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Monday, 28 January 2008


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Dinga paul owona

Congratulation to the was a spectacular show .we hope they keep this up and we shall continue moving to the stadia to give them the necessary support but the Lions must remind themselves they are the best in the Continent having the best FIFA record so far to have qualified to the quarter final in the world cup.This should be taken very seriously because the guys do not seem to be hoping of getting the cup.But i wish to say we got to get the cup no matter what.secondly certain players should be maintained in each match Job Desire, he brought a lot of luck into the team,Mbami should hardly be replace he has a mastery of his position than any other, any replacement only causes havoc.Young Song is inevitable.Atuba must be very careful with his ambitions as most often we find he abandoning his post trying to strike this brings much load on captain song as he rushes to cover there by comiting total disaster.Kamini should not abandon all to his defenders.His positions need to be carefully calculated.Lastly the style of play.we are not Brazilians or Europeans we are Cameroonians and have our own natural play style highly admired by others.The players must be aggressive, hard play but avoiding fauls.This is what we uses to win all our trophies.
With all this taken into consideration the Lions will still remain king of the forest.God is on our side.
Congratulation Captain Song.

Dinga paul owona

Onbehalf of the Cameroonian supporters here in Ghana we wish to congratulate the Lions for making it to the quarter finals.We have won a battle not the war.The performance of the Lions rated here is below average 40 out of hundred.Thier victory has largely been attributed to divine intervention than good performance.Though by the end of the first round the right guys seemed to have been gotten some of them are not well positioned,much has to be done to improve their skills as lack of vigilance,no mapping,poor ball distributions,a porous and seasonal confuse defence and too much concentration of action on only one part of the pitch characterised their play in the first round.
The second phase of the competition will be more demanding expecting more prowess and expartise on the part of the players and there will be no room for correction for once beaten you are out.No chances must be taken at all.We dont want to see a situation where Geremi gets the ball and does not know who to give it to ask no one is asking for it and he end up kicking it into space,we eaqually need to see accurate of the reasons why the Brazilians will always be on top is thier vigilance and even distribution of the ball such that action is not concentrated on only one portion of the pitch or around a single player.spreading the ball has the benefit of creating chances of penetration and causing the opponents to lose focus.we will also like to see a one to one mapping of the players each player should have an opponent to keep reducing the chances of free shoot by their opponents.The defence got to be fortified , made less porous and the seasonal confusion eradicated.Lastly the players should occupy thier rightful position.prior to this first half i have never witness a match with ETO in the midfield.we will like to see him leading the attack up front, mounting pressure and giving more strikes.As a formidable FIFA asset he will be given more protection and and light touch on him can lead to a penalty.
with aggressive and hard play but avoiding faults and the above taken into consideration nothing can stop us bringing the trophy home .
Congratulation to all the players and the adminitive team for listening to us.We are here to take the cup home and nothing less.

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