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Friday, 01 February 2008


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Those who are against the emperor must stand up now and be counted. Bravo to Mr. Epie. Cowards will wait to see which side the wind is blowing before jumping on the bandwagon.
The truely brave will stand up now and oppose the machinations of the "tin" emperor despite rocks, fire and brimstone.

kenedy Epie

Shame!! Shame indeed to our rulers in Africa who are convincingly dictators. Only a dictator would make moves to track down a professional who makes a statement that is factual. What is wrong if a Medical Doctor remarks that old age affects the brain and output and leadership of course. The international work ethics advices retirement at 60 to 65 years to rest before the natural call for nature: death. We like it or not Mr Governor and CENER investigators, Mr Biya our President is old as many African leaders reason why they are all unproductive and the continent is regressing.
Dr. Ntoko please do not be a coward. Stand on your words. You made a professional statement. My saying still holds that "no matter how long an over ripe fruit stays hanging up a tree, it must fall to the ground and rot. It is always too dangerous if the fruit hangs on and start to rot while up there. It is time, our Honorable President to bows out of power to enjoy a peaceful rest while waiting for nature call.
Kenedy Epie,
Helsinki, Finland.


The Sick Man,
SICKNESS or DISEASE is an abnormal condition of an organism or system that impairs its functions, associated with specific symptoms and signs. It broadly refers to any condition that causes discomfort, disfunction, distress, social problems and/ or death in the afflicted.
The organism or syetem in this case is Cameroon
The symptoms and signs are corruption, umemployment, high prices, embezzlement, Nepotism, poor wages etc
All these cause discomfort, disfunction, distress, and even death of Cameroonians,
Cameroon is SICK. If the body is sick, Is it the head that is WELL?
Anybody who makes promises and keeps to none is a SICK MAN.
Anybody who has already ruled for 25 years and still wants violate the constitution he promulgated and swore to defend is really a SICK MAN.
Anybody who is afraid to be called a sick man is a SICK MAN
Anybody who wants to impose him/her self to people as their leader when deep in his heart he knows that 98.6 % of the population does not want him is really a SICK MAN



red flag



Biya is afraid to die but that is his cup of tea. He has lived a miserable life and his time is up. He will surely die sooner or later and so will the CPDM. His children will surely live to rip the seeds of their father's evil regime. Biya might not even make it to 2011 yet selfish CPDM cohorts are clamoring for a constitutional amendment to extend his mandate. Why don't they send a petition for God to extend his life instead of clamoring for an amendment of the Constitution. Pure greed and selfishness is all it is. The election is three years away and yet gutless and selfless CPDM barons are flattering Biya with motions of support for a constitutional amendment. And Biya is stupid enough to believe them. Or maybe he is behind the motions of support. God's time is the best. The evil that men do will surely live after them. Biya is old and will sooner or later succumb to the laws of nature (death's dreadful messenger is not too far away). Biya should start getting himself ready because it is only a matter of time. His wife Chantal will surely remarry and move to france, while his children will seek asylum some where in Belgium or Morocco. It is starting to down on him.
It will rain and pour on Biya and the CPDM very soon. I can't wait to see the crumble. God being our helper.


Call for Applications: Information and Communication Technology Training Scholarships.

PLEHO: People of Light Environmental and Humanitarian Organisation is currently offering 10 scholarships in "Information and Communication Tecnology Training" to physically disabled Cameroonians

Duration: 6 months
Training Center; Muyuka/Fako Division
Eligibility Criteria
-must be victim of some physical ailment; of the sort that results in some inability to perform normal tasks: natural to life.
-must be leaving on less than a dollar a day; thus should preferably be from a low social strata:leaving in extreme poverty
-Proof of eligibilty
-A motivation letter
-Two recommendation letters

Application package, can be forwarded to
-by e-mail:, , .
-by post. P.O.Box 108 Muyuka, Fako Division, South West Province, Cameroon.
Contact Person: Nkem. T. David ; 00237 77 44 33 77
Application deadline; 28/02/08 at 12 noon.
Results should will be announced in the first week of March.

Please kindly forward this mail to those it might help.

Pleho's Communications Secretary.


Government officials said the forces were evenly matched but have not ruled out the possibility that the rebels could take N'Djamena.

The BBC's Stephanie Hancock, recently based in Chad, says insecurity has always been the hallmark of Mr Deby's 17-year rule.

But the tide began to turn in 2005 when he changed the constitution so that he could run for a third term in office, she says.

This prompted mass desertions from the army, and the situation was made worse by the accumulation of oil wealth by Mr Deby and his entourage.



The current situation in Chad may be a good lesson for Cameroonians.


What kind of democracy does the CPDM pretend to be preaching when they seem to be threatening people just because they voice their minds. I seem to see no reason why a medical doctor be questioned about the effects of old age on a person's efficiency or capacities. It is quite ridiculous. Do they even have to intimidate journalist? They seem to be contradicting themselves when at the same time they pretend to be preaching freedom of speech and the press. Its a pity and a shame.


The Democratic situation in Cameroon is vanishing in importance reason why Cameroonians will not go into any form of civil war or riot even if the CPDM control government tamper with the constitution for the future presidentials.These CPDM vanguards and secret police have severely damaged the democratisation process in Cameroon through dangerous threats and unlawful arrests just to satisfy their unusual malevolent actor in Etoudi.

These tactics only send a strong connotion of fear in the minds of innocent Cameroonians who are left in a delemma.Bi Mvondo in turn remains increasingly unpopular as he tries to change the constitution for another terms of office.Majority of Cameroonians will vote for a change of president in case of any referandum.

Fritzane Kiki

Ma Mary

Occupier/Dictator Paul Biya appears to be ultra sensitive about matters that concern his mortality nd has harassed/imprisoned people like the journalist Njawe. Note, you may call Biya a thief, annexationist, colonialist, murderer, whatever and he would not react, but try to remind him of the fragility of his earthly envelope and he dispatches an army of goons.

The fellow thinks he is never gonna die, but it could be something else. He is a Rosicrucian and those people believe in reincarnation. He must have had a vision that in his next life, he will return as a lower life form, such as a tortoise or a slug, not even a lion. So, he hates to be reminded that his time here is limited.

Rosicrucians also believe in karma. Therefore, his wasted opportunity of a life will come to haunt him for eternity. He is also a lapsed Catholic and those people believe in hell fire for the wicked. Is he wicked? You decide.

Biya's afterlife prospects look grim anyway you look at it, so he lashes out when he is reminded. That is why as an old man, he marries a young girl and makes her pregnant, whether by himself or through technology who knows.


This is the rub, people. Regardless of who is Colonial Occupier President, Southern Cameroonians need to break out. Our task is not to manage any president of la republique, not even this insecure person.

Tekum Mbeng

Roman Catholics do not believe in hell. Their cathechism talks of a cleansing station called "purgatory" where departed and sinned souls atone for sins and then go to Heaven.

This belief is contracdicted in Luke 16:26 which says hell dwellers cannot pass into Heaven - the gulf is too wide. See why Roman Catholics do not like using the Bible.

It is hard to know if the secret police sent after Mr. Ntoko are the handiwork of Yaounde. The President is too busy scheming to modify the Constitution. The presidency sends out secret messages to the provinces to be broadcast as motions of support to the presidency. Then Yaounde claims these are independent motions of support. That is the Biya trick.

"Bokassa crowns Bokassa" now takes a new meaning as Mr Biya schemes to succeed himself in 2011.


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