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Monday, 25 February 2008


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kenedy Epie

It is just the beginning. The pot is still boiling and when it is time, the ebullition will spill over all the country. Longue Longue has said it all " try and you will see". The repressive regime has failed Cameroonians and her time is around the corner. The so call communication Minister will ban all private press, sensor programs of CRTV but one thing is clear: light can not be hidden under a chair. Cameroonians have been too patient and they will no longer wait to die in silence.


I hope to hear what the U.S ambassador has to say about this. I hope she won't limit her political involvement only to advising Biya on how he should achieve his goal on constitutional amendment.

My condolences to the fallen patriots and their families. Today in heaven, martyrs have been crowned. They have taken their place among the ranks of Lumumba and Chief Luthuli.

Mama E

It is very disappointing to see that old scare tactics are being used to calm modern day peaceful demonstrations. Cameroonians have been very patient and no matter what the government does this time around, the people will not stay quiet without a fight. We only hope and pray for the best in these turbulent times.


May the souls of the dead Rest In Peace.We are witnessing the developmnents in the world's most corrupt and authoritarian state-Cameroon.
Since Democracy cannot work,we need a suicide bombing approach against the regime team.


It is very important that the people of the Southern Cameroons take advantage of all these confusion in La Republique, reorganise themselves and declare their independence.

Ma Mary

SDF= Southern Cameroonians' greatest gift to the people of la Republique du Cameroun. It should also be a parting gift. Good luck to you la Republique SDFers. Godspeed fixing your country, but we must say farewell.


"It is very important that the people of the Southern Cameroons take advantage of all these confusion in La Republique, reorganise themselves and declare their independence."

Good suggestion Rexon but the SCNC is not smart enough to execute such a move.


Truely even "JESUS di vex".
If anybody has a mobile phone which has a camara or a Camara. he/she should film these riots and send to CNN/I REPORT and these images will be shown so that the international community can see what's going on and put pressure ob Biya to change his mind.


There is a limit to what people can take. Even the dumb, I believe if you push their buttons too hard, they'll talk someday; only they may talk in an unusual language. So is the case now in Cameroon. People reach a stage where they seem so frustrated due to the severe hardship they've been in they seem to have seen everything already. At this point, a bullet means nothing to them because it may come as a relief from these frustrations. They reason "Why sit here and die in hunger rather than fight and maybe get what you need or at least die in the process?" LAND OF PROMISE, LAND OF GLORY. We won't let the forces of darkness steal our promises and hide the glory forever. Christians of Cameroon at home and elsewhere, it's ABOUT TIME! Let's rise up and PRAY!

united africa

My comments go Ma Mary and Rexon,
First it's a shame when i come here and hear the type of comments you guys are saying. it's evil and wicked not to mourn with the whole nation the death of our beloved father, brother who died for our freedom.
Second, i am from Limbe and i don't call myself a southern cameroonian but a cameroonian. we shall all join other ethnic groups to free our nation from those monster in Yaounde and free our people from the mighty french government. the only way we shall stay strong is by unity. i lived abroad for a decade and i know and understand the black man struglle on this earth. From cameroon to nigeria, ghana, congo, we are all same people divided by europeans during imperialism. Southern Cameroon shall not and will never seceded from cameroon. This will be a foolish and stupid mistake. The only benificiary of this action will be white people. We should fight peacefully to overthrow Biya and form a strong united country where tribalism is banish and inequality punish.
Ma Mary and Rexon, i believed you are not enough educated to see the future of Cameroon and africa. Cameroon shall not follow the footstep of Kenya or Ivory Coast. The white man greatest strenght is divide to conquer. we need to join hands with bamileke, douala, bassa, pigmy, haoussa and build a strong cameroon, develop our country and deminish foreign authority in our beloved land.
Let god bless and give strenght to all those young soldiers to continue fighting. This is our only opportunity to unite this country against the french government and the show an example in africa.

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