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Monday, 31 March 2008


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Ma Mary

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Point of correction Mr Achidi and so-called minister, Only God can be called Alpha & Omega. I don't thing your president will be happy with you calling him the Alpha and Omega.

Legima Doh

I don't know what is wrong with this Achidi of a man.I am not so much about the SDF because as we know,she is a caricature but such glaring and bold lies from Achidi Achu about the SDF can be maliciously misleading.It was the Cpdm forces of lawlessness and disorder who effected the macabre violence that lead to bloodshed and loss of property.It is the same forces who killed our brethren while on peaceful strikes in the University of Buea and always use arms on armless Southern Southern Cameroonians whenever they engage in a peaceful demonstration.Achidi is keen to conceal the fact that the Cpdm and Paul Biya have always been the commanders of such brutal attacks.He presents Paul Biya as a demi god,an angel,infallible and as the people's choice and presents Fru Ndi as a devil.Biya has never won a vote in La Republique ever since he was given power.He is dexterous in rigging elections,in declaring himself the people's choice,propagating the issue of people soliciting him to remain president ad infinitum and so on.Comparing Biya to Fru Ndi,it is Biya who is a demon and Fru Ndi an angel but unfortunately,the angel has become dull and stubborn over time,has refused to read the words on the wall and has been in a state of reputation decay and distrust.It is just the vestige of Biya's mannerism made manifest in Achidi.There is an adage that grey hair comes along with wisdom but the case of Achidi is the antonym.He has proved beyond iota bit of doubt that he has undergone a most rapid change to stupidity foiled by his egocentric desires.Its a shame at his age he is got gut at playing in deception,corruption,indoctrination and so on.To Achidi 1992 is yesterday and 2008 is today.I can now see why they want Biya to remain in power cos going by his arithmetic,Biya has been in power for less than 2 days.He also said that they have taken their firm stand on the issue of constitutional amendment and Biya is ok with it.He also asked whether Biya said he would rerun for the next presidential election.If he will not then why is he ok with the amendment when the notion led to uprising?If he has no intention running for the election,he should annul the issue as it is clear that the people are vastly against such a bid.Everything about Biya and his sorcerers is damning.I doom them all to hell.The cpdm ,sdf issues are merely a distraction.Our identity is unique,must be fought for, reinstated and then we shall be free from such manipulative conflicts of the ramifications of la Republique parties and pseudo political parties in our motherland and most importantly from the neocolonial treatment in place.I invite all those ensared by La republique party politics to come aboard the train to liberation in the grand Southern Cameroons National Council.
Legima Doh,
ScNc World News

Ndi O

Thanks for correcting the illiterate school master ( Nji Atanga). They read the Bible upside down. Some weeks back he said over BBC that Cameroonians were living in Paradise. Today, he calls a dust as the "Alpha and Omega." Who then is a nonentity or a riff-raff ? you, Nji or Fru? Do you know our world is a "Theater"? You will soon be off the stage my Dear.
I can see time is already catching up with Pa Achidi. Good luck.


Cameroonians have pass through a period of serious brainwashing since independence. I can imagine that most Cameroonians of below 30 years cannot know the truth about our country because previous governments have brainwashed the citizens to a point where most citizens think that those in power (especially the Head of Sate) are infallible and should be there forever. Before Biya, Amadou Ahijo through an efficient brainwashing machine made Cameroonians to believe that Cameroon will cease to exist after him. Anybody above 40 can remember all the motions of supports and street demonstrations that were organised by those in power (M Biya included) to call for the ‘Grande Cammarade’ to continue ruling. We are seeing the same scenario now with Mr Biya. Everybody (including those who pretend to ‘love’ him very much) knows that the country will be far better with a presidential system that limits the mandate of the president and offers chances for alternative ideas even if the president was a Saint, but his die hard supporters are prepared to see his weakness and faults after him like he did for his Godfather Ahijo.
CPDM militants should stop giving Cameroonians the CNU impression that Cameroon will end after a president be it Mr. Biya or whosoever. Although Amadou Ahijo was equally egoistic, if he did not prepare Mr. Biya to succeed him (and brainwashed us to accept him) how could the CNU-CPDM have had Mr. Biya as head of state? CPDM militants should concentrate on seeing how Cameroon can forge ahead with or without Mr. Biya and stop making a fool of Cameroonians. Today they say Parliamentarians can change the constitution because they represent the people, maybe tomorrow parliamentarians will be the ones to vote the president for the same reason. Before its adoption, there were vigorous arguments (by the same CPDM-CNU) on how useful and exact the present constitution was and no suggestions were welcome from those who were then seen to be non Cameroonians ‘strangers in the house’ to quote Ema Basil former Government Delegate to the Yaounde Urban Council. Why will CPDM suddenly want us to listen to their clamour for constitutional amendment today even though all it articles have not been put to test? Please give us a brake and do not push this beautiful country to war with your egoism.

Voice of the Voiceless

Achidi and your brother in crime, Atanga, you guys think you are doing good to Paul Biya, but I want to assure you that it is time to pay back. You can continue to sing the devilish song but you are going to hell. You guys will not die unless you have paid for your misdeeds to Cameroonians. You think that if Biya continues to destroy the country you will go free from the judgement that awaits you? Thieves, I pity your children. I wonder what kind of father you are to them. Liar, shame!!!!


I seriously believe Mr Achidi is living in the past. I respect his "service" to our dear Country, but I also think what he ought to be doing now is not spewing out commentary os issues that he no longer understands, but just go sit in ranch and wait for his life to expire.

mk the southerner

Opopo how much did they give you to put on that thing you have on? are you still eating the money till today? How many of your family members have jobs? I can see the french government is really good for you keep it up. Wanders shall never end, cant believe my eyes.


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