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Sunday, 30 September 2007


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Ma Mary

This is a delusional person, and needs professional help, not a newspaper interview.


Ma Mary, I think it's news all thesame.


This belongs to the tabloids, not a credible newspaper. This patient should be receiving pyschiatric treatment, not appearing on the front page of a newspaper. Where are the editors, or are they equally as superstitious as the reporters to allow such childish, unbalanced reporting?


while Europeans are flying to space and using witchcraft(science)to better the living of mankind,you hear only such stupid hallucinations from our continent..why could this UB-astronaut not use her super powers to disappear and appear at the world bank to collect some colonial debt back in benefit of africa?why could she not use her powers to disappear and appear to the stranded africans off the coast of libya in search of pasture torwards Europe?or to pursue these arab miliz in Darfur who are a threat to the black residents there?or to cure the numerous aids patients on our continent?She could still use her powers as well to help feymen who can,t convince mugus again about wash wash to regenerate some spirit so they could flourish home some money from Europe(xmas is fast approaching)..or in a nutshell to disappear and appear in yaounde with her mirorr to invoke paul biya and his regime to blow them up with her special spiritual powder?instead she prefers to kill innocent civilians in her tale inspired by (Nigerian Movies)


That,s how you used to call feyman in the early 80,s and 90,s miyungu or famla or what not...causing hatred all around and blaming people for things you can never prove...i guess this ub girl and the so-called pastor are a new brand of pastor dealing which has become a common practise today in Europe with a handfull of nigerian(former drug dealers)who have opened up in every corner in europe petit(cult)churches where they extort money from drugdealers and prostitutes who come there for cleansing
you see them chanting louder than rheinhard bonnke using electic shokes to invoke apparent holy spirit aand requeting huge sums of money for special prayers..what wonders me is the growing number of chritian mugus they brainwash everyday..In every Afroshop ,church flyers(leaflets)are competing on the salescounter. Everyone has become a pastor (good orators)overnight. why can they not unite under one name to have an african congregation?...naja kann man nicht machen
Please don,t fall a prey to this.....!!!!!
stranger.. Germany


And where are the forces of law and order in all this. She should be pleading guilty and signing a confession. and i agree with Stranger why won't she (or they) use their so called powers to do these things for us? Nevertheless, I believe mysticism exists. I'm not in denial. Reason why she should be prosecuted. Even the western world recognize that withcraft does exists. Heck, in many jurisdicitions (i believe all) in the U.S. the craft is not illegal by and of itself. It becomes illegal if it requires the sacrificing of any living organism (excluding bacteria and single celled organisms), which is true in the present case. In Cameroon, specifically in Common Law Cameroon, we'd be applying post 1955 British Common Law in this matter. Per the law in the Britain, anti-witchcraft laws exist in Britain, for centuries even though they've rarely been enforced. Just because they don't enforce in Britain does not mean we cannot enforce in Cameroon. The primary problem with trying a witchcraft case is the ability to prove facts. Gosh, here, it's supposed to be a slam-dunk case. This lady should be made to sign a legal confession. Problem is that for fear of being jailed she might change her story with law-enforcement. However, the law enforcement can get all these people who've witnessed and heard her talk on this issue, to testify and get a darn confession. After all, you can only produce this much evidence to prove withcraft. Not very sure on what basis law enforcement authorities can even begin to indict her, but i'm sure if they read the law they'll find a way. That's why I love Common law, its flexible. If it were in a jurisdiction where law enforcement and prosecutors really work, they'll come up with something, legal too.


I'm sorry, in Common Law Cameroon we'd be applying PRE-1955 British law and not post-1955




I take back the comment about that withchraft is illegal in most U.S. jurisdictions if it requires sacrificing living organisms. Actually sacrificing animals for religious purposes is allowed in all U.S. jurisidictions. Witchcraft trials would follow the landmark Salem Witch trials of centuries ago with testimony of facts of illegal acts such as murder.

In fact the Cameroon Penal code supercedes any pre-1955 British law. People generally are prosecuted for this offense only in conjunction with some other offense such as murder; however, there were no reports of convictions of witchcraft under this law. The Penal code defines witchcraft is defined as attempts to do harm by spiritual means and is a common explanation for diseases. And in Cameroon it is usually punished in association with another crime such as murder, etc


I still maintain, this information deserves Newpaper attention. Stop paralleling Western Socities to African News environments. The BIG question is whether "the heading will increase newspaper sales". That's just the sum and substance it. The Post thought it could widen readership and increase sales:and that's just what it's doing(your comments speak for themselves).

Ashwell Molaba

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I agree with simplice. The headline should have read.


Ma Mary

It would be news if there was actual evidence that this young lady really murdered people. If there is no evidence, it is not news, just the exploitation of a mentally sick person.

Claims of supernaturally killing people do not constitute evidence. People have been persecuted unwarrantedly and even killed because of this kind of delusional belief system.

The only other value I can see is that we are having this discussion now and light can be shed by people like Ashwell.

Texas Luv

This is some well crafted load of crap. I'm sure she's sorry that her face was blanked out, if it was publicity she was seeking. There are soo many holes in that story, I feel sorry for the misfortunate journalist who printed it.


Sorry, the girl need serious medical treatment on the brain, otherwise she will
find herself nexttime in a very big soup of
trouble, that she will never go out of it!
I am sorry for her family, including herself and her sick mind can only be cured by a strong christian medical doctor in Germany. Plus strong prayers and much more deliverance. And last but not least: Don`t give her any chance of looking this evil
Nigerian films again. And she must never
touch and look in a mirrow for her lifetime. And never let her look at something that is RED, like carpets,dresses,shoes,pots etc. I am sorry for her mother, that have delivered such a girl who became a victim of the devil and destroy souls of so many innocent people.The GOD that we save is a GREAT GOD, greater and more powerfull than any humanbeeing in this world. Let us know how
the life of this poor girl will be going in future.Africans must be aware of this destruction spirits to stop such things
urgently and look for prosperity and progress in their lifes.


I go die. This is more than ridiculous! Nigerian films go do wonders!


it sounds like it's a nigerian one is forced to believe it. we live in an evil world where the devil is trying to be in control.even in the bible Jesus casted out demons from people.This to say that demons can possesses people and get them to do extra-ordinary things.all we have to be is happy for the gurl who is now delivered from the power of the evil one. we need not judge her let God alone jugde her.if we refuse to believe that shit like this happens then the devil must have covered our eyes so he can carry his works further but he is to be put to shame.thank God the post put this up because the works of the devil are being not a religious just someone who believes in the bible.


Mr. Nahjela, I go and live for my LORD.
You should do the same. He will protect you
and guide you better then any other man.
Nigerian films are often very cruel and full of evil; they can teach young people
bad things that they can loose control of
their life. In Germany there are young people
who play a lot of evil computer games and not
long ago one young man shut down school children and teachers because he was learning it from the computergames he was
playing all the time...
In the US the same thing happened. So there
are a lot of bad examples how bad spirits can enter the minds of young people. The
same with ugly nigerian films. Let`s face the truth, we Africans must protect our youths with positive and good examples, that
means also non-violent films with no shooting, no raping etc. but with contents of more LOVE and PEACE and HUMANITY.
That is my message to you.
I am NOT condemming all nigerian Films, but
a lot of them need repairing.
Not to talk about the poor qualitiy of sound (too loud, too noisy, etc.).TO GOD BE THE GLORY.


As Castlereagh would say: 'a piece of sublime mysticism and nonsense’

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