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Monday, 17 March 2008


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The disaster of Cameroon parastatls is yet to be told. This is the story of amateur politicians in business.

No govt should waste money getting involved in business. Leave it to entrepreneurs.

The role of government is to grow an entrepreneur class and strive to legislate a balance between competition and co-operation.

Cameroon Airlines went broke due to mis-management and relentless political interference. The airline is also reponsible for a good portion of Cameroon's external debt.


This is a valid and useful advice to those who hold positions in government. We need checks and balances if we are to forge ahead as a state economically. Politicians should make political descisions and allow economic specialists with the free mind to foster the development of certtain productive sectors in Cameroon I honestly dont think it is the place of the minister, prime minister or the president to delve into the issue of privatising Cameroon airlines. It just shows how people in power wants to know where every penny is heading to in that country. Put the interest of the state ahead of personal interest

Danny Boy

Kumba Boy,
the economy of the country is the sum. Business is just one fraction. There are aspects of the economy that the bottom line can not be prices and profits. I am talking of the "third sector", that which can not be regulated by the "invisible hand". I am talking of NGOs and all not-for-profit organisations. These contribute substantially to the economy but are seldom subject to your economic theories, be it Monetarism, Keynesianism or Marxism!
That said, may I revisit an earlier posting. The UK will forever be a mixed economy. I am not joking. The third largest company in the world, after the Chinese Army and The Indian Railways, is the U.K's National Health Service (NHS). The NHS will forever be a Nationalised Institution delivering care to all citizens of this country. That is what makes this country the envy of the world and they will never privatise it.
Secondly British Nuclear Fuels (BNF) is another sensitive industry which will never be handed to your entrepreneurs. It remains the property of the State.
Nothern Rock, a failed commercial bank was nationalised a few weeks ago.
As U.S of Africa said in our interchange, take what you read from those textbooks with a pinch of salt.
Happy Easter.


Oh Dannyboy:

It is amusing that you bring in facets of ideas, discount them and attribute the former to KB. KB talked of parastatals in Cameroon and not the economy as a whole.

Secondly, you may care to remember that the Thatcher govt attempted to privatize BNF in the late 80s but propspects were dimmed by huge decommissioning costs (of nuclear power plants). At the end of a nuke power plant, the monolith must be decommissioned but who will pay for it and how can a private company,which could be killed by the market, take resonsibility for nuclear waste? The risk is enormous, this fact alone leaves BNF in UK govt hands. In the US for example, nuclear power plants are owned by private firms and operate under licence from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. These US power plants are not less safe than Euro-counterparts but they are more efficiently operated.

Thirdly, the UK NHS will be reformed substantially when North Sea oil ends. That is to say, its generosity will be trimmed to obviate higher taxation which historically has rendered Great Britain less competitive to investors. Remember high taxation and the Wilson govt almost took the UK to the IMF, rubbish laid on streets and the dead could not be buried. Remember that the Thatcher experiment in that sector by way of permitting private health insurance schemes and private hospitals has been accepted by New Labor! Basically, you cannot have something for nothing, regardless of your wealth - you can spend it all.

Take it easy.


Danny Boy

Kumba Boy,
Thanks for the response above.

"No govt should waste money getting involved in business. Leave it to entrepreneurs." KB.
It is this statement I find quite contentious,that I am replying to and to re-iterate a point I made in an earlier posting which you termed "a joke".
I am taking it easy, Man.
Have a pleasant Easter.

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