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Friday, 14 September 2007


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Fellow Cameroonians,

Let us all rally behind the Head of State for the realisation of the greater achievements programme.

Thanks to all of you especially the North West for having massively voted for the CPDM and given His Excellency the clear mandate and majority to carry out his noble mission.

We all need to join hands with the Head of State to build Cameroon. It is not the task of one man but for the whole nation.

Please continue to keep our President and family in your prayers for long life, good health and prosperity.

Thank you.

JB Ndeh,
CPDM Central Committee

Tita Mofaw

The only thing that popo can quote about other democracies is irregularity.Can you not talk about the separation of powers, civil society, respect of constitution,and an independent electoral commission? Why not just tell the international community that we don't need deomcracy in Cameroon.For once in your life Paul Biya try to be bold and call a spade a spade.Just say in Cameroon we have another system called Biyocracy and the world will understand rather than try to call it democracy.


Dear All,

This is Pa Ngembus.

I wish to announce my resignation from the so-called Southern Cameroons cause.

After reading your ideas for the development of our great fatherland, I have become convinced that what Cameroon needs is national unity around President Biya and not secession squabbles.

Please abandon the SCNC and join President Biya to fight poverty and underdevelopment, which is the real enemy.

Anglophones are fine and living happily in their fatherland Cameroon. There is no problem. In fact you can see from the last cabinet appointments how President Biya loves Anglophones.

Ma Mary, Rexon and others please follow this good examply of mine and repent for you will find forgiveness from President Biya and the CPDM if you truly repent.

Please don’t listen to anybody else. Others will try to steal my identity on the Post and lie to you. Don’t believe them. This is the real Pa Ngembus.

Take care.

Paa Ngembus



Mr John-begheni Ndeh,

I very much like your courage, but I would like to inform you that if you wish to send you normal thanks giving praises as usual to your fellow CPDM militants or to your head of state, you could contact the CPDM radio and press via the following addresses:

Radio and TV:

CRTV, Mballa II
P.O. Box 1624
City Yaounde
Country Cameroon
Telephone +237 221 40 77 / 40 88


SOPECAM,(Société de Presse et d'Editions du Cameroun)
Route de l'aéroport
BP : 1218 Yaoundé - Cameroun
Tél : (+237) 230.41.47 - 230.36.89 - 230.41.48

Mr Ndeh, just call those numbers and say you are mr ndeh and you'll have free adverts and campaigns.

The postnewsline is not designed for courageous CPDM campaigners like yourself. I like your courage though. I know you would be telling Mr biya that you campaigned for the CPDM by having an encounter with the most resistant anglophones, who are anti-CPDM. maybe all these your write-ups are just pieces of evidence to show to Mr Biya how had you've been working for him to appoint you.
Good luck and who knows, you may have to be the minsiter of finance or amongst the many vice prime ministers.


Tita Mofaw

No Mr. AGbor.
His excellency John B. Ndeh is waiting for the post of PM.

Like I said earlier now that we are all CPDM (which is a very good thing for nation building) our main struggle now should be who gets the PM position.This is good news because it is just an internal struggle which I beleive POPO can handle.The PM could be rotatory on a monthly basis because I know that all the sub-divisions in Cameroon are dreaming to have one of theirs appointed to that post.Who knows I might get my chances too.


"Please don’t listen to anybody else. Others will try to steal my identity on the Post and lie to you. Don’t believe them. This is the real Pa Ngembus."
This person claiming to be Paa NgemGOAT,
From what you just wrote, it is clear that you are not the real Paa NgemGOAT. Do you think we are fools? you IDIOT, who gave you the audacity to use someone's identity? you should be banished from this forum you Biya ass licker. Shame on you!! This site is for people to share their ideas and not for blackmail and identity theft.
As much as I hate Paa NgemGOAT, I think is disgusting for a buffoon like you to try to steal his identity and use it to promote alliance with Biya.
I also discovered that you are fake because of th way you spelled "Pa-Ngembus". Paa Ngembus always spells his name as "Paa Ngembus" and not "Pa-Ngembus".
You identity thief, this kind of behaviour is not permitted on this forum. We are wise men and we all catch all forms of thievery.
This is th only time I will be on the same side with Paa NgemGOAT so Mr. NgemGOAT after this we can kindly go back to being enemies.


Thank you UnitedStatesofAfrica,

To make up for my foolishness in the past in supporting the SCNC, I now have as mission to convince you to see the light and join our beloved Excellency President Paul Biya to bring about the greater achievements programme and the New Deal.

Infact I am really sorry for past errors.

Don't worry brother my heart and mind have been won over.

I hae no other doctrine now except President Biya and the CPDM.

Paa Ngembus



PLEASE IGNORE THIS IDENTITY THIEF CLAIMING TO BE PAA NGEMBUS. His pseudonym is Pa-ngembus instead of Paa ngmebus. He cannot change it to Paa ngembus because this site does not permit 2 people to use the same pseudonym. Please you fool, we are no children. IGNORE THE IMPOSTOR


The ancestors have already unleashed a curse on you and your family for having the balls to come to this forum and telling us to join hands for the devilish regime of that bllod-thirsty vampire in ETOUDI. Do you have a conscience Mr. JB NDEH? DO you really have a soul? I ask again, do you have a conscience or have you sold it to that devil for petty fame, wealth and even worse, that figure head post called PM? why would you dare open your mouth and say something like CPDM is the only hope for Cameroonians? have you ever lived with the masses of cameroon? have you seen how they have been living all for over 25 years? do you see the taxes they pay? do you know how much they even earn to pay such taxes? do you know how anglophones are being persecuted in their own country? do you know ho many anglophone students graduate from UB to join the band wagon of unenployment?
What has the CPDM done for us? no roads, no development, no nothing. They have spat on our face and joined our inperialists, france being the most notorious,to laugh at us and then you have the audacity to come here, open your filthy mouth and say something like let us join our hands for the devil in ETOUDI? You can enjoy your money but remmember that you will pay the price in the after life. Our ancestors have already thrown a curse on you and you will pay, a very heavy price.


Agbor, it is a shame that you admire MR.JB NDEH's devilish courage. You are admiring Power sent from the devil? wonders shall never seize. And Tita Morfaw, you are equally eyeing the position to sit by the devil's throne? ok, you guys shall have the same fate as JB NDEH and his cohorts of vampires. Our ancestors will frown and curse anybody who betrays his own people for money? mind you. A heavy curse is coming.


Biya DUMPS prof. Gervais Mendo Ze.


Did you realise that prof. Mendo Ze was dumped ? Was it a mistake or some deliberate act by the CRTV not to announce that Mendo Ze had been shown the door?

Take a critical look at the full list of the ministerial proliferation position. Notice that no. 33 is vacant. Who was supposed to be no. 33? Of course Prof. Gervais Mendo Ze who was minister Delegate in the Ministry of Communication. "Take ya eye chop Christmas!"

Complete List of Government
1) Prime Minister and Head of Government: Ephraim Inoni

2) Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals:
Amadou Ali

3) Minister of State, Secretary General at the Presidency of the
Republic: Laurent Esso

4) Minister of State, Minister of Post and Telecommunication: Bello
Bouba Maigari

5) Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence: Rémy
Ze Meka

6) Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Relations with
the Assemblies: Grégoire Owona

7) Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Higher State
Control: David Siegfried Etamé Massoma

8) Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Administration and
Decentralisation: Marafa Hamidou Yaya

9) Minister of Urban Development and Housing: Clobert Tchatat

10) Minister of Basic Education: Haman Adama

11) Minister of Labour and Social Security: Robert Nkili

12) Minister of Employment and Professional Training: Zacharie

13) Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries:
Aboubakari Sarki

14) Minister of Youth Affairs: Adoum Garoua

15) Minister of Sports and Physical Education: Thiery Augustin Edjoa

16) Minister of Finance: Essimi Menye

17) Minister of Industries, Mines and Technological Development:
Ndanga Ndinga Badel

18) Minister of Public Works: Bernard Messengue Avom

19) Minister of Secondary Education: Louis Bapés Bapés

20) Minister of Energy and Water: Jean Bernard Sindeu

21) Minister of Tourism: Baba Amadou

22) Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife: Elvis Ngolle Ngolle

23) Minister of Higher Education: Jacques Fame Ndongo

24) Minister of Social Affairs: Catherine Bakang Mbock

25) Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform: Emmanuel
26) Minister of Commerce: Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana

27) Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation: Madeleine

28) Minister of Small and Medium Size Enterprises, Artisanal and
Social Economy: Laurent Etoundi Ngoa

29) Minister of Women Promotion and the Family: Suzanne Mbomback

30) Minister Delegate in the Ministry of External Relations in
charge of Relations with the Commonwealth: Joseph Dion Ngute

31) Minister Delegate in the Ministry of External Relations in
charge of Relations with the Islamic World: Adoum Gargoum

32) Minister Delegate in the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and
Regional Development: Yaouba Abdoulaye

33) Minister Delegate in the Ministry of Communication: ?

34) Minister Delegate in the Ministry of Territorial Administration
and Decentralisation: Emmanuel Edou

35) Minister Delegate in the Ministry of Environment: Nana
Aboubakar Djalloh

36) Minister Delegate in the Ministry of Justice and Keeper of the
Seals: Maurice Kamto

37) Minister in charge of Missions at the Presidency of the
Republic: Hamadou Moustapha

38) Minister in charge of Missions at the Presidency of the
Republic: Mengot Victor Arrey Nkongho

39) Minister of Environment and the Protection of Nature: Pierre

40) Minister, Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency of the
Republic: Philemon Yang

41) Minister, Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency of the
Republic: René Sadi

42) Secretary General at the Prime Minister's Office: Jules Doret

43) Assistant Secretary General at the Prime Minister's Office:
Emmanuel Nganou Ndjoumessi

44) Delegate General for National Security: Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o

45) Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice in charge of the
Penitentiary Administration: Emmanuel Ngafeeson

46) Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defence in charge of the
National Gendarmerie: Jean Baptist Bokam

47) Secretary of State in the Ministry of Secondary Education:
Catherine Abena

48) Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Health: Alim

49) Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
Development - Aboubakary Abdoulaye

Promoted/New Faces In Government

1) Vice Prime Minister, Minister in charge of Agriculture and Rural
Development: Jean Nkueté
2) Minister of External Relation: Henri Eyebe Ayissi
3) Minister of Culture: Ama Tutu Muna
4) Minister of Transport: Gounoko Haounaye

5) Minister of Public Health: Mama Fouda André
6) Minister Delegate in the Ministry of Finance: Titi Pierre
7) Minister of Communication: Biyiti Bi Essam Jean Pierre
8) Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development: Louis
Paul Motazé
9) Minister of State Property and Land Tenure: Pascal Anong A.

10) Minister in charge of Missions at the Presidency of the
Republic: Atanga Nji Paul

11) Secretary of State in the Ministry of Industries, Mines &
Technological Development: Calistus Fuh Gentry

12) Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Works: Hans Nyetam

13) Secretary of State in the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife:
Matta Joseph Roland

14) Secretary of State in the Ministry of Transport: Mefiro Oumarou

15) Secretary of State in the Ministry of Basic Education: Manga
Ewolo André

16) Secretary of State in charge of Land Tenure & State Property:
Jean Claude Etogo

The Son.


Mr. JB NDEH or whoever you are, there is a sharp distinction between what is written on paper and what really happens. In other words, practical and theory are not the same things. It is written on UN files that Cameroon is a multi-party country but we all know that this is not a case. The recent twin election rigging was crystal clear proof. Mr JB NDEH, I have earleir advised you, take your blood money and go enjoy it in your shit hole. Don't come here to start preaching false Biya propaganda, nobody will buy it. For betraying your people Mr. JD NDEH, you shall pay a heavy price.


Come on, US of Africa,

You got us wrong here. I am just delighted here with the courage of Mr JB Ndeh for his ranting on the postnewsline directing him to where he would have free ranting without any opposition namely the CPDM media in CRTV and cameroon tribune and its ally.

How on earth would I admire Mr Ndeh? Na for he garri or for he okro or for he palm wine weh he di givem for me??

Whether Mr Ndeh be don deh Minister na for he and he family, he be give chop or na bolou? So no admiration.

Was just admirring his lizard courage. Hope you got me now US of Africa

Call me AGBOR


What achievements is this so-called John Ndeh talking of? Can he tell us the unemployment rate in Cameroon? Can he tell us why Cameroon tops the list in terms of people seeking asylum elsewhere? Can he tell us why there are almost no passable roads in most of Cameroon despite the fact that Cameroon habours huge reserves of oil? Why I am being foolish? How many questions can I ask and what good answers can I get?

John Ndeh and co. should be contented with the sums of money they have stashes away for their children while thousands of other children are going hungry or going to die of various diseases. This is an open forum but I think John Ndeh is being annoying by writing all that he is writing. Let him use CRTV as someone said and spare us from his ramblings.


The CPDM is afraid of the earth quake this forum can create; reason it's sent fake Paa Ngembus and JB Ndeh to try to counter some ideologies.
Fake Pa Ngembus didn't even take time to consider the rate of his change:what a 360° rotation?.Please ignore these fakes identities.

Paa Ngembus

USAfrica, Complice and Others,

Thanks for unmasking the fake "Pa-Ngembus".

USAfrica, I really appreciate the hard defense. I mean it, but I know you will not believe it -:) -:).

Boy oh boy. We must be giving Biya and his Anglofool stooges a real run for their money.

The "JB Ndeh" and "Pa-Ngembus" impostors are paid CPDM agents.

We will supply more details on them later.

We are tracing their footprints and if they care they can stop writing now, they have written enough for the Southern Cameroons Investigations Department to track them down.

These guys are so stupid, they don't realize that in this technological age you can be tracked right down to your keyboard by any Tom, Dick or Harry that has invested enough resources to track you.

The SCNC is after you idiots and we will get you.

BTW, this is another of their distraction tactics. To distract us into talking about the impostors and not the issues.

Cha cha.

Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary

Analysis shows that Fake Pa-Ngembus is the same as John-Begheni-Ndeh and same as Reverend. Did Reverend not once claim to be a member of Sasse Old Boys Club?

Ma Mary

Simplice, sir what he did was a 180 degrees turn. The math teacher in me could not let that pass, my apologies.


Paul Biya, a fake born again president?


The CPDM is like a cult so its obvious for cult members to praise their cult. Ted, you named Biya fake born again just forget about this he is one of the students Sorbonne University is ashamed of. A president of promises for how many years? Since I was a kid till today. I doubt if these cult members know what is going in Cameroon? PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING AND DYING!!!! Actions are needed not promises. Everyday people form long lines infornt of embassies to get visas and fly abroad why because of hardship. Cameroon has NO TRUE political party.


Ma Mary ,
You are right JB Ndeh is the same person passing for Paa Ngembus.WE can see from the way he marshals out Cpdm slogans, and ctach phrases. Few days ago Paa Ngembus asked me not to pay heed to this JB Ndeh.He was right,that is why he has decided to strike back on Paa Ngembus.On this forum we easily catch up with ID thieves.BUt the most important thing we should know is that this is the CPdm post- election tactic.They want to gauge our sentiments ,and see if they could diffuse the bottled up anger in Cameroonians.You guys should remember Peter Esoka`s interactive programme 'Hotline'.It was meant to allow Cameroonians vent their frustration with the regime.This is a psychological touch which to politicians is healing.You guys all know the titles of DR,professor already bestowed on Biya.At times he wears one of these crowns.

Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Boy I love a computer wiz.

I told you guys this Reverend Devil was up to no good.

Now that we know

JB Ndeh

are the same person, let us watch out and expose other impostors and inpersonators(USAfrica watch out) and force them to stick to a single user ID on this network.

Watesih, I told you to forget JB Ndeh. Now you know.

Take care guys.

Paa Ngembus


JB Ndeh & fake Pa-Ngembus represent a single impostor, however different from Reverend. When JB Ndeh first surfaced here, it did not take me two seconds to know that he was an impostor. However, I thought it was someone out for fun; I did know he is realy out for business.
When some of us here started reacting as if it was really JB Ndeh, I said he must be happy that he is able to catch a few credulous fellows here.

USof Africa,
Your attack on Agbor and Tita Mofaw shows that you have difficulties to read and discern metaphor.


Ma Mary, many thanks for the correction.
Yet, I have one important issue to add; these fake identities we're all fighting against simply imply that, we're(USAfrica and Paa Ngembus for example)on thesame side.You're all fighting on this forum against the CPDM. So please use this point as a unification factor and understand you have one principal enemy:the regime in place:the SCNC or SDF are fighting the CPDM. So let SCNC stop pointing fingers at the SDF and vice versa. Concentrate on the real enemy:CPDM.


Nwanem Jude: Kedi Kordi? Kedi maka business?

You said: "Nanje, all I can say to you is, play the ball harder, and victory is yours. The Oroko people need you, and if you don't deliver then, you fail yourself and them. You are building personal and collective Oroko political capacity - move on. Do not drop the ball because of no media backup from fellow CPDM-USA members - your mission should be of personal and national interest. You must consider yourself working for the Cameroon people, CPDM, the Oroko people and yourself first". (Jude Eze Okaafor)

Mr. Nanje has the right to work on, and for anything that he wants and would like. That is his prerogative. As long as he is not doing anything that would trample on the rights of my people and EXACERBATE their marginalization. If Mr Nanje does, he would be CHECKED accordingly.

You've known me for too long to ask me to do the ABSURD such as, define and explain what I mean by "The Marginalization of English-speaking Cameroonians" . When the chips are down, I will carry the big brown bag with evidence of this REAL (NOT PERCEIVED)
marginalization. For starters, let's look at an area that I am very familiar with and is consistent with my background and training. What happened to the Reserves that the West Cameroon Marketing Board (later called "PMO" or Produce Marketing Board) had accumulated prior to the May 20, 1972 so-called union/unconsummated marriage between us and our so-called Brothers from East of the River Moungo? What happened to the premier, indigenous financial institution called "CAMEROON BANK"? Please, Please and Please, I'm not calling for the resurrection of Papa Guru's circuitous arguments of not too long ago regarding Cameroon Bank Debtors and Kleptocrats. I'm talking of Capital Assets, Bank Reserves, the ability of the Bank to make money through Loans, etc and its modus operandi (AKA running the Bank as a profitable Financial institution) once it was hijacked to East of the River Moungo?

Jude: On a different issue. Could you kindly confirm that the work on the MUEA/KUMBA Road has actually started, as per Mr. Eyembe's posting of the other day?

Ndah Somdah

sea gol wrote:

It's like Nanje Jackson is the new triggerman with multiple assault weapons (Hotwitzers, APCs, RPGs, IEDs and Bazoukas), all ready for regime change. He is not Ibo this time, but an Oroko man with millions of oil deposit in his Bakassi turf. The man is not only a CPDM-USA timber but the calliber to steer oroko oil politics. The man knows what he is doing - he is a graduate of the Jude Eze Okafor school of political magnanimity.

Nanje, all I can say to you is, play the ball harder, and victory is yours. The Oroko people need you, and if you don't deliver then, you fail yourself and them. You are building personal and collective Oroko political capacity - move on. Do not drop the ball because of no media backup from fellow CPDM-USA members - your mission should be of personal and national interest. You must consider yourself working for the Cameroon people, CPDM, the Oroko people and yourself first. Talking out of experience.


rexon nting wrote:
Jackson Nanje,

Stop the pretence and the hypocrisy that you want to bring whatever through the CPDM. Everybody in the CPDM interested in looting have said thesame. Even Biya have been saying he want to finish the modernisation of Cameroon. As if he have started any modernisation. You seem to me like an unquestionable psycopath and drug-fuelled person with no morals at all. Shame will drive you to your grave.

To begin with, you started by reminding readers of this forum how you are here to educate us through your CPDM. You even went as far as referring readers to a certain speech by Biya and co. Of the millions of speeches that Biya have made over the years, and the numerous manifesto's and promises that his CPDM have made over the years, tell me one that has been realistic. Have you started educating Biya before educating those of us who have distanced ourselves from that cult called the CPDM? If you have any good intentions to bring change to your people as you claim, then you have every right to start educating the very unscrupulous Cameroonians who have all camped in the CPDM on the following:
1-The need for good governance in any socio-political system as a springboard for socio-political development.
2-Educate them against the divide and rule strategy that has been propagated by CPDM henchmen over the years.
3-Educate them to put square pegs into square and not to kill innocent students who were peacefully striking at Buea to defend their friends who have passed a medical exams. The blood of those spilled in Buea will hunt some of you forever.
4-Educate them that undervaluing companies and handing them to oligarchs in a sham privatisation is very bad. It kills a nation and all its citizens.
5-etc etc.

Jackson, you are the first to incite violence in the first place. When you steal the resources of a nation to satisfy your selfish desires, is that not violence? when you support falsehood, lie to a people to stay in power, rig thier votes, impose fear on their minds so that they cannot speak out against the injustice meted on them, kill the few who take the courage to speak in a cold blood manner as you did in Buea and Douala, is that not violence? When you kill students who have written a medical exams and passed and placed the names of your own on the list, is that not violence?

Jackson, you have always wish us death. U dont want the poor and helpless people to live. That is why u even go as far as selling drugs to dying aids patients that are donations from international NGO'S.

You even went as far as insinuating that stop Biya like myself are laying our blames on Biya because we are unsuccesful. What is your definition of success? Wealth i guess. If wealth, then you provide a justification for loothing as your CPDM have been doing. If it is anything else like academic qualifications, i guess you are no match. Or say, lets bring the certificates from all levels and start comparing the grades. I am sure you will be no match. According to you, Biya should not be blamed for anything going wrong. You must surely be on drugs like Biya himself to be saying such nonsense.

And you even provoke rightminded Cameroonians by calling on them to join your CPDM cult. What a provocation? What do you want us to do in the CPDM. Join a cult?

Jackson, you will surely have no problem with people like myself if you carry your CPDM doctrine of lies to your cult meetings. If you try to bring it to a public forum like this and claim to be educating us, then we will bring you under control and frankly tell you that true education does not entail lies telling.

By the way, did i hear you putting God's name into this sham. Even linking the name of sister rosemary into this? God has already given us brains to reason and take good decisions. Last elections, you asked us to pray for free and fair elections, as if we do not know how to vote and count the votes if we want to. We do not need to call his name when we know what to do. Go ahead, keep talking, we shall see where evil will conquer good spirits.
jackson nanje wrote:

Dr. Egbe,

I find it hard to believe that you will sanction the venom which is being spewed by this fellow Stop Biya on this forum. In this society where we find ourselves, the question that a member of congress might ask you is whether you support the ideas of Stop Biya or not? And it is hard to say no to this question because from what you wrote below it is evident that you subscribe to his radical, hateful, disgusting ideas.

Two names were mentioned in the e-mail below but you chose to pardon one and supported the attack on me, Jackson Nanje. The fellow attacked both Samira and Jackson Nanje and also wished bad health on me and CPDM activists but it is convenient for you to just admonish the attack exclusively on me, by your admissions below and restrict him from wishing ill-health on anyone. My brother, there are many roads we can all travel to reach the winning point but I and the other CPDM militants have chosen the road you and a few consider to be less traveled(Robert Frost) to get to the winning point too. Why take our patriotism for a witch hunt?

I wrote in one of the many postings I post on this forum that there is a thin line between freedom of speech and of expression and fighing words (sometimes called hate speech). When you cross that line of being free to express yourself but expressing yourself in ways that would incite violence it is no longer freedom of speech. That is what human rights activists are warning against. And you Dr. Egbe Louis Mbua should dissociate yourself from such.

While you continue to tolerate the ideas of STOP Biya by your admissions below I will never relent my support for this ruling party. I want to be associated with anybody who has the power to change things and take that advantage to change things in my area that needs to be changed. I have plenty of ideas to effect meaningful changes in Cameroon and in my division and I will not wait for Fru Ndi to rule Cameroon before I start putting those ideas into getting tangible results. Time waits for no one,sir. I can only ask right-minded Cameroonians to join this crusade to correct some of what we see to be inadequate. I will not relent my efforts to bring light where there is darkness.

Jackson Nanje
Educ. & Punlicity Officer
CPDM-USA Section

louis_egbe wrote:
Greetings Pa Fru Ndeh,

I can advise Stop Biya not to attack Samira or to wish ill-will to
any person. But he is ABSOLUTELY right to demand his abdication. All
he is saying is that Monsieur Paul Biya and the CPDM should leave NOW
or risk being driven out by him.

As I am not a citizen of La Republique du Cameroun, I fully support
Stop Biya's quest to drive out an African dictator and his CPDM co-
horts who have STOLEN and destroyed La Republique du Cameroun and
Southern Cameroons. La Republique should also LEAVE Southern
Cameroons NOW and return to whence they came from before it is too


--- In camnetwork@yahoogro, "pafrundeh" wrote:
Stop Biya,

I would never have imagined the use of the epithets below towards
Jackson Nanje, let alone Samira Edi.

May The Lord Almighty Have Mercy on You.

Blessed Be Cameroon
Pa Fru Ndeh
____________ _________ _________ _

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people".

"If the only thing you have in your hand is a hammer, you tend to see everything else as a nail".
Jackson W. Nanje

"Freedom granted by the oppresser is never the same as freedom won by the oppressed" Dr. Emmanuel Konde

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M Nje

Paa Ngembus,

Keep it up. You are getting under somebody`s skin and they can hold it. It is interesting to see how they will try to use your name.

What a group of fools.


"Corruption is a crime against the people" and its your case against the people...exibit A for the Anglophone case.

It's really appalling to see how others are using this forum to mislead themselves, targeting others while disrupting constructive comments.

Legima Doh

Peace Upon the land of the Southern cameroons.I declare all the identity thieves who out of celebrated idiocy did what the did as Anathemas.
I also appreciate USAfrica for wisely exploiting the deception so to castigate such thieves.But USAfrica, we have always want to make you know that two things here.One is your stance and the other is ours.One is tandem the other.Achieving total independence and getting a united africa are the two subjects here.Ours which is total independence for the southern cameroons is comes firs while uniting africa is tandem it.

Peace Shall reign in our motherland.

Legima Doh,


"This is th only time I will be on the same side with Paa NgemGOAT so Mr. NgemGOAT after this we can kindly go back to being enemies." by USAfrica

USAfrica, Paa Ngembus and you are ideological opponents; not enemies stricto sensu.You have one end but different starting points. Please, the CPDM's "Divide and Rule" strategy will be working if after this episome; marred by thievery of identities you still qualify your ideological opponent an enemy. I think you ought to start using more friendly terms:such characterised Paa Ngembus' last comment.
Congrats Legima Doh, your last statement just confirms my hypothesis:while USAFrica thinks a "United States of Africa" should perhaps prelude Southern Cameroonian Independence; you think, is should rather be it's sequel. So you now see, the SCNC and SDF all have thesame problem, thesame enemy, and in talking about the SCNC or the SDF, you'll have so many ideological antagonisms. Please let's focus on how to boot the filty ass of "Biyocracy" in Cameroon to Hell where it truely belongs(To quote Tita Morfaw).


"These guys are so stupid, they don't realize that in this technological age you can be tracked right down to your keyboard by any Tom, Dick or Harry that has invested enough resources to track you" by Paa Ngembus

Hey, identities on this forum have to be graced with anonymity. If you start tracking down the origin and "ins and outs" of comments, you'll not be using means different from those of dictatorial regimes.So don't scare potential contributors from joining us.
And may I inquire after the meaning of "Analysis" Ma Mary. Please could you define this term in relation to your last but one comment:
"Analysis shows that Fake Pa-Ngembus is the same as John-Begheni-Ndeh and same as Reverend. Did Reverend not once claim to be a member of Sasse Old Boys Club?" by Mary

If your definition of analysis is similar to that of Paa Ngembus in thesame context, then I shall think of resigning from this forum immediately, as I fear you might be up to a hidden agenda.

Ma Mary

To Simplice, analysis is a simple matter of analysis of style and writing habits. For most purposes practically as good as fingerprinting. When someone uses multiple personalities in the same argument, and something rings false, such a person is begging to be analyzed. Otherwise, I do not bother. I have not seen cause to think that Simplice has been anything but straightforward.

Getting back to the point of this article. Mr Biya spoke the truth. Corruption is not any crime against the people. It ranks up there with genocide and torture. Genocide is fast mass murder of the people; corruption as we have come to know it, is slow mass murder of the people. If Mr Biya is not to sound like a hypocrite, he should return his loot or most of it. Then, the people MIGHT forgive him and he WOULD have the authority to pontificate to other thieves. In particular he should return Southern Cameroons wealth that he has stolen and LEAVE.


Cameroon has been UNDER SIEGE for so long that we can no longer tolerate. Change in Cameroon can no longer be achieved through a genuine political process because the DEMONIC REGIME in Cameroon does not want genuine politics. They believe in killing their fellow countrymen, whether through bullets, suffering, poverty, extortion, etc.
Any SUPPORTER of the SANTANIC regime in Cameroon is as guilty as the actual perpetrators. Because of the support of IDIOTS like the NANJES:
- Millions of Cameroonians are wallowing in abject poverty;
- Millions of Cameroonian children are dying of preventable diseases;
- Millions of Cameroon ’s brightest citizens cannot achieve their full potentials;
- Millions of Cameroonians have been forced to flee into exile;
- Millions of Cameroonians do not have access to public transportation;
- Millions of Cameroonians die because they cannot effort to pay for healthcare;
Fellow Cameroonians, do you know that this regime continues to survive and oppress and kill Cameroonians because of the support and positive campaign being carried out by its supporters abroad? Should we just sit and watch, while the NANJES continue to LOOT our beloved country while deceiving the international community about their true agenda? The ANSWER fellow brothers and sisters is NO.
The time has come for Cameroonians to STAND UP to this EVIL that is responsible for our predicament. We can no longer pretend that we will remain observant for the day Demon Biya will leave or die. IT IS TAKING TO LONG. We have to actively wish him and every one of his supporter ILL for all their atrocities on our people. May SATAN accelerate the transition of all members of this Demonic CPDM CULT.
God Help Cameroonians Come Out of the Bondage of Biya and the CPDM.

No More BIYA
No More CPDM
Enough Is Enough
We Want Our Country Back
www.StopBiya. Org


Your heated reactions show that you care for our country and its development. Do channel all that passion and zeal in supporting our great leader His Excellency President Paul Biya.

Some like Agbor, USAfrica are calling for censorship of who is allowed to participate on this forum. I think that must not be allowed to happen. They want to reverse the democracy and freedom of expression that President Biya has fought so hard to give us and which is one of his most enduring legacies. We are in a democracy and state of law thanks to the New Deal.

6th November 2007 is coming soon which is the 25th annivessary of the accession of the Head of State to the Supreme Magistracy. 25 years is a silver jubilee. Please mobilise to give His Excellency a most befitting feast.

We thank The Post for practising responsible journalism and not carrying the empty noise of the SCNC especially as 1st October is approaching. Keep it up the Post!! You do well to abide by the commitments you gave to the Minister


Please visit to keep updated on the achievements and activities of President Biya. This is indeed a reference website.

Find some achievements listed here below:

Return to multi-party politics (with more than 168 political parties legalised since 1990), setting up of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms, suppression of administrative censorship of the press. Establishment of new ministries such as: Economy and Finance, Communication, Culture, Tourism, Women’s Affairs, Social Affairs, Employment, Labour and Social Insurance, Forestry and wildlife, Environment and Nature Protection etc. Establishment of the Post of Prime Minister, Head of Government, the Senate, the Audit Bench, the Constitutional Council, the Regions (administrative decentralisation), several diplomatic missions, adhesion to the Commonwealth and Francophonie, the organisation of the 32 summit of the OAU and the France-Afrique summit in Yaoundé.

Reform of the General Status of the Public Service (with the notions of job definition and productivity), institution of 5 provinces (Adamawa, Centre, Far North, North and South), 14 Divisions, 100 Sub-Divisionsand 53 districts, establishment of the General Armed Forces Command, Military Regions, the Special Military Command, and the establishment of the Appeal Courts of Maroua, Ngaoundéré and Ebolowa.

Rehabilitation of the Public sector (restructuring, privatisation and liquidation of public and para-public companies, liberalisation of the agricultural sector), revamping of public finances and the return to macro-economic equilibrium, founding of the Maritime business centre (cost:10 billion FCFA).

Construction of major highways (Douala-Yaoundé, Yaoundé-Bafoussam, Belabo-Bertoua, Edéa-Kribi, Mbalmay-Ebolowa….), tarred roads (Eseka-Boumnyebel-Ngog-Mapubi, Ebolowa-Nkoemvon, Ebolowa-Akak, Messassi-Nkometou, Sangmélima Ring Road, Maroua-Yagoua, Maltam-Kousseri, Maroua-Kaelé-Guidiguis-Yagoua, Maroua-Mokolo-Mora, Banganté-Bafang, Bamougoum-Dschang, Kumba-Mamfé, some parts of the Ring Road in the North West Province, Yaoundé-Ayos, Yaoundé-Mfou, Ezezang-Sa’a, Emana-Monatélé….).
Construction of the International airport of Yaoundé-Nsimalen , the airports of Bafoussam, Koutaba, Maroua, Bamenda, and the rehabilitation of railway lines (Edéa –Eseka and Eseka-Maloumé).
Construction of general hospitals ( Douala and Yaoundé)
Construction of several primary and secondary schools, founding of six universities(Buea, Douala , Dschang, Ngaoundéré, Yaoundé I and Yaoundé II), opening of computer centres with internet link in secondary schools in Yaoundé.
Modernisation of the telephone network, liberalisation of telephone sector with the arrival of mobile telephone companies, opening of Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV).
Intensification of rural electrification and water supply projects.
Liberalisation of the audio-visual sector with several private radio and television stations operating.

Will be back when you have finished digesting the above


Some idiots are talking of tracking people down online.

Let me tell you that the powers that be are on your case. Do you think you have more resources and technology that the State of Cameroon?

By the time they finish with you you’ll be begging for mercy for being a threat to our national security.

Go and ask about "Direction de la Recherche Extérieure" if you’ve never heard.

When they pity you miserable Anglophones and give you something after crying for so long you cannot even be grateful. Very soon the big man will take away the little he has given and you start crying all over again.

I really don't know how some of you reason.


Graham Paterson

AMERICA’s elder statesman of finance, Alan Greenspan, has shaken the White House by declaring that the prime motive for the war in Iraq was oil.

In his long-awaited memoir, to be published tomorrow, Greenspan, a Republican whose 18-year tenure as head of the US Federal Reserve was widely admired, will also deliver a stinging critique of President George W Bush’s economic policies.

However, it is his view on the motive for the 2003 Iraq invasion that is likely to provoke the most controversy. “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil,” he says.

Greenspan, 81, is understood to believe that Saddam Hussein posed a threat to the security of oil supplies in the Middle East.

Britain and America have always insisted the war had nothing to do with oil. Bush said the aim was to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction and end Saddam’s support for terrorism.

Paa Ngembus


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have confirmation from the Southern Cameroons Intelligence Service (SCIS) that the following users are a single person:


To Simplice, Ma Mary and Others with similar fears, SCIS has no apologies for using ANY MEANS NECESSARY to track down our detractors and enemies.

We shall get them wherever they are hiding.

If they want to use the full resources of "The Cameroon Government" as fake "Paa_Ngembus" claims, SCIS says

"Bring them on"

We are ready for the fight and our victory is guaranteed.

If anyone cannot stand the heat, I advise them to get out of the kitchin.

Take care.

Paa Ngembus


You dead dog called Ngembus. You are fighting your own brother over a stranger's language and yet you cannot even use that language properly. Is that how they spell "kitchin" plus your numerous other grammatical gaffes.

I am sure your SCIS is limited to your one-bedroom house and out-moded computer.

Take my advice and stop this foolishness. We know you are Ebenezer Akwanga who escaped from jail in Y'de. You might not be so lucky next time.

To others, better be SDF than SCNC. At least SDF do not threaten national unity and recognise the state of Cameroon and President Biya.

I am advising you all like children. You do not know the kind of machinery that you are up against. Most of you are living happilly in europe and america. Why intoxicate your younger brothers and sisters in Cameroon and get them into needless trouble?

A word to the wise is enough.

Paa Ngembus

Foolish impostor.

You have not seen anything yet. If you want to fight dirty we shall show you how to fight dirty.

Incompetent fools.

Go and check the archives you buffoon. I was writing on this network long before Akwanga escaped from jail.

If your machinery was so good how did Akwanga and the others escape you fool?

You have not seen nothing yet. If this last post from you was a threat, you may just have got it coming.

The battle lines are drawn Bozo and I am aimining for your jugular. I will squeeze the living daylight out of yoou imp.

BTW, thanks for the correction my "Reverend Devil". I see you are an expert in correcting words like "Kitchin" and "imposter". You see how you foolishly expose yourself. By your style, we can smoke you out without even waiting for SCIS to do any work.

Paa Ngembus


Finally, we have an ex minister coming out to the media. I will first of all like to join Mr. Agbor in congratulating Mr. JB Ndeh for coming out here. Now at least we are happy that there is an ex government representative who can see that we the true sons and daughters of the cradle of our fathers are not sleeping. I really appreciate the fact that you (JB Ndeh) is a member of post online, and I hope you can have time to come here really often and read what reasoning and thinking Cameroonians have to say(what am I even talking about? I bet you dont lack time because all you do is sit in your office and feed on the pensions and taxes of our suffering fathers). Anyway, as I was saying, please, don't just post comments, also take time to read our own comments especially those reacting to your comments like this one. Get involved. You know, maybe you actually do not even need to write any comments, because, there is one thing that amazes me in Cameroon; all of you especially the anglophones in government talk the same. You act like you have no conciences, like you dont reason, infact, sometimes I wonder if part of the minister installation ceremony is actually a neurological process to cut of some of the nerve wiring in you brains that make you to reason like sheep. Any normal human being in your place will have realized his mistakes and actually be a prodigal son who has sinned against his father (our cameroonian ancestors whose bloods were shed so that we can be free), and would be seeking for forgiveness now, but, due to that neurological break down, you lost all your senses. Well, welcome here, and as supporting what Agbor said, this web media is where there are a lot of reasoning Cameroonians, so we hope you would learn a good lesson here. I will let you know one thing too, most of us also are Cameroonian youths, and it is good we show you guys (our fathers) that we love our country, and we are thinking about how we can better our country. And the african culture holds that a kid should learn from the father. JB Ndeh, do not be surprised with that. Some of us are merely agemates of your kids, so you should consider it a big disgrace to you that your own kids have despised your ways and are thinking like real Cameroonian blessed youths, trying to see that we have a better future. So please, stop wasting your time trying to convince us to keep putting money in your pockets by voting your godfather in etoudi (he really is not even your godfather.. a godfather will not disgrace his son be firing him out of the ministry in less than 3 years.. what a shame). I have been to the Northwest before, and just getting from new layout to nkwen was hell. It took almost 2 hrs because of the bad road infront of the market. That is the road leading to a minister of transport's residence. Yes. Not even tarred. Pot holes everywhere, cars sinking in it, and yet you want us young cameroonians to keep voting you in office? Oh yes, we definitely will in your dreams. You and your people do not care about cameroonians at all, so do not even try to say that "better ambition" nonsense here. If you wanted better ambitions, why did you not solicit for funds just for that road leading to nkwen from station? Instead of doing that, you rather moved and built in your villa in station, so your mercedez and land cruiser does not enter the mud on your way home, or on your way to commercial avenue or on your way to church. Wait a minute, did I just say church? Oh yes. Church. Man, you really have got some nerve. Despite all this stuff, you feel okay to sit infront of ntamulung and give 50000frs as thanksgiving to God our creator. Que dieu te benit. Actually, going back to that road leading to nkwen, was there actually some government funds allocated to that road? because to me, it looks like that is what you and your complice "ministres sans portfolio" use in building your mansions, buying your big cars, and sending your kids abroad every vacation, while we the true sons and daughters of the fatherland suffer everyday. Thank you very much Mr. JB NDEH, and thanks for your proposal for "Cameroun des grand ambition". You have showed us a clear example of what "Le prince D'etudie" means by "grand ambition". Instead of fixing a road that you and also the citizens will enjoy, you rather build your villa somewhere else and enjoy your life. Young healthy cameroonians, educated enough are out on the streets en chomage, suffering and crying for jobs, while you and your fellow brothers from chantier naval sit on all these jobs and promise us these jobs only if we deep our hands in a pool of blood by voting for your party. Fooling young cameroonians everyday with your blood money to vote for your godfather, so that you can get some more money to keep building your villas and sending your kids abroad to be feeding on burgers, while some of us here manage termites for lunch. Well, good luck with that. Keep eating the burgars, but mind you, those things make you fat and fat, and some day they will explode on you. That will be the day you will see that you have sinned badly against our fore fathers who fought so hard against colonialist so that we can enjoy Cameroon and Africa to its foolest, but today, we are still suffering because of people like you. The same situation in Cameroon happens in many other African countries, and so, you have complices not only in Cameroon. And if you do not know, this, well, know now. Every son and daughter of Africa, in the world of spirits will have to answer a question infront of a judgement table of all our forefathers who died trying to make us a free and happy people. This table will involve the Nkwame Nkruma, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Alex Moumie, Thomas Sankara, Reuben UmNyobe, Patrice Lumumba, to name a few. And on that day, each of us will be asked what we did to what they died for. Hope you and all those who keep trying to sell us out to the devil are preparing your answers for that day.
Before I leave, I want to remind you that me and my fellow youths of Cameroon are ashamed of you and you should think about that.
God Bless Cameroon
God Bless Africa.


This big fool/spy imposing as Pa-Ngembus, Paa_Ngembus and john-begheni-ndeh, seems to mean business here. Until he has the intrepidity to mention Akwanga Ebenzer´s name that he escaped from jail.

As soon as we lay hands on you, we will do just what was done to your late colleage, Kamga Collins.

Ma Mary

Reverend, that is very ingenious...ha ha ha! Reverend, jbndeh, Pa_Ngembus, Paa_Ngembus. It is despicable to be taking Camerounese money while living in the US, where everyone with brains and/or brawn can make an honest living. Simplice, don't ask me exactly how I know he is in the US, at least North America. Again simple analysis of what is right here in front of us.

Clues, clues, clues.

Paa Ngembus

Ma mary,

Don't worry Mama.

These Anglofool stooges have no shame.

All of you are wasting your time if you think this "Reverend Devil" will have any remorse.

All he cares about is the cash he gets paid to do this.

Well, we also know how to fight dirty.

Ma Mary, you may just have been making an intelligent guess Mama, but you were very right.

SCIS has tracked this guy to somewhere in North America, the USA to be precise.

We will not release the details for now, but if he does not desist from this impersonation we will send the FBI cyber crimes unit after him. SCIS has been reliably informed that there is enough on his postings here to pursue him criminally.

Anyway, like all cowards of his ilk, I am sure he will soon disappear.

The same happened to Riccardo Le Malhonnete, Mukete, Henriette, etc., etc., etc.

Let's wait and see.

Paa Ngembus


They are so many people who are ashame of their true identity. They don't have a sense of belonging. You think it ends only at using proxy names? They even mask their origin, and their parents.

Please if you're a proud Anglophone, just neglect these impostors. They will oscillate and come to rest.
Keep the forum alive and interesting!!

Paa Ngembus

Where is Reverend, JB Ndeh and Fake Ngembus?

I told you guys that the coward would disappear into thin air after we unmask him.

He will not resurface. He will not even attempt a Mukete because we have tracked him to a physical location and he is all shaking in his pants now that he know he may have broken US law.

The jerk will be deported if he dares.

He will go the way of Riccardo, Henriette and others.

This should be a lesson to all of you Southern Cameroons detractors.

We can BEAT you in this cyber arena anytime, anywhere.


IF you do not learn you shall be the next casualty.

A bon entendeur salut (I know all of you are frogs).

Paa Ngembus


Reverend Devil, hide your face and quit this forum. You're a traitor; a "sell out". Even your wife should find your ordour abominable. Please a take good bath of "repentance" before you even salute even children;"they might unacknowledge" as a father.


you as a father(last line)

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