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Monday, 15 October 2007


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What economic plans has he proposed to the people? what political structure has he proposed? has any referendum been conducted? Mr. Nfor goes on to assume that Southern Cameroonians are fools and we will accept any movement camouflaging to liberate us.
He sits in the house of some Belgian factory workers and delivers light weight communiques. Do these people think governing a country is as easy as accessing the internet?
Why has Nfor Nfor not sent a communique to the Southern Cameroons people that they have formed an interim government abroad? (check The majority of Southern Cameroonians are not exposed to the internet and they don't know these specifics about the SCNC found on the internet. Why are they practicing selective memory and sending only certain portions of information as communiques? OVERT HYPOCRISY.
We need to fight for peace and equality for all Cameroonians and not just a Southern Cameroonians.



Permit me fellow Southern Cameroonians react to the piece of nonsense and ignorance manifested above.First of all Cowards hide their identity while brave and courageous people with intergrity prove their identity.The piece of shit above is a loud sounding known in its latin maxim as Brutum fulmen.By calling us in Belgium "factory workers"you are insulting the educational system of cameroon which we honourably passed through with certificates which can cause you suffer from nervous shock.From your comment which already has a below average mark of2/20 one can beyond reasonable doubt determine your identity and level.You are too ignorant to criticize Dr Nfor and the SCNC.You cannot give what you don't have.Study more and learn how to be logical in your arguments,and also have a good mastery of facts before comming back.Dr nfor,more grease to your elbows.Long live SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.


Permit me fellow Southern Cameroonians react to the piece of nonsense and ignorance manifested above.First of all Cowards hide their identity while brave and courageous people with intergrity prove their identity.The piece of shit above is a loud sounding known in its latin maxim as Brutum fulmen.By calling us in Belgium "factory workers"you are insulting the educational system of cameroon which we honourably passed through with certificates which can cause you suffer from nervous shock.From your comment which already has a below average mark of2/20 one can beyond reasonable doubt determine your identity and level.You are too ignorant to criticize Dr Nfor and the SCNC.You cannot give what you don't have.Study more and learn how to be logical in your arguments,and also have a good mastery of facts before comming back.Dr nfor,more grease to your elbows.Long live SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.


Mr. Jude Abain, Instead of answering to the allegations, you decided to attack me.If you want to retaliate with insults, I do not mind. I am well-rounded in the insults department.
I used the word "Belgian factory workers" as a metaphor. I was simply trying to say that Mr. Nfor Nfor goes to unimportant places and delivers empty threats. However, if you consider yourself as a Belgian factory worker, that is your cup of tea.
And then you go on again to call me a coward for not exposing my real identity. so you want me to state my real name and expose my identity on the internet? for what reason particularly? so that SCNC and Ambazonia feymen, con artists, asylum seekers, beggers and ice-cream sellers like you in America and Europe can steal my identity and use it for your fraudulent aims eh? nice try Mr. Abain but I know all those tricks.


red flag

united states of crazy man
a man worthless as shit, who are you to ask nfor for economic proposal? who are you
to be against southern cameroons ligitimate quest for independence after 45 years of brutal appartheid occupation and colization by a backward illitreate
french-negroide cabal? mr nobody, carry yourself and jump into the river mungo and die, because, for sure you aint any citizen of southern cameroons, you are those bamilekon, bassa come no go implants. your as wretched soul of no value.

southern cameroons must be independent by any means necessary.

down with appartheid. down with colonialism


I was just wondering, do they teach latin at the internet SCNC club? Legima Doh always tried to speak to some broken latin and now Mr. Abain is equally attempting some latin. Are the internet warriors of SCNC planning to liberate Southern Cameroons with Latin? I wonder.
As for red flag, somebody who can't spell apartheid or legitimate must not be taken seriously. :)


I have also noticed the absence of Rexon, Legima Doh and Paa NgemGOAT on this forum. I can see that the immigration offices have started knocking on their doors and once again, they have gone into hiding. Lke ripe mangoes falling off the mango trees, these SCNC asylum seekers on this forum will equally be dropping out due to fraudulent immigration papers.
Ma Mary, you are next :)


USAfrica, Red Flag and Jude, I've told you many a time:derogatory intriques only result to reactionary rhetorics that doom the object of a debate. Please be gentlemen and stop the "school-boy" debating fashion.
I do not understand what the palaver is with you USAfrica.Just take another look at your last comment:void of any redeemable element that might appeal present and potential "Forumers" to club with us.
Jude: "two wrongs don't make a right":suggesting you should have indirectly and maturely reproved USAfrica
without "reciprocation". You can't qualify one as a "Learner" and go futher to castigate him with such uncharacteristic phrases.
Reg Flag, you're an old broom on this forum and know the rules of the game pretty well, it defiles my immagination to discover you're contiminated with this "uncivil and barbaric virus".
Be gentlemen and keep Voltaires most celebrated quote as you reflect:"I wholly disagree with what you say but will fight to dead for your right to say it". This is my qualification of "absolute and pragmatic gentlemanism".

Legima Doh

Thanks for the the comment.You are a true patriot and comrade of our motherland.USAfrica is too uninformed and unlettered about the Scnc course to criticize Dr Nfor Nfor.All the buffoon does in this forum is to denigrate the scnc with wanton and unfounded ideologically feeble and stupid ideas all based on negative attitude without any bit of appreciation of truth and effort on the part of our comrades.That is how vile and indecent he is in words.I wonder how his parents brought him up.He is a liar as u rightly said,hiding his identity and domicile.He is a true coward.He abuses our brethren in belgium as factory workers forgetting to know that even if that is true, it is because of the situation back home that might push them to try livelihood abroad.Any right minded person would not insult a brother as such.
You are a robot programmed to hip insults, to give negative attributes to facts,to say vile words, to distort reality, and to express lack of precepts, imbecility and lack of faith and courage in fighting for a course.Did u read the last sentence in the speech.It was based on posterity.What shall be recorded as posterity of yours about the liberation movement.Your posterity will be that,you were a heretic and a treason to the course.You keep on saying Legima Doh,Rexon,Paa Ngembus are being chased by the immigration officers.I made it clear to you that these you refer to are not on asylum.They are finance and accounting professional and researchers who passed through world class universities.You said last time that u were in BHS Bamenda.Are u still there pathological liar.If I were in cameroon,I would be giving lectures in the university of buea and the university in bamenda and then ministering the issue of the Southern cameroons to the laity rather than spend 24 on 7 hours on the internet expressing knowledge vacuum and idiocy to your seniours.Rexon once said that it is only in this forum that morons like you got the chance to insult and talk abusively to us.You would not be granted the audience to express your idiocy to us in the real world.We are very busy people and have to sacrifice a lot but not to come and be insulted by imbeciles like you.Comrade Rexon at the moment is at the heart of analysing a research for the Royal Bank of Scotland if you so want to know.
Thanks for the response given to the comment I made on the caption southern cameroons still searching for independence.

USAfrica, Yes I say again Facta Non Verba and we shall be saved Sola Gracia and for us by our lord Christ Jesus individually and collectively Induimini Dominum Iesum Christum.We always put our struggle in the hands of Jehovah God.
We shall continue to fight the good fight of faith,of our right to self determination not your type of no faith, blurred determination to sovereignty and wanton and destructive criticism.

Peace Upon our motherland.

Legima Doh

Ma Mary

Internet gives anonymity to scalawags, who would otherwise be rendered mute and wet their pants in your physical presence. Let the puppy whelp and make vain noises. Legima Doh, USAfrica is not in the Cameroons but in the American Midwest. He is the best that la Republique can do, throw in agent provocateurs, empty vessels? There is no argument from them, because there is none. He keeps talking about economic plan. The NESPROG adopted by the SDF as their economic platform was originally created for the Southern Cameroons. We cannot apply an economic program to an occupied territory. The smaller scale things that we do, we cannot even talk about. Once we have our country back, la republique will not see our tail lights in any domain of human activity.

One downside of the flooding of our children's schools like Sasse, Sacred Heart, Saker etc by the occupier's children is that they grow up using English fairly well and then come to forums like this one to pretend to be Southern Cameroonians. USAfrica is an example. He is an ANGLOPHONE, but nor a SOUTHERN CAMEROONIAN. My grandmother never spoke English. She was never an ANGLOPHONE but was always a SOUTHERN CAMERROONIAN.


UnitedStatesOfAfrica is playing a similar role like that of one Mukete who was once here, sponsored to blackmail the SDF. The best strategy we used at the time to fight the nonentity was to ignore him.

If I were a Southern Cameroons´activist, I will simply ignore United StatesofAfrica; once you react to his trash, the more you encourage him to write more.


Why is everybody on the head of unitedstatesofafrica? the guy has merely spoken his mind and you guys are throwing ugly words on him. I do share the same opinion with him. Scnc is nothing but a toothless bull dog. The scnc has no political or economic agenda. They have only plans A but no plans B. If we have independence today, what exactly are they going to do when we are as empty as a church house. Has the scnc ever presented any economic program to the southern cameroon people?Don't they know that they are fighting a fail battle?The problem we have is Biya and not separation. The problem the anglophones have is the same problem the francophones have. I stand for one and federated states of Cameroon period.

Paa Ngembus

Everytime professional duties distract us from this network, this ungrateful son of a UPC refugee maskarading as USAFrica goes wild.

USAfrica alias FuckAm,
Why are you so interested in getting us silenced? Is that when you get your pay from La Republique?

Filthy ragamuffin. We are going nowhere.

The fact that you and La Republique are so bent on destroying the SCNC is proof that the SCNC is doing something right and scaring the hell out of you devils.

You and your friends from La Republique have not seen anything yet. You will pay individually and collectively for what you are doing in the Southern Cameroons.

The blood of all those kids killed in Buea, the hawkers killed in Kumbo, the farmers killed in Wum, the market women kiled in Ndu, the fishermen kiled in Idenau and Bakassi, etc., etc., etc, is on your head.

I promise you this, when SCIS starts knocking at your door, I shall be waiting for you to open your smelly mouth here.

Ungrateful little brat.


Paa Ngembus

M Nje

Mr Ernest,
It is simpple to say you "stand for one and federated states of Cameroon period." That is a good possition. The question for you is to prove that Southern Cameroons is part of that your "Cameroon."

If I take you for your words for a minute, why is the writing in your currency only in French. Is that the symbol of that your One Cameroon?

Ma Mary

"SCNC is a toothless bulldog" is the prating of an unprincipled character. It is not about the length of the teeth of the dog, but whether the dog is right. People who make allegiances solely on the basis of power (access to resources) are slaves at heart and will remain slaves for real. By that reasoning, since France and la Republique have seized our resources and are armed, we must pay allegiance to them. They are long toothed, so they matter. That is why others rule Africa, because of the proliferation of the Ernests and USAfricas, who call their state of abasement "realism" or "reality". We do not think like that. Our cause is just and correct for the Southern Cameroons, and that is what matters.

Legima Doh

You are not the fit type to comment on.You said the Scnc has no political agenda and then went further to say that she has plan A but not plan B.HOw do u reconcile the two statements.You too are just so ignorant about facts to criticize the ScNc.If you had an iota idea about what the Scnc is up to,you would not call it a toothless bulldog.
Fon,USafrica is really the Mukete type.Buffoons.
Ma Mary,USafrica is there truly.He and the likes of Ernest,Riccardo are broods of idiocy.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,


When did this begin?. That self-proclaimed leaders(both factions considered), advocates of peace, prosperity and alleviation of socio-economic stringencies(same aim and end), have the temerity to adopt as first verse of every comment(hitherto considered):reactionay rhetorics(vilification of mendacity), that only doom the profile and substance of this "Virtual Debate".Gentlemen, we shall not want the post online to be associated with all "uncultured vocabulary" an unlettered mind can conceive. Such "Banana Plantation" language, and/or "BenSkin/Buyam-Sellam" intriques are not worthy of you. And when I say "You", I imply(but for a few exceptions)majority of "Forumers", who take the greatest delight in showing us how uncultured they are .
Nay, I have a dream. A dream deeply rooted in these antogonisms on this forum. That:
-many students in Cameroonian institutions will one day join the post-online debate for it's quality of language and non-formal education
-elements of the diaspora will use this "vitual debate" as the model for expressing their viewpoints.
Please let's debate as those Leaders we seek to become.

Ma Mary

I wonder why they send over 10,000

Camerounese Occupation Troops

to suppress a toothless bulldog in the Southern Cameroons. Pray, tell me, dear UnitedStatesOfAfricainMinnesota.


USAfrica, if it ever turns out that, you're based in the USA;particularly in Minnesota, your authenticity on this forum will be discarded(to use your owns words;propounded on me a forthnight back).


We spend time learning their tricks. We know success is near. They can pass through different colours and feel happy that they have triumphed, but victory is on the side of the people of the Southern Cameroons. No evil lasts forever.


What a prophecy Rexon?. We await some participation of you. Your comment merely protrays, you have no mastery of the order the debate. Please we miss you and need not "ready made" sentences as above, but some consistent feed-back from comments, counter-comments, analysis, intriques;.. you name them.


Re: First comments on this Article.
Of what benefit is it to honourable sons and daughters of Southern Cameroons to heed the trash that this coward (whoever he/she is)has written? We just give a damn to it and forge ahead. That is how I feel we should treat such trash. When we respond to it he feels a sense of fulfilment. Thanks folks. May God bless us all including even this ass.


Pa-Teh, your comment is very implicit. Who are you referring to?. Please disclose his identity, so we know what kind of jugement to give your jugement.
But before you surface, take another look at your last sentence;
"May God bless us all including even this ass" by Pa Teh
And now, can you tell us what God has to do with insults?. Which God do you worship gentleman?. How do you think God will bless you for abusing another image of His?.
Well, your first paragraph is just so unwelcoming;especially as the name behind it is a "Paa". Please if you're above 40, know, I can be your son and deserves sound morales.
The student.

mk the southerner

I told all of you Lovers and defenders of the truth that the Untied states of Africa is death.

Ma Mary

I bounced off here a number of times today. My fellow pizza vendor, Rexon must be professionally very busy, that is why he is refraining from extensive commentaries. One thing I learned from selling pizza is that Southern Cameroons contributed to most of the pie, but just gets a tiny">">tiny slice-sometimes no slice at all, because la republique comes after that small slice.

Paa Ngembus



Contestation : Emeutes sanglantes à Bamenda
Deux morts à la suite des affrontements entre policiers et ‘‘moto-taximen’’ hier.

BAMENDA - 17 OCTOBRE 2007 : Le mouvement de grève engagé, le soir de lundi, 15 octobre dernier, par des conducteurs de moto dans la ville de Bamenda, communément appelés ‘‘benskineurs’’, a pris une tournure dramatique le lendemain mardi, 16 octobre dernier. C’est ainsi que Simon Ambé et Patrick Nché Tabong, 24 ans, conducteurs de moto dans la même ville, ont été froidement abattus par des policiers. Le premier a été mortellement blessé dans le dos, alors que le second a été atteint à la tête.

Si l’on s’en tient aux témoignages concordants, lundi dernier, vers 20h, des ‘‘moto-taximen’’ rentraient de Bafut, près de Bamenda, où ils ont assisté à un enterrement. Ils étaient en cortège. La première vague a franchi le poste de contrôle de la police, situé entre les villages Bafut et Mankon. A son tour, Marc Douho Ngwafong, 21 ans, a été empêché de traverser ladite barrière. Puisqu’un policier a posé une herse sur la chaussée. L’instrument a crevé la roue avant de la moto de M. Douho. Ce dernier s’est retrouvé dans les caniveaux, grièvement blessé. Il est d’ailleurs interné à l’hôpital Saint Mary Solidad à Bamenda.


Ces collègues ont voulu protester contre le comportement des policiers, en barricadant les rues de Bamenda. La police est intervenue pour interpeller sept d’entre eux, qui ont été gardés à vue dans une cellule du Groupement mobil d’intervention (Gmi n° 6) à Bamenda. La tension est montée dans le camp des conducteurs de moto, lesquels conducteurs ont voulu faire entendre leur voix. Dans la matinée du 16 octobre dernier, ils ont entamé une marche vers la sous-préfecture de Bamenda. Sans suite. Les manifestants sont descendus vers le local du Gmi n° 6 pour faire libérer leurs collègues. C’est à ce moment que l’irréparable est arrivé. Devant l’immeuble du Gmi, situé au quartier Ntarinkon, les émeutiers ont projeté des cailloux sur un Pick-up de la police. Ils ont blessé un policier à la tête. Les hommes au béret noir se sont fâchés. Ils ont lancé des gaz lacrymogènes : " J’ai entendu des détonations et le gaz a envahi l’espace.

Je n’ai pas suivi de coups de feu ", raconte un témoin. Toujours est-il que deux individus ont été mortellement atteints. Les manifestants s’en sont pris aux kiosques de la police. L’un a été brûlé et l’autre a été saccagé. Dans la soirée, une frange des émeutiers attendait non loin du Gmi, surtout que la dépouille de Patrick Nché traînait encore par-là. Informé de la situation, le premier adjoint préfectoral de la Mezam, Simon Sombé, est descendu sur les lieux, après avoir rendu visite à Marc Douho. Simon Sombé s’est concerté avec les autorités policières de Bamenda. Ce qui a abouti à la libération des gardés à vue. Hier, Bamenda avait l’air d’une ville morte. Au moment où nous allions sous presse, le calme semblait revenir dans le chef-lieu du département de la Mezam. Reste que des familles n’arrêtaient de lamenter en face de l’hôpital provincial de Bamenda, où les corps de Nché et Ambé avaient été admis.

© Michel Ferdinand, Mutations

DOUALA - 17 OCT. 2007
© Donat SUFFO, Le Messager

Deux morts. Tel est le bilan provisoire de l’échauffourée d’hier, mardi 16 octobre, entre conducteurs de moto taxi (benskineurs) et éléments du groupement mobile d’intervention (Gmi) n° 6 à Bamenda...

Un mouvement d’humeur des conducteurs de moto taxi se transforme en émeute.

Deux morts. Tel est le bilan provisoire de l’échauffourée d’hier, mardi 16 octobre, entre conducteurs de moto taxi (benskineurs) et éléments du groupement mobile d’intervention (Gmi) n° 6 à Bamenda. Il s’agit du conducteur de moto taxi Simon Ambe et du curieux Patrick Nche (24ans), victime d’une balle perdue. Ce dernier venait d’être déposé par un taxi. Il allait rendre visite à un malade hospitalisé à l’hôpital provincial, situé à un jet de pierre des locaux du Gmi n°6. Comment en est-on arrivé là ?

Il est 10 heures 30 hier à Bamenda. Plusieurs conducteurs de moto taxi exerçant à Bamenda assiègent les installations du Gmi n° 6. Ils expriment leur ras-le-bol contre des exactions perpétrées par la police la veille sur l’un des leurs. Ce dernier est interné dans un centre de santé de la ville. La bavure du lundi 15 octobre se déroule au lieu-dit Mile 9, sur l’axe Bamenda – Bafut. Pour amener le moto taximan Marc Douho Ngouafong, les éléments du Gmi n° 6 situé au poste de contrôle font passer une herse dans un pneu de la moto. En vive allure, le moto taximan perd le contrôle de son engin et se renverse. Il s’en tire avec des hématomes aux mains, aux pieds, à la face et à la tête. Il est défiguré. Rencontré à l’hôpital St. Mary Soledad, où il est actuellement interné, Marc Douho Ngouafong raconte les circonstances de l’accident avec beaucoup de peine : “ un père de notre quartier était décédé et nous sommes allés l’inhumer à Bafut. Nous rentrions en cortège sur Bamenda. Les autres avaient déjà traversé le contrôle. Lorsque mon tour est arrivé, je me suis retrouvé brusquement sur la herse, posée sur la route par des policiers du Gmi n° 6. Cette herse a perforé la roue avant de ma moto. Et comme j’étais en allure, je me suis débattu pour atterrir au trottoir, conscient du fait qu’en chutant sur la chaussée, je devais m’en tirer avec beaucoup de blessures ”.


Au Gmi n° 6, les uns et les autres soutiennent que Marc Douho Ngouafong “ voulait fuir le contrôle ”. Une explication battue en brèche par la victime. Par solidarité à leur collègue interné à l’hôpital, les benskineurs prennent d’assaut les artères de la ville de Bamenda le lendemain (hier, mardi 16 octobre). Après une marche bruyante, ils atterrissent devant les locaux du Gmi n° 6. Ils bloquent la chaussée et intiment, à tout véhicule, l’ordre de rebrousser chemin.
Un pick-up plein de policiers en provenance de Ntarinkon arrive à l’entrée du Gmi n° 6. Ces policiers sont accueillis par une pluie de cailloux. C’est l’Intifada. Les éléments de la police répliquent en lançant des gaz lacrymogènes dans la foule. Bilan : des coups de feu sont entendus deux morts (les noms suscités) et trois personnes grièvement blessés : Fongwa Leonard 20 ans (blessé au pied gauche), Fon Albert atteint au bras gauche et dame Esther Shu Swirri, 35ans. Ces blessés sont internés à l’hôpital provincial de Bamenda.

Le corps de Patrick Nche est par la suite transporté sur un brancard pour le Gmi n° 6. Chemin faisant, les policiers larguent continuellement du gaz lacrymogène pour disperser les benskineurs en colère. Choqués, les benskineurs montent des barricades sur diverses artères de la ville. Ils brûlent un kiosque de police à Hospital Round About, détruisent un autre à Liberty Square. Au moment où nous nous allions sous presse, le premier adjoint préfectoral présidait une réunion de crise.


Simplice aka Vito, Watch your back, when you target people who stand for the truth.


Paa Ngembus. Many thanks for the up-date.
There's yet some important preoccupation. We will very much like to know where USAfrica is based. "Intelectual Dishonesty" has been the subject matter of the debate for while now, with Watesih and Kumba wrestling with thoughts and deploying mental resources to desperate proportions to vindicate their ideology. Anologically, USAFrica, ever since his birth on this forum has passed on for a Cameroonian based compatriot. For he fournishes us, in the nick of time, with current events and socio-polotical vicissitudes in our fatherland:claiming to have firsthand and unadulterated informtion.Without beating about the bush:"USAfrca with be liable for distortion of facts and figures on the indictment the "honourable standards of this forum" if he's truely based in the USA". Consequently, he'll be charged with "Intellectual Dishonesty" and "OVER HYPOCRACY"(to use his own monologue).


Rexon, I don't understand the nature of your last comment.Could you be more emphatical,explicit and straightforward?.

Legima Doh

Paa Ngembus,
Thanks a lot for the update.La republique shall pay the price of the innocent blood.It goes forth to validate the fact that the la republique forces of disorder are there for brutality, rape and murder.Ndam Njoya was right to say that lack of education in the forces is a good reason for their beast-like attitude.These are not the kind of blokes we would want in our motherland.May the souls of the brethren rest in peace.Everyday our motherland cries the loss of souls from the hands of the occupational forces.Yesterday it was buea and now it is bamenda.The capital cities of the Southern cameroon and the southern cameroons at large is always in tears.It shall not last forever.What goes around comes around.Repercussion is on the way and shall visit the grand children of the great grand children of la republique.

You have taken a stance that is kind of wanton.Importantly is for you to take part in a participatory contribution,giving points on how to surge the liberation process forward.Being kind of neutral and acting like a judge makes you lukewarm in the forum.When you are lukewarm water,any person referring to those for and the detractors of the Scnc find it difficult to swallow you.You therefore arouse vomiting and it is you who is vomited.I invite you to make original piece contributions in the forum.
You must understand what comrade Rexon said.Remember you said last time in the other posting about him that i castigated.You ought to have understood that we all are not idle brains in this forum.WE got lot and lot doing.we are not hypocrites.Comrade Rexon himself made it clear that he is carrying out research long time ago,is heavily involved in professional and academic duties and you ought to understand his absence was linked to much a do.You understand him when he says you watch your back when u target people who stand on the truth.
USAfrica is an intellectual forger in this forum.He is a hypocrite,a blatant liar,a badly brought up yob,he is ungentlemanly and lacks probity.From the outset,I knew the pseudonym does not live in buea as he claimed.When we get a commentator from cameroon, it is easy to perceive that they are commenting from there.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,


UN officials should stop pretending as if they don’t know their duties to hand
Over the sovereignty of Southern Cameroons.They are constantly running away
From the truth and airing issues they have also failed to address like election
Rigging, corruption and the crucification of human rights in Southern Cameroons by
The colonialist .I there
Fore call on the UN, AU, UNPO, SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS, UK, EU, Bush and
His administration and the entire international community to stand up and face the truth for the sake of justice and world peace.
Only the truth can set us free. Delaying to peacefully restore her statehood may
Lead to another international out cry which could have been avoided.
Consequences will be world wide and not only in Southern Cameroon’s and come rain come sun,
The independence shall be guaranteed because it is not build on falsehood.
Long live Southern Cameroon’s
Long live the SCNC


M Nje

Sir. Abotoky,
The truth of the matter is that there was never a marriage. La Republique in its usual dubious manner has been spreading FALSEHOOD but in public and in schools that there was an agreement signed in Foumban or anyway else between Southern Cameroons and La Republique Du Cameroun. That they was one nation called German Kamerun that was divided between The British and French and had to be "reunified." Nothing can be further from the truth. There is no Treaty of Union between Southern Cameroons and La Republique Du Cameroun as required my international law. In the absence of that alone, La Republique`s presences in our territory is nothing but an invasion and occupation of our land. The issue of German Kamerun is the biggest lies of our time. The territory that made up German Kamerun consisted of Gabon, Central African Republic, Chad, The Republic of Congo, Southern Cameroons, La Republique Du Cameroun, and Northern Cameroons. To those who say La Republique Du Cameroun = German Kamerun, the question we ask is where are the other territories. Why is La Republique not going to the International Court of Justice to claim Chad, Gabon, Central Africa, Northern Cameroons and The Republic of Congo as its territory? Who made them the parent or owners of the territory of German Kamerun. The truth is that the piece of land that the Germans had in Africa which they called Kamerun ended with the Treaty of Versailles. It was just a piece of Land and nothing more. After the Treaty of Versailles, there was a need to establish a body of International Laws to establish law and order and end the practice of Conquer and Rule; where the stronger nations invade and claim ownership of weaker ones or new territory. That is why we were put under the guidance of the British not as their property, but as a Trustee that had to be prepared for Independence or Self Rule. The desire was that people should have the right to run their affairs and not to be ruled by those who conquered their territory. This new desire for international law brought with it international boundaries for each territory. It is an irony that La Republique with take Nigeria to the International Court of Justice over the violation of theses same international boundary at Bakassi (A territory that belongs to neither Nigeria or La Republique, but to Southern Cameroons) but will want the world to forget that she too violated those same boundary and hence international law when she crossed the Mungo River and extend its military to Southern Cameroons.

The most unfortunate thing is to see the number of Southern Cameroonians who have bought into this FALSEHOOD from La Republique and will ague blindly that "Cameroon is One" what ever "Cameroon" means to them. That makes La Republique simile because that is exactly what they want to see happen; that as they spread their FALSEHOOD about our history, some within us will fall prey to they FALSEHOOD, take it for the truth and come back to argue and defend La Republique`s position (that "Cameroon is One" ) when the issue of Southern Cameroons comes up in forums like this.

It is the duties of those who love the truth and justice to stand up and defend justice for Southern Cameroons no matter what it takes. History has it that those who stand for FACTS will always prevail.

Legima Doh

Sir Abotoky,
You re solemnly welcome aboard.You are a true comrade.
Many wise men keep on coming to the light of the truth about our motherland.
Thanks comrade M Nje.


Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

Mo Ibrahim price of good governance most likely to go to Joaquim Chissano former president of Mozambique.The price is awarded for good governance and african presidents who gave up power,promoted peace and had a record of good governance are eligible.Othera countries whose presidents were eligible are Burundi,Tanzania,Seychelles,Guinea Bisau,Mauritania,Togo and so on.The award stands at equal or more than 5million US Dollars.If other countries were listed for poor governance, usurpation and clinging to power, corruption, rape,extortion,neo colonization,then La Republique would be the first on the list.These are some of the prices the Southern cameroons would be winning had we had our independence.I declare paul biya the worst african president who has ever lived for his worst governance, sinister cling to power, sorcery and necromancy, neo colonization and all the vices.
Peace shall reing in our motherland.

Legima Doh,


Legima, I've made it starkly clear, I have no standpoint. My quest for political knowledge is still at a very nusery standard. Rather than propound ideas fundermentally flawed as some do on this forum, I'll rather sit and learn.
Nay, I have a question to ask of you. What where you thinking about when you proclaimed:"These are some of the prices the Southern cameroons would be winning had we had our independence"?. by Legima.

Legima Doh

Hello Simplice,
I hope u shall not remain a student forever cos after learning a lot,a student eventually becomes a teacher.I had expected you to have become a teacher or at least to propound hypothesis that could undergo some scrutiny too rather than always scrutinizing others'.
I mean the Southern cameroons would be winning prices such as that of Mo Ibrahim for good governance had she got her independence.
Cheers Mate.

Legima Doh,


Legima Doh,
I'll give heed to the counsel.Many thanks

Paa Ngembus

My Dear Complice,

I sent your query about USAfrica to SCIS and this is the response I got.

It confirms what we have been telling you and more.

Hope it helps.




Mukete - Canada/Cameroons(sometime)
Riccardo - USA
NAN - Europe
Francis Nche - Cameroons(Y'de U II)
Andre Fokam - USA
Ozazip - Cameroons
Zamzam - Southern Africa
Essingan - Europe
UnitedStatesOfAfrica - USA
Romulus - Europe
Reverend - Europe
Macabo - USA
Le Gd Patriot - Europe/Cameroons(sometime)
Tna - Europe
Le.5e.element - Europe
Peace4Kamerun - Europe



USAfrica has to apologise to member of this forum. Mr USAfrica, before I start lampooning you, I give you a one day margin of tolerance to apologise to this forum.
You have been swaying people to you with very ill-founded statastics:telling everyone you're based in Cameroon and know the situation on ground better than those abroad, but then you only turn to be in the USA. I think, like Reverend and cohort, you'll also start fighting your death battle on this forum.


Legima doh,
I find it ironic that you attack me for using insults but at the same time you praise Jude Abain and Red flag who were equally insulting me. You are a HYPOCRITE and everyday you continue to manifest OVERT HYPOCRISY. So are insults ok only when it comes from the mouths of SCNC internet loyalists? eh? HYPOCRITE.

Ma Mary,
You have come again with your superficial jargon ringing bells and seeking for unwarranted attention. Let me just make it crystal clear to you that in real life, I am no coward about my views. I belong to the African Union (check us out at and everyday we make our views publicly clear. We are fighting for a federal and united Africa that will have a similar pattern like the United states of Africa. In Cameroon and in other multi-ethnic countries in Africa, we are fighing for a federal system. A federal system will enable various ethnic tribes or groups to govern themselves but standing united at the same time.
Unlike you guys who hide in the internet and fire bullets with your mouse, I make my views very clear. We are fighting for the betterment of all AFRICANS and not just a specific group.
From all indications, the SCNC are the cowards. You make empty noise all the day but when October 1st came, who went out to march? WHO WENT OUT TO MARCH? WHO? PLEASE MATCH YOUR NOISE WITH ACTIONS
Also, why has the SCNC which claims to be pressure group formed an interim government in exile? do pressure groups form interim governments? since when did that happen? do the people of Southern Cameroons even know about the interim government you guys have formed in a FACTORY WORKER'S HOUSE IN BELGIUM? I have been asking that question for ages now but all the SCNC buffoons have dogged it.
You cowards, answer the damn question?

You case you have any doubts about the interim government they have formed clandestinely, check out



Ever since this argument erupted, something terribly fishy has been going on on this forum. When I tried to post comments, it refused to appear on screen. I then decided to open a new account with another e-mail address. When I did this, the same comments successfully appear on screen. However, when I came back to check the next day, these comments had all been magically wiped away from he forum. Just in the last week, I have opened 4 new accounts just to able to post a single comment but when I come the next day, the comments are gone.
I don't know what is happening but I have my suspects. I will get to the bottom of this.

Danny Boy

I thought it only happened to me. Yesterday I posted something, a bit incendiary but banter-esque, all the same. This evening I had been dreading the negative response or damn right insults this will engender as I read through the responses. Went into the link for the story, scrolled through, did not see the comment I had posted yesterday!!!
In a way I am mightily relieved for what I had posted, was done out of idleness.
However relieved I am appalled at any attempts to censor what we post to this forum.
I think we are old enough to judge for ourselves what we should read or not.
Mr. Moderator what seems to be happening?

Paa Ngembus


I thought I was the only one suffering from this and I took it that it was because The Post did not like my language, which I admit is at times unholy.

Others (Danny Boy and USAfrica lately) are now complaining of the same.

If The Post is selectively censoring articles, this MUST STOP.

If it is a technical issue, the post should work to correct this ASAP.

However, the fact that only articles from vitrolic guys like Paa Ngembua and USAfrica are disappering is suspect. Or, ist it that others are not complaining. I remember seeing a response to an article from Ma Mary on Ndam Njoya and I scrolled and did not find the article brom Ma Mary. However, Ma Mary did not complain.

Please The Post Moderator, let us know what is going on.

Paa Ngembus



From all indications; the post online's moderator seems to be contributing greatly in the problems of fact distortion we're having on this forum.
Complaints have been heard from Dannyboy, Paa Ngembus, USAfrica et al.
Please we want other devoted forumnites to confirm this "violation of our fundermantal rights to freedom of expression". If the post's moderator has begun censuring comments and wipping those that are very "politically sensitive", then we shall have to look for another alternative to this "NONSENSE".
Despite our antogonistic viewpoints, we thinks we have the right to express ourselves.




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