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Friday, 25 January 2008


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Paa Ngembus

Mr Manyong,

You raise some interesting questions.

If I were naive, I may not have caught some of your ill-intentioned sarcasm.

Upon re-reading Anyangwe's speech, I had a second go at your article and came to some distressing conclusions.

I am really beginning to wander if you journalists are not becoming too lazy and not doing your homework with the required due deligence as thoroughly as you should be.

If you read Anyangwe's release critically with the eye of a "true" investigative journalst and "acclaimed" OpEd writer for a paper the calibre of THE POST, you would have at least picked the following in their contextual and inferred meanings:


The necessity for this government imposes itself at yet another
level. There is need for a broad-based authority with the necessary moral capacity to argue a stay on any contemplated recourse to self-defence measures and to offer real hope for a negotiated settlement. There is also need for a duly constituted authority able and ready to interface immediately with Cameroun Republic towards the consensual
decolonisation of the British Southern Cameroons.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT "...contemplated recourse to self-defence measures..." MEANS?


What appears to inform our oppressor's repeated rejection of every invitation for the peaceful decolonisation of the British Southern Cameroons is its false belief that it has might on its side and that its colonial occupation of the British Southern Cameroons can be sustained by increased terrorisation and violence! History gives the lie to this mindset.


Our policy is to undo the colonial occupation of our homeland, and to do so with all the strength, commitment, creativity and inspiration that God has given us. Our aim is to liberate our people from a noonday colonial yoke.


Indeed, Cameroun Republic will be casting adrift its future as a
corporate entity if it stubbornly continues with its sterile efforts
at holding the Southern Cameroons in colonial captivity


following the UN proclamation of the decade of the complete eradication of colonialism in all its forms and manifestations, and eight years into the second millennium, we are now at a crossroads, and it is unacceptable to post-pone indefinitely the decolonisation of the British Southern Cameroons.


The Provisional Restoration Government of the British Southern
Cameroons (a.k.a. the Southern Cameroons) is born of the evident will and wish of the British Southern Cameroons nation in the harrowing circumstances in which it finds itself. By design, it is broadly representative to ensure the unity of the Southern Cameroons nation. It represents the united and inflexible resolve of the British Southern Cameroons nation to prosecute to successful conclusion the consensual or non-consensual decolonisation of the British Southern Cameroons. It was necessary that this initiative be taken. It was taken on account of the extreme urgency and rigour of the moment. For, after almost fifty years of colonial occupation and oppression by Cameroun Republic, the decolonisation of the British Southern Cameroons has now assumed much greater urgency and can no longer be postponed.

READ "ALL EFFORTS TO DIVIDE ANDCONQUER US HAVE FAILED". NOTE THE "united and inflexible resolve of the British Southern Cameroons nation" TO ACHIEVE "consensual or non-consensual decolonisation of the British Southern Cameroons".

Today, as yesterday, we invite Cameroun Republic to the round table at a mutually acceptable venue for discussions to
terminate the colonial occupation of the British Southern Cameroons
colonial question. ....... Today we make the same call to Cameroun Republic as was made yesterday. It might turn out to be the last especially in the light of the very persuasive case for the argument of self-defence.

NOTE "It might turn out to be the last" INVITATION FOR DIALGUE.


Mr. Manyong, do you think you need a follow-up on this article? Many things do not need to be completely spelled out to be understood. There is something in "world speak" called "diplomatic talk" and those who practice it understand it. I guess Mr. Manyong is no diplomat or student of diplomacy.

Mr Manyong, you do not expect Anyangwe to behave like Akwanga do you? One is seasoned and a grown up, and the other is not.

See you later.

Paa Ngembus


Paa Ngembus, to call this clown, Manyong, a journalist is doing a great disservice to those true professionals around the world better deserving of the term. A windbag might be a more appropriate term for the joker.

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