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Friday, 08 February 2008


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Dr Song deserves a warning and not a firing. However his crude treatment in the hands of some controversial but powerful "Bakweri" clan elements illustrates the latent tribalism and disdain of tribal-minded people in high places and their contempt for others (without connections).

Listen to Mayor Mbella Moki "I told him like a friend that the revelations he made to the press was unprofessional for a doctor. Dr. Song has been going around saying that I and Dr. Chuwanga have a skeleton in the cupboard". Here Charles Mbella Moki reveals his presumptuous role of judge and jury. This issue has nothing to do with friendship.

Then there is Dr. Martin Mafany (another controversial kinsman of Charles Mbella Moki) who heads the delegation of health. About two years ago, Dr. Mafany established a medical supplies business using his wife as owner. Dr Mafany awarded himself a 20 million FCFA contract to purchase an echography scanner for the Buea Provincial Hospital. Dr. Mafany plotted with his spouse and convinced stores accountant Mrs. Rita Tchaya to pay out in full and in advance against procurement procedures. Poor Rita, she could not dare chalenge the spouse of the mighty Delegate.

Well, the scanner was not bought! When a diligent civil servant Rev. Victor Ayuk uncovered the scandal (see, even the SW Governor was scared to execute the file. The file reportedly vanished from the Governor’s desk, a testament to the long arms of the mafia. Guess what! The stores accountant was sacked and Rev. Ayuk’s life and job were threatened. This is what is wrong with Cameroon.

Dr Song, Mrs. Rita Tchaya and Rev. Ayuk are the peoples' heroes and victims of the mafia in Buea.

If anything Dr Mafany Martin knows he cannot legally do through his spouse what the law forbids him. In the latest incident, a fine doctor has been expediently cut down.

Dr Martin Mafany deserves a dismissal from the Civil Service for demonstrating impartiality and impeachable integrity beyond pardon. He deserves to go to Kumba and learn tolerance from my people.


Dear Dr. SONG,
Keep the faith in God who is your creator. If deep in your mind you believe that what you did was to help an innocent person from suffering, then you have nothing to regret. Mbella Moki, Martin Mafany and Chuwanga are young devils trying to destroy the work of God. But you know that Satan, the master of devils, has never won a war against God. God gave you a poor temporal job in the Buea hospital to see how well you do it. Your dismisal is a way to your good and perminent job planned by God. You story has been read worldwide and guess, You miracle is on the way.

Tekum Mbeng

Dr Song,

Believe in miracles. The Lord used you to save the life of Regina Nguteh's child.

Go look for a job elsewhere.

It is ironical that Mbella Moki, Martin Mafany and Chuwanga will today clap for Song Rigobert in Accra after having destroyed Dr Song James in Buea.

Driven by irrational emotions, men are capable of great evil. Even crocodiles with tough skin have a soft belly. Justice shall be served.


May the lashing of Cameroon at the African Nation Cup Finals, shatters the hope of Biya of a Constitutional Amendment. May the dissapointment breed an equivalent advantage. ALLEZ LES LIONS DU SDF.

Ma Mary

Saving life is the most important duty of a doctor, I think. Maintaining confidentiality of the patient is another duty, but saving life is superior to any other duty. Therefore, if a doctor can only save a life by breaking confidentiality, the doctor should break that confidentiality. Jeopardizing one's career to save a life is clearly something exceptional. There are not many people like this. Doctors, correct me if I am wrong.


Talking about opposites Rigobert Nsong is an antithesis of Dr. song...


"I told him like a friend that the revelations he made to the press was unprofessional for a doctor". Mbella, what the heck of revelations are you talking about. Do you know any aspect of whatever professionalism? Don't be silly. The life of a patient in need was at stake, a well trained medics taking an ethical and professional discission to save a life, you and some idiots exercising some devilish administrative-no-sence-of direction powers,he sort to get it to the press;you called it unprofessional. Have you ever seen the four walls of a professional school of an equivalent magnitude? You better take out that dam skeleton from your cupboard, because it is on its way and with all the Karmic forces to hunt you buddy. It will leave no stone unturn. Look, if you do not know about professionalism; the other two idiotes (CMO and so called State Prosecutor) were those who acted unprofessionaly. For you(Mbella), am sorry, you are not a professional so you never acted unprofessionally. You are just an unscrupulous victim of indiscission. For Dr Song, you should know that such situations in life make us better not bitter. Again Dr. Song you have just been invited into the Hall of Fame for dong the right thing and seeing it through.These are one of those numerous storms in life. Get your root fasten into the soil (as you just did) and before you know it , the Storm is over!!!.


It is ok for Dr Song to say he spoke about his patient to get help from the public . Where i disagree with him is the extend of her issues he shared with the public. He violated the Dr- patient privacy. Also do not forget that we are from a sociaty where certain crimes against an individual such as rape puts a stigma on that innocent person. In some of our cultures they are considered "soiled", "dirty" or even made unworthy and will be discriminated against. what about her social existence, work, where does she go from here and not have people always whisper. As a doctor you need to think about peoples mental health as well. This kind of public noteriaty can also lead this lady to suicide. Did you think about that . This is a situation where a good intention goes bad.


Bless your heart, Dr. Song. Cameroon will never change. In the United States, we call people like Mayor Moki Mbella and his partners in crime, "Bureaucratic Fat Asses." They'll eventually receive their pay for such a cawardly action, from unknown sources. Keep your faith and spirit high, for redemption is around the corner.

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