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Monday, 10 September 2007


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USAfrica, thanks for that revelation.

And now, can Fon show us the foundation of his last comment on USAFrica's habour?.Fon, with due respect don't tell us you've created another "Intelligence Service" parallel to SCIS which just unveiled Reverend as Fake Pa Ngembus,JB Ndeh and ....


"The SDF and its Leaders has showed us that they talk from both side of their mouth. A few weeks before the election, the campaign message was Cameroun is a Unitary and indivisible state. It is rich with many resources. That is an indirect way of saying Southern Cameroons is a part of La Republique Du Cameroun. This was the message of the party`s leadership. After the election and following the defeat of the SDF the same Ni John Fru Ni who talk of Cameroun being a unitary state came out to proclaim that Unification has failed." by Nje
Watesih, please confirm those facts as I guess it's a fair challenge. In other words, can SDF be exercising some regret over their political agenda?. I'm asking because, saying;"Unification has failed" means recognising in part the SCNC struggle.


Fon as a stunch SDFer, please could you also help in thrashing the above preoccupation of Mr Nje, myself and co.


We have advised you time and again to stop bullying ,because you frighten no one here.Debate issues like the others are doing.That your bullying effontery shows you are not comfortable with yourself,and ideas.To actually make things clear to you,the position of the SDF is not very important to the SCNC.I have said here and i repeat,that nobody has the right to pose conditions for the Southern Cameroonians.You can`t wait for the SDF to declare its position first,or to break away from La Republique`s politics ,before you fight for freedom.That is share distraction,and total surrender.Which is this freedom movement that wants to surrender its existence, because of a political party?
Mr Nje,the KMT in Taiwan thinks Taiwan is part of China,but this does not stop the
Taiwan leader fighting to declare Taiwan independence.How many examples do you really want us to give you guys? Your problem is inactivity,fear.Any communication gymnastics here is just to buy time.
We want to make it clear again,that if the SDF has any sympathy for the SCs course,
it is because the greater part of its militants are Southern Cameroonians.South Korea has continued assisting the North over the years,despite the rejection from the international community,and despite the North`s behaviour towards her.This is where Fru Ndi comes.He recognises the errors our older brothers made to handover our land to La Republique,and is honest to say this was wrong.This is also more the reason he accepted a post during the ACC. His position has been consistent,only from whistleblowers to find lice on his bald head.Fru Ndi did not hand over our land to La Republique,and when he appeared on the political scene,all Southern Cameroonians threw their weight behind him.These same Southern Cameroonians later thought it was better to have another movement to start doing something to recuperate our land,but here is the movement today refusing to move.They have taken the activities of one Southern Cameroonian,Fru Ndi to completely cloud what other thing that can be achieved.Unless Fru Ndi is mightier than the Southern Cameroons course,can we be talking about him day in day out.Lets assume Fru Ndi came out,without being provocked,and took aim at the SCNC,are
we going to go mad just because one Southern
Cameroonian taunted us? We see how these guys who pretend to be freedom fighters are champions in internal bickering.Fru Ndi said to Inoni,Inoni said to Fru Ndi,patati patata!When are we going to hear the Southern Cameroons militart wing kidnapped?
Fru Ndi plays politics on the national scene with other players like Inoni,so he can go to them one hundred times.That is not the business of any freedom fighting movement.
For those who pretend to know a lot and play with words to buy time,we will always explain things clearly to Southern Cameroons.The Southern Cameroons is a legal part of La Republique.When we surrendered to La Republique,it broke down its previous boundaries,and incorporated us .It has since
gone from one stage to another ,to completely assimilate us.This does not in anyway mean that we don`t have to fight to stay on our own.
The SCNC came about as a result of the policies of a unitary state.Fru Ndi knew ,and still knows unification is difficult in the Cameroonian context.He was forsighted enough,and accepted the post given him during the AAC.This meant that the fight was not going to be one dimensional,but coming from multiple angles.Today we only have people who will like to take pleasure in second-guessing him,in order to hide their inability.

The SDF is playing politics on a national platform,but the party knows where its base comes from.This is honesty.
The party has taken a lot of blows to give Southern Cameroonians a say.The SDF has no regret for its political agenda,because it was founded to do what it is doing,while the SCNC was founded to do what it is not doing.
If Fru Ndi opposed the SCNC struggle he would have opposed it from the beginning.The
SCNC came about as a result of La Republique trying to kill our identity through its policies.The SDF was founded to fight this same La Republique,but it seems the SCNC has forgotten the enemy,and is desperately looking for a scapegoat.The SDF,and Fru Ndi will not stand against the SCNC struggle.If the SCNC doesn`t know who the enemy is,then it should choose the SDF as one,and explain to the Southern Cameroonians why!


I think it is obvious that our SCNC brothers have acknowledged the importance Of Ni John Fru Ndi; what they are saying is that without Fru Ndi, they can´t move an inch. At the moment, their concern is Fru Ndi and not la Republique. Sounds funny isn´t it?

Here you come again with outrageous falsehood and cock-and-bull story.
"I have traveled extensively for the past months doing a lot of work and sensitizing the African masses." sensitizing the African masses on what issues and in preparation for what?

"In my travels, I was asked a lot of stupid questions like white people. Like did I live on trees? or have I ever used the internet?"
These are old ferry tales. I can´t even understand what you are trying to say in your lies; Were the stupid questions asked by Africans or whites? I asked this because you said, you have travelled extensively sensitizing African masses,yet you talked of whites asking you stupid questions. Or are you saying that the sensitization of African masses was being done in Europe/the west? I can´t make any sense out of it.(Simplice, you may help me here if you uuderstood him)

The story about Buea and the Baptise centre is fib.
I leave you to your conscience which you can´t lie.
However, I will prefer colonial rule than that of callous Paul Biya/CPDM.


Les gens n'aimeint pas les gens oh! mais nous advances! vraiment!

This debate here is similar to the ones in bars, where points are raised to discredit others but no clear point on the way forward.

It is evident that the southern cameroons is segmented on even family lines.
From the last elections, (whether fair or not) the anglophone struggle is still one sided (NW) and championed by the SDF. Its about facts, not on party bias.
A NW cameroon can easily gain autonomy. Many will dispute this...but do some homework and you'll support the fact.
It's not what we want though!!! So put back your guns.

With the SCNC still at the upper class level and the capital of SC rallying firmly behind LRC, targeting the SDF which has the NW secured is lack of strategy.

This battle of liberation is two phase,
Phase 1- Winning the hearts and minds of the people.
Phase 2- Winning liberation.
Going ahead and leaving the people behind and lacking their support is just running fast on the wrong track.

Stop pointing fingers or ridiculing others, be inspired, conceive ideas and lay out a strategy.


arguing with you is like talking to a box of stones. All I have to tell you that in due time, what I and some distinguished have been working on shall be revealed in due time. For more, please go to

No matter how bitter Fon and his compatriots want to be, the truth is that the SDF has failed and continuous to fail Cameroonians. It had degenerated over the years instead of improving. Back in the day, SDF was a force to be reckoned with that gave Biya a run for his money. Today, the party is just a joke.
My dear German slave(aka Fon who prefers to a slave under colonial rule), please google ANC and you will see what an opposition party means. Please google CPP of Nkrumah and you will see how an opposition party functions. True opposition parties know how to connect with the masses and people are willing to sacrifice their lives for them. A true opposition party does not only depend on words but on actions. A true political party does not accumulate chunks of wealth( like Fru Ndi's massive accounts in London). Has histoty not taught the SDF that wealth in an opposition party alienates the poor masses? haven't the SDF heard that the poor suffering masses can never pledge allegiance to an opposition party that is rich? how did Nkrumah come to power? do you think it is because of riches? what transformed him into a demi-god was because he was a common man. He was called "verandah boy", he wore dirty clothes, he sat with the women in the market and he drove with taxi drivers. The masses saw him as a common man and they all stood behind him and kicked the almighty British out. SDF has refused to learn from history. All they do these days is to send the American-educated Dr. Tamajong to baffle audiences during press conferences. After press conferences, they deliver false threats to the post. After that, they sack a couple of recalcitrant members. After that, they do more press conferences. By this time, it is the end of the month and they all run to ETOUDI to collect hefty checques. Fru Ndi is always first in line. When he gets his checque, he wires the money immediately into his retirement fund in a British bank. After that, they go back for press conferences. And you call this opposition Fon? I don't even expect a German slave like Fon to understand what opposition is. Afterall, a slave and a free man do not think the same.
So Mr. Fon, the German slave and white man ass-licker( fon has stated himself that he prefers to be a slave under the colonial rule) the SDF has failed. I am an SDF sympathizer and I acknowledge that they have more achievements than any other opposition party in Cameroon. However, they have failed. If a test is given to a class of 100 students and the student with the highest score has a 20/100. He is first but does that mean his score is good? I think we all know the answer.
Mr. German slave Fon, the SDF has failed no matter how you look at it. The truth is bitter but it must be spoken. No matter how hard you try to deny it Fon, you know that everyday when you go to bed at night, your own conscience tells you that the SDF has failed. I never ever thought I would ever agree with REXON but the only purpose of the SDF is "to colour the inexistent democracy in Cameroon".


The only solution for the SDF is to start afresh. They need a new, young, revolutionary, charismatic, eloquent and strategic young man who understand the people, cameroon, politics and the international scene. They need new policies, and new strategies to win back the support. Kick the old and archaic people out. Rake the old hay out of the barn and bring in new olds. Fru Ndi has ran his course and there is no more magic in his magic box.


"This battle of liberation is two phase,
Phase 1- Winning the hearts and minds of the people.
Phase 2- Winning liberation.
Going ahead and leaving the people behind and lacking their support is just running fast on the wrong track."- AngloCameroonian
You have just said what I am always been singing on this forum. This is the mistake made by SCNC and SDF and it is leading them into a pit.


I abhor debating with you for two reasons, you are mendacious and your arguments are never back by facts.
The issue that Fru Ndi has bank accounts in London is an old fake story from his detractors; or can you substantiate this allegation?, or can you corroborate the averment: "By this time, it is the end of the month and they all run to ETOUDI to collect hefty checques. Fru Ndi is always first in line."?
If you are not a shameless liars, defend the point that Fru Ndi is always the first in line to collect "hefty checques from ETOUDI by month end. How do you expect readers to take you serious when it is obvious that you have no regard for facts?

Do you think it is by standing on a tree top and shouting that the SDF has failed that will make readers hear you better? It is very easy to say what it takes to be a good opposition party. If it were so easy to translate what we say or think into action, I am sure fake USofAfrica will be leading a very successful political party in Cameroon today.

You can vociferate from a tree top that the SDF has failed, this is because you are too naive and completely lack any understanding of the political terrian in Cameroon. Young man, the situation of ANC was never the same as that of the SDF; the ANC had quite different obstacles and was dealing with quite different people; Cameroonians will never reason or act the same as South Africans. Therefore it will be difficult to compare the ANC and the SDF. Why have you not also asked yourself how long it took the ANC to achieve her goal?

The SDF has done almost all that is expected from a political party that wants change. How did you come to the conclusion that even the SDF is the top opposition, their performance is far below the passed mark? Is it because there are not yet in power or what? If the SDF is not in power today, it is because of election rigging as a result of lack of a structure that can take care of free and fair elections. If there is anything the SDF has not yet done, it is to plunge Cameroon into war; is that what you want?

Due to your myopic reasoning,you may want to argue that the SDF is experiencing deminishing returns without analysing the whole situation. There are many people who have crossed from the SDF to the CPDM, not because the SDF has faulted but simply because of economic benifits. These are the weak minds who thought the fight for change will be terse one.

By the way, you did not tell me how it possible that you travelled extensively sensitizing Africans and during your sensitizations, whites were asking you if you live on tree tops or have you ever used the internet. Was the sensitization of Africans in Europe/the West?

Tackle the issues and stop filling 3/4 of your respond with "Fon the German slave". It is not the number of times that you mention in your posting that Fon is a German slave that will turn Fon into a slave.
Stop falsehood; it denigrates you personality. OK?

M Nje

No body can disprove any part of what I said above on Wednesday, 19 September 2007 at 07:30 PM and Wednesday, 19 September 2007 at 08:29 PM.

So don`t worry about it. I said it the way it is.


Fon got under your skin there as Ma Mary likes saying.Readers will almost laugh out their lungs when they think of the fact that we only have critics here who think like George Bush,that if you are not with them,you are against them.How does it feel to start parroting the failure of the SDF,just because Fon raised reservations about your whereabout.It has only dawned on you in 2007,after the SDF`s 18 years of existence that the party has failed.Don`t be too carried away hitting back at the SDF ,because Fon scrutinised your declarations.
We have always had people here trying to sound elitist ,and tell people they live on the moon.Most of them disappear when the truth catches up with them.
Your tirade against the SDF stroke a familiar tone,and ended up in the usual way;
that the SDF doesn`t need Fru Ndi but a new charismatic younger person.What a smart guy would have done is to make propositions,
based on policies.Outline what you want the SDF to do ,and how to go about it.
You have also reduced yourself on this forum to a Cpdm-like catch phrase spinner,
with an apparent penchant for verbal dysentery.When you are not calling Ma Mary names,you are calling Paa Ngembus Ngemgoat.
When you are not calling Fon German slave,
you are telling lies about a public figure like Fru Ndi lining up at Etoudi to earn a salary.It will really be difficult for readers to reconcile the image of somebody carrying a big name like USAfrica,and this hollowness that you creat around your personality.
AS Fon,observed above,show us what the SDF as a party has not done to offroot Biya,
and also tell us why strangely it is the SDF that is always second in all elections.You
graded our plolitical parties ,and said if the best student the SDF could have 20%,it won`t still be considered as a pass mark.
And you quickly rushed abroad to show us how the ANC succeeded.How different is this from what you accuse Fon of? Do you really know the SouthAfrican situation well? Since you know too much about the ANC,how many new leaders are leading the ANC today? You have shown your limits by being a copycat.Instead of coming up with your own thoughts,you could only finally settle with Rexon`s "colour the inexistent democracy in Cameroon". What is the meaning of this statement: " Rake the old hay out of the barn,and bring in NEW OLDS?". Finally,
readers are taken aback to see somebody celebrating his usage of the internet now for a month.What is this idea of being connected to the internet patati patata all about?


SDF have failed! SCNC have failed! So what?

We should stop this attitude of being sign boards just pointing to directions and never actually heading that direction or to the place.

Who are these young blood, new mentality and all the charismatic values of the leaders you're talking about? Is it not us?
We want change and should bring the change.

Stop blaming others, if any of you is truly serious for change, lets make a movement from this forum today! With all the bright idea, it must be a success. Who is in?

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