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Wednesday, 27 February 2008


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Mr. President,
Cameroon is on fire because of failed leadership, lack of concern, corruption and tribalism on YOUR part. These were things my Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi had warned you of several times; trying to draw your attention to the fact that these vices may spark off a civil strife. But true to yourself, you remained aloof, taking Cameroonians for docile.
Read his letters again
Today when you have clearly failed the Cameroonian people and they are poised to take their destiny to their hands, you start hunting for others to put the blame on.


This is an insult to the youth of the country, for the Presidency to address us as deliquents. This is a very disgusting and irresponsible statement by the Presidency of the Cameroon. In so doing they are adding to an already volatile situation. From all indications, there is no one behind the upheavals going on. As a matter of fact, it is the disgruntleness of how the country is been managed. The youths have had enough of this and enough of these insults. Watch out!!


The begining of the end of a dictator.One could read from his countenance that all is not well with him. What a Speech!!
He didn't address the people he claimed to rule, no greetings, no respect. Is this somebody some people clamour to be a president for life?

He who declares a war should be ready to fight that war.

T Wanaku


* The President has denounced the manipulation of Youths ans promised to ensure that law and order prevailed.*

Our country is witnessing a situation, which brings back unpleasant memories of a period we thought was long gone.
[Which period? Tell us again. The children of today do not know what you're talking about. First of all, are these so-called 'memories' taught in the History classes of your AbNormal schools?]...]

While it may be understandable that when negotiations fail, the demands of a group are sometimes expressed through strike action, it is unacceptable that such action should serve as a pretext for outpourings of violence against people and property. Besides, it is now established that any industrial dispute can always be resolved through negotiation. [It is now established? By who?]

In actual fact, that is not the problem.[Oh yea? Then why bring it up?] What is at issue is the use, not to say exploitation of the transporters' strike for political ends. [Who is the politician here? You or the strikers?] For some people, who by the way, did not hide their intentions, the objective is to obtain through violence what they were unable to obtain through the ballot box, that is to say, through the normal functioning of democracy. [Who are you talking about? Just get to the point? Name names if you are sure. Don't beat about the jungle]

They therefore did not hesitate to throw into the streets bands of youths who were joined by delinquents lured by the possibility of looting. [Delinquents? What have you done in 25 years to help the so-called 'delinquents'? 'Bands of youths'? Are they also 'delinquents'?] The results are there: public buildings destroyed or burnt down, shops and businesses looted or devastated. [Who were you negotiating with in the first place? If you were negotiating with these people, you think they will go out and start destroying stuff?]

Be it State property, I mean our common heritage, or private premises, these are years of efforts thus reduced to nothing. [This sounds like your legacy. Take it or leave it]

The demons who manipulated these youths behind the scenes, were not bothered about the risk that they made them to run by exposing them to confrontations with the forces of law and order. As a result, several of them lost their lives, which, of course, cannot but be deplored.
[Demons? Hear who is talking about demons. Do you really believe in the existence of such creatures? What is the shape, size and weight of a 'demon'?]

When the human and material toll of these dark days will be taken, it will probably be very heavy. Those behind these manipulations definitely did not have the good of our people in their mind. A country cannot be built through destruction. [What say you about "chop broke pot". For 25 years you have not understood what the common wo/man in the street can write a thesis about. 'Country cannot be built through destruction ... Can a country be built through "chop broke pot"?]

It should therefore be made absolutely clear that Cameroon is a
Constitutional State and intends to remain so. [Don't even go there. Cameroun is a state ruled by Decree. Are you still pulling the wool over the people's eyes?]

It has democratic institutions which are functioning normally. It is within his framework that the nation's problems are addressed. It is not in the street that they are resolved. [Democratic what? Functioning ‘normally’. Really?]

The vast majority of our people long for peace and stability. The last
elections proved this. Cameroonians know that disorder can only bring about calamity and misery. We cannot allow that to happen. ["We" Who?]

To those who are responsible for manipulating the youth to achieve their aims, I want to tell them that their attempts are doomed to failure. All legal means available to Government will be brought into play to ensure the rule of law. [This is irresponsible. You are by this statement saying that the youth of Cameroun cannot think for themselves, and that they need for a puppeteer to spring them into action. What kind of youth programs have you presided over for 25 years? The Creation of a puppet-youth generation?]

Source: Presidency of the Republic

--- End forwarded message ---

Glenn Wilson

“Paul Biya - Arrest Warrant”

Paul Biya shamelessness stands out, even above the very stiff competition of thieving dictators on the African continent. Send him for a visit to Australa. I'll do a citizens arrest at the airport.

Talk, talk, talk. Biya wants to talk while aiming a gun at you while your stomach growls with hunger.

Cameroonians, Enough is enough. There's no need to discuss issues of slavery in the past, as you live in it today. Send Popol to retirement in France (with Chantele & empty pockets).


Who was Paul Biya addressing? In fact, this was not an address but the harangue of an arrogant man who thinks that he has the right to lord it over Cameroonians. He thinks that the Cameroonian youth is so naive that they cannot see through his own machinations. Thus, when they go to the streets it must be that they have been manipulated! He even describes these young people as "delinquents" failing to realize that he is the one who has made them delinquent by keeping them idle!

Paul Biya's constant reproach of the Cameroonian people, like an abusive father, is beyond reprehensible - it is despicable. The violent strike began about five days ago but he only came out to speak to the people today. He did not even come out with a conciliatory tone but rather with the dictatorial arrogance that he has come to cultivate.

Instead of placing the blame where it belongs - his administration's failed policies - he instead blames someone else for manipulating the youth. He has shown that he does not intend to address the problem because he has now delegated his power to the forces of law and order - as he always does. Since his understanding of power is limited to use of armed forces, it is little wonder that young people have come to adopt his method of violence.

This desperate speech, directed to I don't know who, is a violent speech from a lover of violence, Paul Biya. One would have thought that the role of the president of a country in such situations would be to calm matters, but Paul Biya, being the lover of violence that he is, has rather fanned the flames by his patronizing contempt for young people.

He speaks as if he himself has the well being of the people in mind when his goal is only his own political advantage. How does amending the constitution to let Paul Biya continue in power benefit Cameroonians?

Paul Biya may be the father of his kids at home but he is hardly the father of Cameroonians. He must learn to talk to us with courtesy and respect. His arrongant, gangster attitude does not befit the style of many Cameroonians. Shame on you Paul Biya, for fanning the flame of discord in our country. Your are more of a colonizer than a patriot.


It is clear from Mr Biya's speech that he is scared. All the shouting should mean nothing to the people. He is scared and he knows that his time is over. Let him shout his last shout, let his followers steal as this is their last opportunity, but the intelligent ones should start reconciling with the people and looking for anescape route. The people should know that this is their time to overpower the regime. I will urge Southern Cameroonians to take advantage of this situation and fight for their independence. Remaining docile and patient with a very murderous regime does not mean there is peace in Southern Cameroons Cameroon or even within Biya's tribal heritage and La Republique. What Mr Biya and most members of his regime should be looking for is an escape route. There is general discontent everywhere and it is not just a strike action relating to the increases in the prices of petrol. Southern Cameroonians are fighting not for a regime change but for the total decolonisation of their land. On the other hand, La Repubique francaise du Camerouns citizens have been living in abject poverty as a result of persistent manipulation and exploitation of the economy by corrupt kingmakers linked to the regime. I will begin by expantiating on some of the issues that might have fuelled this strike actions. Let me start with petrol. The people of the Southern Cameroons create the bulk of the country's wealth primarily through crude petroleum production, banana's, palm oil, cocoa, timber, etc. Yet their corporation tax is being paid in La Republique and they have nothing to show for their work and enterprise. On the contrary, people in Yaounde and other cities of La Republique who are hardcore members of the regime live a life of affluence doing little or nothing. There is extant manipulation of the people for personal gain. In many countries where petrol is being produced, prices are almost close to nothing. But in Cameroon (with less than 1 percent of the UK's GNP per capital), prices of petroleum products are close to those of Great Britain. Food prices have also skyrocketted. Prices of other products like sugar, palm oil, salt, cement etc have increased more than 200 percent in the last 3 years. It is no news that all these is being influenced by hardcore members of the regime masquerading as businessmen who have formed cartels to influence prices and acquire profits at the expense of the ordinary Cameroonian. Soldiers should not shoot the people because they are also suffering from this price hikes. They should know that these people are fighting for them. They should instead join the striking people and hand them their guns and other ammunitions.

Even the most docile Cameroonians that i know have supported the strike action back home. They believe everything should be grounded for the regime to come to its knees for us to be able to start from afresh. Dictator Biya even went as far as provoking his subjects. By claiming that people have been manipulating the youths suggests that Mr Biya is either a fool who does not know what has been hapenning in his country or is being manipulated by someone who does not tell him the truth about his country. Everybody hates Biya and his regime and it is clear that the revolution will come from an unknown angle. What he should have been looking for is an escape route. There is time for everything and the revolution will not come from the politics. It will come from an unknown angle and i am very optimistic about the outcome of this strike. Southern Cameroonians should take advantage of the disorder and reorganise themselves, assemble in Buea (our capital) and declare their independence.


"The demons who manipulated these youths behind the scenes..."- Biya

How ironic is it that Biya is calling other demons? The only demon in Cameroon is you Biya and the time of judgement has arrived. The lord has descended to put you on trial. The verdict has been declared by the council in heaven the result is GUILTY. Your doom in knocking at ETOUDI and your room in hell has already been prepared. You will be roommates with Idi Amin and Hitler.

Legima Doh

Our country is witnessing a situation which brings back unpleasant memories of a period we thought was long gone.PAUL BIYA.
It is ridiculous for Biya to come up today to declay that he is witnessing unpleasant memories of which he thought was long gone.This is because ever since his coming to power,he is abreast with the fact that people have been living hitherto in abject powerty,subject to brutality,abuse and all sorts of malignant treatment from all machinations of his government.I am particularly interested in the people of the Southern Cameroons who have been subjugated for decades and have also been exposed to all features of neo colonization.I used to say that the love of peace is not the inability to handle harm and that when you push a goat to the wall,it tends to fierceful biting.It is a shame for Biya to express his cowardice by pointing fingers at unnamed persons,blaming on manipulation of the youths and unconsciously abusing them to be delinquents.Mr Paul Biya has been fond of telling lies about his concerns for the youth for decades but is poised to term them delinquents in the face of an uprising.He called them so because he was taken aback,shocked and frightened by the daredevil and courageous attitude of the youths.What a chicken and faint hearted president.It is important to note that all people in various walks of life are fed up with the Biya regime and no doubt everyone would stand against Biya and his regime.Whether he refers to them as men of darkness,delinquents or whatsoever,the truth remains that they have exercised patience beyond imagination.I call on all people of the Southern Cameroons to stand for their right and to do their best so to rid our country of all the vestiges of La Republique.Let all the soldiers come to terms with the fact that the people are standing for their legitimate right and that fighting against them is tantamount to fighting for the benefit of an enemy or the real devil.Biya is an enemy to all including them the soldiers.It is a handful of necromancy practising members of his cult together with him who are the real enemies and who should be targeted and not the clean hearted men ,women,and youths who are clamouring for justice to be done.La Republique must leave our land.More than four decades of brutal occupation and usurpation of our right to independence must come to an end.The will of God must be done.The war to end all wars in our land.I warn the Biya regime to leave our land before any real plunge to war because the consequences of such shall go beyond nuclear conflagration because what is transpiring right now is just a herald of what the situation may result in.
Peace upon our land.

Legima Doh,


This is ridiculous man. I least would have imagined that I was reading a speech, not to talk of it being that of a President of a Nation, until I came to the end.

Cameroon is really in trouble, you cannot imagine! After all that had happened in the past days, this is what can come out of the one who calls himself the President of a Nation, yet he thinks he can continue. Who are the people he is ruling? (maybe youths)

hahahaa! no wonder he has always remained indifferent when ever there are similar strike actions in Cameroon.

Biya you were deceived this time around by your so called advisers, it was better you didn't make a "speech", if what you call above is a speech.

What an abused to us youths? It is always said "silence means consent", you probably have being relying on this all along, and you may have forgotten that you are the very one who has handicapped the youths such that they do not have where to express their mines.

To you, the youths are the ones striking, their parents are probably in their farms or houses... A national issue has become a youthful issue.

You talk of "exploitation of the transporters’ strike for political ends"

What about the constitution matter raised, or you were not told? All you are thinking of are your selfish political ambitions, yet you are pointing at fingers to innocent Cameroons who by now should be tired and confused with what to do with your regime. Oh Yes! you are right, let us say they manipulated the youths, are they not Cameroonians?
The "youths" of "Biya's country" (not our Cameroon) do not know their left or right, reason why they are left to lie idling, only to be manipulated.

In fact it is a waste of time sitting down to write on any thing related to you.

You are a disgrace to this present generation.

We the youths of Cameroon want to make it clear to you;


Before I forget, do not call us (Cameroonians) delinquents again. If you want call you kids and regime mates that.

red flag





This message is for the Cameroonian Arm Forces including the gendarmes and police. You must know that those revolting against the oppressive regime of Paul Biya are your Brothers and Sisters. Paul Biya does not care about you. Paul Biya has used you and is continuing to use you for his selfish ambition of staying in power. All Police and Gendarmes must stop targeting civilians. The time for the truth has come. Any police or gendarme who kills any civilian will answer to the Cameroonian people at the appropriate time when we take back out country. All Police and Gendarmes must join the people in denouncing the tyranny of Paul Biya. Remember what happened to your comrades in Bakassi. Biya arranged to kill your friends in Bakassi and he will do it to you sooner or later. Biya is the enemy and all Cameroonians including the Police and Gendarmes must join in the revolution. Think about not just yourselves but also about the future of your children and grand children. Is this the Cameroon you want for your future generation?. Please to the Police and Gendarmes, stop making a fool of yourselves. Your enemy is Paul Biya and not the civilians. I am calling on all the Police, Gendarmes and the Army to join the people and lets topple the evil regime of Paul Biya. Do not let this chance slip away. It will be tough but it is worth it. Paul Biya must go. The time of deliverance is near. Our Gracious Lord Jesus, We need you now more than ever before. Help deliver us from evil. Amen


This message is for the Cameroonian Arm Forces including the gendarmes and police. You must know that those revolting against the oppressive regime of Paul Biya are your Brothers and Sisters. Paul Biya does not care about you. Paul Biya has used you and is continuing to use you for his selfish ambition of staying in power. All Police and Gendarmes must stop targeting civilians. The time for the truth has come. Any police or gendarme who kills any civilian will answer to the Cameroonian people at the appropriate time when we take back our country. All Police and Gendarmes must join the people in denouncing the tyranny of Paul Biya. Remember what happened to your comrades in Bakassi. Biya arranged to kill your friends in Bakassi and he will do it to you sooner or later. Biya is the enemy and all Cameroonians including the Police and Gendarmes must join in the revolution. Think about not just yourselves but also about the future of your children and grand children. Is this the Cameroon you want for your future generation?. Please to the Police and Gendarmes, stop making a fool of yourselves. Your enemy is Paul Biya and not the civilians. I am calling on all the Police, Gendarmes and the Army to join the people and lets topple the evil regime of Paul Biya. Do not let this chance slip away. It will be tough but it is worth it. Paul Biya must go. The time of deliverance is near. Our Gracious Lord Jesus, We need you now more than ever before. Help deliver us from evil. Amen

kenedy Epie

It is sad. Absolutely sad and ridiculous to get these words from a President whose people; be them youths or old, are agitating for a just course. Rather i call this a treat or menace, a typical portrait of a dictator now taking a tyrannic approach. This is a proof of insensitivity of Mr President to the plight of his people. The truth is that Cameroonians are fed up with his regime and we need a change. These recent happenings are indications that over 95% of us want a change, be it political, economic or social. Your time is up!!!!!!


This is not possible. Can't Paul have remorse in his vocabulary? Does he still have followers? If so where are they follwing him to, what are they thinking. The man just added fluel to the flame and he should sit back and be ready for the burns


Cameroonians are tired getting lies from this blood drinking rosecrucian regime of Paul Biya. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of our lord Jesus Christ and the God of our Forefathers has released us from this devil called Paul Biya. Our God is most powerful. Lets fight back with all our energy. The devil Paul Biya has been undressed and we have now clearly seen him.
We will fight to our last breath. God is with Us

Ma Mary

Typical, old opportunist tyrants tactic. Give a dog (opposition) a bad name and then kill it. He spends the last 3 decades creating a guillotine-worthy kakistocracy.


I have never seen this kind of arrogance anywhere the world over!! Shame to Dr. Biya! On his death bed,Professor Biya wants to carry Cameroonians along. We are very wise and cannot be deceived anymore. One advise to you!! Pack your belongings and flee to Equatorial Guinea (France will do the same to you like Bokassa).
The hands of the clock is ticking and the life of your evil regime is about to conclude. Those in the regime with some sense, join the bandwagon!! Denounce constitutional changes designed to perpetuate Biya Bi mvodo in power. Join the people in this just fight! With God on our side, Biya will be history soon.

one cameroon



fellow cameroonians, the time has come to say bye to the biya regime.Its either we send him away or he finishes with us if we fail. His ministers have banned radio and tv stations,bann the broadcast of very important programs, threaten journalists to hide the thruth under the pretext of threatening the peace of the nation,refuse TO BROADCAST the view of people on the recent decision by the totalitarian regime to wipe out article 6.2 of the constitution. what therefore do we think shall happen to us if we fail to succeed in sending away the regime. Life shall be a living hell for cameroonians. We fear not to die for the sake of our children and their future. We need to secure a better future for our children. Cameroonians have for the past been cowards but not any more. The deceptive slogan "the most peacefull nation in the world" has been used to deceive cameroonians by the regime and what are the consequences; LOOTING AND EMBEZZLING MONEY MEANT FOR THE PEOPLE BY A HAND FEW SELFISH INDIVIDUALS.


An address to Mr Biya (I hope you read this before its to late)

I think the time has finally come for you to face your waterloo. It is time for you to go and leave the people to determine their own destiny. As for your so call speech last night I thought I detected a lot of fear in your voice. You are scared for the first time in your life. The people have finally decided that enough is enough. To sweeten the youths the other day you where trying to mention all these pleasantries you have put in place but failed to deliver for over 25yrs but yet you wonder why nobody believes a word of what comes out of your shameless mouth.
I think what you are seeing now is just the beginning of what is to come and the people will not loose this one this time and guest what; there is going to be just one winner in this fight. My suggestion to you is to spare us all the blood shed that is about to happen and resign your position with immediate effect and we might spare you but note that we will shake you upside down and remove even the smallest change that you have hidden in your droose.
What has a whole generation in this country been subjected to for the last quarter of a century? People could remember a time when to go to university, the government paid allowances. People could remember the time when you can drive round the country without being harassed by illiterates masquerading as policemen. People could remember the time when taking your money from a saving account does not require you to give 10% to the cashier. People could remember a time when you are referred to as “gari boy” meaning you are leaving a survival existence but today that same gari is but luxury to most Cameroonians. People could remember the number of road construction projects that where in place but yet those projects are yet to come to fruition. People could remember when Cameroon was a progressive country with all the institutions working for the betterment of the citizens in the country but yet since you took over everything has been in reverse.
So tell us, what have you don’t for the last 25yrs? What can we show our friends and visitors when they come to visit? The house that you have clung onto as if you have the sole divine right over it was not even build by you. The stadium which was a pride to our nation when it was first build and help to inspire our nation into achieving its greatest moments has been left to rot under your watch and all we have now is a patch work of monstrous humiliation.
So the conclusion that we can draw and that the majority of Cameroonians if not all except your family and your hedge men is that we owe you nothing and you all us nothing. Just leave the presidency for another ideal to flourish. Cameroon will be just fine. We will find our way out of this mess that is upon us and find our way we will.
So I will say this to you for the last time IT IS OVER MR BIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This devil still has the gods to say he will still rule. is he laughing at the youths? with biya, there is no future and i will seize this situation to tell him that this is just the begining of an ending. keep on smiling for your enemies are all around. i know you must be counting on France like what they did to tchad, but put this in head that Cameroonians are more educated and they know what freedom means.


Rexon wrote:
"Southern Cameroonians should take advantage of the disorder and reorganise themselves, assemble in Buea (our capital) and declare their independence".
The restoration of the Southern Cameroons state is a much more serious enterprise than portrayed in this statement.The BSCG headed by Prof. Anyangwe is going about it in a methodical manner .
The benefit the BSCG can get from this crisis is an opportunity to document the human rights deficiencies and dictatorial characteristics of LRC contrasted to the historical democratic pedigree of the British Southern Cameroons.Such material will strengthen our file which among numerous other things hilds that LRC is a lawless entity.


This is just the beginning of an End to Paul Biya Regime,the temperature of the heat should increase untill Biya is forced into exile(like mobutu sese seko, he will be moving around Europe inoder to sustain his health) and when the dust settle he should be brought back to account for his period of dictatorship.Biya too old , too frail and with a fragile relationship within his inner circle knows he cannot last this time, probably if the strike action continues for just a month and if rest of other parts of the country should do the same.The Cameroonian Arm Forces are overwhelm by the Magnitude of the strike action and only those delinquent youths used by Biya are the ones responsible for killing Cameroonians, they will be bought to books.Biya has been successful to contain strike actions when they are localized, and such a situation with is speech above only exposes his soft spot.
This also an opportunity for another Dictator to sprang up and use Arms against the people in Cameroon if the politicians are not ready to take the risk and make a plan at the backdrop of Biya's Vaccum.We now need leaders who are able to stand now and march to Etoudi and tell Biya that its time to go.


Reading from your declaration,Mr Biya,you will sound as if at one given moment you have ever listened to the demands of the people expressed through peaceful demonstration,not to talk of political leaders,some of whom have warned you on several occasion concerning various issues,just like now.
Note that when you burry an inflated ballon under water,it is bound to surface some day,and we are witnessing what Cameroonians have been burrying as patience,hoping that you might one day lessen the fist with which you have for more than 20years today ruled The Cameroons.From your declarations,you sound as if there is democracy in The Cameroons,and you are the choice of the people.Remember or not,in a letter I sent to you in 1997 questioning you on democracy in The Cameroons which your responds was that we(Cameroonians) have reached an irreversible point but today,more than 11years after,where is that democracy and have you ever won an election?"NO",you are not the people's choice,and you have never won an Election fairly since after 06/11/1982.The immunity you want to maintain till your death for fear of persecution on crimes against humanity will not be allowed by Cameroonians,your days are now numbered,this is just the beginning.I will want to advice the men and women in uniform not to tarnish their image/reputations and write your names in the Black Book because when Mr Biya Paul is gone,you will have no place to run to and your history will judge you.Take my words.
Maitre Nikonf-Nkambe


Mr Paul Biya, the battle is of the LORD and with HIM to that battle Cameroonian youths will be victorious.


The speech does not only confirm how dictatorial Biya is, but also goes a long way to show how dull and callous Mr. Biya is. I don´t know if he bothered to have this speech read by his advisers if at all he has Advisers. Even his political mentors in French will be so angry.As a leader, how does he think his speech can calm down the tension. According to him, threats are a solution.It is a total shame to Biya and his regime.
To the forces of law and order, nobody is a stranger to the situation in Cameroon. It will be a sinister act to open fire on a people fighting for a just course. The end of Mr. Biya and his regime will be profitable to all including you. Join the people to help and liberate them from the devil, Biya.
To Cameroonians especially those at the forefront of this strike, there should be no turning back untill Biya and his regime is brought to their knees. If you don´t achieve this end, your situation will be worse than before the strike. Hence don´t give off.


Mr Biya,the souls of all those frustrated and starved to death are back to hunt you! There is no hiding place because its judgement day for you! You have fooled cameroonians for a very long time,25years,and its time you leave them in peace. My advice,leave now that things are still in place because soon it will be too late and there will be no place to run to then.

I have never been more proud of cameroonians than now! I use to think we were cowards who couldnt fight back even when pushed to the wall but we have just proven to be the lions that we are,we fight back when wounded!!! Lets not give up my brothers,its time for a change. There is no better time for that change than now!!

God is with us as we fight and may the souls of all who have lost their lives so far in the fight rest in perfect peace.We shall continue the struggle for peace,not only for us but also for our children


The idea that Cameroonians are docile is one of the most deceptive
concepts that have ever been advanced. The history of that region of
Africa indicates political stubbornness and fierce opposition to
oppression. The Germans took almost 15 years to suppress the natives
from 1885 - 1912. People fought them in Fontem, Buea, Douala, Mamfe
and other Areas. In Buea, the Germans were vigorously opposed by the
Bakweris who inflicted a decisive victory over the colonial forces in
1891. Again in Douala, there were uprisings and opposition to the
oppressive German rule leading to the demise of Rudolph Duala Manga
Bell. In Fontem, the King of Bangwa fought the Germans for ages
before they were subjugated. In Mamfe, the Chief challenged and
fought the Germans only to be sent into exile in Bota Island,
Victoria where he died. We must remind ourselves of Kuva Likenye, the
African Nationalist Bakweri King in Buea who organised and defeated
the Germans killing the German army Officer in Buea.

Again France's attempt at oppression in French Cameroons was
challenged by Cameroonians. France and Ahidjo had to use genocide to
suppress revolting Nationalist forces from 1952 - 1971. The silence
Cameroonians kept was because they wanted reason to prevail; and that
they had been exhausted after almost a century of fighting oppressors
from 1885 - 1971. Ahidjo was given a reprieve in spite of his
genocide crimes.

Now is a new generation with new energy. As a consequence, it is a
grave error to believe that people of this part of Africa are docile.
Mr. Paul Biya should leave now! If he does not leave, something worse
will happen to him, his CPDM supporters and the country. For a
quarter of a century, he has promoted tribalism in favour of his
tribe, destroyed the infrastructures in other areas of Cameroon,
especially in the littoral Douala province and Southern Cameroons,
apart from his own region; encouraged discrimination against Southern
Cameroonians; and therefore instigate regional and tribal hatred
amongst the people based on linguistic and regional lines; treated
Anglophones with contempt attacking English Language in his recent
visit in France and encouraging his Ministers to utter disparaging
remarks against Southern Cameroonians with impunity. His rule
perfected thievery, fraud and graft to an art form thus corrupting
public life and the new generation. Arrogance, meretricious
impudence, crude manners and outright falsity is the order of the
day. His misrule has been that of monumental economic failure for a
country blessed with so much human and natural resource.

The arrogance which he addressed the people yesterday show the degree
of disrespect and contempt he holds against the ordinary man. This is
a man that has been supported from the public treasury since he
returned home from his studies almost 46 years ago. He has never paid
rent; never bought petrol with his own money. All was provided him by
the people. Yet he disrespects them with amazing abandon when they
revolt against western level prices of goods and services in a
country with a per capita income of less than £1000. This, to this
writer, is totally unacceptable as it constitutes economic and social
genocide. It is, therefore, the considered opinion of this writer
that Monsieur Paul Biya leaves quietly so that the people can reflect
and come up with a solution to cure the ills he has created without
bloodshed; and the opportunity for the people to live freely enriched
lives without another oppressive dictator or colonial agent
tormenting them ever again.



Laughing matter here. Can u imagine the fool does not even recognise the fact that the youths have grievances? This is a president indeed. YOU CAN NOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. It is time we face the truth in this country. THIS TIME BIYA MUST NOT ONLY GO BUT PAY-BACK BEFORE LEAVING. We have stomached enough it


bullshit,you know what we are so so tired of even listening to him.i have never seen someone who makes me sick as Mr Biya .Who is manipulating who in this case.The simple fact is that we are tired and we are now trying to do some thing about it and he thinks we are being manipulated.Is his manipulation not enough to drive us crazy?
what the hell does he want use to do,does he not know that if all Cameroonians have the chance they will have left the country for him.Now we are ready for him ,it is either he and his boys will succeed or we will,because now is the time to act.He has ruled the country by divide and rule which normally is suppose to put the different ethnic groups in the county at longer heads,but i just wish that Cameroons are intelligent enough to see his game and not allow this to happen.

We have a single problem and that is him and his present regime,who have suck the country dry.and still he has the gods to try to transfer blames.Insulting the Youths is somethings,this is not fare.This time we are on his back and will stop at nothing until we see him and his bad regime go.
And to make sure that another person who thinks he or she will take power and try to turn us in to fools again will have to think really well.
These are the type of people who have made Africans to be consider as losers and a race of nobodies and we have had enough of them.God bless us


Let's all pray for the families of those whose lives have been lost for our noble cause. It is up to us to make sure they did not die in vain.

We all know Biya is afraid of doomsday- they day all his voodoo will finally fail, and he and his henchmen will lose it all. I can't believe he is mentioning the word democracy, does he think he is the only one to know the meaning of that word? I believe his definition is oppression and enslavement of your countrymen. He is complaining about destruction of property when he has not built anything in the last 25 years, and he is even bold enough to say we were not supposed to confront the forces of law and order as if they are assassins. I believe the forces are supposed to protect the people not kill them.

My friends, the greatest fear of any dictator is when he knows the end is closer than he expected.

We should all call for his resignation- the voice of the people must prevail. We also have to make sure Biya and his henchmen are brought to book, so that they pay for their crimes.


Let me be the first to make this calling. Apparently (and as of today) the so-called "leaders of the Cameroonian societY" in the diaspora and particularly in the USA have yet to take significant action regarding this matter.

May all Cameroonians of goodwill living in the USA, the UK and continental Europe (pro SCNC or not) write to the Congressmen, Senators representing their Districts or States (or provinces or cities as applicable) denouncing the government's refusal not to clearly and unambiguously reject modifying the relevant constitutional provisions allowing the current president to seek additional term. I've called some fellows here in the US who identify themselves as community leaders, however, i'm appalled at the lethargy at getting word out. While I don't have time to organize a group, I won't mind working with like-minded individuals to come up possibly with standard letters that can be forwarded to interested parties for them to mail out to their legislative and elected representatives. Anyone interested can send email to . Cameroon does not need to go the Kenya route of violence for the international community to intervene. In fact, it appears we're already there!


Mr Mburlih,

I am not minimising the Anyangwe government. If you study popular revolutions that have led to the fragmentation of states, you will realise that the solution is not always within the politics. What might influence the complete decolonisation of the Southern Cameroons might still be the chaos within the occupying regime and maybe its military. If there is chaos in the Southern Cameroons and La Republique, there is a window of opportunity for us to reorganise ourselves, err our own grievances and opt out. All the news organs have found it difficult to establish what is behind the strikes all over our territory. I can tell you for sure that my boys in Mutengene are instead vying for control of their own country (the Southern Cameroons), at least the ones i have spoken to whilst things are going rough. The complete decolonisation of their territory is of a historic and enormous importance to them than the current disputes relating to price hikes going on. They have harnessed a resentment for the regime more because they have seen and experienced the rape, mutilation and abuse of their rights as Southern Cameroonians on a daily basis and what matters to them most is their long term future as a citizen of their own country.They are not looking forward to the government of Carlson Anyangwe or any other group to liberate them at their own time and in their own way. Any window of opportunity is good for them and if the government comes in to support them, that would be fine. The freedom of the Southern Cameroons might and might not be won in the courts.My boys believe the confusion is good for them and if given the necessary support, it would be an appropriate time for them to drive the occupying regime to the east of the Moungo where they belong. Citizens of La Republique have not waited for NJFN and his SDF to save them from the economic exploitation by Biya's henchmen who are managing those cartels. Political and social chaos always create an opportunity for popular oppinions to thrive.




Mr. Biya has proven that when things go wrong, the best thing to do is to be arrogant. No wonder, when Prof. Lambi apologized about what caused the strike in UB, he was fired

Muki StoneHall

Does anyone here knows any other source where one can get updates on the situation? Looks like its becoming increasing difficult for the media outlets in Cameroon to operate. Please help share the news or the sources.

one cameroon



A speech that was made after consulting witch doctors - the son of a catechist.
The end of the reign of tyrand Biya is evident and he is blinded as it has happened to African dictators. The use of force will not help. This is a strong warning that a majority of Cameroonians are not satisfy with the present status quo.
God save cameroon.


I am sometimes ashamed to say i am a Cameroonian because of the very bad situation in Cameroon( poverty, unemployment, inflation etc. There are hundreds or thousand of Cameroonians in Europe and America because our Wicked and Greedy government officials who only care about their own stomachs. What a shamful speech from our Dictator who calls himself President.Every year thosands of youths graduate from the university and to go home to depent on the poor parents. What a pity. Biya why not resign like the president of Cuba did.
Shameless chop broke pot.

Ma Mary

A report from Bamenda:

At Ghana Street, soldiers, brought in
from Koutaba in the West Province are well
positioned. It is almost 10 a.m. Central African Time. Our citizens can be seen standing in groups and reviewiing the events of the past four days.
Reports are filtering into our office from all the
counties of The Southern Cameroons. The most horrid stories are from the two K-Towns...Kumbo and
Kumba. According tomy informant in Kumbo, a retired
JudPol agent, six youths were slain last evening by soldiers who were rushed in from the Nkambe
military legion, given that the local population had overpowered the gendarmerie and police agents in the entire Bui.The office of the Tax
Controller in Kumbo was razed to the groung, and his property taken out of the house he is renting and set on fire. The rest, I reserve for now.
In Kumba, the Kumbo scenario repeated itself, and
went further. We are
gathering details at our level.
In Buea( Muea,to be precise) the police
commissiariat was razed by fire. The
Molyko neighbourhood and Mile 17 were the battle
Mutengene, also took its turn in the same
In Santa, the office of the Divisional Officer was
reduced to ashes, as was
the case with the AES-SONEL office in Batibo.
In Bamenda, the Grand Stand, the Govt Delegates
vehicles and wife's school
were razed by fire.
Three youths were shot down at Ntarinkon; one at
Foncha's Street and another
nearby at close range. I had to call in
the Mayor of B'da III
to rescue the Nkwen Market. There are many cases of
damages and wounded that
we should be diving later.
A boy of 17 was badly beaten around my office, and
when he exclaimed in
French that " Je ne suis pas l'un d'eux" ( I am not
one of them) the
Commander in charge asked that he be set free!!!
As of now, all the cells in town are full, and those
caught are beaten and
set free...or if you are not lucky, shot at close
Details later, as we hear some gun firing


When there will be calm, motions of support will be flowing to Mr. President on how he pragmatically handled the crisis.

"Thats why we want Biya to be president for life"

what a shame to the people!!!

Dinga paul owona

These are clear indications that authority will soon change hands.i have seen it happened to Mumbutu of Zaire, Eyadema of Togo just to name a few.If you dont live power power will live you.We will no longer listen to consoletary speeches or your divide and rule tactics while the house is on fire.The people of this country were more united peaceful and happy before you came with demonic spirits.The people of Cameroon had shown great sign of maturity by living you in power for soo long despite your incompetence as they can do to any son of the soil.You should know that the Cameroonian people are peaceful and tolerant people but we will not tolerate any longer because you dont have love for this nation.The child who was born when power was handed to you is now frustrated some where in a foreign land or a thief,those back at home are still with their parents under the same roof.Those in public services have not been able to feed their families or have shelter of their own or provide good education for thier children.the good Educational system before has become playing grounds producing graduate that do not even meet the needs of this country .The resouces of this nation is being used to develope another country , individuals or to pay dues for magical societies all over the world for the suppression of the people of this country.Despite our wealth we still go without food,homeless,health facilities or welfare amenities and when we request for what belongs to us you say we are being manupulated by others.if there is anybody doing this its you Mr.President.You and your gun men.But we can assure you that this time we wont can either choose to go the way of Samuel Doh or Mumbutu.Because the people of this nation has rejected you as their leader.You talk of this country being guided by the constitution.which constitution are you refering to us are you talking of your self made constitution that you imposed on us or a constitution made by the people of this land. that you can change anytime you wish to to suit your selfish ambitions?
We believe we were born all equal with the same rights to what belongs to Cameroon and to contribute to the development of this nation and no individual or group of persons can deny us this right.We are not in a chieftency or monarchy
So long as the future of this country remains obscure and you wish to impose your leadership on the people of this nation you will have no rest until we get what is ours and decide what to do with it.There are many sons and daughters of this land with good leadership qualities,sound accedemic and moral background wishing to guide this country to an expected end why not give others a chance.Is Cameroon your personal property? or you faught for our independence?.
You have to leave by all means .it will be better to hand over quietly what belongs to us and escape anywhere you want to than insist until you are caught and slaughtered.Your magical powers will dissappoint you this time.Our sole desire is to see you out by any means.


Paul Biya was expecting a situation as such to take place in the country but did not know how it will come. If you ask him in his closet he will tell you ‘I expected this’.
The strike I should say is not orchestrated by the opposition leader or those in opposition. From a closed look you will understand that these are youth who vote for CPDM. The youths the CPDM officials manipulate to vote for the party with 5000 FRS or even 1000 FRS. CPDM Militants themselves are not happy to continue to vote Biya still his death.
Why HIPC, (why reaching the point) if things will not change? Why do we supply countries with fuel and other food stuff and we suffer in our country? Where is the revenue of SONARA going to?
If Cameroonian youths are delinquents then Biya’s Regime has made them so. Why youths and some of our parent out of the country? This is because of the state of affairs in this country. They go out and do odd jobs because they cannot survive here. Why I am still in the country, I know ‘God will one day Restore Cameroon and disgrace all those with power from the devil’

Biya has deployed the ‘red eyed’ guys from koutaba to kill their fellow countrymen. Biya does not have anything to be afraid of. He might be out of the country now with his family.
'His Excellency life can not continue like that'. ‘ONE DAY THE OUTLET OF THE TUNNEL WILL BE VERY HOT EVEN TO ESCAPE’

To the CTRV journalist, secure your job as you please but remember that you have brothers and sister you wish to feed with that money.
My condolence to all the bereaved families.

Let the chidren of God pray for this nation Cameroon.GOD IS NOT ASLEEP!



Dear Cameroonians, especaily those in Diaspora, while I appreciate the unison of our voices to condemn the atrocities of Mr. Biya and his regime,I wish to draw our attention to the fact that at this critical moment, condemnation alone is not enough. In the same like as ftroit mentioned, I am proposing that Cameroonians in Diaspora should raise their voices to be heard around the world in support of the action of our brothers and sister back home. In this light, we should organise protests at all Cameroon´s Embassies abroad. I am proposing that we organise and stage these protests on Tueasday next week. I am prepare to lead the protest at the Cameroon embassy in Bonn, Germany. Cameroonians in Germany who are worried about the state of affairs in our country can contact me at or 00492712369267 for proper organisation.
I encourage others in other countries to do same. Some persons should opt and take responsibility to lead so that we can effect the badly needed change of regime in our country.

Paa Ngembus

CRTV FRENCH News Refuses to report killings in the Southern Cameroons:

© Junior Binyam, Mutations

Le journal parlé de 20h en français au contraire de celui de 19h en anglais n’a pas fait cas des évènements sanglants de Bamenda.

Il s’est passé quelque chose hier à Bamenda. Quelque chose de très grave d’ailleurs. Puisqu’on dénombre, selon des témoins joints sur place, des morts. Quatre selon des sources officielles. D’autres sources soutiennent avoir dénombré six morts à l’hôpital provincial de la ville sans préciser si c’est en y ajoutant les deux personnes qui auraient été tuées au très sulfureux quartier Nkwen, au lieu dit Ghana Street.

La constante qui demeure c’est l’identité d’au moins une victime. Un jeune homme d’environ 16 ans. Achille Fontoh Neba, élève au Cetic de la ville, a été abattu à bout portant autour de 15h30 par les forces de sécurité à Ntarikon, non loin de la résidence de John Fru Ndi, président du Social Democratic Front. Le Sdf, un parti donné pour responsable des émeutes qui ont embrasé le pays par le ministre de la Communication, Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam, en direct sur les antennes de la Crtv-télé mardi soir.

Le journal en anglais sur la Crtv-radio, poste national, hier à 19h, a accordé une place de choix à la journée ensanglantée de Bamenda avec un reportage dans lequel on a pu apprendre que les manifestants avaient utilisé des jeunes élèves comme bouclier humain face aux militaires, policiers et gendarmes. Il a été fait mention d’émeutes à Kumbo, chef lieu du département du Bui dans la même province. Si le journaliste de Crtv Bamenda commis à la narration des faits a observé la réserve qui s’imposait sur le bilan étant donné la discordance entre les chiffres donnés par diverses sources, il n’a pas occulté la violence du mouvement. Un peu comme son collègue Rodrigue Bertrand Tueno qui s’était déjà fait l’écho de quelques remous à Bamenda dans le journal parlé de 17h.

A la suite du reportage au journal de 19h, le chef de la station Crtv-Bamenda, Joe Nkelle Mewanou, a donné la parole à Cornelius Esua, évêque de Bamenda, puis à Simon Achidi Achu, ancien Premier ministre, originaire de Santa à une quinzaine de kilomètres de Bamenda, membre du comité central du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (Rdpc). Les deux personnalités ont invité à l’apaisement, réagissant à la déclaration du chef de l’Etat dans la nuit du mercredi 27.

Alors que les auditeurs étaient en droit de s’attendre à de nouveaux développements sur la même antenne, en français cette fois, au cours de l’édition du journal de 20h présentée par Augustin Charles Mbia, grande a été leur surprise de constater que pour la rédaction francophone du poste national, l’information était ailleurs. Elle était dans les communiqués divers proclamant un retour à la normale à Yaoundé et Douala dès ce jour, mais également des réactions diverses allant dans le sens d’une caution à l’adresse du chef de l’Etat avec un point d’honneur à répertorier toutes ces villes du pays qui semblaient hier soir retrouver la quiétude (Bafoussam, Yaoundé).

Comment comprendre qu’au sein d’une même rédaction, ce qui est une information d’accroche pour les uns, soit ignoré ou méconnu par les autres ? A-t-on, au nom de la loi proximité, estimé que Bamenda étant le chef lieu de l’une des deux provinces anglophones du Cameroun, ce qui s’y passait intéressait au premier chef les auditeurs anglophones ? On peut comprendre le vœu exprimé par le ministre de la Communication à la confrérie des journalistes appelée à ne pas souffler sur les braises et à œuvrer pour un retour à la normale. Mais était-ce une invite à taire les faits?

Paa Ngembus

Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 05:06:47 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Latest from top of the hill, Bamenda

Please read the mail below from someone who just spoke to Bamenda. Even Fru Ndi has been targeted by the rioters.

I just spoke to someone in Santa, and the news is that the DO's office and Gendarmerie in Santa have been burnt to the ground.

I just got off the phone with someone in Bda, and 3 people have been shot dead. 1 in Foncha Street, 1 in Ntarikon and 1 near Brasseries junction.

Lourdes, PSS Mankon and Sakred Heart:
I was informed that manifestants have gone to these 3 schools and taken out all the kids from the dormitory and they were marching out in the streets in Bda. It appears that the prime minister's kid in Lourdes is the target. They are trying to take the child hostage to pressure the PM to take a stand. Also, manifestants are targeting ministers' children in boarding schools in Bda to take them hostage. Whether this is true or not, I do not know, but that is the information from my informant.

Abel Ndeh's School in Mankon:
It appears that Mr. Abel Ndeh, CPDM big wig's boarding school in Mankon has been burnt to the ground b/c he is a big CPDM supporter.

The council building in Bda has been burnt to the ground. Sonel office, Taxation office, Brasseries and PMUC offices have been burnt down. Note that the PMUC building is owned by SDF Chairman, John Fru Ndi.

It was confirmed to me that Achidi Achu, JB Ndeh and other CPDM elites in Bda ran for their dear lives at the Bda grand stand while they tried to appease manifestants. After they were rescued by the police, the grand stand was burnt to the ground by manifestants 2 days ago.

From the looks of things, it appears that manifestants are targeting CPDM and government affiliated infrastructure.
Isaac Zama


Paa NgemGOAT, thanks for the vital information. Things are getting serious and my brothers in Bamenda are holding nothing back. I hope the PM's child is Lourdes is kidnapped. If that happens, Popo and his people will know we mean business.

Paa Ngembus




This information is current as of today, Fri Feb 29
05:52:31 2008.


February 28, 2008

This Travel Warning is being issued to advise American
citizens of the unstable security situation in
Cameroon. On February 28, the Department of State
authorized the departure from Cameroon of eligible
family members of American employees of the U.S.
Embassy throughout Cameroon. American citizens in
Cameroon should exercise extreme caution and try to
depart the country if their situation permits.
American citizens outside of Cameroon should defer
non-essential travel until the security situation
stabilizes and critical services are restored.
International flights into Douala and Yaounde
continue, but may be diverted or cancelled on short
notice. U.S. citizens should monitor the U.S. Embassy
Yaounde website at and
media sources for the latest information. This Travel
Warning replaces the Travel Alert for Cameroon of
February 27, 2008.

Since February 25, the city of Douala has experienced
violent demonstrations, roadblocks, looting, and
clashes with police resulting in numerous fatalites.
Although the violence has been worse in Douala and the
Littoral, South West, West and North West provinces,
unrest began in the capital city of Yaounde on the
morning of February 27 and the security situation
throughout Cameroon is dynamic. Critical services
continue to deteriorate and there are growing
shortages of food, fuel and water, as well as
transportation disruptions, throughout the country.

U.S. citizens or family members concerned for the
safety of American citizens in Cameroon or with an
after hours emergency may call 24/7 at 1-888-407-4747
toll free in the U.S. and Canada. Callers outside the
U.S. or Canada should call our regular toll line at
1-202-501-4444. American citizens in Cameroon are
urged to register with the U.S. Embassy at


Paa NgemGOAT, please keep the updates coming. Thanks!


I commend the actions of the brave Cameroonians putting themselves on the frontline with the hope of bettering the country by freeing it from this evil dictator. I however think we need to change approach. Rather than target just buildings and businesses, we should target those who continue to protect and maintain that system in power. The Gorvenors, Commissioners, Commandants D.Os and CPDM MPs should be our direct target. Let them know how it feels to lose one of your own. They have made themselves (and their families) legitimate targets. The moment we start adding their body count to the number of innocent civilians will be lesson for others to sit up. We know where these people live (they live amongst us) and I believe they are at their most vulnerable when we take them unawares. Let us change the medication we have been taking to cure our illness. Every Cameroonian should make sue they sensitize others on the need to change our approach. Thanks again to all who have taken up this issue. Let us use this medium and others available to spread the message.


Yes Gerald. we agree with you. Thats the next strategy. If governors, SDO, DO, police or military heads target innocent people to kill them, the we will also declare war on their families. Let them also bury their loves ones and get to know how its painful. Thats the next step. For now we wait to see if MPs will be included in this list of targeted persons.


Popular opinions from camnetworks:

CPDM militants and sympatisers including those SDF people in their parliament legitimising their fake democracy are either passively or actively responsible for these killings. It is clear that it is Biya who orders these troops to go out but it is not Biya who pulls the trigger. The two are directly legitimate targets and i cannot pretend that i would be able to capture Biya without first neutralising those who have been protecting him. That in my opinion includes the likes of the Achidi Achu's, Inoni's, Musonge, Njeuma, Forjindam, etc and Co of the CPDM. Let me make it clear that i am not calling on anybody in the CPDM to be killed, but in this very hard time, if they continue to protect Biya, then we will only have to fight them to be able to capture Biya. CPDM militants, you are advised to stand clear of our quest to have this man out as soon as possible.

----- Original Message ----

Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 7:03:10 PM
Subject: Re: [camnetwork] Samira :O p e n Letter to C P D M Diasporians & Nanje aka Kontchou

Ma Samira,
I hear you loud and clear my sister but the statement Martin Luther made below is just my point.
He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. Martin Luther King, Jr

It is heart breaking when our own people especially those living in the WEST keep cheerleading a repressive, unjust and corrupt regime when 95% of the population are suffering in their homeland

Have a blessed day

May GOD bless Tiko , Cameroon and the USA
Tiko United

Samira Ed i wrote:

Hi guys,
You see, this is exactly what I've been warning against. Nanje is not a target. The issues at state are bigger than the interests of any individuals. You guys are chasing a shadow and losing the substance. I knew it would not be long before the proxy war was fought in the market square of Camnet . Now it seems as if it is a reprehensible matter of clash of personalities. There is no need to hold up Mr. Nanje to the limelight—a person who is as much a victim of the status quo as you and I. We have a defined purpose and must find a defined strategy with a real enemy in sight—Biya!! All else is unnecessary roadside shows not worth the effort.
We have a real crisis on our hands, and never before has there been such a potential for a big political upheaval in our country, which is leveraged by an equally matching powerful militant momentum. The Latin man says Carpe diem — seize the moment and ride with it! The are a few problems to consider:
1. There is a leadership vacuum at the helm of our opposition. We see youths erupting in violence and civil disobedience. Who will co-ordinate these disgruntled youths and channel their anger on the real issue in order in order to give our grievances the level of political legitimacy and direction?
2. As angry as we are now, Cameroonians still lack the kind of political maturity it takes to rise above tribal politics and individuality. We have a warped sense of patriotism, which makes it difficult for us to view issues beyond our tribal loyalties. Tribal politics practiced in Cameroon is the worst kind of politics—a variation of native politics practiced all over the swath of Africa , something that is responsible for . The source of our distrust, hatred for others albeit unjustified always stems from there. Wherever resources are scarce, the politics of greed takes the route of the tribe. For instance, you would have thought that the Doualas and the Bassas would be the best of friends due to their proximity. But the contrary is the case.
Our strategy is to find a common ground on which these tribal factions could come to a political agreement, and bury the hatchet in the head of the common enemy Biya!
3. If Biya is ousted today, who is that figure ready to pick up the pieces immediately? We do not have credible opposition leaders who can inspire the kind of following as we see in say Barack Obama. Every successful political revolution was achieved when the people had a rallying figure to lead them. Are we ready to fight, take down the gorgon and then we allow another Sierra Leonean vacuum to exist like a black hole which allows every chancing Charles Taylor, or Yuweri Museveni to descend and finish us off? When we weaken Cameroon , remember Nigeria the brutish bulldog is waiting to pounce on Bakassi. The caveats are numerous.
While we’re at it, it is incumbent for Cameroonians in the Diasporas as a collective responsibility to reserve a time slot in out social engagements to discuss matters of utmost seriously as they unfold today in Cameroon .
( '.' )

SAF wrote:

If God exist, the souls of these criminal CPDM supporters will all be burnt so they never resurrect and cause havoc on earh anymore. And if God does not exists, the GINS and living mortals on earth will take care of them one way or the other. Lets all pray that God exist - He may out of the goodness of His serene and omnipotent heart forgive them at the close of the age.

Michael Nana

I am of the opinion that Cameroon has just missed out of the current situation experienced by Kenya. Biya's achievements since 1982
Longest serving undeserved President cos he has never won an election- was hand picked after his blunder at the seminary, elected president in 1988 without contestants, stole 1992 and 1997 elections before 2004. Two times world's gold medalist on corruption, one of the world's dictators, fon of fons, l'homme lion etc. Now he was about to become President of life and make Cameroon Presidency HERIDITORY
God Safe Cameroon
Michael Nana


To the Cameroonian soldiers who have been ordered to shoot and kill their fellow citizens I say refuse those orders. Your fellow citizens are not your enemy. The real enemy is the one who refuses to listen to the voices or the citizens. To the citizens I say if your member of parliament goes against your wishes and decides to support the constitutional ammendment burn down his house and his vehicles. You have been patient too long.


Mr Biya you hav achieved very little for so long. al you have achieved is failure. Compare cameroon to other sub saharan african counties, it is one of the most blessed. the other way round. Compare your administration to those of other african countries. You will find out that you are one of the worst head of state. you are a "hate of state". We thank you for the blunders but it is time for you to prepare your retirement before the entire country falls on your head. This s not a century for dictators.


Situation in Kumba: Summary
1. Taxation: burnt to ashes
2. Treasury: burnt beyond recognition, some saves broken into, Money from main save taken away by tombel soldiers to the gerdamarie , later the treasurer, the company commandant, manager of Azimotel and some other cpdm bigwing divided almost hundred and twenty million francs cash among themselves.
3. Immigration and Special branch Central police buea road: burnt
4. Kumba town police: burnt
5. Delegation of Education : burnt
6. Land and survey: burnt
7. Brasseries: burnt
8. Delegation of social welfare: burnt
9. Trc (logging company) destroyed and looted
10. All three TOTALs destroyed and looted
11. CDC Mokonje: Money given to rioters
12. Guiness: Money given to rioters
13. Mile 1 police station burnt
14. Soldiers shot indiscriminately on civilians. Atleast 20 feared dead in Kumba, Many more wounded

15. Soldiers are searching houses in Fiango and kosalla quarters, looking for looted crates and biers stolen from Brasseries. More than 200 people have been locked up in the gerdamarie.

16. Soldiers are busy drinking recovered stolen biers.

17. Romours have it that strike might continue on Monday. Next targets are the high court, Bicec, Post office.

18. Relatives of Soldiers, Admistration, police and gerdammes will be on target if they kill again.


This is just a tip of the iceburg.To summarise,Paul BIYA must go.The world's greatest dictator.WE HATE HIM N HIS TEAM.

united africa

I believe many people who come to this board are really undeducated and stupid such as Ma mary, Rexxon and others. In a situation of crisis, instead of associating with other ethnic group to fight the king of cameroon, rather they planning on separating from the nation. i have so much experience being raised in cameroon, nigeria and studying and living in the UK and US for decades. The main problem in Africa is lack of education. Only uneducated fools will make this type of comments. i from Limbe and i think only a dumb black man will about secession.
First: there was never a such thing as southern cameroon. Kamerun was a German colony which was partitioned after WWI between France and England.
Second: if yall studied africa history, we all originate from the bantou people that an oldest tribe in africa. thus Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, Ghana, we are all the same just divided by europeans as countries.
Third: the greatest strength on this earth is unity. USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France and many had to unite to fight Germany, and thereafter they still had to unite to defeat the Soviets. Why can't the black man unite in life. Africans lost so much during colonisation and it will be time to understand the enemy greatest strength: DIVIDE TO CONQUER.
Fourth: Look at this: No Europeans nation had sent troops to stop the Rwanda genocide, to stop the kenya bloodshed and they will not help and fellow cameroonian get rid of Biya nor help southern cameroon.

Ma Mary and Rexon, African kids are so stupid and wicked because of parents like you who preach hate and separation rather than love and unity against our common ennemy. In the US, we blacks are far behind. Hispanics are the largest minority now and they are more united than blacks. Europeans: do the same. but blacks especially Africans are still divided over tribes. Biya must leave, and the only way we gonna make this happen right away will be by unity from all tribes.
However, the new generation shall lead africa and cameroon out of poverty. we shall work not for money but for the prosperity of this country and our future generation.

Rexon and Ma mary, yall have no place in the future of this country. unity will prevail and hatred and tribalism will be over.


Mr. Biya,

I am a Canadiam who lived in your country for 4 years and left because of your ruthless dictatorship posing as a democratic country. You are a gangster and with time the youth of your country will depose you. Unfortunately you will order the death of so many of them! How many people have you indirectly killed over the years? How much money have you and your cronies embezzeled from the Cameroonian people? Do you not know that you will face God one day? Also you will have to face the youth of your country and hopefully one day you will be on trial for your corruption and crimes against humanity!

Lawrence Nolan

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