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Saturday, 16 February 2008


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Its so amazing how a group of selfish individuals are slowly but steadily conniving towards plunging a whole nation into civil unrest.

Without mincing words, I have a deep feeling that amending the Cameroonian constitution to allow Biya to stand for presidency will erode away the patience the Cameroonian people have shown this draconian regime.

If this is what it will take to bring down those crazy bald heads who are only thinking of their gluttonous bellies even I who is a staunch anti-war partisan will take up arms!!

Something, someone, some mystery has to save Cameroon from this impending disaster!


Gosh i cant hold down myself. Just thinking about this again, my blood boils at hyperthemophilic scales. How dare this people undermind our intelligence?

If u keep on poking a sore, the pain will eventually incite a reaction. We are watching you closely!


These guys are out of ideas, you see the kind of nations from which they are taking lessons? Tchad, Gabon, Tunisia etc.

These numbskull professors know very very well that without Biya they are nothing but thier time will eventually come.


With such jungle-mania in CPDM circles, one can understand why the current US President carefully avoided Cameroon from his itinerary despite Paul Biya's many trips to the White House.


This is really incredible.That Grand Pa wanna die as a president and leave our fellow brothers and sister in an unbearable situation.Please God you are the only one who can help us because this is beyond our control.WE NEED YOUR HELP

Ma Mary

Southern Cameroonians should stay out of this. There will of course be self-serving imbeciles like Elvis Ngolle Ngolle dancing to his master's voice. Let the Camerounese deal with their own demons. John Fru Ndi should keep that crap in la Republique.


Let Paul Biya implement the present constitution before thinking about amending it. Please MPs, This is a warning to all of you. We the people of Cameroon are not in support for an amendment that will allow Biya to stand as president in 2011. If this should happen then know that you have openly declared war in Cameroon. Don't be supprise at the events that will follow such a move.
Thank you

kenedy Epie

Shame to a learned tribes man in the name of Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle. He is the first Professor in International Relations who romances with bad governance and dictatorship. I doubt the contents of his lectures at IRIC, Yaounde. Professors in his capacity elsewhere are liberal in their political views and strong advocates of democracy in the real sense of it. He is a disgrace to the US University where he obtained his PhD.
kenedy Epie
Helsinki, Finland.


Rigobert Song Bahanack will tell you that he doesn’t understand how he could lose a ball to his opponent that will cost him so dearly. God made them to win up to the semi-finals but God knew pretty well what harm a Cameroon victory at the finals will do to our Country especially at this point in time.
We should know that God has heard the cry of Cameroonians and has turned his eyes on Cameroon. All those who drink blood to stay in power or for greater achievements, know that your time is up. The people must be liberated on or before 2011. The power of God is stronger than any other power in the universe. God allows his people to be oppressed so that he can manifest his power and glory. His spirit is transforming Cameroonians now. Thank God Mr. Biya is aware of this transforming spirit. That is why in his recent address to the Youths he began with the statement “In view of the uncertainties of the future” The children of The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have a future that is CERTAIN because of the promises and covenants God made with our forefathers. The future can only be uncertain for the children of blood drinkers, embezzlers, election riggers, corrupters and those who inflict pain on the innocent.


If the CPDM nincompoops and traitors masquerading as politicans cannot envisage the dark and dangerous path they are pursuing,at the expense of the common citizens, as they continue threatening to amend article 6.2 of the constitution,then it's really betraying since it's against the people's will.The people are sick and tired of thesame presidential politics which has the most dramatic impact to cause a civil strife.

Majority says it will be a fragile and delicate compromise if the authoritarian government persists,since their aim is to maintain the Mr dogooder Bi Mvondo in office after 2011.Cameroonians donnot show any more interest in the political issues since the government shows little chances of fundamentally reforming major socio-economic problems and humanitarian calamities facing them;shortages of electricity,water and bad roads continue,the nations education system is devastating,workplace discouraging,the law enforcement is broken.

The governemt has to put these priorities as top in the parliament agenda than thinking of amending a constitution only for selfish reasons.Those political leaders should think twice before unwittingly aiding the CPDM government in their sinister aims,which can plunge we the people and country in an escalating jeopardy and bloodshed.

Fritzane Kiki


I join my voice to the already many voices to strongly condemn any attempt to modify the constitution of Cameroon for the interest of Biya and his clique. Cameroonians should use all means available to resist this devilish act.


I strongly agree with you Kennedy Epie, some of these money hungers called themselves Prof, they are really a disgrace to this prestigeous academic title. In short that man called Ngolle should come and see real prof here in Europe who ride on bikes every morning to their classes. In i have always none that man Ngollleeellllle as a man who will die behind Paupolle. While i dont blame him for you can't bit the hands that have fed you. But time is coming when the soft penis will be regarded as meat to a baby and he will eat it with pleasure. be warned Ngolle for the death of that man on power will come and you will have no where to go. do what is good as you where taught in your International Realtion Classes.



Nobody, not Janet Garvey, not the USA, France, Britain or even God will give us our freedom if we don't seize it ourselves. We delude ourselves greatly if we think that international public opinion or even God will liberate us.
God only help those who help themselves. The way we are going to gain our freedom is through blood, sweat and tears. If we don't want to pay this price, then our children and childrens' children will continue with our suffering.
Lets stop all this nonsense about Cameroon being a peace-loving people. The monopoly on violence is with the CPDM. Until such a time that we realize that enough is enough, we would be simply whistling in the dark about our so-called freedoms.


Ma Mary,
we cameroonians have alway told u people-SCNC blablabla or what, to stop disturbing those of us who seek solutions for all cameroonians. THIS IS NOT AN SCNC FORUM. whatever the case ur scnc ideas will be CRUSHED like a rotten pear. we will never allow those stupid scnc activists to destroy this nation just like paul biya.
we are calling on all cameroonians whether english or french speaking, to say `NO TO BIYA'S PLANS' he is not even sure to be alive by 2011 and he is already planning for prolongation.
AS for cpdm militants we all know u are addicted to `food' and `drinks'. Biya has alway used this method to keep u all in the dark. food and drinks provided especially in ebolowa and yaounde, will never replace roads, hospitals, schools and jobs which we all need in this country. the gov't is spending money to educate cpdm militants on constitutional admendmant meanwhile that money can be used to provide scholarships and improving on the poor cameroonian's life. we know all those old tricks mr biya.
As for the SDF i can only appreciate their effort to stop this old and functionless biya. but the SDF needs to improve on that quest. ALL cameroonian are ready to help the SDF on this matter but they need to have VERY STRONG INTERNATIONAL BACKINGS TO SUCCEED. biya survives because he receives support from the past crafty french gov'ts.
Those in diaspora should keep on writing abt this evil regime. keep on sending ur comments at both national and international level, so that the world will focus on cameroon. this is the time, because other african countries are in similar crisis-kenya, chad.
we must make the world know that all these events in these countries occur when the wishes of the people are not heard or taken into consideration.


Its a sad thing to see glutens and parasites determined to kill their host. Biya should know that these selfish guys had been and are using him to achieve their personal greed and he will be the one to be left in the deepest shit at the end of the day. Its a total mess


Sad thing indeed. For how long are these bigwigs going to stay in the hangover? I wonder what kind of rum they consumed in the first place? They seem to hack on the Word 'Peace', every time they are given the stage to blow out their misconceived ideologies on Democracy. What the average Cameroon longs for is not peace as it were, it poverty alleviation and the basics for an average lifestyle. These are people who live superscale standards and all they can do is try to convince the weak populace on Constitutional Amendment. ! Slowly and Steadily Kenya, Congo, Ivory Coast, Here we come!!!!!!!


Ever since i have personally being doubting the credibility of your professorship. And now am very convinced you bought it like others from those mushroom institutions in the US. Unlike other professors, they have publications and try to bring light to the society through their students. The google search results of Elvis Ngolle is CPDM. Naming Chad, Tunisia etc as examples for Cameroon or any country to follow is more than loosing your mind and that really questions your academic sources especially in political sciences as you claim.Idiot.


Do these people understand that there is no need for this debate in Cameroon? The constitution does not place limits to the number of times a Cameroonian can serve as president like the US constitution does. In Cameroon, the only condition is that you step down after a maximum of two terms and then you are free to contest after seven year. That's IT!!!!! If the people like you, they'll vote for you again after 7 years!!!! That's the argument that should be made and NO one is making it!!!!!!!!!!


We all know, people like Ngolle Ngolle have sold their soul to the devil and that blood-thirsty vampire in Etoudi. He has sold his soul for earthly pleasures and he sucks the blood of downtrodden Cameroonians for good health. This we all know so nobody should be surprised.
Instead of complaining, we have to ask ourselves what next? what next? what next? what next?

the biggest tboy

It will be a political fallacy if my fellow cameroonians at home allow the so called political big-wiggs to temper with the law of the land for their self agrondisement.i feel ashame when my senior and lended colleague in the person of Ngole Ngole stands to support constitutional amendment at this stage in the countries democratisation process.infact he makes me to believe that political scientist are those who preach virtue but practices vice.Ngole Ngole you are warned.

red flag


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