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Monday, 18 February 2008


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It seems Cameroonians are yet to learn the irony of diplomacy. Why would these respected elites humiliate themselves before the very perpetrators of our predicaments. These embassies are only there to foster the national interest of their respective countries. There is no doubts that they have been exploiting the poor records of our regime to benefit their objectives through behind the curtain threats and traded deals to back them should they give certain concessions. We see this in the open through the handing over of our economic potentials to foreigners in the guise of privatization. The real results to the common man is 'strange sufferings' as for a example the AES Sonel and frequent power cuts with fake excuses while electric power is being exploited to Tchad to boost the oil companies of these new owners, albeit sky rocketing bills never before to us.

It is therefore time we take our responsibilities in our hand before another sun set (we can't forget too soon how the former U.S boss in our midst down played public sense of resistance to electoral malpractices with 'assured promises' of better days, only to cosigned an inconsequential paper condemning the aftermaths of a system they don't master too well). In as much as the common man looks onto the U.S as a beckon of hope and initiator of progress in helpless political situation around the globe, a scenario Cameroon is already into, the U.S has admitted it is not conversant with the political realities in French Africa and has been calling on France to aid in times of crisis. Therefore, the U.S can't offer any solution in sincere terms but may do so by proxy. This will require overt reactions from Cameroonians and this is what is needed and not down playing this possibilities by organizing debates in hidden chambers. Before it will be noon these persons would be corrupted and their 'induced words' will be falsely concluded to represent the will of all. Hence, this move should be halted and let reactions be tested in public by the masses.


If a high profile political analyst like Ngolle Ngolle could condescend so low to propagating this malicious idea of constitutional change, then its definitely clear that any oxidizing approach to this issue should be championed by the masses. we should not wait until the moment when an average Cameroonian could not afford one square meal a day before we start thinking of possible solutions. Since our intellectuals have traded wisdom for greed, its now our turn.If Biya and his phylum are not interested in knowing what Napoleon left undone, then they better start thinking of immediate strategies in combating impending issues depriving fellowing Cameroonians from enjoying their blissful lives with all the natural endowments from heaven, rather than enhancing their moronic campaign for constitutional change. They can start reasoning from this analogy that if there is a fire at one end, and water as an immediate remedy has incessantly fail to stop it, then an alternative is to start another fire at the other end so when they meet there will no fuel for further burning.

kenedy Epie

I strongly support the stand point of Professor Nkwi that the amendment of the Constitution should not be an affair of the ruling party, proposing that a constitutional review committee be created to examine which articles of the Constitution are due amendment. This is how a learned Patriot should serve the fatherland not the likes of Ngolle Ngolle who have sold their intellects to become psycho-fans of Mr. Biya. Thanks for being a good example of the academia.
kenedy Epie
Helsinki, Finland


Do these people understand that there is no need for this debate in Cameroon? The constitution does not place limits to the number of times a Cameroonian can serve as president like the US constitution does. In Cameroon, the only condition is that you step down after a maximum of two terms and then you are free to contest after seven year. That's IT!!!!! If the people like you, they'll vote for you again after 7 years!!!! That's the argument that should be made and NO one is making it!!!!!!!!!!


This story is a glaring example of how much inertia there is in an exhausted ruling clique to think constructively. Could say these are signs of the end time? First point.

I think Nka is such an intellectual whose molding has not been beyond secondary school. We all know diplomacy has its bad sides but diplomats have proven to help in the Cameroon context where lethal force works best to crush opposition voices. How many times have you Prof. Nka organised a discussion on extending the rule of Fru Ndi and invited even that same Fru Ndi and he shows up? Diplomacy is about negotiating and you best know that some negotiate from a position of power while other are from the position of powerlessness. Who would have made it possible for us to know that a secret meeting in the Presidency was marred by internal disagreements? Nobody even the CRTV. Having this debate and people speak out the "truth to power" turned out to be a plus for me and you to be informed by The The debate participants did a good job and we need that same American tiger to spearhead them.

I am sure there are many out there who agree with me that the more people start ironing their linens in public the better our chances of getting the government accountable for its intentions. No doubt every campaigning minister always "reads out a list of projects in the pipeline". So that pipe cannot be traversed in 25 years? Then why do we have to extend mandates when projects cannot mature in a quarter of a century? Its time we start thinking and give our support to who ever is in the opposition to make better arguments in our interest.


I agree with Mimboman's observation about my standings 100% but disagree with his proposed solutions to the current crisis 100%. The omniscience Mimboman may be practically viewing this crisis through the windows. It is time will move from declarations to actions, above standard educated elite of your standings had relied on diplomacy in the past with no practical solutions to our crisis. Despite all diplomatic maneuvers, assertions and declarations, the everyday realities in our midst are yet to improve if not worsening. We need to assess progress in terms of effects. Actions and not words can be a real solution hear.

Make no mistake, diplomacy has its limits. Biya has been know to use lethal force to get his way and when the time comes again, diplomacy, high profile intellectual ideas and speeches will not effectively respond, force can do that and the masses will be required. Until and unless the man on the street is thrilled on how to counter this force, be rest assured, Biya, under the present dispensation, will ride on unperturbed. With all your education, if you will succeed otherwise in this milieu, I will give you a 'big congratulation' on this site. But when, it is the contrary, I urge you to be intellectually honest enough to admit that you failed.

Moreover, I need to know from omniscience Mimboman how diplomacy has changed or improve Biya's poor management & human rights records in practical terms.


The professorship of Kwi can never be put in doubts. I have followed this respectable professor for years and he has always been onto the point. We all know how Ngolle Ngolle got his professor. Mr. Ngolle Ngolle compares Cameroon to Britain as far as presidential mandate is concerned but could not compare the way elections are organized in Britain. He could not also measure the degree of fraud nor the way the government in Britain is corrupt as compared to Cameroon. Mr. Ngolle is now heading one of the Cameroonian ministries which is mined by hyper corruptions. Those who went through him at IRIC have too much to regret. Mr. Ngolle Ngolle has been preaching for a constitutional change because he wants to remain a minister. How does he feel when Ateba a militant of the fire party questions Owona on the constitutional change. Within the cpdm you are professor but out of that you are shit.......



And why are you people even talking about constitutional amendment? why is Prof Kiwi or Kwi or whatever even proposing a committee to examine the whole constitutional amendment issue? why are we even talking about it?

The Cameroonian people have made it crystal clear that they don't want Biya in power. It is clear and the message have been sent across. I find it baffling that we are even thinking of a committee to review the issue. There's no need for a committee because we don't want any amendment. \

Has the government obeyed all the stipulations of the present constitution? they don't even respect the current constitution so why do they want to change it? let us implement what we have first before thinking of a committee. You cannot call the current constitution outmoded when you don't even follow it

This is arrant nonsense!


Only federalism can cure the MADNESS that is Cameroon politics. Take me back to the days when Southern Cameroons have its own P.M, house of chiefs, and government.

Owona and Yene, your space in hell has been cleaned up already. You will be roomates will Biya and Hitler. Enjoy now for you will cry later. ASS-HOLES!!!


Pa Fru,
You wrote:

"Dr. Bernard Fonlon dreamed of a Cameroon that would be exemplary in
Africa, a Cameroon that two systems would live side-by-side, a
Cameroon that the language heritage would be respected like that of
Canada. "

Correct. So what happened that we now have annexation by La
Republique? Surely, Canada would be looking for trouble is she
suddenly turns around and sign a decree banning the government of
Quebec and claim that all Canada must follow the Anglo-Saxon system?
The Quebecois will obviously fight them. This is as crystal clear as
the stars in the heavens. So do you expect us to do in the Cameroon
case? Sit down and appease a clearly criminal act in the annexation
of Southern Cameroons. To do so would itself amount to a great evil.

You again said:

"I shall personally see to it that Dr. Bernard Fonlon's dream of
Cameroon comes true. I will make sure it happens, contrary to
naysayers, dis-believers like the Southern Cameroons Nationalists of
the Dr. Mbua Egbe. "

Of course we will all be indebted to any one who can re-create this
vision. But we now have a serious problem in our hands which must be
solved before we can think of the vision, La Republique must leave
Southern Cameroons because their presence there is illegal; and that
a state criminal act was committed and human rights abuse continue to
occur there together with oppression for close to 50 years. When they
leave then we can start thinking of the Canadian model. Save yourself
first before attempting to save the rest. So the first step is to
tell La Republique to leave. Anything else is totally unacceptable.
We should refuse to appease a crime to any people in the world by

So, I am not against the vision of Cameroon. I am against the
annexation of Southern Cameroons by La Republique du Cameroun and the
subsequent abuse of Southern Cameroonians and devastation of their
land and resources for their own gain. Roads, industry and possibly
commerce in Southern Cameroons are today worst that the German times
almost 100 years ago.


--- In camnetwork@yahoogro, Pa Fru Ndeh wrote:
Re: Micro -> Cameroon National Anthem

Adey Oyenuga,

MicroWave hates the truth. Cameroon has TWO national anthems.
When politely told the truth, he comes back very like his name
a MicroWave Oven on those who tell the truth. He did not know that
has TWO national anthems. He wrongly thought Professor Bernard
Nsokika Fonlon
was doing a translation. The English National Anthem of Cameroon is
not a translation
of the French National Anthem. The lyrics of the French National
anthem originally had
East Cameroonians, MicroWave's forebears calling for the French to
come and save
Cameroon from savagery. That is the type of thing that MicroWave
wanted Dr. Bernard
Fonlon to translate. What he fails to realize is that in those days,
if Dr. Bernard Fonlon
were not rubbished by the Cameroon system, he, Dr. Fonlon would have
stood far taller than
the likes of Leopold Sengha Senghor. Dr. Bernard Nsokika Fonlon was
a Patriotic
Aboriginal Anglophone of West Cameroon extraction. His forebears
came from a place
called Kimi in Nigeria, of the old Kanem-Bornu Empire. Dr. Bernard
Fonlon dreamed of
a Cameroon that would be exemplary in Africa, a Cameroon that two
systems would live
side-by-side, a Cameroon that the language heritage would be
respected like that of
Canada. I shall personally see to it that Dr. Bernard Fonlon's dream
of Cameroon comes
true. I will make sure it happens, contrary to naysayers, dis-
believers like the Southern
Cameroons Nationalists of the Dr. Mbua Egbe.

One other fact.
Cameroon is also one of the rare country's that does NOT celebrate
Independence day.
What Cameroon celebrates is something she calls NATIONAL day, a
calamitous offering.
Most countries the world over celebrate Independence Day, Empire Day,
Republican Day,
or some day that commemorates a very important event. Cameroon on
it's part however
has summarily ignored ALL her heroes and chooses nationally to
celebrate a referendum
that was not only illegal but rather fraudulently conducted.

Blessed Be Cameroon
Pa Fru Ndeh

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