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« English Language Version of President Biya's Interview with France 24 TV | Main | The Post Front Page-November 2, 2007. »

Friday, 02 November 2007


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red flag

fru ndi illetrate and corrupted as he is, he thinks he is better than paul.
fru is even worst than paul, because ,fru doebt stand for anything,
he only knows how to take bribe nad says whatever comes to his head.


Dear Red Flag, in this forum it is a war of ideas and not abuses. Who is more illiterate - you or Fru Ndi? Check the number of errors in your posting above. It would be better to challenge Fru Ndi's ideas and nor being abusive. We need ideas in order to reform the country. What do you bring to the table?




Forgive me The Post but this a particularly badly written article not all worthy of a headline scoop. What a veritable eye sore, what a childish , circuitous way of expression! Is it too much to ask that your articles are edited and reviewed for grammatical and factual accuracy before being released for public consumption?

Let me note the following inaccuracies:

First of all you headline “Biya is a bloody liar- Fru Ndi” but nowhere in the body of the article do you attribute the word “bloody” directly to Fru Ndi. Why put such an incendiary and inflammatory word into his mouth?

Secondly, you write that “Biya said it is incumbent on him that his predecessor be given a decent and befitting burial”. Where did Biya say this? Biya never said anything was incumbent to him. He simply said he considered the issue of the “repatriation” of Ahidjo’s remains a family matter and he won’t oppose their actions to bring home his body.

Again, you write “In the interview, Biya said he extended an invitation to Fru Ndi for them to dialogue in his home village, Mvomeka” This is not accurate. Biya said (my translation): “We had an appointment; he picked my village and at the last moment did not show up”. This has quite different implications from the way you reported it.

Having been exposed to international best practice in journalism, I won’t hesitate to classify your work as most mediocre.

I am sorry to be so severe especially as this is a free access publication, but spare the rod and spoil and the child.

I suggest you submit a copy of your paper to an independent communications consultant in Cameroon for his/her opinion on what the deficiencies, if any are. I’m sure I would be vindicated.


I agree with you Aviche. This forum should not be for illiterates like this to jump on and publish trash just because they want to air. I have repeatedly written on this forum suggesting that the editors, even on individual basis call to order. This forum is widely read not only by us but by other news-seeking nationals. What do they think of Cameroonians when they come here and find trash like this one above. I frequently visit other sites too and if I find such trash on a site, I immediately discredit that site.
Let us debate constructively: Assuming that Paul Biya really invited Fru Ndi, it is up to him now to come out and publish the proofs. But knowing the man, he will go into his hole and remain quiet about these issues until when and if the French journalists think it fit to challenge him again. Otherwise, who else can? Where will you see him? Do we even have the type of powerful media in Cameroon that we have in other countries that is capable to carry out deep investigative journalism and come out with hard facts that will make or mar? Why does Fru Ndi not take this to the courts? I call this defamation. Fru Ndi should go ahead and publish all his correspondences with Biya and let us see what the response will be.
Supposing the Family of H.E El Hadj Ahmadou Ahidjo wanted to bring the corps and make it visit the 10 provincial capitals to lay in state so that all Cameroonians could pay their last homage, would Biya and his red caps allow that? Will that not be tantamount to declaration of civil war? Biya stop your hypocrisy and be honest at least for once in your life. Soon he will come out to say he had wanted dialog with the SCNC, which he has spent time chasing all around. In any case, it is already too late for him to hold any dialog with that entity viewing the way things are rolling out. Things have definitely gone off hand and he will need a higher power to intervene.


This is irresponsible and catastrophic journalism at its apex.Having read Mr Fru Ndi's interview in another news media I wonder where this fellow of a journalist got this title from.

Mr Fru Ndi as a statesman ,wouldnt use such derogatory language against Mr Paul Biya no matter their squalms. "Bloody liar"! Alarmist reporter you need to be fired immediately. This is bad and irresponsible.

Mr Ndi Chia, I hold you in very high esteem.Please call your boys to order.This is dangerous reporting and absolute rubbish. Talk less of the language , the title is faulty,irresponsible and derogatory to have been made by a statesman.


Paul Biya, thank you for being the best lawyer for the SCNC:

"nous assistons à l’impérialisme linguistique de certaines langues, il n’est pas inutile de préserver un espace où l’on parle français"

Biya is referring to no other language than English. You guys should should remember that Chirac stormed out of an EU meeting some years back, upset that a French delegate spoke in English. Paul biya is just following in his master's footsteps. How can a President of a nation disown a segment of his countrymen?

Chirac proteste contre un discours prononcé en anglais

Bruxelles -- Le Président de la République a quitté la salle du Conseil européen, jeudi après-midi, parce que le patron des patrons européens, le Français Ernest-Antoine Seillière, ancien dirigeant du Medef, a choisi de s’exprimer en anglais devant les vingt-cinq chefs d’Etat et de gouvernement !

Le président français a provoqué la surprise de ses partenaires de l'Union jeudi soir en se levant au début du discours de l'ancien président du MEDEF, qui avait choisi de s'exprimer en anglais, «la langue des affaires».

«C'est simplement parce qu'il s'est exprimé en anglais», a assuré le chef de l'État lors d'une conférence de presse à l'issue du sommet européen à Bruxelles.

«On ne va pas fonder le monde de demain sur une seule langue et donc une seule culture, ce serait une régression dramatique», s'est indigné Jacques Chirac.

«Nous nous battons pour notre langue», mais «ce n'est pas seulement l'intérêt national, c'est l'intérêt de la culture, c'est l'intérêt du dialogue des cultures», a-t-il souligné.

«Face à tous ces efforts que nous faisons constamment, notamment au sein de l'Union, en raison des difficultés qu'il y a à maintenir la place de chacune [des langues européennes], je dois dire que j'ai été profondément choqué de voir un Français s'exprimer à la table du Conseil en anglais. C'est la raison pour laquelle la délégation française et moi-même sommes sortis plutôt que d'avoir à écouter cela», a dit le président français.

Après ce geste de désapprobation, Jacques Chirac, qui était sorti accompagné des ministres français de l'Économie et des Affaires étrangères, est revenu à la table des discussions une fois terminée l'allocution d'Ernest-Antoine Seillière.


I do not think Biya is lying but he has probably been duped by one of his officials. Biya cannot deliberately tell such a lie to the whole world.

I think what happened is that one of Biya's ministers, ambitious for promotion probably told him that "I can arrange a meeting with Fru Ndi, I have contacts in the SDF, it would be a real scoop".

When this person then found out that he could not finally get the meteing, he then lied to Biya that Fru Ndi could not come, knowing well that Biya is never in the field and doesn't even know what happens in Cameroon.

I'm sure this person must be sweating badly now.

Do you guys know that Biya never visits Cameroon and knows the country only on paper? He has been told all kinds of lies; that roads and schools have been constructed in so and so part of Cameroon.

An example is Buea where Paul Biya had given out money and been told the roads had been constructed until he visited in 2000 at the time of the eruption of Mount Cameroon and saw the truth for himself.

The blame is with Biya; you have to know your country more.


Fake Paa Ngembus,

Have you seen where your SCNC foolishness will take you? Continue crying!! ha ha ha

I thought SCIS was stronger than the Cameroonian government. Don’t worry, you haven’t seen anything yet. We are coming.

This is just the beginning. When the heavy hands of the law shall grip your neck, then you shall know that the national unity of a sovereign nation is not a matter to play with.

There's still time to repent though, Ebenezer Akwanga.

Just to let you know, we can beat you on this cyber network anywhere, anytime.

All you other SCNC ragamuffins better learn or you risk being the next casualty.

I address particularly:

Ma Mary
Legima Doh
M Nje
etc etc


I agree intoto with you guys for frowning about the way the above article is written,but I would not lay a lot of emphasis on the word "Bloody".A journalist may use an adjective to show the intensity,or degree of something.In this case 'bloody liar'would be a venerated liar,and not the fact that he has spilled blood with lies.When somebody says 'I`m pretty busy',this only shows the degree ,but not the fact that his busy schedule is beautiful.
Londoner,I applauded you for picking out that hidden angle in the saga above.You say Biya is an absentee landlord,and one of his minions must have taken a fast one over him.
This is the fate that befalls leaders that are distant from their people.Any intermediary can tailor things to suit his world view of things.
This interview also gives an insight into the gap that exists between Fru Ndi,and Biya and shows the scorn with which Biya has treated him for so long.


The major lesson to be learnt from Biya`s interview is that Fru Ndi has irretrievably bloodied Biya`s nose.Imagine a tropical dictator making some uncoordinated utterances about his major challenger in Paris,the capital that always welcomes thieves of all sorts.Biya`s claim shows he is awe-struck, and gives an insight into how the ruling establishment has become jittery about the prospect of seeing Fru Ndi carry the day in the standoff between the two. Africans should be proud of their sons like Fru Ndi ,Gbagbo,Kagame,who are confronting France here at home.This interview also serves as a warning to those naysayers who try hard to downplay Fru Ndi`s fight.They can now see how Biya goes into some sort of voodoo incantations once the name Fru Ndi is mentioned.He is telling himself:"Oh my God,if I have to meet this man at all cost,it should be in Mvomeka`a ,near my parents` graves".This interview also shows Fru Ndi`s honesty vis a vis Biya.Finally this interview is an ill-omen that more lies telling is on the way.


Reverend-devil, how is your comment related to the above article? Don't be a bystander throwing stones!

I can see that journalists are using active politicians and current events to express their views. Caution however...there is no press freedom in Cameroon.


I agree with Londoner and Watesih, with regards to the opportunistic use of the Fru Ndi comments. When I read the headline, my immediate reaction was, 'My! for the first time Ni John has insulted Biya!' Of course I was disappointed to find no other reference to the word 'bloody' in the article. Yes, there is need for more stingent editing at 'The Post,' if its great work is not to be smeared by what Prof Kontchou, the New Deal Squealer, was wont to describe as 'sensational journalism.' That said, we should also not throw away the baby with the bath water. Even at the BBC, today, there are calls for a more expressive use of the English language. While identifying our own flaws, we should also learn from them and move on.

Meanwhile, it is still sad to hear folks like Reverend-Devil (what a name!) play mass-servant to Biya's post-imperialism confessions. Once upon a time, Eric Chinje interviewed Mr Biya, and asked to know when the Grand Katika will address Cameroonians in English. The President's promise, in the same breath with which he said a mere shake of his presidential head will cost Eric his job at CRTV, is now (after the France 24 interview) another pipe-dream.

Let's stop fooling ourselves and each other, that a leader who speaks to his country men and women, once after a long spell, often from another country, has anything in store for us, apart from second class citizenship, at best.

na me,


If that journalist uses a word to amplify his message in order to make his case stronger it's but incumbent on him or her to paraphrase and not allude directly as if the statement was made by the interviewee.

If John Fru Ndi had made this statement I would've been the first to go after him headlong.It's irresponsible and derogatory to be made by a man who aspires for the highest office of the land.To whom more is given,more is expected!

Legima Doh

Admitting the unprofessional journalism above is as good as admitting the fact too that though Fru Ndi had not used such vehement words,Biya is really a bloody liar.Someone whose lies about the statehood of a nation have caused the lives of very many people is good to be described as such.He is a liar and is guilty of the blood of the innocent brethre n of the Southern Cameroons.
It is true the posting tells the world about the scorn Biya has always held Ni Fru with.But my problem is had Ni Fru not known ever since.The scorn is not just for Ni Fru but for all our brethren who might want to come up with good ideas against corruption,for reinstatement of the Southern cameroons' independence and so forth.This was expected to have dawned in Ni Fru's psyche long ago.For him to have after trying with applause for that,cme to the realisation of the fact that no business with la republique can ever be lucrative.We just have to work,you,me,Ni Fru,Chief Ayamba,Dr Nfor,Mbinglo,comrades Rexon ,Ma Mary,Paa Ngembus,MK,Tayong,Akoson,Tagro,Klemencau, Nje,MK,Shalom,Anglocameroonian,even Simplice,Fon and so on to achieve that which is legitimate for us.Anything out of this is the short cut that our corrupted brethren have chosen for the sake of egocentric and selfish short term satisfaction with long lasting repercussions on the future of the motherland.
Someone like reverend devil is not worthy of our response.He chose to call himself a devil who is reverend.The choice of such a pseudonym indicates the datum level of idiocy,paradox,that fraughts his reasoning as is evident in his unimaginably weak and wishy washy comment.Mr devil,you are less than undereducated to preach against the course for liberation for the Southern cameroons.We are working under the protectorate of angels of God as our course is intrinsically linked to the truth,God's will for his people to live as a free people.

And I find no fault in Biya being referred to as a bloody liar.Gordon Brown was referred to as a person who had losed his moral responsibility by David Cameroon the tory leader and the only issue was for Brown to demonstrate how he has not losed it.So let Biya demonstrate our how is not a bloody(guilty of blood shed) fellow and a liar(having made false promises for decades,deceived and corrupted our brethren,stood on falsehood for decades about our sovereignty,falsely stood in the way of our liberation,tried hard to decimate our culture,downplay our education,and so on).The list is inexhaustible.

Peace on our motherland.

Legima Doh,

Peace to our motherland.

Legima Doh,


Douala gets new Archbishop

Mgr Samuel Kleda appointed Co-adjutor Archbishop of Douala

The Holy FatherPope Benedict XVI, has appointed Mgr Samuel Kleda currently Bishop of Batouri as Co- adjutior Archbishop off the Archdiocese of Douala.He is therefore, the person to replace Christian Cardinal Tumi, when the latter goes on retirement.The annoucenement was made minutes ago in a press conference in Douala

The Holy Father has appointed Mgr Samuel Kleda currently Bishop of Batouri as Co- adjutior Archbishop off the Archdiocese of Douala.He is therefore, the person to replace Christian Cardinal Tumi, when the latter goes on retirement.The annoucenement was made minutes ago in a press conference in Douala


I agree with you to an extent.The journalist wanted to operate from Fru Ndi`s brains to make his description of Biya more deadly.In so doing he did not follow the norms.I just said i did not want to lay much emphasis on 'bloody' not that he was right.

I think Fru Ndi had long learnt that Biya is a man of bad faith.As you said if we want to come up with good ideas for the reinstatement of the Southern Cameroons` independence,we may not put all our eggs in one basket.We can attack from different directions.If Biya is frightened of FRu Ndi now internally,it means he has been feeling the heat.If we mount more pressure from another front,he will give in,but if we want to play the blame game amongst ourselves ,then we will keep marking time.I don`t buy that idea of colouring La Republique`s politics.I consider it as having been our first thrust to shock Biya.We can serve him more punch by coming in from another direction now.That is what the Palestinians do.Man,nobody will ever undermine the efforts of the Southern Cameroons course,but I can`t stand the blame game that some are prone to entertaining for reasons best known to them.

Tekum Mbeng

Paul Biya: "nous assistons à l’impérialisme linguistique de certaines langues, il n’est pas inutile de préserver un espace où l’on parle français". Translated means …. we attend the linguistic imperialism of certain languages (reference to English), it is not useless to preserve a space where one speaks French”.

There you find a French pampered president who cannot speak English, cannot therefore get his message far and has become cynical. This is not surprising, given a president who invented “national integration” as a trick to frenchify Southern Cameroons through decrees.

Mr Paul Biya’s statement confirms he is a Francophone spy in the British Commonwealth. Cameroun ought to be expelled. Biya joined the organization strategically to prevent the recognition of the Southern Cameroons Peoples struggle againt annexation by La Republique du Cameroun – herself a beneficiary of UN proclamations against colonialism.


Tekum Mbeng,

Like you, I find the statement by Paul Biya absolutely shocking.

As head of state of a bilingual country with vested political power under control by French speaking politicians, Mr. Biya is as guilty of his conscious endeavours as Ahmadou Ahidjo was. Biya is setting a tone for his successor and conditioning French expectations.

Given the space, Mr Biya will wipe out English from Cameroon and plunge the country, or dare I say Francophone families, into a tunnel of franco-darkness. It is known that Paul Biya educated his son Frank Biya in the United States. There is no single developed country in this franco-tunnel outside metropolitan France.

Mr Biya’s regime has resisted granting a parallel channel for English Language programmes on state radio and television. Now we know why – Biya wants to curtail “linguistic imperialism” by English and is acting against the longterm interest of the State of Cameroon. Again thanks to the inferior Francophone system of education which raised him. Biya’s statement amounts to an expedient trading of national interests for political accommodation by France.

As others have said, Mr Biya is the best advocate for causes of the Southern Cameroons National Council.


Without courting any controversy nor being the devil's advocate lets examine a few issues in Biya's statements

"Nous assistons à l’impérialisme linguistique de certaines langues, il n’est pas inutile de préserver un espace où l’on parle français". Translated means …. we attend the linguistic imperialism of certain languages"

My translation would go thus:We are currently seeing a linguistic imperialism of certian languages, it is but normal to preserve some avenue where French is spoken"

First Biya finds himself in France,where its considered a taboo to speak any language other than French talk less of English .Then Biya is interviewed by a French journalist and in France and after having met the enigmatic Sarkozy.He was terribly frightened to pacify the French.
You needed to watch this guy live.Really trembling.

Biya wouldnt say this openly under normal circumstances.He's been playing hide and seek with the Southern Cameroon issue and had been very careful of making any utterance with any semblance of favouring French over English.

Remember during the last but one Francophonie summit Paul Biya refused to be signatory to its final document because of a clause in its wordings that stated that "...all French nations should fight English domination of Technology and Science...."

Paul Biya knows he leads a bicultural nation.He wouldnt say this in Cameroon but to remain " le meilleur etudiant de Chirac ", who himself stormed out of an EU summit becasue a french delegate spoke in English he had to say what he said.

Biya has a school at Etoudi where his children and those of some ambassadors and wealthy people attend.Guess what the dorminant language of instruction is!
Biya knows the power of English but he thought it wise to pacify the French with rhectorics, telling them what they like to hear.

Will the Southern Cameroon leaders seize this opportunity to expose Biya or will they as usual wait for 1st October? This fits into their narrative.Will they pounce?
Maybe my good friend Rexon's got the weep.



I beg to differ with you that Biya welcomes the value of the AngloSaxon culture, which one part of his country is favoured with. Sending Franck Biya to study in America and the use of English at the Mvomeka doesn't mean a thing. Biya is simply confronted by the fait accompli domination of English and wants to ensure his progeny is competitive in the modern world. Do you want to tell me that in spite of the official line, some Americans would not trade with Iran and make a quick buck if they could. Money has no colour and no religion.

My translation of the controversial statement reads thus: "At this moment, we are faced with the ascendancy/domination of certain languages and its not a bad idea to have an exclusive French-speaking community"

This from the President of a supposedly blilingual country, with both languages said to be bestowed with equal status. In a normal country Biya deserves to be impeached for this.

Biya goes to France and says Cameroon haslong-standing historical and cultural links with France. This is true but quite inaccurate. Why not specify that a PART of Cameroon has such links. Would he be saying anything his French proteges do not know.

Paul Biya has a gaullist, assimilationist mentality. Remember that the French did not embark on colonialism for any other reason than to make "Frenchmen out of Africans". They were to be so totally assimilated that they forgot their native culture. In colonial days, school children in French dominions were taught "nos ancestres les Gaullois" Paul Biya probably recited this rhyme.

France does not see its African neo-colonies as independent states but as an "extra-territorial emanation of the French state" to use the terms of the a French historian.

My greatest disappointment is with the careerist Anglophone politicians who would not rise up even at such a moment.


My take on Biya's speech is that he was on a mission to pacify Sakorzy and the French. Recall Sakorzy had just delivered an unprecedented though contentious speech in Senegal during which he urged young Africans to stage a revolt against dictators in their nations. That speech sent the likes of Biyas panicking.

Watch that speech and you'll get my line of thinking.The journalist asked him if Biya interpreted that speech to mean a rupture in Franco-African relation a question to which Biya quipped immediately to say there cant be any rupture in relations and further went on to make these comments we are debatting.

Remember the headache Biya underwent to have Cameroon admitted into the commonwealth of Nations.Biya is damn aware of that.Remember the tight rope he's walked on vis-a-vis Common Wealth and Francophonie.
Two culturally opposing organisations.

Recall how he's tried to play gotcha with both. This time he found himnself squeezed by Sarkozy's revolutionary stance against dictators and in order to appease him and the French he sacrificed the former.

The pathetic thing now is you might not hear anything from proponents of zero option in the Southern Cameroon land seizing opportunity to pounce and make thier case.

Legima Doh

I verily appreciate the cogent points of yours.Its very true that the SDf served as a first blow to Mr Biya.Great!But today,it is as has been evident long ago that the SDF cannot ever achieve total liberation for our brethren.Inasmuch as we give Ni Fru applause for having had the daring to challenge Biya, give a voice to those who had been voiceless,we also naturally develop a misgiving as to his eventual clinging involvements with la republique that have always unique and certain outcomes.The end result has been a kind of or likened to trying to give drug to a patient to resuscitate them during post mortem examination.Complaining after election results are published when we knew before hand that it would be so rigged,declaring that Biya is a liar after decades of his well know dexterity in lies telling,making people to have hope against hope that there can ever be liberation for our motherland under the aegis of la republique thereby making them to live in unattainable illusion.You see brother Watesih,I undertand Fru is supposed to be held in esteem but we must not be blinded by his faux pas or shy at lambasting them as they have become many and various.I am glad you said there is suppose to be a strategy of fighting from different directions.Yeah,the SDF of today as degenerated as it is still under Ni Fru has absolutely decided to be inflexible,clinging to what is not feasible,holding thoughts that can never be made manifest except for a handful of people having their egocentric desires being satisfied.Look at the SDF in la republique parliament.Every decision that is come at there is indirectly that of the SDF cos what the majority decides is considered to have been decided by them all Cpdm ,sdf,upc as well.Now Biya is looking forward to 2011 elections,it shall be passed on the constitution,in the presence of the sdf,and as natural as has been designed,Biya shall automatically have won the election as at that date and the election process in 2011 shall come to pass just as a matter of formality in which Sdf,upc,undp participation shall jointly render it a Democratic election.Sdf being the major opposition and which represents the english speaking of our motherland,her participation as has been in the past shall again legitimize Biya's lies telling about organizing democratic elections in cameroon.Ni Fru is really to be faulted.Some times it is also sickening for us to really see into how ni Fru is ridiculed in such issues which he should have averted with a little trust in the truth about our motherland.
In the light above,it just instinctively and intuitively reasonable for one to conclude that the Sdf participation in la republique party politics as at now maybe not so at the beginning simply gives credence to the inexistent democracy of la republique.
So the statement of comrade Rexon is not eroded.SDF participation in la republique party politics colours Biya's inexistent democracy.

Cheers Mate!

Peace Shall reign in our motherland.

Legima Doh,

Tekum Mbeng


"Saul" Biya does not mince his words.

Though, it can be inaccurate to second guess the President, Mr. Biya’s words correlate strongly with his past actions to gradually wipe out Anglo-Saxon culture in Cameroon. You have to read the communiqué issued by the 1st All Anglophone Conference in Buea to understand that opinion leaders of Southern Cameroons were accurate in defining Mr. Biya as a French partisan. In fact Mr. Biya’s statement subverts the Constitution of Cameroon, to the extent that the President sees English as “linguistic imperialism” and French as needing “un espace” preserved in Cameroun.

The President of Cameroon is a nobody to influence French public opinion about the newly elected President Sakorzy. Apart from political and commercial circles, the ordinary French citizen has no clue where the “negre” is from.


Legima Doh and the SCNC;

You guys would get nowhere by discrediting Fru Ndi, who today is the only veritable challenger to Biya.

Let me tell you that if Fru ever declares for secession, it would be political suicide for him. The house that CPDM wanted to bring down would then have come down on its own accord. Biya will not only put Fru in the dock for subversion but will also completely discredit him amongst his Francophone following.

Tell me which Francophone political leader today can stand up to Biya. Is it Kodock, Ndam Njoya or Bello Bouba?

If you want to remain in darkness continue to criticise Fru Ndi. You in the SCNC don’t have the arms or the guts to start a “liberation war” which is only what can bring Biya to reason. Also, the international community will never intervene in Cameroon as long as they is some semblance of peace and stability, which is all what Biya has to tell them. The international community is content as long as there is a lid on the problem. There are too many conflicts in Africa and peace-keeping resources are scarce so they don’t have any desire to open a can of worms.

Right now, better join the SDF and oust Biya who at the moment is a common enemy. With Biya behind your backs, you can then put your cards on the table in Fru Ndi’s reconciliation process and demand a referendum about the continued reunification. Or at least you can come out with a separate state which is much better than the current 2 provinces with appointed satraps, which is all you can ever expect from Biya.

Take care guys


Tekum Mbeng
You got some points there but if you go way out to say the French dont know Biya then you need to double check your facts. The "French" here doesnt pattern to the cheese maker at Toulouse or the teacher down town.French political class we mean.

Sarkozy is under fire from this class to cut tires with African dictators .Why? Sarkozy has pinned it hard behind this corrupt French political class for soiling France before the EU.Hope you're abreast with the latest French Scandals at the EU.

In turn this class wants to accuse Sarkozy of hypocrisy by walking into the shoes of Chirac whereby he condemned corruption in Europe but kept dining with African dictators. Not wanting to be seen at such Sarkozy has been talking tough against dictatorship and corruption in Africa.

The Biyas have a pot of hot potatoes soup to deal handle.They are on a peace offering mission at the altar of Sarkozy. See how Biya is smiling from ear to ear saying Sarkozy has accepted an invitation from him to visit Cameroon

Biya has been very careful not to give the impression that he favours French to English(at least officially) but now there's a thousand pound gorilla in the house.He has to dealt with it or get busted!


Tekum Mbeng
You got some points there but if you go way out to say the French dont know Biya then you need to double check your facts. The "French" here doesnt pattern to the cheese maker at Toulouse or the teacher down town.French political class we mean.

Sarkozy is under fire from this class to cut tires with African dictators.Why? Sarkozy has pinned it hard behind this corrupt French political class for soiling France before the EU.Hope you're abreast with the latest French Scandals at the EU.

In turn this class wants to accuse Sarkozy of hypocrisy by walking into the shoes of Chirac whereby he condemned corruption in Europe but kept dining with African dictators. Not wanting to be seen at such Sarkozy has been talking tough against dictatorship and corruption in Africa.

The Biyas have a pot of hot potatoes soup to handle.They are on a peace offering mission at the altar of Sarkozy. See how Biya is smiling from ear to ear saying Sarkozy has accepted an invitation from him to visit Cameroon

Biya has been very careful not to give the impression that he favours French to English(at least officially) but now there's a thousand pound gorilla in the house.He has to dealt with it or get busted!

M Nje

I will add to what Tekum Mbeng said to you. You cannot give Biya a benefit of doubt on that statement he made. Just read the finally statement from the All Anglophone Conference I in Buea. It can be found from this link:

You will find a list of things that have been done to destroy all that Southern Cameroonians had especially our Anglo-Saxon tradition. I will even add that that statement from Biya is a summary of his presidency. And I am sure that is the way he will like to be remembered-as a French Servant who spent all his life to create space where French will be spoken.

This policy to eliminate all Anglo-Saxon heritage from Southern Cameroons did not start with Biya. It can be traced back to Ahidjo. It will be save for one to say this have been the policy of La Republique from the very begining of this illegal Union between La Republique Du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons.

Southern Cameroonians WAKE UP!!!!!.

You cannot continue in an illegal union with an entity that is out to destroy you. IT IS TIME, YES TIME TO FINALLY WALK AWAY.


I don`t have much to add to what the Londoner has aptly described to you.What I`m afraid of is that you have also quickly gone down the path of finger pointing,and scaremongering.This is not going to help.It is easy to say you fault Fru Ndi for many things,but it is difficult to show how others have gone up to his level.In politics ,as well as in any freedom fighting,what matters is the results.The SDF has come a long way.The party has practically beaten Biya in all elections organised,but he has always stolen the victories.With little resources in parliament,the party has taken daring strides.Without this party,Cameroon would not be occupying the most coveted position of the most corrupt country in the world.It is incredible to see you parroting what others have been singing here that they even blame the SDF more than the Cpdm.We are not dealing here with instincts or intuition, but hard results.After 17 years, the SDF can point to some results,but after 13 years the SCNC has become an oven for blame mania.Nobody is forcing you guys to shy away from lambasting Fru Ndi`s faux pas as you brand it,but we are also not going to shy away from lambasting your lack of results,and even existence.In the 21st century you cannot downplay all what a single individual has done,why you yourselves are not ready to take a dive.Lets continue to counter lambast ourselves ,and see whether that will carve out an autonomous region for us.Maybe the God of the Southern Cameroons people foreordained that if one of our brothers fights to a certain extent,others should never continue from there.They should rather stop where he ended,and pile opprobrium on him.You guys are now colouring the Southern Cameroons course with rants from La Republique`s politics to cover up your inability to deliver.After 13 years show us at least one move taken ,than wasting time about a single individual.Everyday when we finish blaming Fru Ndi,we can console ourselves with slogans like Southern Cameroons will be free,its time to wake up,its time to walk away,God bless our motherland.You call a place your motherland when it is in your hands ,not in another person`s


Former Communications Minister, Ebenezer Njoh Mouelle admits Biya's Interview Gaffe:

1-JPTANYONG (Cameroun) Posté le :01/11/2007


Can you tell me what is the use of Anglophones remaining as part of Cameroon when the Head of State had disowned them (See below)

Paul Biya on France 24:

"nous assistons à l’impérialisme linguistique de certaines langues, il n’est pas inutile de préserver un espace où l’on parle français"


Date 2007/11/02

We are a bilingual nation, french and english speaking. I personnally reacted like you at that very moment during the interview.

Legima Doh

You tried hard but to a skin deep to fathom the issue at stake.Here your opening statement,you guys would go nowhere by discrediting fru ndi who is the only veritable challenger to biya.This means that you have been living in a different world the past decade where u are absolutely lacking uninformed or lack the understanding on what Fru Ndi and the sdf is to Biya.Fru is absolutely not a challenger to Biya.Can u demonstrate how he is a challenger to him?You are the type who jumps in from nowhere to unreasoningly defend Fru Ndi out of the passion of illusion you are trapped in.Try hard to explicate how Fru Ndi and Sdf participation in la republique party politics does not instead give credit to mr Biya who has for the past always used it to tell the world of his democracy and democratic elections.Your second paragraph is as absurd as it is void of meaning.What do you mean by if Fru declares secession it would be political suicide for him.This indicates that you are unimaginably lacking in the civics,history and nature of the plight of the Southern cameroons.What is it about secession here?Have u been in this forum or u just came in 5 days ago.Then you should do some reading and research before pouring things that take us aback.I am tired of educating minds which claim to know when they know nothing.Secession is the case where part of a nation that is constitutionally,legally and legitimately an integral part of a nation as well documented seeks to disintegrate from it.Is this the case of the Southern Cameroons?I don't know whether you had not read the article from Mola Njoh Litumbe who is probably more lettered in the history of our motherland than Fru Ndi if Fru Ndi has chosen not to grapple with this truth.Instead,it is political suicide attempt that Fru Ndi is undertaking by his inordinate presence in la republique politics wherein he is being used as a stooge.So the statement that follows in your paragraph is logically stupid too because the francophones who are true to themselves know the facts that the Southern Cameroon is not and has never been part of theirs.Etame Masoma made the statement in Nkongsamba.Southern Cameroonians are foreigners in reality cos even the pseudo unity was aborted ever since by Biya.And if I may ask you is it better for Fru Ndi to have credibility in the face of the francophones on the Southern cameroonians?If you don't know ,let it dawn on you that Fru Ndi has losed the charisma and much glorified esteem he used to have and has turned to be a boring figure,resistant to change,wanton clinging to power,holding heretic hopes and so on.You went further to say we dont have the gut to bring a liberation war.So after all you pretend to know,you lack basic knowledge about the Scnc ,her modus operandi,her achievements and her status and so on.The liberation war is ongoing and not you watery soup ideas would be a bane to it.Abort the identity of the Scnc in the UN,UNPO,ICJ,ACPHR, and so on.I also don't know where you come from with the idea that the international community can only intervene in war torn nations.Are u trying to say that the international community only waits for sporadic war break outs in nations before intervening?This is a legitimate case that can be clearly seen even before there is a plunge ie wreckless speculation to war.That we should join the Sdf and oust Biya?So after all this while you are still living in the illusion of the sdf ever ousting Biya.This is the type of hopeless hope that we abhor when you instill in the people of the Southern cameroons.It is not just even about ousting Biya.It is about having our freedom which is our legitimate, and more so divine right.
So to conclude I find all you said as preposterous babbles.Do more reading before coming next time when you want to comment on comrade Legima Doh.Cheers Mate!
Adding anything to what Londoner said was tantamount to adding insult to injury to the detriment of his knowledge.It is not about finger pointing.It is a serious issue you know when it comes to the mindset.The Sdf I acknowledged did a good job in the beginning.But what about today and the future.A lot of our brethren are programmed to live in the illusive hope of ever achieving freedom in the Sdf under the tutelage of la republique party politics.This is as false as illogical as the Sdf legitimately is not suppose to partake in anything in that country.You cannot deny the results of the ScNc.It appears like Londoner,you want to see results in terms of wreckless wars that according to him would appeal to the intervention of the international community.The possibility of this is not aborted while the motto is upheld.It is shocking for you to talk about the lack of results of the Scnc to extent of referring even to lack of existence.That is a willful desire to distort facts of a course whose results and existence are beyond questions.Its a shame to hear you last statement.If I may ask,what is your motherland and what do u define it to be?The southern cameroons remains my native land ie motherland even if occupational forces operate therein.It is also inconsequential and trivial for you to talk negatively on the greetings that I always extend to my brethren.You also fail to talk about the Fru Ndi faux pas as I pinpointed in my previous comment.
As preposterous as Londoner's such is your last comment.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,


It appears you didnt get my point. Here is it point blanc.Biya had been Gaullist from the onset policy wise i.e. assimilation of Southern Cameroon but he's done it whimsically , when it comes to making public declarations. This time he's squeezed hard to at least please the French oligarchy,thus he loses his tact and spill the beans. Got it now?

The question now isn't whether he's been Gaullist or not. The problem now is, Now the that mask is off Biya, can the Souhtern Cameroon leaders strike the iron when its hot or are they gonna wait for 1st October to hoist flags?

Nje, if you're close to the said hierachy I expect you to do a better job now. I called Rexon but did get through to him. The time to demonstrate and March to Downing Street is now, NOT 1st October



Marching to Downing Street is really not worth it. When Biya visited Britain the same people who should march are the same people who lined the streets and was singing the anthem in French.

Think of one day of a "sit down" strike in the NW & SW! My point is, the anglophones are yet to show the state and the world that they're a force to reckon with.

Unless we rise up on our own land, only then will foreign ministries start scheduling know what I mean. We have to march to the Governor's and DO's offices and send them out.

But names cannot do it. It should be the people, and the people are yet to be mobilized. See how even journalists are frustrated!! In my opinion, establishing support from the grass roots, & staging self governance is the first step.


Legima Doh my brother,

Why continue alone in this foolishness? I can almost feel the emotion and tears in your voice and pity you.

Stop all this rubbish about Southern Cameroons and join President Biya in national unity to bring about the greater ambitions programme.

Where are your so-called comrades, the Paa Ngembuses, Ma Marys, Rexons etc. They have seen what SCNC foolishness can do to them and have fled. They are now licking their wounds and would not return.

In fact, Paa Ngembus once on this forum formally and solemnly resigned from the SCNC to join President Biya and the CPDM but you people mocked him and made him change.

1st October passed quietly and nobody celebrated your so-called independence in the NW/SW, a full and happy part of the Republic of Cameroon. Brace yourself bro, 6th November is coming on Tuesday, the 25th (silver) jubilee of the New Deal. You will see the en masse celebration throughout the Anglophone provinces from Mamfe to Nkambe, Mundemba to Fundong, Bamenda to Buea, Kumba to Wum etc.

Citizens of OUR MOTHERLAND coming out en masse to renew their attachment to national unity peace, stability and the New Deal coupled with the economic recovery our country is witnessing thanks to the Head of State.

Better repent now Legima or you risk going the way of the stupid Ngembuses, Rexons, M Njes, USAfricas, Ma Marys, 2-side cutlass Simplice etc

I would not renew this invitation to switch camp and join the Head of State. A word to the wise is enough.


We’re still studying Tayong, Watesih and Londoner. We’ll strike at them in due course


Why are you quarelling with yourself? Are you new here? Have you not heard from me in several occasions? You don`t even know why you are criticising the SDF.Hear you:"A lot of our brethren are programmed to live in the illusive hope of ever achieving freedom in the Sdf under the tutelage of la Republique party politics". The SDF is fighting to free the whole Cameroon from Biya,and not only to free our brethren.Get that clear from today.The SDF is not a freedom fighting movement that promised our brethren that it was going to carve out an autonomous state for them.The freedom the SDF is fighting is for the whole country.Let the movement that was formed to fight for an autonomous region show its worth.Nothing short of that is hot air.
In life different people have different ideas of what results are.May be to you results mean hoisting flags at midnight every September 30th,holding press conferences once a year,organising football matches to mark October 1st,holding conferences in five star Hotels every year or two.How have all these activities brought us nearer to our goal?You seem to give the impression that the war Londoner is talking about is a bad thing.Little doubt you want to pay lip service about your own freedom fighting,and distort public opinion with rants about the SDF.You agree with us that the SDF succeeded before,but we totally disagree with you that the SCNC has succeeded.Show us therefore how it has.You say La Republique is foreign occupation,but you carry around it ID card,and come here beating your chase about Motherland.The land
,officials where you were born in Bali now all belong to La Republique,so which Motherland are you referring to? When you will learn to take those SDOs who lord over you on your land hostage,then that will be the beginning of fighting for a piece of land that is free of foreign occupation,and can be called Motherland.For now you can continue to console yourself with this slogan.


Yor are an ass, a fool, moron, idiot, imbecile, jackass, mooncalf, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, simpleton, softhead, tomfool. Informal dope, gander, goose.

May God´s curse mercilessly follow you for ever and may the agony of any Cameroonian who is suffering because the devilish Biya turn on you.


Please hold your calm. No matter your course, you'll have followers and distractors.
Let the madness of others don't infect you!!

The situation in Cameroon has affected many mentally, an many don't have any sense of belongings or know who there are and what they need.

Let's respect the opinion of others but should not be derailed from your path or thinking by the frustration of others.


Mr Reverend.... whatever

Empty hot air."We're still studying Tayong", hahahah, This Tayong is threat proof.This Tayong has been and shall always be, Godwilling and has had threats from heavyweights bigger than the butterfly noise you're making here.

If you need more information about this Tayong ,as an insider get to Biya's political-adviser's office , there ,is a memo lieing signed by this Tayong. From there you get to me.But be prepared to stand the heat when the times comes.Calling yourselve devil doesnt usher fright but cowardice. Waiting on you!

Legima Doh

I say no and no to all you said again.First and foremost,you tacitly escape from hitting the nail on the head of the points I raised.You instead get into generalization without fathoming the micro points that would constitute the macro.These basic facts are what you people avoid so to guise the truth.No doubt the SDF pledged to bring freedom to the southern cameroonians as well as the francophones.The point that Ni Fru would bring freedom to francophones too is something that a few bamilekes had believed in in the past.But today,it is not so.Together with the Doualas,yaoundes,nkongsambas,they know so well that the SDf is a waste of time.Today it sounds very absurd to mention to a francophone that the Sdf can bring freedom to them don't it?So since the SDf can neithers bring freedom to the francophones nor the southern cameroonians,what is its purpose?It has losed its meaning and this is very clear.It is wanton in reasoning for you to say that the Sdf succeeded before and has failed now but that you still cling on it saying that the Scnc has no success.Contrary to what you said,it is you who lacks understanding of success though people may differ in what they regard as success.All what you listed well about the Scnc are its activities and not its successes.And do you want to tell me that you would want to remain where success once but now doomed to be a failure?That is what the Sdf is.You can not deny the fact that some of our brethren have been programmed with false hope by the Sdf to believing that they shall ever achieve freedom through her participation in la republique politics.I call this heresy as it is false.The only legitimate hope for us is to work on the course of total and unconditional restoration of our statehood.It is good you want to know how the activities of the Scnc have brought it nearer to her goals.The Scnc has worn la republique in the Gambia court,has worn Nigeria in her Abuja court,has recognized membership in the UNPO,can its file in the Hague,in the UN and such activities as she pursues are meant to validate her claims as legitimate as they are.So when you say all these about the Scnc be impartial enough and unbiased to tell us about the Sdf.The Sdf goes to the market when it is closed and turns around to blame the keeper for having closed the market.The keeper is programmed to close the market.Biya is the keeper.He is programmed to mechanize all machinations of corruption and Fru Ndi as a marketer knows this so well but goes to the market ie la republique politics and when it is closed by Biya,he comes out saying innuendos about Biya deceiving those he supposed to serve from his marketing that some day the market shall be left open at after closing time.The issue of ID card and passport was long talked about here and you just take me aback talking about it.I am a Southern cameroonian.If you want to know,I have a swedish ID card with a ten year validity.So it is not much about ID cards.Its about true identity.The fact that people have such ID cards cannot be reason for them to deny or misunderstand their true identity.I would liken that to historical miscarriage.I am afraid you really dont understand the meaning of the word motherland.Please refer to its meaning.I told you that the fact that our land is under occupational attack and abuse does not render it not our motherland.If you think motherland is a land that is not occupied by oppressive forces,that it is not so absolutely.Talking about Bali,it was run by the Sdf before but the last election so it go to cpdm.I abhor both parties there and mind you the ScNc is very active there and it was a girl who stood forth to openly challenge both sdf and cpdm there in Bali and so called on the people to stand up for the ScNc.Its not just about Bali specifically.We have detractors everywhere and it is undeniable that we got them too in Bali.They are all corrupted, and live on falsehood.I am not consoled by the slogan Watesih.Some of you really manifest egocentric traits in this forum.Talking about inner peace,I have personal inner peace and if it were for my sake personally,I would not bother cos I would continue to live in my peaceful Sweden and be quiet there.Make sure to go back to my previous comments and challenge my assertions as clearly pinpointed.I don't want generalizations to macro when the micro s are not demonstrated.
Someone like Reverend Devil,you can bear with me that this is man is the datum level,threshold of idiocy.You can see how he infuriated Fon with his imbecility.Fon pleas e hold your temper cos this man is not worthy of much attention.I believe he is the fake Pa Ngembus who was chased away by his own over proven idiocy.
Reverend Devil,your idiocy,lack of knowledge, are beyond repairs am afraid.That Paa Ngembus formally resigned from the Scnc is unheard of.I dont know when and where this happened.I ,Rexon,Ma Mary,Paa Ngembus,M Nje,Shalom,MK,Tayong,Tagro,Kiki,have always stood with unswerving determination on the truth.USAfrica is not in the same sphere with us and Simplice said he is neutral though he has suffered so many setbacks of late.So I don't know where your reasoning is born cos it is so stupid and this may be the last time I had time for your gibberish.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,

Legima Doh


Why didn't the idiotic gendarmes pull down the flags?Why didn't they obstruct the activities?Waiting for orders from imbeciles to do so.This time the imbeciles lacked the daring to give their usual macabre orders which always end in the murder of our brethren.The path of truth is our path.Falsehood may dominate for a while but can never last forever as well as though truth may take a long way to be reinstated,it certainly shall not take forever to become so.We pledge to our comrades to put all resources,financial,material,intellectual,social and otherwise to assist in speeding up this process.We can be certain about the fact that our independence shall be reinstalled but the only aspect we have to work hard on is on the time factor of it.This has a direct algebraic relationship to the manner in which we invest our time,effort,money in the struggle.Everybody need not necessarily contribute in all the above but are called to do their utmost in some or all of the above as ability dictates.
We must deprogram all our brethren who have been programmed in illusion by false hope of a utopia within the confines or la republique.They must see that this issue is the most legitimate right in their disposal.They must be educated the proper perspectives of our motherland as it has always been.They should see clear the atrocities that la republique have caused,see how bleak the future looks for them and generations to come under the aegis of the occupational regime.They must be taught to understand the deceptive machineries and doctrines of agents of la republique.They must be lettered on their true identity and on the fact that their destiny is in their hands.
I would not cease to felicitate all our comrades who in spite of all detractions have always stood firm to this course.
Peace to all our comrades and to our motherland.

Legima Doh,


History never teaches Cameroonians anything and Mr. Biya, the bloodthirsty Vampire, is well aware of this character trait Cameroonians possess.
While we bicker, laud, criticise and analyse Mr. Biya's speech, he sits comfortably in France and strikes illegal deals that would keep him in power till his death.
While we distract ourselves with foolish argumetns, Mr. Biya carefully plots the rise of his monarchy.
He has been using this strategy since 1982 and Cameroonians are not sensible enough to learn from their mistakes.
If we have learned anything from history, we should know by now that the power of any country lies in the proletariat. Just ask the instigators of the French Revolution.



Legi Doh,
The way you are running your mouth shows you think you are lurked in a heated debate with me.You are not!You are just recycling some of the stale soup some of your co-disciples have served here time and again.I don`t know what you had wanted me to kick against to your satisfaction when you say the SDF has been creating an illusion in the minds of Southern Cameroonians.You have stated your world view about the SDF,fine and good.When i said success has different implications to different people ,I knew exactly what I was saying.You just confirmed your appreciation of the SCNC`s success.It has to do with:"The Scnc has worn la republique in the Gambia court,has worn Nigeria in her Abuja court,has recognized membership in the UNPO,can its file in the Hague,in the UN and such activities as she pursues are meant to validate her claims as legitimate as they are". God,how can these guys be so excited about the courts like this? All these activities have taken place abroad in courts,but when the SCNC comes home where the battle is supposed to be fought,what do we see? stealthily hoisting flags at night,while being more relaxed during the day with football matches.Till you guys learn that it is stupid to pretend to tell the truth about the SDF,while you guys are lying on your laurels,the SDF will continue to tell the truth about you guys.
The SDF now considers the SCNC as another opposition party not different from the Cpdm.The SCNC will henceforth be treated as a political adversary.Or how do you reconcile the fact that the SCNC talks more about the SDF than liberation.Legi,no one really cares about the fact that we find ourselves scattered across the world,but we don`t represent countries on this forum.But some of us have many things in common;having dual nationalities,living good lives abroad, voting in foreign countries while paying lip service about liberation back home.Your swedish ID is not different from Rexon`s Scottish one,and what can poor Southern Cameroonians back home expect from people who prefer rushing to UN offices near them than coming home to risk their lives.Our land is not under any occupation.We deliberately surrendered our land,and identity to La Republique.Bali became one of the subdivisions of this entity,and if you are asked to say where you come from,and you say Southern Cameroons,you are comparing it to Eastern,Western. Northern Cameroon. There`s no country like Southern Cameroon.If you want to have one,burn your Swedish ID,come home,and fight for it.You cannot be in Sweden,and marshalling slogans about Motherland.Your claim of having inner peace there in Sweden,contrast with the worries that you would have been showing because
your land is under occupation.You better continue enjoying your inner peace there,
than pouring scorn on Fru Ndi who fights it out back there.

Elvovo South Africa

May we pray please!

Mighty and most gracious Father hear our prayer this day.We thank very much for our country Cameroon and all its stakeholders.But then father our greatest worry is that our Country has turned its back on us.

The President decides to impress the outside world to our detriment.Oh yaweh! and now hunger and frustration has eaten deep in the minds our Journalist on whom we count for information.

Father, help change the minds of other Brothers who think that division will be a solution.What we need is a lead full of wisdom in the likes of King Solomon.Our roads are in the worst of state and consequently killing our people.Oh! dont allow your people to perish.

Democracy, just like AIDS has eaten deep negatively in the minds of our people and consequently, nobody cares.This is not our portion father.This is our humble prayer in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray.


It is unreasonable to ask rightminded Southern Cameroonians to appraise the speech of this unscrupulous dictator and drug fuelled president. When i heard that Biya has answered questions about our beloved fatherland, i never really bothered to understand what was discussed. This is because, i would be lying to myself if i have to say that i believe Biya can ever say any truth. Instead, i was focused on reading his body language to understand how he behaves when he is lying. After work late yesterday, i invited my friends (one of which is a lecturer in psychology and a body language expert) home and we had a look at the video. It was shocking. The mans body language itself lies more than his words itself. I was shocked at the way the mans body speaks when he is lying. Please, ask other Body language experts to look at the video. It is only the veins in his face that could give any signal that he was lying.

What we should ask ourselves is, why should Biya muster the courage to lie about NJFN? He Biya knows that by hoping to govern a foreign country, NJFN is lying that he belong there. He knows that they do not have any moral authority to question the lies he is saying because what they are following is falsehood as that is not their country. NJFN is therefore a weak link because he have not been conducting himself properly and has been trespassing to the affairs of La Republique. That makes him vulnerable to such challenges as he has been benefitting financially from the questionable participation in Camerounese politics. The only option for uncle NJFN is for him to accept that what he is following in La Republique's politics is falsehood as that is not his country. It is only in the politics of the Southern Cameroons that he belongs and that is where he can expect any truth.


While you muster the courage to attempt to bully rightminded Southern Cameroonians, have you forgotten that most SDF politicians are associates of Biya? Have you forgotten than some are even spending billions everyday to get closer to Biya? I expect you to come forward and apologise for all the lies you have been propagating in this forum that politics through la republique is the way forward when you know the truth. Your constant refusal shows that you are here for a mission. Possibly paid by dictator Biya to defend his fake democracy. If comrades like Klemenceau, Washow, Akoson, Tayong could leave the SDF after their flip-flopping in the recent charades on our land. Where are Feli and Atangha? They cannot muster the courage to come here and are waiting for the next elections to continue their lies against the interest of our people. Why are you still there? There is a hidden agenda here as everybody now knows what the SDF is: MR BIYA'S NGO AND POLITICAL THINK-TANK.


Continue your intifada against the SDF,while bringing in the words Southern Cameroons to distort public opinion.But you must know,that if you are stupid enough to think you are telling the truth about the SDF,we are stupid enough to tell the truth about the SCNC.You have your type of people that will gulp down your sophistery,and think you are a freedom fighter.But if one were to ask them the results of your freedom fighting they will have nothing to show.You even use some of them for cheap publicity.
They should ask themselves the questions why you are always in the background when they are public manifestations,why you do not hold any post in the SCNC that will show you are really with the Southern Cameroonian people,why you prefer to have dual nationality,that of two foreign countries,La Republique,and Scotland.They should ask themselves whether freedom fighting has to do with using 95% of your time talking about the SDF,while nothing is being done about the SCNC.They should ask themselves why is it that you like using their names to show that you are determined to destroy the SDF.Last week you said they advised you to leave the SDF to no avail.Today ,you say they have stopped flip flopping in order to join you in your song about the SDF.You have really succeeded in bullying some people in to silence here.Some are outrightly afraid now to express their views here.Others are confused,and some do not know how to cheat themselves.They will applaud Fru Ndi today, and the very next day contradict themselves.
Continue serving those agents of La Republique there in London.I`m at ease with myself blasting all that hypocrisy,rather than pretending to be Rexon`s friend ,and puppet.


Elvovo South Africa,

I prefer we put reasoning ahead of personal and biased sentiments. We all know Biya is a bloody liar and definitely there should be fewer theories about that, and to talk about NJFN as if you have no memory amounts to sabotage which you can only do on the net. In as much as I don’t cherish NJFN`S political ambitions out of Southern Cameroon’s , I also consider any one who pronounce false allegations against him as an enemy to the truth which we all know is the only thing that can set us free. However, NJFN represents National democracy with struggle friends all over the country, and my opinion is that he is not the man to lead the Southern Cameroon’s Struggle following his links as far back as bringing multiparty politics and democracy in Cameroon. There fore, he has done much already; let any internet bomber go to the field, because what the SCNC needs now more than ever before are practicals and not theories.



"Some are outrightly afraid now to express their views here."
I stongly disagreed with you on the above statement. I consider you, one who is chasing someone who is insane. Hope you know what it means to run after a madman. I hope you don´t under-estimate readers here. Rexon´s handwriting is very clear on the wall and you don´t need to interpret it for readers.

Legima Doh

It is a shame on you you cannot adequately defend your false idiologies and hurtful philosophies about the Sdf.If this is not a debate yet you vastly demonstrate inability at counteracting my points,then am afraid its a sheer waste of time taking you seriously.Inasmuch as we expose the Sdf to your dissatisfaction,it behoves you to defend it but that must be with substantial facts.All it is is that your Sdf is rendered vain and vague whether u like it or not.I repeat it here that the end result of the Sdf participation in la republique politics is the heretic doctrine of the sine die possibility of freedom within the confines of la republique.You pronounced stupidly that such freedom was intended for both the southern cameroonians and francophones.I told you such an idea to a francophone would only make them to believe that you are from a psychiatric rehab. centre.The activism of the Scnc abroad good you see are very robust.You fail as usual to see the activism and intelligence behind the modus operandi at home.You and Londoner have thesame macabre belief that the activism at home in order to be robust must be fraughted by wreckless operations.THe Sdf is good enough to be destroyed because it is falsely telling the world that the southern cameroons are living a democracy.You said there is no country like the southern cameroons and that if i want to make it so ,i have to burn my id card.Watesih burning id cards does not give birth to countries and denying the legitimacy of the southern cameroons is a historical abortion.Its a nation whether you take it or leave it.Its as such in the UNPO.And if I may ask,can you tell me what the successes of the SDf are?Don't tell me about the revamping of the educational system,making people's voice to be heard and so forth cos at best these are the achievement of the Scnc and her daughter groups.The worries I talked about are not mine but are for my brethren the Southern cameroonians.That is why I say it not about being egocentric.It is a big contradiction for you to say we should continue serving la republique when in fact it is you and the Sdf who are stooges of la republique.Continue daydreaming.It is unimaginable for you to liken the southern cameroons to eastern and western and northern parts of la republique.Go to the roots of history and get yourself well informed.It is baseless arguing with you who claim to be so dexterous in understanding when you lack the basics of the matter.
Sdf is a reductio ad absurdum,a distraction,an entity of a bunch of corrupted egocentric people who are followed by a handful of those they have succeeded in programming to live in illusive hope, it is also an entertainer in a foreign land,a hand clapper in la republique's politics,a distorter of facts about a nation,a preacher of heresy,a degenerate and uninteresting movement,with a rapid descent to moral decadence by means of unswerving determination to cling to falsehood.That is it.We of the Scnc admit we got challenges as we are working on them but the moral authority of it is that its foundation is based on nothing but the truth.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,



You will regret that statement of yours above for the rest of your life if you dont ask for forgiveness from God.


Legi Doh,
I will advise you to continue to enjoy the personal inner peace you talked about.Your Swedish ID has a ten year time span ,and shows that you did not go abroad with an ear back in Cameroon.Your verbiage about the SDF is just hot air from somebody cut off from reality.We have seen better adjectives before.But the common denominator with people like you is shamelessly praising Fru Ndi ,and the SDF today,and the very next day trying to eat your words.If you think I`m joking ,just read a bit of your confusion:"And if I may ask,can you tell me what the successes of the SDf are?Don't tell me about the revamping of the educational system,making people's voice to be heard and so forth cos at best these are the achievement of the Scnc and her daughter groups"( Nov,5th 2007).Even in 2007 you take people for fools:"I verily appreciate the cogent points of yours.Its very true that the SDf served as a first blow to Mr Biya.Great!But today,it is as has been evident long ago that the SDF cannot ever achieve total liberation for our brethren. In as much as we give Ni Fru applause for having had the daring to challenge Biya, give a voice to those who had been voiceless" .What did you say Fru Ndi gave to the voiceless? Are you a liar,flip flopper or what?
The moral authority of the SCNC`s struggle is based on the truth that we surrendered our land ,and identity to La Republique,and that these can only be got back through a fight,not through hiding away in Sweden ,and behaving like somebody who is trying hard to cheat his barber.I repeat to you that there`s no country as Southern Cameroons,else you will not be carrying around La Republique`s ID.When I ask you to burn your Swedish ID ,I mean you don`t have to sign up for ten years in a foreign land with so much to fight for here.If you believe in our struggle burn it ,and come back and fight for your freedom.Your ten year ID is just temporary bliss.The Southern Cameroons is a region in Cameroon,and there are other regions there.It is not a country until you make it be.But how can that happen with with your exile in the whiteman`s country?

I got you 100%,but how would you have known this man were a madman if we did not push him into the open for everybody to see how naked he is? When i talk about some,I mean those he has been brandishing as proof of his dexterity in fighting the SDF.What is funny is that he makes them to sit on the fence,in order to give him the leeway to talk about the SDF.He plays mind games on them,using their names for cheap publicity.
Fon I don`t talk for all readers.I know your strategy to his noise,but you have seen how he gets mad when we tell the truth about him.



Stop rejoicing that you are speaking to anybody when you are actually speaking to yourself. Fon will live a life of regret. I know he have children and i suppose he knows what he is talking about. Tomorrow when him or any of his children actually goes mad because of what he has been saying about himself, he should have no one to blame but remember this day. The problem some of you have is that you expect everybody to be as tribalistic as you are.

Concerning your jibe about cheap publicity. I am not here for cheap publicity and do not refer to anyone for this purpose. I am already known in circles that matters to me and that is what is important. If this is the first time you are reading names in this forum, then you are just naive. U have refered to the names of others in this forum many times. Secondly, i did not refer to them names and argued that they flip-flopped. I made it clear that they have stop listening to NJFN and his disciples like you since the last elections and are no longer arguing against my points of view because they have seen the writings on the wall. That the SDF is just there for the money from Biya.



What this tells you Watesih and Fon. Hope you will not deny that the madman did not say thesame ages ago.

Lucas Tasi Ntang said:

"noted that Parliament is a pliant tool in the hands of the Head of State. The situation makes nonsense of the principle of separation of powers"

"parliamentary group meetings at the National Assembly are teleguided by party hierarchy and the ' kingmakers' who do investiture and influence the entry of MPs into the bureau of the National Assembly."

"Without any attempt to spare his SDF party, the former MP said ' all elections including primaries in all parties in Cameroon have been controversial, thus putting to question the dignity, esteem and impartiality of the average Cameroonian. He said Cameroonian MPs don't work; all they do is clap and respect party discipline."


"Secondly, i did not refer to them names and argued that they flip-flopped"

Answer:"If comrades like Klemenceau, Washow, Akoson, Tayong could leave the SDF after their flip-flopping in the recent charades on our land"

Question: Are you dishonest,a liar or an eternal flip flopper?


"have you forgotten that most SDF politicians are associates of Biya? Have you forgotten than some are even spending billions everyday to get closer to Biya?"
(rexon | Monday, 05 November 2007 at 08:03 AM )

If you answer the questions that follow, I will take you serious, understand that you are still in your senses, then apologize to you and ask for forgiveness.

1.Tell this forum the source of the BILLIONS that MOST SDF POLITICIANS are spending to get closer to Biya. Be specific and tell us these SDF politicians.
2. Tell us how the BILLIONS are being spent: To bribe Biya or ...?
3. In your opinion, what do they want from Biya inchange for the BILLIONS they spend to get closer to him?

November 06, 2007
Press Release on Mr. Biya’s 25 years in power

On November 06, 2007, Mr. Biya and the CPDM cohorts will be celebrating his 25 years in power as President of the Republic of Cameroon . As usual, these cronies have been sent to the provinces to propagate his imaginary “great expectations” .On the contrary, anybody who opines that the 25 years of Mr. Biya have been victorious and successful is either ignorant of the sad realities of this country or he/she is simply dishonest. Mr. Biya’s 25 years have been years of political, economic and social stagnation and failures.

On the political front, the CPDM regime under the stewardship of Mr. Biya has institutionalised elections rigging and tribalism as the method of governance. This is seen in the case where particular ministries and state-owned corporations are reserved for people from a particular tribe. His regime for the past 25 years has been interested in mammoth cabinet appointments. This has been done severally to compensate those sycophants who participate with him to stifle multi-party democracy in the country.

Economically, Mr. Biya inherited a buoyant economy from his predecessor and unfortunately brought this country thereafter, into the state of economic stagnation and quagmire. His unskilful handling of devaluation in the early ‘90s, led to a 75% reduction in value of salaries of state employees – thereby causing untold misery to the populace. For 25 years, Mr. has not been able to bring in public service reforms as he promised. He said people will no longer come and chase files in Yaounde . Everything is the same and even worse today.

The embezzlement of public funds with impunity, capital flight and corruption have been the hallmarks of his 25 years reign. These economic ills have led our country to be ranked twice as the most corrupt in the world by Transparency International. The inordinate price hike of fuel and the consequent rise in prices of other goods and services have made life unbearable to the masses. The wrongful and misleading interpretation of the Completion Point of the HIPC programme gave a false impression that there were going to be fallouts from the programme, whereas this was just a leap in the dark.

Finally, the social policies of the Biya regime have been disastrous. There is a non-existent housing policy and the rate of unemployment is increasingly uncontrollable. The deficiency of our educational system and the shabby treatment of teachers have greatly affected the standard of education in the country. The health services, road and sporting infrastructures have deteriorated to a point where one begins to wonder if our present leaders have an account to render to posterity. Worse still, Mr. Biya’s administration has never conceived a good water and energy policies.

On the communication front, Mr. Biya has been unable to grant a press conference for many years. Most recently he faced the press abroad whereas he is unable to grant a press conference in his own homeland. Moreover, it was laden with lies: for example, his announcement of a ghost meeting with the National Chairman of the SDF in his Mvomeka private residence. He is even unable to pay his last respect to the remains of his predecessor Amadou Ahidjo who served him power on a platter of gold. He was unable to answer clearly the question of his succession. His position on the issue of succession is a sign that he is scheming to remain in power come 2011.

In a nutshell, the once buoyant Cameroon that was inherited by Mr. Biya has been wrecked by the CPDM regime in 25 years. Under the present system, Cameroonians can only expect more frustrations and misery in the days ahead. The SDF hereby calls on the Cameroonian people to remain vigilant so as not to be deceived by the CPDM propaganda machinery.

Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth TAMAJONG
Secretary General – SDF

M Nje

Legima Doh,
Thanks for the postings above and keep it up. There are some theories that one come across in life and you question whether there are really possible in the real world. People like Watesih and his fellow blind followers of a single individual in the SDF make you say yes, and yes indeed some of those theories really have real world examples. You cannot analyze the behavior of Watesih and his friends in the SDf without look at Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs.

In his theory, Maslow tried to rank human needs and provide the characteristic of people at any stages. Watesih and his peers in the SDf fall under Physiological needs. Individuals in this level just need
water nourishment,
and sleep.

That is what drives them. They will support the SDF for “small garri of peanuts” from La Republique even if it has a long term effect for them and their upspring.

Those in the self- actualization needs believe in

I don’t have to tell you where you belong. You can see it for your self that self-actualization is your basic need right now compare to Watesih and his friends who will not want to leave their Physiological needs.

I have provided the link below for more information.

Legima Doh

You should read between the lines before jumping to idiotic conclusions.I had acknowledged Fru Ndi's daring.Yes,in the beginning there was some good faith but this degenerated malignantly over the decades and it became very clear that no liberation could emanate from the Sdf.In my sentence I made it clear that all those aspects wherein you may claim to have been the successes of the Sdf I said AT BEST those of the Scnc and her daughter groups.Talk about the ANC,the SCYL,the SCAPO etc.Get it well.Now people have the voice to speak about their true identity back home, can enjoy a good tertiary education which unfortunately is being infiltrated with the low class vestiges of la republique educational system.So get the meaning of the phrase At Best which means others like the Sdf might have done something but the greater credit is the preserve of the Scnc and her daughter groups.You can say all sorts of gibberish here but not one will ever legitimize sdf participation in la republique politics.Even when you people are ridiculed by people like Biya,Etame Masoma,you have chosen to keep on begging identity from la republique.These people don't recognize you as part of theirs if you don't know.At best,they consider you and your likes to be the lowest class citizens in a foreign land called la republique du cameroun.You stupidly say scnc talks more about the sdf and so it is considered a political adversary.It is not today that I have to tell u that the scnc is not a political party.The issue remains that, we cannot go past our present state of crisis by using the same thinking that created it.The stupid thinking was that the Southern cameroons was considered not economically viable to stand on her own,the other stupid thinking was the macabre invention of independence by joining.These were the wrong thinkings which have proved to be the most stupid thinkings ever in the history of the Southern cameroons.The Sdf has decided to cling to such thinking and as mentioned above such thinking can never take the southern cameroons past her state of crisis.The change of thinking must be that of unconditional and total restoration of the sovereignty of the southern cameroons.The two thinkings are overt wrong as the southern cameroons contributes more than 70per cent the GDP of la republique( this is tantamount to exploitation and looting) and the thinking of independence by joining was naturally wrong and time has proved it so.More than 40 years have validated illegitimacy of any pseudo unity that once was created pro forma and not in deeds.
Watesih,you can remain in the darkness but trying to distract people and program them to hope against hope is heresy.

Thanks M Nje.It may really be a sheer waste of time arguing with Watesih.You know those who present the greatest problem in socities are those who claim to be intellectual giants but are moral dwarfs.Watesih is a good example of this.USAfrica is a prototype ie perfect example of this and their sheep followers are all examples of this.They use all baseless philosophies to defend Falsehood,False hope and False promise as enshrined in the SDF agenda.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,


Dr Tamanjong writes "His [Paul Biya] unskilful handling of devaluation in the early ‘90s, led to a 75% reduction in value of salaries of state employees – thereby causing untold misery to the populace".

What would the SDF have done differently whilst Cameroon remained a member of the FCFA zone? Perhaps nothing! Can't eat your cake and have it. Is the SDF going to take Cameroon out of the FCFA system.

Had Cameroon been out of the FCFA then, Mr Biya would have printed notes like confetti to maintain wages but inflation of 10m% would have been nothing.

Devaluation was imposed to tame consumption of imports which depleted foreign earnings, leaving less and less to pay off international debts. Causes rooted in Paul Biya's liberal economic policies after the coup d'etat of 1984. Recognition of Israel effectively killed off soft loans from Arabs.


"Those in the self- actualization needs believe in

1.Meaning: "I have always tried not to comment on the reason behind the creation of the SDF,because I cannot find any coherent information.All my research so far has yielded conflicting accounts"(Nje, Jan 16th ,2007).Do not know the meaning of SDF? Only a fool can be so bitter with something he knows little about!
2.Wisdom: "What I have gathered about the SDF is that it was created to take over power from the Cpdm.Whether that was a right struggle or not is for another debate"(Nje, Thurs,23rd Aug.2007).When somebody doesnot even have the wisdom to see the fight another person is fighting against the dictator that has enslaved him,what would you expect of him?.How wise is Mr Nje to tell us in the morning that he doesn`t know the raison d`etre for creating the SDF,and in the evening tell us he has managed to gather that the SDF was created to take over power from the Cpdm?
3.Truth: " It became clear that real fight is for the UN,and UK to correct the injustice that was perpetrated on Southern Cameroonians ,and grant them their right to a state under international law.And that struggle has continued on that part till date"(Nje,Frid,Aug.27 2007).Truth warrants us to tell our people that our bones are too weak to fight,and that we are waiting for the international community to come and carve out a state for us.
4.Justice:"Thank you Chief Ayamba for that assessment.I made a similar remark a few days ago.I am indeed delighted to see you reaffirm it.Mr Ni John Fru Ndi is a very courageous man.A brand of politician who will not sell out his followers for personal"( Nje,Frid,Dec 22 2006).Doing justice means giving to Ceasar what belongs to him.Is Fru Ndi a politician who will not sell out his followers in the morning,and in the evening changes to one that will sell them out?

Legi Doh,
"Thanks M Nje.It may really be a sheer waste of time arguing with Watesih.You know those who present the greatest problem in socities are those who claim to be intellectual giants but are moral dwarfs. Watesih is a good example of this"
Legi,morality teaches us to be truthful to our people.It teaches us that you can`t go on self-exile to a whiteman`s country,and you keep talking about a utopic motherland you do nothing for.Morality teaches us that no right minded freedom fighter will want to sign up for ten tears to live in a foreign country while the people he left behind do not have a place they call home.Fru Ndi prefers to be put under house arrest,shot at,calomnised,than hide away in temporary bliss in a whiteman`s country,and keep giving lessons of freedom.I also share with you some of the failures of the SDF.You first of all went into rhapsodies describing the successes of the SDF.It shows that you counted on the SDF very much.It also shows that if the SDF was still doing fine,you would not be castigating it.The question now is,how would you only support somebody when he is walking on his legs,and when he is on his knees you quickly demonise him? This is infidelity,and the morality you claim to have does not teach us to behave thus.
I accept all the accusations you make about the SDF,but comparatively,the party has done better than the utopic idealism you want people to embrace without any feasible approach.We don`t write here to legitimize SDF` sparticipation in La Republique`s politics.You are the ones who write here to colour the Southern Cameroons struggle with irrational whistle blowing about the SDF all geared at concealing your inability to deliver.We will continue to make this angle abundantly clear to the Southern Cameroons people,that the problem is not the SDF,but that you guys are all weak bones.Legi, it is right to say it is a waste of time arguing with me.Your ten year self exile does not permit you to argue about things you can`t do.


Greetings to all

Everyone got their opinions. I got mine and I stick to it. I find it unnecessary to keep on arguing on the same issue day in day out.
Only a child will be bullied to abandon their opinions. Adults and the wise listen to others to learn and take their own stands.
Everyone's opinion counts.
Until we stop the infighting and fight as brothers, we might never attain our objective: To get back our rights and independence as Southern Cameroonians.




Dear Fon,

1.Tell this forum the source of the BILLIONS that MOST SDF POLITICIANS are spending to get closer to Biya. Be specific and tell us these SDF politicians: I will not be specific and call names because if i do, that will still come to hunt me, but will inform you clearly that, the last elections was financed by "kingmakers". I cannot call any name but i strongly believe the elections was financed by kingmakers from the evidence i have gathered so far before and after the elections.

2. Tell us how the BILLIONS are being spent: To bribe Biya or ...? To finance elections, campaigns, vote buying, sleeping in pooling stations, etc.

3. In your opinion, what do they want from Biya inchange for the BILLIONS they spend to get closer to him? They want contracts from Biya as payments for their support in hiding behind his SDF to stabilise his democracy. Fon, this are facts and you cannot deny it. Though they are already his friends, they need to help Biya stabilise his democracy advancee and the only way they can do that is to hide behind parties like the SDF (Biya's NGO) and persuade them to stay in Camerounese politics.

Fon, i do not expect any apology from you as you have not hurt me in anyway. I am that type who is not new to controversy, so statements like yours are not new to me and do not mean anything. If anything, i have prayed for you, that such rantings of yours stay out of your mind. And that if i have ever hurt you, God should forgive me. You can only asked for God's forgiveness if by writing that, you meant to hurt me or saw me as a madman. If you saw me as a madman, and laughed at me, then you were wrong because no matter who you are, you can still become mad tommorow. It is an illness linked to ones mental state. Honestly, i know of a lot of parents who went absolutely made in the 90's because of NJFN's love for money and his eventual conduct in Camerounese politics. Some even got high blood and others died of heart attack. I believe it was because of their low mental strength and ability in constraining NJFN's conduct in Camerounese politics that caused their death. Not everybody understand human behaviour and to be honest, most "Rightminded Southern Cameroonians" dont understand why you guys are still supporting a party that has proven beyond doubt that it is there for Biya that it pretends to criticise. On those mad people on our streets, you dont know why they went mad and you do not know where those who stoned at them would end up. Maybe mad themselves?????? lol.

Now to more serious issues, Fon, one last note, would be grateful if you can dispute these facts by Ntasi Ntang, Former SDF MP.

Lucas Tasi Ntang said:

"noted that Parliament is a pliant tool in the hands of the Head of State. The situation makes nonsense of the principle of separation of powers"

"parliamentary group meetings at the National Assembly are teleguided by party hierarchy and the ' kingmakers' who do investiture and influence the entry of MPs into the bureau of the National Assembly."

"Without any attempt to spare his SDF party, the former MP said ' all elections including primaries in all parties in Cameroon have been controversial, thus putting to question the dignity, esteem and impartiality of the average Cameroonian. He said Cameroonian MPs don't work; all they do is clap and respect party discipline."


I do not always have time to respond to yours. I am an extremely busy man engaged in different projects. In most cases, i rush to paste something here and do not have that much time to read your recycling of fact. I search and read sentences where you will write Rexon and respond to that in case i have the time. That is why you always see typographical errors. I do not edit any statement that i paste here. I made a mistake and corrected it. It is either you take my corrections or you back off.


"It`s either you take my corrections or back off".Ok,master!I have already told you that they are people you can pick for cheap publicity,not Watesih.Who complained about your language?You only have time to search and read sentences where I write Rexon,and also have time to respond,but you don`t have time to edit your sentences! Nobody complained about an accountant`s typographical errors.I have shown how you accuse your friends of flip flopping,and there`s nothing you can do about that.Its your nature.You denigrate all those you have worked with,come across everytime.

There`s no where Hon.Tasi Ntang said SDF Mps were using billions to bribe their way closer to Biya.This man Rexon is out to denigrate Cameroonians every time.Let him prove the source of the billions,without this,I consider these the rantings of a madman.



This is what i wrote:

"If comrades like Klemenceau, Washow, Akoson, Tayong could leave the SDF after their flip-flopping in the recent charades on our land"

This is how i can paraphrase it for you:

":"If comrades like Klemenceau, Washow, Akoson, Tayong could leave the SDF after the SDF's flip-flopping in the recent charades on our land"

Recall that, those people did not participate in any charades. If you do not see the link between charades and the SDF in my sentence, then you are just rambling with facts.

Tasi Ntang spoke of "kingmakers", i know of many fronting many projects for the SDF. They spent alot of money to put their candidates in parliament in return for contracts. disregard all what Tasi Ntang said above rather than rambling with facts sir.


From your respond to my questions, it is obvious that one should never take you serious.Do you know that what you wrote is for public consumption? I leave you to readers for evaluation.


From your respond to my questions, it is obvious that one should never take you serious.Do you know that what you wrote is for public consumption? I leave you to readers for evaluation.



What about Tasi Ntangs comments about your beloved party? Since you cannot take me serious, appraise this statements from your former MP:

"noted that Parliament is a pliant tool in the hands of the Head of State. The situation makes nonsense of the principle of separation of powers"

"parliamentary group meetings at the National Assembly are teleguided by party hierarchy and the ' kingmakers' who do investiture and influence the entry of MPs into the bureau of the National Assembly."

"Without any attempt to spare his SDF party, the former MP said ' all elections including primaries in all parties in Cameroon have been controversial, thus putting to question the dignity, esteem and impartiality of the average Cameroonian. He said Cameroonian MPs don't work; all they do is clap and respect party discipline."

Is he saying the truth or lying? That is what i want to hear from you and Fon. Why are you dodging away from responding to these facts? Speak out.

You always ask for readers evaluation of my facts not to be underestimated. Fon, have you known of anyone who predict things that cannot be understood by basic science or human mind? Most of the things i have done in life are very controversial. I hold my views, hold on to it as long as my spirits and evidence supports it and i stand by it. Dont think i can ever back from the truth. Even if i leave this world or forum one day, i know i left after spreading the truth and not falsehood. It is not all of that truth that would be realised ASAP.


M Nje

You can bring out all the statements I have said about the SDF and your god Ni John Fru Ndi. What you cannot dispute is the fact that your behavior is clearly described by Abraham Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs.

You and your peers clearly fall under Physiological needs. The things that motivate you to support or stand for any issue is nourishment (“small garri” “peanuts’. According to Maslow, until those needs are satisfy, you will continue to support the SDF hoping that more seats will be won to bring in more money for your party. You don`t care about the long term impact it may have. It is a shame, a big shame. We are faced with a situation in which 7 million Southern Cameroonians are being held hostage under inhuman conditions in their own territory while their resources are being exploited for the benefit of La Republique Du Cameroun. It is particularly shameful that you and your SDF cannot control you taste for small parliamentary allowance from La Republique. You are willing to help color the regime in La Republique as a democracy, a regime that is murdering your own people in the streets of Bamenda, and Buea. It is a shame, a big shame. When our representative at the Eastern House of Assemble in Enugu, Nigeria saw that the interest of their people will not be protected, they walked out even if it meant they will not have any more allowance. The result was the establishment of a quasi-autonomous Southern Cameroons government in Buea. A government was a parliament and an executive headed by a Prime Minister

I am not in anyone comparing our representative in Enugu with the current SDF parliamentarians. Our representative in Enugu represented all Southern Cameroonians why the SDF represents a few self-center individuals.

But I will say today, we have double talk from your SDF and its leadership. A few days before elections, your chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, was out campaigning that Cameroun is a unitary state, (another way to say Southern Cameroons is part of La Republique Du Cameroun). A Few weeks after that statement, when your SDF was defeated in the elections, he came out with the impression that this is not the Unification we voted for, Unification has failed. The question many of us asked is if the SDf had won the desire number of seats you wanted, will that have meant “Unification” or “Re-unification” (what ever you call it) will have worked. When the SDF has more parliamentary seat to bring in more money for your hunger members, “Unification” or “Re-unification” is working. When those seats reduce “Unification” or “Re-unification” has failed. It shows were your interest is. At the moment when we are facing major challenges that if not address will affect the future of the next generations of Southern Cameroonians, many of you are interesting in what nourishment you can get from La Republique. This is Maslow theory in action. You are interesting in immediate benefits and don’t care about the long term interest of future generations. It is a SHAME, a big SHAME.

Don`t tell mean the SDF what created for national politics (what ever “national” means). If you think the SDF was created for national politics and not to defend the interest of Southern Cameroonians that is find. It is your right to think so. What we are saying is that you take your politics to La Republique Du Cameroun. Don’t bring it to Southern Cameroons. So long as your chairman and his blind followers continue to spread a FALSEHOOD that Southern Cameroons is part of La Republique Du Cameroun, you will hear from us.

Shalom Klemenceau,
We are faced with a very big challenge in our hands. It is a challenge one can only compare to what the founding fathers of the United State of America faced. Just as then they had a chance to obey King James III and continue to accept his authority from London, even when they had virtually no representative in London or take back their land for the benefit of their future generations. The truth is that they made a choice, took the risk and started an experience that give birth to one of the richest and most prosperous nation mankind has ever seen. They could have simple said it is hard work, it will take time, I might not be there to enjoy the fruits of the effort, so why take that hard road. They could have just settle for something that will provide them immediate benefits. But they did not and today, their future generation is and will remain grateful to them for those sacrifices.

We, as citizens of Southern Cameroons, are found in the same cross-road. Are we willing to settle for some immediate material benefit at the detriment of our future generations or are we willing to make the hard decision and stand up for what is right not just for us, but for our future generations. Are we willing to stand up for a Southern Cameroons state and stop any involvement in La Republique`s politics? That is the question. They are those who joined the SDF hoping that the struggle could be achieve through La Republiques politics. After the 1992 presidential elections, it became clear that that will not happen in any life time. The subsequences elections have only made that proposition more relevant than not. Some of those individuals have join the struggle for the statehood of Southern Cameroons. Some have just decided to take a low profile. Unfortunately, we still have people who continue to speak from both sides of their mouth in the SDF. One day the will tell you Cameroun is a unitary country. The next day when things are not moving well for them, they will say otherwise. While many of us will defend their rights to decide to be citizens of any country they so desire or take part in the politics of any country they so desire including La Republique, we will to continue speak out when they try to import their political parties to the Southern Cameroons. We will not stop as long as they peach any FALSEHOOD that Southern Cameroons is a part of La Repubique in their attempt to win vote. That is dishonesty and a shameful dishonesty that must be exposed.

Legima Doh

Watesih and Fon,
You people have not yet said anything on the posting by former MP Tasi Ntang.That the parliament and its members are in the pocket of Biya goes further to confirm the fact that the Sdf too is in his pocket.From what comrade M Nje said,it had been overt clear since 1992 that the Sdf participation in la republique politics would lead to no where.Since then,several things have occurred which serve as evidence that fact.What is it that you really want to tell us about the Sdf.It is sickening the see you people instead of grappling with such a fact that has glaring prospects of restoring our statehood,you spend time being stupidly conservative of false ideas of the Sdf.Like M Nje said,many who used to be under the sway of the Sdf came to realize it was a waste of time and had stood down their involvement in her affairs.The affairs of the Sdf have been reduced to egocentric and deceptive ploys of a hand full of felons of the southern cameroons.
I am wont to call this Intellectual Dishonesty on your part.USAfrica though he held terribly sophistic views about the Scnc could at least see that her course is the legitimate.

Peace on our motherland.

Legima Doh,


As usual, Legima Doh and his cohorts are playing the distraction game. They have managed to swerve this discussion into the SCNC arena. They are distracting us from talking about Cameroon's nation building and making US rant on about the SCNC debacle.
Some of us are not SCNC and we never intend to be. Some of us are Cameroonians and we are fighting for the betterment of Cameroon. Cameroon can one day be free of corruption, embezzlement, poverty and bad governance if ALL Cameroonians unite and fight for change. If ALL Cameroonians stand together, we can make our country better. Diversity has worked in other places and it can work in Cameroon(afterall, AFRICA is the mother of all diversity).
Legima Doh, take your cries to your SCNC-related issues to the doors of the U.N, random internet forums and court cases in Nigeria. Let Cameroonians who want change debate about how we can bring change in our country. Don't come here and pollute this forum with your garbage. Citizens only!!!!

Thank you!!!!


Lets assume that the SDF is in Biya`s pocket,does that bar you from fighting for freedom? Is that what has made you to be cosying up to Nigeria,another third world country,and they are today branding you guys "endangered species".In every family there are people suffering from greed.When you provide them food they don`t call you names,and when you don`t they do.You surely know the time Hon.Tasi Ntang has spent in the SDF.Why has it only dawned on him now that the parliament he has been part of is in Biya`s pocket?We are not arguing here about the validity of the SCNC approach,or call it what ever.What we are frowning at is your ability to distort public opinion about your inability to fight for freedom by incessantly talking about the SDF.We have been saying here time and again that we can attack from different directions ,but you guys have refused.How we want to help i a fight we don`t believe in? Get it clear we believe in the Southern Cameroons course,because we are fighting the same person.We all know why we are fighting him.
But because of the eternal leadership crisis in the SCNC,it seems you guys want to carry over that virus to destroy the SDF that came in to being before the SCNC.This we shall never allow you enjoy such a privilege.If you have a way to fight La Republique ,show everyone,but if you are out to fight your brothers in the SDF,we will tell you the truth in its entirety.
Don`t tell us Nje said,patati patata.He has shown the world that he knows nothing about the SDF.How would he be talking about 1992 when he has never known why the SDF was created.Let him go into all the libraries in the world ,and quote writers.If he was so skillful as he is pretending to be,his research would have yielded fruits,and he would know much about the SDF.You guys are "endangered species",and must either be protected by Nigeria,or the UN.

Paa Ngembus


When you shout "...Citizens only!!!!" you must specify which country you are referring to: La Republique Colonie Francaise du Cameroun or The Southern Cameroons.

If any citizens should be banned from this forum, it should be citizens of La Republique like you, not the other way round OK.

I hope you enjoyed my unusual civility -:) -:).

Best regards Froggie.

Paa Ngembus

Legima Doh

Our fighting la repubique is very overt.But also note that as wise as the ScNc is,she realized long ago that the Sdf participation in la republique politics is a subtle fight against the true course for liberation.That is why,as we fight la republique consideration is also given the subtle battle for the Sdf.We cannot be preaching about going to heaven when at thesame time,there is preaching on the possibility of heaven in hell.What a paradox view held by the Sdf.It is you who have failed to understand M Nje.This a comrade I hold with great esteem for always feeding this forum with rich information based on the truth.He is a faithful brother for the course of liberation of the Southern cameroons.Just basic understanding of civics and history make the invalidity of the sdf so easy to understand.So M Nje and all the comrades need not do any research on such plain facts.It is you who have to do much research on the sophistic philosophy of Gorgias to use in propagating and defending false ideologies.It is shameful for you to say we are distorting pubic opinion.Look into my eyes and tell me it not you who is distorting public opinion.I challenge you and the Sdf to take a bottle ,get some courage,go down to the steets and ask the people whether they want the Sdf to remain in la republique with her agenda of bringing liberation or whether they want the ScNc to surge forward with her agenda of bringing restoration of the statehood and sovereignty of the Southern Cameroons.You will have stunning results.That is public opinion.People don't even talk about the Sdf ,talk less about what she is up to.Its just a hand full of you guys wasting precious time on something that is now the business of a select.
USAfrica,It is you who are distracting people every now and then with a confused agenda.Uniting Africa,whereas the nations within Africa are not in peace.You have no good procedure for your mysterious US of Africa.You are lured by the seeming good idea of uniting Africa but cannot tell how your immediate country can be liberated.How do you want to liberate Africa when you cannot even liberate a country in Africa.You are the type who wants to be a presbyter or pastor or church elder whose household or family is in pieces because he lacks the ability to manage it.How can such a person manage the assembly of the people of Christ?
All it is deceiving people with seemingly good but unattainable ideas.Gibberish.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,
Younger Brother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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