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Thursday, 13 December 2007


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Ladies and gentlemen of the core; keep your comments coming.


ladies and gentlemen of the core, the forum need your comments on the momentous issue affecting our intergrity.


I credit the post for keeping us informed of happenings at home and elsewhere. However, I want to think that the reporter of this article might have misread the report published by Corruption International. According to that report, Cameroon is ranked 138th out of 180 countries classified, with a CPI score of 2.4 on 10. South Africa is ranked 43rd with score 5.1 and Nigeria is ranked 147th. It may be interesting to know that Russia appears to be more corrupt than Cameroon according to Transparency International. She is ranked 143rd. I am in no way refuting the fact that Cameroon is corrupt, anyway. Should you be interested in the source, find it at


Can someone tell me why Cameroon has 137 corrupt BIG brothers according to Corruption International and yet is dupped king of Corruption in Africa by Transparency international?. What a startling contrast?. What is their criteria of comparaison?. How do we renconcile those two international ranks?.
And if I may further inquire: I'll like to know the role asylum seekers, who cook "ready made" stories in an attempt to save their bellies, are playing in this. For I think that more than 80% of asylum seekers are lies tellers:fakes,enemies of the republic and unpatriotic . They paint our country black, and in the process of sculturing Cameroon odd,in return for some green pasture, they are noticed by Transparency International and Corruption International.
The Southern Cameroons cause may be genuine,however asylum seekers sheilding behind their it are mostly wolves in sheep clothing.
Wise men and women of the core, my reflection is a hypothesis and open to fact based contradiction.

mk the southerner

Simplice If the country was good no one will go out for sylum. And mine you that no Southern Cameroonian seeking asylum any where is fake. We Southern Cameroonians If you are one have been collonizede by the frogs,we are tennants in our own house. No right to say that u are a Southern Cameroonain or wear a t shirt with inscription SCNC. We have everything but we enjoy none. So sir there are many reasons why Southern Cameroonians are seeking ASYLUM OUT THERE. Not hear that we are not patriotic to that your so call cameroun cos it is not our country and it will never be. Just for sharing SCNC articles i have been arested not only once. In all these arest i have asked the company commander to charge me under section 111 which untill date they have not cos they have no case.

But all the same with what TI has releast i stand by it with all joy. So the SCNC keeps waxing strong let the dogs back by the site of the road as the SCNC train pass, backs or not we shall go and dogs will stay behind. No vehicle had ever stop moving because it was passing and dogs where backing. Dont be afraid bros except you are a dog.
God bless Southern Cameroons


"Simplice If the country was good no one will go out for sylum. And mine you that no Southern Cameroonian seeking asylum any where is fake" by MK the Southerner

Mr MK the Southerner, please recant above statement before fact-based counter-statements send you wondering at the selective memory motivation that inspired the comment.

Paa Ngembus

The Journalist was writing about the bribery survey.

Do wour research before criticizing OK.


Respondents who paid a bribe to obtain services


Percentage of
respondents who
paid a bribe

Total Sample 13%

Africa 42%

Cameroon 79%
Ghana *
Nigeria 40%
Senegal 38%
South Africa 3%

Asia Pacific 22%

Cambodia 72%
Hong Kong 3%
India 25%
Indonesia 31%
Japan 1%
Korea, south 1%
Malaysia 6%
Pakistan 44%
Philippines 32%
Singapore *
Thailand *
Vietnam 14%

EU+ 5%

Austria 1%
Bulgaria 7%
Czech Republic 13%
Denmark 2%
Finland 2%
France 1%
Germany **
Greece 27%
Iceland 1%
Ireland 2%
Italy **
Lithuania 29%
Luxembourg 6%
Netherlands 2%
Norway *
Poland *
Portugal 2%
Romania 33%
Spain 3%
Sweden 1%
Switzerland 1%
United Kingdom 2%

Latin America 13%

Argentina 5%
Bolivia 27%
Colombia *
Dominican Republic 28%
Ecuador *
Guatemala *
Panama 13%
Peru 18%
Venezuela 12%

NIS 21%

Moldova 30%
Russia 17%
Ukraine 30%

North America 2%

Canada 1%
United States 2%

South East Europe 12%

Albania 71%
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5%
Croatia 8%
Kosovo 67%
FYR Macedonia 44%
Serbia 21%
Turkey 6%

Source: Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer 2007. Percentages are weighted and calculated
for respondents who came in contact with services.
* Due to problems with data, results for Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Norway, Poland, Thailand, and
Singapore could not be used.
** In Germany and Italy this question was not asked.


Mr Paa Ngembus, many thanks for the update.
Mais écoute Paa Ngembus, cela ne répond point à la préoccupation citée plus haut.
Please scroll up, grasp my préoccupation and complete your answer.

Prince Eseme

I'm in noway surprise by TI data because we deserve whatever position they classified us. indeed we are corrupt. Visit Cameroon and see for yourself how your brothers and sisters in uniforms and those in positions of responsibilities are asking for tips from the common man. Cameroon is a disgrace and things really need to change for better. Every Cameroonian living in western world is an asylum seeker including you Simplice so do not blame others for if the Country was fine like in the 80ths, no one will want to go to a foreign land where you will be look upon as a begger. There is no place like home and we all like to be in our country.


"Every Cameroonian living in western world is an asylum seeker including you Simplice " by Prince Eseme

The "Everybody" used above sounds absolute. What an appreciation?. Come on gentleman, be more objective in your appraisal.
Your utopic generalisation,however depicts some truth:that asylum seekers are lies tellers and also have a liability in Cameroons corrupt quality. What I most appreciate is your honesty, in indirectly admitting you're part of the club. And as an element of consolation you add:"including you Simplice".
Well, gentleman, I'm more patriotic than "stomachocratic".And I just wish you could let other elements of your club understand; there're greatly contributing in tarnishing our Fatherland's image by cooking-up stories in a bid to satisfy some alimentary obligations.
Take care


Hey everyone,the Congolese parliament just voted overwhelmingly for the repartriation of Mobutu's corpse from Morrocco.If Mobutu who was one of the worst if not the worst tyrant ever in Africa and who died just 10 years ago,can receive such a favour from a country torn by wore,why can't our legislators do same for Ahidjo?

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