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Monday, 29 October 2007


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I love the analysis. Fine journalism. Kosovo will declare its independence on december 10th. A lot of hell will break loose. The serbs will cancel the 1999 treaty. What will Cameroonians do come 2011. Or actually, since we're talking about Serbia, what will Southern Cameroonians do?


“Power alternance” takes a new meaning as Polycarpe Abah and Atangana Mebara have found an ideal cover for political planning at the Protestant Seminary in Yaoundé. It will not be long before the place is permeated by Biya spies.

These powerful ex-ministers have the right to profess politics openly and present an alternative to Paul Biya. The countries does not need another Paul Biya.

Cameroonians appreciate and know Mr. Biya’s strengths (international diplomacy) and weaknesses (witchcraft, slow decision-maker, wishful thinker, lack-luster speaker).

The country deserves clear and radical policies from Mebara and Abah either in a new political party or an alliance with existing parties. The future of the country is greater than the cult of an individual and no individual is INDISPENSABLE.

There is no need to hide at a local religious school. Abah and Mebara just have to present a clear plan and distinguish it from that of the present government. Start campaigning early and seek to destroy the CPDM election rigging machinery.

On the latter, the first act is to eliminate the extension of the presidency in provinces - all SDOs and Governor positions should be abolished and power returned to elected officials in town halls. Governors basically plan and execute election rigging and spy on the people as well.


Brilliant Analysis Kumbaboy

Tekum Mbeng

Now Kumbaby is developing 4 eyes?

Abah Abah can be trusted? Jean Marie Atangana Mebara is but another ethnofascist like Jacques Fame Ndongo. Remember the defiance memo Mebara had issued to Western Embassies to justify a phoney election few months ago. The arrogance of Mebara can move Mount Fako!

Honestly, the best option for Mebara is to sit back, support the CPDM at full steam and pray for an ambassadorial appointment overseas. After all, over 98% of ambassadors are francophones appointed by Paul Biya - clear evidence of impartiality by a president who preaches national integration but practices ethnic/regional domination in appointments.

Paul Biya’s record on ambassadorial appointments is coherent with his controversial legacy to reduce a “Federation of Equals” into a Francophone State without any debate.

We still remember one of his constitutions stated that French was the “authentic” language of Cameroon prior to being chased into the Commonwealth by Anglophone nationalists (SCNC declarations at its 1st meeting at Mount Mary, Buea). He had to get in (thanks to smart footworks by political maestro Achidi Achu) to stop Southern Cameroons getting recognized by the global anglophone community.

A resounding NO to Jean Marie Atangana Mebara.


All those around Biya like playing hide,and seek,but they always forget that he is a past master when it comes to political games.He kicks out some for some perceived slight,and brings in others to soothe regional sensibilities.The decision by Atangana Mebara, and Abah Abah to become student pastors is of comedic proportions because it shows how forces of evil clash,and how they try hard to out play each other.Going to the seminary has nothing to do with showing remorse for past ignominy, nor does it have anything to do with turning over a new leaf.It all has to do with the ploy to lay fallow for sometime,while putting back the jigsaw pieces together,to be able to spring back at the opportuned moment.Biya`s seizure of their travelling documents shows he understands this move perfectly well.
The mistake we will be making is associating any goodwill to these two men.
Lets assume for a moment that Abah Abah was given the liberty to carry out political activities.What would we expect from somebody who has been responsible for the death of so many Cameroonians? Is he going to teach Cameroonians the policy of cutting 30% from funds,projects even before these projects take off ground?Are we going to continue seeing oldmen chasing files ,and dying with having the smell of a single coin?Through out his tenure as Minister of the Economy,and Finance,no major project has taken off ground.
Mebara was Minister of Higher Education ,but he only paid lip service about bilingualism.When he was promoted to the rank of Secretary General,he went silent.Any secretary General will normally be the front man in any election malpractices.Little wonder he could not hold his bile,but lash out at the Diplomatic community for trying to take away food from their mouths.This is therefore a champion of dark machinations.So what plans can we expect from this type?
Finally,there`s no lesser evil as far as these Biya`s men are concerned.Trying to compare their deeds ,or making a choice as to which one will still call the shots is just like asking somebody to make a choice between Idi Amin Dada,and Charles Taylor.


"He had to get in (thanks to smart footworks by political maestro Achidi Achu" by Tekum Mbeng.
Mr Mbeng need more facts to validate that hypothesis.


Watesih, great analysis there.


Simplice Aka United States Africa Vito,

Stop playing the turtoise here. U should ask Watesih for where he got his facts for 30 percent cuts rather than focusing on Tekum Mbengs reflections. We need substantiated evidence from Watesih from where he got his facts and not the other way round. You have that attitude of struggling to ridicule your opponents time after time while pretending to be a student.


Mr Rexon, many thanks for the reminder. Could Watesih in turn explain claify the forum on the 30% cuts is advocates above?.
Over to you Mr Watesih


The Cameroon opposition parties should start mounting pressure at this point to ensure that Biya does not seek another term in office after 2011. Fru Ndi and all should start holding seminars and press conferences to inform and create public awareness on the issue. It is important that they start doing it now and not wait till 2011. 2011 is not far away and we Cameroonians cannot afford to see Biya and the CPDM still running things post 2011. From all indications, Biya still has the appetite to run for office and we need to stop him now and not wait till the last moment. The opposition should use the media, the papers, international organizations and all means possible to derail any ambition by Biya to seek office after 2011.
Just my take.


Rexon, Simplice,
I don`t even want to call it an open secret,it was an open practice in the Ministry of the Economy,and Finance,that when everybody came chasing files,30% of the money that is due will be deducted.Same with contracts.Imagine you are awarded a contract,and 30% of the project`s money is deducted before you even buy a nail. When Mrs Gwanmesia was appointed several years ago to clean out the files at the State control,it took a lot of courage to challenge the perpetrators of this practice.They went underground,and it was not very rampant.This is even one of the policies that greatly tarnished the reputation of Abah Abah.Rexon,as you might have noticed I don`t have any idea contrary to that of T. Mbeng as concerns Abah Abah.He is even questioning the wisdom whether Abah Abah can be trusted.The 30% was almost institutionalised in Cameroon,and it all started at the Ministry of the Economy,and Finance,and spread over to the others.


So what we are saying is that the Seminary is now at the focus of the Biya spy machine listening in on Abah and Mebara. If truly, these high ex-ministers with inside knowledge of the CPDM are planning a political resurgence under project “ Power Alternance 2011” then they should move quickly. Here is some unsolicited guidance:-

(a) Resign membership of the CPDM with clear reasons and publicly.

(b) Quickly announce the formation of a new political party, which announcement must be accompanied by an outline radical programme of government. Such programme should include an instant reduction of government size and decentralization of government.

(c) File dossiers for party registration and tempt the regime not to approve it.

(d) Establish veritable links in the provinces, communicating only by cell phones and replacing cell phones every two weeks.

(e) Keep away from the roads – especially Douala-Yaounde.

(f) List Biya decrees to be tabled to parliament for rescinding with clear reasons.

(g) Seek high level support from Cameroon’s overseas partners, notably France, the United States and Great Britain.

(h) State unequivocally the case AGAINST Paul Biya.

(i) Finally, admit their mistakes, state lessons learnt and the way forward.

The regime will fight back through its lap dogs, notably CRTV and Cameroon Tribune. Despite the criticism of Atangana Mebara, he is fortunately very outspoken and predictable – a good quality of leadership. An unpredictable leader is a confused leader, a lazy thinker and ditherer.


Before these ex-Ministers even dreamt of hiding out at the seminary,their passports had been confiscated,so it is no news that they are being watched.The simple fact that all of them showed some ambitions to step into Biya`s shoes was enough proof to put them under his radar a longtime ago.Biya is said to have been surprised by the colossal fortune of Atangana Mebara,and Mebara`s verbiage against the international community was just a long sought opportunity to bring him to the slaughter.
The only reason people like Atangana Mebara,and Abah Abah are living now is try ,I mean try hard to cheat themselves that by some stroke of magic Biya should keep getting out of bed on a good foot.They are also praying that for this to happen,God should keep soothing the anger of this son of a Catechist .These men don`t have any other reason to put in place even a choir. Their crimes against the Cameroonian people are as grave as those of Biya.If they really want to be truthful to themselves as clergymen,they will know that a new political party will not be different from the Cpdm,because it will be another hide out for tax evaders,swindlers,homosexuals ,just as the Cpdm has inherited these vices from the CNU.
Somebody who is sure of himself ,and wants to talk for his people will not hide or keep away from public places.If he does ,it means he has some skeletons in his cupboard.Before going over to the Seminary,
these two men were supposed to have apologised to the Cameroonian people first,before trying to be their pastors.They cannot wait until when they form another party,then come out to apologise.
If they were to file papers for the formation of a political party,they will need to declare their assets ,something they would not like to do.How can people with such filth on them tempt the master who taught them to still.Which case can they state against him? That he taught them to steal? That he was even foolish enough not to have thrown them in prison? That he did not even ask them to return the money they stole? Do we really expect Mebara who spat on the Diplomatic community several weeks ago to seek high level support from them when he is about to form a political party?
Is this not the same high level support he querried them for not giving last time? When a good leader is outspoken ,and predictable, it is a good thing,but when a thief is outspoken ,and predictable,it is because he wants to shout down those who dare raise eye brows about his misdeeds.


Watesih writes “When a good leader is outspoken ,and predictable, it is a good thing, but when a thief is outspoken ,and predictable, it is because he wants to shout down those who dare raise eye brows about his misdeeds”.

That is fine but erroneous rhetoric. No magistrate has convicted Atangana Mebara or Polycarpe Abah of stealing a dime. We therefore have no basis to say they are thieves in common law at this point until there is an arrest and charges are pressed. The mob approach dilutes the issue.

Ceasing their passports without pressing charges underpins the excesses of presidential power in Cameroon. This concept is alien to Anglophones – to persecute a citizen at the pleasure of the president who himself is imperfect. That is jungle law and jungle’mania.


All what you have written above do not however vindicate you for calling on people noted for criminal activities to come out and form a political party,and seek support from the Diplomatic corps they insulted few weeks ago.This is making a mockery of the intelligence of Cameroonians.Your attempt to wash them clean by asking them to keep out of the public eye is criminal,and it stands in contrast with your desire to see them come out and apologise for their mistakes. Which mistakes are they going to apologise about ,since the law has not proven them thieves? Our Anglophone Law originates from England where recently the PM called on the Russian authorities to hand over somebody accused of poisoning a former Russian spy.
The only evidence they have against him is that he was in the Hotel where the poisoning took place,and there were traces of polonium on teacups,but nobody saw him doing it.Should we therefore claim he can`t be charged because nobody saw him poison the the ex spy? In every country when the government seizes your passport ,or puts you under house arrest,it is because it thinks you a dangerous to the state in one way or the other.English Law holds that you can`t charge somebody without proving him guilty,but the reverse is true with French Law,and in our case we are dealing with French Law.The liberty these two ex-Ministers now enjoy is just because they are the Presidents brothers,and he is still trying to figure out the type of punishment to mete out to them.While waiting for this ,therefore no moral grounds to start coaching them to form a political party,because there is unanimity that these are dangerous elements with criminal behaviour.


Good Watesih and Kumbaboy, you're giving the forum the flavour it diserves. Nay, I have a question to as of Kumbaboy. Could you tell us what crimes and mistakes you expect these two ex-ministers to apologise for?. I think when that is settled, the debate will take a more logical course. Over to you Kumbaboy.

Flying Eagle

Biya for the presidency again come 2011. God save Cameroon! When I listened to that interview, I told myself that Cameroonians need to fast and pray for their nation. The answers from Boya were very clear: elections are still far off and should not be a prioriy now; it is for Cameroonians to decide on any change in the constitution.
This is an indication that this man has no intention to let go power in 2011. I wish to join one of the opinions in this column that Cameroon's opposition should use all the legitimate means possible to force Biya not to stand again in 2001.
Have we not had enough of this man and his terrible regime? What did we do to merrit such a horrible government?
Let all Camerronians join me to pray, and pray hard for this nation.
May God be our helper.


"Biya for the presidency again come 2011. God save Cameroon! When I listened to that interview, I told myself that Cameroonians need to fast and pray for their nation" by Flying Eagle

Flying Eagle, should that exhortation be backed by action or not?. Or otherwise, does praying 28 hours a day and fasting 400 days a year any pragmatic solution?.



You wrote:

"Biya is said to have been surprised by the colossal fortune of Atangana Mebara"

Where did you get this from? You spoke with Biya where he expressed his surprise?

I read just too much trick-to-entertain rhetorical comments form you. In as much as we all know Biya is very bad, there are people in the Southern Cameroons ready to help him maintain his grip in power come 2011 both in the opposition and in his government. The question i have for you is, is that right? Your constant ranting against the Biya regime without accusing those legitimising his fake democracy is a bit of a concern to me. These people (whom you support and can kill anyone who stand their way) are not very honest just as Biya himself. Take for example your SDF. They have committed the following crimes against humanity and should be tried.
1-Accepted stolen goods. I mean seats in parliament in an election withouth an independent electoral commision and whose results were dictated in advance. By going in knowing very well that the results are already rigged, they are part and parcel of the rigging plot by Biya and this has been comfirmed by the seats they accepted. If they were honest, they should not accept anything that comes from such charades.
2-Legislating actions and decisions in Camerounese parliament that is against the wider Southern Cameroonian interest and the interest of La Republique. They cannot pretend that they are not part of decisions of what they describe as parliamentary majority. Whatever is said there, they are part of it as they have accepted to sit there on grounds that they want to bring change to the people.
3-In 2011, if they go in for any elections and Biya claim to have defeated them, they should not come here to complain as they would be going overboard. We of the postnewsline did not organise any elections in La Republique.
4-Lastly, they should not claim to represent the Southern Cameroons in a foreign land. They can send candidates from La Republique to their parliament. But if they continue sending candidates from our territory to mock at us at Camerounese parliament, we would have no other option but to continue our intifada against them.

Cheer brother.


Watesih legislates “English Law holds that you can’t charge somebody without proving him guilty,…”

Note that it is the Court that determines guilt after a trial and not the prosecution. The prosecution presses charges based on evidence of specific infractions which must then be scrutinized by the defence in court with reference to statutes. Charging somebody is no testament of guilt in English Common Law. The court can exonerate the charged person if the prosecution fails to prove the charges or brings up trumped-up charges. Watesih’s quote above can be dubbed “Watesih law” and is a wild misrepresentation of facts.

Watesih further writes “The liberty these two ex-Ministers now enjoy is just because they are the Presidents brothers, and he is still trying to figure out the type of punishment to mete out to them. While waiting for this, therefore no moral grounds to start coaching them to form a political party, because there is unanimity that these are dangerous elements with criminal behaviour”.

In fact, both men are NOT Mr. Biya’s brothers. To personalize the sacking in the manner suggested by Watesih only confirms the observation that Cameroon under Paul Biya has no independent judicial system. The president is the law, court and judge. However, to claim that there is “unanimity that Atangana Mebara and Abah are dangerous elements” is to uphold the mob-like jungle’mania of Watesih law.

Watesih further writes “All what you have written above do not however vindicate you for calling on people noted for criminal activities to come out and form a political party, and seek support from the Diplomatic corps they insulted few weeks ago”.

We remember Atangana Mebara’s note was a response to the diplomatic community following the latter’s open exasperation over Mr. Biya’s phony parliamentary polls. Mebara did not fire the first shot. At least Mebara responded which is preferable to silence and begging behind the scenes. Mebara’s engaging style is no less than that of a European minister in similar circumstances. Mebara did not insult the diplomatic community - there is no foul word in his communiqué. Mebara made diplomats to appreciate the latent arrogance that underlies the Biya election rigging machinery. Mebara’s communiqué can be consulted under Dibussi’s column.

Legima Doh

That was great comrade Rexon.It is as illogical and absurd to think within the context of la republique that Biya has any will ever to stand down from power.You,me the Sdf know this so well.Playing njambo with the biya regime does not pay off at all.Lets learn to leave well enough alone.La republique is not our country.It is overt our enemy.Our determination must be to stand vehemently against all her machinations that stand in the way of our statehood.Paul Biya is an outdated fellow.He is evidently boring even to the french president Nicolas.He has absolutely no agenda.I hope all he said as priorities were heard.Fighting HIV AIDS and corruption.Such humdrum and not unusual dictum common to any nation.He has been at the hem of corruption as corruption is borne by his regime noted for its most corrupt practices and institutions in the face of the earth.La republique is unarguably the worst countries when all vices are considered and Sweden too is arguably the best in the globe.Biya had the bare faced audacity to dictate when he would die giving himself 20 more years to live.Unfortunately for him man is met by time and unforeseen circumstances.He is marking time with his regime.There is already derisive division in la republique.It must be smacking on his head especially as we are determined more ever than before to see our statehood reinstated.SDF may choose to remain in biya's parliament forever but spreading such illusions and false hope to our brethren is an ignominy,heresy and treason.

Peace on our motherland.

Legima Doh,


Breaking news: Biya still has some thirst for the presidency...sauys willing to meet Fru Ndi in his village.

Excerpts of President Biya's Interview on France 24.

During his recent visit to Paris, the usually media-shy Paul Biya gave a rare 40-minute interview to the French international cable network France 24. He discussed a wide range of issues from the Biya_france24 2011 elections, to his relations with opposition leader John Fru Ndi, corruption, his successor, and the repatriation of the corpse of former President Ahmadou Ahidjo who is buried in Dakar, Senegal.

The interview which was conducted by Ulysse Gosset was broadcast this evening on Le Talk De Paris. Viewers and interested parties around the world had the opportunity to send in their questions prior to the interview.

This was President Biya's first interview in France since his stormy 1990 interview with the late Yves Mourousi on Radio Monte Carlo.

Here are choice excerpts from the interview (Mr. Dibussi's unofficial translation):

On whether he intends to run for a third term.

The 2011 elections will definitely take place but I consider them distant. I have a seven-year mandate, half of which I have already completed. Presently, we have other priorities and the constitution does not permit me to run for a 3rd term. That said, we have other immediate issues: the fight against corruption, AIDS and poverty, stability in the Central African sub-region. Therefore, I think that these questions about the 2001 elections are premature...

Cameroon has other problems to resolve, but I leave it up to those who want to launch this debate. There are some people who say that the president should take part in the [2011] elections for continuity. I'll allow the debate take place, but for now the constitution does not allow me to run for a third term. I also know that the constitution is not etched in stone. The people will decide what is good for them. So we are listening, however, I urge my compatriots to focus on more urgent tasks.

On not having a political successor or heir
We have made all these efforts to establish a democracy. When the time comes, there will be candidates. The idea of preparing someone (to take over) is a practice common to monarchies and oligarchies. Cameroonians are mature and they will choose when the time comes… the term "heir" does not resonate well in a Republic.

On President Sarkozy's controversial Dakar speech.

I listened to the speech. I think that it should be read and reread... Some considered it to be colonialist and others racist, while the South African President said: "Not at all, it is a good speech".

My opinion is closer to that of the South African President... I think that this speech marks a milestone and a new era of cooperation between France and Africa. This speech was meant for adults. What I retained from it was that Africans have to stop complaining about the colonial past and colonial alienation, that they should take full charge of their double heritage: their African heritage - which is theirs and is inborn - and what they acquired through contact with the West, and that they should turn towards the future.

On the repatriation of Ahidjo's corpse to Cameroon.

The repatriation of the former President’s corpse is a family matter in my opinion.
I have no objections and I would like to point out that his son is a member of parliament. I don't have any problem with the family of my predecessor; his sons and daughters come and go as they wish without being bothered. The decision to repatriate President Ahidjo’s corpse or not depends on his family. I have no objections or comments to make in that regard.

On a possible meeting with John Fru Ndi
It is true that we've never met. We once agreed to meet and he decided that the meeting should take place in the village, my village, which is not very far from Yaounde. He did not show up at the last minute... I am willing to meet him.

Culled from

The Son


Im stunned by your recent rush to give Mebara and Abah a clean bill of health based on rather their obscurred opposition to Biya. Is that enough reason to endorse these men for the highest office of the nation? I guess you dont know the snakes in the parlour here.

Few months ago the world was taken aback by Mebara's tussle with the diplomatic communities over an election which the fomer validated and the later comdemned yet you rush to pass him for a presidential material? By the way ask yourselve what happened to Titus Edzoa before solicitating campaign managership for Mebara.

If you wanna report better mind your titles.I watched this interview live on France24. Biya didnt say he preferred his village(Mvomeka) for the meeting with Fru Ndi but rather Mr Fru Ndi did so correct that that title. That issue has left tongues wagging over why Mr Fru Ndi would prefer to meet Biya but in Mvomeka.Well our able insiders in here may know why.

As to Biya's candidacy for 2011 it's almost obvious. This is the second time he's avoiding answering the questions directly.Before PJ Tchakote, SDF France President could ask him about the lack of dialogue Biya had already quipped about the question a day later during his Press Conference.


It is understandable for you to engage in some type of gymnastics to cover up your support for these ex-ministers who have wronged Cameroonians so much.You did a good thing to be the adviser of these two men,but what is surprising is that you showed you were uncomfortable with your guys,by asking them to go into hiding.What is the reason for their hiding? How would they have a case to state against Biya,but go into hiding? According to you Mebara did a good thing ,because he was not the one who fired the first shot. Since he carried the day by firing back,why would you want him today to seek high level support from these same guys? Imagine a young,and apparently intelligent man trying to solve the problem of abuse of power in Cameroon by advising two ex-Ministers noted for bad behaviour to create a new party.How many parties are there in Cameroon? Trying to be hanging on to weak ideas like arguing that these two Ministers are not Biya`s brothers is ridiculous.You say in Cameroon the President is the Law,court,and judge.This is exactly why he picks his brothers at will,and also dismisses them at will.Which case will you therefore expect those who have been favoured all through to bring against their master? Tell Cameroonians the case Mebara,and Abah Abah can unequivocally state against Biya.

Finally ,you are not our match when it comes to discussing ideas.Don`t you think you are boring? You want us now to help you carry out your Cpdm hit job,by cutting into debates that have nothing to do with the SDF everytime.Your intifada against the SDF has not yielded any fruits.If it has show us.We have hit you back when necessary,that is why you are inconsolable ,and desperately switching debates to catchup.The SDF is a hard knot to Biya,who are you? Just be happy that Cpdm money was finally used to get you out of poverty where you had 26,000frs a month.You are now doing a dirty job to pay back.When you recycle the same rubbish everyday you start cheating yourself that you are finishing off the SDF.If you had damage the image of the SDF as you promised you masters,you won`t be so made to talk about the party as if it came into existence today.Your simple problem is that you are obsessed with the SDF,and that is also good publicity for the party!


Interesting debate. Over to you Kumbaboy.


Political observers in Yaounde interpreted such a fence-sitting reaction to mean that Biya was still nursing the ambition to succeed himself in 2011.The current scheming by CPDM bigwigs to use the party's parliamentary overwhelming majority to extend the presidential mandate through a constitutional amendment lends credence to the above interpretation.

In my humbe opinion,”The political observers in yaounde” from the political history of Cameroon have always have everything wrong.I came to this conclusion for a number of reasons which I shall shed some lights on some for now.

Firstly,this same group of party big wigs this time of the CNU party led by Joseph Charles Dumba and Madam Foning went crying to Ahidjo not to leave power in 1982 and we all know what happened.Both of them spent many years on Biya”s bench before gaining grounds into the CPDM party.

Secondly, Ahidjo didn’t need a parliamentary majority to remain in power.I don’t think Biya does either.The parliament is a rubber stamp and can be manipulated by just anyone in the Cameroons not only Biya.You remember what happened with the infamous “USA 1994 WORLD CUP” money cameroounians contributed and just because a certain Belo Bouba announced his intentions to run for president of the national assembly that year CPDM had a majority in collision with his junck of allies but all the money was spent in one evening bribing cpdm and its allies not to vote for Bello.Had it been Bello brought some money from exile as most of us believed at the time all he needed to do was to give all the mps an offer they couldn’t refuse. Alas

Thirdly, Biya coldn’t have announced in France that he will not be a candidate in 2011.This is because Biya believes today that he is a master.he has amass wealth and enjoyed power to the extend that he no longer looks at himself as a prince.He is now a sultant and controls a sultanate. As a sultant there are certain things he cannot do. First of all he is no longer afraid of the French. He knows French politics and he also know how as a sultant in the golf of guinea all he needs is to pretend to be with the French.The French today are incapable of telling Biya to leave power as they did to Ancien camarade.Biya worked hard during the years to make sure that should never happen to Cameroonians again.

Fourly, Lets have a look at france and French Africa.The French people having ignorantly destroyed their own monarchy in the name of a revolution,concerntrated political power to the French bourgiousie and particulary Paris only to realized that in the 21st century france is the last country in G7.There is no way forward for France.In this case,for france to seat of the European and world table comfortably without strikes at home,they need radical changes.French people are so proud to occupy that role.The only remaining option was to hand France’s destiny to the very people they have been persecuting for years.An immigrant.In general, when the soviet bloc was dismantled in the 90s.we all knew the raged that went through that region therefore radical change in Africa is not an option.The French empire is almost finish.With Senegal and Ivory coast gone,Cameroon is leader in central Africa and its been this president’s policy to always sit on the fence.The French are incapable of imagining what is Biya’s next move neither can they predict Mr Wade or the Ivorian president.

Fifthly, There is one thing which is common with politicians all over Africa.The only way forward is to have a constitution.There are elements of the constitution which bring changes.We all have glamoured for parliamentary democracy in Africa just to be sure we can check the powers of the president.There is no single political party in Africa which has put in a call for an independent candidates in any elections.This is because they know that some individuals are gifted and they can bring change even at municipal levels.All the party leaders especially in Cameroon will want that before you became a councilor you must first of all be tied down to party laws.This element alone is killing us for one reason only all the party leaders want to kings.The second is that we need to have an age limit for any person holding a government position.If teachers retire at 70years,even the most productive human at seven has given the world its best and should therefore be allowed to retire and go into the private sector.All these old fools look and think of Cameroon as if we are still in the 1960s because they were in their most productive age in the 60s and they want to remaint there its impossible.

Lastly, there is no way Biya can be candidate in 2011.He spent 25 minutes with French president just to inform him that.He was not even welcome.The new French administration has a complete different definition with its relationship with Africa. Sakorzy wants Africans to be partners not the other way round because mighty China already is offering an alternative and by making African countries partners is the only way to ensure that the French are not just kicked out of Africa.On Biya leaving power,he needs to find an equilibrium which taken his 25years at the helm of the state is difficult to find.Biya must hand over power to a successor.If there is any change in the constitution it shall be to make sure this happens because the president of national assembly can’t hold Cameroon together even for 2hours should anything happen to Biya least to talk of 40days as in the present constitution.Biya has to give power back to the muslims even if it means he creates one as some of his followers are already in the seminary maybe tomorrow others will go to study the Koran and be accepted by our country from the North.After all a French political writer jean Michael Focau in “Gaullist Africa Cameroon under Ahmadou Ahidjo” says aAdhijo was not from Cameroon.

For my Southern Brothers who have often demonstrated rage in this forum I have only one message for you.The message is very simple. OURS IS NOT A VIOLENT FIGHT. I came to this conclusion from a single stand point.French Cameroon has not been able to control our educational system despite all the efforts we continue to receive anglo xaxon style education.We are the only territory in the world without independence which is very capable of standing alone but global trents are for people to merge not separate.We shall have another arrangement maybe like HongKong has with mainland China but one day we shall.


Wise Senator, you're welcomed to our fold.


Watesih wonders “According to you Mebara did a good thing ,because he was not the one who fired the first shot. Since he carried the day by firing back,why would you want him today to seek high level support from these same guys?”

Because “these same guys” have permanent interests and neither permanent friends nor enemies. You do not have to agree with them to do business.

Senator 75 writes ”We shall have another arrangement maybe like HongKong has with mainland China but one day we shall”.

This last statement is extremely contentious. HK is not Southern Cameroons. Remember that HK was part of China, only expediently ceded to Britain in 1860 by the Chinese to end the 2nd Opium war. Oh yes, Great Britain went to war against China because the Chinese Emperor then banned the trade in narcotics (opium) peddled by the British East India Company from Canton!


I disagree with your assertion that Biya should hand over power to the Northerners. Even though i prefer a northerner to a Beti/Bulu as president, handing power to a northerner will not sit well with Biya's tribes men. We cannot under look the element of revenge. Handing power to a northerner will not unite the Country. Cameroon need someone who is a uniter and not a divider. I will go back to my earlier statement that 'Free and fair elections is the only remedy' to solve Cameroon's problem in the long run. Anything other than that will be very tempestuous.

M Nje

Keep on dreaming about the presidency of La Republique Du Cameroun.

There are three possibilities that will produce the next President and Head Of State (one person occupying both positions)of La Republique Du Cameroun:

1) Either Paul Biya decides to run himself and certainly win again

2) Biya can decline to run but will still organized elections in 2011 in which his hand picked candidate will win. (Similar to what recently happened in Nigeria)

3) Both the office of the President and Head of State become vacant before 2011 and R.D.P.C. elites still have to decide who should fill it.

In all of the three possibilities, R.D.P.C. is certain to win. That is very clear for any kin observer. The next President of La Republique Du Cameroun will come from R.D.P.C. Those of you nursing hopes that both the office of the President and Head of State of La Republique Du Cameroun could be occupied by any party order than R.D.P.C. are in for a surprise. This is very clear.

The possibility that things will change dramatically if there is a new person at the head of R.D.P.C. is very remote. Most of the major problems in La Republique are institutional problem. La Republique operates based on a philosophy that POWER ORIGINATES FROM GOD TO THE HEAD OF STATE WHO THEN DELEGATE SUCH POWER TO INDIVIDUALS IN GOVERNMENT. He or She alone has the power to do anything. Until there is a reversal in the culture, they will be no fundamental change in that society. The absence of Biya will in no way mean the end of these problems.


Since these guys have permanent interest ,and not permanent friends why should they not rather continue with Biya since he fulfills their wishes.Why are you now advising Mebara to turn to these guys for high level support knowing fully well that they could prefer to continue having permanent interest in Biya after disagreeing with his election handling? Tell Cameroonians which case Mebara, and Abah Abah can unequivocally state against Biya, and stop rambling.Are they going to state the case in the hideout you will create for them far away from the Douala ,Yaounde highway?



Your constant trick to entertain and flip-flopping is a bit of a concern. La Republique have many friends in the numerous NGO's and think-tank it has created and is sponsoring in the Southern Cameroons including the SDF. These NGO's always preach political integrity and transparency as you are preaching here. But at the end of the day, they are there to colour Mr Biya's inexistant democracy and do not practive the integrity they preach. Do you think they would stand against his candidacy when he is the one sponsoring and financing them? They will intead congratulate him as they did to Yar'adua. These people are just agents of colonialism. They have nothing to offer. All rightminded Southern Cameroonians have all decamped from the SDF to the numerous instruments of change for the wider Southern Cameroonian interest. If you want to support a political party, you can join SCAPO, AMBAZONIAN LIBERATION MOVEMENT, etc. Anything out of that is business to benefit from the bribes from La Republique.

Where is Feli and Atangha who were telling people here not to access the implication of an election until its official results are published? Where are there who were lying to people about the 70 seats? I have just many questions for them. What are they doing in a foreign territory? What do they expect to achieve from Camerounese politics that is of the interest of the wider Southern Cameroonian populace?

There are lots of questions for these people. Is it business or something else?


Watesih continues “Tell Cameroonians which case Mebara, and Abah Abah can unequivocally state against Biya”.

First of all, Watesih you DO NOT not speak for Cameroonians. Speak for yourself and drop the reference to “Cameroonians”. It is a poor debating tactic to seemingly seek cover in a crowd. The Cameroonians you keep calling have not appointed a Watesih to make calls on their behalf. This practice of yours is presumptuous.

The case against Biya is one that Mebara and Abah, with profound inside knowledge, can make if truly they are seeking a political resurgence. At least you can understand that if “English Common Law” is not your cake.


Kumbaboy, let's set the records straight. I expected you to answer two questions for forumnites hitherto;
1) What apologise have the two ex-ministers to offer?.
2) What case can they present against Biya?
Please be conscious this debate began with your advise to the two ex-ministers. You're it's mastermind and we count on your usual wisdom and great sence of diplomacy for another high profile "debate".


You guys are talking in circles on this forum and wishing Pa Paul away.Meanwhile he is refining his strategy to prolong his grip on power beyond 2011.
1. He has gotten the vast majority that he wanted. That way a good number of can decide not to support his agenda and it will still have the 2/3 majority he needs.In fact some of them, most likely from the NW will be asked to vote against in order to give it some semblance of "democracy".
2.He will institute the senate and regional assemblies this time around as the next step to his mandate prolongation.Since these organs will be voted for by the stolen majority from the recent parliamentary and council elections and not by direct suffrage, he can be sure to have his way by instituting an indirect vote for the President come 2011 or even earlier.That way his selected senate, and regional assemblies will vote him into an unending presidency.
3.He went to blind fold the world from Paris that the present constitution is being applied. When the international community goes to nap with that assurance he will very rapidly put into place the plan outlined above.
4. There will therefore be no public debate when the time comes.
5. Since Cameroonians will never sacrifice anything to gain their freedom, Pa Paul will continue to reign till death intervenes.
Did you hear him telling the France 24 journalist that the next interview should not be delayed for another 20 years? Just a way of confirming the 20 years he had already allocated to himself not too long ago.Long Live Pa Paul.To hell with La Republique and its flocks of sheep!


Kosovo will declare its independence on December 10th. How is Southern Cameroons going to move forward? While others blame the multiple Southern Cameroon cause factions for its ineptitude to move a progressive forward, I think the multiple factions is not the issue. It is the inability of these many factions to speak with one voice. Even prior to reunification with French Cameroon, we had more than one political party. The present factions represent political parties, they represent divergent views characteristic of democracies. It's a lovely thing. The way forward however, would be for these various factions (or parties as I'd prefer calling them) to assign the functions of leading the course to a particular body --similar to Palestine. Running the affairs of the Southern Cameroons will be their paid full time job. Opinions among the present leadership differ particularly in the arena of asylum and everything else to comes along with it. You find leaders who go behind the back of others and present themselves as the "real" Souther Cameroons "official" with "capacity" to talk on behalf of Southern Cameroons on asylum issues. In my line of work, I've come across ridiculous documents from former and present 'leaders' (I won't make reference to any names) sent for e.g. to U.S immigration authorities each declaring their prowess in Southern Cameroons affairs. They may all be correct, but I think in order for anyone to look at this organization with some seriousness, it all needs to start from within. Southern Cameroonians need to introspect and get their acts together. Moreover, there is also this issue that comes up quite often in immigration court regarding money being paid for SCNC leadership to appear as expert witnesses. The SCNC (registered in the U.S. as a not for profit entity) and apparently ignorant U.S. federal and State fiscal laws, often flop when the matter is posed. They deny to state exactly what fee was charged of the asylum applicant. They fear that they'll lose their not for profit status if they declare that they receive a certain sum of money. This is not true. There are much bigger not for profit organizations that receive more money than the SCNC and who are no where near losing their not for profit status. It is understandable that is near impossible for one to hold a position in the SCNC office in the U.S. for example and at the same time maintain a regular job. Hence it is only reasonable (and the fiscal authorities won't find any problem with that) for the SCNC to declare exactly how much they seek for representation. They have an organization to run. And we all know that it cannot be run on some low $250 per person. The SCNC is losing credibility with many immigration Judges and this is hurting its cause. If they assess fees say for example $600 in addition to $250, that is a reasonable fee and as long as they justify that this money is not intended to be profit and they diligently use the resources,it is fiscally responsible. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but my lone accounting/economics course I took mentioned that monies that remain unused by not for profits in the course of a fiscal year are called excesses, rather than profits. Many hospitals here in many U.S. jurisdictions are not for profit entities, but they assess fees (and high ones too) for services. The defining feature of nonprofit organizations is not that they cannot make profits – many do – it is that they are prohibited from distributing their profits to anyone who exercises control over the firm. This “non-distribution constraint” means that no parties have a claim to a not-for-profit’s residual earnings. The SCNC does not require a large functionary service. It can determine a commensurate size of officers that can take care of its activities (in North America and elsewhere, but particularly in North America) and place them on more than average wages. I've talked to various SCNC NA leaders, none of whom have heeded to my advice. Out of frustration, I have encouraged asylum seekers to declare (or have their family members declare) any monies given to the SCNC for asylum affidavits and representations, to the IRS on tax forms. I only hope the SCNC officials are reporting the corresponding amount to the IRS, else it'll be doom for them at audit time. I hope they read this and be more responsible in their actions. If we had a much more responsible fiscal attitude, we might have some excess to print out some T-shirts and distribute for FREE to non-southern Cameroonians. I've worn my Southern Cameroons T-shirt to hang out on Adams Morgan in DC. I've worn mine to other social gatherings and I was wowed by the numerous questions posed by folks whom I don't even know. Some asked where they could get a T-shirt and the only thing that came to mind was (dont even know if that site still exits). During graduation day, I got into a verbal battle with the organizer of the event who acted all repugnant to the idea of identifying my nationality as Southern Cameroons. We came to an agreement and it was read as "... from Southern Cameroons in Cameroon", similar to my mate who's was read as "... from Palestine in Israel". Just like many of you, I dream of a statehood for Southern Cameroons, but I'm too frustrated at the direction of things. Consider these comments the comments of a frustrated pro-Southern Cameroonian activist. And oh, I'm not an accounting expert, but I took a few 101 courses.


Simplice, I mentioned the case of Hongkong just as an example.I was in no way suggesting that we should imitate them or that Southern Cameroons has to change to Hongkong. Southern Cameroon has a unique situation as a territory and as such will require unique measures.My opinion centered around the fact that international trents are for people to came together and not to divide.This opinion was in no way intended to belittle the plight of Southern Cameroonians.

As for the case of Mr Atangana and Abah, I know it will be a huge mistake for anyone to consider them as opponents to their master Biya. They are all playing the same game though right now in what appears to be in different teams. What they did joining the theological college was just to seek salvation surely not from God but from US who has thought of them as opponents for a long time.They just want us to think they are on our side and that they believe in change.Let me tell you they don’t.These guys didn’t resign their positions as Titus did.They were fired.They have an end game which is definitely not in the interest of any common man in that country.

Kumbaboy, I didn’t say Biya should hand over power to the Notherners.I said he will hand over power to a muslim and I even went ahead to say he can even create one. I don’t need to remind you that the country is not yet at war.I am talking about a peace time arrangement.That country will never know war. Cameroon has the highest literacy rate in Black Africa.These are not the people who can fight.The land is so fertile that it has never known any famine. A Cameroonian is very much different from other Blacks because they are always sure of themselves and commit crimes intelligently.They are too smart to think of fighting as a solution.All of us do.

Free and fair elections are not even the answer for Cameroon Kumbaboy.We saw free elections in Benin,Congo and we all know the out come of those leaders within those years including professor Pascal Lisoba with all the good faith that he had for his people he couldn’t rule.Before you think of free elections in our political contaxt,there are a number parameters you have to address.Infact take just one,Monetary policy as in the 1960 accord granting independence to the Cameroons.You cannot rule in yaounde as a free candidate just for this fact alone.You mujst be chosen,groomed and introduce to rule a country like Cameroon.There is only one thing that Cameroonians can do to ensure that there is change.They have the right to right their own constitution and include in it that everyone running for public office should not be above 68years old which is normal age for retirement in the very public service.That alone has all the system of checks and balances that a country like Cameroon needs.


You are the wrong guy the French picked through their vast network to destabilise the SDF,because you are not smart.You are repetitive,boring,shallow.We answer you because we don`t want you to fade out of sight.We want you to continue pretending that you have a course to fight.
Rexon, read what is coming from the mouth aof a legal mind about how the Southern Cameroon`s course is smeared in controversy,
about leadership and asylum seeking.You are unable to address this problems ,but you fool yourself that you can destabilise a well organised party that has always flocked one of the most dangerous despots in Africa in numeroue elections.

When we use words here sometimes,
people may think we are too hard,but imagine this type of mean-spirited roguishness,where in the 21st century somebody will call on political party leaders to go into the clandestine by communicating only with cell phones ,and after every two weeks changing new ones.What type of politics is this?Or imagine for a moment Professors Asonganyi, and Ngwasiri keeping away from the only major highway in the country;Douala/
Yaounde for fear of being apprehended by Fru Ndi.How do we call this again for God`s sake,tiptoeing?
The little lesson I want to teach you today is that all those around Biya are all in his political aquarium.Without him ,they are nothing.Immediately he takes them out of this aquarium,they have no way to go just as a fish will have no way to go out of water.If there`s any of them who jumped out of this aquarium,and formed a political party,or took a good move against Biya,
remind us.You know Titus Edzoa,Ayissi Mvondo,Milla Asoute,Marafa,Akame Mfoumou,
Laurent Esso,Amadou Ali,etc.How do they all end up? I want to ask you a simple question; is profound inside knowledge a case against Biya? State the case they will make against him who brought them from no way into the system,and made of them criminals!80% of forumnites are Cameroonians,and hope you write here for them to inform themselves, learn, teach,and share.So would you please say exactly for the pleasure of Cameroonians the case Abah Abah and Atangana Mebara can unequivocally state against Paul Biya,and for what wrong.


Hiroshima bomb pilot dies aged 92

The commander of the B-29 plane that dropped the first atomic bomb, on Hiroshima in Japan in World War II, has died at the age of 92. ------- While growing up did anyone hear that the pilot who bombed Hiroshima was a monk in Mbengwi? It wasn't the guy who bombed Nagasaki either. Or was it that there was more than one soldier on the plane and one of them ended up in the monastry in Mbengwi? I can't find any information on that mysterious monk in Mbengwi who is reported to have passed sometime between 1997 and 2000. Anyone with info?


Thank you Senator for refreshing views. I however will not accept that Paul Biya is a collosus stradling the gate to power with a sword to chop opponents into pieces.

The problem lies in his contrymen for lacking the courage to go where angels dread. A Tarzan with a tongue for advocacy and the right policies can turn Lion into beans.

There is no correlation between literacy rates and the abhorence of war. If anything, there is a strong correlation between weakness and the absence of war.




I find it appalling that the post moderator has blocked me from posting any comment the entire week while other people with diverse opinions like Kumbaboy, Simplice, Watesih and ftroit are given the opportunity to post their write-ups. It doesen't make sense, I mean how controversial am I? are my opinions so controversial that I have to be censored? is there something controversial about supporting federalism and a united states of Africa? what have I said on this forum that others haven't already said? why me? I am disappointed in and if they think censoring people with diverse views is the way forward for Cameroon, then I am utterly disappointed. I have lost all the respect, I mean ALL the respect I had for


I always use to think that if I quit this site, it will be because of rexonites like rexon, ma mary and Paa Ngembus. Unfortunately, I am being shoved out by the site itself. Sad. I am tempted to think that someone in their their staff has been eating some garri. Sad.


UnitedhatredofAfrica or whatever, this is not a petition forum! You are just disrupting the coherence of the topic. You can sue the post for voilating your freedom of expression.

Its good to be optimistic but be honest and realistic; how many states in Africa have true unity within political boundaries and among the people?
Only in this forum, you various factions of SC, SDF, CPDM, liberals and conservatives.
Most of you want to be heroes by making comments!


John Fru Ndi : Je n'ai jamais pris rendez-vous avec Paul Biya

Contradictions : Paul Biya est-il un menteur ? Réactions à l'interview du président de la République sur France 24 John Fru Ndi dément avoir pris rendez-vous avec le président de la République.

Appelez-moi plus tard. Disons 20h. Ma batterie [de téléphone] est à plat. " John Fru Ndi devait être occupé à une de ses activités champêtres hier en journée. Son téléphone pratiquement inaccessible ne s'est rouvert qu'à l'heure du rendez-vous pour lui permettre de répondre à Paul Biya. " Les déclarations de Paul Biya ne sont pas vraies. Mais je ne vais pas aller au-delà, au regard du respect que j'ai pour lui et ses militants. Plusieurs fois, je lui ai écrit par des canaux officiels : des courriers transportés par Ems ou transmis au gouverneur [du Nord-Ouest, Ndlr]. Toutes ces lettres sont restées sans réponse. En dehors des invitations que j'ai reçues du Premier ministre et du ministre de l'Administration territoriale, je n'ai jamais reçu de lettre en ce sens ", nous a notamment déclaré le président du Sdf.

Le président du Sdf, première formation de l'opposition parlementaire camerounaise, démentait dès lors formellement cette affirmation de Paul Biya dans une interview à la télévision française France 24 mardi dernier : " C'est vrai qu'on ne s'est pas rencontrés et il ne me démentira pas : on avait pris rendez-vous pour discuter et il a choisi le village, mon village, qui n'est pas très loin de Yaoundé. J'étais d'accord mais, au dernier moment, c'est lui qui n'est pas venu. " Le président de la République répondait ainsi à une question de Jean Paul Tchakote, président de la section Sdf de France, intervenant comme d'autres Camerounais de la diaspora à l'interview.

L'interrogation tendait en fait à démontrer que Paul Biya ne discute pas avec l'opposition camerounaise. " M. le président, admettez-vous l'idée d'un dialogue national basé sur une réconciliation véritable avec le retour de la dépouille du président Ahidjo, un dialogue avec vos opposants y compris Monsieur John Fru Ndi que vous n'avez toujours pas rencontré en 17 années de multipartisme ? " Dans l'entourage du " Chairman", on est scandalisé par le " grand mensonge ". Comme le patron du parti, Beatrice Annembom Monju, la secrétaire nationale à la communication du Sdf reprend les termes de Fru Ndi : " Nous ne sommes pas opposés à une rencontre, mais elle doit être officielle. Il n'y a jamais eu de contacts de cet ordre. Jamais. "

Pourquoi Paul Biya aurait-il déclaré ces inexactitudes ? John Fru Ndi y voit une intention manifeste de le " noircir ". D'ailleurs, assure le leader du Sdf, " Paul Biya doit prouver de quelle manière l'invitation supposée a été faite. Est-ce par un de ses ministres en charge de missions ou par courrier postal ? " Le timbre à la fois calme et assuré, John Fru Ndi promet enfin de publier les lettres qu'il a écrites au chef de l'Etat et qui sont restées jusqu'alors sans réponse.

" J'ai pu le voir à deux reprises. Lors des funérailles de Marc Vivien Foe [footballeur camerounais décédé tragiquement en 2003, Ndlr]. Il avait installé une telle garde autour de lui, que nos chemins ne se sont pas croisés. Je l'ai également vu au sommet Afrique-France [en janvier 2001, Ndlr], mais il se comportait en sorte que même nos regards ne puissent se croiser ", a encore déclaré le chef du premier parti de l'opposition parlementaire.

Analysant la sortie du président de la République comme un mauvais présage pour la démocratie camerounaise, John Fru Ndi se dit convaincu de la candidature de son vieil adversaire en 2011. " Ce n'est pas un homme de parole. Il va certainement modifier la Constitution pour se représenter. Aussi, j'invite les Camerounais à se mobiliser pour choisir le moment venu le leader qui leur permettra d'accéder à une véritable démocratie ", a enfin conclu le président du Sdf.



You can say whatever, but you cannot deny me the right to speak the truth, despite your persistent bully of the political opponents of Biya and all his numerous NGO's including the SDF. What Africa needs is people who can speak the truth and stand for it despite all odds. The issue at stake here is the people of the Southern Cameroons of which i am one. We have been colonised by La Republique and we are working hard to decolonise ourselves from this bondage. What do we do? Do we concentrate on fighting for halfbreads or follow the various instrements of change for the Southern Cameroonian course? That is the point i always struggle to bring accross. Talking about La Republique politics everytime by Southern Cameroonians is repetitive, boring and shallow. It is like we should speand all our time talking about Nigeria than Cameroon. Besides, we always fail to recognise that, we have done more harm to citizens of La Republique that we need to apologise to them on behalf of all Southern Cameroonians. Our politicians are the ones making it even harder for La Republiques cotizens to oust dictator Biya. We should recognise that and stay out of their politics. Rather than fumbling around because of soya and half breads.

Cheers Brother.



Which truth do you claim to stand for?
Hear you:"I love this man Ni John Fru Ndi to be honest,but I really think there is something going wrong with him.I really want him to die a hero rather than a villian.Let him start thinking of what will go into our History books now that we his former supporters are now suspicious of him(Rexon, Friday, Feb,09 2007).
The excerpt above shows you are a disgruntled member of the SDF.You have lingering nostalgia for your former party.
You are not a clean slate to pretend to talk for the people of the Southern Cameroons.You carry a lot of baggage,and have been embroiled in controversy for too long now.
You have the impression that Cameroonians don`t know who you are,but they do.You do everything to colour the Southern Cameroons struggle with rants from La Republique`s politics.Everyone knows that London is the international centre of the destabilising efforts against the SDF,and English speaking Cameroonians know that you are being used as a tool to attained this objective.All of this comes from a vast conspiracy that the French have put in place to knock out all aspirants to the Presidency come 2011.
In 1958, France succeeded to destabilise the government of Andre Mbida by asking Ahidjo who had the second highest representation in the Territorial Assembly to undertake a collective resignation with his Ministers.When Ahidjo came to power,the French continued to go after all political heavyweights they thought could be of danger to him.In 1982,France subtly facilitated the transition in Cameroon.This time Mitterand was at hand to ease things for his 'best pupil'.Today the French know things have changed with the coming of multipartism,but they never give up.They know that in the case of any fair elections in Cameroon,the SDF will always carry the day.You Rexon also know this,but they have been using some prominent English speaking Cameroonians to see to it that the SDF is brought to its knees.Not too long ago they counted on Bernard Muna to deliver a deadly blow,and he hired the services of some prominent SDF members out there in London.They are the same people who made a lot of noise about the convention in Yaounde.They are the same people who went over to Switzerland to mock at Fru Ndi when his wife passed away.They are the same people who declared him person non Grata in London.They are the same people going around with bags of money pitting Anglophones against each other.This because some of their brothers who occupied prominent positions in the SDF some years ago decided to leave when they discovered the shortcut to power was not easy.Rexon, English speaking Cameroonians know what makes you run out there.Those forumnites who discovered that one cannot keep accusing the SDF of colouring La Republique`s politics, while in turn colouring the Southern Cameroons course with persistent controversy about La Republique`s politics all took a distance.
Finally,Rexon when I say you are boring ,and repetitive,I mean it.Cameroonians can practically learn nothing from you here.When you are not trying to disgrace some prominent Anglophones here,you are fighting the SDF.This shows you are even more dangerous to Anglophone consciousness.Tell us what Cameroonians can really learn from you as a freedom fighter.For the moment I deliberately go into some debates with you to keep you around.If I stop debating with you,you will just post some historical facts about the Southern Cameroons,and insult Fru Ndi,and some Anglophones.When you are taken out of this realm,there`s nothing else you can discuss.Since you are somebody who wants to be seen ,and heard at all cost,I would not want you to commit suicide.

M Nje

In your posting on Wednesday, 31 October 2007 at 08:41 AM you did not include the last part of what was said to be Biya`s interview. Here is that part of the supposed interview you did not include:

“What he expects of the Sarkozy presidency
We expect France to continue to offer its cooperation and friendship to Africa. We have ancient ties, cultural ties, at a time when we are witnessing the linguistic imperialism of certain languages, it is worthwhile preserving a space where French is spoken. And I think that France is a great country... I expect that existing economic, cultural and financial relations will continue.”

Here is the most important part of the interview:

“… a time when we are witnessing the linguistic imperialism of certain languages, it is worthwhile preserving a space where French is spoken.”

It is interesting to see the president of a dubious country, which is promoted in the world as a bilingual country, talking about creating space for one language-the French Language. And which language is he referring to as “linguistic imperialism of certain languages.” Does anyone doubt that he is referring to the English Language? Does this surprise anyone?

Is this not consistent with what Mr. Ali (minister of justices) said that he will not welcome questions in English during his press briefing). Is this not why we are called “enemies in the house?” Is this not why the grading system in UB has been change to follow the French system of evaluation? Is this why we are seeing an influx of government bilingual schools in our territory relative to other places in La Republique? Is this not, etc etc etc. Are all of these events not part of the effort to fight “linguistic imperialism of a certain languages” and preserve “a space where French is spoken.” Southern Cameroonians, open your eyes. Where are those Southern Cameroonians who have been preaching about “Cameroon is one” and ‘Cameroon is bilingual.” Can you come up an explain this? We have been saying here time and again that the regime in Yaounde is on a crusade to destroy every bit of the Anglo-Saxon tradition we inherited. This statement from Biya just confirms what we have said many times. How will you explain that a President of a country will claim his country is bilingual at the same time considers one language as imperialist worth fight against. Don`t tell me that Biya did not specifically mention English Language as the imperial language when he talked about “linguistic imperialism of a certain languages.” He was speaking to a French audience. It is no secret that French-speaking individuals have openly expressed their frustration at what they call Anglo-Saxon domination of the world.

Southern Cameroonian, wake up!!!

It should be noted that while our struggle for full Independence for Southern Cameroons is not a struggle for the protection of our Anglo-Saxon heritage alone neither is it a struggle between Francophone and Anglophone based solely on linguistic differences. But English and its accompanying traditions such as Common Law, the GCE Certificate, English Language, etc etc are part of our national heritage. We cannot continue in this illegal union with an entity (La Republique Du Cameroun), which considers part of our heritage as ““linguistic imperialism of a certain languages” We cannot continue with an entity that is determined to destroy part of our way of life while preserving their francophone heritage. We should not wait for the day the G.C.E. Board will be dissolved before we wake up.


you are a STARK IDIOT. I wasn't begging for you remorse when I wrote write-up. I was addressing the moderators of the Post and no one else. It is buffoons like you who think that are they heroes when they analyse simple and straightforward. How dare you even question me? when Rexon and his cohorts are fighting for the freedom of Southern Cameroons, are you questioning them? Hypocrite. I do waste my time with infinitesimal nincompoops like you.

Paa Ngembus

Testing Testing Testing

Paa Ngembus

I think I now know what is going on.

Like the bloke USAfrica I was blocked for more than 2 weeks. Ma Mary is gone. I hardly see Legima Doh. I hardly see MK The Southerner. I hardly see many others who defend the Southern Cameroons. Rexon and M Nje have been very sporadic.

The Post is becoming very sensitive to the way some of us are expressing our Southern Cameroons views either pro or con.

Is someone after The Post?

Are people like USAfrica the reason for this censorship, because I don't believe this BS from USAfrica. What is the buffoon cooking with La Republique to intimidate the Post? Why is he stopped for one week and the rest of us stopped for 3 weeks. And why is our access only re-enabled after USAfrica's is re-enabled? Is La Republique complaining to The Post about dicussions on this forum?

Is USAfrica playing some double game here? The last time I could not post the jerk was elated and heeped all sorts of insults on me knowing I will be unable to respond.

USAfrica, if you think you can play this game better than us, we will show you you have meet more that your equals.

I am contacting the Post privately and I am asking SCIS to do a further investigation of USAfrica and his La Republique connections.

If you want to play dirty we shall show you how to play dirty. Dirty Little ungrateful brat.

If someone thinks they can silence me and my views on the Southern Cameroons they are mistaken.

Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus

Feel free to block me again.

Paa Ngembus



Paul Biya has been caught in his trap.Paul Biya declares to whole world that he had a rendez-vous to meet with Mr Fru for which Mr Fru failed to show up. Four days after Mr Fru Ndi swallows fire of never having any rendez-vous with Biya. Who is lieing who? I bet you none is lieing here and here is my take on the issue:

One of the Ministers had probably tricked Biya that a meeting with Fru had been stroke , and as usual without verifying facts he had taken it for truth.

The guy is question then probably had tricked him again that Fru Ndi didnt show up for the meeting. All these the guy would've received huge benefits maybe a ministerial Post.

Biya would not lie moreso knowing the whole world would hear him including Mr Fru Ndi.But Biya has himself to blame.

This is the Biya we all know. An absentee President.Easily tricked by feyman like the recent criminal Minister, Paul Atanga (I guess Im correct with the name)and Yang Philemon .

Biya now finds himself in a mess. I dont think Paul Biya lied nor has Fru Ndi but Biya is to blame for relying on feymen for high level discussions as these

Le Cameroun c'est le Cameroun

Ma Mary

Let us not be so intent on listening to the brayings of cubs that we fail to thank Mr Biya for saying with his own lips that he is a French puppet and agent intent on maintaining us as the underclass in our country, since we happen to speak English. Let them that have ears hear. It is a losing proposition.


USAafrica and Paa Ngembus

I,ve been having similar problems and I dont think for any reason the Postnewsline webmaster has been censoring us.If your webbrowser is Micrpsoft Internet explorer like mine it would be better for you to downlaod Mozilla(I hope Bill Gates doesnt get me for anti campaigning). Or you could use Netscape.They are free and are better off when it comes to net browsers.

Get Mozilla here and netscape here

Cheers countrymen

Paa Ngembus

Thanks Tayong.

I will try Mozilla. I don't like Netscape.

The strange thing now is that IE is now asking me to enter all types of codes before I can post an article, some from scrambled images I can not even read.

Frustrating but the struggle continues.


Nothing and I mean nothing can stop The Southern Cameroons Self Determination Train.

Ma Mary, welcome back.

Paa Ngembus

Tekum Mbeng

On the "big lie", the President had all the means to contact Fru Ndi after the botched meeting but did not. The President must have a channel of communication with all Opposition leaders. Biya has not seemingly replied to the numerous official letters from Fru Ndi.

This incident adds weight to the criticisms of Paul Biya as an aloof individual in a personal capacity with more interest in power than office. Biya's refusal to create an Independent Electoral Commission, long vacations in Europe, spending billions FCFA in the Western Press to clean his image and hardly visiting the provinces shows a very mean spirit.


Paa Ngembus,
Please don't transfer your agression on me ok. If they have sent you to come and kill me, go and tell them that you haven't seen me. I have been unsuccessfully struggling all weel to sign in and them today when I succeed, you march in here and rain insults on me as if I was responsible for your predicament? if you were dreaming about me all these days , just desist from it you occultic imbecile. This is absurb. Am I respobsible for what happened to you and your cohorts? why don't you question people with controversial ideas who were not blocked or censored? you decide to pick on me because I am your easy target. Obnoxious pig. You will choke in your own vomit you barbarian. Nonsense!!!!


And as for Tayong, I am using Mozilla thank you very much.


And as for Tayong, I am using Mozilla firefz and it still doesn't work so I am not buying that story.

Paa Ngembus


You can insult me all you want.

If you are responsible for my being denied access to The Post all this while, be assured we have not seen the end of this.

All of you spies are here on this network, collecting our names and sending them to your La Republique secret service.

The La Republique goons threaten The Post back home and The Post in turn bans us in an effort to silence us from preaching the Southern Cameroons message.

And the jerk USAfrica is here pretending he does not know what is going on. He is trying to play the victim. Pretending to have been censored too.

Who do you think you are fooling you buffoon?

We know where you are. Your little hideout in that remote University in Minnesota M is known. We know where you sneak out to once in a while to see your mistress in Kansas.

Little ignorant fool. If anybody wanted to come after you you would be easy prey.

Continue your work for La Republique and you will be crushed like a little fly by the Southern Cameroons Freedom Train.

If you think this is a joke keep on spying on our freedom fighters and keep on sending your thugs from La Republique to go and threaten The Post.

The day of rekoning is coming and very soon.

Little ungrateful bastard.

Paa Ngembus


United States of Africa Aka Simplice wrote:

"when Rexon and his cohorts are fighting for the freedom of Southern Cameroons, are you questioning them?"


Fake Paa Ngembus,

Have you seen where your SCNC foolishness will take you? Continue crying!! ha ha ha

I thought SCIS was stronger than the Cameroonian government. Don’t worry, you haven’t seen anything yet. We are coming.

This is just the beginning. When the heavy hands of the law shall grip your neck, then you shall know that the national unity of a sovereign nation is not a matter to play with.

There's still time to repent though, Ebenezer Akwanga.


Paa NgemGOAT, you will choke in your vomit mark my words.

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