behave the Bello Bouba/Koddock way.
The SDF was created to rule and not to goin others to rule.


Biya is a first order criminal.if u want tó eat with him,then u should be careful because he has the best football team in Africa full of proffessors,Doctors and Engineers!
what are the conditions or agreement for coalition!SDF be careful,else CPDM will swallow U.


This is atrocious. Has it come to this? talks about the SDF joining the governement? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO and NO. The SDF keeps failing it's people every year. They talk, talk and talk but we see no results. I think the Cameroonian people are tired of this bullshit poltical display.We need a stronger political party that delivers, we want change, and this nonsensical cat-and-mouse game that the CPDM and the SDF are playing is taking Camneroonians backward and not forward. The time given to the SDF to bring change has elapsed. Fru Ndi and his talking workshop have run out of magic tricks.



You are very right, SDF has been talking the talk and not walking the walk. No body wants to take the risk to walk the walk. We all know within us that only a violent uprise in the form of a Military coup or a civil war will stop Biya. So who is there within the ranks of our military that has the guts to initiate the inevitable?.
I have a gut feeling that something is in the pipeline.
In life, there is the tendency for change to come pouring in just when all hopes are shattered and when things seem to have come to a dead end.
Personally, i think Paul Biya is a dead man Walking.

God is on our side.
Enough is enough.


Biya's government exists for one reason, and one reason only, to keep Biya in power by deceiving the world that he is not a dictator but a democrat. In that context, the "opposition" by taking part in his "elections" are already part of his government. The "opposition" by playing Biya's game, lying to the world that Cameroon is a democracy, are to a certain extent part of Biya's government. They are playing the game just the way Biya wants it.


I understand the SDF has been in the legislative arm of La Republiques government through its participation in parliament since 1997. I guess i am right as every government includes its legislatives and executive arm. Ohhh, maybe in that French enclave called Cameroon, the legislature is not part of that the government.


I will want to make it clear here that cpdm didnt have any majority they just siezed what they have today and claim they won.
Its all due to abject poverty and long troat (langa) thats taking alot of cameroonians to cpdm rallies and the way the regime in place had to treat civil servants and business people who were not of the ruling cpdm.
Business people join the cpdm in other not to pay taxes and some go in to aquire contracts which is all at the detriment to our country.
Next are civil servants they join th cpdm not to be victimise and to get promotions.
Then the unemployed hurry up to catch the 5000 they are offered during attendance to cpdm rallies,this money is still our money beign used to use us.
So what I try to say here is many arein the cpdm robes but they dont vote them,if you emergine the mamout crowd they project yet in most of thoes areas they cannt even beat the SDF.
My advice to the SD is if they dare join the regime they should be ready to dance to Mr Biya s tone cause if not all the ministers will be throne out with a twinkle of an eye.

Danny Boy

Mr. Watesih and Mr. "Dadiceman"
how we have missed your brief absence from this forum. Welcome back Bros.
Hope Kiki will join us soon.
Blessed be all sons and daughters of Cameroon.


SDF,my brothers from the southern cameroons,SDF,should join the government and oppose any evil of the government while they are in the house.If they claim it will not change anything,is it when we stay out that something will change?Let's think it well before its late.I think Fru Ndi should also give way to young and dynamic men with working brains.He has out lived his usefulness.

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