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Monday, 25 February 2008


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Could this be the beginning of the end of the Biya regime or I am just dreaming. Cameroonians go ahead, at the end you will emerge victorious.

Abesong John

God is surely ready now to rescue helpless Cameroonians from the Fangs of this shameless regime.


If Southern Cameroonians want to fight these colonialists, they should state clearly why they are fighting them. Our main preoccupation should be our independence. Muna, Foncha, etc made mistakes in guiding us to this fake union with La Republique. They have apologised and asked us to get to grips and focus our attention on our independence. Regime change in La Republique should not preoccupy our long term goal. Succesive regimes of La Republique have been focused on promoting the colonial policies of LA Republique. Even during the days of Ahidjo as far back as 1963, things were not going well for Southern Cameroonians. Professor Bernard Nsokika Fonlon as early as 1963 wrote several petitions to several national and international bodies clamouring for dialogue as La Republique started its constitutional manipulation to wipe out the Southern Cameroonian identity from mainstream life of La Republique. This didnt changed untill 1984 when Fonlon completely distanced himself from La Republique and coined our own country Ambazonia. Before he died, he had realised his mistake in thinking that he can bring change from within La Republiques politics and handed the barton for control of the Ambazonian liberation movement to Fon Ngorji Dinka. Then came Mukong, Feko, Anyamgwe and Co who thought they could outsmart the imperialist La Republique through the SDF. They thought they could fight from within their politics to declare our independence. They failed like Fonlon. We have all learnt from the mistakes of the past. The time for blame game is over. Southern Cameroonians need to know what should preoccupy their socio-political conciousness. It should be their independence. Regime Change in La Republique should be left to those who own their country (La Republique). We can continue fighting, but we should be fighting for our independence. And this type of fight will only end when we achieve full independence from La Republique Francaise du Cameroun.


To the SCNC loyalists on this forum,

This should show you that not only Southern Cameroons is suffering from the negative effects of Biya's bloodthirsty regime. CAMEROONIANS all over OUR country are fed up with the system. While the majority swims in poverty, the minority basks in luxury.
CAMEROONIANS of all ethnic backgrounds are FED UP and TOGETHER we are TAKING a stand.

Cameroonians are uniting against Biya. To hell with separatist tendencies. In unity lies our strength.

red flag

united sted of ant, please you must know that, southern cameroonians are not fighting to have a regime change in paul biyas country, we are fighting for our independence, that had been stolen by ahijo and paul mbiya, soo, you and simplice
must stop dismissing our valid concern for southerncameroons, if you are soo concern about camerounthen you should be talking to the french audience , we are tired of your frenchies hypocrites and laicious propaganda , about one cameroun, bilingualism what not that ring no truth to any one.

Abesong John

Cameroonians do not have a sense of direction, No point of focus. Different groups under the name of SCNC. A hundred little groups in the name of opposition parties. Division everywhere. This gives Biya and his tugs the opportunity to treat Cameroonians as objects reduced to mere beggars. There is an issue in Cameroon right now, but instead of mobilizing forces to stand together and tell the regime we do not want to be treated as dogs or idiots anymore, distractors are coming in with name calling as usual. SCNC, political parties left and right and worst of all the CPDM are responsible for the desperation and helplessness in which innocent Cameroonians find themselves today. My brothers and sisters, lets be united in the same purpose and together our voice will be heard loud and clear.

Nfor Tambe

Sad but predictable in a country where everything is 'a muddle'- to echo Golding's character, Piggy.

What should the government or Biya's puppets expect from the social and economic deprivation the laughable 'New Deal'
government has created in Cameroon since the mid eighties? 25 years of high levels of crime, corruption, unemployment, poor transport network,child labour,absentee office workers,rude and uncivilised public servants who are themselves self-serving,filthy death homes in the name of hospitals,arm robbers in the name of police officers,a lawless legal system,filthy streets paraded by HIV infected prostitutes and above all, choral MPs who neither do not know why they are elected or are simply self-serving political prostitutes is surprisingly long enough for Cameroonians to endure. Interestingly, after 25 years, Cameroonians are beginning to wake up from their long sleep. We hope it is going to be a sustained mission. Cameroonians are perhaps the most patient and tolerable bunch one could find.

The issue is not how long a person stays in power- so long as he or she is not clinging to power to the detriment of his fellow countrymen.

The big question now should be: Must we Cameroonians continue with high levels of economic and social hardship while Biya and his regime guarantee an enduring hardship for future generations of Cameroonians?

Remember this: If after 25 years in power the country is worst than in the 70s would it be better if Biya continues in power even for another day? I am not suggesting it would be 'better' with a leadership change.

One thing is certain: We can never know if things would be different while Biya remains in power.

Time for action. Time for change or perish!

Nfor Tambe


The Chickens are coming home to roost. Let's start preparing for the end to corruption, nepotism, tribalism and Biyaism (SDF, CPDM, UNDP,CDU,MP and the rest of Biya's puppets). The old should go. In our country we the young with a vision and purpose will bring Cameroon to the place she deserves to be in the world, not a HIPC. Rest in peace Biya's regime.


Camerronians have been more than patient. let the Go't should not take the name of and occupation and put infront that "it is a taxi driver strike". it is more than enough! Starting with student killed in the university of Buea i begin to question "what were guns doing in an unarmed demonstration?". Without withstanding, the constitution stated the presidential mandate was five years but our uncle in Etoudi changed it to seven we were silent now he wants to make it his house where he will live in it for ever. i begin to ask myself where are we from and where are we leading to?
I just pray and wish that Cameroonians should be united and solve this problem once and for all because the New Deal Regime will laugh at Us if what we are trying to spark now will fail due to The lack of trust and traitors we have among us. Cameroonians,, Un Seul Mot "Continuer"


Mr. Eyengue,
Do you know how many young people are in the political parties you just mentioned? The problem with Cameroonian politics is not the age of the politicians but the values which they cherish. The ills you just mentioned are closely tied with the CPDM regime and its allies. SDF and CDU have demonstrated some values which Cameroonians cherish except that the leader of the CDU betrayed Cameroonians at a time when the opposition was expected to come up with a single candidate in the 2004 presidential elections. Political leaders do make mistakes and when such leaders acknowledge their mistakes, the population will be willing to give them another chance.


Those who did not see this happening in Cameroon must be blind. The Government should remember what happened in Kenya and know that it can also happen in Cameroon. You can fool some people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Oh please God help Cameroon!!.

Ceux qui n'ont pas vu ceci se produire au Cameroun doivent être (très) aveugles. Le gouvernement devrait se rappeler ce qui s'est produit au Kenya et sait qu'il peut également se produire au Cameroun. Ont peut tromper certains personnes toutes les temps mais jamais toutes peuples toutes les temps. Que Dieu tout puisant bénir le Cameroun!!


Now you are talking. I like the debate. I acknowledge the fact that all the above politcal parties have youth wings, but the point is how influencial is the youth wing in making party policies. In the 90s, the CPDM come out with an auto-defence group, a part of it's youth wing, which was responsible for taking out opponents to Beti/Bulu hegemony. Remember youths of the SDF attacked Prof. Ngwasiri's home when he was at logger head with Mr. Fru Ndi. Is that the only responsiblity of youths of political parties to physically abuse opponents which threaten the leadership of the party? Most of the leaders of these political parties, if we go by nature, may have one or less than a decade to live, yet they cling to power, forgetting to know, when they are gone, it will be the time for the youths of today to manage the affaires of the country. Bill Clinton became president of the USA in his early 40s, didn't he manage the country well,and won a second term? I think the generation of the Hippos have put most African countries including Cameroon to pre-colonial era. If you got the time listen to George Ayyiteh on Cheetahs and Hippo generation. You can get it on youtube.


I think there is no point now to give words of either being SCNC,CPDM,SDF etc.The issue is Cameroonians no matter where they come from need to be rescued from the hands of a cool blooded dictator whose time is up!We regret the killings but one thing is, keep the fight and let the idiot know this is no longer the 1960's style of politics which he used on Ahidjo.


hahahahahahaha cameroonians go to the streeets! hahaha its only gona get worse! i pray it gets worse ! a lot of cameroonans complain about the goverment but they are the same ones who use all brothers or friends in power to help them beat the system whenever its works ut ok for them! the same ones who praise theives called fey men! all are as bad as their leaders we should start with simple lessons : we are all equal, do on to others what yo wish to be done to you, respect your own pinciples and beleifs so you can respect thst of others! its these little things we neeed to think about! a country reflects its people so the change will never come till we change!


I just can´t understand ur point Mr. the happycameroonian.Cameroon is corrupt thats a fact.To your point of view where should the change start;from grass root level or from up there?people are just venting out their anger concerning everything going on in the country.We certainly need a change and it will come God willing.You might be the son or whoever of a high level official but tell your man to be prepaid cos this is the beginning of the end.Idiot!


There is a limit to what people can take. Even the dumb, I believe if you push their buttons too hard, they'll talk someday; only they may talk in an unusual language. So is the case now in Cameroon. People reach a stage where they seem so frustrated due to the severe hardship they've been in they seem to have seen everything already. At this point, a bullet means nothing to them because it may come as a relief from these frustrations. They reason "Why sit here and die in hunger rather than fight and maybe get what you need or at least die in the process?" LAND OF PROMISE, LAND OF GLORY. We won't let the forces of darkness steal our promises and hide the glory forever. Christians of Cameroon at home and elsewhere, it's ABOUT TIME! Let's rise up and PRAY!


Now is not a time to segregate ourselve into the different political parties we are affiliated with. Now is the time to unite and fight for our common interest, the independence and betterment of Cameroon and its people as a whole. The youth who want more representation from the government must fight for the opportunity. You can't take the role of thug because that is what the party limits you to. You are adults, don't allow yourselves to be reduced to play ground bullies. Stand up for your principles, stand up to the party, make sure they support your ideas and are working towards implementing them. Respect those who cultivate and earn respect, don't follow someone blindly because they are your senior. We would respect and follow willingly if they were working in our mutual best interest. They are not working for us; so we MUST unite, as ONE, and speak out. GOD BLESS AND PRESERVE CAMEROON.


Good comments though. In a situation of this nature, I find it very unpatriotic for citizens to recourse to thievery measures and open-looting as means for denouncing the corrupt regime. I think, the forces of law and order should deal promptly and severly with those opportunists, using this event to increase their material wealth.
As for those in the diaspora, do something financially to keep the ball rolling. Stoping talking the talk while those on the ground are working the work. Start thinking of contributing to compensate families who will lose their sons and daughters in this battle of liberation.

Abesong John

it's really hard to say how long the situation in Cameroon will stay under control. The heavily armed Gerdames, police and the military is not the solution. People will finally get frustrated and give up their lives for anything regardless. That is chaos. The gov't needs to treat ordinary Cameroonians as humans and not as idiots that do not know what is good for them. How much prove does the gov't need to know that things are spilling over?
The time for them to reconsider their strategy is now. Well, all God alone knows why Cameroonian have to go through this.

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