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Monday, 24 March 2008


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Fonkam said: "law is a response to societal needs and societal needs evolve. The law itself cannot therefore be static."

I beg to put the following questions to him.
1. What "societal needs" of consequence have arisen in the 11 years since the constitution was last amended? By this I mean changes in society that can be observed not what people are saying about what will happen in the event the president is unable to rule.
2. If any such needs have developed, would it be fair to say that lawmakers in Cameroon are so shortsighted that their vision for the country hardly lasts for more than a decade?
3. If lawmakers are this shortsighted, how can we be sure that they would not say in the next decade that they were wrong when they pushed for the present amendment (as you are now saying about the 1996 amendment)? In short, how can we be sure that they even know what they are doing right now?
4. Granted that an evolving society demands changes in laws, why does this change seem to happen more often in Cameroon than in say India, Europe and America? Is it that Cameroon lawmakers are simply incapable of drafting a coherent document that would stand the test of time, as these other countries are doing?
5. If the regular amendments are required in order to engender a stronger state, is the honorable member aware of recent concensus in social sciences that show that most African states, including Cameroon, have been an obstacle rather than a boon to the well being of their people? (Thus the proliferation of NGOs). Would the honorable member say that the state in Cameroon has been helpful to its people thus far? If so, how?
6. Why is it that the laws that have so far been changed in the constitution have largely related to the survival of the politicians rather that specifically dealing with economic issues?


good job mr. belly academician. now that your wisdom have surpassed that of socrates and plato and all the world's philosphers combined, i have that god himself biya paul will noticed how really brilliant you are and name you one of his ministers. that you, you will really achieved the great status that such a high and mighty philospher with so much knowledge really deserves. shame on you fokam, you sound just like a billy goat for venting such gibberish in public. your views are myopic, unpatriotic and not worthy of someone who is or aspire to be an intellectual. you stupid goat.



No need to throw abuses. Dr Fonkam is capable of double-speaking. He can argue either way depending on the source of his honey.

Remember that Dr Fonkam is a Paul Biya appointee. The don who is an assistant SG like all other assistants is a Lazarus seeking crumps that fall off Biya's table. He admitted in Q2 that the regime is itself the author of pro-Biya messages planted in the provinces. That is the Biya trick.

Dr Fonkam's class has lost the will to fight for a greater purpose. They continue to languish as anglophone assistants in Biya's burgeoning bureaucracy.


Mr. Fonkam, what is wrong with your brains. Have you suddenly become a numb skull?
The amemdment of article 6(2) will not be acceptable by Cameroonians. This is a message from the grassroots.
Power should be fully left in the hands of elected officials and not appointed individuals who are more interested in satisfying their master. SDOs, Governors should also be elected individuals.


Unfolding events in Cameroon is a true example of a state contolled by a group of people with little or no intentions to ever embrace genuine democracy. How can a learned professor of law come to the public eyes and ears and make such arguements full of flaws and lies. I know Fonkam that you shamelessly make these utterances with the view that tomorrow your name will appear in the next cabinet reshufle as a minister of no potfolio as the case have been with you silly and senseless anglophone academicians. I would never even in my next life to allow such a dishonest man like you to teach my child because as a role model you are nothing but a sham. I thought those who sing songs of praise to dictators and to dictatorship are the stag illiterates who have no weapon but oppression to use against their people. Its a disgrace. How can you the so called CPDM militants think Cameroon revolves around Biya? Its high time we have a check of our consciences and uphold the view that the nation is above individuals. 25 years of Biya reign have brought nothing but misery to Cameroonians. A few privilleged are enriching themselves at the expense of the masses. History would never forgive you guys and remember the few of you who would live to see judgement day would be punished with impunity so be careful as to how you come to public and make selfish statements at the expense of the weelbeing of Cameroonians.

Ma Mary

Leave the man alone. He just wants to eat.

Tekum Mbeng

Dr Fonkam Azu'u supports a coronation of King Biya as the absolute ruler despite a lack-lustre show for over 26 years of nepotism, tribalism, corruption and murder.

Price = 30 pieces of silver at just about the time Judas sold away his principles.

one cameroon

According to "Dr" Fonkam the constitution can be amended anytime the president wants to extend his/her term.I wonder what really makes it a constitution then.


Although it will be nice to have a life president in Cameroon (if the people so wish), I thing that CPDM militants should stop giving the impression that Cameroon will end after president Biya. If late president Ahijo did not prepare Mr. Biya to succeed him how could the CNU-CPDM have had Mr. Biya as head of state? CPDM militants should concentrate on seeing how Cameroon can forge ahead with or without Mr. Biya and stop making a fool of Cameroonians. Today they say Parliamentarians can change the constitution because they represent the people, maybe tomorrow parliamentarians will be the ones to vote for the president for the same reason. Before its adoption, there were vigorous arguments (by the same CPDM-CNU) on how useful and exact the present constitution was and no suggestions were welcome from those who were seen to be non Cameroonians at that time. Why will you want us to listen to you today? Please give us a brake and do not push this beautiful country to war with your egoism.

Si le président Ahijo (paix a son âme) ne préparer pas M Paul Biya pour la succession, comment aller il monter au pouvoir? Ce malheureux qu’ont passe le temps à nous faire croire que M Paul est le seul présidentiable au Cameroun. Les députes peut modifier notre constitution comme il veut et demain (peut être) ça sera aux députés de voter le président de la république parce qu’ils sont les représentants du peuples (mon œil). Je croise que nos compatriote du Rdpc (unc) doit panser à l’ avenir du pays qui ne doit pas être confondu à un individu qui est passager. En 1996, l’actuelle constitution été férocement défendu par les mêmes militants du RDPC-UNC et tous les critiques était taxe d’apprentis sorciers. Le même scénario se produit aujourd’hui. Ah Mon Dieu.

Danny Boy

his real name is Dr. F**kam. Don't you guys get it? And a Lawyer to boot!
Reminds me of a joke I read some years back on Lawyers. In summary, the joke goes thus," There was a mixed up at the Pearly Gates and a brilliant Scientist who had been reserved a special seat in Heaven ends up in the hades(hell).When he got there, the place was so hot and stuffy. So he set about installing a ventillation system and Satan was so impressed.
When the mistake was uncovered God sent Angel Gabby to go and fetch him. Of course Satan would not let him go. Gabby went back to God and told him, Satan said their mistake was his gain and he was not going to let the Scientist go at any price.
God told Gabby to go back and tell Satan that if he did not comply to his demands, he would sue.
Gabby carried this message to Satan and Satan's confident reply was, " tell him to sue."
Why?--You might have guessed it. Satan had all the best lawyers money can buy.
I mean no offence to any lawyer out there. It is only a joke, just as in F**kam above!
Ha ha ha f**ck them, he says.


Danny Boy,

Keep away from The Sun. Skip page 3 altogether even if your copy is pretentiously hidden in a Times broadsheet. Londoners are amazing.


You can write directly to members or any member of the National Assembly on a subject of your choice. The link is:

The present manipulation to amend article 6(2) of the 1996 constitution is a subject that Cameroonians may need to emphasis their position. You may also want to propose what should be modified in this constitution if it is really necessary.

Danny Boy

"Londoners are amazing" Does it mean you enjoyed the joke? Regale your friends, that is if you are not a legal eagle of course. Anyways some people do not mind being the butt of their own jokes.
As for buying and reading the Sun, that is one tabloid I will not touch with a barge pole. Though Socialist, I do buy and read the the Mail. It keeps me abreast of what the right wing in this country are up to.
Richard Littlejohn is my favourite. He speaks his mind and most of what he says is the truth.
Kumbaboy, were you or are you resident here in the UK? How come you know so much about this country and the little tricks their top executives are up to? Yes most of them ogle at the topless beauties on page three of the sun, sandwiched in a broadsheet!
I tell you what, this is my e-mail Drop me a line and we can take it from there.
Blessed be Cameroon.

one cameroon

Just came accross this don't know how authentic it is.

Chers compatriotes, je dois partir.
Il me reste exactement 1290 jours

à mon 5e et dernier mandat à la tête du Cameroun.
Tel que je vous l'avais promis, je ne me représenterai pas en 2011. Même si des personnes m'amènent à changer la constitution. Je suis un homme de parole.

Et un homme c'est sa parole.

Vive le Cameroun.
you can check icicemac for more infos.

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