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Friday, 08 February 2008


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Ma Mary

The Camerounese keep saying au revoir, and some such as the JeanFruNdistes are concerned with such inconsequentials as whether or not la republique's president is for life and death. Focus! Focus!


The concretisation of the unity between Southern Cameroons and the
Republic of Cameroon[east Cameroon]had as one of its episodic
landmark the organisation of a historic football[soccer] match between
teams from East Cameroon and now rising West Cameroon.
West Cameroon had departmental teams like PWD Victoria,PWD Kumba,PWD
Mamfe,PWD Bamenda,Police Mutengene,Camback Ltd,CDC United
Tiko,Hilltop Rangers of Bamenda,GTTC Kumba,Kumba Federation of Cocoa
There were a few players with some national renown of course within
the territory of West Cameroon.Mbassi Ngoh the tall and fast centre
forward of GTTC Kumba,Gregeory Obenson,the "iron gate"goal keeper of
GTTC Kumba,Raymond the flying goal keeper of the Hilltop Rangers of
Bamenda,and Baba Yara a hardtackling "back-keeper" also of Rangers of
Bamenda.There were younger goalkeepers like Nassa just graduated from
Sasse College Peter Essoka and Louis Jackai of Cambank,just
from Bali College.
The Secretaries of State for Finance and Social Welfare of West
Cameroon,Hon. Jua and Hon.Mua,including the Mr.Lebaga of the West
Cameroon Development Agency formed a Commission that appointed
raymond Fobete and Gyma to make up a team that would challenge and
possibly beat the mighty Oryx,the first champions of the African Club
Cup.Many players called up refused to show up.Oryx consisted of
players of great repute and full of the magic of Ekelekete and
devastating shots of the magically beefed up shots of Mbappe Leppe.
A team was born,the Buea Red Devils.Eyong of CDC Tiko,Azung,a warder
with Prisons Buea,Ndiefi[ 404]of Kumba,Fontem from Buea,and Jackson
Mandi[FLOP POLE].Eyong was young,fleet footed and had a great eye for
goal.he could play only with canvas shoes[sneakers] .Ndieffi was fast
on the wings and was named 404 after the newly arrived French car
Peugot 404.Jackson Mandi was called Flop Pole because he claimed he
was an "elephant"and could cover the goal posts,thus preventing any
shots from crossing the goal line.
Oryx had defeated the widely celebrated Brazilian team,Vasco da Gama
with the likes of Garrincha,Brito, and Gerson in Stade d'Akwa,Douala a
week earler.Now the team,Ekelekete showered with magical rain had
come to Buea.
The news spread all over West Cameroon and cars with loudspeakers
blaring rushed through many towns announcing the arrival of legendary
Oryx in Buea.Willing spectators from Bamenda were warned to establish
their "dentitairs" and "laissez-passers" since it was easier to pass
through East cameroon than the traditional route of Mamfe through
Kumba to Buea.
The match started finally.The Buea Red Devils were playing kick and
rush system and for some reason the players of the mighty Oryx seemed
mortal.Ndieffi was particaulary fast and kept sending pin point
crosses like David Beckham's for Eyong to exploit.The young man,Eyong
with his canvass shoes on,to the amusement of Oryx players was a
constant menace to the Oryx defence.The Oryx players started playing
possession football that was popularly known as "dimakash".West
Cameroonian spectators were wondering why players would be sending
balls backwards,and then right back to the goal keeper.Wasn' t
football meant to be driven forward always?
Moukoko Confiance in an attempt to send the ball back to Priso was
caught flat-footed by Azung who quickly released the ball to
Ndieffi.Ndieffi sprinting forward like a Peugeot 404 sent a perfect
cross to fleet-footed Eyong in his amusing canvass,and he went past
Ngalle like a ghost and buried the ball in the net past the diving
Tokoto Rudolphe.The crowd went wild with great excitement.The fog
descended almost immediately. The referee stopped the match for
fifteen minutes to the annoyance of the anxious crowd.
When the fog subsided the match resumed.Oryx held sway all he time.
The second half was totally what all expected to see.Possession
football was the better of the two systems.Jackson Mandi was imperial
as he blocked all the shots from the Oryx players.Jackson had been
told never to attempt catching any shot from Mbappe Leppe as his
shots were loaded with charms and invisible killer amulates.
Jackson forgot about the injunction.Mbappe took one his gloriously
characteristic shot and Jackson filled the pole and caught the ball
with great applause from the spectators and accompanied by rapturous
cheers.He even went proudly up to Mbappee Leppe to show him the ball
with pride and challenge.
The match continued and with quick exchanges from Tokoto Jean-Pierre
and Ebelle,Moukoko Confiance took a shot that flew past jackson into
the net for a deserved equalizer.
Mbappe took another shot and jackson caught the ball.He sent it
upfield to and then stood stiffly and fell to the ground.The Police
rushed to revive him but he was rolling over his stomach.He was
carried out of the field and driven to the Buea General
Hospital.Rumours started flying.
He caught Mbappe Leppe's ball and even defiantly showed it to
him."Why did he do that,with his impotent elephant?"
The match ended in a delightfully surprising draw.Jackson Mandi,Flop
pole was never heard of again as a goal keeper.He came out of the
hospital well and rushed back to his village,Ikilliwindi .
Mukwelle Akale

red flag

great narration of the soccer history of our great nation, (southern cameroons) this
eloborate where we come from and where
we are heading to, to some , i mean those
new come children of immigrant, like the simplice, usa, etc, this sound like some ancient history of faraway tail that never existed, to us 7n british southern cameroonians is a pride we love to live our lifes this way.

red flag

Hope this event accentuate to kofi anan
before his home the the republique du cameroun and british southern cameroons are 2 different and seperate countries that are better apart, and that southern cameroons independence is a do or die
solution for AFRICA and the world.


Good narrative there Rexon.This gives us a good historical perscpective that the Anglophones got talents and can still proof their worths.The Francophones should rethink their efforts to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

Look at a nonchalent photographer above whose poor English and lack of ethics is exposing and leaking the La Republiques tactics of suppressing English and Anglophones in all walks of life.Southern Cameroons are very silent but the power of English language could not be over-emphasised since the said Camaraman almost lost his dear life in the name of French.

This goes to expose Cameroons vulnerability at home and little doubt that the different reporters and mediam outlets, present were disappointed and saw this inhuman and shameful behaviour from a said Francophone Camaraman.

We hear recently that the Lions failed in their Ghana expedition because there were no Anglophones in the squad.The paper further states that for all the 4 Nations Cup the Cameroon Lions have won, was with the help of Anglophone players who spiced and added team spirit in the squad.(1974,1988,2000 and 2002).

Players like Tataw Stephen,Ndip Akem,Agbor Hans,Ndiefi Pius and a host of other new breds of professional whose talents have been relinguished to the background because of the Francophone-Anglophone divide.Players like Mokake and Robert Mbah Njama have been forgotten and never been called up even for practice session.Ndeifi suffered several discriminatory blows during his era.They used to put him in 3 minutes to the end of the match.

History will never repeat itself unless Anglophones and the English Language are being considered in the day-to-day running of that great nation of Cameroon.

Fritzane Kiki
South Korea

Ma Mary

Kiki: that is how we spoke in the 70s and 80s. We need to move on now and quit weeping more than the bereaved about the "great nation of Cameroon". Tufia to that.

Mukwelle Akale, gave a wonderful narration above, about a historical football match.

In 1986, the Camerounese football legend, Mbappe Leppe died poor and neglected, absolutely wretched his cadaverous eyes looked defeated in the newspaper picture. For the honour he brought his country, he should have been retired with a pension and basic health care. If a country is capable of ignoring its heroes, what about you, about us who are pretending to be its citizens?

one cameroon

the stupidity of this guy is not enough reason to call for a separation.cameroon will be greater if united. please let us join hands to better our country. anybody can say anything but the wise ones would always be led by.

red flag



Ma Mary,
I respect your point on the neglect of stars and legends.When I wake in the morning and see Ndip Akem and Tataw on my holidays in Cameroon, I feel ashamed and disappointed and think most of these players have become preys of la republique's demagogy.You know what they are only invited at the end of year bonanzas at Etoudi to dine and wine with corrupt officials.But if we take into consideration Anglophone players who are professional players in the international scenes,then Southern Cameroons can boast of a national team if time comes.

One Cameroon,
Just as Red Flag just said the Southern Cameroons have been under such threats and discrimination for too long,with suicidal leaders and seasoned demagogues who decide to cling to power for selfish goals.If Cameroon was ruled by virtue of superior voters strength, then we can have hopes but it is increasingly unlikely that the Southern Cameroons will be free from this bondage of Ewondo-Beti-clique of leaders, who continue to maintain a considerable influence in the poor governance of Cameroon.

Many Cameroonians whisper worries of an impending doom of a civil strife,if there is any constitutional amendmends as it is already in the making by the CPDM-controlled regime who have already claimed divine authority over innocenet Cameroonians.

They have put them spellbound to answer 'yes' to any decision from above.A vivid illustration of a silent dictatorial regime.Most Cameroonians have suffered the repression through threats,unlawful imprisonment,torture and death.Let's hope for peace in that country.But it needs only sacrifice and no one wants to be the sacrificial lamb.

Fritzane Kiki

Air Jordan Retro

Je me consoler comme ceci: alors que je suis à l'intérieur du point le plus bas, car maintenant des fleurs en fleurs, je peux habituellement témoin le roman lorsque les pétales tombent et volent à l'intérieur du vent.

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