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Monday, 04 February 2008


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Dinga paul owona

on behalf of the Cameroonian supporters here in the center of the earth Ghana.we wish to say congrat to the Lions especially to song for such a very high spirit of motivation injected in the team.The performance of the lions in their last match with Tunisia has been rated the best in the entire tournament.A lion is still dangerous even at its old age.We pray that the guys keep this form.We got to pray that the boys are energised full ninety minutes.Because of the short breath they almost collapsed at the victory line.we pray it never happens again.The black stars are fully prepared.The slogan is "host and win" but i think luch is not on their side.For we need this trophy than they do.
We want to assure the team we are fully behind them and God is also on their side.The cup is ours come rain or sun.
Once again we say Congrat to the entire team, the administrative/technical staff and all those back home praying for the team.Football is one of the most valuable assert we have,talent given by God to us which most not only be developed but highly protected.without it the world could have known of us.what we have we keep.


Dinga paul owona

Football is not only a sport but an expression of power.onbehalf of the cameroonian supporters here in Ghana we wish to extend our profound gratitude and congratulation to our boys.Ghanians today are as quiet beyong imaginations.The host to win has became an illusion.We equally wish to thank God for making it possible that we meet Egypt again.After our first match with Egypt,Mohammed Zidan made a proclamation that Cameroon is an inferior side.There is a saying that a first fool is not a fool but a second fool is a real fool.we got to see if his assertion will stand.Through out the competition the Egyptians have claimed to be evangelists of the Muslim faith through their hypocracy and sending out a strong message to black Africa that we should get converted and worship the moon god.
The Isrealites whose power comes from sun were once slaves to the Egyptians but today they are their masters and shall never be till Thy Kingdom come.The moon has no light ,its just a reflection of the sun.The Egyptians should expect a manifestation of the glory of the Almighty God, our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ come sunday.To prove to the Egyptians that those who move by faith in Christ is more than those who depend on laws and rituals
As advice to the Lions.The Egyptians strength lies on two pillars:racism and the fact that they are current cupholders.The North Africans calls us slaves and inferior beings because of the color of our skin or history .secondly they are highly motivated by the fact that they are the defending champions.These two factors are the main contributors to their success.As people who are highly psychologically oriented when ever they are playing with a black nation they fight to keep this supremacy but i will like to say that on earth there is no nation as inferior like the Egyptians the bible says curse be on that man who goes to Egypt for bread.
God will never and never allow us to be a slave to such a nation again as children of faith,descendants of Abraham.
They only brought back the cup to give to the rightful owners come sunday,the 10, 2008
Power has move from the east and now in the west.This is the lesson they must take back to Cairo
We are a chosen people the Head of All gods,Jesus Christ to whom all kneel shall bow.He never fails.The Cameroonian team they will meet on sunday will be one transformed body and soul by the King of Kings.Gods glory shall be revealed.
Allez Les Lions.God is with you.

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