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Saturday, 15 March 2008


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mk the southerner

"I will not take this lying low" Mr Fru, how many times have we heard this? I wander what the hell you think you can exposed that will change the president of La Republique or that will make a chinda like you ascend the throne of La Republique. Well you said we should wait and see, we will wait but for how long?


We want all about that big called Marafat. He is a disgrace to Cameroon. Instead of looking for solutions, he throws blames on Fru Ndi. Marafat get all the money you and other ministers have stolen and invest it in Cameroon and employ the youths. Your pay raise has nothing to do with the suffering of the youths. Pay raise is for our grand parents who are still working. Fru Ndi manipulated the youths as you say, why rush to cut 6 frs from gas prices, why pretend to create 14.000 jobs as our (powerful PM) I laugh..... has said. If I understand well, how did a prison become a minister, did they do any background check


Mr. Marafa is a good rigging machine but not a good politician because his accusations have discredited the government even more.
First, He claims he was duly informed of the planned nationwide manifestations and all what happen afterwards but as Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation; he did nothing to avert it from happening.
Secondly, if he claims that Mr. Fru Ndi master-minded the manifestations, then this means that the SDF is a very strong force to reckon with because it will take a very strong and popular political party to organise such a protest although it went out of control. A protest which saw the regime on it’s kneels and announcing its first salary increase after 26 years of reign.
Well, we will like Mr. Fru Ndi to clarify us on his claim that “Marafa is an ex-convict of the New Bell Prison" and what his crime was? We look forward to your press conference to throw more light on this.


It's rather disappointing that an elderly "Statesman"of The Southern Cameroons like Mr Fru Ndi has failed to understand that he is standing where he does'nt belong.From when he was denied the Presidency till date,he's just been a barking dog that would not bite.He is very harmless to the regime and the regime needs him to justifying their grip on the Southern Cameroons territory;and to an entent,Mr Fru Ndi is blocking the Anglophones cause.
I do hope Mr Ni realizes that time has been spent alot on just shouting in an Assembly and government that never will listen to the aspiration of the people it governs,it is time you see with the Southern Cameroons cause.
Maitre Nikonf-NL


Paul Biya was hand picked to succeed Mr. Amadou Ahidjo as Head of State on November 6th 1982. Most Cameroonians wrongly thought that this was a Daniel sent to rescue them.

After 10 years in power, most Cameroonians saw in Paul Biya; tyranny, nepotism, corruption, embezzlement, falsehood etc. In 1992, Cameroonians voted him out of office but with MINATD as an accomplice, the elections were rigged to maintain him in office. All other elections from this date onwards have been rigged.

By rigging elections, Paul Biya failed to see that he was stealing and practically rigging all other things along the line. He failed to see that all decrees he was signing or laws that he promulgated were “rigged”.

“Rigged” decrees cannot appoint the right persons but will appoint thieves that help to maintain the rigging system, unqualified armed officers that will shoot innocent citizens who are demanding better living conditions. The laws from such a system cannot also be applied. This explains why the1996 constitution from this system has never been applied except the section that helped the election rigger to add his illegitimate years in office (from 5 to 7 years) (Article 6 (2))

Today the characteristics of this system are glaring; embezzlement, corruption, nepotism, Fay mania, falsehood, wickedness, arrogance, torture of the innocent, etc. and these have been institutionalised. The consequences are underdevelopment, unemployment, misery etc.

Paul Biya has stolen many mandates from Cameroonians and is still trying to steal another mandate in 2011 by modifying his “rigged” constitution, particularly article 6 (2).

Cameroonians are tired of this regime that knows nothing but rigging and so came out last Feb. to demonstrate their anger against this regime. The ban on their manifestations was not respected because the regime is not legitimate and in addition violated its “rigged” constitution in its preamble which allows the right to strike.


With all the troubles going on in Cameroon,I have come to belief that Fru Ndi is not only a problem to the Cameroonian people but a very strong force thats helping Biya stay in Power.
He has prove himself countless times as a toothless bull Dog and the regime likes it that way.
Indeed biya seems to use him to scare the poor Cameroonians.Fru Ndi is playing the same Old Blame Game with the Government instead of focusing on the issues that is burning Cameroon at the Moment(Constitutional Admenment).

Ma Mary

The Frundistes of Southern Cameroons ought to READ THIS

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