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Monday, 07 January 2008


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Limbe Councils Budget FCFA 2 Billion and we start reading how thy intend to put the money in use
1---acquiring office equipment
2---acquisition of new vehicles
3---construction of houses for workers and office space for the council
something to laugh at,i guess all these projects would double this council budget of 2 million taking into considerations the many corrupt self-interest hands the money would pass through and the fake figures you would see on their bills.
Limbe one of cameroons only tourist attraction which is a nightmare has raised a budget of 2 billion and nothing is being mention to improve on its touristic sector which could generate tripple that amount,but you hear them talking about buying cars,building houses for workers as if they sleep on the streets,take a look at the Limbe Down beach shore which is the first impression you capture about the city,what you find there is a smelling fish market, what impression do we give visitors when the first sight of the city sucks so much?Dirty streets full with gabbage all over newtown,half mile,churh street.A tiny group of orange dressed men and women claim to keep the city clean but they barely do nothing rather than patroling the streets(tiny paths) up and down.Visit the bars and pubs around town,all dirty and sucking epecially the rest rooms(toilets).To use them is just a nightmare cus you have to halt you breath and close your eyes to ease yourself,I just don,t want to think about what kind of dieseases you could get from there,where are the sanitory inspectors?who licence these bar owners to operate?How many more years do we need to learn to meet foriegn standards?where is the patriotism?why can they not use this budget to improve on security,sanitation,fight aids and other diseases ,create roads and to attract tourism?when i move through travel agencies in Europe,i see them advertising holidays in Gambia,Kenya,Tanzania,South africa,and so on,i look at the pictures,the seaside,the culture,the integration and i ask why can,t we not copy from them?i would be proud to see my country among the above also one Limbe mayors,wake up please

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