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Friday, 23 November 2007


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aha aha Letters indeed....
The Post if you can`t present a full copies of this letter the no need to read it for us.....


Dear Chairman,

You are fighting the wrong battle. To begin with, you are not a citizen of La Republique francaise du Cameroun. You are a Southern Cameroonian and that is where you should rightfully register your party (except you are afraid of true democracy) and contest with other political parties like Ambazonian liberation movement and Southern Cameroons peoples organisation. Secondly, Southern Cameroonians were sacrificing their lives to defend the SDF on the simple premise that they are going to liberate the Southern Cameroons from within the politics of La Republique. Since rightminded Southern Cameroonians realised that it was an impossibility, they have all decamped from the politics of La Republique and completely focus their attention on the various instruments focused on the liberation of the Southern Cameroons like SCAPO, AMBAZONIA, SCARM, SCNC, SCYL, etc. Take a deep rest and ask yourself why the likes of Feko, Anyangwe, Twenkwo, Yembe all left the SDF and are now focused on the liberation of the Southern Cameroons.

Southern Cameroonians should have nothing to do with La Republiques elections and her politics. La Republique du cameroun before her independence in 1960 (without the Southern Cameroons) cannot be thesame La Republique today (with the Southern Cameroons). Besides, several citizens of La Republique du Cameroun like Hogbe Nlend, Etame Massoma, etc have humbly informed you that you can never govern their country and that your SDF should be limited to the Southern Cameroons. It would be unfair to keep ridiculing yourself in Camerounese politics when senior citizens of that country have consistently warned you to avoid trespassing into their territory and on the contrary, senior citizens of the Southern Cameroonians have recognised that it was an error to get engaged in La Republiques politics as we are not part of that nation.

The downside of all your actions in Camerounese politics is, Southern Cameroonians are at risk of being accused as being the cause of the inability of La Republiques citizens to oust their dictator (Biya). This is because, you are technically giving the impression that there is a democracy in their country (La Republique) of which this is not the case. The second downside though remote is, lots of your own children of Southern Cameroonian heritage and La Republique are regularly being deported from major European countries on grounds that there is a democracy in Cameroun. What the immigration officers always argue is that your party is in Camerounese parliament and have taken seats in their council. The question you should ask yourself is by engaging in camerounese parliament, what do you really hope to achieve that would be good for the common man and is there really a democracy in that French enclave?

The article said:

"Fru Ndi, in replying to the anonymous letter, says the recently appointed Special Duties Minister at the Presidency, Paul Nji Atanga, who was released from the New Bell Prison in Douala on the heels of the launching of the SDF in 1990 and given airtime over CRTV, and had to declare that Fru Ndi had embezzled funds from PWD Football Social Club in Bamenda has been rewarded today with a ministerial post".

Atangha lied as he has always been lying against you. How is this lie different from the other lies he and others involved in camerounese politics have been lying to us? How is this lie, different from the common lie both of you have been party to that the Southern Cameroons is an integral part of La Republique? This same people in the CPDM are not different from your MP’s, Mayors, etc who spend time glorifying Biya in return for money in Camerounese politics. It appears there is a game here. La Republiques corrupt junta are using Southern Cameroonians to flash and colour her democracy.

Quite recently, thesame Atanga Nji was distributing money to your SDF mayor of Bamenda, executives and other militants at Bamenda congress hall who went there to join their CPDM counterparts to celebrate Biya's 25 years in power. While I cannot logically hold you responsible, the question i want to ask you frankly is, what measures have you taken to discipline those who went there? What they did in celebrating the life of a foreign dictator in the territory of the Southern Cameroons was a crime against humanity it would be irresponsible to condone such actions. Besides, lots of SDF stalwarts like their Mayors, MP's have regularly been involved in fraudulent businesses with CPDM stalwarts. In as much as it is not my primary responsibility to question what is happening in a foreign country, i will like to make it clear that these people are there under the premise that they are representing the Southern Cameroonian territory. Quite recently, a soo called MP for Mbengwi was querrelling about money in Camerounese parliament. What were they doing there? Is it belly politics? They should join us in building our own democracy and parliament in Buea.

More to follow.

James Buano


Colonialism is the extension of a another nation's sovereignty over territory beyond its borders by the establishment of either settler colonies or administrative dependencies in which indigenous populations are directly ruled or displaced. Colonising nations generally dominate the resources, labor, and markets of the colonial territory, and may also impose socio-cultural, religious and linguistic structures on the conquered population (see also cultural imperialism). It is essentially a system of direct political, economic and cultural intervention by a powerful country in a weaker one. Though the word colonialism is often used interchangeably with imperialism, the latter is sometimes used more broadly as it covers control exercised informally (via influence) as well as formal military control or economic leverage.


"You are fighting the wrong battle"- Rexon

Mr. Rexon, you made you the judge of what's right and what's wrong? what is wrong about fighting for the liberation of an entire nation? I am finding a hard time comprehending why fighting for the justice for an entire nation is wrong.
When the American government passes laws in congress that favors immigrants, are they fighting a wrong battle? when the government of England or Ireland or wherever you are passes a law that favors immigrant students like you Rexon, are they fighting a wrong battle? when the government of European countries gives visas to all the fake SCNC asylum seekers who use SCNC as a platform to "fall bush", are they fighting a wrong battle.
Don't justify a battle only when it serves "indigenous" people or what you call citizens of Southern Cameroon.
International laws and U.N boundaries don't mean a thing.You refuse to acknowledge that Africa was one before the Berlin conference divided us but yet you never fail to acknowledge that U.N-recognized boundary separating Southern Cameroon from La Republique. HYPOCRITES!!!! What matters is good governance and that is what Cameroonians should be fighting for.



Hey Folks,
Good to join u guys. Actually, i really don't know much about politics. However, after going thru this write-up about Fru Ndi releasing letters he wrote to Biya, i had this funny kind of mixed feeling about the whole thing. Yes, he did write some letters, but what is there to prove that he actually channelled those letters to Biya? Did Biya receive these letters? Did Fru Ndi even ever posted the letters??? i want to think Fru Ndi is not telling the truth. He is not genuine. Like i said earlier, i'm not a politics freak but what i know for sure is that it's better to dine with the devil u know than the angel u don't know.

Tita Mofaw

Well, lets keep dinning with Paul Biya since he is the devil that we know. But unfortunately, Paul Biya is just another mortal like the rest of us. What are we going to do when he passes away? Turn to an angel we don't know I suppose.

Some folks on this forum will never stop to surprise us. I don't think it is about angels and devils. Lets assume that Paul Biya is the best angel. The point is he has been there fore 25 years and it is unacceptable in any modern society for a person to hold on to power for that long. Even if his successor is Adolf Hitler, it won't be much of a problem to have Hitler for say 7 years and a replacement thereafter. What we need now is a system where people save ther term and leave office. simple like that.


Did u get my point at all???
i don't think so, bc if u did, u won't be ridiculous by posting the wrire-up u just did.!!! hear u ''it won't be much of a problem to have Hitler for 7yrs...''
If we are to have the likes of Hitler for just a day, i don't think that u urself will be alive the next day to post such a ridiculous comment.
The bottom line remains: Fru Ndi should stop deceiving the people he claims to protect by dinning with the ''devil'' behind their backs!!!

Elvovo South Africa

Plis grow!!! U are very ryt to say u have no idea in politics.Ur comment talks for it's self. And to you Rexon, we dont need to split for things to be alryt rather, things get alryt when we are UNITED.

And to My Biya! i think the burden of proof now rest on him.Becoz NJFN has just justified the fact that Biya lied last he was interviewed in Paris. Lets wait and see if Biya will also bring out his own letters to Fru Ndi or may be invite him now as Dr Tamajong (SDF SG) rightly suggested last two weeks.

This payé sef...


What is it that you claim Tita Mofaw has not understood from your hollowness/vacuity?
Can you justify the sweeping statement below?
"i want to think Fru Ndi is not telling the truth. He is not genuine."

It is really true that even the DULL have their on say.


correction: have their own say.

New reaching the office of SCNC-USA indicate that more than 50 Southern Cameroonians were arrested in Nageria yesterday by the Nageria army to an unknown destination Luckily one of them had a cell phone, which he then use to send a text message to a friend in newhamshire USA. For more infomation contact weshly at 603 2242735. The. Biya saga at the peninsular to paint us bad had backslid on him to the extend that the Nagerian senate is now using it to revisit the peninsular dispute decision by the international court.

> In a message dated 11/23/2007 3:42:59 A.M. Central Standard Time,
> Enwaimah@yahoo. com writes:
> Senate Moves to Reclaim Bakassi
> This Day (Lagos)
> NEWS 22 November 2007 By Sufuyan
> Ojeifo Abuja
> A major move aimed at a review of last year's cession of the
> oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon by the Federal Government was broached
> in the Senate yesterday.
> The Senate faulted the decision by the immediate past regime
> of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to cede the Peninsula to Cameroon without
> ratification by the National Assembly, saying the act was
> unconstitutional.
> Obasanjo had ceded the Peninsula to Cameroon on August 14,
> 2006 following the judgment of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The
> Hague on October 10, 2002 and a June 12, 2006 agreement at Green Tree, New
> York, United States, where the former president agreed to surrender the
> Peninsula.
> But after a debate on a motion entitled, "Impending Crisis
> in and Uncertain Fate of the People of Bakassi" jointly sponsored by Senator
> Bassey Ewa-Henshaw and 20 other Senators, the Senate resolved to draw the
> attention of President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua to the breach of the constitution
> on the issue.
> The upper legislative chamber specifically resolved to "draw
> the attention of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the fact
> that the transfer of Bakassi and other parts of Nigeria to Cameroon under the
> agreement of June 12, 2006 without ratification by the National Assembly as
> required by Section 12 (1) of our Constitution is
> unconstitutional. "
> Yesterday's motion came barely a week after 20 Cameroonian
> soldiers were reportedly killed during a fierce fighting in the Bakassi
> Peninsula between the soldiers and gunmen suspected to be Niger Delta
> militants.
> The development almost caused a diplomatic row between
> Nigeria and Cameroon. While Cameroonian military sources claimed the attackers
> who killed the soldiers wore Nigerian military uniforms, military authorities
> in Nigeria distanced the army from the attack, saying the raid could have been
> carried out by Niger Delta militants.
> The Senate urged the President to "submit the agreement to
> the National Assembly for scrutiny without further delay to enable the
> National Assembly determine whether or not it is in the interest of Nigeria to
> ratify."
> Besides, the legislative chamber also requested that the
> Federal Government should stop forthwith any further transfer of territory in
> any part of the country to Cameroon until and unless the agreement was
> ratified by the National Assembly.
> The Senate expressed sympathy for the people of Bakassi and
> other parts "for the hardship caused them by the unfortunate cession of their
> ancestral homes to Cameroon and the neglect by government to take appropriate
> steps for a less traumatic relocation and rehabilitation. "
> It further urged the Federal Government to, as a matter of
> urgency, provide for the immediate rehabilitation and resettlement of the
> people of the Peninsula and other parts of the country who had already been
> displaced from their homes.
> As a prelude to the approval of the prayers in the motion
> moved by Senator Henshaw on behalf of 20 other Senators, the Senate had noted
> that on October 10, 2002, ICJ to which Nigeria had subjected itself gave
> judgment in the matter of the land and marine boundary dispute between Nigeria
> and Cameroon
> According to it, "In its verdict, the ICJ awarded ownership
> of Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon in spite of the strong historical, cultural,
> political and legal arguments put forward by Nigeria.
> "Notwithstanding the widespread national disaffection and
> concerns expressed over the ICJ verdict, and despite his own earlier promise
> not to cede the territory to Cameroon, the former President, Chief Olusegun
> Obasanjo, was reported to have signed an agreement at Green Tree, New York on
> June 12, 2006, in which he agreed to surrender the Peninsula to
> Cameroon."
> The Senate said further: "The signing of the agreement and
> cession of the Peninsula on August 14, 2006 to Cameroon was unilateral and
> against the provisions of Section 12 (1) of our Constitution" , adding,
> "that up till date, the so-called Green Tree Agreement is yet to be placed
> before the National Assembly for scrutiny as required by the
> Constitution. "
> It noted "with great concern and disappointment the
> uncertain fate and neglect now faced by the people of Bakassi since their
> relocation from their ancestral homes in the Peninsula to Ikang in Akpabuyo
> Local Government Area of Cross River State," adding that, "more than one year
> after their relocation, no budgetary provisions have been made for
> compensation, resettlement or rehabilitation by the Federal Government of
> Nigeria."
> The Senate also observed the recent incident in which about
> 20 Cameroonian soldiers were reportedly ambushed and killed as well as the
> retaliatory killings of some 10 Nigerians in the Peninsula.
> It noted that the integration of those relocated from
> Bakassi into Ikang was developing into a stalemate due to the inability to
> harmonise political interests and the sharing of public offices between the
> new arrivals from Bakassi and the original residents of Ikang.
> The Senate said that decision led to the Local Government
> elections not being held in the area, the existence of two parallel
> traditional rulership structures and the obvious difficulties in harmonising
> them into one and the lack of payment of compensation to the Ikang people
> whose land is to be used to resettle the new comers.
> During the debate, the Senate had dwelled on the supremacy
> of the Nigerian Constitution to that of the International Court of Justice and
> the need to amend the 1999 Constitution in order to implement the decision of
> the ICJ if Nigeria wants to fully implement it.
> Senator Umaru Dahiru said: "We need to amend the 1999
> Constitution in order to implement the decision on Bakassi," while Senator
> Manzo Anthony added: "Our law takes precedence over any international law and
> is superior to any international law."
> Chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Information,
> Senator Ayogu Eze, said Nigeria was bound technically- speaking by the
> judgment, but stressed that the displacement of Nigerians from Bakassi was a
> shame to civilisation.
> Briefing Senate Correspondents at the end of the plenary,
> Senator Eze stated that the Senate revisited the controversial ceding of some
> parts of Nigerian territory to Cameroon, an action, which he pointed out, was
> completed in the last dispensation.
> According to him: "Senators felt that the action was not
> concluded because it breached our Constitution and therefore the matter should
> be revisited.
> "More importantly, we were moved by the sufferings of people
> who have been displaced from these locations and a number of Nigerian States
> are involved. We have Cross River, Taraba, Borno and some parts of Yobe States
> that have been affected by the action.
> "We are expecting that we are going to look at an
> opportunity of reviewing the entire Bakassi saga as it is called, the
> relationship and the judgment at The Hague. Even though we are going to be a
> law-abiding nation, we believe also that every judgment, every pronouncement
> and every action of government must be in tandem with the spirit and
> provisions of the Nigerian Constitution that is for the good governance and
> peace of our people."
> Eze said the Senate would make sure the procedure complied
> with the provisions of Section 12 (1) of the 1999 Constitution.
> Copyright © 2007 This Day
> Be a better pen pal. Text or chat with friends inside Yahoo! Mail. See
> how.

Tita Mofaw

Seem u are the one who got me wrong Mr. Phylis Marion. Sorry that you took my word at face value. I used Hitler as a metaphor for a very bad leader. My point is that in modern societies we have the likes of "Hitler". But the point is that they safe their terms and go.I think that is the only way that we can have change and a sustinable system in place.

Do you know why Paul Biya was so popular when he first came to power? I remember the first time he came to Bamenda and the town (if not the entire province) was caught up in a frenzy of excitment. People were just happy for change.Indeed he brought some changes even if we refuse to give him credits for that.

But after 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, and now 25 years and the prospect of a life time mandate as you are advocating, people just become frustrated. Even if he was Nelson Mandela or JF Kennedy people would be fate up after 15 years.

Remember that I am not just saying that he should step down and Ni John should step up. No. I am saying it is time for a new leadership and Cameroonians will be happy to have anybody who can win in an election. If Paul Biya who was appointed to power by his predecessor and not voted by the people was so popular then what about somebody who is elected?


I take my hat off to Fru Ndi. I pray and hope that one day by the grace of God Fru Ndi will be President of Cameroon. With God anything is possible even when it seems far reached. Anyone who doubted Fru Ndi's patriotism and love for this nation should solve their doubts with the recent revelation by Fru Ndi of unanswered letters he wrote to Mr Biya. Some one in a comment above asked if Fru Ndi ever mailed or send the said letters to Mr. Biya as claimed. That seem to be a very naive and ridiculous question. Fru Ndi does not need to mail letters to Mr Biya. There are channels and protocols through which any leader including leaders of political parties can use to send letters or correspondents to the President. Fru Ndi could have send the letter via the prime minister at the time, or the secretary at the Presidency or event the speaker of the house of Assembly. Foreign leaders send letters to Biya through Cameroonian embassies in various countries abroad.

Biya's ending days are near and it will not only rain on him but it will pour on him.

God being our helper.


SDF and SCNC all suck. the leaders of this toothless groups should go and suck dicks like their friends in CPDM. Cameroon needs an extra-ordinary person who is hard and dont play hide and seek to cut that urgly head of Biya out of his shoulder. I rest assure you that the complains are too much and the change is not going to be brough by SDF OR SCNC just because the suck. Real worriors are coming

Ma Mary

Over to you, Greatmove. I am willing to bet though, that without the trailblazing by the SDF and SCNC you would have had no idea what is going on.


i don't deny the fact that i'm naive when it comes to poliotics( as someone stated above) i don't deny it bc i don't think the NEW CPC punishes that as a crime.
I'm aware of the fact that a leader like Fru Ndi doesn't need to put mails in the mailbox for them to be posted to Biya. I know he does that through established protocols. My point is, did he actually direct these letters at all??? i could write a letter to someone and claim i sent that letter to him which truthfully i never did. and i might me doing that on purpose.
May someone explain something to me please.

Ma Mary

Phylis-Marion, yes that is a naive point. If someone like John Fru Ndi writes to Paul Biya, it gets to Paul Biya. If it does not, he is running a very bad operation and needs to retire. There can be no excuse. All the more reason why Mr John needs to stop jerking around and join the correct cause and course.


Good comments, keep them coming

Prince Eseme

I don't seem to understand Phylis marion point at all. Marion do you think Fru is mad to had openly released documents showing that he wrote to Mr biya? One thing you have to understand here is that, Biya is man who doesn't care and to him what matters is sticking to power period.If he is lying, let Biya challenge him by producing his own documents showing that he also wrote to fru Ndi inviting him for talks. Whether you accept it or not, Fru is a real leader and i salute his courage. Whether the letters Fru Ndi had been sending actually reached Biya or not, the point is that, Fru Ndi sent letters to him and the Minister at the presidency incharge of special duties is to be blame if Biya never received the letters.Biya is inhuman.


Marion or who ever. You want to be a doubting Thomas is up to you. Fru Ndi is not making a claims, he is speaking the truth and with evidence right in front of us. Any one can choose what they want to believe. The bottom line is that we have a president who doesn't know anything about running a nation other than using his overpaid military to cling to power for as long as possible. If Biya were given a quiz to name just five provincial governors i bet you all he will flung the quiz. He is laid back, obscure and aloof of the reality and plight of the people. Biya has a very insecure personality and uses every thing but dialog and democracy to achieve his goals. Somebody above said Biya is not human and i think He is not too far from the point.
But the dawn day is closing up and deliverance is near.

God being our helper.


don't beat arround the bush! whether Fru Ndi is telling the truth or he is lying, what will writing letters to Biya bring?

Fru Ndi may write as many letters as he wants that would not mean anything to Biya. The reason being that Fru Ndi has proved to be the toothless bulldog.

Biya needs action, I mean real action and not the empty threats that embolden him.


Fru Ndi have proven to be the toothless bulldog.


Ok ! I can't help but laugh!! Seriously, what do these two shmucks need to talk about in a so badly needed meeting!!? None of them has a solution to the real problems facing Cameroon. Well, i am not sure if they know what the problems are, to begin with. " I have invited him..., I have written letters to him..., really!? No Sh*t!" Nobody cares!!!! Well, I don't! Fru Ndi, Biya Paul... why would you want to waste each others' time anyway!!?


Prince Eseme, not to pick on you or anything of that nature, plz tell me. What Nation and which President are you talking about? Cameroon and Biya Paul!? He does not know how to run a Nation!? C'mon now, i don't like the guy, but lets be real here! My opinion is, he is an evil genuis and Cameroonians make Cameroon look really real BAD!!!! I think Paul just has a hard time pleasing every Cameroonian, but which president does!? In my book, he scores a 5 on 10. What's your take?

Paa Ngembus

Frogs are slowly beginning to show their true colours while some of us including Fru Ndi remain in denial.

Here are some of their reactions to the release of the Fru Ndi - Mbia letters (same Article as here on CIN the frog network).

These are the people some of you want us to share a country with:

Mamoer (France) 2007-11-24 14:14
Il finira par faire ses valises et retourner dans son pays natal, le Nigéria.

Bokassa1er (Kassala Fam) 2007-11-25 02:12
j en ai marre d entendre tout le temps parler ici de cet ambazonien qui se nomm fru ndi ; qu il rentre dans son pays

These blokes all know we are not citizens of the same country, yet Paa Fru Ndi keeps dreaming.

Can somone visit JFN and translate what these frogs are saying to him. This may help him to wake up from his slumber and realize he is a Southern Cameroonian.


Paa Ngembus


Paa Ngembus, that's freedom of expression and in no way represent the opinion of the majority

Ma Mary

Simplice, the majority are often wrong, but they do come around eventually, and I am a patient woman.

We have made enormous strides in 2 decades in cleaning up the fake nationalistic detritus that la Republique francais du Cameroun so expertly stuck on the neurons of our people.

Now the soap is everywhere. All they need to do is to make an effort and wash.

A nation is a state of belief more than anything. If people to believe in it, it ceases to exist. Southern Cameroonians are going to give up that state of Belief called Cameroun and stride off confidently to different and better destiny, their own destiny- a new state of belief.


Ma Mary, what then is the raison d'être of Power to the People and Democracy?.


i agree with u cedinba.i might be wrong,but lets say pa.fru really did chanell this letter to mr.president telling him of his dissatisfaction with the above mentioned incidences of voilence,and other issues,when they was no response from popo,what steps did he take to show the nation and the government that he is really against acts like this from the government which as he rightly says are there to protect the people and not to intimidate and kill them.why are we hearing about this letter only now?
i have always held the view that as long as biya is still in power which according to me is not good for change,the SDF needs a new leader and not mr.,u have served the nation well but i believe u have been soften by mr.biya and as long as u are chairman of the sdf,biya doesnt care what u say and i doubt whether u can do anything about that.
"GIVE SOMEONE ELSE WHOS STILL GOT THE FIRE IN HIM OR HER TO OPPOSE BIYA"and stop lying to us,playing delay tactics.peace all and may God bless the motherland.

Ma Mary

Simplice, that is an excellent question. Power to the people does not mean "power of mob rule", which is what simplistic democracy becomes. To give an example, there would still be chattel slavery in America, if that is what the majority liked. That would be majority rule, democracy, if you like, but evil and unfair and nobody would like that, I hope.

In order for democracy to be fair and effective, a number of essential things need to be instituted:

1) An educated and enlightened populace. That means we must try hard to make sure that everyone goes to school and has an effective education. It also means a free and effective press. The Postnewsline and similar organs are helping in that regard.

2) A System of Fair Laws and an independent judiciary:
Laws are the rule book by which everybody plays, that cannot be broken nilly willy by the majority or the powerful. Laws are what protect the rights to freedom, property etc of individuals and groups. Laws are what prevent democratic tyranny from occurring and crushing individuals and the minority.

3) Political Parties:
Political parties are institutions that create platforms or plans for governing the country and bringing progress. That is what it is about and anything else is a perversion. They sell those plans to the population through campaigns. Generally the population itself does not come up with the agenda. That is why I say that the population or majority could be wrong, and over time through an effective education process, can be brought to a different point of view.

To give an example, when I was a young girl, most people in the Southern Cameroons thought it was perfectly OK for a man to beat his wife. I think the population was wrong then, but over time, I believe the mass of the population thinks it is wrong for a man to beat his wife. Something changed. The purpose of activism, which I do, is to change the point of view of a population. So, when we started talking about Southern Cameroons independence in the 1980s, the number of people entertaining that concept could fit into my parlour and dining room. Today, you would need several stadiums to fit those who want Southern Cameroons independence now.

There are impatient people, then you have people like me, working on a different time schedule and with historical vistas. I am not impatient, and I really believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Ma Mary

I forgot to add number 4, Espoir:

4) An effective system of Checks and Balances:
That could be the courts or houses of parliament or senate or whatever, depending on the country. But, no institution should ever be allowed to wield unilateral power. These institutions also modulate democracy so that it does not become mob rule.

As you have probably surmised, I believe in Power To The People, as long as it is part of a system of checks and balances and laws that protect everyone's interests and plays no favorites.

Ma Mary

Still here, Simplice.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of an educated populace in the democracy. This is not my original thought, but is the fundamental tenet of Jeffersonian democracy:

The reason is that only an educated populace can weigh and discern the different ideas and make considered choices. Even this is not perfect, but is a good start. The most educated country in Europe in 1932 elected Adolf Hitler, who then proceeded to making himself dictator, mass murderer and to waging world wide war. USA, the land that Jeffersonian democracy delivered has a serious problem with its democracy. The majority of people do not vote. Most do not comprehend the issues at stake and the press prefers to deliver entertainment or glib coverage of political issues.


Nigeria's Senate bluster over Bakassi

By Seyi Olu Awofeso
Tuesday, 27 November 2007
Seyi Olu Awofeso
Is the Nigerian Senate attempting to lock the stable door, after the horse has bolted? It’s not clear yet.

For the Senate has only issued a non-binding order, so far, asking that further implementation of Nigeria’s Greentree agreement with Cameroon be put on hold, until that treaty is submitted to it for ratification, or repudiation, at a plenary session.

In terms, that Senate’s motion is merely preliminary, non-definitive, non-limited to Bakassi, and above all; non-repudiatory of the 2006 Greentree Treaty between Nigeria and Cameroon over the two countries’ entire boundaries' delineation, reckoned longitudinally from Lake Chad to the Atlantic sea.

Yet, a merely routine legislative demand by the Senate that a treaty be laid before it for ratification, or otherwise, was pronounced in unduly, never mind, belatedly forceful language, to suddenly raise the ante of a prospective repudiation of that international treaty by Nigeria.

Whereas in truth, a legislative repudiation of the Greentree agreement is simply not an option. If attempted, it would be futile, because the Nigerian Senate lacks the competence to legislate one way or the other for Bakassi peninsula, a foreign land under international law.

Besides being ultimately futile, in all the time that Nigeria’s repudiatory attempt would last, the country would only be severely exposed to ridicule and international punishment. An already wobbly Nigeria could quickly revert to pariah status, as one liable to a series of condign actions, under chapter seven of the UN Charter.

Certain other international consequences would follow for Nigeria, the shape of which will trail the reasons advanced for the treaty’s non-ratification by the Senate at its plenary session.

For having formalized The International Court of justice (ICJ) decision of 2002 into the Greentree treaty that was later signed in June 2006 between Nigeria and Cameroon (with Britain, France and Germany co-signing as the treaty's guarantors, and with the United Nations and the United States co-signing as attesting witnesses), Nigeria has only one lawful option now.

It must remove itself from the Bakassi peninsula in accordance with the Greentree treaty. Nothing that its suddenly effervescent Senate does can give Nigeria any other option, because the Nigerian Senate cannot legally re-declare an internationally adjudicated foreign land (Bakassi) as its local government.

Under the Greentree treaty, previous Cameroon territories on the north-eastern borders of Nigeria have already been handed over and received by Nigeria, and vice versa, at its current executory stage. So, it is too late to repudiate the treaty in the middle of its performance.

Besides, the Greentree treaty is Nigeria’s voluntarily drafted execution warrant of the International court of Justice’s verdict over Bakassi and the other disputed border territories. A latter-day resolution of the Nigerian Senate, purporting to repudiate that treaty, and all that has been done under it, will be in-effective at law.

Worse of all, the Nigerian Senate lacks the legislative power to override, by any means or artifice, a judgment against Nigeria following the country’s voluntary submission to the ICJ’s jurisdiction.

The Senate is however sounding rather insistent. It conceives it has a role to play on the Greentree treaty at this late stage. Yes, ironically, it does, but that role is limited to simply giving domestic effect to the Greentree agreement.

Bakassi peninsula (which is centrally in issue) is the un-contested territory of Cameroon under international law; and, that internationally adjudicated position precludes Nigeria (and its Senate) from attempting to exercise sovereign rights of trade or defence on Bakassi, through the instrumentality of Nigeria’s domestic constitution, forever.

It’s true though that a contractual multilateral obligation assumed by Nigeria under international law that affects the territorial extent of Nigeria other than as it is constitutionally prescribed today, rises to the same threshold as a treaty, regardless by what name that contractual obligation is called. Such obligation simply requires legislative ratification, since the country’s constitution has become faulty, and requires an amendment, in consequence of territorial diminution.

That logical truth brings clarity to the other nonsense, that the Senate cannot as a matter of argument have a role on the Greentree pact with Cameroon, on the ground that Nigeria had merely signed the Greentree as an AGREEMENT, rather than as a treaty that requires Senate ratification under the country’s constitution.

But despite that the Senate is within its remit, liberties must not be taken for license. A domestic power to effect an amendment to bring the new territorial borders of Nigeria into compliance with its domestic laws, is not tantamount to an implied right to pass a legislative resolution instead affirming the Nigerian constitution, as it is, so as to maintain Nigeria’s sovereignty over the foreign territory of Bakassi.

For by the legal doctrine of "pacta sunt servanda", Nigeria is prohibited from refusing to perform its voluntarily signed agreements and treaties, once they are not stated on their face with a reservation as subject to ratification by a further governmental entity.

Significantly, Nigeria’s Greentree treaty, as signed by President Olusegun Obasanjo, has no reservation clause making its effectiveness subject to the country’s Senate ratification.

So, it follows that Nigeria has neither the option of war nor the leeway for joint control over Bakassi; forever, the moment President Olusegun Obasanjo signed that Greentree treaty in 2006, openly declaring Nigeria's un-qualified recognition of Cameroon's “exclusive ownership” of the Bakassi peninsula.

It's actually delusional, and not anything close to patriotism but rather to lawlessness, to say or expect that an option of Greentree repudiation” still exists for Nigeria at this time, or, that the Nigerian Senate can renounce the treaty, with a winnable war over Cameroon as the only likely consequence.

Repudiation consequences are in fact worse. For starters, a renunciation of the treaty will immediately put Nigeria into the mess of a Chapter seven UN enforcement procedure, at the likely joint application of France and Cameroon.

Under that Chapter seven enforcement procedure, a “Coalition of the willing”; comprising any number of countries, would be legally justified to impose militarily-backed trade sanctions on Nigeria. An exports and imports ban, coupled with a universal ban on letters of credit, could be added to send Nigeria into spiral inflation, which could be further complicated by a military blockade of its entire maritime and air transport trade.

Neither the United States nor Britain would at anytime be in a position to help Nigeria or to stop a chapter seven series of actions against it, since both the US and the UK are the actual guarantors of the treaty’s performance.

Once Nigeria’s repudiation thus triggers a chapter seven reaction, Nigeria’s international obligation to legally and politically surrender Bakassi will become compellable by any means, including justified military blockade or attack.

Indeed, the certainty of military enforcement of that international obligation on Nigeria to quit Bakassi, legally, politically and militarily, is neither remote nor excluded, because Nigeria is no more immune to international law than Iraq was, in 1990, when it purported to annex Kuwait as its 13th province.

Seyi Olu Awofeso is a legal practitioner, resident in Lagos, Nigeria.

On the Unnecessary Re-Opening of Cameroon-Nigeria-Bakassi Wounds - Some Thoughts

User Rating: / 6
By Mobolaji Aluko
Monday, 26 November 2007
SUNDAY MUSINGS: On the Unnecessary Re-Opening of Cameroon-Nigeria-Bakassi Wounds - Some Quick Thoughts
by Mobolaji E. Aluko, Ph.D
November 25, 2007



On November 13, 2007, an unprovoked attack on the Bakassi Peninsula by some "unknown" Nigerian militants in Nigerian military uniform occurred, killing as many as 21 Cameroonian gendarmes (soldiers). A retaliatory killing of some 10 Nigerians in the Peninsula was reported soon thereafter. On November 22, a resolution of the Nigerian Senate repudiating former President Obasanjo's handover of Bakassi to Cameroon was approved. Nigerian troop withdrawal began August 1, and ended August 14 2006.

All of these actions amount to a re-opening of the Cameroon-Nigeria ICJ ruling of October 10, 2002 and official final handover on August 14, 2006 after the Green Tree (New York) Accord of June 12, 2006. [See Appendices I - III] The reprisal by Cameroon threatens some kind of serious conflict - which could lead to war - which is totally unnecessary between our two neighboring African countries of Nigeria and Cameroon.

Some passion is once again being shown by Nigerians of various walks of life in various commentaries, in the media, in Cyberspace and Blogosphere. Some of the interlocutors on the side against the ICJ judgement, troop withdrawal and Bakassi handover have reduced the discussion into a contest between galloping nationalism and patriotism on the one hand, and abysmal cowardice and lack of patriotism on the other hand.

For me, it is a contest between local politics "4-1-9" and naivety on the one hand, and pragmatic wisdom in international politics on the other hand.

The new Senate resolution and various Nigerians have for example cited the presence of the name "Bakassi" in the 1999 Nigerian Constitution and the need to have constitutional sanction to any boundary adjustment as grounds for repudiation of the ICJ ruling.

First, I wish to let readers know that Bakassi was NEVER mentioned in the 1979 Constitution, but it indeed turned up in the 1999 Constitution. If we inspect Schedule 1, Part 1 and Section 3 of the two Constitutions (1979, 1999), we will find that the name "Bakassi" was missing in 1979. However, the Cameroon-Nigeria legal tangle began in 1993, and came before the ICJ for the first time in 1994 ! Despite that glaring fact, our sabre-rattling "nationalists" are averting their eyes to it. Secondly, it has been rightly argued that in any case, the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of "Bakassi" are missing in ANY of the Constitutions, and hence the "facile" obedience to the 1999 Constitution (that is number 768 and names of LGs) has now been effected by carving out the new Bakassi LG from the existing Akpabuyo LG of Cross Rivers State.

Thirdly, no bill was brought before the National Assembly requiring this ingenious move: the wording of Section 8 in the Constitution about state and LG boundary adjustments actually does not require any such bill, ONLY that if a bill is brought, this-and-that is how it should be passed. So no part of the Constitution was violated.

The section 8 of the 1999 Constitution quoted states that:


A bill for a Law of House of Assembly for the purpose of boundary adjustment of any existing local government area shall only be passed if...


If the section had read that:


No boundary adjustment of any existing local government shall be made WITHOUT a bill before the House of Assembly.

A bill for a Law of House of Assembly for the purpose of boundary adjustment of any existing local government area shall only be passed if.....


then there might have been a violation IF and ONLY IF a bill was proposed to move Bakassi's boundary. Where is the bill? So how was this section violated?

In any case, why are we so bothered about the loss of Bakassi WITHOUT a constitutional amendment or parliamentary approval, and yet are not talking about the GAIN of Cameroonian territory in the Adamawa/Lake Chad region? Why the double standard?

It is trite to remark that Nigeria has a right to include Bakassi in its Constitution at any time - it has a right to even include ANY local government named TEXAS in its Constitution. However, it will amount to a constitutional 4-1-9 IF that insertion is USED to make ANY LATER justification before an international court. We should be ASHAMED of ourselves if we do not acknowledge the INDECENCY and ODIUM of such an a-posteriori action. It is like criminalizing an act after a fact, and then going back to jail a person for violating it.

It is odious to law, very Abacha-ic.

Case closed....but of course not for some Nigerians ! :-)


Lawyer Chief Richard Akinjide (and I might add Chief Bola Ajibola, who was ad-hoc Judge on the case, and Prof. Itse Sagay, who was NOT on the case at all, and should have been) has ABSOLUTELY little leg to stand on in talking about this Bakassi case that he and others took on behalf of Nigeria and lost badly. The fact of the matter is that Nigeria had breached international law in assuming Bakassi as being part of Nigeria; the case was intrinsically weak; the reliefs sought were unacceptable; the persuasiveness of our lawyers was weak; and finally case law and precedence were against us.

Akinjide's current major plank of protest in hailing the latest Senate resolution is that the ICJ judges were tainted, primarily that the French Judge and the British Judge were biased against Nigeria due to the political considerations of their native countries of France and the UK . Granted that a recent (2004) study indicates that there is evidence that 85-90% of ICJ cases involving their own countries' are supported by the judges - ostensibly because they are usually staunch members of their government's establishments - Akinjide forgets to tell us that the Court consisted of 15 judges elected to nine-year terms by the UN General Assembly and Security Council and 2 adhoc judges that must survive the lifetime of the Cameroon-Nigeria case. Akinjide forgets to remind us that the case was deliberated before the ICJ for EIGHT solid YEARS - from March 29, 1994, (as amended on June 6, 1994) to October 10, 2002, with an intermediate ruling (over Nigeria's eight objections) on June 11, 1998 that the ICJ had jurisdiction ! If we cannot accept a judgement after an eight-year-long case, how can we accept Akinjide's INSTANT 12-is-2/3rd-of-19 argument of 1979 before the Supreme Court in connection with the Shagari/Awolowo presidential petition?

Moving on before we derail on Akinjide's 1979 "howler"....

In that 1998 ICJ ruling on jurisdiction, Akinjide forgets to tell us that (See Appendix I):


- By 14 votes to 3, the Court rejected Nigeria's first objection that the Court has no jurisdiction to entertain Cameroon's Application....
- By 16 votes to 1, the Court rejected Nigeria's second objection that for many years prior to the filing of the Application, Cameroon and Nigeria had in their regular dealings accepted a duty to settle all boundary questions exclusively through the existing bilateral machinery.....
- By 15 votes to 2, the Court rejected Nigeria's third objection that the settlement of boundary disputes within the Lake Chad region is subject to the exclusive competence of the Lake Chad Basin Commission.....
- By 13 votes to 4, the Court rejected Nigeria's fourth objection that the Court should not in these proceedings determine the boundary in Lake Chad to the extent that that boundary constitutes or is constituted by the tripoint in Lake Chad where the frontiers of Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria meet, because it directly affects the Republic of Chad, a third party......
-By 13 votes to 4, the Court rejected Nigeria's fifth objection that there is no dispute concerning boundary delimitation as such throughout the whole length of the boundary from the tripoint in Lake Chad to the sea, subject, within Lake Chad, to the question of the title over Darak and adjacent islands, and without prejudice to the title over the Bakassi Peninsula.....
- By 15 votes to 2, the Court rejected Nigeria's sixth objection that there is no basis for a judicial determination that Nigeria bears international responsibility for alleged frontier incursions, because the material submitted by Cameroon is insufficient in order to enable it to defend itself and to enable the Court to make a fair judicial determination of the legal issues before it.....
- By 12 votes to 5, the Court rejected Nigeria's seventh objection that there is no legal dispute concerning delimitation of the maritime boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria which is at the present time appropriate for resolution by the Court, because no maritime boundary determination is possible prior to the determination of title over the Bakassi Peninsula and, in any event, bilateral negotiations to effect a delimitation by agreement have not taken place.....
- Finally, by 12 votes to 5, the Court declared that Nigeria's eighth objection does not have, in the circumstances of the case, an exclusively preliminary character. According to that objection, the question of maritime delimitation necessarily involves, beyond a point that is some 17 nautical miles from the coast, the rights and interests of third states, and that Cameroon's Application is to that extent inadmissible.....


Without looking at who voted what, one can be sure that Ajibola sided with Nigeria in all of the above objections ! Nevertheless, from the above, it appears to me that the case was already overwhelmingly lost as far back as 1998!

Anyway, concerning the October 10, 2002 final (and unappealable) ruling, Akinjide forgets to tell us that the 17-person composition of the Court (with country and expiration date on February of the stated year) was as follows (See Appendix II):

President Gilbert Guillaume (France; 2009); Vice-President Shi Jiuyong (China; 2003); Judges Shigeru Oda (Japan; 2003), Raymond Ranjeva (Madagascar; 2009), Geza Herczegh (Hungary; 2003), Carl-August Fleischhauer (Germany; 2003), Abdul G. Koroma (Sierra Leone; 2003), Rosalyn Higgins (UK; 2009), Gonzalo Parra-Aranguren (Venezuela; 2009), Pieter H. Kooijmans (Netherlands; 2006), José Francisc Rezek (Brazil; 2006), Awn Shawkat Al-Khasawneh (Jordan; 2009), Thomas Buergenthal (USA; 2006), Nabil Elaraby (Egypt; 2006); Judges ad hoc Keba Mbaye (Senegal; died January 11, 2007) , Bola Ajibola (Nigeria); Registrar Phillipe Couvreur (Belgium; since February 2000; re-elected February 2007).

Since the Judgement was on October 10, 2002 - and since the Cameroon-Nigeria case was over an eight-year period, and the term of the regular (non-adhoc) judges was nine years - what the above expiration dates show is that EVERY one of the judges was present from the beginning of the case to the very end, and must have been quite familiar with it!

For our information, ONLY the two Judges

- Judge Koroma (Sierra Leone) and Judge ad hoc Ajibola (of Nigeria) appended dissenting opinions to the Judgment of the Court;

-Judges Oda, Herczegh and Rezek appending separate declarations to the Judgment of the Court;

- Judges Ranjeva, Parra-Aranguren, and Al-Khasawneh and Judge ad hoc Mbaye appending separate opinions to the Judgment of the Court;

So, these other 13 judges (in addition to Frenchman Gillaume and Englishwoman Higgins), all from different countries, were not exactly robots.

And if Nigeria was so worried about a Britishwoman on the Bench, how come we had SO MANY British people on our own legal and advisory team? Come with me here as we look at the document in Appendix 4: The Federal Republic of Nigeria was represented on the ICJ case as follows by about 49 persons - agents, co-agents, counsels and advocates, political, diplomatic, scientific and technical advisors, administrators and media officers. Of this number, at least 21 - or just under half - are full British citizens !

See? ! Is it then NOT possible, going by Akinjide's argument, that these BRITISH lawyers and advise,rs MESSED up our case in collusion with Judges Guillaume and Higgins? Could they not have been passing information to MI5, or to the French side?

These are rhetorical questions, of course, so let us leave the ridiculous for the sublime, and deal with what we know for sure.


Let us also kindly leave sabre-rattling alone, and leave the prospects of war out of the Bakassi affair. Bakassi belongs to Cameroon for the forseeable future, and our National Parliament might wish to do Nigerians and Cameroonians a big favor by "ratifying all the ratifiables" a posteriori to satisfy their constitutional consciences so that these kinds of angst don't keep recurring among our gentle peoples.

I considered it a strategic error for the Government of Nigeria to have ordered the EVACUATION of people from Bakassi who considered themselves Nigerians, for otherwise we would later have had more leverage in requesting for a referendum among the people there to determine what country they want to be in. We can however still continue to press for a referendum. As it is, let us insist that those still in Bakassi who consider themselves Nigerians should be treated with respect and human dignity according to international law, and in accordance with the Green Tree Accord..

Also, in the time being, let us FULLY settle those evacuated into the new Bakassi LG carved out of the old Akpabuyo LG of Cross Rivers State.

In case my above advice is not considered sufficiently "patriotic" or "nationalistic", then let somebody sue somebody else all the way to our Supreme Court. Let that apex body rule - and let us take it from there.

I believe that I know what the answer will be, but obviously some of us Nigerians want to be HIT with OUR correct judgement before we listen. So be it.

Finally, we should stop quoting examples of one country or the other that has not implemented an ICJ judgement. While a recent report talks of a low 61% compliance rate of ICJ rulings, another gives the outright rejection rate as being nearer 5%, the difference between the time taken for various countries to ultimately comply with the judgements, taking into consideration their varying political environments. Cases of the USA, Israel and Iran non-compliance and/or rejection come to mind. I wince at the specter of following bad example rather than good ones, and wonder when these states became EXEMPLARS of good international diplomatic behavior, "gold standards".

I certainly do not ask my children to follow bad examples, but good ones.

I rest my case.



International Court of Justice Upholds its Jurisdiction in Case Brought by Cameroon Against Nigeria
By Peter H.F. Bekker, Ph.D.
June 1998



Land and Maritime Boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria (Cameroon v. Nigeria: Equatorial Guinea intervening) PRESS RELEASE 2002/26 October 10, 2002


APPENDIX III Greentree Accord to Reinforce ICJ Verdict
Full text of the agreement signed in New York on June 12, 2006.



See: Nigeria Cameroon%22



Ma Mary,

Hopefully the Chairman knows how to direct his mail to the President. Otherwise, nothing gets through. Cameroonian democracy fails because the leaders do not co-operate. From State House, Paul Biya mistakenly sees the others as Liliputians.

They should all be on speaking terms, in the supreme interest of the country, and have emergency contact numbers.

Legima Doh

What Paa Ngembus said is the truth.Even if the majority were to stand against it,it would not be rendered false.But more so,the majority of the Southern Cameroonians know their true identity and all the francophones know that we are not part of theirs.The vox popoli of the southern Cameroons is for total reinstatement of the statehood and sovereignty of the Southern cameroons and not participation in the shameful politics of la republique.We have been told this in several occasions and la republique sons have told us too on several occasions to go to our country.I personally would not want to live forever under the abuse of la republique.We've got our dignity,our cultural heritage that must not be annihilated.
The issue of writing letters to Paul Biya was a vain and vague endeavor.What would that mean to a person who got no value nor respect for the Southern Cameroonians' lives.Those letters to me were futile perorations.

Peace to our motherland.

Legima Doh,

Ma Mary

Kumba Boy, I urge Ni John Fru Ndi to take the noble option and join the struggle openly and quit fighting for crumbs of stale baguette. A hotline to Paul Biya or other Camerounese potentate is meaningless.


SCNC, your cries are becoming redundant. You guys are making this site really boring with your constant cries and repetitive monologues. Ma Mary and Legima Doh, I have two words for you: BORING, BORING!!!!We need to start seeing more actions and less monologues. Whatever happened to your Bakassi commandos? have they retired already?


or have they contacted Paa Ngembus and Rexon for fake asylum papers so that they can escape from Cameroon like you guys did? Na langa go kill SCNC i tell you true...

Paa Ngembus


Thank you.

I never knew you had some honor left in you.

So you have finally accepted that what we are doing here as boring as it may sound is having an effect.

We now have LIBERATORS of the Southern Cameroons that you are struggling very hard to belittle as you tried with us but failed.

The LIBERATORS are succeeding on the ground. They are meticulous guys. They are even getting the arms from your Camerounese arms dealing thugs in the name of soldiers.

All I will say is, and allow me to borrow from my Southern Cameroonian brother FirstOctober1961, "WAIT AND SEE".

You sef sef go take you eye chop christmas.

BTW, if we are boring here go back to CIN your frog network. I see that you (Mr Rasta Man) for the first time defended Fru Ndi on CIN when your brothers called him an Ambazonian.

That may be commendable, but please stop running from the truth. Your Froggie bullocks are right. Fru Ndi is a Southern Cameroonian and he knows it and you also know it.

A+ Bozo.

Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary

USAMinnesota, be warned. We shall bore you Camerounese blowhards to death.

You African frogs do not know the meaning of commitment. That is why you were reneging on us since 1961. We are having no more of it!

Keep warm---one cannot be too careful in Minnesota


since you guys have anchored to the name-calling game, I shall abide to the rules.

Paa NgemGOAT,
The only BOZO on this forum is you. In 2020, you will still be on this forum singing songs of Southern Cameroons liberation. You stupid man. I feel so sorry for you

do you think you hollow threats can scare me? stop wasting your time. If fighting for the liberation and freedom for ALL AFRICANS and not only SOUTHERN CAMEROONS makes me an "African frog" as you earlier stated, then so be it.

Paa NgemGOAT and MaMotherFucker,
how different is the SCNC from SDF? have you guys delivered? all you do is talk, have you delivered? at least the SDF has made some progress, what have you guys done? what happened to your famous Bakassi commandos? have they used Rexon's fake papers to escape to Europe? have they escaped like you guys to Oyiboland? have they all fled to Oyiboland? who is fighting on the battlefield in Cameroon?

Na so so Langa go kill SCNC I tell wuna true, na so so langa. When dem don show this SCNC fools dem visa, na so dem di glad. Na so so langa for Oyibo go kill the foolish things dem.

Paa NgemGOAT and MaMotherFucker, the SCNC is a big, fat JOKE.


The SCNC buffoons on this forum are distracting us from issues in Cameroon. This forum should be for people who are willing to discuss positive ideas and bring up credible solutions to improve Cameroon for the betterment of EVERYONE. This forum should be for patriotic Cameroonians who are willing to end the Biya era and start a new era of democracy and progress for all Cameroonians. The SCNC buffoons come here everyday and distract us from doing just this.
This forum should be for citizens only so does claiming not to be citizens should be kicked out. The SCNC can go and form their own site where they can cry, whine and moan all day for all I care.


"The issue of writing letters to Paul Biya was a vain and vague endeavor.What would that mean to a person who got no value nor respect for the Southern Cameroonians' lives"- Legima Doh

Legima Goat, your shameless SCNC propaganda has ran its course. Do you think its only La Republique that had/has disregard for southern Cameroonians' lives? do you think its only La Republique that has mistreated Southern Cameroonians? what about your fellow southern cameroonian J.N Foncha? when he was P.M of southern cameroon wasn't he corrupt to his own people? didn't he strike illegal deals with Ahidjo at the detriment of his own people? wasn't his KNDP party corrupt? didn't he favor "graffis" over the coastal people? what about S.T Muna? why don't you talk about them? HYPOCRITE!
My point is that the problem with Cameroon is bad governance and not regional issues or boundaries,
The SCNC tries to make everything seem like a regional issue which is a blatant lie. The problem with Cameroon and Africa is bad governance and not Francophone/ Anglophone. Look at America which is made up of whites/blacks/Asians and all races you can possibly imagine. How do they make it work? good governance.
Please, don't be deceived by the shameless SCNC propaganda propagated by people with fake visas with political ambitions.Be not fooled by the likes of legima GOAT and MaMotherFucker.


ma mary always talks about educating the people.that is mere propaganda of hate that they are implanting in the minds of the people.but the truth would set the people free from their ideologies of hate.because the truth is cameroon is one and indivisible,"if u know what i mean".culturally,religiously,geographically and politically,and all we need as a nation is good governance so that each and every citizen can enjoy the fruits of the nation.
post-apatheid south africa is what it is today because of a vision from a leader who saw that what could make the nation move furward was for every one to be united as a nation and trash the enormous problems that came with the end of white supremacy.the philosophy was for every south african to forgive and reconcile with each other and move forward,rather than for people to nuise seeds of hate within themselve or for whites to start running away fearing revenge.
ma mary we have lived as a nation for decades and before living as a nation we had no boundaries as africans.
we should be focusing our efforts on contributing ideas that would foster good governance and give our people a better life rather than spreading propaganda of hate among our people because of the problem of "poor policies, coruption and bad governance on the part of the government which has affected the whole country.when some of u elderly citizens were recieving those huge pay cheques in the early post-colonial days,we didnt hear of succession."mami wona leave that noise".cameroonians are too educated and sound-minded to fall for u ideas.use u brain for the right reason.peace all and have a merry christmas in advance.may God bless the motherland.

Legima Doh

People of the Southern Cameroons of this forum,I salute you all and appreciate your candour.I want to cease this opportunity to declare the person under the pseudonym USAfrica as a demon possessed,a foul mouthed,badly brought up,lacking in moral rectitude,detractor,a blatant liar,an imbecile, a psychopath who lacks total empathy.I hereby give him an ASBO Anti social Behaviour Order sentence.Until he undergoes rehabilitation shall we consider him for any discourse as he has proved beyond reasonable doubt to be not worthy of our consideration.He is amoral and immoral.
It is unfortunate u don't know the meaning of the word truth.You also don't know the nitty gritty of SCNC agenda.Consider educating urself on it before taking us behind history and below common sense.

Peace upon our motherland.

Legima Doh,
The earl of ScNc,Younger Brother of our Lord.

Paa Ngembus


Our persistence is paying off and you are scared stiff.

We have more and more Southern Cameroonians being educated and now believing in the cause.

We have LIBERATORS on the ground giving the La Republique thugs hell.

We have USOfMinnessaota having sleepless nights because he knows we are succeeding.

The nincompoop was up at 2:30Am in Minnesota of all places, insulting us.

My "little" Bozo, take Ma Mary's advice and go home or you may freeze to death in Minnesotta.

Guys, our message is getting through. You can see the desperation in the La Republique paid agents like Espoir, USOfMinnesotta and others.

These guys are panicking, because they know we are leaving and nothing they can do will stop us.

Keep up the good work guys.

Legimah and Rexon, please ignore the insults, leave the payback to Paa Ngembus.

The ragamuffins are no match, I guarantee you.

Later guys.

Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary

USMinnesota, my attempt at humour was taken the wrong way and you responded with insults? How unbecoming of a Soban! The freeze in Minnetonka must be affecting your higher brain functions. Please keep smearing yourself by insulting me.

Espoir? What Espoir? We lost hope in la Republique Francais du Cameroun a long time ago. We don't hate you. Just stop your exploitation and colonization let us run our own affairs. Where were you yokels when we were trying to work things out in the past 2 decades. You ignored. You pretended as if you had assimilated us.

Very amusing.


Please heed to diplomacy as Ma Mary examplarily thus.


There is a serious problem in that country and i think only the great God will come from the skies to get us out of the mess in which we find ourselves. I do honestly beleieve that Frud Ndi must have seen what a stumbling block he has ahead of him if the dream of ever gaining parliamentary majority by the SDF is to be a dream come true. Beleieve me yours sincerely i do not think we should be going for these elections whose results are forgone conclusions.
We are showing the world that Democracy exist in Cameroon and to me the Cameroonian Democracy is a pseudo one. The talk of the formation of souther Cameroons republic is also in my view a far t=fetched reality. If we do not do something for our future generation i bet you we would have serious questions to answer to posterity.I cant beleieve the degree of backwardness undergone by Cameroon within the last 25 years of the regime of the monster Called Biya. I listened to his interview and was pretty amazed with the amount of lies a man of Biyas age can tell.
Are we more interested in politics of the stomach or politics of development? I can assure you we cant stand and fold our arms hoping that things would happen over night we muct draw international attension to our plight though force or love to make the world hear our cry. We the anglophones are so subdued in a country where we were supposed to be living in affluence and or abundance. Lets fight and fight really hard for our liberation for Biya have got plans to die in power. Those who excell because of his presidency will kill to stay there so think twice and make a valid judgement. A judgement that will go a long way to bringing a solution, though it may fail at least people who look upon you in future as some one who tried. Remeber we must not be the ones to reap what we sow.

Ma Mary


By Nantang Jua and Piet Konings


Ma Mary

Motabenama, any kind of improved/adequate/optimal political and economic space for Southern Cameroonians are just as far fetched under the Camerounese dispensation. So, why hold back? Go for the gold, my son.

Please read the article linked above. It put things into context. When Southern Cameroonians cry merely for a coequal status in a united Cameroun, they cry alone. There are no matching Francophone voices. Francophone/Camerounese thinkers are in completely another place. Their project has always been the cultural, political and economical dissolution of the "anglophone" identity. They act surprised upon realizing that this is not the case. They are still in disbelief that there is a Southern Cameroonian identity.

The Camerounese reaction to Southern Cameroons nationalism has been to attribute those impulses to a marginalized and tiny elite who did not find a place at the table of the colonizer. They find it hard to integrate the fact that the majority of activists and nationalists are too young to have been "frustrated". They find it hard to integrate the fact that some of the older persons like myself have never been interested in working for any government and never have. Their blunted moral sense does not understand that it is more noble to be "frustrated" than to be co-opted by crumbs into betraying one's people.

To them, everybody has a price and if they cannot find your price, you must abnormal or frustrated. That is how they have been raised, as slaves of the stomach.

In another academic paper, Carlson Anyangwe shows that the intellectual thrust for the dissolution of the Southern Cameroons was a group whose primary thinker was the late Francois Sengat Kuo and it was a multi step process that culminated in the declaration of an enlarged la Republique du Cameroun in 1984 by Mr Paul Biya. As far as Southern Cameroons dissolution and annexation is concerned there is an unbroken thread that runs through the different Camerounese regimes and we do not expect that thread to be broken regardless of which Camerounese ascends to power.


nice monologue, I always wonder how an ice-cream selling, working class Thatcherite like yourself has time for all these lengthy monologues. Your husband is probably not satisfying you enough.
Anyways, you raise good and valid points which I can't deny. However, I stand strong with my point that the Southern Cameroons problem was caused by bad governance and not "Francophones".
Even Southern Cameroons' politicians were corrupt back in the day. Foncha, that corrupt short man, negotiated illegal deals with Ahidjo at the detriment of SOuthern Cameroons. He was also a regionalist who enlisted only "Graffi" people into prominent roles into his KNDP party. As for Muna, his own is a sad case. I would not belabor the point because we all know about the atrocities of Muna AGAINST his own people.
Bad governance is the people with Africa and nor regionalism. That is why I advocate for a federal system in all African countries modeled after the American system.
How do you think a multi-ethnic country like America hasn't been swallowed by chaos? it's the federal system which gives local governments power to rule themselves and at the same time enforcing the checks and balances system.
Secession is a short term goal that would backfire before you can open your eyes. It would bring more economic hardship and social turmoil. Just look at Eritrea. They seceded from Ethiopia and look at them today: conflict, famine, wars you name it.
Federalism would bring long-term achievements like stability and prosperity. It would give regions power to govern themselves but at the same time, it ensures the unity of Africa. That is like eating your cake and having it.
But I don't expect propagandists like MaMotherFucker to understand this. People like MaMotherFucker read Kark Marx and scraps from Martin Luther's speeches one day and decided that they can govern a country. People like MaMotherFucker see secession as a golden political opportunity but forget to look at the long-term. People like MaMotherFucker have been blinded by their own political ambitions, pride, cockiness and closed-mindedness.
Sad, sad, sad. People no longer think about their children's children's children's children's these days. People like MaMotherFucker, Paa NgemGOAT and LegimaGOAT are out for self-gratification.
Na so so langa go kill SCNC i tell you true...


* Bad governance is the problem with Southern Cameroons and Africa and not regionalism


"Your husband is probably not satisfying you enough" by USAfrica

Mr USAfrica, I still can't make out what you mean. Could u expatiate to the understanding of the forum?.

Ma Mary

Foaming rage is always unbecoming. Son, I think you are stretching the limits even of the postnewsline, which tends to be unusually tolerant of reprobates and their verbal swill.

Unable to counteract fact-based arguments, you resort to gutter language in public space.

There is no better way to concede inferiority and defeat than you have done. Please note that I am not engaged in any argument with you. The arguments have been made, and your side was decimated as a matter of law, history, principle, decency, morality. Your presence here is merely as my foil or tool (take your pick) to extend consciousness. I am happy to note that we are succeeding beyond even our own expectations in raising and spreading consciousness.

I rest my case. The free and prosperous Southern Cameroons has been visualized. It only needs to be precipitated and actualized.

Now, keep warm. Do not expose your brain to the Minnesota chill and avoid imbibing excessive alcoholic potions as you have evidently done this evening.

Ma Mary


if you look past my "gutter language in public space", you will see that I drafted a "fact-based" argument supporting federalism to counteract your SCNC propagandist doctrine. I can see that you conveniently ignored my argument and decided to capitalize only on my "gutter language". Selective memory is the most valuable tool in your SCNC propagandist strategy and I condescend to say that you do use it very well.
As regarding my "gutter language", I find it hypocritical that the morally-sufficient Ma Mary is criticizing me. Can this moral fighter and epitome of justice call Ma Mary be a big, fat fake? when I came to this forum to propagate my ideas of a United and federal Africa, who were those who insulted me with "gutter language"? wasn't it your SCNC compatriots? your brother Paa NgemGOAT is always using foul language but have you ever reprimanded him? just this week MaMotherfucker, did you not use "gutter language" to insult me? haven't you just referred to me as an alcoholic suffering from the Minnesota cold? Do I smell a hypocrite? is Ma Mary, the SCNC mother of unmatched virtue a hypocrite? hmmmmm...suspicious.
MaMotherfucker, you and your SCNC buffoons introduced "gutter language" on this forum to insult, break down and destroy your critics. Now that I have bought the tactic, you dare complain? If you can't stand the heat, leave the kitchen.


as regarding your question, all I have to say is that it is open to interpretation. I will add one thing though, any woman who spends 24/7 on a forum posting lengthy monologues, searching for online articles, cooking up propagandist strategies, attempting to brainwash a populace with illogical ideologies and still has to sell ice-cream in America or Europe to earn a living clearly has some issues in her marital bed


Mr USAfrica, I subscribe to you assertion of gutter language in your last one comment.Nay, your last comment;propagated to the intimacy,privacy and matrimony of Ma Mary isn't "politically correct". In a high profile arguement of this calibre, we should always strive to heed to diplomatic decency.
I might disagree with Ma Mary, but think she's the only woman on this forum who has proven from statistics, experience and meticulous observation that; ideological disparity cannot wall her matrimonial integrity. It can be substantiated from the way she argues, presents her points and never quick to retaliate proportionally to any abuse. I think you owe her some apologise gentleman.


Keep hitting home your message about federalism,and don`t betray your ideological base with obscenelanguage.Nobody will forgive you for using words like'MMF'on an international forum.Don`t emulate those morally loose guys on the CIN forum.Our culture doesn`t teach us to be foul mouthed to this extent.Lastly ,all of us have the duty to encourage,and see to it that Ma Mary keeps moving ahead.This does not in anyway mean that we shouldn`t disagree with her.
George Bush would not surely brand Nancy Pelosi 'MMF',Musharaff would not call Benazir Bhutto 'MMF",would they?

Paa Ngembus


No one will buy your United Africa if this is how you intend to sell it.

Who wants to live with a brother who calls them MF?

The problem with you frogs is that you don't even know how to insult or belittle with brash dignity.

There is a difference between "Nincompoop" and "MF".

One sounds "Sasse Graduate" and the other sounds "Kumba Market Ngong-dog".

Do you think you are in marche Mokolo?

This is "The Post" my friend.

And they wonder why we don't want to live with them anymore.

Frogs, frogs, frogs. Tous les petits feignants.


Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary

In the hierarchy of values, FREEDOM is always superior to UNITY. Unity-Freedom=Coercion=Imprisonment=Suffocation

Are 50 years of Coercion=Imprisonment=Suffocation not enough?

I say they are.

If you look at the evidence we have, the opinion makers of la Republique have all been drilled into and bought this Unity-Freedom=Coercion=Imprisonment=Suffocation equation. Read the Jua and Koenings paper again, which merely confirms my experience. What that means is that any new president/government of la republique, whatever the ethnic complexion could never produce the kind of accommodation and autonomy that Southern Cameroonians require.

Please, stop singing the Unity siren song. Our ears are sealed.

BTW: It is always entertaining to watch little men raised in the patriarchal, chauvinist mindset flail about when exposed to free thought, like vampires dowsed with holy water.

M Nje

Unitedstatesofafrica is becoming increasingly desperate. He cannot stand the facts that have been presented to him about Southern Cameroons. He cannot imagine the energy that those Southern Cameroonians supporting the struggle for a statehood for Southern Cameroons have. He just cannot imagine that there are still here defending the struggle after him and many others have put up much energy to derail them. This is a desperate person. This is a very angry person.

Get help unitedstateofafrica. Get some counseling. Your present situation can lead to suicide. You are a danger to yourself and those in your immediate surroundings.


And now Mr USAfrica, could you apologise to this forum for grossly disrepecting Ma Mary?.


Mr. Simplice, if you waiting for an apology for me, then you will wait until you get into your grave.
You people on this forum will never stop surprising me with your overt hypocrisy. I see it in your politics and now it is showing in your character.
Simplice & co.,When Ma Mary made derogatory remarks about my "manhood" did any of you guys tell her to apologize? or is it because she is a woman? so it is ok for women to make derogatory remarks about men but it is not ok for men to return the favor? when you attack, be prepared to attack. When Hitler invaded Poland, their allies retaliated. hyporisy
M Nje & co., when your fellow SCNC compatriot Paa NgemGOAT comes here every day and vomits filthy and foul words, have you ever reprimanded him? hypocrisy.
All of guys inlcuding Simplice are disgusting hypocrites and you prove that everyday. Simplice, you always put up a front as the logical student but in reality, you just a hypocrite like MAMOTHERFUCKER, PAA NGEMGOAT, M JOKE and the rest of the clan.

If you can't stand the heat, leave the bloody kitchen.


No! You got it wrong!You can`t justify wrong behaviour by being recidivist in wrong doing.I think we are talking here about a pattern of behaviour,not that Ma Mary has never insulted you.You also got one thing right,that those proponents of the Southern Cameroons course are unnecessarily drowned in verbal dysentery.When you become too frantic,you give the impression that you want to force your way through.It shouldn`t be this way.Freedom fighters use the language of love to win over hearts,while remaining firm against the oppressor.
USAfrica,this whole issue brings us all to ask on everyone of us to argue forcefully but to tone down invectives.I read Paa Ngembus on the CIN,and one would not need to be a magician to know that he is the one.You
must have seen Nje,Legi Doh,and even Rexon telling me I`m stupid,that I am the dullest person on earth,but I keep telling them what I think,and once in a while I add some pepper too.It should be this way.Ma Mary`s worth on this forum doesn`t come from the fact that she is a woman,but from what Simplice described to you earlier.Hit everybody with hard facts ,but don`t descend to the level of the CIN forum.This goes same to Paa Ngembus.

Ma Mary

What is this obsession about "manhood"? If you have a sore point, a complex that causes you to protest too much, you need healing of the soul? A fragile ego is not an attractive thing, because you are like an egg, and anytime I please, I can spatter your ectoplasm on the cement.

I suggest that you get softer, not harder then you can bounce or roll rather than shatter every time. It is pathetic, my poor chap.

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