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Monday, 19 November 2007


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Louis Eyeya Zanga, Bernard Okalia Bilai and Isaac Dalle should be held responsible come November 29 during Chantal Biya’s visit to Victoria. We’ll blow off her head and all those around. The population is advised to stay away.


We Attacked 21 Cameroonian Soldiers, Says Group
From Amby Uneze in Owerri with Agency Report, 11.18.2007

A group known as the Liberators of the Southern Cameroon People has claimed responsibility for the Bakassi killing which claimed the death of 21 Cameroonian soldiers last week.

In a message posted in the internet last night, the group noted that "until France and La Republique du Cameroon (Republic of Cameroon) leave our home land, the Southern Cameroon, we will not rest".
“We reject any intervention from the African Union (AU) or United Nations (UN) until every single French and French Camerounese Colonial Occupation Force leave the Southern Cameroon, a country with her own internationally defined borders, we will defend those borders till our death", the statement read.

The group further stated that the Bakassi 21 was just a tip of the iceberg and warned that they should not be contacted through the e-mail, adding "do not contact us. We are the liberators of the Southern Cameroon people, D13, SCPF".

The Republic of Cameroon had alleged that those that killed their soldiers at the Bakassi Peninsular last week wore Nigerian Army uniforms and took their soldiers by surprise.

Nigeria in her defense had denied knowledge of the killing, stating that none of her soldiers was involved in the attack.


These colonial governors and puppets of emperor biya will never stop amusing some of us.
First what is the quality of the buildings supposedly constructed by Chantal in the French provinces compared to the one without water and Electricity in (Victoria)? It is no doubt that the building in Victoria might just be a shadow of what a modern school building should be. Of course the ass lickers so called leaders will use this to show as one of the things emperor Biya has done for the people of Victoria. We are waiting for motions of supports sooner than soonest.
Second, can someone tell me what Chantal's job is? Where does she get money to construct schools? Someone will say she is the first lady and so got a budget or so. How much is this budget that she can go around opening foundations and building schools? Biya and his men use state money to construct schools and claim Chantal Biya did it and the some jerks send motions of supports for to Biya for using their own money to give them what is their right. Shame
All the same, it is better to use the money to construct something than to put the money in foreign bank accounts. So I should say thank you to Chantal for making Biya to give us part of our money through mushroom schools without electricity and water. Better than nothing.

red flag

paul biya ,chantals husband killed 3000
southern cameroonians in lake nyos and lied that it is a natural disaster please log to and you wouldnt belief what you read about these enemies in sheep cloths

red flag

website is

Legima Doh

The description represents yet an unimaginably shoddy type school.La republique has done much to destroy the educational system back in our motherland and is using such baseless ploys to portray an untrue image and very soon those corrupt idiotic thief chieves will start sending motions of support to impostors.
The occupational forces must leave our motherland.Even the name Limbe should not be.It is Victoria.

Legima Doh.

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