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Monday, 03 March 2008


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Mr Chafah or Fon Chafah your reaction is not something to be doubted. You were devastated and disgraced as you put it and you turned to congratulate biya for his prompt action. Mr. Chafah it should be noted that his so called prompt action brought more deads. You are one of those fons that has decided to sell the NorthWest tradition to paul biya in quest of posts. Where is the tradition you talk of in the northwest. You are at the head of a group of beggers and destroyers of the customs and traditon. You said the youths should come to you people for advice, I monitored the socalled elections which took place in Camroon and happened to have been around your area and all the fons were forcing the youths to vote as many times as they could. Is that the advice you are hoping to give the youths. You have congratulated biya for making sure the youths have no future after all you came out of ENAM. You the fons should turn around and look at yourselves and see if you represent anybody. You do not greet Northwesterners with the hands but shake hands with little girls in bars in Yaounde. I thought someone like you could reason. Shame

Simon Achidi you said biya is the only person who can lead and if he dies? When you were sacked by biya musonge was brought in and when he was sacked, Inoni was brought in. You saw only burnt houses but you did not see dead Cameroonians. What a shame Achu. If there is fire today, you should know that you started it. Can you still remember that tyrant doh met with you in Yaounde and the very night bafanji village in Ndop was burnt down and people killed. Don't you know that you are carrying the cross of the northwest people. You are crying houses, the money ondong Ndong of fecom has stolen can build these houses in months What about the deads. Well you love biya and rdpc too much but it's rather unfortunate that you shall die without the rdpc winning any election in Santa. You have been used by biya and dumped. I recall when you were using the state helicopter to go and destroy Fru Ndi and the SDF. Any nothwest person in the government signed for self destruction if not biya will not put you in his government. Shame onto you people. Hell awaits you traitors an sell outs


BSC Restoration Government Responds To
The February 2008 Massacre by Paul Biya

Fellow British Southern Cameroonians:

The brutality that was carried out against our citizens this past week adds a sweltering sense of urgency to the restoration of our stolen sovereignty. The most important thing you should do at this time is refrain from involving yourselves in the political affairs of the foreign country next door to us and east of the Mungo river. For these matters in the Republic of Cameroun are veritable distractions from our total focus on restoring our independence. Paul Biya's brutality on our citizens this past week should make it even clearer and even more urgent that we should not waver for a single moment from our determination to take our national sovereignty.

Your Restoration Government has chosen, for the time being, not to retaliate. Consider the kind of entity we are dealing with here. In his televised speech, when Biya used the phrase “apprentice sorcerers”, he reminded us all, once again, that he is not normal human; that he is a demonic force, a blood thirsty sorcerer. Photos of the youths whom Biya's troops slaughtered this week depict this event as the veritable handiwork of a demon and seasoned “sorcerer”. Yes, the British Southern Cameroons Restoration Government is at work to decolonise our country and restore our self-government. But in no way do we want to build our reclaimed sovereignty on blood. For it is written, “those who come with the sword die with the sword.” Unless forced to resort to force, our goal is to leave for our children the legacy of a nation that is built on the rule of law. ◊

Self defense is an inalienable right, inalienable because it is inherent in all humans, not derived from any law. And so international law and morality bow to it. Indeed, strikes, riots and revolutions have always been the preferred pathways out of oppressions and towards autonomy. The Boston Tea Party and the later American Revolution decolonised the people of the United States, transforming them into one of the greatest nations in the world today. Storming of the Bastille in 1789 freed the French from a tyrant as corrupt blood thirsty as Paul Biya.

To our neighbors suffering the brutal weight of this Biya regime, we offer our sympathy--since we fully share your grief--and we rise to stand with you as you fight to reclaim your God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Biya's heavy handedness with you continues the state terrorism that Ahidjo directed against your parents in the 1960s. Time has not erased from human memory Ahidjo's genocide which killed more than half a million of your patriotic parents in the first decade of your independence– almost all of them Bassas and Bamileke. Time is not going to erase memory of the massacre that Paul Biya is now carrying out against your children today in 2008. Have no doubt that the world is witnessing that only the name has change, for Biya’s regime is a mere continuation of Ahidjo's 1960s regime.

Speaking to the nation on February 11, 2008, just two weeks earlier, Paul Biya pretended that the future was rosy for the youth of Cameroun. Now, barely two weeks later, his helicopter gunships and machine guns slaughter these very youth, letting the world know that by "rosy" he actually meant a bloody future for you. And your offense? Asking for employment and fair prices for basic needs. No family head butchers a hungry child for crying. If Biya were serving you or your country, he would never call you “apprentice sorcerers”; instead, he would relieve your pain. On national television last week, he would be talking like other presidents today when they meet a suffering community--with empathy in his eye and voice, not with vengeance and the fury of a blood thirsty vampire. You deserve better.

Fortunately, time favours you, not Biya who cannot turn back the clock. He represents the past – the dark past. The Camerounian youth represent the future, and the Republic of Cameroun rightfully belongs to them. Do not give up. Continue your valiant struggle against the sorcery that holds you and your country hostage. Victory and history are on your side. Once you free yourselves of the dark cloud that Biya and his regime have hung over you since 1982, we shall re-establish our ages long diplomatic and trade ties. We promise you our friendship and pledge to maintain good, exemplary, neighbourly ties with you. For now, harbour not the slightest doubt but that you have our total moral support. It is obvious that the freedom loving democratic world out there also sympathises with you and supports you morally.

To our British Southern Cameroonians, your Restoration Government is hard on the program to return us to the state of independence, freedom and civilised rule. That is because the Southern Cameroons was practically independent, its people were free and government was civilised and a servant of the people and not their master. You shall have a major role to play in bringing us to our dream of freedom.

Carlson Anyangwe
Head of Government


I am devastated by the mixture of traditional royalty with politics. We can only envisage sad and damaging results of such a mixture in the long run. I recommend NOWEFU to reconsider their leadership. Fon Chafah, as we can see from his reaction to the strike is not a true Fon of Fons.


I totally disagree with you, REXON on two grounds. Firstly, self defence is not an inalienable right. So please revise your international law. Secondly, your comments are separationist. Remember, together we stand, divided we fall. Your comments throughout this forum can be used as evidence against you in the ICC in the future should there ever be a thing like "ethnic cleansing" between francophones and anglophones in Cameroon. Think about it!

the biggest tboy

It was not surprising to hear from triators like achidi achu.He claimed biya is the only leader we the youths can count on,shame unto you because i am sure you and the so-called
best leader will soon face nemesis.As for chafa,i wonder if he is heading a political association or he is surposed to be a custodian of our not strange because all our so-called traditional institution have turn aside their functions and are now involved in polluting our democratic system through their elections rigging tendencies.I believe strongly in possitive change and when this comes,all this vampires will be brought to face justice. is high time our traditional leaders deviate from their selfish ambitions in the name of custodians of the tradition.(Human Rights Advocate,Rep of Cyprus)


By invoking "apprentice sorcerers” in his unpresidential speech last week, Mr Biya played very well into his depiction by Ebale Angounou as a "Blood hound".

The question is: How can Cameroun get rid of this stubborn tyrant? Mr Biya despises the youth, despises the people (no more provincial visits) and despises his contemporaries. One day na one day !!

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