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Monday, 10 March 2008


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These unquestionable psychopaths and drug fuelled criminals masquerading as CPDM members of government think they are very smart. They have found a new way of bribing the very docile Cameroonian people. A few days after slaughtering thousands of innocent children in the streets of Southern Cameroons and La Republique, in a precocious bid to deviate public attention from the killings, they are now fronting another rhetoric, probably to calm down the pressure on them. Cameroonians have made their point clear: NO Biya, No CPDM.

Mr Biya and his gang of bandits would be overthrown and all members of this regime tried for crimes against humanity. I am mainly looking for that day. They need to be wiped out from the political conciousness of Southern Cameroonians. It is very sad that we Southern Cameroonians are trapped into this mess while at thesame time, we are fighting for our independent statehood to be restored. The regime have not even answered questions on its genocide on the territory of the Southern Cameroons. They are still to explain why they have been transferring members of La Republiques security services who are HIV positive to the Southern Cameroons. Any wise person who know that La Republiques Gerndarmes, Police, Soldiers who are HIV positive are being consistently transferred to the Southern Cameroons would understand that they are there with an explicit instruction to contaminate the people. What Africans want is a regime that would be transparent and accountable to the people it is claiming to serve. A regime that would listen to them and take appropriate measures to solve their numerous problems. At the moment, the people of the Southern Cameroons and citizens of La Republique do not recognise this government and whatever they are saying do not represent their views. If there is suppose to be any salary increments, it should be done after due process and consultations with different stakeholders. It is of no use for criminals who are supposed to be in prison to sit in Etoudi and decide on anything for us.

It was these same psychopaths and drug fuelled people whom a few days ago were calling on people from other tribes to leave Yaounde after a meeting by CPDM officials. What they fail to understand is that thesame Yaounde was developed by Southern Cameroonians and Bamilikie people who have lived there over several generations. In their bid to declare ethnic clearning on people from other tribes, they should understand that they do not have monopoly over violence. Others too can retaliate and defeat them even in Yaounde. Quand Yaounde respire, tout le Cameroun respire. Maintenant, Etoudi ne doit pas respire. Cameroonians would never sleep untill these people are tried for crimes they have commited against humanity. This is not now an affair for La Republiques citizens alone. Alof of people have been slaughtered on the territory of the Southern Cameroons and it is time we all say enough is enough.


"Salary increase"
For those that are languishing in jails picked up by these illitrates, so call security officers?

Fools calling themselves Magistrates and judges will get a salary increase for hastilly sending courageous youths to jail for no just reason.Youths who sacrificed thier lives on the streets to get them this salary increase.

What a shame to you idioting magistrates and judges.

IF i were a government official i won't take this salary increase.

Why take this increase and at thesame time, foolishly punish those that faught for these increase.
How ungrateful these governmant officials could be.


Oooops. What is wrong with cameroonians? So u guys see that as a salary increase? The guy just wanted o thank his uniform boys for a job well done during the strike and the remains have spilled on you and you call it a salary increase? 15percent of basic salary? What is the basic salary of a civil servant of the highest category (A) of the public service in Cameroon? Less than 150,000fcfa and 15percent of this is what? Consider a uniform officer of the same category and index. His basic salary at the beginning is at least 215,000fcfa. So u bear with me that he is in a better position to talk about a salary increase than these civil servants whose salaries were reduced to chicken feed.
Civil servants should not be blinded by this recent manupulation to ask for what they deserve. You or your ancestors have sacrifice a lot for this country and the fruits should not be for a small stingy group of people.
Stand up and fight for what is yours.

Ma Mary

What is the bribe for the youths and disinherited who made the uprising? What is the calculus here? They are going to try to "disappear" youths like the generals in Chile and Argentina did in the 1970s, and then hope that the world would not notice. After all, who cares about some African children apart from their mothers. That is the calculus, to disappear a generation into death camps and concentration camps.
Biya has hasd a lot of practice in this kind of thing, under his mentors, Forccart and Ahidjo, who killed uncountable Bamilekes and Bassas, and are now practicing to do the same on Southern Cameroonians.


Cameroonians are not satisfied with Paul Biya’s actions since he came to power. How can one explain the fact that Paul Biya will kill 100 innocent youths and imprison some 2000 thousand who rightfully asked for their rights and then turn round to increase salaries and take measures to reduce prices of basic commodities? These were the issues the striking youths were requesting for. This clearly demonstrates that Paul Biya is the real “manipulator of Cameroonians”. He manipulates Cameroonians to get blood and suffering to satisfy his blood thirsty rosicrucian master. But the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus Christ and of our forefathers has this message for Paul Biya and his rosicrucian brotherhood. “I am the master of this world; my people have been liberated from all the evil spirits you and your rosicrucian brotherhood invested on them. Prepare for your departure. Your time will soon be over”. God has spoken. Amen.

Francis Nche

Biya with his salary increase for civil servants and men in uniform is just trying to divide Cameroonians so that they will not stand as one one in the evntual change of the constritution by his hand clapping deputies. The basic problems of the strike which is the high fuel prices has not been tackled. It is the fuel prices that determines everything in the society by the forces of demand and supply and not by a presidential decree.
You people should sit back and question why this measures has taken so much publicity from the government and the one on the 19th of April prior to strike which introduced an imidiate 1 million francs paid to deputies as tips during each session, increase of microfinance money from 8-10 million with the immidiate effect on each session and a brand new car offer instead of car credits as before?

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