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Monday, 01 October 2007


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the next you,ll read is this almighty pastor has opened his on church...with 259 people ,i think is a good start and he must have studied in nigeria too...a good business for the new pastor scamming game...Let him not forget to exercise his good delivering power on the numerous corrupt gendermes and police officers on the patchy cameroonian so called roads who accept even winning beercocks as bribe or better say to deliver our nation from this terrible yaounde based regime...that would be the best testimony

Ma Mary

As point of fact, people are depressed from poverty, oppression and lack of good future prospects and depression can really look demonic. Mr pastor, take your powers to Yaounde and Paris and exorcise the political demons that have taken out a spell on our Southern Cameroons.

The Emperor

... this story reminds me of the days of Awasum jonathan who claimed to be the decendant of martin Luther king and wanted to revolutionise the PCC. By the time he vamoosed from cameroon and abandoned his followers his atrocities were unveiled. Lets watch this new blood for sometime. I think its too early to make conclusions.

Elvovo South Africa

If i didnt know Rev Masok, i will also comment like some of u guys. He was my Pastor back home (PC BONABERI) his growth and strong belief in God i dont doubt at all.While in Bonaberi, he brought in many changes that made us to feel more at home and in Gods presence.In fact he made it clear to the haves(rich) that they can never sway him from the right path with their money. I can testify to this till he left it never happened.
This is no surprise to me. And i believe very strongly that if given a chance, he can chance the minds of all corrupt officials in Cameroon.Becoz he did chance the minds of double thinkers at PC Bonaberi.

May the Almighty grant much of such to our Pastors and all who promote Gods work.I urge u Rev. to move into UB and convert more.If u dooubt where to start in UB, get back me please plis u have my details and i will show u.


stranger....Germany or whosoever you call urself, thunder fire u. when u all out there run away from ur country and take false refuge under the auspices of southern Cameroons being marginilized, how do u expect others to change the country for u so that u can come and reap where u did not sow, or do u want the pastor to also open his own church out there in Germany? sure u know about the force of gravity


anointed...i beleive we are on a matured forum,but one smells a lot of emptiness and prejudice in wonder ur a victim of such have a brain blockade and thats why you feel everyone abroad is a southern cameroon refugee(giving facts about farfechted topics to you)typical african mentality could still as well use normal day to day language to write your views..loud sounding terms like auspieces and gravity was,nt really needed bigman.don,t use a maschine gun to shot a rat please

Ashwell Molaba

Schizophrenia and other delusional maladies take different forms. Ma Mary is right to point out that depression resulting from poverty and a bleak future can lead to diseases of the mind. Mr Pastor is preaching to a choir which is so big it is mind buggling. The whole of Southern Cameroon have been hypnotised by dark political forces. And they will believe anything. But we should not despair; their eyes will be opened sooner than later.

Elvovo South Africa believes in god- what a loss.



Legima Doh

Hello Ashwell Molaba,

Greetings.I had been wondering about your whereabouts cos you have been missing for long.I felt your absence due to the wisdom and cogency that used to fraught your comments.
You're welcome.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,


This Pastor is doing the work of God, a function he willingly accepted. Let him do his job in peace.

Leave a man's judgement day to God. I support you pastor and more greese to your elbows.

If he is false, let God alone decide. If he is truthful, let christians rejoice, for now he must be left alone to do the work he promised God.


Those of you who are anti christ, I pity you people for the days of the Lord are just around the corner. Do not judge the pastor b/c he might just be an exception. let the almighty God judge him. For the man of God, we need people like you to completely liberate this world with the power given to you by the Lord almighty. The bible said, the judge shall live by faith and not by sight. So have faith in what the man of God is doing and let God alone be the one to judge him.


Fake pastors are invading Cameroon thanks to poverty. Today, u just need to claim you are a pastor all will go smooth. Another fake pastor was arrested today in idenau with 13 children aged 1-13. He and his pseudo wife claim they were taking them to Nigeria to save their life from wishmen ( Another pastor died in gabon trying to walk on see surface like jesus. In general many of those fake pastors are actully serial killers, they hide their true nature behind that title to commit worst crimes. In UB most lecturers who claim themselves pastors or god's sons are worst than ever. Interestingly, only in anglophone provinces all those "sons of god" are met. Curious... Remember Jesus word: after me, many will come claiming that they can do miracles. Jesus clearly said he was the last messy, dont get fulled. Even the devil can achieve miracle through human being. Keep awake and careful, we have only one life, and god is watching everyone. I am not a pastor, I cannot claim to save life, I am a humble believer. Who ever is victim of the devil can be saved with prayer. Call you family, call friends, call those who really love you, pray with them. Call a pastor to pray with you, dont expect a miracle from those miracle dealers. Watch around, most of them drive at least a car if not a a pour country like cameroon, we all know how peoples do to own a car. where do all that money come from? From christian feymania, of course. On the net you learn all. They have learned how to brainwash peoples and know who is vulnerable.

Danny Boy

Religion as some one said is a refuge for scoundrels. This man is a scoundrel and the impressionable idiots..., well, I have already used the word idiots. They do not know any wiser. If there is some one at fault here it must be this latter day Jesus Christ with his magic. He should be chased out of Kumba for crimes against religion. His, is not religion but feymania.
Given the plight of most of our down-trodden people, one can understand why they will swallow such rubbish. Anybody who seeks to enrich himself/herself on the backs of our suffering poor should be exorcised. Yes, I mean exorcised. You are sick Mr. Rasputin Bad-Cock!!!

Ma Mary

Sometimes our education is just skin deep. Evidence: we are so quick to swallow supernatural crap.


Even you???
Views on religious matters are quite volatile yet is the only discipline with even distinct truth.Dare not to rebuke your own friend for his view, because even yours in bright sunlight is falsehood to another belief.The man of God sets a pace and only futurity will pronounce him right or wrong, not you or me.If exorcism is a practice then deliverance is an outcome that must be accepted, so what is the point here? Must we be blinded just because Nigeria is exporting spiritual monopoly or because Government legalised annointment but propagade corruption?There are some true spirits out there,pray ye only to know them because they are hard to know and they do not publicise what they do!!

Let me end to say, even in the darkest part of life there is some light,all we seek is this light obviously not far:seek yours by claiming to be the fountain of all truth but if we be mature,litrate and honest we must see opinions not as insults or injuries.

Heavenly democracy is not base on popularity of ballots but a refined maxim that ursher truth,though few agree on though.

Just my own view


"Sometimes our education is just skin deep. Evidence: we are so quick to swallow supernatural crap."- Ma Mary

The Western-educated buffoons are at it again, insulting Africans and joining the white man to call us heathen people.
Ma Mary, before you left for Europe to sell ice-cream did you know what was happening in your villages? did you know the things that were going on in "medicine houses"? do you have nephews, nieces or cousins back home in boarding schools like Saker, B.H.S mankon etc? have you asked them about the unexplained phenomenons that go on in their schools? have you ever been to churches in Limbe and seen how pastors cast out demons in broad day light? did you ever go to a boarding school and personally experience these kinds of things?
Now, that you are selling ice-cream abroad, you pretend like these things don't happen in Africa. Mysticism in Africa has always been somewhat of a mystery to Europeans and us, Africans. We can't explain it but ANYBODY WHO HAS EVER LIVED IN AFRICA OR IN CAMEROON TO BE MORE SPECIFIC CANNOT DENY THAT THESE THINGS DID NOT HAPPEN.
Did you guys not hear about the "cutting-neck" in U.B? I saw it with my own eyes. A group of students who went around slashing people's necks and storing them up in their hostels. I was in Buea at the time, writing my G.C.E and it was the most frightful experience. When the ring leader was caught, he exposed his culprits and immediately as he did that, he died.

Now Ma Mary, can your Western scientific theories explain this? can they? You people go abroad and they to pretend like these things don't happen. Cultivated monkeys desperately trying to act like their slave masters. Until you use the word "crap". Please Ma Mary, who are you trying to impress? we all know where you lived before you traveled to go and start selling ice-cream abroad.

Elvovo South Africa

Molaba,I belief in God and not in god.I give a damm to all those who read the bible like Elate (in GOOD FOOT) read the news paper upside down.Tikoman thank u for reminding us to leave the Man of God do his work. And to u Danny boy, ur eloquence in writting shows that u're somoeone of high educational standing but plis spare the Pastor with u're unfiltered words(feyman.ref. read Tikoman and Ernest's view again plis. Its really a pity the an Annoited person will think that all those who are out of Cameroon are on refugee status.Come to think abt it if u read btwn the lines, u will notice that all of us maybe except u are of very high educational profile and those deserve some respect to each other.
*Touch not MY Annoited and do MY Prophet no harm*

Danny Boy

from your previous postings I had taken you for an enlightened one! Your last posting proves me wrong. How sad. So you believe in witchcraft and all that jazz? Pastors casting out demons in broad daylight!!! Are you senile or what? What is it you saw? Or is it a friend of a friend of a friend who witnessed this? The stuff of modern legend!!! So he died as soon as he was apprehended? Poppycock, and absolute bunkum!
Get to grips with yourself and senses, Man, and stop casting aspersions, when you do not understand the handy-work of these fake pastors.
your annointed one can think what pleases him. I do not give a hoot. You are so naive to think that any Cameroonian living abroad is a refugee. I have lived here in Europe for well nigh 28 years. I travel to and from Cameroon when I want. I wonder whether your annointed one can do that?
For your information, the churches here in Europe are empty on sundays. People here work 24/7 and 365 or 366 days a year. The person left holding that damn bible is the stupid African, who is exploited by smarter pastors like Mazock, Ashimolowo, Benny Hinny, to name but a few. This is what really irks me.
I respect you Bro, as a person, but I will never, never respect idiotism borne of occultism.
Blessed be Cameroon of the 21st century.


Dear Sirs & Madames,

Whilst we are still in the business of more talking, more opinionated points of view and spewing obfuscated theories that have no space nor significance within a contemporary and modern world [except in our local backyards], we may perhaps reflect a little on how our precious time is employed and above all if at all we are employing our capacity to think. For this little issue [the capacity to think] might in actuality be the root source of many of our multiple predicaments and limitations.

Now this may not be relevant at all to the point of discussion here but it certainly indicates how a society can transform itself, one step at a time. How or in what ways we may ask..? 
We may start with the use of & application of acquired knowledge, also by not sitting idle and waiting for someone to come & troubleshoot problems, by not complaining endlessly day in & day out, about nothing in particular...!!!! et cetera et cetera.
So please if you have time take a look at the news below. Also consider it is not a comparison of 2 societies, but a pointer to how if we give ourselves the right mental impetus, our society can be transform overnight...!!!!
In our Cameroonian situation for example, technological innovations, such as the " Internet ", has only brought more feymanism, it has also introduced a newer medium for more mischief making, like squeezing gullible Westerners of cash through the sale of non-existent monkeys, parrots, exotic snakes, baboons and so on, or another medium for more propaganda..more vanity.. more " SELF " aggrandizement et cetera et cetera.... which says a lot about the collective mentality of our society in Cameroon. 
It seems like, anything & everything we touch [ In the collective sense here] we are only capable of transforming that into the ugly. Simple & common things in our hands are but pyschological or physical weapons which we use either to oppress or solely for the purposes of enriching the " SELF ".

In any case, read:
Kenya: Country's Top ICT Brains
East African Standard (Nairobi)
23 September 2007

Posted to the web 23 September 2007
Wandera Ojanji

Benson Kaloki and Judith Adem Owigar are the overall winners of the 2007 Engineering Students Exhibition.
They have consequently earned themselves a fully paid round trip for one week to Google headquarters in California, courtesy of Google, one of the leading innovative companies in the world. During that week, the students will study Google's innovative systems.
Kaloki, a student at Moi University, Eldoret, designed a project that has a very high potential to eliminate corruption in collection of parking charges. The project dubbed Intelligent Town is designed to automate car park charge collection. Using wireless and infra rays technology, the number of hours a car stays in a given car park is recorded upon which the charges are calculated and the bill passed on to the owner via mobile phone. More important is that his innovation is designed to automatically detect stolen cars.
Judith, a final year student at School of Computing and Informatics, University of Nairobi has created Mobile Blogging System that makes it possible for journalists to instantly share news events with the world by allowing them to submit, delete and edit text messages from a mobile phone. These actions are automatically reflected on a website.
"This project displays an innovative way of coupling the use of everyday communication technology such as mobile phones with the very dynamic field of journalism in an effort to overcome the limitations of lack of infrastructure, adequate resources and skilled manpower that are often needed to deliver a good story," says Judy.
Most importantly, this service significantly reduces the cost of communication. It also eliminates manual web site maintenance. The software automatically stores and formats incoming messages that are then added to the top of the web site.
This project shows that it is possible to submit, update and delete entries on a website from a remote location without the need for a physical connection to a computer.
Ephantus Maina from Kenyatta University won the first prize in the mobile application category with Paul John Chacha of Moi University emerging top in ICT category.
Maina designed a system that allows a mobile phone to be used as if it was a computer.
"This will help people who cannot afford a computer, especially those living in rural areas," explained Maina.
Chacha has developed a graphics design software, Chasys Draw Artist Print Media. The software, according to the judging panel, is of international standards. Chacha explains that the software is an image editor for realistic visual effects. It is equipped with special tools, visual effects that helps create realistic looking designs and paintings, quickly and professionally.
With the software, anyone can design and print professional looking materials such as posters, greeting cards and certificates.
All four students have realized projects with a high degree of innovation, rural relevance and commercial potential, according to Dr Kevit Desai, founder of the exhibition and director of Engineering at Centurion Systems Ltd.
The exhibition, which was marking it's 10th anniversary, attracted a total of 122 projects - 57 were in ICT, 34 in electronics and 31 in mobile technology - from 18 institutions in Bulgaria, Kenya, Malawi, Sudan and Uganda.
Dr Desai, who is also the director of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and regional chairman, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)-Kenya stated that the majority of the projects - 82 per cent - were designed to address rural challenges, in response to this year's Exhibition theme - "Information Communication Technology (ICT) in rural development".
A number of projects address farm management and monitoring by computer, mobile phone and website. Others are agricultural produce marketing support websites or sms services.
"Our students have both the drive and the capacity to turn knowledge into marketable solutions that address development challenges," stated Prof Shem Wandiga, chairman of the Higher Education Reform Task Force, at the opening ceremony adding, "This result shows that the private sector needs to be more aware of the talents among our students."
Mr Thomas Watteyne of the IEEE International Students Activities Committee expressed his astonishment at the amount of energy and potential of engineering talent in the region.
He urged students to take advantage of the enormous knowledge resources of IEEE and form IEEE clubs at their institutions.
Dr George Oyuga of Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) announced that his organisation would support the students in taking their projects to market.
"Mobile phones were first intended for voice, but here on the exhibition floor we see these phones are made to do all sorts of other things: open gates, show maps, drive computers, and manage web-sites. The underlying reason is the need to find local solutions to local problems," said Marcel Werner, vice chairman of the Kenya ICT Federation.
The main challenge to students remains ensuring that there is a market for their work. A survey among the exhibiting students revealed that about 25 per cent of them had inspired their project on global trends, but less than 50 per cent had discussed their ideas with people outside the university environment. Some 90 per cent do not know how to find an industrial partner for testing or how to source financial support.
The annual exhibition is organised by Centurion Systems and IEEE-Kenya with support from KEPSA, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry Science and Technology, E-Governance among others.
Culled from :




dannyboy..its a pleasure reading your sensefull comments...thats what we need back home...refined and retouched brains 24/7...there,s an epidermic outthere in cameroon that has affected the minds of people and its nothing more than this mentality issue..At times you feel everyone above the age of two is affected back home when you read some of their views(don,t want to hurt no one please).as you mentioned above,europeans work 24/7 to make ends meet,they never dream of miracles but they work to realize real things,no fantasies,but their death rate is lower,their sickness rate is lower,their poverty rate is lower without them hanging around such pastors asking for blessings,they work for blessings!!!if we don,t wash our african brains we would never wakeup...we let any donkey pastor to rehearse his pastor acting skills on us,they are all chalatants,but most our eyes are blined(we act with our instincts and not with our reasoning)...there,s one so called big name(or used to be)who made his money on our dark planet in the name of Rheinhard bonnke who,s an unkown figure in his native country of Germany.Charity begins at home...why is he so unporpular here?why?why?
please cameroonian bros..rise from sleep and do something for your helicopter would ever come from heaven to miracle you
please danny boy..your comments really impressed me..its worth living abroad eventhough ;going to europe is one thing and for europe to go inside you is another;

Ma Mary

UnitedStatesofAfrica, I never took you for a superstitious fellow, on top of everything else.

Are you listening to yourself? An uncouth little puppy deigns to question my life experience?

Poverty and desperation does one thing, it makes people indulge in magical thinking. Magical thinking, including religion and various forms of occult beliefs and practices offer a way out desperation and a way of feeling empowered. AMORC is in San Jose, not far from San Fransisco. You may have to speak to 500 Americans before you find somebody who knows about it. In our country, AMORC practically rules the roost.

Europe has one thing over America–social supports are better. That makes it easier for people to be educated and to reject superstition. There is a lot of crazy religion in America, not different qualitatively from the crap I am reading here.


Ma Mary,
I have studied people like you in my psychology class.From your writings I can tell the type of person you are. You are this proud, self-centered, self-absorbed, narcissistic person who thinks you are better than everybody. You always try to talk about show off in public and make yourself seem important than you really are. You think the time you have spent in the Europe has made you better than most Cameroonians. You carry yourself in high esteem and you try to crush people with your education. You use education as a weapon and you camouflage your inadequacies with half-facts, half-truth and fabricated testimonies. You are probably a depressed woman who tramples on people as a way to boost her self-esteem.
Paa NgemGOAT is also somebody who has this character.
For your appearance, you are probably an overweight woman with fat legs, an oval face and large wigs on your head.

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