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Monday, 03 September 2007


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Ma Mary

Nothing too complicated about a true believer in the empire.


Cheap journalism. It is too easy to know who paid for this article to be written.
Next time try to be a little critical and present a somehow balanced view. Articles like this reduce your target audience and subject you to oblivion,with any real competition.

Neba Funiba

This is journalism at its worst. Does it mean areas of Cameroon that do not support the CPDM should be denied development? By implication, the State Treasury must belong to CPDM and not to the people; and of course this is true in the same way that only the GM of SONARA and the Presidency understand the accounting system that tally's SONARA funds. Telling people to support only the CPDM because it is only through such support that people can share the national cake is tantamount to clamoring for a one-party state. Do people from NW pay taxes? If so what do they get in return? Manyu and Ndian have been supporting the CPDM all through what have they gotten out of the deal. The truth of the matter is that Nsahlai and his friends are paying for these postings thinking that he will be made PM. We have had Speaker of the Assembly and PM from the NW, we have had PMs from the SW--so what? So will Nsahlai have the ring tarred this time around? It is rather unfortunate that the inefficient, and ignorant Foncha-Muna-Egbe-Tataw generation is being replaced by good-for-nothing narcissistic cranks, political tatterdemalions whose vision for the future centers only on nonconsequential political appointments.

Ma Mary

Peterkins, bought, fully paid for and pocketed. I shall do a double take of or ignore your articles henceforth. The puff piece about the CPDM chief and his crown prince in the Fakoship ferry is interesting too. We are waiting for puff pieces about Southern Cameroonian luminaries and SDF honchos to allay the concerns about something fishy going on in the Buea offices of the Post.


Nsahlai may mean well for the people of Jakiri but it is obvious that nothing good can come out of the CPDM. It is just like stealing money from the church coffers and giving part of it to the poor hoping that the guilt will go away or that maybe God will forgive you. That will never work.
The problem with CPDM fanatics like Nsahlai is that they have a very shorty memory span and they don't think about the long run. It is unfortunate that someone with great potentials like Nsahlai will spend his time on earth defending a fraudulent and oppressive dictatorial regime of Paul Biya.
Good luck to you Mr. Nsahlai as you continue to sacrifice the future of young Cameroonians with your CPDM Gospel. You must be very proud of yourself. After all, most if not all of your Children are overseas. You probably don't care for Cameroons future anyhow.
God Bless Cameroon.


When I read this kind of one-sided, narrow and thoroughly parochial write-up on a futile quest for cheap publicity, I really wonder what it is intended to achieve. Do people still engage in this kind of low-grade propaganda fit for the gutter press?
I was in Jakiri and trust me what I saw - the intimidation and glaring misuse and abuse of State-power (both civilian and uniformed) coupled with the tsunami-like rigging - then for someone in his right senses to come and write this kind of outright rubbish to vanish, whitewash or justify what clearly amounts to a miscarriage of the wishes of the people of Jakiri. No, no, no forget it Mr. Nsahlai, in free, fair and transparent elections under the supervision of an independent agency, your party stands no chance - I daresay - not even in Cameroon. Go try this crap somewhere else. Not here!


What a good way to influence the post-election wave of appointments. How could Manyong of all, well respected by the readership of this paper, stoop so low?
Well, Cameroon has become a one-party state again and the smart people know that it is of no use trying to stand behind the[inexistent] opposition any longer. Peterkins is smart, I know, and he can quickly position himself.
Chao Peterkins!!!

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