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« CAVOD Condemns Biya's Bid To Revise Constitution | Main | The Post Front Page-Friday, January 18, 2008 »

Thursday, 17 January 2008


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Tita Mofaw

you guys should kill each other. After all that is what RDPC and le grand ambition stands for. Lets only pray that God will help Popo to succeed in changing the constitution so that he can stay in power since there is nobody in Cameroon who is competent enough to lead the country through this difficult moment in our history.


Hon. Ayah,

Cameroon has no exit VISA and has no influence on the UK consulate on VISA matters. Who refused you an EXIT VISA?

Is the journalist aware of facts to be able to challenge the CPDM MP? This is not good for journalism.

kenedy Epie

I am a bit worried about this story. I hope the writer is so sure of the quoted facts. It is too dangerous when personalities are attacked in reporting.
However, the progressive stands taken by Hon. Ayah making him an in-house-critic of the CPDM may expose him to treats and plots from all quarters of the regime.
I will advice that we must be sure and be ready to defend what we write in the media. A word to a wise is sufficient.
Kenedy Epie,
Helsinki, Finland.

Tekum Mbeng

One would imagine that the Post editorial team would screen any front page story to avoid seeming fiction/imagination.

The trouble here is most Cameroonian journalistic writings are no different from "Mami acara"'s recipe. There is a bit of salt and a bit of pepper. The truth is waxed with fiction and sold to an uncritical public.

This is titilation - it sells newspapers like the UK press uses sex to sell tabloid editions. Oh yes, sometimes, the same tabloid makes 2 print runs to catch up with the latest twists.

Regarding Cameroon, telling lies is a national pass time, from the Head of State to the truck pusher. This is not good.


Is it just me or this looking really childish? I don't know if it's the mediocre journalism or the factless/baseless/illogical claims made by Hon. Ayah. I'm not saying his claims are untrue but couldn't he have made them in a more logical and fact-based manner? then again, the problem might be how the journalist presented the story.
This brings me back to my dilemma. Is the problem with the mediocre journalism or Hon. Ayah's factless presentation of his complains?


"The trouble here is most Cameroonian journalistic writings are no different from "Mami acara"'s recipe. There is a bit of salt and a bit of pepper. The truth is waxed with fiction and sold to an uncritical public."- Tekum Mbeng

lol lol lol lol lol lol...this is soooo funny but soooo lol lol lol lol lol...I am literally rolling on the world and laughing out loud.

One would think that with all of The Post's experience, they would know better than to run a factless and baseless cover story. For how many more years? how many more?


The name of Hon Ayah is the only reason for any one to be patient enough to go through what is a utter scrap of an article. All one can advise the post is to take the investigation all over again, and in the process get a coherent interview from the Honorable gentleman.
The possibility that Mr Ayah could be in the devilish books of the regime are very real given his status as an intellectual who speaks his mind irrespective of political labels. He has time and again let it be known, and with concrete justifications, for example,that the Cameroonian constitution has a lot of loop holes designed to keep as much power with the President of the Republic as is possible, consequently rendering Parliament useless.No reasoning Cameroonian can disagree with that.It could therefore have been decided by the "hierachy",or an individual seeking favors from them, to silence the honorable MP.It is therefore worth while waiting for he Post to respond to the shrieking disapprovals on this Forum before we write off the story.


You want quality journalism? Then invest in training and skills. You reap what you sow. You cannot sow corn and expect to reap beans.

What do you expect from products of the glorified high schools called UB, Soa, Dschang etc? What are their budgets on training, infrastructure, books, learning aids, research, lecturers etc?

How can the annual budget of University College London rival that of the entire education system in Cameroon? Ridiculous.

Next time before you rant, rave and demand quality journalism, spare a thought for these kids who have practically been left to fend for themselves.

In search of Justice

death does not only visit the underprivileged. Mr. man or mp as you call yourself, do you know how many people your signature in the parliament through the cpdm has killed on the streets in Bamenda and Kumba. Just shot-up your month and face death we we on the street do. Stop complaining of a system to help to build. Were are our brothers in Kondengui and those in the grave. If you come to hide at my back door, i will hand you over to the governor. You all are birds of thesame feather.

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