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Friday, 01 February 2008


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Nous sommes avec vous M. John Fru Ndi.
Le Grand Nord est avec vous. Nous ne accepterons pas la modification de l’article 6(2) de la constitution de 1996 en bienveillance de M. Paul Biya.


Nous sommes avec vous M. John Fru Ndi.
Le Grand Nord est avec vous. Nous ne accepterons pas la modification de l’article 6(2) de la constitution de 1996 en bienveillance de M. Paul Biya.


Mr. Fru Ndi has been fuming for a long time now, without any results. Since Biya came to realise Mr. Fru Ndi's problem was a very small piece of the national cake, which he cajole Mr. Fru Ndi's SDF to take, he will never consider these empty talks as anything. Mr. Fru Ndi is helping to keep Biya in place by pretending to be an opposition party in Cameroon. Please, Mr. Fru Ndi, join the CPDM and spare us this useless ranting. Come out from the closet.


My question is, if what Ni John Fru Ndi says is "empty talk" why do you need to comment on it? The trail has more than 20 news items, and you spend your valuable time to comment on "empty talk"?
You further say Mr. Fru Ndi has been fuming for a long time now without any results. Every reasonable person would expect you to show the results of your ever gleeful Paul Biya. The lowest development Index worldwide? the most corrupt nation on planet? the 19th worst ruling dictator in the world?- These are all results delivered by your Paul Biya with his CPDM and published in international media.
Let me tell you the truth.
The problem with you CPDM stooges is you never fail to disguise your insatiable desire for money. And you know that if Ni John Fru Ndi had that mind-set he should have been in government today like Maigari Bello Bouba, Augustin Kodock and the rest.
Over the years, your fears have been same. Never let SDF ascend to power otherwise the prisons of the nation shall tend to be incapable to accomodate you frauds.
So dare you demonstrate to amend anything and you would what strength Ni John Fru Ndi's empty talk has. Just dare it.


"Fru Ndi also exhorted the Cameroon military to take President Biya to task for the truth to be revealed as to who killed the 21 soldiers in Bakassi, Else, the soldiers themselves are not safe."
unfortunately Cameroon has the weakest military in the world. Yes, Cameroon has the weakest and most cowardly military in the world and it is useless relying on the Military for change in Cameroon. If the military was as powerful as they claim, Paul Biya will no longer be in power today. Any military that kills armless 13 year old secondary school kids for having a peaceful protest is a cowardly and weakest military in all imagination. The real battle is coming. Wait till the Northerners start their arm rebellion and see how the gendarmes and armies will flee for their lives to prove how cowardly they have been. The time for upheaval is near. All those cowards who call themselves Gendarmes and national guards will soon start fleeing when the time comes.
It is only a matter of time
God being our helper


Dear Nome skull Chicken Brain Eyengue,
I have no time to address you but just take a look at this analysis below.
3rd February 2008
This is an extract from the CPDM website where voters who are all CPDM militants and access this site via an authentication system, are asked three questions on the state of the CPDM today.
Here are the results.
Le RDPC aujourd'hui
est meilleur 16.67 % (20)

peut faire mieux 31.67 % (38)

est médiocre 51.67 % (62)

ONLY 16.67 % say the CPDM is best today. This class is made up of those who are either in government and who lute our treasuries and will like the system to stay in place so they can continue with their mischievous acts. 83.33 % think that the CPDM is not doing well or is a very bad party.
By inference therefore only 16.67 % of the CPDM population is asking for an amendment of article 6(2) of the 1996 constitution against 83.33% who are against it. Is this what Mr. Paul Biya calls a popular call from his party?
The population of Cameroon is about 18 million inhabitants. The country has 1.5 million CPDM supporter based on the last rigged twin elections results and only 16.67 % of these support a constitutional amendment of article 6(2) of the 1996 constitution, bringing their effective number to 250,050 persons (about 1.4 % of the total population of Cameroon). Is this the popular calls according to Mr. Paul Biya?
These figures clearly show that the CPDM has never won any elections in Cameroon except through rigging and it has illegitimately imposed itself to Cameroonians.
How can we expect an economic growth when the right persons are not in control?
How can we expect a salary increase when 18 million people work for 250,050 persons?





Dear Feli,
Welcome, it's been a while. Like all the others of the Fru Ndi's SDF when you fall short of reasonable arguments you are quick
to refer to critics of Mr. Fru Ndi as CPDM. I have always laid emphasis to the fact that only the blind and those who fail to reason will see that, there is no difference between the SDF of Fru Ndi and the CPDM or now Cameroon of Biya. Biya is manipulating his cohorts for constitutional changes, in the same light Mr. Fru Ndi manipulated Yoyo and co. to change the constitution of the SDF to enable him to be the chairman for life. Lets not go into the depths of the financial exchanges between the SDF and the CPDM, it will come into light at the appropiate time.
Feli, we have been hearing Fru Ndi spitting fire for a long time with no action. In 1994 when we opted for a military action to pursue our cause, didn't your chairman shy away? stating he doesn't want blood. In contradiction to his idealogy, an individual is killed in Yaounde 'cos he stood against his chairmanship for life. At the recent meeting of the press, Mr.Fru Ndi had in Yaounde in reacting to Mr. Biya's passage on the French Tv channel, didn't Fru Ndi say he wasn't going to call on Cameroonians to go on the street against any constitutional changes? Why the confusion? Or perhaps Biya had promised him the bit of "gombo" he went to France to lobby for, and hasn't paid to Fru Ndi through his boys in the parliament.
Feli, i don't know why you keep on falling into these petty talks, yesterday you referred to me as editor of the defunct Socialist chronicle, the one Mr. Fru Ndi's thugs mal-handled, today i have become a CPDM stooge. Anyways, i look at facts through the prism, and make analysis on the issues i have at hand. If the opposition in Cameroon has failed, a large part of it's failure stems from Mr. Fru Ndi. In my opinion, the so-called opposition (which doesn't exist) give credibility to Mr. Biya's Cameroon to foreigners as being democratic.

As for Aladji, cross check your spellings before addressing someone like me. The word is Numb and not 'nome'. You can limit your "copy-paste" analysis to the CPDM web page. When you have a good appraisal of facts about history and events and when you are capable of analysing issues, come up and write clearing. I am not interested in the childish and emotional rantings you post here. Go do your home work properly. Don't get involve in subjects you are very limited in.


Call for Applications: Information and Communication Technology Training Scholarships.

PLEHO: People of Light Environmental and Humanitarian Organisation is currently offering 10 scholarships in "Information and Communication Tecnology Training" to physically disabled Cameroonians

Duration: 6 months
Training Center; Muyuka/Fako Division
Eligibility Criteria
-must be victim of some physical ailment; of the sort that results in some inability to perform normal tasks: natural to life.
-must be leaving on less than a dollar a day; thus should preferably be from a low social strata:leaving in extreme poverty
-Proof of eligibilty
-A motivation letter
-Two recommendation letters

Application package, can be forwarded to
-by e-mail:, , .
-by post. P.O.Box 108 Muyuka, Fako Division, South West Province, Cameroon.
Contact Person: Nkem. T. David ; 00237 77 44 33 77
Application deadline; 28/02/08 at 12 noon.
Results should will be announced in the first week of March.

Please kindly forward this mail to those it might help.

Pleho's Communications Secretary.


Dear Eyengue, if typing errors are the bases of your criticisms, then read the following statement you wrote "When you have a good appraisal of facts about history and events and when you are capable of analysing issues, come up and write clearing". Do you see any error in your sentence Mr. Editor-in-Chief?
That said, Fru Ndi is chairman of the SDF through elections which are organized democratically. Tell me which other political party in Cameroon organizes democratic elections to chose its leaders. The constitution of the SDF has never been changed in favor of any particular individual. We, honorable Cameroonians will not entertain your lies which like a worm, has eaten into your fabrics, reason why you are defunct. If you think Fru Ndi has failed, then go ahead and create your own party but be assured that even your close family members will not accept you to be chairman.
The SDF is strong and the future of the party is bright because it has learned from errors of the past. Stooges employed by Biya like you to destroy the SDF have failed.


As i said, your analytical skills are void. In my address to Dr. Feli, i didn't mention the constitution of the SDF was changed, go back to the write up and read. If long sentences makes reading and understanding to you difficult, then go do your home work. We all can claim "typo" even when it's glaring it's a limit to our vocab. That's all i've got for you now. Please, don't involve yourself in issues you find yourself limited in. Not at all interested in the childish exchange you are trying to get me into. Many have tried and failed. Have a filled day with your SDF, and Fru Ndi.


"Tribalism, to him, is entrenched and as such tribes that feel cheated will fight back"

This Fru Ndi of a fellow will bring ethnic cleansing to Cameroon. This is not a statesman at all. This is a very dangerous statement. The Beti, Bulu and Ewondo masses to whom I believe Fru Ndi refers have not specifically benefitted from the regime. It is the oligarchs in power who have, and they hide behind a tribal base.

For Fru Ndi to make this kind of statements given what is going on in Kenya simply confirms my view that he is petty and little man. This man would never be the great national leader who would unite Cameroon.

How different is he? All his SDF bigwigs he has surrounded himself with are from BAMENDA (Mbah Ndam, Tamanjong, Francis Sama- his relative, Yoyo etc).

I say it today, beware of Fru Ndi. He still has a lot of resentment about "stolen victory" etc that he has not yet gotten over. Once in power if ever you would see that he might be worse than Biya in terms of tribalism.

At least Biya is well educated and civil and at least is diplomatic. But Fru Ndi has very little formal education, knows nothing about political correctness and rushes into arguments like an enraged pit bull.


Mr Londoner, with due respect, what has leadership qualities got to do with formal educational compliance?. Are those apologising as leaders in the shoes of Ministers et al, not graduates from distinct institutions of learning?. How dare you uni-dimensionally belittle ones leadership capacity from an academic perspective?.
Gentleman, have you heard of Natavist Theories of Leadership?.Do you know, there're born leaders?. Do you know, formal education can be summarised in; formalism, decipline and conformism, while Leadership is epitomised in ; perserverance,faith, pro-activeness, smartness... etc?.


Even the fool has his/her own say; hence no need for any exchanges with you.

"At least Biya is well educated and civil and at least is diplomatic."

Where is Cameroon today that is led by a well educated, civil and a diplomatic Biya?


Your garbage above goes to confirm the adage that even the fool has his/her own say in a given situation.

"At least Biya is well educated and civil and at least is diplomatic"

Where is Cameroon today with your well educated, civil and diplomatic Biya at the helm?
You seems worse than the other nonentity called Eyengue.



There is seemingly a strong correlation between leadership and education. But not all educated people can make good leaders. African leaders and Biya are perfect examples. African intellectuals have sold their conciences for money. They are instead the ones employed by selfish politicians to ridicule the intellectual and moral prowess of Africans. I would seemingly prefer to try an African illiterate this time.


i do not agree with Eyengue and Londoner.
it is true that Fru Ndi as a politician has his own weaknesses, but we all agree with him that a constitutional change to allow Biya rule for life is bad for cameroon.
Brothers let me tell u the truth: Biya can offer nothing to this nation and he knows that. His problem is that he fears prosecution from any other future leader originating from another political party.
There are many people who can contribute something for the growth of cameroon, but our systems, including opposition parties do not offer them that opportunity. Whatever criticism we may have of the SDF, i still believe that this is the only party that has made an effort to say `NO' to Biya. We Cameroonian have to help them defeat Biya.
another advice i have for all opposition parties, is to seek genuine international support. Biya holds firm onto power because he has full support from France. the French rely on him for most of our natural resources and in exchange Biya demands protection.
i am from Ebolowa and i tell u that we also want change. i also want to tell Mr Londoner that amongst all the people in cameroon, those from my province, and yaounde have benefited most from Biya's regime. a situation which i myself feel ashame of.
Londoner u also praised Biya's academic and diplomatic CV. the truth is, it does not cancel the fact that he comes from Ebolowa. People from this region are wasteful and corrupt by nature, that is why u see the same characteristics in Biya's government which is made up of mostly beti's, bulu's and Ewondo's.
no matter whether u come from the north, south east or west of cameroon, as far as Biya is concern, we must forget our differences and remove this wasteful leader (Biya)


read this statement from your write up
"I have always laid emphasis to the fact that only the blind and those who fail to reason will see that, there is no difference between the SDF of Fru Ndi and the CPDM or now Cameroon of Biya. Biya is manipulating his cohorts for constitutional changes, in the same light Mr. Fru Ndi manipulated Yoyo and co. to change the constitution of the SDF to enable him to be the chairman for life"
You big liar.
You make statements and deny them the next minute. You could never have been a good editor-in-chief.


I agree with Ahadji. I have read through your comments and realise that you really are a liar. We would love to see you change for the better. We are allergic to lies from the Biya regime and advice you not bring such lies on this forum.


The Londoner
I had you in high esteem until this point. What you just wrote above beats my imagination. If i were you i will take back those comments and seek redress in hope to gain back some lost credibility. There is no doubt that Fru Ndi has made mistakes and He himself acknowledges that. But to suggest that Fru Ndi will ignite ethnic cleansing if at the top is completely unreasonable and very misleading. If anything, Fru Ndi is the greatest ambassador of peace and justice in Cameroon. If Fru Ndi had the thirst for power as Biya does, Cameroon will have long been in a civil war and we will not be having this debate.
Mr. Londoner, with all due respect, i will strongly and respectfully suggest that you take back your comments and be more responsible in future comment. Please don't take this as a reprimand. Fill free to correct me or advice me if you deem any of my comments on this forum to be wanting.
God bless Cameroon.


Feel free to correct me or advice me if you deem any of my comments on this forum to be wanting.
God bless Cameroon.


Can you tell us something different?. We have heard for many years all the rhetorics about SDF and CPDM, and how Biya is Fru Ndi's Pay master and how there is no difference between CPDM and SDF. Those are old stories. I will be glad to read something more credible and authentic from you. You seem to be very informed with rhetorics and rumors than facts.
We need facts.


That is the problem I dwelled on. You CPDM people would never want to identify yourself with your "successful" party because you know how rotten its fabric is. Forget about analysis, prisms etc but all of what you have written till date is void of truth = LIE , which is a very big characteristic of your party and its government.
Firstly, someone was killed in Yaounde because of a disagreement over convention venue not constitutional amendment.
Secondly, there is no where in the SDF constitution that states that the Chairperson of the party shall remain in office for life. On the contrary, the SDF is the only party which clearly defines the role of party chairman and the role of government officials; making it incompatible with the post of President of the Republic. In doing so, our Founding Fathers built in a mechanism where the party shall be in control of its executives and such excesses and extremes as witnessed today in your CPDM would simply not feature.
An example of this system was depicted recently when the party openly said no to corrupt practices and preferred to loose control over councils than to have corrupt officials man them.
This brings me to the fundamental differences between the SDF and CPDM , which you often claim blind to.
The SDF is run by a National Executive Committee that meets at least 8 times a year. It takes its decision based on one man one vote. These persons were ELECTED by a convention which is the supreme organ of the party. On the other hand,your CPDM is run by a national Chairman, who does not even know the name of members of his politiburo not to mention his central committee.Whether these structures function or not, no one can tell. Whether they meet or not and how often is not of interest to any CPDM militant.For you, membership is limited to campaign money, salt and oil; and politics is more or less sending Motions of support to President Paul Biya and thanking him for appointing a son-of the soil to this or that position, or for building this or that hospital or road.When lower structures meet, it is solely to ask for posts and appointments or to send the Prime ministry to North,South,West or East. Your party chairman is voted in absentia during congresses; he meets the ministers of his own government at most once in 2 years. How your party is in control of these ministers to see that party policy and ideals are enacted no one can tell. There is a clear discordance and party ideology is vague.
I can go on and on, but even primary school pupils would be quick to tell you that there is a fundamental difference between the SDF and CPDM. If you still do not agree, go back up to this article "SDF gets printing press" read and re-read the first 3 paragraphs to understand how the SDF functions. I know this in the eyes of a CPDM person is simply envious but that is the party I belong to. Say so for your CPDM!


To prove that you are wasting time with Eyengue, ask him whether he is for or against the constitutional admendment that will permit Biya rule for life. As stupid as he is, withou a second thought, he will tell you that he is against. Then ask him further that if he is against the admendment, then what is his problem with the Chairman on the above topic, then you will find him chewing his fingers. This will show that Eyengue open his mouth just because it is possible to open it and not because is necessary to open his mouth.


Thank you guys for all your comments. 7512 Wilson I will
amswer you. I won't honour Fon with a reply until he learns to keep a civil tongue in his head. I simply analysed Fru Ndi's words. I did not put any into his mouth. Can you explain to me what he means by other tribes fighting back and against whom? So he wants us to become like the Luos and
Kikuyu's? He will not succeed with his hate-filled propaganda.

Also answer about Fru Ndi and tribalism. Where are all the top shots of the SDF today from?

Please don't blindly support Fru Ndi. Ask why so many have defected from the SDF; some of the party's brightest thinkers and strategists. The truth is Fru Ndi sees the SDF as his personal property and not as a modern party reason why any challenge to his personal rule is seen as treason.

The SDF poses the strongest challenge to Biya today and that I accept. But it is not a modern party, neither is Fru Ndi a first rate politician. Just that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.


I have read over the statement the chairman made several times but I still fail to see "his hate-filled propaganda". On the contrary, I see my Chairman warning the CPDM against tribalism because it could escalate to the proportions seen in other countries today because it is a purely human phenomenom to retaliate injustice by replication of injustice. If you read and don't understand then I feel sorry for you.

You seem to harp on the fact that the SDF has top officials from the NW. But we know that is simply not true. So either you are ill-informed or you have a deep-seated grudge against the SDF in which case I can not help you.
Get this:
Pierre Kwemo 1.Vice Chairman Haut Nkam
Joshua Osih 2.vice chairman hails from Ndian
Dr. Benadzem Lukong Parlimentary Group Leader from Bui
Jean Michel Nitcheu Vice Parlimentary Group Leader from Haut-Nkam
Moukouri Moulema ASG Wouri
Augustin Mbami Treasurer from Nde
Ferdi Asapngu NOS/Mayor of Kumba from Lebialem etc.
The last statistics show that Mezam has less 8% proportion in the National Executive Committee; and the NW less than 33%!!!
So your accusations are simply baseless and demonstrate again clearly to what extent critics of the SDF would go to achieve their goals: Falsehood and lies.


Thanks Feli. I hope the londoner will read and understand this time. We love critics but such criticism should be founded. We are not on this forum just to defend the SDF and Fru Ndi but to defend all that which is right and castigate that which is wrong. What most Cameroonians wish is not to expirence what they are currently, and have expirenced under the Biya rigime.


What you wrote is a nice print on paper. Very attractive indeed. As the famous saying goes "easy said than done". Your so-called founding fahers who crafted the what you claim to be the cradle of the SDF, how many of them are in the SDF today, and to go further why did they withdraw from the SDF? Or as you and others will say they wanted to join the CPDM government, or have received money from the CPDM. I don't mean those like your chairman and Tebo, who joined the group afterwards. My reference is to those 3 who started the "Study group 89". The constitutional amendments i mentioned in my previous write up, which many didn't understand, was an ON_GOING campaign to give your chairman absolute power (dictator-like powers), thereby, enabling him on his choice to rule for eternity. Before others rush to harsh conclusions I must make it clear here that "It was an onging process". It's in the same light that we can say those clamouring for constitutional changes in Cameroon today, are in an ON-GOING campaign for that (This is simplified for those who can't make any reasonable analysis of presentations; Ahadji and co. take note). You make mention of the of your NEC, is the NEC democratic? Democracy doesn't end by, votes in meetings. If you consider democracy as meaning the right to vote, then your concept of democracy is foiled. You present a list of of NEC members with a vice president who is under fire waiting for your SDF tribunal to fire him, for whatever reason, Fru Ndi and his close allies know. How many of those NEC members have any say in party policies? Will Mbah Ndam who is the umbilical cord between SDF and the CPDM, not hush any of them down if, they attempt to say a word? Ngwasiri, one of your acclaimed founding fathers, had a pinch of the salt. NEC members are all on paper, as i can form a government today on paper, with names of different individuals.
Now lets come back to the Yaounde incident, and about venue. You die-heart SDF or Fru Ndi fanatics, you always look at things superficially, what was the origin of the venue change, wasn't it as a result of the constitutional amendments Yoyo et al. were trying to institute in the SDF? or you will tell me it was because of logistics. (Dirty politics), how much did the CPDM government come to aid for that convention. You castigate the CPDM government which feeds your party.
Feli, I won't go further to dispute my political leanings with you. As always any critical thinker is referred to as a CPDM member, especially for you guys of the SDF. As some one above suggested you to ask, I am for the amendment of the constitution of Cameroon. And what sort of amendments do i want in the constitution of Cameroon, i will tell you from chapter one, article one right through the piece of text you call the constitution.

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