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Thursday, 20 September 2007


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Paa Ngembus

Power to the people of The Southern Cameroons.

More grease to your elbows Chief Ayamba.

The SCNC will succeed. Nothing can stop this peoples' march forward. They can arrest and intimidate us as they want. Nothing will stop us. Our victory is guaranteed.

Paa Ngembus


We are greatful for the work done so far by the leadership of the SCNC. But to be frank, we will want its Chairman and vice to step down and make way for the younger generation.


This is what I call, ground work activities.
Rexon,for instance has told us of the SCNC struggle on this forum in a hundred million pieces of literature. And when we inquire after what action has ever matched his "verbal propaganda", he turns around to whisper senister prophocies of coming catatrosphy within the realms of the SDF. Rexon Tayong Nting,( PhD Student, Department of Accounting at the University of Glasgow)tell us what you have singularly achieved on behalf of the SCNC.You have proclaimed many a time to be an academic of "inestimable grade" and now you only turn out to be dotting your "i's" and cutting your "t's" on a PHD programme. If you fail to prove in some pragmatic reference your personal creditials in the struggle;I guatantee you, you'll be fighting your "death battle" on this forum. For we shall send you to where, Fritzane, Reverend, Fake Pa Ngembus and co belong.(One Sided Distractors and Impostors).

Paa Ngembus, it's also a fair challenge for you.When we inquired after what strategy is in place at the moment for " the battle" of liberation, your response was:"your strategies can never be revealed to enemies". And now you have your National Chairman:" 87 Years Wise Ayamba", who has revealed the "Independence Celebration manifesto" to the press. This is thesame Ayamba you quote everyday on this forum. The sum and substance of above startling contrast is an eloquent revelation of your mediocre and cowardice approach to the issue. If you deny this allegation, prove me wrong by laying out a manisfesto where you're based(be it Europe or the US). If not, you'll only sink into the category to a hand clapping activist, as your comment betrays:
"Power to the people of The Southern Cameroons.

More grease to your elbows Chief Ayamba.

The SCNC will succeed. Nothing can stop this peoples' march forward. They can arrest and intimidate us as they want. Nothing will stop us. Our victory is guaranteed." by Paa Ngembus.

I think together with USAfrica, Watesih, Fon and co, we shall bring to light all, cowards who use this forum only for propagandistic ends and have no positive balance on field.
Ma Mary, Mr Nje, Mk the Southerner, et al; this is the moment of "truth". You either tell us what you're personally doing or stop troubbling the SDF and dosing us with monologues of unending literature of a stuggle. Action , not Words.
The humble servant and student.



Maybe you are new to this forum. There are lots of commentators here who know me personally better than you do. We might argue and abuse each other here, but surprisingly, we still discuss the way forward after disagreeing here on numerous phone calls, chats and emails that we share in private. So all the talk about impostors wont deter my fight for freedom. If you think i am against the SDF and "all" her activities, then you are just being naive. I have made my point that i am strongly against their participation in parliament as i see that as real business. Whether you see me as what is not my business.

WHY I Think NORMAL Cameroonians should steer clear of CPDM and the Opposition.

I am very certain that if a survey is conducted
(with no pa-charity) an overwhelming number of Cameroonians will vote against the CPDM and those
jerks who pretend to belong to the Opposition. Why?
Because they have all let down "The People".
The CPDM as the ruling party for the past thirty years
has absolutely nothing to justify its continuous stay
in power. The President has failed woefully in
implementing even the most basic of his bombastic
campaign promises...alleviat ing poverty, Education,
Road infrastructure, Health care delivery, fair tax system, curbing rampant corruption, Urban development ,reducing criminality, banditry, laziness, prostitution etc. On the contrary, all these aforementioned vices are actually on
the rise and have even been refined to an art form.

Judges are appointed, hence hold their allegiance to who
"butters their bread". How can they therefore freely
exercise Independent and Impartial verdicts?
The tax code(to stimulate economic empowerment) is not
only too complicated in its meanderings, but largely
creates a labyrinthe for high scale corruption by
unscrupulous civil(disobedient) servants. Instead of putting
monies in the coffers of the state these "disobedient"
servants are now the new Customs Officials of Cameroon
by syphoning large sums into financial havens abroad.

Cameroonians are tired, desperate, lethargic, frustrated,
dumbfounded, confused, apathetic and at
the "bout du tunnel" promised by the President in
2000 what we see is DESPAIR and DARKNESS.
Why would any NORMAL Cameroonian associate with
such a retrograde association like the CPDM? They
have simply outlived their usefulness(if they had any).
Period, end of story.
As for the so called Opposition...They simply make me laugh. Lamentable is a mild description of their modus operandi. What kind of country with a voting block of approximately four million citizens, has 260 Political parties(legalized) ? The pathetic hungry looks on the faces
of the Esaka,s, Koumbin Bilitic, Commandant Kissamba, Anicet Ekane, Ondoa Ateba, Kamga Dieudonne etc
goes a long way to depict what our "opposants" are
made of. They are incapable of forming a formidable
single block to thwart the kleptomaniac CPDM. Once
the President lures them with 500.000frs(frais de
participation aux elections), they rush to CRTV and
declare for "Majorite Presidentielle" .
HOGBE NLEND. The name of one of such parties
(please this no be joke)...Partie des Fourmies...(PDF)
Are these the kind of leaders Cameroon deserves?
FRU NDI is another enigma in this saga. The guy
manifests dictatorial tendencies even without smelling
the shadows of Etoudi. He would not compromise with
any decision that does not make him the de-facto
leader of the Opposition. Little wonder why the SDF,
CDU, UNDP, UPC are all in political limbo...if not
completely extinct. Where are the Founding Fathers?

Takougang J, Krieger & Milton H in their very powerful
book...African State in the 1990,s: Cameroon ,s Political a comprehensive political analysis
of the situation in our country(a must read).
We need a new direction from the majority i.e
WE THE PEOPLE...Me, You, Us (everyone)
We have to stand up and challenge the status quo and remove all of these people from power. How?
Ih go hard wuna. Wuna want hia na for ma mop? So
make I give U woman and buy U bed? Na badluck?
Mishe Fon


first of all, I just want to say job well done. Your analysis were precise, on the point and hit the nail on the head.
Once again, you dogged all the questions Simplice asked and went into a lengthy and boring monologue about how Cameroonians are fed up. Once again, you guys have proven that you are paper tigers.

Ma Mary

Simplice, sorry, I will not publicly let on what I am personally doing, because----

A. I do not need the acclaim and we discourage individual acclaim and even group acclaim in these projects because it gets in the way.
B. It does no good to give the enemy hints to our strategies and tactics at this time.

I can only tell you that I am doing a lot, together with others, and it will not be public for a while longer.

Take it or leave it; it is up to you.

Ma Mary

UnitesStatesofAfrica asked a similar question before. If you think our activism ends on the internet, you've got it all wrong. If you want to know more, get involved sincerely. Otherwise, you just serve as foils for dialogue.


Ma Mary
your answer comes as no surprise to me. I only hope that I shall live long enough to see the SCNC execute their plans. You always talk about strategies the SCNC is devising but we never see them executed. I hope you guys execute your plans in my lifetime. Don't wait till I am 100 years old before you so something.


Dr Rexon, many thanks for the exposé which concisely highlights the politico-economic landscape of our fatherland. Nay, yet more, you fail to answer the questions I put forward. Is this not another version of your characteristic totology?.Are those lampoons towards other political parties not propagandistic quibbles aimed at masking your demagogical identity?.Do those highly flutted phrases of yours reflect you understood the context of my last comment?.
This is what I qualify as "arm chair"/"lap-top" activism. Why can't you state a singular achievement of yours?. My dear sir, I'll give you the answer.
Rexon, you're little else than a name:Rexon Tayong Nting.You have no personal achievement in your SCNC portfolio. I don't reproach you for having none. I reproach you for having none and reproaching others(SDF and NJFD) for leading the country to a dead end.
You're one of those singing from the pinacle of Europe, that you have a utopian solution of theory without practice, to the problems of Cameroonians. You indict any ideological opponent as a deciple of the opposite faction but fail to understand, you need some credentials to have the masses flock to you.
Gentleman, my piece of advice to you is:
-preach and criticise by example
-burry your egocentricity of self-appraisal
-listen to the masses
and you'll be a good leader; for you're very intelligent and knowledgeable of facts. But then you distort them to suit some egocentric agenda.
The servant and student: Simplice


Ma Mary, with due respect. If can't disclose your singular achievement and road map, then follow the example of your chairman, Chief Ayamba and highlight us on the agenda you have for the 1 st of October.


I have seen you on this forum morph from a genuine student to a wise leader. Well done.

Paa Ngembus

Complice for Nkouloulou,

Nice try.

You and FuckAm (alias USAFrica aka Francis Nche) can try all the tricks in the book. You are wasting your time. No one will reveal the details of the SCNC strategy to you and enemies of your ilk.

No one, not Chief Ayamba, not Nfor Nfor and not even Paa Ngembus or Ma Mary or Rexon.

No one and I repeat no one.

If you think the publication of October 1st celebration program by Chief Ayamba is revealing the strategy, you must be more of an idiot than I initially thought.

Let me reveal more of the program to you.

There will be a demonstration at the UN in New York too, so go tell your President Mbia that.

You guys are such buffoons, but take heart, we will never get tired of educating you.

To get the strategy, you have to get involved and prove yourself before you can be admitted (if at all) into decsion making.

We know where you are in Europe Complice and we also know where FuckAm (alias USAFrica aka Francis Nche) is in the US, so if both of you like we can send someone to you if the education you are getting here is not enough.

Take care.

Paa Ngembus


Paa Ngembus, I see you've taking as usual to hostile propaganda as means of intimidating us. Have sense enough to understand nothing shall stop us from censuring your hypocracy and "empty vesselness".
You have yet demonstrated you're impragmatism and accute lack of diplomacy, by ressourcing from the "Southern Cameroons Intelligence Service". Knowing where we are is no answer my wise sir.
Mr Ngembus, we shall not trade the present "Peace" in Cameroon for the "Soup-Kitchen" of some "School-Boy" Revolution and "Beer-Parlour" hypothesis(SCNC Dream). Your inability to demonstrate your pragmatic stance is a stark revelation, you're all but good historians. Get me well: "good historians";who keep on repeating facts to us time and again in thousands of monologues. You say, the truth shall set "Southern Cameroonians" free. USAfrica gives you sound advice, that only action will lead you to the New Socio-economic Southern Cameroonian Jerusalem(Action not Hopes).Instead of giving heed to Watesih who exhorts you to lure the masses first,you keep developing a hidden agenda in the name of these masses. Which masses?. I'm just one them asking for your agenda, if you have none,then you're just an "ideological nondescript" lot; using the SCNC movement to make a living. Issuing fake SCNC identities cards to asylum seekers(French Speaking Cameroonians inclussive).You accuse the SDF of corruption and poor leadership but fail to see that every Cameroonian now hoping to leave Cameroon will easily seek asylum somewhere with your fake documents.You have institutionalised corruption and bribery in all states in the world through these fake asylum seekers.All layers in Cameroon now depend on this institution for a living. Just keep on intimidating us and we'll shatter your last straw hypocracy. As I told you before, you're fighting your death battle on this forum.
We shall boot all those who seat confortably in Western Societies and incite Southern Cameroonians in Cameroon to join a revolution without an agenda.Let the communist manifesto prove me wrong.


USAfica, you're a visionary. When you first revealed, this internet propagandist have no agenda, I didn't take you seriously. Now they're telling us that, themselves(facts speaking for themselves) They aren't even knowledgeable the price of a cup of garri and yet claim to know the problems of the masses.

Paa Ngembus


I am happy we have you Southern Cameroons detractors exactly where we wanted.

You believe we are just "empty vessels". That is really good. Please convince your government of La Republique that we are just "empty vessels". We shall be very happy and grateful if you succeed.

What really puzzles me is; why are you so concerned if we are just "empty vessels"?

You buffoons are just a confused bunch of contradictions.

My dad once told me that only a fool lies to himself.

See my drift?

Wake up and smell the coffee Bozo.

When you and FuckAm start praising each other, I know the delusion and fear has started taking its toll.

I will advice you to do what the SCNC has started doing in the USA;


If you do that I will believe you are sincere about your criticism of the assylum business that you have benefitted from yourself.

We shall use your writings here to get your ass deported like we have done with two frogs of your ilk recently.

The jerks get to Europe and America, lie and tarnish the image of the SCNC to get assylum and then turn around and criticize and belittle the same SCNC.

Is it not because of jerks like you that the image of the SCNC has been tarnished?

Continue spewing your trash and we shall get you deported.

You think we don't know who all of you are and where you reside and how you got your assylum?

Ignorant fools.

We will get each and everyone of you.

Paa Ngembus

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