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Monday, 18 February 2008


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Bullshit. Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam is an idiot. The wind that is coming to sweep Popol will not leave him. These CRTV Journalist are only reaping what they have sown over the years. They totally neglected their professional ethics of telling Cameroonians the truth. Most of them were used to propagate lies especially when elections were being rigged by the regime.
Journalist, if all of you are to be dismissed because to say the truth, then accept it and join us in the streets to pull down this wicked, good for nothing regime.


Is Charlie Ndichia still the editor of this paper?.
The quality of reporting here has gone to an all time low.
I remember sometime ago a reporter wrote a story about someone arrested for possessing a number of bags of marjuana in Bui Division. I even as a Cameroonian might guess though inaccurately what sort of bags the reporter meant. Where they of identical volumes or what? For a paper aspiring for international readership I thought they should be employing some internationally understandable measurement units - for example the arrested person had about such and such kilograms of of the plant in his possession.
In the above article the reporter mentions the absence of a budget in the a position into which somebody has been appointed. Again a typical Cameroonian would readily understand its implications. Would that be the same case with a foreign reader? Moreso as a paper which should serve as a mirror of Cameroon to the world a little explanation about how the importance of budgetary control is in the deep rooted corruption in Cameroon would not have been be out of place.


Cher(e) Camerounais,
Que pensez vous a cette proposition?
Dear Cameroonians, What about this proposition?

Vu que plus de 98% de Camerounais sont contre la modification de article 6(2) de la constitution de 1996 du Cameroun,
Lundi 03 Mars 2008 est déclarer une journée « Deuil National » contre tous les manœuvres pour modifier article 6(2) de la constitution.
A ce jour, nous habillions en NOIR en faisant nos activités respectives
Résistons à tous les actes provocateurs. Notre procédure pour le moment reste pacifique

Mindful of the fact that more than 98 % of Cameroonians are against the amendment of this article 6(2) of the 1996 constitution of Cameroon,
Monday March 3rd 2008 has been declared a “National day of Mourning” against any move to amend article 6(2) of this constitution.
On this date, we will dress in BLACK and about our normal activities
Let’s resist all acts of provocation. Our procedure for now remain solemn

kenedy Epie

I have been a regular listener and contributed to the morning safari program several times while in Cameroon. This was (since the program has been faced-off) one of the few fora Anglophone Cameroonians had to freely express their opinions. There is no doubt that the Biya regime will continue to manifest its dictatorial skills. Censorship is a violation of human rights and freedoms of speech and expression. This is a sign that time is running out for the geronto-ruling class in the country. Mr. Minister, from your name i do not doubt your actions but remember that what ever you do today will hunt you tomorrow.
kenedy Epie
Helsinki, Finland


Morning Safari is the only program at the CRTV that broadcasts contradictory opinions on topics of national importance.Banning it will only confirm that public communication medium as his master's voice with no regard to the interests of the population that it pretends to serve and who pay for those services.
What is the regime's definition of debate when they in fact want to hear only praises for the King?
With regards to songs, it would be interesting to know whether they are considered anti-establishment simply because they reflect the traditional cultures of various parts of the country? Does the honorable minister want only bikutsi to be played to an audience that prefers something else? Where does that audience go to appreciate their own culture?
Finally those who think they are defending the regime by marginalizing the Anglophones in all aspects of national life are fertilizing the Southern Cameroons plant.

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