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Saturday, 16 February 2008


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How long are we going to stomach these provocations. And what feeble response from a member of Government. There should be a more energetic response. If this diabolic regime has continued these provocations, it is because of the weakness in response which has so far given the impression that SCNC is a toothless bulldog. How can leaders of a movement be arrested and the rest go home to sleep on their beds as if it was a normal thing. Why not force the regime to build more prisons to keep all members of the movement?
SCNC stand up and demonstrate your force and power even if it is just "the force of argument"

Ma Mary

The SCNC are the nice guys, and you really should be talking to them.


This is where most of us were expecting to see Pa Ngembus, Ma. Mary, and Rexon to prove their worth. These people have been arrested and detained in your territory. Do something.


The SCNC government should be pro-active and stop their lofty rhetorics and break this relative silence that characterise the group.The Northern Zonal Chairman's remarks is not backed by substance.His words has no principled opposition or castigation to the periodic unjust arrests,tortures and unlawful detentions of their members.

The movement cannot claim to have any 'mission accompli' if they still lag behind with a potentially fatal challenges that lies their way.Hopes are high as most member states of the Unrepresented People Organisation,UNPO are being granted independence.Recently we hear of Burma.

Hope the SCNC heirarchy will not be contented with propaganda victories, while the Southern Cameroon peoples and the international community expect much more punching guts from them.They should be ready to pay the political price they have promised the people they represent.

Fritzane Kiki


How I wish what is happening in Kosovo today was taking place in Southern Cameroons.
Congratulations to the people of Kosovo. The PM of Kosovo has just declared Kosovo independent.


Shalom and SCNC activist,
we Cameroonians will keep on crushing ur ideas by all means possible so long as u continue to serve the ideologies of this scnc madness. shalom ur scnc friends are not necessarily toothless bulldogs, the truth is that almost all cameroonians do not support ur hopeless scnc agenda.
i will alway criticize biya for his role in the destruction of cameroon economy and politics but i am happy he is ready to destroy ur dear scnc.
we should instead concentrate on more vital things which can help the poor cameroonian-things like health,education, jobs,etc including stopping biya from changing our constitution.
MR and MRS SCNC'S please go away and propagate ur ideas in an scnc forum and alway await scantions from us Cameroonians


another thing, 20 scnc officials is not enough. i will be proud of this nation if u can join hands and arrest all these mad people including the scnc activist disturbing in this forum

Paa Ngembus


Can you tell me the "we cameroonians" you are talking about?

Go back to your country. We don't need you and we don't want you in the Southern Cameroons.

Just leave us alone and go back to your country.

For you information Southern Cameroonians created "The Post" Newspaper as well as

If you want a Frog network, go to CIN, there you will find your brother and sister Frogs.

We don't want you here, just leave. Bozo.

If you think Southerrn Cameroons independence is a pipe dream, think again. Also, go and chat with the Serbs about the Kosovars.

Little ignorant buffoon.


Paa Ngembus


I hope that fragmented history club nick-named The SCNC would learn a thing or two from Kosovo.

Congrats to Kosovo, People of action and not people of EMPTY WORDS.


LOL @ Vextoj, that was too funny. I am literally laughing out loud. No pleasure is sweeter than making a mad man (Mr. Game Goat aka Gembus)more and more mad. PRICELESS!

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