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Monday, 07 January 2008


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Ma Mary

Huckabee represents the decoupling of social conservatives (Christian Right) from the fiscal conservatives in the republican party. It was a recognition that denying the poor a helping hand is an unchristian position.

Obama's is also a remarkable story, and I hope you would give him an equally upbeat story. He also started with nothing and launched his campaign with a series of two successful biographies after a career as a community organizer and state politician. He also has a powerful appeal to the young. He tends not to speak in sound bites, which is quality that I loathe in politicians and is the main reason I mistrust Mike Huckabee. Sound bites are a form of condescention.

Mike A.

As Christians we are called to tell the whole truth, not just half-truths.

We are especially called to hold worldly leaders accountable and not allow them to behave as wolves in sheep's skins.

Huckabee's ties to anti-Biblical Dominionists and to racists have been carefully documented by web sites such as Box Turtle Bulletin (

I encourage your site to report the whole truth about Huckabee so that Christians can discern who the true faithful really are.

Mike A.

I also must protest the notion that Huckabee's policy of taxing the poor with a 30-40% sales tax -- while eliminating taxes on unearned wealth -- is somehow Christian.


Hmm...when I first saw that The Post is running an article on the US elections I was truly intrigued that we would now be talking about American politics. But what I wonder is if this article is also printed in the versions of The Post that are distributed in Bamenda and Buea for example. Because then it paints Mike Huckabee as the MOST excitable candidate in a presidential race that actually has many of them. Barack Obama is a half-Kenyan, half-American (but he looks like me and you) who has his a quite inspiring story. Hilary Clinton is a woman running for president; she too has her own buzz. And there are more of them. It is not befitting to have a first article on an ongoing occurrence that just tells a juicy part of the middle of the story. To someone who is reading this as the first informative piece on this election--and it will be many people indeed--will see Mike Huckabee as the single renaissance candidate with reminders of American iconic leaders like Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and even Bill Clinton. Simply not the entire story and dangerously, glaringly biased.

Ma Mary

Other dimensions of Mike Huckabee seem to emerge here. He seems to belong to Biblical fundamentalists who would change the established order in the United States viz separation of church and state. In other words, underneath his affable exterior, Huckabee could be a religious nut. That is very disturbing. The author needs to look into both sides and as Tanyi points out Obama and Clinton would be at least equally as fascinating to Africans.

An intense and interesting democratic exercise is unfolding in the USA now, while some other people are trying to change constitutions to make themselves life presidents.

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