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Monday, 10 September 2007


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Tita Mofaw

Now Cameroonians are using their brain. Support Paul Biya and you will be compensated with a ministerial position.

Hmmmmm.Lets see which regions are competing for PM? Seems it is no longer a birth right of the Bakwerians now. The North is eyeing, the NW too, and I won't be surprise if the Western Province start complaining that they want a cut. The whole country should just vote for CPDM and may be Popo might try a new system with 10 PMs. He might also increase the number of ministeries to 1 million. What a genuius plan to create employment opportunities. But then there are about 10 million Cameroonians of working age who would all want to be ministers? If all the one million ministeries have 5 vice each and each vice has 2 vice then we could all be ministers in this country.


Mr Biya wants to plunge the country into a delimma before he finally give up, if he will ever. He knows fully well that the country is spending much on these good for nothing ministries. The more reason why he is creating these so called ministries with the same functions is just to compensates those who are very loyalt to him. The post of PM is eyed by everyone and that is why they went as far as selling the future of their children just that. All the ten provinces of Cameroon want the post and Inoni had shown a firm grip to that post.


Tita for and Ernest; your comments were brilliant.



Biya has continued to thrill the human conscience and universal norms of morality with his excessive infatuation and romantic clinging on the saddles of power in Cameroon. The recent cabinet reshuffle spells in crystal terms that the Nazist who rules Cameroon can never recant from his well-cushioned belief in the band of thieves around him.

It is indeed pathetic that the four walls of a catholic seminary could not have a sobering panacea to this feat of greed, wickedness and demonism ingrained in the Biya persona. A stroll across the streets and villages of Cameroon, Africa in miniature, reveals the sordid faces of despondency, disillusionment and surrender - the cries of unemployed youth, the anger of a forgotten people, and the spree of blood from a country bleeding out of the bruises of a one-man, one-region, one-tribe political apartheid.

I choose to believe in Dante, that ''the hardest part of hell is reserved for those who in period of moral crises like ours, choose to maintain their neutrality''. No one nation, no one people, no one era under the shackles of slavery, have ever extricated themselves by idle complaint, alcoholism and mean-care abandonment. Everytime injustice triumphs, it is because the human conscience has gone so dumb to the nerve shrieking call of freedom, so blind to the bright side of sacrifice, so emasculated to take the walk of sacrifice across the gilotine of patriotism.... afraid to die fighting evil, that others may live fostering good.....

We have all failed Cameroon! Why? Because we spend every iorta of courage that once made us a great people complaining, Because we have refused to see beyond ourselves and our differences, we have all failed, for making all those who rape and plunder the largesse of our country believe that we are too sterile, too stupid, too enfeebled to comprehend the call to freedom swirling and echoing around us!

Until we rise above mere hypotheses and see practice, until we heap-off our differences and remember that we were once a strong people, until we re-awaken to the resolve that Cameroon has enough God-given endowments of Gold in Ndian, Petroleum in Limbe and Kribi, Rich Timber confederacies in Bertoua, Beautiful panoramic flora and fauna in Bamenda, to mention a few -

that we do not deserve to be a people so scorged at the back and caressed by the persistent hands of abject poverty, so brutalized by a clique of spineless and amoral homosexuals....... until then, we deserve to be in the dungeons of misery...
I have failed Cameroon, you reading this has failed Cameroon, we all have failed this nation, cradle of our fathers....

But the difference is simple.... every single time I get summoned by history to see a tragic spectacle unfold, to see Biya play more than 20 million people to a monotonous tune of whim Machiavelli in commandeering feat, to see him offset intellectuals in a game of stark demagogy because they are blinded by wealth-thirst,...

Every time I savour the bitter truth that the most momentuous thieves in a generation like Abah Abah can go scott-free because some fraternal, tribal, or superhuman cohabitation with the ''commander-in-chief'' creates the corridors for them to walk head high, ....that Louis Paul Motaze, a well celebrated long-arm in the national coffers can get appointed a Minister.... I feel I am ready to answer the call to service... but Cameroon is not yet ready....
The Cameroon citizenry has slept far too long that it has now slipped into a comatous state

When Beer shall taste like water in the mouths of Cameroonians, when the lure of ill-gotten wealth shall stink like abomination in our sight, when sodomy and cultic enticement shall lose their grip over our souls... when the intellectual class -now the chorus singers to the biya Malevolent bandwagon - realise and heed Bernard Fonlon's call to genuine intellectualism which questions and calls to the purpose of truth,... Until we rise beyond the quicksand of tribalism, until we cross the valley of nepotism God-fatherism..... Until we stop seeing ourselves as Anglophones or Francophones, and embrace a new CAMEROPHONE identity, then we are not ready.....

When we will be, God will be on our side, and truth shall triumph, and Cameroon shall be saved! why, because as Martin Luther King chronicled ''truth pressed to the earth shall rise again, the arm of the moral universe always bends towards justice''.... When Cameroonians are ready, God will lead us to a MOSES.... Until then, Pharoah Biya will be in charge....BUT not for Long, Justice is on its way... on a chariot of fire and rage riding fast towards Cameroon, and it shall come when no one ever expects...God Bless Cameroon.. with a better tomorrow''

Danny Boy

Hi Folks,
I personally take offence at the elevation of Paul Atangha Nji, from some non-descript post at the Ministry of Health to a Minister with responsibilities at the Presidency. This is an insult to the North Westerner and to all Cameroonians of good faith.
Atangha Nji is corrupt and he says so himself. He on this forum told us how he gave almost 50 million francs to a few ministries of this regime. That is enough for me to indict him!
To have made him Minister, it means Biya is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the cream of North Westerners within the CPDM.
Rather than attack each other on this forum, why don't we start training our guns at these useless up-starts? Surely Atangha and his relatives, visit this forum. They will know how much we of the cyber-cafe think of him. The fear factor alone should dog his every step for as long as he remains Biya's poodle.
Blessed be our fatherland.


My message to the newly appointed ministers including Paul Atangha Nji is to start counting their days. Biya is a dead man walking and all those who have served as minister or secretaries of state in Biya's government at any one time will answer to a "Truth and Repercussions" committee when the time comes. There will be no place to hide. We will smoke you all out. The wave of change is on its way like a tsunami and nothing, not even the greatest military force in the world can stop it. We have no guns, we have no moneys, we have mansions, we have no DOs and SDOs, we have no gendarmes or police. We only have God and thats all we need.
Wait and see.
God Bless Cameroon.

Ndi O

Andre Fouda, moving from Public Works to Health. "Abba! Na whaoo, Catechist son". He also extended to Ako. I hope he does same for Nwa. Head teachers/teachers in those areas gonna be in trouble more than ever before because Delegates and MPs in those zones are evil. No future at all for kids in those areas. I weep and weep.
Biya together with his incapable agents may twist the country as they want. They may create more ministries. I simply wanna make them understand the night is not going to be long. " The years eaten by the Locust must one day be restored so the Holy Book says. All Ministers, Govenors, SDOs etc, "Watch out". Your pay day is coming. Good Luck Dr Paul and your choir members.


Ntemfac Ofege: The time is not for apportioning blame but the time is to right a wrong situation. Divide and Rule, had been the formula by the regime to undermine the British Southern Cameroons and its sovereignty. Read Prof Richards Gaullist Africa. It has a succinct chapter on divide and rule. You, Mr. Azonga, you are also a tool of this divide and rule strategy. Through your ignorance and cupidity. The regime always gets some ignorant Anglophone to fight his own brothers and sisters. Or it gets the mediocre and unprincipled persons among them to pass around for leaders. Muna against Jua, Muna against Foncha, Foncha against Endeley, etc. Can you not see that it is for the same reason that a con man and an ex-convict like Atanga Nji Paul is made minister? Atanga Nji Paul owes the crumbled banks upwards of 49 million FCFA. By his own account, he spent 63.000.000FCFA for the elections which he lost. He might have spent more. Mr. Simon Fobi, showed copies of counterfeit 10,000 notes distributed in Bamenda by Atanga Nji. Where did this money come from? Were they counterfeits? Today the man who spread out counterfeits is Minister! If the 63.000.000 plus was Atanga’s money, they what do you think he will now do in his new position. Replenish of course. Or that petty contractors like Ama Muna (Femi Construction) and Gentry (Road contracts); persons who bought and sold votes are Mr. Biya’s collaborators? Gentry tells all that he has spent more than 50.000.000 for the CPDM in Ako-Misaje, my constituency. What do you expect this Gentry man to do now that he’s minister? When you have such corrupt and unprincipled individuals around you control them by controlling their dirty record. May this not continue to be your portion, Mr. Azonga. Mishe, you are standing for a vile, demoniac and corrupt system. May my God show you the light, if you are willing.


Enseignement technique
Les anglophones exigent leur Enset
Cameroon teachers trade union (Cattu) et Union of parents teachers association (Upta) dénoncent l’annexion du sous système anglophone.

Le hall d’un restaurant de Bamenda a servi de cadre, en fin de semaine dernière, à un séminaire sur la rentrée scolaire. Organisé par la Cameroon teachers trade union (Cattu) et l’union des associations des parents d’élèves (Upta), cette rencontre a porté essentiellement sur la rentrée scolaire qui a eu lieu hier, lundi 3 Septembre. Le thème, “ Enseignants et parents ! Stratégies pour un partenariat effectif avec le gouvernement pour une éducation véritable au Cameroun ”, était évocateur à plus d’un titre.
Nkwenti Simon, secrétaire général exécutif du Cattu, a saisi cette occasion pour fustiger l’annexion de l’éducation et principalement du sous système de l’enseignement technique anglophone par le sous système francophone. Cet ordre d’enseignement anglophone souffre d’un manque criard d’enseignants. Conséquence, ce sont les enseignants francophones qui tiennent la craie dans les Cetic et lycées techniques de la partie anglo-saxonne du pays. Les enseignements sont dispensés dans un anglais approximatif, si ce n’est du simple pidgin. Pour Nkwenti Simon, cela s’est toujours reflété sur la formation des élèves. “ La translation des épreuves au cap et Bac technique 2007 étaient terribles ”, révèle Nkwenti Simon, avant d’ajouter : “ Certains candidats au cap industriel ont menacé de quitter la salle des examens à cause de la translation approximative rendant incompréhensive les épreuves. Nous les avons supplié et ils sont restés. Les résultats sont là ”.
Pour lui, il serait inconcevable que des enseignants formés à l’Eniet de Mbengwi pour les Sar-Sm soient affectés comme c’est le cas présentement dans les Cetic et lycée technique. Sur les 350 candidats admis à l’Enset cette année, 5 seulement sont anglophones. “ S’il y a une école normale supérieure annexe à Bambili pour la formation des enseignants de l’enseignement général anglophone, pourquoi pas une Enset annexe pour les enseignants de l’enseignement technique du sous système anglophone ”, s’interroge Nkwenti Simon. Pour lui, il est temps, pour le gouvernement, d’en tenir compte et surtout d’y apporter une solution. “ C’est un véritable génocide du sous système anglophones. Nous sommes prêt à faire face aux flèches que nous recevrons du gouvernement ”, tempête le Sg du Cattu. Il a également annoncé un combat contre les chefs d’établissement et délégués (provinciaux et départementaux) qui s’ingèrent dans la gestion des frais d’Ape.
Le délégué provincial Awuru George des enseignements secondaires pour le Nord-Ouest a salué cette coalition Cattu-Upta. Il a rappelé que ce sont de telles initiatives qui ont favorisé, dans les années 90, la création du Gce Board.


The appointment of Atanga Nji is the turning point of Biya´s recklessness.


Can someone enlighten the forum on who "Fuh Calistus Gentry" is? Seems to be an Anglophone appointee but there's no background given on his credentials.


Go to hell.Looks like your place is hell,imposter.


Dr Calistus Gentry Fuh

Those who know him say he could be the most educated member of Government yet.

He finished from the University of Yaounde and went on, they say here in England, to easily bag a PhD from one of the toughest engineering schools in Western Europe - University of London Imperial College. Don't know what he read there. Mr Biya certainly sent him there on scholarship and can now eat his cake.

Dr Fuh's sense of duty and manerism in the campaign shows something different between him and the old dull politicians. The Dr sticks to a clear and davastating message, landing hot shots against the Opposition. The Opposition has no response.



Also found this entry on a website: "1902, Calistus Gentry FUH, The geothermal and structural controls on gold mineralisation in the Colomines area: a pan-African belt of Eastern Cameroon".

The guy has an eye for gold. He might be a mining engineer. My kind of people have an eye for cocoa.



Thanks for the enlightenments KumbaBoy. I found them very illuminating.

I really don't know what Casara's problem is but I can certainly help him spell "impostor" properly.

I think Anglophones have fared quite well in this reshuffle and we should maybe for once be grateful to President Biya.

I suggest that the diaspora community write a motion of support and gratitude to His Excellency Paul Biya, President of the Republic, Head of state, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Ma Mary, Rexon, Pa Ngembus, I entrust you with the task of drafting the motion of support. Keep us updated with developments.

Paa Ngembus


You stupid ignoramous.

Go lick Mbia's ass if you want, but don't expect the rest of us to partake.

Anglofools fared better in this cabinet?

You most be kidding Bozo.

Out of more than 50 full ministers (not counting deputies and state secretaries), 2 are anglophones and you want to send a motion of support to Mbia?

If we go by the logic of your La Republique, you anglofools make up 30% of the population, so there should be a minimum of 15 Anglofool ministers.


So, go to hell you stupid buffoon.

Paa Ngembus


My fellow Cameroonian children,

I am His Excellency JB Ndeh, your former Minister of Transport and currently GM of MIDENO. It is a great pleasure for me to join the Post website and be able to communicate with you all especially telling you of the remarkable achievements of our beloved President His Excellency President Paul Biya.

Indeed we need to thank the North West for gradually opening their eyes and turning away from the opposition which cannot offer them anything. Only trust and faith in the CPDM and President Biya can bring us the development we need.

As you can all see, this is just the beginning. President Biya has scratched our back thoroughly with our daughter as Minister of Culture and the other appointments. I am sure more will follow. Development is the on the way by way of roads, schools, bridges, industries and you name the rest.

I encourage you to continue to support the New Deal and the CPDM. Please shun the SCNC especially at this crucial time when 1st of October is approaching and the SCNC is making empty noise.

Have faith in your Head of State who is also the Fon of Fons.

I thank you all.

Yours Sincerely,

HE JB Ndeh,

Former Minister of Transport
CPDM Section President


Paa Ngembus,
I don´t know why you took that humorous piece from Reverend so serious;isn´t it obvious that it was a jocular one blended with irony/sarcasm?

Paa Ngembus


Some of us eat toads.

As a toad eater, I judge the poisonous ones to avoid by their camouflage.

Knowing Reverend, I think you are the naive one.

BTW, I do have a nose for sarcasm, but harbour a keaner eye for poisonous toads.

See you later man.

Paa Ngembus


Mr JB Ndeh,
You guys really take Cameroonians for fools.You have been Mideno GM for ages ,and the ring road has been rotting away.Instead of coming out ,and telling us of new roads you built,you start celebrating the appointment of another Minister.Because a new minister has been appointed ,development will flow in through the window.Why do you only see development in terms of ministers being appointed? WE really see how the President has scratched our backs! Hasn`t he appointed somebody who spent above 50,000,000 frs of fake bank notes to finance projects in Biya`s ministries in times of difficulties? The Northwest will never turn away from the opposition! Only ex-convicts like the one that has been appointed as Minister will continue to be used to defraud elections.
This is the worst thing you have done for your person.To rush to this forum because two ministers ,out of 60 have been appointed from the Northwest.WE don`t want to be arrogant to you,because you may run away.We want to have a debate with you here.
And the debate can only begin from your own doorsteps.Our first question is to know what Mideno has done so far under your tenure.
This because we all know that the patches of the ringroad that have been tarred are as a result of the largesse of the African Development bank.
Why do you think that when the President appoints criminals this is not empty gesticulations,but that the Scnc is making empty noise when 1st October is approaching?
Do you really think that after keeping the Northwest in the cold for ten years ,it is worth the salt to start appointing ex-convicts as ministers? Is this the policy of scratch my back i scratch your own? Do you know that we have the information of somebody from Menchum,who left school in form one in Government Technical college,and is said to have used 100 million to bribe everybody in the town of Wum to vote for him? Is this what you call turning away from the opposition? Anyway start the debate with us.We can only judge you from what you did as Minister,and GM,not because the president has appointed our daughter.The father used to dine with the President on the same table ,but only ended up building a prison.

Paa Ngembus


Stop wasting your time.

This is not JB Ndeh. This is an impostor. May be Reverend.

The real Ndeh does not have the balls to come to this network. Biya crushed all their balls in the process of Rose Croix initiation.

Even his son Paa Fru Ndeh who lives in the Washington DC area tried this forum and it was too hot for him, so he escaped.

You will soon discover who he is.


Paa Ngembus


I am indeed JB Ndeh, General Manager of MIDENO.

I usually read the Post on paper but was encouraged by CAMASEJ journalists last week that The Post has a website where citizens can share their ideas for the development of Cameroon.

It is a good idea I think, especially as many people are now travelling a lot and need to keep informed.

Mr. Watesih, if you are in Bamenda you can come to MIDENO near Ayaba Hotel and give your name to my secretary. I can show you MIDENO and GP DERUDEP achievements on paper and give you more statistics in line with our struggling resources.

I am glad you also noticed the bigger job we are now able to do thanks to the support of the African Development Bank.


I respectfully disagree with the last part of your comment about Dr Gentry.You commented thus...

" ...The Dr sticks to a clear and davastating message, landing hot shots against the Opposition. The Opposition has no response´"

I will like you to bring out the hot shots he landed against the opposition which by implication gave him victory. This isnt about the Dr's CV or resume but his bona fide vis-à-vis a terribly flawed elections and campaigns. What difference did be make?

Someone foreign to Cameeroon politics would be misled to think the present cream of CPDM politicans lack the intellectual capacity to resist political manoeuvring but far from that Sir, birds of a feather flock together.

What was his message that distinguished him from others, not resume not his Imperial College Status!Henry Hogbe Nlend will tell you better! Dont tell me he's brought up by Brits.

Paa Ngembus

Mr. Ndeh?,

To prove you are who you claim to be, call your son Paa Fru to prove that you are who you claim to be.

We will then know that Mbia did not crush your you know what, during your initiation to the Rose croix.


Paa Ngembus


Mr. JB Ndeh or whoever you claim to be
You have the nerve to come to this forum and say that the dictatorial regime of that blood-thirsty vampire and devil in ETOUDI has accomplished a lot of things for Anglophones. You really have balls. And what achievements has that devil accomplished for Anglophones? bad roads, no seaport despite the fact that we have natural harbor in limbe, no jobs, no recognition in the government, no funding for our universities, no regard for our anglo-saxon culture, no international airport despite the fact that the first international airport in Cameroon was in Tiko, are these the achievements?
We know that you have sold your soul to that ETOUDI devil for money and fame, we all know. So just go and sit in your rat hole and enjoy your money. Don't come here and say something as atrocious as Biya has accomplished a lot for Anglophones. You really have balls. If I could send my hand through the computer screen, I will send my hand through your computer screen and punch your fat bloated stomach, packed with the shit of corruption.

Paa Ngembus



What happened to you?

You are beginning to sound like ngemGOAT.

Are you sure it's you?

I hesitate to call you by you real name FuckAm alias Francois Nche.

If this is your awakening, then it is highly appreciated, but if you are trying to play the chameleon, watch out for ngemGOAT is still around.

Take care man.

Paa Ngembus

Tchouteu Janvier

Well said UnitedStatesofAfrica. I like your objectivity and intellectual honesty. A progressive mindset I must add, and perhaps a deep soul that dwells on the advancement of humanism.

I see you are a kamerunian patriot and nationalist who has clearly discerned the ills of the system in power,understands without being biased who those responsible for the malady are, and have an encompassing notion or idea of the way forward. Being such a clear-headed kamerunian is a psychosocial advancement the post-independence generation should emulate. Dishonest and blinding utterances from Mr. JB Ndeh and co of the system or the other detractors in the corrupted opposition, or even the nihilists within the one-sided forces for change(the seccessionists and ethno-centrists) should be denounced for what they are. Weapons of the enemies of the kamerunian people and obstacles to change.


Excerpts from speech by Nicholas Sarkozy, given at the University of Dakar, Senegal on July 26th, 2007
…The colonials came, and looted, helped themselves, exploited, took resources and wealth that did not belong to them. They stripped the colonised of their personalities, of their freedom, of their lands, and of the fruits of their labours.
They took, but I would like to say, with respect, that they also gave: they built bridges, roads, hospitals, chemists, schools. They made virgin soil bear fruit, they invested their concern, their labours and their knowledge. I want to say it here: The colonials were not all thieves. The colonials were not all exploiters.
There were bad men among them, but there were also among them men of goodwill, men who thought they were carrying out a civilising mission, men who thought they were doing the right thing. They were wrong, but some of them were sincere. They thought they were bringing freedom when they were feeding alienation. They thought they were breaking the chains of obscurantism, superstition and servitude. In fact they were forging far heavier chains and imposing a far more onerous form of servitude, one that weighed on spirits and souls. They thought they were bringing love without realising that they were sowing the seeds of revolt and hatred.
Colonialism is not responsible for all of Africa 's current difficulties. It is not responsible for the bloody wars that Africans fight against each other. It is not responsible for genocides. It is not responsible for dictators. It is not responsible for fanaticism. It is not responsible for corruption and prevarication. It is not responsible for wastage and pollution.
But colonialism was an offence that was paid for by the bitterness and the suffering of those who thought they had given their all and didn't understand why people were so angry with them about it.
Colonialism was an offence that destroyed its subjects' self-esteem and gave birth in their hearts to that self-hatred that always ends up being turned on other people.
Colonialism was an offence but in this offence was born the embryo of a common destiny. This idea is particularly important to me.
I have come to tell you that you should not be ashamed of the values of African civilisation, that these values do not drag you down but elevate you, that they are an antidote to the materialism and individualism that enslave the modern man, that they are the most precious of inheritances in the face of the dehumanisation and homogenisation of the world.
I have come to tell you that the modern man who feels a need to reconcile himself with nature has a lot to learn from the African man who has lived in harmony with nature for millennia.
But I have also come to tell you that there are within you, youth of Africa , two inheritances, two wisdoms, two traditions that have fought each other for so long: that of Africa and that of Europe .
I have come to tell you that this split between the African and the European within you forms your ruptured identity.
I have not come, youth of Africa , to preach.
I have not come to moralise.
But I have come to tell you that the European part of you is the result of a terrible act of arrogance on the part of the West, but that this European part of you is not unworthy.
For it calls you to freedom, emancipation, justice, and equality between men and women.
For it calls you to universal reason and consciousness.
The tragedy of Africa is that the African man has never really entered history. The African peasant, who for centuries has lived according to the seasons, whose ideal is to be in harmony with nature, has known only the eternal renewal of time via the endless repetition of the same actions and the same words.
In this mentality, where everything always starts over again, there is no place for human adventure, nor for any idea of progress.
In this universe where nature is in charge of everything, a man may be free from the anxiety of history that dogs the modern man, but he remains immobile, caught in an unchanging order where everything seems as though it has already been written.
This man never projects himself into the future. It never occurs to him to break free from the repetition and invent a destiny for himself.
This, if you will allow a friend of Africa to say it, is Africa 's problem. Africa's challenge is to enter history more fully. It is to find the force, the energy, the desire and the will to listen to and to marry her own history.
Africa's challenge is to stop forever repeating and going over things, and to free herself from the myth of the eternal renewal; it is to realise that the golden age that she always harks back to will never return for the simple reason that it never existed.
Africa's problem is that her present is permeated with nostalgia for the paradise lost of her childhood.
Africa's problem is that she judges the present according to a wholly imaginary notion of original purity that no-one could ever hope to revive.
Africa's challenge should not be to invent a past, however mythical, to make the present more bearable, but to invent a future with the means she has at her disposal.
Africa's challenge is not to get ready for misfortune to strike again, as though it too were destined to repeat itself eternally, but to get the will and the means together to defy misfortune. For Africa has a right to be happy just like all the other continents of the world.


JB Ndeh, I have a question for you. If the SCNC were in power today, won't you support them?. If the SDF were in Power, won't you support them aswell?. And if Biya were to be overthrown via a "Coup d'Etat", won't you start scratching the back og the next government?. This your "scratch your back" political ideology simply eloquently testifies, you're a stomach-driven politician,ready to embrace any regime.
I'll consiquently advice you with due respect,to tell us personally what you're doing for Cameroon. Before I get an anwser, I'll tell you what I know:
-you participated in rigging the last twin elections
-most of your children are abroad because you've told them, there's no solace in Cameroon
-you're ready to lick Biya's ass for a Prime Ministerial post
-you celebrate the victory of a Northwest Minister(ethnocentricity)
Prove me wrong.


Thank you all for your reactions.

But I suggest you respect my person as an elder and a senior statesman and do not throw uncalled for abuses if you want us to have an intellectual debate.

Firstly, our new strategy now in the NEW DEAL is to win the hearts and minds of people. That is people now joining the CPDM and rallying around President Biya not because of appointment, promotion, contracts, money or food and drink but because they are now convinced that only the CPDM holds the hope and future of Cameroon. The CPDM which, remember, has been able to maintain us as an island of peace and stability in a region and continent of conflict and disaster.

You only need to read our Head of State’s speeches to see the good plans he has for Cameroon.

Remember how His Excellency said during his last address to the nation that we can all have our differences but all those who agree with the “primacy of the national interest” are welcome to bring in their own bricks to contribute in building the Cameroon edifice. Unfortunately the SCNC has self-excluded itself because they threaten our national unity and want to reverse the tremendous gains our heroes and nationalists fought and died for.

But we should treat them with love and understanding. After all they are still our brothers and sisters even though erring. As I said above, the way forward is winning their hearts and minds.


Pa NgemGoat,

Can you please leave my name out of your frustrated ranting?

Whatever you have going on with John B. Ndeh that is your business. Please don’t drag my name in it.

Better put your little asylum monies there in Belgium to better use than spend it on cheap internet time to publish nonsense.

JB Ndeh I encourage and salute your initiative. It’s not every day we such openness amongst Cameroonian politicians


Rexon & others,
What do you think of Nicholas Sarkozy´s speech? I read it with lot of enthusiasm; I saw it pregnant with a lot of wisdom and maturity.
I am one of the few Africans who has long ceased to continue to blame the west for our problems. Africans are responsible for their present situation.

I strongly believe that the suffering Cameroonians that form a majority of the population will be far better off under colonial rule than being under their own present leaders. On the other hand,no western nation can accept today to colonise an African country; it will be a burden.


Mr. Ndeh,

Are you saying the SCNC has supplanted the SDF as the Main Opposition? Here are the achievements of the SCNC to date:-

(a) With reference to the Mount Mary Summit, the SCNC single-handedly stopped the stealthy frenchification of the SW and NW Provinces by successive presidential decrees by Mr Biya, leading to a forced consolidation of Anglo-Saxon insitutions for the betterment of all citizens in Cameroon. Francophone culture is a French deceit with limited international scope to Cameroonian children - the future. Mr Biya's decree to francophonize the State were as good as his misguided liberal economic policies that decimated the treasury in the 80s. He permitted spending like a drunken sailor and had no reserves for the rainy day. For example, in the 80's Cameroon imported more champagne than Great Britain - effectively exporting oil revenues to French vinyards. That was economic stupidity under Mr Biya's watch.

(b) The SCNC radicalized Anglophone nationalism leading to greater political consciousness and the creation of the University of Buea. Cameroonians, especially those of us abroad live under the impact of Mr Biya's partisan decrees - 99% of overseas missions are headed by Francophones who treat anglophones with suspicion, including London, Paris, Washington and New York (UN). The New Anglophones are savvy and can see the bias in Mr. Biya on things that count.

(c) The hightened Anglophone nationalism has opened the door to 3 successive Anglophone Prime Ministers. Mr. Paul Biya's initial preferences are Northerners (Bello Bouba, Hayatou, etc.). Now he nows, the 1961 Act of Union does impose certain constitutional imperatives that cannot be violated, as he attempted at the start of his reign, with impunity.

In a nutshell, Mr Paul Biya's wayward policies created the SCNC. The SCNC is an indissoluble idea that cannot be decreed into extinction. It will take a new Cameroonian at the helm who recognizes the bicultural backbone of the country and can steer the body politic to focus on what the future can bring to a united federation.



Paa NgemGOAT, I earlier told you, I am not against the southern cameroons cause. What I am against is the SCNC because I think they have been doing a very bad job.When I point out certain things that they tend to overlook, they all fall on my head and call me a traitor. How can a so-called “pressure group” refuse to take advice from the people they want to liberate? What an irony. The SCNC is made up of snobby, know-it-all, intellectual-wannabes who think they are better than the average Cameroonians and refuse to admit any fault. What kind of liberators are not humble enough to admit a fault? ask yourselves. You guys lack the capacity to suceed and you are blinding the people of southern cameroon with false hope.

Paa Ngembus

FuckAM alias Francis Nche alias USAfrica,

My little ragamuffin.

You were quiet for a while (unlike you) and I was afraid you had run away like your other Froggie siblings; the Riccardos and the Janviers and the Henriettes.

You have to make up your mind where you stand.

Either you are confused (quite likely with numbskulls) or you are trying to play the chameleon (likely too with traitors).

I don't get it.

How can you be fighting so hard to advice an organization (the SCNC) whose objectives you DO NOT SUPPORT?

Will you like such an organization (the SCNC) to SUCCEED with your GOOD COUNSEL.

You must be kidding Bozo.

You are a DAMNED LIAR and you know it.

Keep dreaming.

The SCNC will succeed.

There is absolutely nothing you can do to preven that success.

We shall drag idiots like you kicking and screaming to a liberated Southern Cameroons.

We will still give you the option to go back to your rat hole in La Republique though.

Later MA BOY.

Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus

"Mr Ndeh?"

You have not proven that you are who you claim to be.

I told you what to do to prove yourself.

Once you do that, we can have a debate on your warped views of Cameroonian reality.

Until then, keep rambling.

Reverend, you still sound like the JB Ndeh impostor.


Paa Ngembus


JB NDEH or whoever you are,
You have come back again preaching the propaganda of the Biya regime. How dare you, how dare you say that CPDM is the only hope for Cameroonians? you have the audacity and the cheek to open you bloody mouth and utter such complete BULLSHIT. Listen, you are nothing more than an opportunist. You have sold your soul for money and it is very clear. Like I earlier advised you, just go and sit in your shit hole and enjoy your blood money, don't come here and try to act like the CPDM has the interest of Anglophones at heart. YOU BUFFOON, our ancestors have cursed you for saying such an abominable thing. After centuries in power, what has Biya done for anglophones? .
What if you are one of the millions of students who graduate every year from the university of Buea and can't find any job? what if you are the student who graduates from high school and his parents can't afford for his college education? what if you are the one of the millions of anglophones who are plagued with low wages but saoring taxes? what if you are the limbe life gaurd who earns 10,000 FCA per month? what can 10,000FCA do to a man in cameroon? Have you seen the number of youths leaving Cameroon and walking across the sahara desrt to get into Europe? do you know why they are escaping Cameroon? is it because the CPDM has done nothing for them? If the CDPM was actually a party of hope, why would all these out talented youths be walking across the sahara desert in search of greener pasture? eh? answer? what if you were one of these suffering people, will you open your filthy mouth and say CPDM is the only hope for cameroonians?
Look, we all know like S.T Muna, you have signed your blood pact with the devil. You and your party can be enjoying all the money and power now but remember, there is life after death. Christianity talks of forgiveness, yes but don't forget that you are African and you have ancestors. God will hand you over to your ancestors to be judged. Our ancestors will have no mercy for agents of the devil like you. People who have suppressed their conscience for wealth and fame will pay the ultimate price.
If you come back to this site again and talk such nonsense, I will pray to God to give me the power to send my hand through the screen and box, thoroughly box your corrupt, fat stomach until you shit out all the money you have stolen.


Hey Fon,
You don`t sound like you there .The first thing is that Sarkozy`s speech is pregnant with a lot of scorn ,and superiority complex.He came across as a giver of lessons.Jacque Chirac said Democracy was a luxery for Africans,but Sarkozy came out telling Africans they had missed their entry into History.He tells us that we should not be nostalgic about the Golden Age, which according to him has never existed.With all what the West has got from Africa,how could a man like this start doubting our entry into History.My man,this is somebody who wants us to forget history,by telling us that the younger generation is not to blame,or held responsible for some of the worst crimes against humanitylikeslavery,colonisation, committed by the older generation.According to him we should only live the present,and this present can better be enjoyed if we enter into a partnership with what he calls "Eurafrique".So you see,having discovered that the other club of thieves called francophonie is being vomitted by Africans,he skillfully comes up with another subsequent gatherings of Heads of State,where they will map out strategies to eternally keep us in the tether.Sarkozy even said Africa doesnot have much to offer his country now,only to go over to Gabon in his first official outing ,and boost the image of one of the worst dictattors Africa has had,and later contradicted himself in Niger by saying the country was very important to France,since he signed accords there for the exploration of Nickel.Is Niger not in Africa? You would have noticed Sarkozy`s stupidity comparing the taking of human resources from Africa to the bridges that were used to go into the hinterlands ,and capture these slaves.This tells you that he still has the idea that you can carry out some cosmetic measures in Africa while taking away the best of them.
According to Sarkozy the European civilisation is superior,though he describes it as being arrogant.This is the same arrogance that made Europeans to carry away the best AFrica had.The was insult somebody can tell you is that you are living according to the rythmic cyclical movements of the seasons.It is as if you were a robbot,doing the same thing day in day out.Having forcefully maintained us in a very uncomfortable situation for so long,the French leaders cannot come out today ,and make a mockery of us.Fon ,there`s so much to be frowned at in this speech,i don`t just want to continue!
Somebody cannot treat Africans as people who never project themselves into the future
and you treat his speech as mature.Which future is he talking about when France has military bases all over in Africa? Which future is he talking about when France intervenes to perrenise the rule of inconsequential dictators everywhere in Africa? Look at Cote D`Ivoire, look at Chad,
Congo,Central African Republique,Cameroon etc.You say you think a majority of Cameroonians will be better off under rule,than under their present leaders.Our present leaders are offshoots of colonialism
,thats why they have been they for 20,45 years.Most African countries are still under colonisation today.The Doha round of talks should teach you a lesson.This is an open attempt not to let off the grip on our economies.They protect their own economies,and technologies,but want us to open our own markets for their goods,while at the same time exploiting cheap natural resources here.This is my first gist on this issue man.


The rebel goat, Pa NgemGOAT
Sorry to disappoint you but I am not confused. I stand for anything that will improve and elevate the lives of southern cameroons. Like any othe person in the world, I have my own beliefs but if the SCNC brings prosperity to southern cameroons, why should I condemn them? this is exactly where my problem lies. From what I have observed, the SCNC doesn't have what it takes to bring prosperity to our land.
I remember when I attended my first SCNC informational meeting while doing an exhange program at the University of Buea. I was invited by an ardent SCNC youth leader, Che Godlove. Some of you in Buea might know him. While at the meeting, I asked some questions. Why does the SCNC intend to suceed wihout grassroot support? why are they figting La republique before trying to get the people's support? don't you get the nation behind you before you lead a revolution? The common woman in the market knows nothing about the SCNC. The youths in Buea no nothing about the southern cameroon interim government( that was formed in exile. How can you form an interim government when the people who want to govern do not know that you have formed one? I posed a lot of questios but I was called a traitor and detrator,
It is the same in this site, when I pose these questions, they refuse to listen. They instead send their bulldog, Pa NgemGOAT to bark at me but fortunately he cannot bite. He barks but can't bite.Paa ngemgoat and your people,if you don't listen to advice, You will still be fighting your battle after 100 years.

Paa Ngembus

FuckAM alias Francis Nche alias USAfrica,

This bloke is interesting.

I love the message you are sending to JB Ndeh and his ilk through his impostor the Reverend Devil.

I will never agree with you on what you are saying about the SCNC.

La epublique is arresting SCNC activits in Limbe, Kumba, Mamfe, Buea, Bamenda, Wum, Ndop, Kumbo, Nkambe, etc., etc., etc. and you claim nobody knows about the SCNC?

You must either be a JB Ndeh in this case or just simply in denial.

Go to any divisional (county) capital in the Southern Cameroons and ask for the LGA (Local Gov't Area) Representatives and they will tell you what is happenning on the ground.

I agree that because of the colonial repression and the presence of traitors like you in our midst, many Southern Cameroonians will fein knowledge of our cause.

Believe me, we understand them as long as they are doing what is required of them to advance the cause.

Take care mon petit.

Paa Ngembus


Certainly, it is not everything in Sarkozy`s speech that I have appreciated, however I consider his speech above average. The speech may be disparaging to us Africans, but it is pregnant with facts.

Sarkozy has acknowledged the damage caused by colonialists on African and then moved forward to say that Africans should not remain backward under the pretex of the colonial past.
What do you have against the following as mentioned by Sarkozy?
"Colonialism is not responsible for all of Africa 's current difficulties. It is not responsible for the bloody wars that Africans fight against each other. It is not responsible for genocides. It is not responsible for dictators. It is not responsible for fanaticism. It is not responsible for corruption and prevarication. It is not responsible for wastage and pollution."


"Why does the SCNC intend to suceed wihout grassroot support? why are they figting La republique before trying to get the people's support? don't you get the nation behind you before you lead a revolution? The common woman in the market knows nothing about the SCNC". by USAfrica

That is the epitome of this forum. Its the résumé of what the SCNC loyalist should consider the first article of the faith in their struggle and a verse in their internet propaganda. That was great USAFrica


"Thank you all for your reactions.

But I suggest you respect my person as an elder and a senior statesman and do not throw uncalled for abuses if you want us to have an intellectual debate" by John Ndeh.

An elder or senoir who mortgages the souls of his posterity by rigging elections merits any abuse. I shall utter you none because,it will be a waste of time for "you know deep in you, you're a sell out".
Tell us where your children are?. Are they not all abroad?. Tell us what you did during the last elections. Didn't you bribe for CPDM votes?. And yet you ask for respect.What respect?. New Deal;New Deal. if you believed in the New Deal, you children should've been in Cameroon. This only prove your hypocracy.

Danny Boy

Hi Folks,
this must be a hoax. J B Ndeh will not come unto this forum and address us as children, however his advanced age. From the pictures one has seen of this man, he is not that old. Just to remind you folks this is his opening,
"My fellow Cameroonian children,
I am His Excellency JB Ndeh, your former Minister of Transport and currently GM of MIDENO."
Despite his pork chops, he is not that stupid. An arrogant fool and slob, yes. I once composed this rhyme in his honour,
"His girth is my mirth!"
J B Ndeh, we are waiting for you to prove that you are indeed- Mr. Sapeur-himself!
Do not shy away now.


Mr. JB Ndeh or who ever you are.

You do have a lot of audacity to come to this forum and preach about the CPDM New Deal Gospel. Let me ask you a few questions and see how far you can go.

1. Are you a God fearing person?

2. Do you have a conscience?

3. Do you love Cameroon?

If you can search deep down in you and honesty answer 'yes' to any of the questions above then you deserve to be struck by lightning.

This is your legacy...

You are servant to a government that has been rated as one of the most corrupt, inefficient and oppressive regime of recent times. The government you are defending has topped the list twice as the most corrupt on earth. The leader of the government you are defending has been ranked as one of the worlds worst dictators. The Government you are defending orchestrated in 1992 one of the worst election rigging in the history of mankind second only to that of Panama under Noriega. The list continues and continues and continues.
Mr. JB Ndeh, you have soiled yourself and wasted your life on earth. You are an embarrassment to Cameroon and a total disgrace. If you were my father, i would have disowned you long time ago.

The judgment day awaits you.

God bless Cameroon.



In as much as i believe in your ideas, i am increasingly becoming suspicious of your true intentions in our politics. I say so because i have never believe anyone calling himself a hardline SDF supporter could glorify people who have been helping Biya cripple our lives and the lives of our relatives. In case you dont know, Jackson Nanje is an executive with the CPDM-USA. He has masterminded several evil projects against our homeland that i dont just have time to list here. We are controlling him and we shall see how far the battle with their cult CPDM ends.

The CPDM that you have started supporting does not only rig elections, but have been promoting open feymen to positions in the government. Is Atangha now a feyman? Is that a party or a gang of bandits? And when i called them bandits, you join the bandits to abuse me. And as we are doing this, our people are dying.



"Mr. JB Ndeh, you have soiled yourself and wasted your life on earth. You are an embarrassment to Cameroon and a total disgrace. If you were my father, i would have disowned you long time ago." by Wilson
Nice thought, I would have done thesame


“I strongly believe that the suffering Cameroonians that form a majority of the population will be far better off under colonial rule than being under their own present leaders”- FON
I tried so hard to ignore this comment but I couldn’t. It was too atrocious for me to just let it go. Do you know what colonial rule did to Africa? It is thanks to colonial rule and slavery that Africans are looked upon in the rest of the world as primitive, inferior human beings, monkeys and heathen creatures. Colonial rule and slavery reduced us to the level of animals. It is also responsible for brain-washing Africans, making us think that we are failures, and making us believe we will never be able to achieve anything without the Whiteman.
If you want colonial rule Mr. Fon, go to the American embassy, ask for a visa and go and settle in racist southern states like Texas, louisiana etc. Better still, you can go to Spain, Italy, France or any country of your choice in the West and settle. Go there and see how they will treat you. When they spit on your face, push you out of their way and call you “nigger”, I will see if you will still make such statements.
As sekou Toure rightly said, “We prefer poverty in freedom than slavery in riches”. If you want to be rich and be called “nigger” everyday, there are still places in the world that you can live that way so go there. Your statement is an insult to all the patriotic Africans who sacrificed their lives so that people in fighting against the imperialists so that people like you should live a life where they can be considered as human beings and not articles, possesions or animals. Colonialism is responsible for a lot of problems Africans are facing and this is why it is hard for us to move forward. It has separated tribes, caused hatred between hatred us ( as evidenced in the Rwandan genocide. Belguim propagated hatred between the tutus and tutsis), made the world to see us as animals and has even made Africans to lose their self-esteem and see theirselves as inferior. note that colonial rule has done to Africans what slavery has done to African Americans.
The whiteman is the cause of our problems but the bitter truth is only us can save ourselves, nobody else. So for those depending on America to come and kick Biya out, or the UN( SCNC take note), or foreign loans, you are wasting your time. When a murderer kills a member of your family, this killer will not tell you how to heal the pain. You have to forgive out how to grief, heal and move on with your life.
Fon, I use to hold your comments on this forum with high regards, but when you bash the sweat of our ancestors who fought for us and call for Africa to return to a racist colonial rule that treated Africans as animals, I begin to lose all the respect I had for you. You are a product of the West; you are an example of how the Whiteman wants Africans to think. They want us to believe that we are failures, we cannot think, we are dumb, we are brutal, we are evil and we cannot succeed without their help. Well Fon, good riddance to bad rubbish. We need to exile people like you from Africa and build a new generation. A new generation of Africans who are self-sufficient, confident, educated, courageous and ready to stand up against all forms of African and Western hypocrisy. Fon, your ideals of Africans only succeeding by succumbing to the whip of the white slave master have no place in the new Africa we are building. If you want to be a slave, fine go and be a slave but leave the rest of us to rise above our past and prove to our detractors that we are normal human beings like any other person In America, Britain, Japan and we can succeed.


My fellow people I am happy to join this weblog, I salute you all and I hope to contribute positively towards the reconstruction of our motherland.

JB Ndeh or whoever you are, you need to check yourself very carefully before uttering any words from your currupt mouth. You and the rest of the Bimvondo crew shall all answer to the voice of truth when the time is right.


Good news for SCNC. The UN has facilitated your struggle by adopting a declaration of the rights of indigeneous peoples around the world. This declaration which was voted for by a majority of UN member countries except Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US that voted against and Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burundi,Colombia, Georgia, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, Samoa and Ukraine that abstained, is widely seen as a major step forward in recognizing the individual and collective rights of indigeneous peoples. The declaration oulines the rights of indigeneous peoples and outlaws discrimination against them. Among other rights, it sets out indidegenes' right to culture, identity, language, employment, education and so on. In this regard, i think SCNC lobby group has enough reason to lobby, not for secession but for their rights to be recognized and maintained.



I think you were too hard on Fon. He erred when he said Africans will be better off under colonial rule than being under our present leaders but i think he must have said that out of anger and frustration with regards to what we are going through under Biya's leadership. But i do agree with everything else you said.

M Nje

Thanks for the update. You may however have to go back and study a little bit of history and law here. Southern Cameroonians are not fighting for secession.

It is a fight to free their land and state from foreign occupation from La Republique Du Cameroun. Southern Cameroons is not a legal member of La Republique. It has never been and will never be. Check your facts well.


M Nje

We don`t need the UN to pass new resolution on Southern Cameroons. We need then just to respect the resolutions that were passed in the past. The UN should follow its own Charter , Article. 76b of the UN Charter and implement the trustee agreements it had with the UK.

The right to Self Determination is a legal right recognized under international law. It is time the UN and the United Kingdom step up and undo the injustice they perpetuated on Southern Cameroons. It is time to respect that legal right and grand Southern Cameroons independence.

Let them implement their own resolutions that have been passed for many years and grand Southern Cameroons its right to full independence.

U.N. Resolution 1514 of 12 December 1960 had this to say in part:

“#5 Immediate steps shall be taken in trust territories, non-self governing territories or all other territories which have not yet attained independence, to transfer all powers to the peoples of those territories WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS or RESERVATIONS in accordance with their freely expressed will and desire without any distinction as to race, creed or color, in order to enable them enjoy complete independence and freedom.”

“#6. Any attempt aimed at the partial or total disruption of the national unity and the territorial integrity of a country is incompatible with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.”

Why then was Southern Cameroons require to have independence with Conditions and Reservations; independence by JOINING which violate this resolution. Why was Southern Cameroons not allowed to have "COMPLETE INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM" as the last sentence of the above resultions states?

It was clear the UK had decided long before that they will go against the right of Southern Cameroons to have their own government and force them to JION another independent territory. We cannot seat and allow our state, Southern Cameroons, being forced into occupation and exploitation. This is not about secession. It is about justics.There are many other resolutions which were violated when Southern Cameroons was forces into annexation by La Republique.

Ted if you want more read:

The Uncompleted De-colonization Process
of the former Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons
By Mola Njoh Litumbe


Can any Sociologist help out?

Who are indigeneous people? Because i have always looked at the Aborigenes in Australia,the Indians in Bolivia ,and even those in America as indigenous people.Are Southern Cameroonians indigeneous people?

Paa Ngembus


You are right.

In the Southern Cameroons the Bakweri are an example of an indegenous people whose lands were expropriated by the colonialists. They have been fighting to get their lands back for more than 75 years.

The Mbororos of the Grasssfields are another example of indegenious peoples that face all forms of descrimination.

The Pygmees of La Republique are another example.

The Southern Cameroons is a COUNTRY that has been COLONIZED by another country La Republique, thanks to a UN, British and French conspiracy.

The UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization) fought very hard for this UN Resolution that had been languishing for the past 20 years. The Southern Cameroons Representative at UNPO (Nfor Ngala Nfor) who is also VP of the UNPO, pushed this Resolution hard to help advance the cases of the Bakweris, The Mbororos and the believe it or not Pygmees.

Hope this helps.

Take care.

Paa Ngembus


To begin with, I am arealist and not an idealist. Before I make any statement, I am ready to stand by it and defend it; defend it,not for the sake of winning but to bring out facts. I am not saying that we need to be recolonised,but the following statement that plagued your nerves remains an indísputable fact as repeated below.

I strongly believe that the suffering Cameroonians that form a majority of the population will be far better off under colonial rule than being under their own present leaders.

Before I proceed, I will like to know where you live and when you plan to return to Cameroon. If you don´t plan to return home within a short time, let me also know why. Let me also know how you have been coping out there with these people who call you "nigger" and why you have not said enough of this rubbish and return home.Be honest to yourself.

USof Africa, can you dispute the fact that if the west relaxes entrying conditions into their countries today and are ready to accept any kind of excuse from those asking for assylum,more than 60% of Cameroonians (case study) will want to move to the west, get asslum papers and stay under the leadership of westerners?
My statement was even limited to the suffering masses; I want to aver here that if the west is ready to accept as many assylum seekers as possible, even the middle class (including teachers) especially from Cameroon will be happily ready to move to the west and succumb to alien rule.

Do you want to object it? Are you current? Do you know the number of Africans who die at high sea on a daily bases as they struggle to enter Europe? Some who finally, succeed, when interviewed, they say they prefer to die at high sea than to continue life in Africa.

Germany as an example, once a foriegner is given papers, that foriegner has a right to all social benefits as indigenes; it is almost the same in other European countries including the USA.
In Germany,all Germans and foreigners with papers who are unemployed are housed and paid by the state. Do you want to tell me that if Cameroon is an oversea German territory, the German state will not treat them as citizens or cater for their well being?
Don´t tell me that sekou Toure rightly said, “We prefer poverty in freedom than slavery in riches" If this hypothesis holds, you and other Africans will not have abandoned freedom back home to be where you are and are called "niggers". Where is even the freedom back home that you are talking about? Dictatorship?
Who is better off; an assylee who lives in the west and has limited freedom or a Cameroonian who lives in adject poverty back home and yet is still suffocating under dictatorship?

Why do you think we must not rise as a people, but continue on our knees and blame the west for everything? Are there not countries in other parts of the world that were colonised that are today better off?
The greatest problem that Africa has today that has put her permeneatly on her knees is dictatorship and corruption? May I know how colonial rule is responsible for these ills.
Don´t quote me wrong somewhere that I am unermining the damage of colonial rule in the past which was exploitation. Today things have changed, the west knows now that if they have to go to Africa today, they will be forced to develop Africa.Hence they can´t even accept to colonise Africa again.

To sum up, I am not saying that colonial rule is good, but saying that the suffering Cameroonians/ Africans will be better off under colonial rule than being under our present leaders.
Try to situate yourself in a real world and not in the ideal one.


Mr. Fon,
It puzzles me that you equate an asylee to colonial rule. Do you think under colonial rule, African subjects were treated as asylees were treated Mr. Fon? do you think they were given freedom to be equal citizens, buy houses, compete for jobs and live a normal life? You are the one mixing up your facts. You are looking at asylum as if, it is the same with colonialism. My friend, it is clearly not. Go and read your history books, read about colonial rule, read in between the lines. Your assertion was wrong, flawed and naive. It is thanks to Africans like you that we are were we are today. People like you who instead of fighting for liberation, open your mouths and say that we are better off with the whiteman. How can a black man justify the slavery of colonial rule Mr.Fon? how? If Mandela decided to abandon his fight and allow the whites to take over hsi country, do you think south africa will be where they are today? some of you guys are so naive. Development does not come overnight. look at America, do you know how long it took America to become a super power? America became independent in the 1700's and it became a super power only during the second world war,in the 1940's. Rome wasn't built in a day. African countries have only been indepedent for 60, 50, 40 years. We need to persevere and keep fighting instead of making statements like we would be better off during colonial rule. If you want to be a slave Fon, that is your decision but the rest of us are and were born human beings. We will conitnue the job our ancestors started. Freedom didn't come overnight, America fought wars and suffered to be a great country. Britain fought wars and suffered poverty to be a great country and the list goes on. It is not only cameroon suffering, only countries suffered to get where they are now. We might be suffering now but if we persevere and keep fighting, brighter days will come. mandela suffered and brighter days came, it will also happen to us. No sweet without swaet.
Which developed country ever became developed without going through famine, wars, poverty and hunger? which one? go and do you history and see it for yourself. People live in utopia that believes that countries become developed without going through hardships. This is the real world.

Paa Ngembus

USAfrica alias Andre Fokam alias Francis Nche,

I am amazed at your debate with Fon.

In fact I love your position and admire the way you are articulating it and puncturing Fon's lame arguments.

What puzzles me is that you can not use these same beliefs to argue for the decolonization of the Southern Cameroons.

Is it because you are allowing your tribal sentiments to trump reason and your good sense of judgement?

Is it because in your eyes, your links with your kin and village of origin in La Republique are more important than the freedom of the Southern Cameroonian masses?

Just curious.

Paa Ngembus


By the way Fon, I am proud to be living my life in Buea and not in Germany like you.
second of all, I am in no means justifying the harships of cameroonians. my point is, all developed countries encountered harships before they became developed. Look at the French revolution, the American revolution etc. Britain was invaded bu the Roman empire around the 13th century. The british fought back, freed themselves and entered a cycle of non-stop harships. What if the British people said, oh! we are better off colonized by the Romans, do you think Britain would a super power today? No! like I earlier said Fon, you the idealist because you live in a surreal world which believes that a country can achieve greatness without harships. Check your facts again German man.
Thirdly, you asked how colonialism brought corruption and dictatorship to Africa

They introduced expoloitation, slavery and thievery in Africa. They appointed their African figure heads and used them to steal momey from villages. They used one tribe to exploit the other tribe( as evidenced by the role of Belgium in the Rwandan genocide),they turned chiefs against each other,they made our leaders corrupt by using them to embezzle money from the indigenes, they crushed resistance, they instituted bad governance..
They used African chiefs and leaders to enslave the villages( as evidenced in how the Germans manipulated King Akwa and Bell).When the West was granting independence, why didn't they sit with their colonies and help them to draft a constitution, help them form political parties and help them form a democratic government? they left without doing any of these things. Mind you Fon, Africans never had any experience in democracy.How do you enslave people for hundreads of years and them abandon them without properly helping them in establising democratic structures, what do you expect should happen? nothing more than chaos. How can you just abandon free slaves without properly training them on how to establish a democratic community? what do you expect to happen?
Even today, the west still finances our dictators. Take IDI AMIN, who brought him to power? the british? why? because Milton Obote will not let the British exploit his country's resources/ Britain organizes a coup and puts Idi Amin in power. They provide him with the resources to silence people against exploitation. Unfortunately for them, the fat illetrate turns against them.
Fon, you are just Ignorant and we have a lot of Africans like you. We need to end this ignorance and help our continent push forward.
Like I earlier said, the West is responsible for our problems but only us can fix them. Only Africans can fix these problems so those depending on the UN( SCNC take note) are wasting their time.
Fon, wake up from your ignorance and see the light.


Paa Ngembus,
I have told you time and again that I am not against the Southern cameroons cause. I am against the SCNC because I think they have been doing a very very bad job. I would like to see you guys admit some faults and be open to advice. Then I might consider attending an SCNC meeting to contribute some ideas.


You have not addressed the issues that I raised; you only went ahead to preach.

"Do you think under colonial rule, African subjects were treated as asylees were treated"
Colonial rule was brutal in those days; if asylees are treated fairly today,citizens of western oversea territories if they exist today will be treated fairly than how they are treated by current African dictators.

"We need to persevere and keep fighting instead of making statements like we would be better off during colonial rule"

Keep fighting who? Are you still under colonial rule that you want to keep fighting?

Address the issues I raised earlier before I can come back to you; that fuss that Fon wants to be a slave can´t be justified.

I have said Africa´s contemporary problems stem from dictatorship and corruption; how is colonial rule related to this? All I seems to get from you is that Africa´s problems reulted from the stigma of colonial rule; this is not true.
"The british fought back, freed themselves and entered a cycle of non-stop harships."

Do you think the hardship your country is going through is due to restructuring? Do you think Cameroon is on the right path that you think it is just a matter of time for them to pick up? Do you think we are suffering because we are struggling to build what was destroyed during colonial rule? Absolute no. If African´s can´t change their mentality and embrace change, they will continue in mud and blame colonial rule for the next two hundred years.

Paa Ngembus


You are making a fundamental error.

The SCNC is not DEPENDING on the UN for anything.

The SCNC is forcing the UN to live by her own Charter and we are succeeding.

Unlike La Republique Francaise du Cameroun, where your gov't does not respect her own laws and there is nothing you can do about it, the scenario is different here.

If the UN does not respect her Charter, she can be held accountable and she is being held accountable. It may be a slow process but THE UN SHALL BE FORCED TO RESPECT HER CHARTER.

We are succeeding and that is why I tell you that we shall drag some of you kicking and screaming to a decolonized Southern Cameroons.

BTW USAfrica it is not good to have the title LIAR. You are not in Buea and many of us know it OK?

I however agree with Fon on one thing:

"....Africa´s contemporary problems stem from dictatorship and corruption...."

Take care.

Paa Ngembus

Galabe Elvis

'Ashia' to all anglophones, victims of a failed francophone colonisation. It is good my fellow brothers and sisters that you see despair of our people is turning into hope. We have a right to govern ourselves and not to be governed by external different patterned and styled aliens like francophones. They resist meaningful change, democracy, good governance , you name it. The union cannot work under tghese circumstances. It is either we quit or govern ourselves in an autonomous setup for the good of our people. The SCNC is one group of fearless well-meaning anglophones


I`m afraid you started off on a wrong footing,and you shouldn`t push through what is not correct.What is in colonial rule that Africans will rather prefer to live under ,than under our present leaders? What is so distinctive between the two that the colonialists have suddenly got the upper hand?I made a statement earlier on,and i thought you were going to ponder over it .That statement was that our leaders are offshoots of colonialism.Don`t you think so?
If your answer is affirmative, then how would you celebrate the fact that we run away from one devil,only to meet another.
The worst part of your argument is that there`s no longer colonialism.If our leaders are offshoots of colonialism,and we are running away from them today,only to go and meet the gurus themselves that way,which other colonialism do you want to see.Or may be you want us to necessarily call it neocolonialism? It still sounds funny to me that because European governments will give you all the social security,that is enough reason why we should live under them than under our leaders.It is worth noting that when a category 2 civil servant leaves Cameroon,is given all the papers by a government in Europe that will permit him to clean their toilets,he or she is not better off in anyway.Peace with yourself is psychological,and if you do something that doesn`t appeal to you,but just for economic reasons,you are just a walking shadow.
Colonialism is bad,and those who live in Africa as leaders are colonialists.Running away from them is only going to meet their colleagues who call us rabble.When somebody calls you rabble,you are damaged psychologically,even if you pretend to enjoy the social security they give you.How enjoyable would be your life under a European colonialist if he were to use his polonium on you one day? WE saw the images of the Indian who was almost beaten to pulp there in Germany 3 weeks ago by a whole village.How enjoyable is it living under such conditions? How enjoyable is it to have the children of Colonialists called Skinheads vowing to clean their streets of coloured people? They stand on highrise buildings ,and aim at young students.The students the Colonialists kill in St Petersburg,are they different from those killed in Buea? If not ,what will be the motivation to think that it is better to live under those who do the killing in St Petersburg,than those who do same in Buea?
If you had a grown up son,and after having lost him under such circumstances in St Petersburg,will you continue to enjoy your stay there because you have social security?
It is very easy to say if Africans don`t embrace change they will stay where they are.How do you embrace change when you have hardened criminals always breathing down your neck,and doing everything to influence your actions.If you want to know how difficult for weak nations to embrace change
just think of the eye of the needle the Chinese have gone through to be where they are.These same Europeans did everything to keep them on their knees.They burnt,and stole everything from them.I mentioned the Doha rounds of talks to show you how AFricans want change ,but have to do with narcissitic colonial minds ,who only see them as objects.This does not however mean we have to sit ,and fold our arms.Just as we fought slavery,started fighting colonialism,
we are going to continue,however slow this may be.

Baba Ngembus,
Thanks for that insight!

M Nje

It is interesting to see that you took the position you expressed in your last few posting above. You really think Africans will be better off under colonial rule. Really. Here is the good news for you then. Many African Countries including La Republique Du Cameroun are still under neocolonial rule. In the late part of the 1950s, many African came out to demand independence from their colonial powers. These powers could not contain the demand for independence from African, so they decided to creat an impression of independence. Africans were told they will be independent but it is now clear that that independence is only a formality. Most of the African presidents who succeded their colonial master continue to obey the orders of those masters and it has never ended. Do you really think La Republique Du Cameroun is run by Paul Biya, or that Gabon , is run by Bongo. These people still have to consult their colonial master for major decision. The recent incidence in Ivory Coast is a clear example.

Until African youth will take the responsibility to challenge their leaders and free their countries from indirect colonial rule thinks will be the same. The youth should be thinking about revolutions and not elections. Elections don`t change anythink in Africa.

Fon, I can`t understand why you hold the view you express above. Colonisation is the most unfortunate think that happened to Africa. To recomment more of it is a deadly pile.

M Nje

Your statement on Thursday, 13 September 2007 at 07:05 AM is brillant. You deserve some credit for that. I can tell you that you have shown a certain ability to analyze the issues we face. Whether or not you support the Southern Cameroons struggle is not the issue. You have shown that you can appreciate the minor gains the struggle has made. Many have forgotten that before the struggle came to light very few could even talk or think about Southern Cameroons.

Thanks to the continue effort of patriotic Southern Cameroonians, our story is out there for the world to see. Very few can really explain how the Univeristy of Buea came about let alone the G.C.E. board. The struggle many not be always in the name of S.C.N.C. or any of its sister organization. But the struggle has brought a renew spirit of Nationalism to Southern Cameroons. They may identify themselves as "Cameroon Anglophone" but they still share the same vision, to protect the cultural identity of Southern Cameroons. From the struggle that lead to the G.C.E. board to that which lead to the University of Buea to the want for total Independence of Southern Cameroons. They are all they same struggles, fought by Southern Cameroonians for the protection of their cultural identity from "Le Francophonie" in La Republique Du Cameroun who will want to see all our values eliminated.

I don`t think it is by chance that none of the so call “Prime Ministers” from Southern Camerons in La Republique`s government has not made repeated statements ( at least to my knowledge) against the struggle. It is my view they (the Prime Ministers) know they all had their position partly because of the continuous demand from Southern Cameroonians for complete Independence. They, at least in the case of the last two “Prime Ministers”, are partly being used to counter that demand for independence from Southern Cameroons and the Bakweri land dispute.


M Nje,
It is unfortunate that many of you have misinterpreted what I said.
I am not for recolonisation of Africa by the west.
My point is that our present leaders are too callous.In the west today, everybody has the opportunity to live a certain minimum standard of life; the gap between the rich and the poor is not wide. In Cameroon, for example, the difference in standard of living between the rich and the poor is like that between Heaven and hell. The poor in Cameroon forms a majority; these poor citizens live a miserable life through out and died in misery despite the fact that we have so many resources. My point is that giving the callousness of our present leaders, from my experience I hold that if the west was to administer Cameroon today,the gap between the poor and the rich will be abrogated; the suffering masses will see a far better life than their present situation under callous leaders like Biya.
My point is that those who are too poor, and who form a majority will see a better life compare to their present situation.There will be an end to dictatorship and corruption, the root cause of suffering in Africa.

Are you disputing the fact that those who are too poor will see a better life? The debate is NOT that colonization is good, but that those who are too poor will see a better life if a western nation takes over management of our resources,the gap between the poor and the rich will be bridged. There may be other disadvantages if this happened, but the fact is that those who are in misery will be better off.



It would be wise if you agree like Fon that your SDF is better off staying out of Camerounese parliament. Have you not read where your chairman himself acknowledge that unification has failed the Southern Cameroons?



Danny Boy, your comment was brilliant. Thanks for the mixture of words in that faithful exposé of the Cameroonian Ideological Balance Sheet


And Rexon, I see no relation between your last comment and those from Watesih and Fon. Their debate was on Colonialism and not on political parties. Please let's learn to keep the records straight.


You know the SDF id like a drug.You can remember all those who stood on mountain tops proclaiming the death of the party,yet they never take a step away from it.You remember Prof. Asonganyi calling for a renaissance from people like Muna,only to become a historian about the problems in the SDF.You remember Maidadi,who having left the SDF ,and started his own party ,continued looking for ways to stand up to the SDF.He subsequently met his waterloo in another dead end as Muna.We can go on,and on.So you see even when we are discussing topical issues,the Rexons of the world stir the discussion to the SDF.These are the same people who want an independent Southern Cameroons state,but are drowned in partisan politics in La Republique.

I will never give in to that bogus idea that the SDF is better off staying out of La Republique`s parliament.What the SDF is doing is what it was founded to do.In politics presence is very important.Even our SCNC course is politics,and you see how our absence in the field is causing harm to the movement.Sir,if the SDF was to come away from La Republique`s parliament,they will just normally join the rest of you guys in your long wait for Nigeria to come over to our aid.That will be the complete death of Anglophone consciousness.If the movement is suffering from leadership crises,and sees Fru Ndi as the saviour,you guys should come out clearly,and ask him to take over where you have failed.Don`t be ashamed ,because he was there when it all started.When the chairman accepted that there should be something else than the SDF,he wanted us to weaken Biya from all directions,just as all the Palestinian groups sting Israel from all directions.That is why he is still honest enough to say he thinks Unification has failed the Southern Cameroons.There`s one thing that slipped the chairman`s mind,that the SCNC has failed him.Instead of attacking Biya from another direction,they have done ,and continue to make the fight fratricidal.
Instead of taking the fight to the enemy ,they are bringing home.This reduces our focus,and pushes us into a blame game.However slow the efforts of the SCNC have been,and are ,they are still worth something.But to tolerate internal dissent is out of the question.When the SCNC treats the SDF as an adversary,the SDF gains,and when the SCNC treats the SDF as an enemy,the
SDF grows stronger,no matter how little her political gains are.This is the truth.


"However slow the efforts of the SCNC have been,and are ,they are still worth something.But to tolerate internal dissent is out of the question.When the SCNC treats the SDF as an adversary,the SDF gains,and when the SCNC treats the SDF as an enemy,the
SDF grows stronger,no matter how little her political gains are.This is the truth." by Watesih
This statement in this context of this forum is absolutely true because, by constantly attacking SDF instead of the CPDM and cohorts, the SCNC ackwoledges SDF is stronger than CPDM.If Biya where as strong as NJFD, I think much attack on this forum would have been on him and his team of Frausters;not on a "Father of Cameroonian Democracy"(NJFD).

Ma Mary, many thanks for your definition of Analysis. It's a element of consolation indeed.I'm also appreciative of your diplomacy in writing.

M Nje

Did you say “If the movement is suffering from leadership crises,and sees Fru Ndi as the saviour,you guys should come out clearly,and ask him to take over where you have failed.Don`t be ashamed ,because he was there when it all started.”

Did you really mean your Lord Chairman was among those who started the Southern Cameroons struggle. Place give me which meetings he attended and the contributions he made. Otherwise, you should be ashame of yourself. You operate in a narrow world in which everything started or was created by your god, Ni John Fru Ndi. Everything around you was created by him. What a pathetic situation.

This is the same man who went to Inoni to complaint that La Republique`s government was not hard on those supporting the Southern Cameroons struggle. He was essentially demanding for more arrest, detention, etc, etc. This is the same person who came out in public and pointed at people he thinks are wanted for supporting the Southern Cameroons case and should have been arrested. Yes, this is the same person who claims to be fighting for people while calling for their mistreatment at the same time. What an irony.

The Southern Cameroons struggle is against the government of La Republique Du Cameroun. The S.D.F. is in the legislative and executive branch of that government. So long as they are part of that government, they will hear from us. As long as they continue to bring their falsehood to our people- in Southern Cameroons, they will hear from us. As long as they and other political parties bring illegal ballot boxes from La Republique Du Cameroun to Southern Cameroons, they will hear from us.

If you don`t want to hear from us, carry your S.D.F. politics to La Republique Du Cameroun. Your chairman has already taken residence in Yaounde. Let the party follow him along. Otherwise, we will continue to expose this few money mongers pretending to be politicians in the S.D.F. GREED, GREED, GREED, and GREED is the common denominator in the S.D.F.

Those African countries you talked about are already controlled by the colonial masters you talked about. They decided who will be president. If those Western countries did not approve of their current performance, then those African dictators will not be there. Only Africans can help Africa. But that help will not come when Africans continue to repeat the same mistake every year. Many African problems will never be solve through elections. You need a revolutions. That is how a good number of countries especially in the West did away with their own dictator, from monarch to military dictators.


Hold yourself together.There is one thing i will want you to know today.That if you want to play the tantrum game with me you will always be the loser.On this forum i don`t pontificate on hearsay.Thats why most of the times i bring in quotations from the actors.You must have noticed by now,that those who had that same approach of yours to jump to invectives when I`m concerned revised their approach a long time ago,and now accept to read the facts ,and present their observations.Just emulate Rexon,he has ceased telling me that he is a Professor at Harvard,and tackles the issues of the day.
The more you waste time calling me names,the more readers see the impact of my ideas on you.That is exactly the intolerance we are fighting.That is the intolerance the SDF does not want from you brothers on the other side of the SCNC.Now to the facts,keeping in mind that English is a little difficult for all of us to comprehend.When somebody says Fru Ndi was they when it all started,my good friend Nje will jump up from a deep slumber ,and ask the ridiculous question,"Did you really mean your Lord Chairman was among those who started the Southern Cameroons struggle?" You couldn`t be more myopic man!
Fru Ndi attended the AAC and was given a post.The SCNC came out of this gathering.
Readers will be puzzled to see you question this fact.As to distorting facts about Fru Ndi`s complaint to Inoni,we will always keep the records straight so that small whistleblowers like you do not write the wrong history for our people.Fru Ndi made it clear to the prime Minister that calling on people to stone him to death was against public security,and this was instigated by SN Tita,who had once sneaked out of the country as a result of his militancy in the SCNC.If he ran away to prove that the SCNC is illegal,when he came back,he had to go on hiding ,rather than embracing terrorism.Who first started pointing fingers at the other,Fru Ndi or SN Tita? Instead of calling for the stoning of Biya to death,he called for the stoning to death of his brother.Fru Ndi is a politician,and in politics when attack,you have to counter the offensive immediately.You don`t allow yourself to be swift-boated like John Kerry.Nje these are the facts ,you cannot change them ,no matter how hard you try to be arrogant.
The SDF is playing politics on a National platform,and will continue doing so,not forgetting the fact that its militants are Southern cameroonians,and can be sympathetic to the course.But if any dormant group of internet whistleblowers continue to waste the people`s time recounting Historical facts,and want to hide what their weak bones cannot do by scapegoating the SDF,then they will hear the truth from the SDF.AS long as these whistleblowers can`t take Biya`s SDO,ministers ,ONEL members hostage in the streets of Buea,Mamfe, Kumba,Bamenda hostage,they will hear from the SDF.The message of the SDF will be that," If you can`t act ,you quit!".
The chairman has taken residence in Yaounde,and we all know Yaounde is the seat of the institutions of the Republic.That is where the SDF was registered ,that is where the SDF has been sending people like Mounchipou to prison.Don`t hang yourself in your SDF bashing.Others have tried before ,and never succeeded.We are pretty at ease ,because we give,and will continue to give our support to the SCNCWE give this support,and encouragement,because we want action,not leassons about the History of the Southern Cameroons.No History lessons are more important than action.You and Rexon can enumerate all the problems we face in La Republique,but that is not what people want to hear.What they want to hear is how can we cut that hand that has been meting out this harsh reality to us,just as the Palestinians say they want to end occupation by launching rockets incessantly into Israel.



The only way we can cut that hand and liberate the Southern Cameroons is to stop any coperation with the enemy Biya. And focus on our key concern which is the independence of the Southern Cameroons. By the way, did you read the speech Jua made?

You wrote:

"Just emulate Rexon,he has ceased telling me that he is a Professor at Harvard,and tackles the issues of the day."

As you are good with quotations, can you forward me the quote that i said i am a professor at Harvard? Please i am anxiously waiting for i dont like lies telling.



You are really a baby! When i quote you i put in inverted commas.When i don`t put in inverted commas ,it is what we call an inference.In English you canexamplify,
and quantify by choosing something of the highest degree,or quality.Talking about Havard does not necessarily mean you teach there.It means you always want to show the world that you are at the top just as Havard is one of the best.Hope i have made myself understood.Next time when i say you said you had mansions in two cities,don`t come out to weep about the usage of the word mansion.It will just be a way to mock at your expansiveness,and ego-boosting.
Nobody is against cutting away from La Republique.That is why the SDF supported the birth of a new movement like SCNC.The SCNC has no right to look back now.All they have to do is match ahead.Hanging on to SDF`s cooperation with the enemy is abusing the confidence the SDF showed during the conception of this movement.The SDF may be out to spy at the enemy,fight the enemy on another front,and even provide finances that can be used to buy those roadside explosives from Iran.
What do you want me to deduce from Jua.His ideas are his.Are they not the same ideas that pushed him to choose the wrongside lasttime?



If i want to show the world that i am at the top, i will teach at Harvard and you will not stop me from doing so. When you call me an asylum seeker here, i have to tell you i am not one. When you tell me i accuse Biya/NJFN because i am a failure, i have to tell you i have my own successes and failures in life. When your friend Fon forwarded his professional email address here several times and told us in this forum that he is in Germany and working in Academia, you did'nt call that ego boasting. You can talk and talk, but you can never draw me back and feel like your statements can work against me. I know where you are coming from like most of your ilk. But rest assured that Rexon Tayong is bigger than that. Having you told this forum how you have businesses in the country? Stupid.


From where did you get that last word that ended your respond above. What really pushed you into tantrum?

M Nje

You are very kind to say Watesih is "Stupid." He is lower than that. This is the least common denominator of the human specie.

His long comments are all filled with meanless with no concide idea.

There is no want out there who doubt the fact that the S.D.F. will rather have all of us stop the Southern Cameroons struggle. For you to give the idea that your leadership supports our struggle is the biggers joke I can think of. The S.D.F. is full with GREED abd deception. These are people eho are out to feed their family and get pension from the government that has occupied Southern Cameroons for more than 45 years.

You surely have no idea that the Southern Cameroons struggle started long before the All Anglophone Conference. If your chairman only showed up as more than 50,000 other Southern Cameroons did then you should be ashame to even suggest he was there ar the start.

M Nje

Hi Readers ignore my last comments above here is how it should be presented. It was mistakenly posted before I could finish.

You are very kind to say Watesih is "Stupid." He is lower than that. This is the least common denominator of the human specie.

His long comments are all filled with meaningless words with no concede idea.

As usually, Jua`s interview ( which can be found in this link: is a none event to these blind followers. But one does not need a scientist to figure out that GREED is what is behind the SDF. Jua himself made it clear in his own interview. His comments just add more to what we have been saying. Why the people of Southern Cameroons are fighting to free themselves from La Republique`s occupation, the SDF is paid through election campaign funds to continue the occupation of our land. So long as they are part of La Republique`s government, they will hear from us. So long as they bring their ballot boxes from La Republique to Southern Cameroons, they will hear from us.

There is no one out there who doubt the fact that the S.D.F. will rather have all of us stop the Southern Cameroons struggle. For you to give the idea that your leadership supports our struggle is the biggest joke I can think of. The S.D.F. is full with GREED and deception. These are people who are out to feed their family and get pension from the government that has occupied Southern Cameroons for more than 45 years.

You surely have no idea that the Southern Cameroons struggle started long before the All Anglophone Conference. If your chairman only showed up as more than 50,000 other Southern Cameroons did then you should be ashame to even suggest he was there at the start.


Readers are laughing out their lungs
when you actually weep like that.Sir,imagine
what you have said here about Southern Cameroonnians like Fru Ndi,Eric Chinje,
Titanji,Anyangwe,Mbah Ndam,and many others.You did everything to run them down.You always present yourself as somebody who is very successful,and them as animals.Little wonders you still take delight in talking about your family houses in the Southwest,your two houses in Europe,
your stint in banks,your teaching in a renowned University.Let me tell you that all these smacks of primitivity.What i do with you is that i don`t make up anything about you.I just use your own words to bang you small brains.When you came to the Post to take on people,you never thought for a while that you are a poor communicator,and that you cannot be a leader anywhere.My friend Fon can present himself once or twice to be working in the Academia,but if he doesn`t take it for a pattern of behaviour ,good.Secondly ,nobody has read Fon trying to run down all Southern Cameroonians ,and while at the same time presenting himself as a hero.Your friends are the ones who come here telling Cameroonians that they should be very careful with you ,because you teach in a renowned University.That is why you could not help taking on me without associating yourself to one of them.Look at your name again above:"But rest assured that Rexon Tayong is bigger than that", hahaha ,shame!
Bigger than life? I will continue to be stupid by speaking the truth.If you want to talk about the Southern Cameroonian people,you must prove what you have accomplished for them.If you want to talk about the SDF,you must be ready to show how different you are.If you want to carry on with ego boosting,you are going to be redressed.

How many times do you write the name Watesih a week? How can the least common denominator of the human specie make you undress in public like this? You are fond of denial,and character assassination,no wonder in out latest exchange you quickly ran out of ideas ,and naturally settled for invectives.You are what people call in Cameroon bite ,and blow.Today you will derogatorily refer to Fru Ndi as Lord chairman,the next day you are estatic about him," Mr Ni John Fru Ndi is a very courageous man.A brand of politician who will not sell out his followers for personal gain". Nje,do you know who his followers are? Of course Southern Cameroonians.That is why i want you to crave his indulgence to come to your aid.My message to you again:"If you cannot act,you quit!" .Stop playing communication feymania here by recounting historical facts about the Southern Cameroons everyday.


Hamas and Fatah fighting!!! Perhaps Sunnis and Shites! Keep killing each other, blame those in government that you don't recognize, and Biya. How does that help.

No matter your course they will always be followers, and those against but having a majority of followers is key to achieve a goal.

Keep killing one another or deterring unity, generations to come will still be talking about the anglophone problem, the southern Cameroons.
Before building a state, unity, love, peace and understanding must reign among anglophones. Each anglophone counts in the struggle.

If we continue to see others as the bad grains then we will disappoint ourselves and the generations to come.

M Nje

There is no hate campaign here. What we are doing is exposing the HYPOCRITE and GREEDY fellows in the house. Why We are fight La Republuque`s government for occupying our land, some within us are receiving money from that same government. It is a shame a very big shame, one that future generations will never forget.

We will not stop exposing the GREED and hypocrisy in the SDF until they take their politics to La Republique. As long as they continue to preach falsehood to our people, they will hear from us. As long as they are part of La Republique`s government, they will hear from us.



It is everybodys right to support what he believes. My believe is that, the SDF have been turned into an NGO whose sole objective is to help stabilise the fake democracy of La Republique. Now, i dont honestly have any reason to criticise people like Fon on this issue as they have clearly stated their objection to the SDF's participation in La Republiques parliament. This is because, they think they would not be able to influence any policy. I have also made my point clear that since the SDF have been reduced to such a low level, they are better off quitting the political scene of the Southern Cameroons than for them to constantly act as a distractions to our people.

The SDF is directly responsible for all the mess we are currently going. This is because, in my opinion, they are legislating the actions of the occupying goverment of La Republique. They do this by sitting in their parliament and clapping hands making it look like a democracy. At the end of the day, they cannot influence any policy. Then why participate, if you cannot change anything? Even Feli told us in this forum that even the parliament have no us a "Cameroon is ruled by decrees, the president decides on everything through his decrees". So why go in? I am wondering. What is the motive? GREED AND SELF-CENTERNESS. It is fraud to pretend that the SDF's participation in Camerounese parliament does not help stabilise the situation or act as a distraction to our course. Besides, the actions of these people have been too distant and detached to the need for a defence of the constituent and the people that they claim to defend. In many instances, these SDF parliamentarians have been persuaded and bribed to legislate actions that are seemingly pro-CPDM. Did you forget how Mbah Ndam was negotiating positions of responsibility in parliament with the CPDM on behalf of the SDF, and ignoring other small opposition parties?

What you should know is that, you can never refuse someone the right not to use his names.

Can you quote where i ran down Anyangwe? Secondly, there is seemingly a difference between running down someone and his ideas. I dont run down people as I am not doing anything in hiding. Whatever i have against them, i write it here for everyone to consume just as i write against Paul Biya as this is a public forum. If writing against people is running them down, then u are very much guilty as you have spend your entire time here writing against people. When You even said here that Paul Biya killed his wife, do you have any evidence to support this?



Thanks for that babbling.When the Cpdm put your name on the list of wanted Cameroonians,you shook like a leaf ,and decided to play the Chameleon.When you are not playing some underground games in PICAM,you openly take sides with those who are on the Cpdm payroll to dismember the SDF.You have all along pretended here that your criticisms for the SDF was for the good of the party.How would you want the good of a party that is colouring La Republiques politics? You have categorically always refused here that you don`t have anything against the SDF,or Fru Ndi,but readers were taken aback when you came out last week declaring that you have been fighting the SDF.You have always fooled yourself that you are the Cameroonian who can deal a blow to the SDF`s international image.When elections came around you yourself announced to the world that you were going to suspend attacks on the SDF,because you did not want to be seen as being against the party,but here are you telling the world that you have all along fighting the party.When the SDF ,and the Cpdm are in a competition,and you fight the SDF,who carries the day? When you fight the SDF,and at the same time accuse it of distracting your course,what do you want the world to look at you.
If you discovered that all Southern Cameroonians have always thrown their weight behind the SDF,and you keep fighting the party,do you therefore know you have been fighting your own people?You fought the SDF during elections,and the Cpdm won to your delight. That still keeps Southern Cameroonians in a very bad posture, especially as you as an individual has nothing to offer them.
Who would even want to listen to some body who fights his own brothers only to rush over to Scotland ,and vote.Scotland has been under British rule for hundreds of years,and you rushed there to vote,while Calling on Southern Cameroonians who have also been under oppression not to vote.You accuse others of greed,but you are consumed by it.Here you are voting in other countries,announcing your ownership of property in foreign lands,but doing everything to mock at any other prominent Southern Cameroonian.
You sought to know where you ran down Anyangwe,the first thing i will want you to know is that with all you voting in Scotland
and all what you have done abroad,you will never enjoy the reputation people like Anyangwe have enjoyed ,and still enjoy.Just hear him:" Yes Fru Ndi tried his best to liberate us,and give us some courage to speak. WE clearly heard where Feko argued that most of the founding fathers of the SDF were not courageous enough ,and that is why FRu Ndi was the first signatory of the SDF documents as chairman.I laud his courage ,and when he was risking his life,OTHERS LIKE NGWASIRI,ANYANGWE WERE AFRAID OF THEIR JOBS,AND POSITIONS.( Rexon,November 28th 2006). These are the confusionists ,and hitmen who insult every Southern Cameroonian ,only to come here and shout people down.
The last thing i want to say is that as long as you see the name Watesih around,know
that i will continue stinging chalatans like you.If you say the SDF has been distracting our course,and you spend 90% of your time talking about this same SDF,then you have been distracting Southern Cameroonians.When something distracts you,what do you do? Of course forget about it ,and propose a better option.
Anything we say carries a responsibility with it.It is not because you say things in the open that you don`t deem them defamatory
When these same things are said about you ,you always want to hang yourself.


As much as I would like to take your side, the sad truth is that the SDF has failed the people. For how many years must the Anglophone people wait for change? For how long must we be deceived by the false promises of the SDF? Fru Ndi threatened the CPDM not to rig elections. When the twin elections were rigged, what did the SDF do? Nothing; they just sat like fools and followed Biya into the parliament. Every year, Anglophones keep relying on the SDF to free them from enslavement, every year the SDF keeps failing them with their lackluster attitude towards Biya’s politics. The SDF has become Fru Ndi’s talking workshop and lost all it’s credibility as a revolutionary opposition party taking vigorous action against Biya’s regime. All they do these days is sit, talk, hold press conferences, sit, talk, conduct interviews (Elizabeth Tamajong comes to mind here) and receive hefty funds from the Biya regime. The Cameroonian people cannot be fooled anymore, the SDF has failed.
I find it ironical that you are attacking the SDF for not producing results. The last time I checked, the SCNC is hasn’t produced any results too. “Koki di laugh miyodo say dem don tie ei”. What results has the SCNC produced apart from going every month to the U.N to sit and fart on those comfortable chairs? What influence does the SCNC have in Cameroon? Do you want to know how a revolutionary pressure looks like? The Black People’s convention of Steve Biko is an excellent example. This was a movement that had extremely groundbreaking charisma and matched its charisma with actions. This was a movement that lured the people into their ideologies and won complete grassroots support. This was a pressure group people worshipped. If the Black People’s convention sent a message to the public and said ‘boycott this bread or this movie’, the whole populace will unanimously boycott it. This is how a pressure group should be. Comparing the SCNC to the Black people’s convention is like comparing an ant (SCNC) to an elephant (Black people’s convention). The SCNC has no grassroots support, they don’t have charisma, most of their fighters are abroad, and if they said that Southern Cameroonians should boycott something, nobody will even bother to pay any attention to what they are saying.

Conclusion: Opposition in Cameroon has failed the people. We need a new breed of revolutionaries. People like Biko who are ready to stand up and fight for their people and not for money. People like Martin Luther King who are willing to march up to ETOUDI and deliver a similar “I have a dream” speech. People like Mandela who are willing to sacrifice the comfort of Europe for the damp, smelly cells in Africa. We don’t need people who sit and promise false hopes and then run to ETOUDI at the end of the month to collect their salaries( Fru Ndi take note). We don’t need people who use their mousses to fight Biya, and run to the U.N every week. The U.N will never save us SCNC, only ‘us’ can save us. Cameroonians have had enough of this bullshit. A new wind will blow over Cameroon, a new wind of people ready for business and not jokes.

Legima Doh

Hail ScNc.
Greetings fellow comrades and much appreciation for keeping the candle burning.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,

M Nje

The Southern Cameroons struggle is hard worked but is the right solution to our current situation. A solution that will last for ever.

There is a clear choice here. If you want quick results, if you want temporal and half baker solutions, join the SDF or any other political party. There you will have a few peanuts from La Republique as they kill your children at the University of Buea, sell your property as they did with the CDC, and exploit your oil for their own benefit.

But if you want a long and lasting solution to this problem, then join the struggle for independence. If you want a solution that will make sure the future generation of Southern Cameroons will leave in their own state as there are entitle to, run their own affairs without being called Nigerians or enemies then join the independence struggle. These results will not come tomorrow but they will guarantee our future generation will not be in a daily state of emergency, as S.D.O, D.O. and governors from La Republique decide their fate.

There is a choice here, a very clear one indeed.


USAfrica, that conclusion in your last statement was absolutely brilliant.


"People like Mandela who are willing to sacrifice the comfort of Europe for the damp, smelly cells in Africa.": by USAfrica

Rexon,Nje and co, understand this.


"People like Martin Luther King who are willing to march up to ETOUDI and deliver a similar “I have a dream” speech. " by USAfrica
Let SDFers get this clear


"We don’t need people who use their mousses to fight Biya, and run to the U.N every week. The U.N will never save us SCNC, only ‘us’ can save " by USAfrica

This is what I qualify a million dollar reflection. And if I may add:"If only "us" can save "us", then the SCNC needs much grassroot support; for the grassroot is the engine of the revolution they're aspiring to"


That was good.I will never stand on any mountain top and say the SDF has succeeded,but i`m not also going to bedevil the SDF.This is the only pressure group against a deadly regime,and its presidential majority.We were supposed to be having two or more pressure groups against Biya,but you can see for yourself how people are distracting the course.You must have noticed that i always clash with those individuals who actually have nothing to offer as far as the Southern Cameroons course is concerned.
We have people here like Ma Mary, Pa Ngembus
and others who have clearly avoided distracting Southern Cameroonians about the SDF,and focussed on the message.Not that they don`t criticise the SDF,but they know this is not what we want from Biya.A vast majority of SDF militants are Southern Cameroonians.If they made a mistake supporting this party,then appeal to them to forget about it and embrace a new course.If you don`t do this ,and come out beating your chest that you have been fighting the SDF all along,of course they will never listen to you.It is as if these individuals are posing a condition to Southern Cameroonians,
that either the SDF stops to exist,or there will be no freedom fighting.The SDF wants to liberate the people from total oppression,
and misery.The SCNC wants to cut away totally from La Republique.This are two distinct messages,so where does the SDF distract the SCNC? The SDF has made strides to articulate its message even if many people think that is not enough,but on the other side the SCNC is not taking time to articulate its own message.Lets assume that the SDF has completely failed,what will be the SCNC business around a failed political party? Is this not total distraction? AS long as chalatans want to spice their message of inactivity,by scapegoating the SDF,will continue to point out to Southern Cameroonians that it is because they don`t even exist,and have nothing to offer.If they want out to talk about our course ,let them chat a different course from that of the SDF.Anything short of that will be challenged.Again we are not here blowing the trumpet of the SDF.No right minded person can stand aganist the SCNC.Even Fru Ndi will dare not,but the SCNC must take its own destiny into its hands,and stop pretending as if it owes its existence to the SDF.It is easy to whip up sentiments on the internet with all types of sweeping statements,but very difficult to go down to the field.The SDF is at least taking the heat in the field,not infront of the UN,or on the internet.



I strongly disagree with some segments of your last comment regarding the SDF and John Fru Ndi. You claim that SDF and Fru Ndi has not lived up to the expectations of Cameroonians. My question to you is, can you kindly shortlist those expectations that you claim the SDF has not met and tell us what they (SDF) should have done to meet those expectations. Because you can say all you want about the SDF and John Fru Ndi but the truth remains. SDF and Fru Ndi have exhausted all peaceful and democratic avenues to bring meaningful change to Cameroon. The only thing that SDF has failed to do is to use force to bring this regime to the rocks. By force i mean outright Civil war. There is still an ongoing debate as to weather or not we need a civil war to bring the much needed change that Cameroon yearns for. I am strongly against war because war has far reaching consequences. It is easy to start a war but difficult to end it. Time will tell but I still think SDF is a credible political force and will someday if not soon become the ruling Party in Cameroon.
As to the issue of SDF going into parliament despite the conduct of the election, it is a very debatable matter. Question is, what next if not going into parliament?. I have seen very convincing arguments for and against going into Parliament and honestly, it is difficult for me at this point to determine what argument is wrong or right.
Only time will tell.
Cameroonians are living under the caprice of an oppressive dictatorial regime run by a ruthless Free masonic Rosicrucian call Paul Biya who pays the Army a lot of money to protect him and to maintain his stronghold on power for over 25 years. I think Cameroonians need to go on their knees and start praying for change. War will only make things worse.


Up to this moment, you have not shown remorse for your shameless prevarication that you are in Buea. Can you recant that statement you made that you live in Buea before one can take you serious here.


So USAFrica, tell us where you're domiciled.


I see that identity on this forum has surpassed facts. People seem to be more bothered about where you are than what you are saying.
I live in Buea, have always lived in Buea and I still live in Buea. I was fortunate enough to win a scholarship with the UN-UNICEF program and I have traveled extensively for the past months doing a lot of work and sensitizing the African masses. But as of September, I made CBC,Baptist center Bamenda my temporal home. I am still doing some work there and I will return to Buea. We had good internet services at Baptist center and it is really helping the community. I also enjoy internet-via Fotabe house-at the comfort of my home. Not only asylum seekers in Europe have access to internet. Not only German boys like FON,who prefer to be a slave under colonial rule,are exposed to internet services.
When people conclude that I must be abroad because I am expose to the internet, I find it very repugnant and irritating. This only goes to show how some of you in diaspora are out of touch with Cameroon.
In my travels, I was asked a lot of stupid questions like white people. Like did I live on trees? or have I ever used the internet? I expect such questions from them because they are ignorant but to come from fellow Africans, it is a shame.

M Nje

"As to the issue of SDF going into parliament despite the conduct of the election, it is a very debatable matter. Question is, what next if not going into parliament?. I have seen very convincing arguments for and against going into Parliament and honestly, it is difficult for me at this point to determine what argument is wrong or right.
Only time will tell." 7512Wilson

I have said here that your chairman has carried all of you to a death end with no out-let. Your own statements above just confirms that. What have you seen. Just keep on following him.

It is ridiculous to see how you willo suggest that neither the SDF nor its leadership will stand against our struggle. You forget that the official position of the SDF is that Southern Cameroons IS a part of La Republique Du Camerouns. But they have to evidence to prove that falsehood.

On the other hand, the official position of any of the Southern Cameroons nationalistic movements I know is that Southern Cameroons IS NOT a legal part of La Republique Du Cameroun. And they have FACTS to prove that point

Those are two opposing views. To suggest that the SDF or its leader is not preaching a message that is contrary to the Southern Cameroons struggle is to ignore the statement above.

Oh yes even Ni John sympathizes with the struggle is the argument you will like to present. Yes, he sympathizes with the struggle by recommending to Inoni that La Republique should be hard on anyone supporting the struggle. Oh I see he sympathizes with the struggle by pointing fingers are those who are wanted for supporting the struggle and should be arrest. Don`t tell me that somebody said he should be stoned to death. If he had a personal disagreement with someone who supports the Southern Cameroons struggle he can settle it with that person. To extend that disagreement to everyone supporting the struggle, even to the extend of reporting to Inoni is ridiculous. By the way who is Inoni? A few mouths after reporting our sympathizers to Inoni he ( Ni John Fru Ndi) was the same person complaining that Inoni made a comment during election campaign suggesting people should not vote for SDF because it is a “North West” party.

The SDF and its Leaders has showed us that they talk from both side of their mouth. A few weeks before the election, the campaign message was Cameroun is a Unitary and indivisible state. It is rich with many resources. That is an indirect way of saying Southern Cameroons is a part of La Republique Du Cameroun. This was the message of the party`s leadership. After the election and following the defeat of the SDF the same Ni John Fru Ni who talk of Cameroun being a unitary state came out to proclaim that Unification has failed.

The question is why is it that a few weeks before elections unification was working. Just after the election, when thinks did not work well for the SDF, unification has suddenly failed?

In the eyes of many of those supporting the Southern Cameroons struggle, this is one of the things that makes the SDF different from the CPDM. We know were those in the CPDM stand concerning our struggle. The will not hide the fact that they are against it. But those in the SDF will like to have it both ways. One day unification is working. Cameroun is a unitary state. The next day it is not working but they are still going to La Republique`s parliament.

When you say“No right minded person can stand aganist the SCNC.Even Fru Ndi will dare” you are repeating that double talk. The official position of the SDF and its leadership is contrary to the official position of the Southern Cameroons struggle. As long as we continue to hear such double talk, we will not stop to point it out to the public.

M Nje

Omission: Last paragraph

When you say“No right minded person can stand aganist the SCNC.Even Fru Ndi will dare not” you are repeating that double talk.

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