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Monday, 17 March 2008


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Dr. Abety let me ask you this: do you believe that those fools who rigged the elections and went to the Assembly to get loan and allowances for their businesses represent the cameroonian people. I am talking of parliamentarians from your party the cpdm with a hyper majority. When we talk of the constitution you dare mention the assembly, what a hell are you talking about. I'm even surprised you went a little bit across party lines by saying the constitution is not a priority. Are you ok ??. ALL THAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN. Look at your own province. You are contented being the president of the fire party in Tubah. Dr. Abety and a student for few months in Harvard University in the US, how long will it take you to know that the problem of Cameroon is the cmeroon people's rally (CPDM). With all the profs, doctors that you have in your fire party, where does the word movement comes from if RDPC was rightly translated into English. You people have sold your linguistic, cultural and intellectual rights. I'm sorry you taught me in school. Shame

red flag



Reading between the lines the speech by Dr Aberty, one will think he is for Cameroonians, but the fact is he is a 'cunny spider'. Fellow Cameroonians take a look at it again.

Is not because the masses are poor that things that concern them shouldn't matter. After all, who are those representing the masses?, a bunch of cheats, wizards, despots, and corrupt individuals. Can you entrust your will and minds in the hands of such people?

What calibres of parliamentarains do we have a Cameroon today and in recent memory? a group of people who 2/3 of them were never truely voted for, a group of people who don't even understand the geopolitics of their very region talk less of the whole country, a group of people who are told to carry up their hands to vote when they don't even know what they are voting for! majority of whom are stacked illiterates! Is these the kind of people Dr Aberty is asking Cameroonians to rely on? He is not a serious man but playing the politics that keeps him in GCE board.

A group of glutonsand corrupt individuals CANNOT be allowed to to shape the future of the majority.

Here another fool (Jaji Manu), "Biya is the Natural candidate in 2011", does this not justify the reason for the constitutional change so call elites of CPDMare looking for? It takes only a fool to listen to people like Aberty and his cronnies.

Ma Mary

Get involved in Our Own Name Competition


Hi Jagi Manu, i must say that i reprimand your senseless words, and i feel very dissappointed as one of your biology students. you are a disgrace to the bororo community in cameroon. just because you were hand-picked from the classroom to the presidency doesnot give you the audacity to make such outrageous claims. you forget that you are just an ordinary diploma holder. if cameroon was just, you would not have had the status to support this murderer in etoudi to run for another term. your empire will soon crumble and you will head back to the hills to take care of cows and horses(i.e your natural companions). They say you are an adviser at the presidency; who are you advising?, goats, sheep, cows or what?. i do not think that any reasonable person can yield to your advice. Shame! shame! shame!

Saint Isa

Here are Cameroonians who have sold their consciences and think of nothing but themselves. My daer country men, sorry to remind you that time is catching up with you. No place to hide, not even constitution amendment. It is time you pay for all your misdeeds and very dearly. The Cameroonians are tired of your mimicry, wolves in sheep clothing. Devilish ministers and advisers, Shame!

Saint Isa

Here are Cameroonians who have sold their consciences and think of nothing but themselves. My dear country men, sorry to remind you that time is catching up with you. No place to hide, not even constitution amendment. It is time you pay for all your misdeeds and very dearly. The Cameroonians are tired of your mimicry, wolves in sheep clothing. Devilish ministers and advisers, Shame!

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